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  2. Does haunting affect GK scans?
  3. That's interesting. Part of me wants to believe it's just shoddy hosting? Like why wouldn't he just tell you your attempt failed?
  4. @DarkBlaze557 haven't gotten any pm fron antagonist so maybe the kill was done in a way that i cant scan
  5. I'm being half-facetious here but I wonder if we should be giving Plants/Sylvan/Gigaplant another look. RE Pot of Desires: Sylvan are kind of like what people think 40+ Mermails to be, just a bunch of WATER monsters that you can use together. Except Sylvans are literally that. To me, you actually have a deck with some advantages and new tricks. 1) Rose Archer being the card that negate Dimensional Barrier. 2) You have great synergy with Miracle Fertilizer + Lava Golem (in DEF 2500 to be run over by your Plants), cuz you can't NS anyway. 3) Super Hippo Carnival (ETele for XYZs) + Performapal Hip Hippo gives you Meliae with Rose Archer, Mathematician, Flowerbot, Spell Striker, alongside Crane Crane. I'm pretty amazed people don't play that card to Invoker for Zoodiacs. 4) Catalyst Field + Gigaplant I half think we should play more LV 6s because there are so many good ones. Guardioak with Princess = Rank 6 (Dragulas is a gamechanger), Rank 7 with Spore, with Copy Plant is Tzolkin, GUB makes Crystal Wing, and all the LV 1 Tuners I mentioned, can be SSed off Cherubsprout. You have Gigaplant, and you also have Angmarl who can banish Charity, search another Charity, and you play so many 3-ofs as it is. You have Mischief of the Gnomes to NS Gigaplant and Guardioak, and Amarylease... -------- And "The True Name" is Upstart Goblin for this deck, and you get to stack Charity and draw into it. I noticed that Lotuswain triggers off Pendulums so if you protect it vs Traps with Rose Lover, you can excavate a bunch, but that's too gimmicky and you have to go 2nd. TLDR: Sylvan is one of the hardest decks to play, because it's so non-linear, and casuals can't afford Pot of Desires.
  6. Bomb paranoia or a different paranoia? @Felwinter have we ever played with each other before? I don't recognize the username from anywhere I've played and you said you've never played w/ anyone bar me.
  7. No, but I think using substitution to avoid modkills is a reasonable thing to do. If I remembered to post it, I had said the same about you day1 before you chimed in. If you disagree with this style, lmk and we can talk about it more after the game.
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  9. Movic brings acrylic stands of the original hero and rival that started it all. Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Duel Monsters Acrylic Stand 【A】Yami Yugi Release Date: March 9th, 2017 Price: 1200 Yen + Tax Figure Size: ~133 mm Plate Size: ~W120 mm x H 210 mm Specification: Made of Acrylic Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Duel Monsters Acrylic Stand 【B】Kaiba, Seto Release Date: March 9th, 2017 Price: 1500 Yen + Tax Body Size: ~160 mm Plate Size: ~W155 mm x H215 mm Specification: Made of Acrylic Source Source 2 View the full article
  10. Vote Digbick Until he posts scans, etc.
  11. This reminds me what do you think of my paranoia now ZP?
  12. anything to say @The Antagonist??
  13. @Solstice To be fair, I had every intention of doing what you did - quoting posts and analyzing. You did half of the work for me. My entire intention was to simply look more into Felwinter, which is what I said I would do. And when I did that, I didn't have a good scum argument. I don't think that's a bad thing. If that makes me more scummy, then so be it, but I'm not going to build a false argument against someone who has played well.
  14. Zero quotes below, I left out his other posts on the current page. I think some may be out of order. I really hope the spoilers work because he had a lot more posts than I thought he did. So let's look at who's left: digbick: Hasn't contributed too much outside of gravedigger reads. That makes me lean scum. But the $100 bet thing makes me lean town. But them not answering my question about why they don't suspect me makes me lean scum again. Same with the "haha now jazz can't be digger" thing. I'd be okay with lynching them. Francis: Going to assume town given that he was actually trying yesterday, which is more than I can say for most people. Trying to get discussion going is pro town. rei: floating makes me lean scum. Lack of analysis or trying to solve the game really makes me lean scum. If it weren't for the nightkill attempt I'd be auto voting him right now. I saw in the felwinter quotes that rei usually dies night 1 unless he's scum because he's supposed too good at finding them. I've also read this is the other ongoing game and past threads. He's made it through 5 nights already. Given that we can't rule out illusion kill, I'd be okay with killing him. zero: based on the quotes below they are pretty floaty, and any analyis they do is usually pretty "obvious, duh" stuff. They could be scum, but I think I'd rather go after rei or digbick first. feliwinter: their analysis makes me want to lean town. But the fact they never responded to who they scanned last night despite the fact that they were obviously there to fire back at darkbalze is weird. I'm still going to lean town, but I really need to know who you scanned these last two nights. drakblaze: I like him less for town then I did yesterday. He said he was coming in with a big felwinter analysis yesterday yet all we get is a few sentances. Flaoted yesterday. It's possible he's scum.
  15. You usually played those both together, since Last Will and Monster Gate go so well together. This was what a standard build from December 2004 looked like: Monsters: 9 1 Dark Magician of Chaos 1 Magical Scientist 3 Catapult Turtle 3 Gilasaurus 1 Cannon Soldier Spells: 32 1 Mystik Wok 1 Painful Choice 1 Upstart Goblin 1 Card Destruction 1 Pot of Greed 1 Premature Burial 3 Reasoning 1 A Legendary Ocean 1 Mystic Plasma Zone 3 Terraforming 3 Spell Reproduction 3 Serial Spell 3 Monster Reincarnation 3 Monster Gate 3 Reload 3 Last Will
  16. K. Vote: The Antagonist
  17. So I went through and re-read Felwinter's posts, and I don't see any reason to believe he isn't town. Yeah, a bit floaty, but I'm not sure that's bad given his plays. My suspicion during the last day phase was only because of the floating, but if you analyze the posts themselves, I can't come up with a good reason to believe he's scum. Sounds like night phase results prove that Kahu was town and Solstice wasn't lying about Survivalist. What I find most curious about the night phase is that Digbick didn't die. @RZR_DigbickThePickleMan What were your scans the last two night phases? The fact that your alive really makes me want to lynch you.
  18. vote antag please and thank you
  19. i can see no world in which the snake is multiple use
  20. did he ask to be subbed out?
  21. did he ask to be subbed out?
  22. yeah because kahu and myself would both make up this role for absolutely no reason at all while we are not under any pressure of being lynched.
  23. Only if i get a kill gemstone role
  24. Only if i get a kill gemstone role
  25. For sure. I believe the other popular route was gilasaurus+last will+catapult turtle.
  26. I've got up to 32 roles nearly finalized. Waiting for Logic to approve. Very excited to host this, but obviously not until the current game begins to wind down.
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