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  2. I've been thinking. People apparently think I'm wrong about Malcolm. Should I be policy lynched because I'm apparently chasing a pointless lynch that no one else thinks is relevant and believe I'm wrong on? Also is it really bad to lynch Malcolm d1 or is that just a pernicious meme DGz town has latched onto that he will always be NK'd by D3
  3. So lemme tell you a little bit about where I go for college... ...The mascot of this university?... Once, a golf course; now, this university was originally a commuter college - still is, to an extent. This university is the only public univeristy in St. Louis, and is Division 2 for sports. While students can decide to live on campus, there are very limited options, and the drama that occurs spreads like a fucking plague. Trust me, it's not fun to deal with 24/7. Highlights of this campus are the rec center that ranks in the top 10 of new university recreation centers, the food company Sodexo - which is one of the shittiest companies in the existence to ever exist - their food quality is SHIT, and finally, the geese population all around campus. That's right, geese. They literally walk, poop, and swim anywhere on campus. This campus isn't situated next to a body of water, but for some reason the geese must have made this their home ages ago. Whatever reason, who knows. They can be benevolent, or attack you. It's rare if they attack, but it could happen. Here, let's find out if this goose will atta...OH SHIT IT HONKED AT ME, I GOTTA RUN THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vote Count 2.01: Mascis (L-5) Solstice TheGoldenTyranno (L-2) The_Be(a)sT, Malcolm, Mascis, Sophocles Malcolm (L-5) TheGoldenTyranno Not Voting: Winter Multi, Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Wunterslaus, Confuse rei Majority is 6.
  4. oh I pretty much exclusively play melee on dolphin and that was fine with the g3258 at stock so the g4560 will be good. I only emulate ps1 and gamecube atm.
  5. lol hope you have more to say
  6. Can a mod delete one of the threads? My computer got jumpy and it created 2 of the same thread. Thanks in advance.
  7. I feel like I should have posted, "Shit Fucking Westeros" when the game started. It seems like it gives me luck
  8. Standard: No bans Modern: No bans Legacy: Sensei's divining top banned Vintage: Gitaxian probe restricted Discussion about it here, if you would like. SCG is offering full refund or card + store credit for anyone who preordered the new counterbalance to foil out their miracles decks. Good job SCG.
  9. Tyranno, give me a reason why I shouldn't vote for you. I've literally only seen you play town and your playing this game is a tiny bit off. That alone lets me lean towards you being scum. Are there any insights you can offer to change my mind? or maybe you can help us find an even juicier lynch target
  10. CSGO prob not emulators depends on the emulator and what it can do with multiple threads - i mean emulating newer consoles has always been cpu intensive but im still in the mindset of a few years back in terms of Dolphin and such rather than today so im not sure how it'll go
  11. If nobody has one I'd be willing to do it
  12. for stuff like csgo and emulators, I wont see a massive drop in performance using the g4560 over the i7 right? I don't do any content creation or rendering stuff that is cpu heavy
  13. I don't scum read people just because they're wrong and their ego refuses to let them see the truth. Based on your logic mark should be pressured and scum read every town game he plays because he's always dodgy/adversarial and often wrong. I've learned however that this can actually be a stronger indicator of someone being town than anything else based on my experience with players like mark.
  14. nice lol I'm gonna be sticking with skylake for a while, but im so sad I missed Ryzen - I was waiting for it for a new rig but a PSU failure killed my shit back in March 2016 so here I am Not that my rig is bad by any stretch, i5-6600K@4.2ghz, Radeon 385, 16gb ram, 500 gb SSD, but I would have liked to stick with amd
  15. It wouldn't be too hard to do, it's just a pain in the ass to implement. Very tedious.
  16. Anyone got a card pool file for every card available in Goats?
  17. Today
  18. I'll keep a mental note of it if you flip town, if that makes you feel better.
  19. I guess tyranno getting a little crabby is his equivalent of a scum meltdown.
  20. I take it you don't know how to backread do you?
  21. Why did you wanna kill malcolm again?
  22. Vote Malcolm. When I flip town maybe you guys will actually lynch him like you should be doing now.
  23. Solstice is next
  24. I'm townreading his supposed scumread and being dodgy/adverserial, Tyranno's response is to act confused and not pressure me for it. Sounds like he's more interested in keeping me on his side so I dont vote for him as opposed to actually finding scum. (Ie self-preservation over scumhunting)
  25. Thanks for the reads
  26. Unvote vote tyranno
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