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  4. World Cup 2018 Fantasy Football, & Discussion Thread

    @Faint is your team allowed to stay up this late? They look like they should be in bed by now
  5. do you blame them given who they were up against? if i was australia id play that exact way
  6. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    I think at a push we could get around 15, but that depends on exam schedules etc.
  7. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    last two games were 9 and 11, with the former being limited to 9 so hard to say
  8. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Tempting but I'll be in a couple other games plus vacation this week so it might be hectic. I'll keep an eye out for something that'll start in July.
  9. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    Would love to, but i am off on holiday tomorrow. Put me as a sub as in pretty sure I can bounce in if required
  10. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Maybe you'd like to join this?: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/172548-brokens-broken-game-sign-ups/
  11. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    How many players are we getting typically?
  12. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    @Francis J Underwood I know you wanna join
  13. Yesterday
  14. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    i'll pay
  15. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    I'll play i like 36 but I don't really care that much
  16. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    Sign me up! Sounds like role madness and I've always wanted to try one of those, regardless of whether or not I'm even smart enough to not punt.
  17. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    sign daddy up
  18. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    This is gonna be a closed setup, with no claiming (don't even hint) and no role reveal (to the players) upon death. I need at least 8 players to make this game work, but the more the merrier. Post Quota will be 4 posts a day phase and since I have common sense there will not be a vote quota. My time is pretty flexible so I'll let the players decide if we wanna do 24/36/48 hour phases Players: Malcolm Brandis Jazz Sage Walia Tyranno Subs: Faint And yes. There will be flavor. And lots of it.
  19. Australia deliberately tried to kill off that football game and destroy any hope of attractive football, I wouldn't think they are totally blameless in that being such an awful game by any stretch.
  20. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    @Broken Brilliance do fuck you mafia 4.0
  21. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Lol no problem. Glad I made some kinda impression despite being totally lit off my ass this weekend for a rave. ROFL Will keep an eye on this site, looks like an interesting group of players.
  22. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Sure, if you run anything that's already been played you can post sign ups, if you want to design something yourself send it to a mafoioso for approval
  23. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Can I host a game?
  24. i know haha let's wait and se switzerland could get something from brazil today i feel like
  25. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    On d1 i thought scum was you and ash, honestly- and that you were trying to protect yourself by going after him
  26. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    like i said, reading backwards, it got mentioned twice lol
  27. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Even if you somehow missed the claim itself, almost all the subsequent posts by everyone else mentioned it in one way or another ("assuming there's no counter claim," "No lynch isn't an option because of the earl claim," "confirmed town since nobody else claimed," etc.) that it honestly should have been impossible to miss this fact unless you straight up didn't read the thread. Which unfortunately isn't surprising for dgz in general, but I expected better of you.
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