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  1. Today
  2. Francis has returned to town. iSlickz and Sophocles are still missing.
  3. Final vote count: Silver (2): Winter Multi, Wunterslaus Malcolm (1): Broken Brilliance Silver was lynched, his role was: Another day will start when I receive all night actions (or in 24 hours)
  4. Day is over. No more posting. It will take me some time to post eod though.
  5. i think soph and slickz are the last two scum
  6. i think malcolm being alive this long makes me think hes scum but thats such a thing to do early game. i honestly think the only time we really had a train going was my train faint made it, malcolm and you hopped in you know what unvote
  7. Not voting faint
  8. Lol I meant to Malcolm
  9. But Soph? He's town you think? Or is faint bussing?
  10. eh fuck it vote winter multi
  11. tbh i dont even feel like lynching anybody i think all scum jailed themselves or someone is lying about there power. im assuming faint tbh.
  12. Can switch vote but you gotta vote first so no tie
  13. He could be scum. Tried to lynch me
  14. My ability and playstyle? Idk it's to you to figure out. This just is not my scumgame
  15. why is malcolm town
  16. wunter why are you town again.
  17. Bb and faint need to be here
  18. unvote
  19. He switched it off of me
  20. err nvm he wanted a zp lynch. hm
  21. eh alright. vote broken brilliance still think hes scum
  22. Vote Silver. If people show up this might change
  23. @ SoD But we're not lynching him today. No way we're lynching tracker
  24. was that before the start of today or after ?
  25. @Broken Brilliance @Winter Multi
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