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  2. Hella down for some waveshining fun
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  4. Who ever would've guessed that countries that don't respect copyright law don't have the best servers available for rent?
  5. The more i think about it the more i dont like mark for scum
  6. Would antag really try and bus 2 of his team in one post? Also defends cunning
  7. unvote i think mark-tyranno is an unlikely scum team. I think Jazz is plausible How many scum are there in total? Cos cumming, wunter etc have floated through
  8. so basically they have the exact same problem as last time, only now instead of admitting that their servers blow they are hiding behind user limits while their servers blow eh, I guess anything to make sure people realize it's legit
  9. Satchmo is account name, for as long as this lasts
  10. guess ill update op then
  11. All accounts has been deleted via the front page btw, so everyone gotta re-register!
  12. posted in the tentative thread but heres an update: https://images.discordapp.net/.eJwFwdENhCAMANBdGICe0AB1G4IEjdoSqPHjcrvfe1_zjMusZlftcwXYjllkbHaqjNyqbSLtqrkf0xa5Iavmst-VdYKLMThCCktK0S-ePLiEhBGJKJH34RMQHj5ZXradm_n9AQ1EIws.jg-nUYOhRACEy1J5pMcToRC_lQI?width=734&height=431 db is kinda back, limited amount of users for now, custom mats look real, heres to consistency this go round!
  13. https://images.discordapp.net/.eJwFwdENhCAMANBdGICe0AB1G4IEjdoSqPHjcrvfe1_zjMusZlftcwXYjllkbHaqjNyqbSLtqrkf0xa5Iavmst-VdYKLMThCCktK0S-ePLiEhBGJKJH34RMQHj5ZXradm_n9AQ1EIws.jg-nUYOhRACEy1J5pMcToRC_lQI?width=734&height=431 db is back but limited users rn, max is like 100 only as it grows in time via their mod! anyways custom mats look like a thing here.
  14. Jazz may not be purposely intimidating you??
  15. Added deck/extra deck/grave/banished zone count indicators, intergrated the phase change buttons back into the field. and fixed a host of reported bugs.
  16. I remember speaking with BLS about this during the summit when Pendulums came out. He was aware of it, he didnt say what the algorithm was but im pretty sure it was server side so would be the Java randomizer. YGOPro uses an MT generator. Salv is using the built in .random() which for the moment Im trusting after reading this : https://v8project.blogspot.com/2015/12/theres-mathrandom-and-then-theres.html If this thread comes up with a fact back implementation for how salv should do its shuffler I'll do it. Short of hooking a radioactive rock up to the server like some online casinos getting real randomness is impossible.
  17. if psk wants to play in it I'll approve it, I dont really care.
  18. what is majority anyways
  19. yea theres dumb gym bots that can strip a lv10 in like 30 secs. its p unfortunate that your area is like that. near my parents place theres this psycho that targets specific players that have "messed" with "his" gyms and kills all of their gyms in the county. so the dude you see is most likely botter scum
  20. Vote Count Jazz - vig=scum vig=scum - Beast, Digbick, islickz, Jazz, Markus, Malcolm's multi rei - Faint Gemstone, rei, Nelrick, Wunterslaus, LFN, cunning - haven't voted yet, please do so I know I got a lot of votes on me, but I want people to reconsider. I've given my arguments as to why I'm unlikely to be scum, at this point it seems like I'm only being voted out of convenience. The entire hatred from Tyranno towards me was an attempt from him to tilt me and get me to meltdown. Do you really think that the way we went after each other, get each other so much attention to the point where it would get us both killed, was Scum vs Scum? Especially considering we had lost Juan and Francis already at that point? What exactly do we have to gain from doing that? I think Jazz has followed the approach that Tyranno started, and therefore Jazz is a team with him. Silverdude couldn't know he would get killed - so voting me to evade a nk seems plausible: not to mention his comment where he said Jazz was afraid that I would plung his scumhole. Why would he say that if he didn't think Jazz was scum? Also there's no reason for him to check me at all. I was already bound to die, people already scumread me, so checking my alignment would give Silverdude no information at all: he'd probably rather check someone who he wasn't sure about, Jazz would be a perfect pick. I also see a lot of people who think that I'm town, and make arguments for it. I would ask these people to vote as well, so that we don't waste a lynch on me. We're already far ahead when we look at the numbers of scum already dead, so let's try to not waste it by killing the wrong people here. If your gutfeel says I can't be scum, then I'm not scum: and you shouldn't be afraid to vote others just because some people want me dead. As for targets, I'd suggest: Jazz, Gemstone, rei, in that order. Are we going to let Jazz get away with tilting me the same way Tyranno (confirmed scum) did? Are we going to let Gemstone get away with hunting me and Silverdude down from the very beginning? Are we going to let rei get away with floating and only making safe plays? There are better targets to lynch than myself, and if I was scum, I definitely wouldn't have gotten myself this much attention and linking everyone, or I would be scum LVP. In fact, I don't like linking at all, and last game when I was scum, I just ignored my teammates where I could, while in this game I've been actively giving out my reads from the very beginning, and haven't been going after low hanging fruit like some have. I have also named a LOT of people town day 1, but Tyranno, Antag, Francis and Juan were not among them - so if I'm scum, you'd assume I'm buzzing my entire team while the entire team is buzzing me. Way to lose ASAP, I may be terrible town but I'm definitely not terrible scum ffs.
  21. half of KoG/Platinum is a joke right now, people with stupid decks that only get there because of the quit game glitch. Still keeping track of games I play etc but when I face a fucking Insect Queen deck in KoG that stalls till he decks out, then does the quit game thing, you know what time it is :/
  22. every gym around here is min 2800CP 10 stack and the fucking gym goes down and back up every hour makes no fuckin sense
  23. yea obvs spoofer then. but i kno groups here will scout out prime suburb gym regions cuz theres less turnover if you stack a lvl 10 with min 2800 cp
  24. i'm not saying it's impossible but it's highly improbable that these guys are hunting the gyms this hard, especially when they aren't even in an area with pokespots and pokespawns lol like literally nothing spawns where the gyms are, i have no idea why but nothing ever spawns there
  25. all of their names end with "gohome" lulugohome ETgohome etc
  26. rhydon gyara ttar and dnite are ez af to prestige against esp if theyre 3k+. the only strong shit that is slightly annoying is blissey and to a lesser extent lax but they're all doable
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