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  2. Thor: Ragnarok

    I agree. Trailers are retarded nowadays. I love Thor films. can't wait for this one.
  3. Thor: Ragnarok

    International trailer is out, I put it in the spoiler tag:
  4. True King Dinosaur Discussion

    Im aware but they can just stop and end with true dracos which are the cards that this deck struggles with more. If you cant do the combo you lose anyway and if you can the cards in your hand are largely irrelevant. This isnt a deck which grinds you either combo or you lose so dead top decks aren't particularly relevant. Yea but that only matters if the kaiju actually wins you the game, if it clears master peace and then you lose 90% of the time anyway then it isnt terribly useful. I will try it again and see how it goes though. Barrage most likely is good but i think it's more that zoo in general is better. I just feel like there isnt much point theorising the deck with zoo when it will be good once zoo has been hit. As for gamma I really don't think it's going to be worth playing when all you use it for going first is outing ash and otherwise it's completely dead. Ash can be played through most of the time. Petit is basically the same. it's just marginally worse in certain scenarios where you need to search aeolo/baby or attack. if you combo it is usually the same though since you just special oviraptor and search baby.
  5. Pure Zoodiac TL;DR mark edition

    better question is why do u main e-con. that is NOT a maindeck card. thank u for using mbaas and not paissisismzzimo thank u also for not siding appointer
  6. Pure Zoodiac TL;DR mark edition

    Why do you play the 3rd Econ over Mind Control in the sidedeck? Beyond forcing removal, you being able to take horizontal Link markers comes up, and I believe you can play Ib as Extra Deck removal (because if they're EARTH, same attribute, you have MR, and if they're BW, they're likely Zoodiac to stack, no?).
  7. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    Probably combination of good player + power role read + being on the right track Going through day 1 nelrick was a pretty clear townread to me so I'm not surprised at the kill at all
  8. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    tbf idk why scum killed nelrick. He would have been my number 1 target
  9. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    His posts are relatively townie though and I'm paranoid I'm overanalyzing.
  10. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    Rephrasing because i dont think I articulated this well, besides role hunting, i think killing Nelrick protects Slickzs who was overt enough in his suspicions keeping him alive would be a liability, but not as obvious protecting/framing wifom bullshit that killing gemstone would have created and for sure made slickzs the talk of the day.
  11. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/profile/36414-nelrick/content/ Nelricks posts. Most of his posts go fairly aggressively at Slickzs. Additionally on the topic of Slickzs, I'm not seeing any posts that associate Slickzs with ODSuperman/Mustang (just referencing the fact other people were voting.) And the only time he said he was down with the sol lynch was when we were two away from majority and to avoid the tie (which other people stated before him they were actively trying to avoid). Nelrick kill was an attempt to kill a conservative townie and role hunting a power role. Slickzs is the living player I would imagine would base an NK on (next to Gemstone ironically). I can sorta kinda get behind a Slickzs lynch but think lynching OD first and him flipping scum makes the case for Slickzs worth pursuing IMO. Bedtime, night.
  12. Invoked Good cards.dek

    Drawing cobra sucks dick yeah, but at least I can still hard draw Brilliant and win because brilliant is a dumb card. Drawing garnet with only one shuts down that whole engine + makes hard draw brilliant suck dick
  13. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    Same but I'm nowhere close to sold on either.
  14. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    Also if we have a cop that resolved and their target is alive, I think you highly consider claiming at some point today.
  15. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    Between Gemstone and iSlickz, I'd say Gemstone is more likely to be scum if I had to choose tbh
  16. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/profile/28784-islickz/content/&type=forums_topic_post&page=2 Basically every post he has made for 2 pages here are from the game. Easier than quoting everything. THe most interesting observation was that he talked about Nelrick more than almost anyone. He seemed to have tried to lay low day 2, but also took responsibility for the mascis mislynch. Reading his post out of context there's nothing worth crucifying him over personally. I think his posts have been fairly high quality. DOes anyone want to point out anything in context? I'm going to bed now and have a very busy work day. Really won't be able to read game most of day - might be able to post the last hour or two and during lunch.
  17. Invoked Good cards.dek

    If you're on 2 Garnet then why arent you on 2 cobra though?
  18. Invoked Good cards.dek

