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    Honestly host stepping up and solving the problem was great
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    this is a touchy subject you obviously know nothing about, i dont care enough to report you because you are obviously seeking attention (posts when you werent in the game, the pm you sent me), but you are very lucky this is 2020 dgz and not old dgz Play the game like a normal human being or leave.
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    @Woawa is subbing in for Jazz and @BuildTheWalia is subbing in for Hazmah
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    Jazz and Hazmah are being subbed out during EoD.
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    Mod Announcement Fuckfiend has been warned concerning their posting in a game they aren't playing in. I'll take steps to remove their ability to troll this thread and disrupt this game further if my hand is so forced.
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    I like how we are in an age of fucking race oversensitiveness and I cant even say my niggas my niggas anymore out of fear of being called racist yet we're like oh you're british fuck you dont come in my house you fucking cunt
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    both sage and fuckfiend played decent games as scum, better than most town, i only started to get to fuckfiend by the end of day 2 where he started slumping i'd play more games for as long as I work from home but in like a month or so that i return to work there is no way i can/will play this game on mobile
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    Ur not getting banned. If anything we reopen the discussion on this particular issue for future games.
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    This is crap. You can make quota by saying quota. It doesn't even need substance. You wanted an excuse to be townread and you claimed (1) drug problems and (2) co-opted a national tragedy to do it. Completely unnecessary At best poor form. At worst, a clear attempt to use outside circumstances to influence a game you were not confident you could win.
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    Thank u to everyone who played without losing their heads. It's interesting/frustrating that the ogi info discussion ended up having to come up as I recently saw spec chat on mafiau argue that u treat such stuff as nai and always potential bs
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    Presumably the ride ended when the tire burst.
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    Final Vote Count: Faint(2)-Solstice, Crei Walia(1)-Faint Chrome(1)-Macer Faint was lynched! They where... Vanilla Town! Please get ur night actions in as quickly as possible. The night should last 24 hrs unless it needs adjusting for some reason
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    yeah faint's dead irl sorry he cant come to post rn
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    Thanks for the compliment. BTW publicly stating that you hope that the unCC'd Tracker dies so you can push a lynch that no one else seems to agree on isn't a good play, just so you're aware.
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    @TheGoldenTyrannoI don't believe Macer actually voted, did he? Walia still needs 2 more post to make quota. I believe there is approximately 2.5 hours left in day. It's fine if you think Walia/Haz is the most likely scum, but nobody should be voting him until he meets quota as there's a pretty good chance he's eating a modkill. Nobody should be hammering the day for the same reason. You need to spend less time defending yourself and more time talking about what you think about other players. If you don't I'm killing you tomorrow if we're wrong.
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    i cared more about that joke than i care about this lynch
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    just remember your vegetarian score doesnt matter except to you and dont take shit for it either way if you go back ro you dont
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    Not the ones with sausage in which is all that's relevant to me.
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    losing weight is easy it just takes a bit of time and discipline . Averaging less than 2000kcal a day so far for the last week which is undercutting my maintenance by about 500kcal.
