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  2. From the Perfect Rule Book Essentially no major changes except clarifying the outer most zones are to unused. The data does not explain if you can use the inner zones as Pendulum Zones or not. The post [OCG] VRAINS Era Speed Duels appeared first on The Organization. View the full article
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  4. Bumping this up because Darklords are one of the better decks heading into this new format. 1) It is the uniquely positioned deck that can maindeck Denko Sekka as its Normal Summon (and dig for it), and in a format where Maxx C went to 1, a lot of Special Summon decks are getting a second look at life, only to be stunned by Vanity's Fiend. And Lost Wind is dead in that case, and they can't Marella since you can go without Extra Deck. 2) If Infernoids are also going to be popular, consider that this deck can play Chaos Hunter, and it being LV 7 DARK to coincide with Nasten, and Allure of Darkness, possibly even Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, Kaiju Radian, being another LV 7 DARK fitting those criteria (and you can Enchant it back for a Rank 7). And that is besides the fact, that this deck can Normal Summon Barrier Statue of the Abyss, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, play Jinzo (Jector), and so on. You can double down on Paleozoic and Infernoid hate, and everything else is just an engine. (Dark Illusion can provide targeting protection vs Paleo Traps or Drident). 3) But perhaps, most importantly, this deck is getting Darklord Ukoback and with Foolish Burial Goods, you have cards you didn't have before to toolbox your entire lineup, so playing that nontargeting Brain Control to steal/disrupt and stack/Tribute, is more consistent. I half wonder if you could play 60 and play Grass Looks Greener with COTH for Kristya, Darklords and so on. Ukoback dumping a DL to revive and cycle S/T effects during both player's turns is something this deck didn't have before.
  6. stop being petty that this person topped and you haven't done a single thing
  7. Can't for the next time we play this flavor of mafia again and mmf makes me the poop on the bed because I'm so shit.
  8. Back in my day a thread like this would have had threats for bans. Ahh, how far we've come. What do you think the key to your success was? I'm glad you managed to exceed your expectations, Maybe you can come up with a few cards you think might be good ideas to put into your side, and we can offer you some advice on what we think about those cards
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  10. I think Thunder Dragon Switcheroo works great with decks that include some combination of Rising Energy, Soul Exchange, Divine Wrath, etc. Basically being able to Switcheroo back 1, while discarding the other, so you don't have to always save both your Switcheroo redraws for until you draw into Thunder Dragon, which may never happen in the duel, is huge. Also solves the 'last dead Thunder Dragon in dead' which you can draw into after you Switcheroo Thunder Dragon back twice. Agree, the synergy with econ and Skull Liar and the fact it outs accursed or parasite are huge, but you're probably going to only play 1 Skull Liar anyway I assume? So it would make it live earlier vs non-Relinquished decks basically.
  11. when you didn't realize you were stuck in the backlog.. and you post talking about everyone missing everyone, and here i am missing people that are posting in backlog..
  12. I convert crappy UR's from booster packs, and I farm people like Tea for 8k for dark magician girl etc. I covert all 'farmable UR's' because I can technically always get them back. Also these 8 are all UR's I have, for this strategy I'd say 2 apophis are needed for quick finishes, the rest is optional.