    Monsters: 19/2 3 Gofu 3 Aleister 3 Lonefire 3 Predaplant Scorp 1 Predaplant Cobra 2 Ghost Ogre 3 Ash 1 Maxx 'C" 1 Snow 2 Shitty Normal Monster ( I wish I did not have to play 2, but I play 9 Brilliant fusions, opening with one more often to not just lose when I do open it seems worth. Spells 14/2/3 2 Meltdown 3 Terra 3 Instant 3 Invocation 2 SpellBook Draw Card 2 Spellbook search card 3 Brilliant Side Deck: 1 Ogre 6 Kaiju 3 better Mst 3 crush 2 Zombie World Extra Deck: 1 Thousand Eyes 1 Raijin 2 Mech 1 Brilliant Fusion Target 1 Elysium 1 Ultimaya 1 Spark 1 Crystal Wing 1 Talker 2 Spooder 1 Radiant 2 Proxy Dragon So this is nothing too crazy from what I can tell but I guess I will explain some of the choices that are not apparent. 2 Meltdown 3 terra as fuck drawing multiple meltdown, 3 Instant fusion as opening instant fusion gofu, or brilliant fusion gofu is a free ultimaya + raidant + filled grave for snow/ elysium. Instant is also another spellcaster that gets rid of an opponents monster worst case, and it is probably one of the weaker cards in the deck, but it opens up a lot of plays and is another search target for cobra and to me it seems like a 3 or none of in a deck like this. I am open to ideas about replacements for it, as it is solid and makes gofu go from a good card to absolutely insane but without gofu it's mostly proxy dragon fodder so I can elysium. 3 invocation because its the best card in the deck in my opinion and I know it can be recycled but non aleister copies either make elysium or get discarded by mech, I used to extra deck the predaplant fusion over spark, but found I almost never made it. Also I am aware I could be running invoker into zoo, into combo, but after just coming back into the game with literally no cards I have no interest in picking up any cards for a deck that everyone seems sure will be destroyed. If this format lasts too long I will likely switch the extra around a bit and include the 2 card zoo engine in the main deck over instants. I said earlier in the list why I played 2 gemknight, and yeah it sucks its a necessity but I really don't fucking like losing 9 cards out of my deck when I open one bad one, so playing the second that often gets discarded or specialed off spooder for more rank fodder or mech fuel seemed like the better option. The side is kinda up in the air, right now i am testing crush, and zombie world vs true.dek the rest seems pretty standard, if someone has any ideas how to deal with true.dek better lmk. (obviously those cards only come in when I go first, other wise its kaiju engine, and third ogre. The flaws that I have noticed, and would like a little help with are dealing with the dino deck game 1 is really fucking hard unless I open snow, and I don't really have any way to answer the first turn rank 9, so any ideas for that I am open to. Zoo is actually not bad to play vs with this though they are clearly the better deck, and can outpace me very easily if they don't fuck up, but I am not too worried about zoo atm as there is nothing major coming up event wise I am going to. The True deck is often back and forth, for me but it honestly seems super dice roll, similar to the dino deck where if they go first I just lose, unless I open ash, and if I go first I typically win idk how to mend this problem and would love any cards I might not know about, should check out etc. The main issue for the true deck is trap's as I just can't play through all their shit if they set up, and I have noticed this deck tends to have a problem with trap deck's in general. I have considered decree in the side but that card seems shit these day's, so any other ideas there are also welcomed. About all I have to say, Thanks if you actually read this stupid shit.
  19. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    that being said, I just realized zero was the second person on solstace, not the third like i thought, so I'm willing to back off on him for the moment. I'm still not a fan of how he's playing, but helping start that wagon on a fellow scum seems less likely.
  20. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    my problem with slick is that I feel like he's been incredibly inactive compared to usual. I don't remember him doing much of anything d1, and afaik the only thing he did yesterday was try to push the worlds worst lynch on me. He's not aggressive, he's barely even playing, etc.
  21. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    im pretty sure 70% of it is that i mostly stopped jumping off ledge in favor of edgehopping.
  22. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    no, i don't think allen even bothers streaming matches with me. Although i did do better today, actually won a few games vs his marth and didn't get absolutely smashed in most of them, i think his best was a 2 stock.
  23. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    on stream? I wanna watch lol. I just want you two to explain why your suspicious of each other because no one really has strong opinions on either of you otherwise.
  24. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    whatchu want
  25. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    im not dodging, i was playing melee with acp
  26. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Day 3]

    @OD Superman if you're interested in demonstrating you are town, the best thing you can do is re-read the thread knowing that the townies did not have prior knowledge on Mascis/Malcolm/Nelrick/Sol, and specifically Sol's behaviors and use quotes to present a stronger argument for a better scum lynch than yourself. New mafia players who roll scum are infamous for not re-reading the thread, and simply use the last few post to create the tangents and false interactions they hope create tension throughout town. This describes your gameplay perfectly. If you don't put effort into solving the game, we're kinda forced to assume your agenda isn't in solving it. I really hope Gemstone isn't dodging. @iSlickz can you play repitch your gemstone argument?
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