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  2. Cat Mafia - Day 1 - Wurld Dominashun Plannen Phaze

    Disgusting. How dare you not swallow everything?
  3. Cat Mafia - Day 1 - Wurld Dominashun Plannen Phaze

    Malcolm said it looks better this way so everyone knows I'm his bitch
  4. wipe properly, you still have some cum on your lips
  5. slade4000 ect hi im new ygo i no speake the inglish me want teaem

    Everyone is way cooler than me, he's not special for it.
  6. this guy is way cooler than you this thread is great
  7. Today
  8. The first reveal of the next tournament pack is out with Blowback Dragon announced! Blowback Dragon DARK Machine / Effect LV6 2300/1200 Once per turn: You can target 1 card your opponent controls; toss a coin 3 times, and destroy that target if at least 2 of the results are Heads. Source The post [17TP] Blowback Dragon Reprint appeared first on The Organization. View the full article
  9. slade4000 ect hi im new ygo i no speake the inglish me want teaem

    I wish we still banned people for being retarded.
  10. @Jazz vote count slave
  11. Cat Mafia - Day 1 - Wurld Dominashun Plannen Phaze

    I will always defend Malcolm every game because Malcolm > the rest of you.
  12. Cat Mafia - Day 1 - Wurld Dominashun Plannen Phaze

    I'm quite good at it too but you're mostly summarizing the thread. Would like to see more concrete townreads or scumreads. Also confuse ray =/= crei. It's slicks
  13. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    i GUESS i can share my blackwing list, if we're gonna let the fiendish chain cat out of the bag i think blackwings are the best deck in the format. trap stun sucks in this deck imo because if you icarus attack and they starlight, a trap stun won't help you resolve the icarus but a seven tools will. you also don't get blown out by solemn. you know how good fiendish+firedog is? fiendish+shura is like that, except with better support, and your rekindling is built in via vayu (you dont have to draw another spell card, just a sirocco or blizzard) blackwings side better than any other deck in the format, not even close. plants and gbs are a minigame for bw. machina gadget matchup is even at best for blackwing, but gadget has only gotten worse the more that ppl have played the format and it's definitely not worse than like 45-55. monarch is somewhere around even at absolute worst, and if anyone still thinks heroes are good, blackwings destroy that too.
  14. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    having been on the recieving end of it, I can vouch for soul's flamvell list.
  15. Cat Mafia - Day 1 - Wurld Dominashun Plannen Phaze

    Ok this is what I've got. Chev calls my first post hella forced and votes me. Okay. Crei basically echoes his opinions, but doesn't actually vote me. You even went out of your way later specifically to mention that you weren't part of the vote train that got built on me. Do you not want blame when I flip? Even weirder is Malcolm town reading crei for that post where they didn't back it up with a vote. Malcolm also won't back it up with a vote on me either. Why don't you vote me there? And why didn't you see that crei didn't do it in the first place? Then crei votes Malcolm for agreeing with them. Distance? I don't really understand why you'd vote someone who agrees with you. Nelrick bandwagon votes me after a few other votes have piled on. Could be scum trying to go for an easy lynch, could be town trying to get pressure going for information, so not really alignment indicative either way. But even after the votes fall off me, he keeps bringing me up like he hopes people will remember my intro was scummy and re-vote me again. Despite bringing this up four freaking times, his vote isn't parked on me either. He unvoted me early on to vote crei for voting Malcolm, then focuses on slick for unvoting me to vote Malcolm. He is really pushing me and hard defending Malcolm. I get that Malcolm is a strong player that may be worth keeping around awhile even if he is acting scummy (his alignment usually solves itself given time) but being that he is a strong player he definitely doesn't need you defend him from votes that aren't really putting him in the danger range anyway. Why are you defending him so hard? Masons? Scumbuddies? You're just scum and picked a random townie to blindly defend for effort points? Walia doesn't have that many game relevant post either, and what ones he does have is mostly stuff that scum could use to appear "helpful townie". Ex, asking and answering how long phases are, commenting on how the votecount was spread thin, and talking about some movie. I get that it's day one and there isn't a hell of a lot to go off of, but if he doesn't step it up over the next day or two I wouldn't mind lynching him. Mascis also has a lot of one liners; I'm expecting more from them in following phases too. Only noteable contribution is voting nelrick and town reading Malcolm. Interestingly enough, broken also votes nelrick and kind of soft defends Malcolm. If nelrick flips town, I'd look hard into this as there's probably at least one scum here. 2k mostly just scumreads me and wants broken to stop blindly following malcolm. Would shoot either walia or me. Fair enough given the content so far. PSK hates faint and townreads slick. Set up a way to avoid him having to comment on broken because essentially "he's bad, too much effort, somebody else do it". PSK + Broken team? Faint is just kind of calling out people at random, so I like PSK a little better for his suspicion of faint. He is all over the place as per usual. Drunk? Scum? ADD? Soph wants to kill walia, and does not want to kill slick. He's also one of the few people to have defended me somewhat. If he's scum I'd expect a partner pushed me. Lots of people are talking about slick, but I don't lean strongly on him one way or the other as far as alignment is concerned. Could be an info lynch, but I'd rather lynch my scum pile. Chev is kind of hard to read, but he's been pretty active and hasn't done anything overly scummy so I'll put him as town for now. I kind of forgot wunter was even in the game. He thinks faint is town. Voted then unvoted PSK. Null as null can be. I think that's everybody. unvote chev I'm going to bed now. Goodnight guys.
  16. me > gsop good war everyone i still owe me. and mark goat games!
  17. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    so you just took fiendish and added it to quickdraw? you're welcome for finding that card for you then
  18. He doesnt have a policy lynch power so its the next best thing (?). Both him and mascis have been on me ass, thats interesting. See its a weird feeling because i think im sort of rightfully being suspected but im hardly from being the best target.
  19. Pokemon GO

    Last time they did this all eggs were 2ks because you go through more incus/km. So they sell a shit ton of incus.
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