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    if u start hrt ur hairline can grow back and then how big ur dick is doesnt matter anymore
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    I contemplated asking y'all for suggestions for my bio but then I realized what it should be. This is what I submitted as my bio: https://youtu.be/3qVPNONdF58
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    Soul- As much as you talk about sex you're probably incredibly average at it
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    Allen - Stephen Hawking with Asbergers without the ALS
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    js jazz's switching votes at eod is the most difficult thing to possibly play against in dgz mafia. it always fucks scum. this is from when i played serial killer last time marjorie12/13/2019 WAHHHH [2:53 PM] NOOOO [2:53 PM] THEY ALL CHANGED VOTE TO GEMSTONE [2:53 PM] I DIDNT EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN IN AN INSTANT [2:53 PM] WHY [2:54 PM] I WANTED TYRANNO TO DIE WHY DO I HAVE TO LOOK LIKE I'M ON TOP OF THE LYNCH [2:54 PM] I'M SERIOUSLY GONNA CRY [2:54 PM] THIS ISNT GOOD AT ALL Di4na12/13/2019 i am afraid that i cannot account for the stupidity of dgz mafia players marjorie12/13/2019 mother fuckers [2:55 PM] what the fuck [2:56 PM] they weren't supposed to actually listen to me [3:00 PM] lightning could've decended from the heavens at the same time i made that push against gemstone and they would've switched their vote before it struck the earth it was so fast Di4na12/13/2019 lol marjorie12/13/2019 please something happen [3:02 PM] good lord [3:02 PM] i think nothing beats this [3:02 PM] i have to kill gemstone [3:02 PM] omfg Di4na12/13/2019 you win if they fuck up marjorie12/13/2019 im so upset there are lots of dms i have with hosts and dead players that im explaining the game to... where i melt down bc someone is switching the votes. usually its jazz doing it
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    Not saying it's impossible but if we live in a world where Chrome is scum and bussed rei I think we already lost. If you think you have a good case I'll listen to it, but at this point it feels more like grudge voting which we don't exactly want since votes are pretty close (I think we have a 4-way tie since I think Tyranno didn't see Chrome revote macer).
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    there is a misunderstanding in many towns, town is the real scum im just helping you out here
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    like these posts from macer cause me shivers but they are town oriented every village has that crazy uncle with one shoe and a fishing rod sticking out of his overalls that doesnt mean he is evil
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    the thread gets derailed and i would do this anyway today so might as well end this I claim Town Tracker proceed
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    Think by PoE it's either Faint or Sage (now Marjorie); I'm leaning towards the latter since Faint did scumread rei earlier in the day before when instead he could've tried to stop the rolecop from being lynched. You can make a case for Macer but his early posts drew a ton of heat and instead of deflecting or retreating until the focus changed from him he doubled down, something idt he would do as mafia.
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    i miss skating a ton but dont miss hitting the pavement at all; the fast feeling is better for me now than tricks so I think I might get a longboard (I don't have any board at all at present, my last one was stolen out of my garage when I was a teenager) if/when I go back to work I'm only 3 km away so I could conceivably longboard in
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    Driving is great. I still haven't gone further than spalding though and I'm a bit nervous about it, going out and just doing it would be best but Boris says no. I still stall a lot when under pressure but I can at least give people lifts home from work without them feeling like they're gonna die now. Can't wait to take my sister out when this all over so she'll see she doesn't have to refer to my car as 'the death mobile' anymore
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    Are you two cosplaying jazz and frank
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    Biggest shock ITT is finding out that Sage isn't gay
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    If you're having trouble roasting your fellow DG members, for the low price of $97, Joshua Graham will teach you how he topped (and even won) more than 7 DG Roasts! With his RoastSharpPro™ system, you can learn how to Impact™ your head firmly in your own anal cavity with counters to all 4 major Roast archetypes and swift takedowns!   The RSP system is 100% risk free* with a 60 day money back guarantee* and will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, so sign up today!
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    welcome back buddy, fuck the haters
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    Jinzo #7 would still take like a dozen turns of attacking to win the game.  that's a dozen chances to draw a piece of monster removal or your own Jinzo #7.  and if there's no attack stopping, no monsters stronger than Jinzo #7, AND no monster removal, then Jinzo #7 is still fine.  the problem with that game is that your missing too many pieces.   "Gorz is necessary to stop retarded stuff from pushing in everybodies shit and OTK'ing" type sentiments are a joke.  Ya know what else stops OTK's?  battle fader.  it's a hand trap too and it's less restrictive even.  but nobody but piper and monarch decks run Battle fader because the point of Gorz isn't just to stop retarded stuff from pushing in your shit, Gorz is also retarded and can push back in their shit.   The proper response to ridiculous stuff like this isn't to make answers that are just as ridiculous to stop the stuff.  the proper response is to get rid of the ridiculous stuff altogether. 
