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  2. songs you love but also hate

    I have never found a song that is so unintelligently brilliant than shotgun by George ezra. I hate myself so much for loving it but I really do fucking love it
  3. songs you love but also hate

    I have never found a song that is so unintelligently brilliant than shotgun by George ezra. I hate myself so much for loving it but I really do fucking love it
  4. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    NB96 spot on comment. BA and Paleo seem like the only two safe decks that will be around eternally. I think we can get another good year out of BA because of the new BA link that’s coming out at a unknown time. So practicing the deck wouldn’t be a waste of time. I love the little small tricky plays you can make with this deck so I’m definitely going to focus on mastering the deck.
  5. What games are you currently playing?

    Kingdom Hearts 3 releases January 29th.
  6. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    I don't think there are many people that play Advanced Format on the site these days. It's crazy how these suckers have done the business for four years though, what an amazing investment they were in 2014 if you were going to play for the next few years.
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  8. Healthy Hobby Goals. YGO, Poker, and Chess

    @Ecclesiastes No pressure but I noted you are a dedicated BA player and I thought here might the very person to revive the BA thread: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/161510-burning-abyss-discussion/&page=161
  9. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    Relevant archetype these days. Where be the renewed discussion?

    Took out Dale Bellido in round 2, a famous competitive player. His brother is also in the tournament and I think he made it to round 3.
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  12. CPU advice

    hmm ill just buy the cl14 RAM i guess... i aim to have this system for a while and if i ever go to AMD, its nice i guess to have some CL14 RAM 3200mhz i can drop into it without thinking of buying more RAM for the infinity fabric.
  13. Smoke 4!

    dont do that. LEGALIZED.
  14. CPU advice

    The return are actually great for specifically Ryzen AND Civilization 6 turn times on Intel CPUs. Apparently people who benchmark Civ 6 turn timers do find that it is bottle-necked by RAM clocks and not frequency at the upper limit. This is the only case in the entirety of video gaming though.

    Hello everybody! Why does it seem to me that this Goat forum has died a little? Anyway, Luxury Gaming (https://www.facebook.com/groups/LuxuryGamingLLC/) organised a FREE 64-man Goat tournament, award the winner with 100$ prize. It then changed it to 128-man because slots were quickly taken. Since this is the biggest Goat tournament since 2005, I feel like it should be talked about! Round 2 is in progress today, each round lasts for 2 days, we are playing single elimination best of 3. IDK what else is there to say. My friend just took out HyperBeam, I will post interesting replays after the tournament is over I hope that some other participants of this tourney also see this post and tell how it is going for them
  16. CPU advice

    hey rei i mean getting cl14 3200hz ram over say cl16
  17. CPU advice

    ram: faster is better; but is so negligable you almost never notice slow vs fast ram more is always a better performance value than faster in every use case ever if the pricing lines up
  18. Hello everyone, I love mind sports and I get a thrill off of competing. I wanted to share a list of goals I have for my 3 hobbies listed above in the title. I’m hoping someone can benefit from the mindset I’m presenting in my goals. I’m just happy to vent. I wish I could stick to just one hobby but it’s impossible for me to do such a thing. I realized it was stressful on me when I would focus more on Prestige in hobbies rather than fun. Yugioh for me is a great hobby, but it lacks prestige. If I win a Yugioh tournament I would feel nothing. But the game is indeed very fun in numerous ways. Deck building and gameplay, nostalgia. Poker for me is fun now that know how to play the flop really good. Poker has lots of prestige but it should be motivated by fun and not pressure to make money. Chess is the least fun for me but it has the most prestige in my mind. It’s the hardest game in the world, with probably 200 years of theory and study. The competition is deep. For me personally when I play chess I fantasize about being a boxer. This was my dream before I severely injured my foot. Chess is literally the closest thing to boxing that I could play. So how in in the world could I make time for all three hobbies? on top of pursuing a degree online. I’m glad you asked. To make time for all 3 hobbies I had to humble myself and not seek prestige over fun. So here are my healthy goals for YGO, Chess and Poker. For 2019 1. For Yugioh my goal is to become the perfect BA player. I don’t care about winning tournaments in Yugioh, I just care about piloting this deck perfectly. This is not a stressful goal at all. Also I think Burning Abyss deck will get a new link card that will make sure the deck stays relevant for atleast 1 year. If the timing is right I might can compete in a YGO event with BA before 2019 is over. 2. For Poker my goal is not success but only to improve my game while continuing to have fun. When I graduate from Seminary School and buy my first house, I hope to be able to travel regularly to play in Bracelet events for fun. I don’t care about the money, I just want to get a thrill from competing. This is a long term goal. But for now the only goal is to improve my game. For Chess my goal is to play without fear while increasing my Elo rating. Use my childlike imagination and Also improving my game as well. I’m content with being a Class C player for now. Getting to 1800 Elo is a minimal pressure goal for 2019. I’m so happy that I lowered my stress by choosing fun over prestige. Prestige is important but fun is most important. Please don’t fall into a trap of starting a hobby that you know full well that you don’t enjoy. If you liked what you read please leave a comment.
  19. Video Game club

    I have just got the third star, really enjoying it so far. I'll admit that I'm not crazy about the timed hit mechanic, although I'm sure I'd like it more if it were possible to get an explanation for when to time for each individual attack rather than just the tutorial for Mario's first two moves. How is everybody else liking it?
  20. CPU advice

    Also rei could you explain to me RAM? I'm not sure which RAM to buy. Is it worth me buying 3600mhz RAM or just 3200 mhz?
  21. CPU advice

    Thanks rei. I think I might just buy an air cooler like the dark rock pro 4 maybe?
  22. CPU advice

    and by dual fan i mean dual fan width not has two fans sorry (i have one thats single fan slot, two fans, which is also great but not as good as being as wide as two fan slots)
  23. CPU advice

    dont bother with ram overclocking the returns are so fucking negligable (but its tied to the chipset so any z390 would be fine) really any z390 mobo will suit your needs just make sure it has all the slots you plan on using back to watercooelrs - what i specifically reccomend is getting one thats just for the CPU thats a closed loop so it never leaks and fucks you over, Corsair and Cooler Master both make good ones - a dual fan one will be more than you ever need, and a single fan one is still good for decent overclocks
  24. CPU advice

    Idk. I have a fractal case so I assume so its quite big. Anyway I decided to buy the 8086k anyway. I got it for £380. Then Amazon got back in stock 8700k for £350 but its been dispatched now so fuck it. Can someone please reccomend me a Z390 motherboard I can buy with RAM? RAM really confuses me. If I want to potentially overclock my RAM, what do I need to do? What motherboard do I need and what RAM? Its all a bit of a mystery to me.
  25. HEROS: An anaylisis in what causes an archetype to break

    Most casual locals I've ever been at. The only guy(This dude(BA player) just goes around to all the locals in the region, blows everybody out of the water, and collects mats, prize packs, store credit, etc.) with a meta deck was running BA and he only probably came because it was a sneak peak.
  26. LOL omg so funny x fucking DEE hahahahaha xD xD lololol
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