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  2. Ok so you think a card that is a niche out to Laggia deserves to be banned or even limited? Keep in mind, when Dino Rabbit was the best deck, Morphing Jar #2 was legal and saw no play. In fact, the card has never seen play in any top tier deck in the history of the game.
  3. loli played goat control correct
  4. they destroy mind. So it gets out to Laggia etc and doesn't trigger destruction effects, and can clear in battle phase. would it be horrendous at 1 prob not.
  5. loli beat me 2-1 in goats Gonna say it was goat control, had spies and zaborg tho > turbo dimension fusion
  6. So Raigeki is at 1, Dark Hole is at 2, Interrupted Kaiju Slumber at 2, and you're worried about Morphing Jar #2 clearing a field of extra deck monsters for free if they aren't able to out it? Card sucks.
  7. Because I don't want a million pinned threads in this section. Also, reminder, you have just today and tomorrow to finish your current wars.
  8. the skills are so poorly explained it's insane, you literally have to guess and 80% of the time I misunderstand these skill upon reading like "take 2000 damage - add something to hand" you'd think you'd have to active it immediately but apparently it has to be 2000 damage total (so can be over multiple turns) and you can active it whenever you want (so even after 8 turns) as well (although once, ofc, per 2000 damage) which is as non-intuitive as it can get
  9. like I wanted to know for example if you play 10/3/7 if it would guarantee 2 monsters in opening hand as well but I couldnt find anything and havent bothered to try it out yet with a large sample size tbh
  10. from what I heard it has to be multiples of 5 (assuming a 20-card deck) from what I've seen, if you play 10/5/5 youll open 2/1/1 in first 4 after that you draw randomly, so you could draw 5 spells in a row for example
  11. Fixed some typos in card text and missing images. Please update. If you ever spot these kind of errors, always make sure that you let me know.
  12. why is this unpinned now?
  13. Today
  14. Sorta works like that. You're pretty much spot on but sometimes it doesn't work as intended. You'll always draw a monster with that line-up though.
  15. sorry edited my post for clarity
  16. Yeah, I'm quite confident that you played ynus before me, then.
  17. i finished the match with ynus by at *the latest* 9:15pm central time
  18. I think you played ynus before you played me and markus. Ynus reported the match 16 hours ago, which is approximately 11 PM last night. Didn't our match finish later than 11?
  19. uhh yeah me vs you me vs ynus then me vs markus i think
  20. Mjar 2 still clears a board and since the XYZs wouldn't return to the deck they wouldn't get any monsters
  21. How did you do? And what did you run? USA nats is in LA this sept and this year only, anyone can enter in USA.
  22. Final Vote Count: Nate1080(1) - Solstice Zappdos(1) - Wunterslaus iSlickz(1) - Silver, Silver(3) - iSlickz, Francis. J. Underwood, Zappdos Doubt, anger, and suspicion swirled in the town. Markus had recently got the hell out Dodge and let his cousin Francis the Lawyer take his place. iSlickz a long time enemy of Francis(because of he once lost a suit vs one of Francis' former clients) was sorely tempted to leave town aswell but eventually he was convinced that a posse of him, Francis, and Zappdos was the way to go so they saddled up and rode out to hang silver from the tallest tree. Silver was lynched. He was vanilla town. Night begins now and ends tomorrow at 1 PM or when I receive all night actions which ever comes first.
  23. redacted
  24. EOD Stop posting!
  25. voting block
  26. Why are we voting Silver again? Doesn't seem scummy to me.
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