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    I wasn't comparing Gorz itself to CED itself at all.  I picked CED because it was one of the most outrageous examples I could think of... so you guys missed the point.  And yes, I used ad hominem on purpose.  I am comparing the argument which was used about Gorz to this outrageous argument about CED; that's what ad hominem IS.  And when that argument can apply to my ridiculous CED example and is so easy to see why the argument doesn't work, then the same can be said of Gorz, the argument doesn't work for Gorz either.   The point is that if something is broke like " sit on your ass play nothing and be rewarded with a humongous monster plus something as big as your opponents monster for free no work involved +1" or "a noob to punish the more experienced player going for a late game push who waited until he drew enough backrow removal before putting his cards on the table" like Gorz does, the answers that are available still does not excuse the fact that what some cards do is flat out illegitimate.  I shouldn't be allowed to play my cards badly and get free +1's.  I shouldn't be allowed to punish you for waiting for Heavy Storm to kill my backrow before making a push and just shit all over what you just did for free.  FOR FREE NO WORK NO STRATEGY NO SET UP. To me, it doesn't matter that a smashing ground for instance can destroy my gorz and potentially allow you to come back from that.  when you don't have the answer to my illegitimate plays, then I get away with it and that's not fair to you.   I'm noticing that a lot of your guy's argument is basically "yeah Gorz used to be unfair but now it's OK because the game has evolved and Gorz helps mitigate against OTKs"  let me reword that: "Gorz isn't fair but the power creep in this game has been so bad that a lot of stuff is less tolerable than Gorz now and Gorz is an OP answer to other OP cards"  OK, point granted, the game has changed a lot and there's plenty of stuff that's worse than Gorz now adays.  that doesn't take away from the fact that Gorz is still a BS card that wouldn't be present in a healthy format.  the fact that it helps against other problems is to its benefit, but that does not erase the fact that it is als a problem in and of itself.   As for the rest of the hand trap stuff, maybe I'm just being overly cautious.   I'm weary of the potentiality that I might be running handtrap archetype.deck and be able to stop any relevant thing you do while your S/T destruction is irrelevant and you can't do anything about what's in my hand.  And we have the entire history and design of the game  around interactivity between players coming from the backrow.  and the interactivity of this system goes both ways with heavy storm and MST and stuff to fight it.  We have nothing to fight against hand traps, that's all I'm saying.
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    @canasian: O yeah.  Scratch that idea.  Reborn should just be banned no switcheroo. Hand traps are okay. Plants was a great format and 3 Maxx "C", Veiler, and Gorz were a staple. Plants was my favorite deck.  That being said, negged because of implication that in a healthy format Gorz is OK, or at the very least, tolerable.  It is not.   Also, Plants could do some degenerate stuff.  and it could do it just about at any point in the game, including on the first turn, before the opponent has the opportunity to interact.  Enter hand traps, which allow interaction even when your opponent does shit on the first turn.  But in a healthy format, that crap shouldn't be able to be done on the first turn.  Some of that crap shouldn't be able to be done at all, which means hand traps either shouldn't be around or they're around but no one really plays them.  I fall on the side of shouldn't be around.   All the hand traps, everything from Kuriboh to Gorz etc.(yeah, even Kuriboh, I'm going there) are situational cards that sit dead in hand most of the time.  Until the opportunity arises for them to massively cock-block the opponent in the situation that they're live for.  In which case they stop the opponent dead in their tracks and you HAVE play them because you don't want to get blown out and because if you don't play it now it will just be a dead card again.     Taking the least threatening of them all to show an example:  let's say during the Cyber Stein format threatening roar didn't exist, such that if the Stein player had enough S/T removal to go for game, there was nothing to stop them.  People would start running Kuriboh. Let's take a moment to analyze this: Stein is untolerable in part because it has such low interaction, and our response is to play Kuriboh PRECISELY because the Stein player equally cannot interact with the Kuriboh.     Yeah, has anyone else considered that hand traps aren't any more interactive than the broke situations they are intended to stop?  this is akin to Gryphon wing and Harpies Feather duster:  The situational answer is commiting the same sin that the problem does, which is a hallmark of bad card design.   So, in a healthy format, these really degenerate situations that one fears enough to run otherwise dead cards in your deck shouldn't exist, rendering hand traps largely unnecessary.  Furthermore, in a healthy format we want maximum interactions, which includes that opponents can answer our answers... and we cannot say that of hand traps.  Lastly, there's no reason why all the answers to our opponents plays that we want to use on their turns cant be put onto quickplay spells and traps, so there's no reason for hand traps to really exist.   In a healthy format, we wouldn't need them, wouldn't want them, they wouldn't make the game any better, and they don't really have any reason to exist.
