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  2. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    He came into the day with heat on him because he wuota sniped yestera. One of the ayers who wanted to kill him for it died last night (jazz). He gets caught lying in his accusation on me and then claims to excuse his lies. When hes pressed to claim the rest of his role he refuses. like ffs
  3. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Yeah wew i'd definitely put myself in a dichotomy at that point with 0 votes on him
  4. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Hazmah wasnt under 0 pressure. I caught him lying 4 different times today
  5. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Disagree. It makes no sense at all unless you believe he could self heal in which case why is he dead? @Broken Brilliance who did you use your power on?
  6. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    what are your thoughts on tyranno, soph?
  7. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    rereading Jazz' post, this makes a lot of sense if he was doc
  8. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    vote francis
  9. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    we definitely kill francis first in this scenario. if you assume we just kill the other one if we're wrong, clearly it's more likely for francis to be scum today, based on the fact that we had hazmah claim a red check under 0 pressure. The only reason to do that would be if hazmah is trying to turn the lynch off BB who was at 3 votes when hazmah claimed, but it immediately costs him his life when Francis subsequently flips town. Trading 1-1 scum for town is not worth it.
  10. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    But in fact it does matter that there's a red check because it's a suicide mission and before hazmah claimed, there was no reason for scum to be running scared. There was every reason for a villager to claim as Hazmah did. Scum shouldn't do that unless they know they've been checked - and we know that's not what fju is claiming. And quite honestly, I think hazmah's game has been better than FJU's in terms of villageriness. So yeah, I think the fact that hazmah claimed a red check when they did makes sense. Whereas if they were scum making a red check here it would make little to no sense. Not to mention, it's typically better play to kill the check first and then the claimer. I don't know what you guys do here, but it tends to work out better.
  11. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    4 minutes later after Francis claims: lol
  12. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Whoever is scum is probably fakeclaiming Jazz' role. I don't see why scum Hazmah would try to fakeclaim to so desperately get Francis' lynched.
  13. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    it goes both ways, if we kill hazmah and his role flips as he claimed we're 99% sure francis is scum. Hazmah didn't claim cop, I don't think his role is as crucial as doc if we're wrong. What matters isn't the fact that there's a red check but who you most believe is telling the truth.
  14. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    I still think it's better play to kill the red check first, yes. If they are wrong, we kill them. It's as easy as that And hazmah shouldn't tell us what they are. This way the scum has to play around it whereas if we tell them, they will better be able to figure out night actions.
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  16. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    You still buy Hazmah's claim? Or can we get down to killing actual scum?
  17. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

  18. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Ninja'd, though it is good that you asked.
  19. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Then ask me about them before making a read. You have the capability to ask, do not make reads without trying to understand it from someone else's perspective. The question you should be asking yourself is not "What are they doing?", it is "Why they are doing that?" To answer this, the reason why I am not revealing them, is because I don't think revealing them right now will make you more likely or less likely to believe my claim. The only thing that happens is scum gets extra information to work with, to decide whether or not I am a worth it kill. I've already revealed I've burnt my scan, that leaves 2 more 1 shots. If my 1 shot powers are weak, it gives scum the information that I am not as valuable of a kill, and if they somehow have a investigator or some shit and decide on a more valuable power to kill, that is bad. If my 1 shot powers are strong, it makes me more likely to get killed, which is bad because I've got strong powers to preserve. By not revealing, I force scum to make a decision and risk, do they want to kill someone who has unknown, and potentially weak, powers? I think they will regardless, because scum play scared, but there is no benefit to revealing it right now.
  20. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    @hazmah claim ur other 2 one-shot powers
  21. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    If you leave Francis alive, he gets another another kill, and if he has another power, he gets another shot at it. If you leave me alive, you get a town that gets to bait a NK whilst also has further uses of night abilities. Stop acting as if leaving Francis alive is somehow more beneficial than leaving me alive. Either way it is not beneficial here to guess incorrectly. However, there is some basis in what Dyachei said, as if I am scum, it is bad to go for me vs Francis here as before this there was ways to preserve myself. By going straight out of the bat onto Francis, I seal my death, and if I die first, i have just given town a free kill onto their enemies, given no benefits to scum in the process, and also psuedo-confirmed Francis as town. Francis counter-claiming doc has 0 of that risk as scum, because he has to do if he wants to remain alive. Both of our plays make sense as town. To show this in easy formatting. Me (town) vs Francis (scum) - My play makes sense as cop because killing scum is the game's objective. His play to counter-claim Doc makes sense, as he wants to waste time and mislynch me as a power role of town. This is statistically speaking, the normal play and thus more likely to happen. Me (scum) vs Francis (town) - If he is full-time doc, his play aligns. However, if I am just scum, my play is incredibly risky. I have a chance of going completely bust off this play, killing myself and confirming Francis as town in the process. There is some basis behind doing it, but it is incredibly weak, as personally I don't consider Francis (or any other player on this forum) stronger than me, so it's not a worthwhile trade, and the percentage of it going bust is 50%. The risk is very high, the reward is still very low, and it makes less sense than the previous circumstance, and thus is statistically speaking less likely to happen than the other circumstance. What you are doing right now, by siding with Francis over his doc claim, is purely you using him as a crutch for your bad play. I do not mean to come across as rude, but that is what you are doing. Looking at it from a logical play, you can't say Francis's claim is more credible than mine. In fact, you'd have to argue the opposite, that it is less credible than mine. You are also not making your vote off play from both of us outside of this circumstance. So what you are doing, is using the easy to jump on reasoning of "I'm going to side with the doc" to justify and decide your play. Look deeper into the game, and play properly. Seriously. Or it will cost town.
  22. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Haz isn't claiming a real cop. He's claiming 2 other 1-shot magic powers without telling us what they are.
  23. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Here are the posts just from the last page.
  24. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    This just isn't true. I've pointed out multiple content-based lies in his posting and I made one post about him being bad as a mafia player. That's just a lack of paying attention and disingenuous to my play
  25. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    it's not a good defense, either
  26. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    I get that it's off-putting but that's just Frank
  27. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Mchanically: My claim is better than Hazmah's because I eliminated any excuse for me to live through night. Hazmah has two wishes left and will say that he lived because of one of them when he isn't dead tomorrow.
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