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    My record ended up being abysmal. We had 4 rounds under the current TCG banlist and going into the final round I was 1-1-1 with my neutered ol' Salad Deck R1: 0-2 Faced a DinoThunder deck and got blew out of the water by both the Thunder deck and my own decks impotence. R2: 2-0 This was a strange one. The deck was Orcust... with a Pendulum engine? Dude swore it works but he bricked g1, unfortunately, I bricked as well so the game drug out until I managed to go for game with Fusion of Fire. G2 was goofy we hit time and I won by attacking over his Hieratic link that he left up 4 some reason. R3: 1-1-1 This was Pure Orcust which I should have beat if we hadn't hit time. I lost the die-roll and got blew out by his deck and mine own g1. G2 we ended up in a simplified game state we're we'd both exhausted our resources. 4 a long while I kept getting slowed down by Impermanence until I finally got the upper hand in resources and went 4 game. And finally, because of our prolonged g2 we went into time and drew in g3. R4: 0-2 Inspecter Boarder True Draco 2 Anti-meta 4 me. I could not play. Fun fact my opponent had gone 1-1-1 aswell. On the upside, I got this cool mat, 2 OTS packs, Lost Art Skill Drain, and I caught a game of (Exarion unfortunately) Goat Format afterward:
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    I need to still try and pre-emptively stop the corruption that took the site catastrophically down but seems we're good for now. I'll send out roles tonight, I have some check scripts running and i want to take the board down for maybe an hour then for me to run a bunch of updates and patches, may as well get that squared away now as preventative action
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    @TheGoldenTyranno has subbed out for @Malcolm and @Malcolm's Multi
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    yesterday's lynch: non meme content to follow when I am not out
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    Wow and it’s konosuba too really really hate jc for this
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    Heyy guys, you hangin out? we're gonna have a nice chill mafia game the parents and the buzzkills want to shut this shit down, so we'll have to vote em out of the game be sure to make five posts with more than 10 words in it by the end of the day phase... when was that again? Oh yeah, it's SATURDAY AUGUST 10 AT 4:20 PM. The thread will lock itself then, so if you're a mod don't be posting after it you dumbass. And of course, don't talk about the game outside of the game, that's no good. You can tell anyone whatever you want in game, we aren't no narcs here. Any other questions about the rules feel free to ask in thread with bolded @MOD - i figure 'most standard rules apply' if i missed any players 1: Scumwood 2: The Antagonist 3: BuildTheWalia 4: TheGoldenTyranno 5: Jazz 6: Solstice 7: JC 8: Malcolm 9: Aurirevoir 10: Sophocles 11. Broken Brilliance
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    この素晴マフィアにようこそ!(Welcome to Konosuba Mafia) プレイヤーリスト (Players) 1. sophocles 2. francis 3. faint Killed Night 1 4. psk/thegoldentyranno/malcolm 5. broken brilliance 6. aurirevoir 7. hazmah Killed Night 2 8. antag 9. jazz Lyched Day 1 10. walia Lynched Day 2 11. rei Killed Night 1 最小投稿・日: 5 (5 post quota) 始まる時間: 2PM EDT (Days start at 2PM New York Time) *Day 1 is starting a bit earlier. 終わり時間: 10PM EDT (32時間の日, 16時間の夜) (Days end at 10PM New York Time, for 32 hour days and 16 hour nights). Ties will result in a random player being lynched. You can claim your character and abilities, but don't quote your role PMs, including any Japanese text or pictures. 闇が世界を覆う。 魔王の戦があらわれた。 これは死闘。 行け! The world is covered in darkness. The demon lord's forces have appeared.* It's a life or death battle. Go! *Roles in the game may or may not be based on roles in the show. Solving through flavour is for baddies.
