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  2. ALRIGHT so I just read mascis is modkilled - VOTE FUCKING TYRANNO. IF MASCIS AND TYRANNO ARE TOWN WE DONT DESERVE THE WIN. k thanks. Also people missed the real reason mascis is salty, he apparently has a thing for killing me in games and I literally am not dead which is why he's salty (not serious).
  3. vote gemstone
  4. i wonder if francis has already asked malcolm to end the day after the modkill of mascis or not
  5. mark lynch bad (tho it is day 2) silverdude lynch bad mascis ragequit bad francis' wincon GREAT so uh like i was saying one of tyranno, rei, gemstone are current suspects and then if rei is scum i think jazz would be as well the alternative would be trying to figure out if other floaters deid some scummy stuff uh francis made a post where he said he kept getting cunning mastermind confused with wunterslaus. both town? digbic did give like 3 reads yesterday so that's pretty cool i need to read lfn's posts
  6. Ok really gonna take a nap now.
  7. Tbh Francis seemed salty as shit with a big box of whine at getting killed. His suck it response seems to be some sort of grudge-filled revenge at us. Also if we're not looking at multi-faction scum then I think the simplest reason is gonna be that somebody redirected the scum vig at him and in a hilarious twist of karma he got the win because of that.
  8. francis stop posting in the name of our lord and saviour jc islickz
  9. You missed that mascis is modkilled town LMFAO
  10. Well it's pretty clear either one of them is scum or both of them are scum and I'm not, so is it really worth breaking our heads about or are we just going to lynch both with 2 scum down already? I know this sounds scummy but honestly if I wanted Mascis dead I wouldn't have responded to people voting him in the first place.
  11. Except that he keeps posting LMFAO
  12. @Nelrick and @LFN what are your thoughts on the game so far?
  13. You can find it with Isalty or in the SaltMine
  14. @Francis J Underwood More salt please
  15. WHO GIVES A SHIT HE'S DEAD AND DOESN'T GET TO POST ANYMORE AKA HAVE FUN AKA THE WHOLE REASON YOU PLAY MAFIA He "Won" but did he really "win". no. Mascis is a fucking faggot for that
  16. Not to mention Francis 'I'm not going to share my wincon suck it you fuckers!' would've not said that if Juan vigged him on request I think
  17. http://www.yugioh-card.com/japan/howto/new_master_rule/ 融合、シンクロ、エクシーズ、ペンデュラムのいずれのモンスターも、 エクストラデッキから特殊召喚される場合 には、基本的に エクストラモンスターゾーン に特殊召喚することになるぞ。
  18. unvote
  19. unvote mascis Anyways, I said it a few pages ago but there was a lot of confusion and it probably got missed: I think the scout should go out during the night. Presumably, we want to choose town for the mission. If we make him leave during the day, we lose out on a town's contribution assuming he isn't able to post. If we make him leave during the night, he might become untargetable by the night kill or other Bad Things
  20. For what it's worth both francis and juan pushed me and francis defended tyranno (saying he's suspicious but that doesnt make him scum, wtf?) very subtle I also have a theory on francis vs juan scenario (in before people say I'm misspreading information again, except this one makes 100% sense if I didnt miss anything again): So Francis wincondition of having to die 3 times is HIDDEN from the scum QT - Francis and Juan talk in QT - Suddenly Francis decides to buzz Juan, making a vid, saying 'Juan is really really scum', undoubtedly tilting him in the QT even more (to provoke the vig) - Juan loses his mind and vigs Francis out of revenge 'You activated my Trap Card'
  21. He's pissed frank got the bullshit win
  22. Is it really? I seriously hope not. That just doesn't seem right at all. You have a source?
  23. what where's the die die die die die? the girl with the mark on her eye? the dramatic music? overall not what i expected from a modkill alas The show must go on!
  24. Is it really? I seriously hope not. That just doesn't seem right at all. You have a source?
  25. Unvote I'm baffled at how a town ressurection and 2 dead scum would piss someone off that much
  26. bye!
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