  13. did you convert URs for UR gems? i'm not even remotely close to owning as many UR cards from the card trader as you've posted in that single screenshot
  14. congrats on your top
  15. They changed it, he uses Sphere Kuriboh on attacks now as well. I currently think the best strategy vs LV40 which gets 3-4k on average is: X beaters (1700+ atk) maybe a small ritual engine X riryoku, Rising energy, Metalmorph, reinforcements, Equip spell to get 3k or even 5k (depending on what you have) 2 riryoku field 3 Apophis obviously play as many glossy or prismatic as possible goal is to go for quick finish, no damage, spell used, trap used, used glossy/prismatic, 3k or 5k damage aim is to win before final resolves: if you don't have apophis, play graveyard removal outs to final instead only thing to keep in mind is have outs to Ha Des and getting over the 1800 def thing. Ectoplasmer isn't a problem, it can even help you accomplish your goal This is my version but I still want to add the ritual engine (like 6-8 cards, and a ritual that has 2500-3000 ATK). can be used with any character or skill but Switcheroo is the most consistent, and Rex double damage is the most effective but I don't have it :/
  16. i have blagged my way from physics to head of computer science at my current school, assuming i get the job on the interview on tuesday. haven't done any real programming since uni and never tried python. but apparently that's standard so have from now until sept to learn it to some decent standard. i have experience in c and matlab so should be ok. comes with a big pay rise and climbing the ladder, next logical step from here is assistant head in 3-5 years. head in 10. boom.
  17. shit man that's intense. sounds like you got a good thing going rich and you're making the most of it.
  18. Either Bakura's AI was changed, or it's getting smarter on its own. When I used my Destiny Draw deck against him, I lost because I couldn't draw Gravedigger Ghoul in time and he wouldn't attack me.
  19. yeah thats annoying just collecting atm doing a load of autoduels until i can find a decent way to farm bakura. atm im just playing harpies vs him level 40 and getting quick wins, but id rather get a more consistent victory condition tried out a cerberus build but its inconsistent as fuck
  20. Cottonmouth was a great villain. Powerful unpredictable and woth a brilliant actor. Often i found myself just skipping to his scenes. When he died, Luke cage went from mediocre to bad. I liked the first few eps of IF but it just got so shit so fast
  21. is tha Telvin
  22. im number 9
  23. Yea that's been fixed, you can't abuse that anymore
  24. I seems that you cant quit a duel against standar duelist to farm when shit go wrong(you can, but when you restart the app and hit exit, itll not respawn).
  25. It was a bustling evening in the fleabottom markets. The smallfolk scrambled to purchase as much bread and wine as they could, and the prices were really starting to get exorbitant because of the demand. Gossip flowed around the markets thicker than the stench of the ancient sewer system that ran below the streets. A rumor floated around that the old king was not just dead, but murdered, and that civil war would soon fall upon the kingdom. “Bah,” screeched an old woman, “Lords and ladies might fund wars, but it is always the smallfolk who pay.” At that moment, a youth dashed out of the shadows and made a beeline for the bread tables--he snagged a sizable loaf, pivoted, and ran back into the alleys. The shopkeeper ran after him, but he was far too fat to make a respectable effort. The boy had no money, but he was starving, so he had to take the risk. When he got out of sight, he sank his teeth into the bread, but then he heard footsteps approaching him. “Oh, crap.” “That’s a nice looking loaf. Tell me, how does the flavor taste?” “Uhhh.” *Smack.* A mortal blow was dealt to the back of the boy’s young, developing head. All for a little bread. Surely a sign that more bad things are yet to come. @SageRhapsody has been lynched, he was: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “The flavor was really good today. I just couldn’t help myself! I’m so sorry!!!” @Sophocles has been modkilled for using flavor to confirm his alignment. Yes, the Starks are town, but Sophocles violated claiming rules to confirm that he was town. Shouldn’t have done that, kiddo. Maybe now you can sign up for Frogman’s game? He was: ...Ned Stark died in the first book, nice! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE SUN NOW SETS Night 1 begins now and ends in 24 hours on Mon Mar 27th at 2:00 PM EST / 17:00 GMT, or whenever I receive all night actions, whichever comes first.
  26. Don't post after EOD. First and final warning.
  27. Finaly Vote Count: Sage - (7) Sophocles, Francis, ZeroPassion, Shaggydog, Nymeria, Tyranno, Fruits Sophocles - (6) mark, Grey Wind, Sage, Faint, danraven94, Wunter Markus - (1) Malcolm Silverdude - (1) Solstice Francis - (1) Slick Majority was 9.
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