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  2. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    Sounds like it'd go the way of the WoW movie. Also, it's not Mario kart. L2rules.
  3. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I want Banjo Kazooie to be a character more than the internet wants Waluigi.
  4. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    11 PM Central, days will be 48 hours though
  5. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    We'll be starting tonight. Will give more time in case anyone else wants to sign up.
  6. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    Consider me all in.
  7. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    Fucken rapist, don’t ever talk to me or my son ever again. but yea I’m in
  8. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

  9. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    This sounds like an in to me.
  10. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    sub is all i can do mate
  11. well no but I think people are crediting them like they supplied quality, the midfield was a long long way from quality. Have to acknowledge the difference.
  12. i dont think it was shocking in terms of a performance. awful finishing but the amount we creat3ed etc, plus 2 clear pens being not given for us yet them getting a bullshit penalty. could easily have been 7 or 8 on the night, vs the top ranked african team. i think england played well overall - henderson in particular was the best player on the pitch.
  13. Shocking performance by England, we created nothing in he second half. However, he referee clearly favoured Tunisia and even with VAR we were denied two clear penalties.
  14. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    Any chance you changed your mind and actually wanna play?
  15. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    okay now i'm in
  16. Yesterday
  17. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    there's still time before smash's release for new characters, or DLC. i didnt get mario tennis aces due to funding but it looked good and i played a few matches on the demo to moderate success. +1 on the Pro Controller, got one as soon as i got my switch and never looked back, i can barely use the joycons now, they just dont feel as right in my bulkier hands.
  18. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    one of the elder scrolls games, likely skyrim would make a great epic, the problem would be fitting it into one movie, i would see it as a multi parter like the lord of the rings. Part 1 could be the whole stuff at whiterun and the dragon attacking, then setting off to find the greybeards and blades Part 2 would be more story driven with the greybeards and the blades with some dungeon crawling. maybe finding sky haven temple Part 3 would be the buildup and ultimately climactic final battle with Alduin
  20. World Cup 2018 Fantasy Football, & Discussion Thread

    @Faint is your team allowed to stay up this late? They look like they should be in bed by now
  21. do you blame them given who they were up against? if i was australia id play that exact way
  22. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    I think at a push we could get around 15, but that depends on exam schedules etc.
  23. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    last two games were 9 and 11, with the former being limited to 9 so hard to say
  24. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Tempting but I'll be in a couple other games plus vacation this week so it might be hectic. I'll keep an eye out for something that'll start in July.
  25. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    Would love to, but i am off on holiday tomorrow. Put me as a sub as in pretty sure I can bounce in if required
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