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  2. today i was over at my moms house and she was getting mad at me for vaping and i was just really not having it. i wasn't having any of that oppressive bullshit that white fascist bitch was trying to feed me. she was trying to tell me that vaping is gay. can you fucking beleive it? out of all the things my mother has done to me, this has just been the worst. she has gone too far. i just want to vape in peace ok? i want to fill up my vape with nazi tears and inhale it, then, i want to annoy people by exhaling it, so they get to smell all the nazi smells that were just inside my dirty mouth. jesus fucking christ if some fascist wants me to not vape here again i might just move to canada and drink milk out of bags, and no im not fucking done there. im gonna go on my favorite yugioh board and express all my deepest sexual feelings with joseph stalin but also 16 year old girls on the intere-.... WAIT A SECOND, i WOULD if it weren't for that fuckinng tankie allen pennington removing politics from discord. how am i supposed to post homoerotic communism memes now? what else is a duelist/tumblr poster/mafia player supposed to do other than suck a bunch of dicks after getting mad and moving to canada? *inhales from vape* seriously? do i just post about how spirit of the game doesn't matter at fucking all in a game about bluffing? i'm done. time for me to leave my basement and get a tattoo that looks like a beyblade.
  3. i like the song ozzy made about him.
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  5. guess i shouldve used my oracles vault . rug 7 island 7 forest 4 mountain counters and bombs (3 manticores, crocodile hexproof, 4 flyers) were enough to win half. had 2 censors and 2 essence scatter 1 magma spray 3 mana ramp 2 drops. enough to always have vs boros and gruul. both combo off with exert triggers and instants but removal and already had enough mid drops out shouldve probably main decked the cartouche and enchantments (had both for red and blue) for value maybe red god promo too. got shut down by the white one. first strike on vigilance flyer walled me for days with the tap zombie and tap artifact. needed more burn n artifact removal opened liliana. embalm clone and green mana ramp 3/4
  6. lmfao
  7. By definition, a "quick-paced" deck should have less cards that qualify as "late-game" threats, meaning they don't need as many "answers" -- however a "quick-paced" deck still needs reliable access to however many answers it runs. I.e. If the only out Zoo had to BLS, which is it's only "threat" in this example, was 1 Snatch, I imagine they'll still lose at an unacceptable rate unless they had a crazy draw engine too.
  8. Ig I'll just post this here. It may not seem like I care about this website, but I do fuckwads. No, I'm not just here for Markus, that's retarded. I may not be active on here, but I enjoy the Discord server and talking with everyone on it. No joke, that server and this website are the only people (besides like three friends) I have to talk to and consider, "friends" to me.
  9. check my join date faggot
  10. ha ha good effort for parodying my post
  11. rip good anime is hard to find, there hasn't really been a standout series I actually want to watch in so long. The Rakuyo one was as close as it gets
  12. Well I finally got my 3rd copy of Burning Land and I am thinking of taking out GK Curse for it or maybe Attack and Receive.
  13. Just pulled my 2nd E-Con as well, and here's the trick: If you're playing with a female character, it doesn't work. Best character so far has been Pegasus. To increase the amount of SR drops Kaiba gives, you have to play between 4:00 - 4:20 EST, I received around 75% more SR's while farming. Another way to increase the odds of pulling is to play 2 PvP matches - then playing 1 gate duel against the legendary character you used. So for example, if you want E-Con, you have to play 2 PvP matches with Kaiba, win one and lose one (this is crucial or it won't work - RNG doesn't like winstreaks for some reason), then switch to a another non-female character (preferably Pegasus), play 1 duel versus Kaiba (not more because mass-farming doesn't work in this game, you'll pull crap only), you should be getting around 2 SR's now - then you play 2 PvP duels again, and again, you need to win one and lose one (the order doesn't matter) before playing against Kaiba again. The peak happens when you do this exactly 10 times - I managed to pull 3 SR's, including E-Con, after exactly the 10th time I went through this cycle. It only works on Tuesdays though, don't know why, but something is up - I haven't pulled E-Con at all in any of the other days I farmed him. Good luck!