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    [quote name='Kynoshi' timestamp='1342639428' post='3234835'] [quote name='Pharaoh Atem' timestamp='1342633084' post='3234698'] [quote name='marshmallow' timestamp='1342628398' post='3234661'] [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Storm ought die because it was ALWAYS wrong for it to exist[/size][/font] [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]the same way Dark Hole, and along with Raigeki and HFD[/size][/font] [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]these cards were obviously designed to sweep the field clean costlessly [/size][/font] [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]​such design in a game where you intend to release new cards (which inevitably, irrevocably, and undoubtedly create power creep)[/size][/font] [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]so from the beginning cards like these should have been seen as problems and had [s]better and more[/s] watered down versions of themselves released as soon as power creep hit[/size][/font] [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3](which if im not mistaken, the truest and most meaningful impact of power creep in terms of summoning power and creating a big board was IOC)[/size][/font] we kind of saw this with lightning vortex, great move on konami's part then they kinda stopped..... and now we have this thread, where we are debating whether or not costlessly sweeping the field is bad for the game or not yes Earl, we are discussing whether or not costless mass removal is good for the health of the game, thats happening.... [/quote] See, now this is a post I can support. It's not predicated on stupid bullshit like "it was fine but now it's not." Either it's fine now, or it never was. [/quote] This isn't entirely true. There are plenty of cards that were fine, but became problems due to other cards being released. Mass Driver came out at a time when crapping out monsters was unheard of, it didn't become a problem until power creep showed up and allowed gratuitous amounts of monsters to be thrown onto the field in one turn. Painful Choice wasn't a problem until the game shifted to being reliant on the graveyard to do all kinds of nutty shenanigans. Last Will wasn't a problem until low attack monsters with amazing effects decided to pop up. You can't just say because it's a problem now it was also a problem in the past, because the way the game evolves has an impact on how good cards become. [/quote] [b][i]Driver didn't improve[/i][/b]; shit alongside it did, and exposed it as a card that's "either too bad to be worth running, or is terrible yet has a niche to fulfill in something intolerable." The ban isn't justified by saying "Driver's suddenly good" - that's too simplistic. It's justified by saying "Driver + X ought not be possible, and if we eliminate X, Driver becomes so pathetic that it might as well not exist anyway." It's justified by making it a question of how many cards we want to ban to solve the problem - one card, or two? Banning X essentially "defacto bans" both X and Driver. I'd wager Painful was a problem even at its invention in 2000, but that's just me considering that the Grave has been a toolbox ever since Reborn was first printed in 1999. Reborn being unlimited at the time was also rather damn important to the point. Last Will, likewise, was a problem at its invention too - "Tribute Summon and fetch something" was even a problematic notion, as was "oh hey I could play this to let some mon or whatever act like a floater and make my opp's potential Mirror Force into a bad idea", or some other variant. Remember also that Sangan and Witch were unlimited at the time, which essentially means "I now set off the permanent recruiting chain" is one of Will's tricks of the time period as well. Storm, likewise, has always been a pluripotent force.
