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  1. Today
  2. Always Angry Mafia sign-ups

    i don't wanna be a sub anymore
  3. LOL me and Kiel are such dorks

    not enough
  4. yeah i vape, so what?

  5. yeah i vape, so what?

    yall r way more cringe than me tf yall r all so old only old crusty ass bitches would date u old ass u probably go out with a witch
  6. yeah i vape, so what?

  7. yeah i vape, so what?

    Biggy: E! True Hollywood Story
  8. if you're black

  9. Yesterday
  10. Always Angry Mafia

    Final Vote Count Malcolm (4) - Jazz, Gemstone Mine, Woawa, Diana Gemstone Mine (3) - BuildTheWalia, Malcolm, Hazmah Jazz (1) - SageRhapsody Deaths "Hunting dittos? I'm too weak, I already caved and bought the game. I'll be playing that and not mafia you nerds." "Speaking of games, Malcolm is not sharing his loot with the party. That sounds secretive. And you know who holds secrets? Scum." Malcolm tried to fight back against the crowd calling for his death, but his efforts were to no avail. He was But that's not all. Broken Brilliance did not meet quota! With only 4 posts, he has been killed. Subs Aurirevoir has been subbed out by TheGoldenTyranno. Night 2 begins now and ends in 24 hours.
  11. Always Angry Mafia

    day is over, tallying
  12. Always Angry Mafia

    For real tho kill Diana tomorrow holy shit
  13. Always Angry Mafia

    Lol wild game guys
  14. Always Angry Mafia

  15. Always Angry Mafia

    time to find out!
  16. Always Angry Mafia

    im town lol ggwp
  17. Always Angry Mafia

    Like if Malcolm is scum he managed to manipulate me mentally perfectly.
  18. Always Angry Mafia

    If Malcolm flips town you're in charge tomorrow so I hope you get a good night's sleep and read up on how to play!
  19. Always Angry Mafia

    If he flips scum then good fucking job. And I suck
  20. Always Angry Mafia

    put diana on ignore. ive had enough of that
  21. Always Angry Mafia

  22. Always Angry Mafia

    If Malcolm flips town I want to go after Diana for reasons I mentioned then maybe gem and finally jazz
  23. Always Angry Mafia

    Sage... oh my god
  24. Always Angry Mafia

    *no reason
  25. Always Angry Mafia

    Is malcolm or diana more to blame for that though lmao
  26. Always Angry Mafia

    And he gave a hint to cop if one exists
  27. Always Angry Mafia

    Exactly. If he flips scum he's doing this for now reason. If he flips town at least he made his shot against you and gem
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