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    I'll sub out for malc... wait nvm Have fun guys xox
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    moaning a bit, with a grin on her face as she bleeds from her.. uh.. hammer stab wounds... darkness manages to scrawl one last thing in the dirt before passing on
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    best town prob but francis is the MAFIA GOD, just look at his tag
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    I think Francis and rei are town and mafia are content to let them tear each other apart on day 1 while they sit in the shadows. I'll be rereading the early pages after all the fluff shortly as I think that point in the game is where they post, then when francis+rei start going at it they can float away as they've already posted enough to make quota. Very eager to see what @TheGoldenTyranno thinks after sifting through all the pages of weeb shit. But what I'm most curious about is @The Antagonist's thoughts on @Jazz, why did you unvote? I get that the vote was a joke originally but looking at Jazz's posts it's a fair one to make atm
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    This might be news to a sysadmin but some people work for a living :^)
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    Too early in the game to be doing town tells, too late to be doing shitposting. vote:auri
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    I'd venture that eromanga sensei is already hentai. the only line it crosses is a legal one
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    but before i continue town please i NEED your help please explain to me on what planet people think Malcolm is the healer is this some kind of collective Sick Play im just too stupid to understand? my understanding of the chain of events that happened here was this: - (day 1) malcolm says "i really want to kill Solstice and Tyranno" - (night 1) solstice gets attacked - (day 2) Francis makes a post going "wow our healer sure made a great save last night" - (day 2) Malcolm posts , which i interpret as calling attention to it being a dumb post and francis attempting to call attention to himself for the NK i find myself fairly suspicious of malcolm, but everyone (pretended???) to write him off as confirmed town and i just do not understand it at all was this some Sick Plays where the entire game managed to collectively try to get a multiball faction to kill each other? at least i think Francis is town (but not the healer) for the first time in possibly the history of DGZ mafia
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    TYRANNO WAS LYNCHED You are Laurie Forman! The town bike - everyone's had a ride... or in the words of Stephen Hyde "going where every man's gone before" YOU ARE ON TEAM BUZZKILL, YOU WIN WHEN ALL OTHER FACTIONS ARE DEAD. Once per night you can target a player and learn every player that targeted them
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    sorry about that, been at work for the past 2 days apart from a short shower, my mind is disconnected from reality tie will result in no item, as stated at start of day vote jc.
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    So instead of scumhunting you were weebhunting? Not very protown kappa
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    Just let me claim in peace then And yeah I like aqua I have shit taste in waifus this is fact
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    Tfw tyranno got destroyed so hard he's not playing this game
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    fwiw I generally enjoy reading JC's posts but not everyone feels the same way https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/YL8d5Z8mi4Vy7 @Broken Brilliance sorry for going off at you but having you slightly frustrated provided a valuable distraction for me. nothing... personnel
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    One day I'll stop making antagonist an antagonist but it is not this day
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    Game over scum win No power will write after game when I can
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    Broken please tell me you sat for the July 2019 NY bar exam. I need to know I wasnt the stupidest person at the test site
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    If the day phase ends early on any day via majority vote there are no modkills. I was also not going to modkill anyone day 1 anyway but I was keeping that close to the chest As to whether there are modkills today, day phase is over at time of this post so I'll not be modkilling anyone just in the interest of not killing half the game. Population should be lower tomorrow and I will not be leniant then and activity modkills will be fully enforced. I may even up the quota limit based on how many modkills there would have been today JC is subbing in for Faint. I'll post the flip shortly was responding to this before the day even ended
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    Night will end at 10 AM EDT Tomorrow, or when all night actions are submitted.