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    the paradox is bad because it punishes players based on little more than random chance. looking at nothing more than odds, setting 2+ seems like the right play on turn 1 -- there are 3 mst and 1 heavy in your opponent's deck, best play around the card he's more likely to have. but every now and then, this pussy ass bitch is going to have the heavy storm. sucks to be you faggot, thats what you get for playing the odds correctly. the counterargument would obviously be that if heavy didn't exist in that scenario, there wouldn't be any odds to play at all, and there wouldn't be scenarios where a skillful player won because he set multiple backrow and his opponent didn't have heavy, while a more retarded player may have only set 1 and lost because of it. that's what we want more of, right? games where people win because they make the right play? but the skill difference is so absolutely binary that i don't think it's worth protecting. it's not like these are very complex evaluations that only the highest caliber player is capable of making, it's just a universal rule that anyone that can count is capable of learning. that isn't real skill, and the 1 in 1203480912834 scenarios where a bad player loses because they set 1 in fear of heavy instead of setting 2 in fear of MST don't make the game better than Heavy's absence would. [quote name='Pharaoh Atem' timestamp='1337152908' post='3182295'] an we not identify catch-22s from other formats? And isn't the ultimate catch-22 the eternal point of gameplay? That is, "run the right shit or lose, and sometimes you'll just get fucked up the ass with a razor dildo anyway?" [/quote] that ultimate catch-22 exists in any state of the game, no matter what cards we ban or limit, no matter what game we're even fucking talking about. but the *less* of these catch-22s we have in the game, the better, and if we can eliminate one, i think we're doing the game a service. i edited this post entirely too much, i apologize.
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    [quote name='Gagaga Magician' timestamp='1336281674' post='3173099'] [quote name='broken' timestamp='1336180908' post='3172405'] Light Storm Destroy all spell and trap cards on each side of the field. You cannot conduct your battle phase this turn. We can only hope right? [/quote] Wasn't this what some were translating Storm as? Either way, these "Heavy Storm solutions" can never be perfect as we never know what Konami has in store for the future. There could be some burn OTK that would abuse the "you cannot conduct your Battle Phase this turn" clause. There could be a deck that revolves around normal summoning and does that multiple times in a turn but does not special summon at all so the "you cannot Special Summon during the turn you activate this card" clause isn't relevant. In my opinion the only way we could get around this card is with an effect like Cold Wave where you must play it at the beginning of your Main Phase and then you end your turn directly after. Then again, this could be abused by possible cards that activate in the Standby and Draw Phases. (of course I am not one to design such cards lol) tl;dr no special clause attached to Heavy Storm will assure it to be safe in the future [/quote] Then we go right back to what I said and do the following: Treat HS - or its replacement - as sacrosanct design, and then design around it at all fucking costs, such that every time there's a problem and HS (or its replacement) is involved, the other cards always take all the blame. This is the heart of what it means to build a format.
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    That doesn't make Oppression poorly designed. That makes the ban list fucked up, because they knew the card was good (putting it at 1), yet didn't care enough to give people more opportunities to get rid of it. And, as mentioned earlier, it was released a long ass time ago... Expecting them to have a 6-7 year insight on how special summon reliant the game would become would be a ridiculous expectation. Back when it came out, it negated like... 4 popular cards, none of which being negated granted either player a game loss, or ruined their turn. Back at that time, and in a few of the sets to come afterwards, it was a great card in design as all it did was stop overpowered (and poorly designed) cards from hitting the field. However, the game has now become so dependent on having to special summon in order to do anything on their turn, if a person is able to do that then set this, it shuts their opponent down. Which, isn't poor card design, its bad game design. I can't put Konami at fault for not having the foresight to see the game would come this way, which is what made the card overpowered. But, I can put them at fault for not adequately planning and figuring out how good the card actually is in today's game. It's almost always been a pretty good card, but the direction of the game made it an amazing card. Unless we're looking at the cards in terms of today's game only, and not when they came out. In which case, the list of poorly designed cards is going to get a LOT longer.