  14. Supposedly these sounds files where found in the DL's data and it has specifc players announcing a specific extra deck summon which I was really kinda doubt are real. Plus I doubt Konami will rushed/forced the mechanics into the game like most players are thinking/panicking. Xyz Summon Synchro Summon Pendulum Summon 1. I can't tell who that is 2. Won't work and it seems to no longer exist 3. Defiantly sounds like Mai but there isn't any pendulums that support Harpie Ladies or Amazoness though.
  15. this was my first account. it was pikaporeon at first but i had it changed to rei. i forgot the password of the account and the password of the e-mail address i used to register with (i just never log off on one comp, but it accidentally restarted, which is why the account has recent posts). can an admin give me the paasword to this account please?
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  17. ftfy
  18. Game Announcement: @Jazz is being subbed out for @The_Be(a)sT
  19. DuelistGroundz username: kiritosinon Discord username: 6D617474 Formats: prefer current format Expected level of activity: Anywhere between at least 1 match a day on a low work week and 4-5 matches a week on a busy week. Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): n/a
  20. So now that I'm at the St. Louis Zoo, I can explore their many exhibits! Let's go over to the west side of the zoo, to the River's Edge exhibit. As I get there, I see a crowd of people hovering around a cage. I go over there just to see what's going on. Maybe that giraffe is giving birth! "...Ladies and gentlemen! We shall now reveal our newest animal! Say hello to...YOGI BEAR!" WHAT, NO, YOGI BERRA AT THE ST. LOUIS ZOO? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT, HE ISN'T A BE...Oh, shit, the actual literal Yogi Bear! Well fuck, he's right! Looks like I am imagining things. Maybe I should lea...WOAH! "HOLY SHIT, A GUY IS BEING MAULED ALIVE BY A BEAR! WHAT HAPPENED?" "HE WENT IN TO FEED THE BEAR, BUT NOW THAT BEAR IS GOING TO EAT HIM ALIVE INSTEAD!" For whatever reason, everyone continues to watch as the guy is eventually eaten by the bear. Looks like he'll get euthanized by the zoo. Maybe it's time to go... "THE GIRAFFE FINALLY GAVE BIRTH! LET'S GO SEE THE BABY!" The people all run to the giraffe exhibit and hope to see the baby. I decide to leave instead, pondering my life choices and where to go next... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Day 1 Vote Count Jazz (L-5) Mascis, Sophocles Malcolm (L-6) TheGoldenTyranno, Digbick (L-3) Solstice, iSlickz, confuse rei, Jazz Nelrick (L-6) Wunterslaus Not voting: Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Digbick, Winter Multi, Malcolm @Digbick has been lynched. He was a Town Watcher. Night has begun and will end at 5:30 PM CST on 4/23/17, or unless all night actions have been received before then.
  21. Day is over, no more posting.
  22. Not voting: Malcolm let that concept sink in
  23. Vote Count 1.04 Jazz (L-5) Mascis, Sophocles Malcolm (L-6) TheGoldenTyranno, Digbick (L-3) Solstice, iSlickz, confuse rei, Jazz Nelrick (L-6) Wunterslaus Not voting: Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Digbick, Winter Multi, Malcolm Majority is 7 Everyone has met quota, and day ends in 45 minutes.
  24. I would pos rep this but I'm just jealous as fuck
  25. d/d/d doesn't even see play now with arguably weaker top tier decks than true draco and not having link summon mechanic. It's pretty much dead.
  26. I don't know the exact combos but I saw a post of various DD combos with the link rules with the deck still working. I think its not dead because of the link mechanic, it just becomes a bit more awkward and doesn't keep up with things like the demise draco deck or dinosaurs that are being played in ocg.
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