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  2. Also I want to run a strong affiliate program for the first 3 months at least, where affiliates get £5 cash for a referral purchase and potentially buyers get a £5 discount .I have no idea how to do this.
  3. Hey guys. I'll do the short story. My parents own a semi precious/granite/marble business. We have a premium product line which is the semi precious stone. This includes £2,000 fruit bowls and £20,000 dining tables. The bulk of their work is manufacturing: bars, buildings, football clubs, kitchens, dining rooms. Anyway the actual stone which we use to create the luxury items is readily available for myself. They're close to retiring in the next 5-10 years because simply enough age and the mental stress is finally catching up on them. I want to shift their business from manufacturing to something where they can sell a product and mail it to someone instead. I've identified a few product lines we could make with the products. I know their are competitor products for some of the stuff we're offering. I've checked them out (heck I own a few of them) and honestly the product I'm planning to put into place after some diligent QA and prototype testing in the next 6 months will be MUCH more superior to the competition in every single way. Where competition like to spend mone on the band mechanism, we will prioritise the quality and finish of the actual semi precious stone. We can also offer a plethora of different types of stones (some exclusive to our plant as we own the naturally occuring rock its coming from and theres not THAT much left). I will be customising the size, thickness et al to ensure its JUST right. Its not going to be some cheap out-sourced chinese knock off type item. I've been youtubing about and learnt about shopify, instagram advertising and facebook advertising. I was wondering if anyone can further help me with this? The thing is a lot of these shopify programs work towards basically identifying a supplier like aliexpress and just marketting their products at a higher premium with a buy it now click button. My situation is slightly different in that I'm investing in the QA and development of a product I actually believe in. We're based in the UK and I'm happy to ship anywhere but I'm very foriegn to the whole idea of shipping a product (our business usually involved us coming and installing our products). Any help would be MUCH appreciated. We've been a basically offline business in terms of gaining revenue as our scope has been where we can install to but at last, I'm hoping we launch a globally accessible product. Packaging/Storage/manpower for anything physical is MORE than in hand. Our weaknesses are everything else behind it; namely the online presence and actually pulling sales. As a business, we've always been used to people coming to us as we are a niche product.. but I understand the shift to a more consumer ready product will mean we need to start coming to people.
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  5. Daytrading free money thread

    Usually the case is you want to follow the trend, eg buy what goes up and cut what doesn't. The US share market, in the long term, has outrun inflation and other asset classes. Of course there are corrections but it always has gone back to new all time highs within a few of years. I believe Ray Dalio, manager of the largest hedge fund in the world, called it a one-way bet; if it goes up, great! If it goes down and doesn't go back up, it means something is fundamentally wrong with the US economy and at that stage, we'll have riots and things where money won't really matter anymore. So needless to say, he is heavy in US equities for a long time. Mortgage is a form of leverage- it works well when in your favor but when things turn south, it tends to hurt twice as much. I don't know that much about real estate, but if the appreciation and rent exceeds the costs, it works, but if property values and demand for luxury goes down, then it hurts. Yeah, I'm buying and selling in the same day. More and more though, I think holding for longer periods of time is better. A lot of the time, flipping in and out leads to missing a major move. That's not to say its like being Warren Buffett- there are many opportunities to get in and out- but the trend is still up. Holding for a few days to close is usually regarded as 'swing trading'. 'Position trading' is to hold for a few months or years. Jesse Livermore, one of the greatest if not greatest trader ever, often bought stocks at all time highs. This was because he expected the trend to continue. He could day-trade too, but he said the big money was in the big move- and the big moves are usually in the direction the market is already moving.
  6. trans stuffs

    i guess i just won't respond to anybody unless they use my name now. fuck it.
  7. trans stuffs

    i came out july 9th 2019 to my family and i told them today that by this next july 9th i dont want to be called by my deadname anymore and nobody wants to do that and its upsetting me. people should honestly get two weeks to adjust to this shit but they seriously just dont want to acknowledge my identity in any way.
  8. Dead Site Mafia Signups

    malcolm is doing alright yes
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  10. Daytrading free money thread

    Cheers mate. I researched a little bit and I decided I'm going to put £20k into a vanguard ISA global all cap. I'm currently playing around with £1k buying and selling a few stocks. I think I might open up another ISA after April and see if I can trade and invest my own stocks, trying to time a few stock purchases to beat my Vanguard fund. If my sister can help support my mortgage application, I'll likely buy a super-house by this summer and then rent it out to 2 people whilst my sister and myself live there, buy another super-house and then hopefully buy a super-super-house as a potential end game property. If she doesn't, because she wants to buy a shit flat buy herself which is going to be useless in 10 years and basically just break even cos she's wants "independence", then idk wtf to do lol as my temporary wage cut has locked me out of mortgage options which match my bank account. Daytrading wise, I feel like I have loads to learn as I still don't quite get it (which I think is what you're doing right?). I wish I could get into it with a bit of knowledge but at present, its basically just gambling at my currently level of know-how.
  11. trans stuffs

    "here is your estrogen, sir"
  12. trans stuffs

    i get that "he is a transgender woman" bullshit way too much tbh
  13. if you click on this topic you must post

    @rei https://twitter.com/Lyno_DaHusky/status/1220490055975866368?s=09
  14. god i loved my das keyboard(s)
  15. Daytrading free money thread

    Well, I posted my predictions and if they had been followed (assuming you don't go all in each time, eg being reasonable) it would have turned a profit. There are many trading styles. I recommend reading about Supply and Demand trading, that is what I use. Some use Market Profile which does well for them apparently; I never got into it. DO NOT start using real money. Use a paper trading account, or write down the trades you would have made (do so in real time- hindsight bias will certainly make you think you're better than you are and this will lead to real losses), rationale, etc. That is, have a trading journal. Investment=/=trading. If you want to buy and hold forever, that's a different story. Time horizon, goals etc. all vary. Mature the cash generally has people buying into a variety of things and holding, eg a diversification.
  16. if you click on this topic you must post

    Yes that is my yugioh card laminated desk with duelist kingdom cards face up. There's also an exodia in the middle, 3 God cards, BEUD and 3 BEWD and more. I'm sure I have a pic somewhere...
  17. if you click on this topic you must post

    On the positive side, this Montecristo is magnificent.
  18. if you click on this topic you must post

    I posted a pic on reddit of turkey dinosaurs, smiley faces and beans and some clickbait UK site has stolen it for their own internet points.
  19. Hello, again

    There's cEDH if you're looking for a more stringent competitive scene, as far as I know. If you've only played since M19 then you might want to look into brawl more (it's also much easier to play on Arena).
  20. trans stuffs

    lol. you guys r dorks
  21. trans stuffs

    Well I mean if you read her post, you'd know this was off. also @fuckfiend I better see you give him shit for the slash.
  22. trans stuffs

    i just figured she/they they would have been more appropriate than her but fair
  23. Hello, again

    it's a more casual format than standard/modern/pioneer but it depends on the playgroup and how seriously they take it.
  24. trans stuffs

    Which goes back to my original point (am i missing something) Thanks for clearing that up
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