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    Sorry boys I was at the gym
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    I could make an official dgz mafia announcement but stopped doing that after a while. it was nice being pseudo-confirmed town cause I never faked it, but at some point it made the game less fun and I didn't want to promote that kind of gameplay very excited to see more walia/malcolm/antag posting :]
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    I was waiting for everyone to post before I tried making reads, particularly Malcolm since if he's town his reads are worth more than ten of mine anyway. But if you're that impatient to hear what I have so far, here you go: I like Jazz for town. Jazz was one of the first people to make a "let's start solving the game" post, which is very on par for town Jazz. He's response to faint also feels very natural and fits what'd I'd expect from him. Originally I was with Tyranno in that Soph's self-voting is not a town centered thing, but I thought pointing it out would get me attacked for going after "low-hanging fruit". However this post changed my mind on his alignment, as this doesn't seem like something scum would worry about or overly want to encourage. I like faint for town, particularly for the second quote and the last line in the first quote. I understand that I'm not a strong player, though I believe it's normal for Francis to push for lynching the weaker players regardless of his alignment. If he's town he gets rid of the question marks and potential liabilities, and if he's scum it's an easy lynch that he's unlikely to get a lot of heat for. I personally disagree with it as I believe lynching the weakest players early on over and over again is bad for the health of your playerbase in the long run, but I do understand it has short term benefits as it is more likely to help you win the immediate game. What I don't understand is why I got singled out over players like Walia, who hasn't contributed anything more content relevant than me yet doesn't necessarily have my reputation of being a potato day 1. Unfortunately Francis is actually right that this kind of behavior is 'normal' for me (I generally suck at reads unless I have some flips to go off of, which is why my day 1s are usually always terrible) but I like faint for pointing out he hasn't called anyone else out for the same stuff. Also how the hell does Broken easily establish himself as town? I feel like guessing his alignment based on a coin toss has about the same chance of success as guessing it based on previous posts. You're going to have to explain this. If you want my scum lean for the moment it'd be tyranno. I am not a good enough player that I should have multiple people defending me back to back, so tyranno piggyback on faint with that is kind of suspect. The vote thrown on Francis (also following faint) only to quickly be revoked also doesn't sit well with me. Also if anyone's trying to appear "overly helpful townie" in this game, it's tyranno. I also want to re-visit walia later after he's posted more, particularly after I have some reads from him and Malcolm.
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    I mean, right after I pinged people on discord I realised it could be interpreted as breaking the rules because it's talking about the game outside of it and could be considered alignment-indicative... So in the interest of self-preservation and good fun I'd prefer to treat alerting people at the game start as non-indicative. The site issues threw a wrench in the start of the game and I'd rather everything get up and running asap
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    Does your opinion change if I was the one who raised the EU defense because i was
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    Jazz sucks and should reevaluate his play before blaming us. It's kind of pathetic to act as bad as he does and be a power role that would be useful
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    I think people misinterpreted my play for half of day 1. i was pinging Solstice out -- not trying to policy lynch him. The only player i have ever policy lynched is Wunter and I will kill him every single chance i get. Once ppl got that, they realized oh shit he's trying to help us. I really should not have been scumread for that. In regards to me not townreading anyone, look I have made it clear i don't do it as either alignment unless I have very strong reasons to believe the person is town or I cannot lynch that person. In the latter case, they are usually getting nk'd very soon after. In terms of keeping lynch options open, it isn't my job to town read you. It's your job to make sure I do not kill you. Unfortunately, this setup just gave me every single excuse in the world to generate suspicion, but if you read my posts, you'll notice nothing i said was untrue. Towb made a lot of bad assumptions this game. Some happened to be right, while others were fatal (MYLO). JC, your in game posting would benefit tremendously from some self-editing. You bury a lot of decent points that can help town in a wall of text. No one -- myself included -- has the stamina to dissect your posts to find your points. Further posting a bunch of things to stimulate discussion is no different than me distracting town with game mechanics. Your posting needs to demonstrate your agenda to town. That means prioritization i.e making fewer, but stronger points. For example, this post, in comparison to your other posts, is very organizes and easy to read. There are paragraph breaks. Each paragraph makes a specific point. Others players can read and digest this easily. i was half-joking when I said I did not read them, but it was also to discredit your posts. I think the real slip with discussing game mechanics was I discussed the mechanics as if scum had perfect info when scum clearly did not have perfect info. Notice that no one ever countered me by saying, yes but the scum teams do not know who is on each team. I pre-empted that to a degree by bringing up Tyranno's soft, but it would have applied to a ton of my arguments. To the extent I brought up mechanics to defend myself or stop town from clearing themselves (safe claims), I would do that as either alignment because that is just pointing out bad assumptions. I can twist bad assumptions or bad logic to help town or hurt it depending on my alignment. The real issue here is town has to avoid making assumptions like that to get to the end result they want to reach because it just gives scum fodder to create confusion. I won't lie I was trying to keep Malcolm alive for the first two days because we thought he was Tyranno's partner. He hard defended Tyranno day 1, claimed healer day 2, and his reads were so off base that I figured he was trying to get a mislynch. When we realized he was inactive town after killing Jazz, we realized we could end the game with him. However, Solstice not counterclaiming him there, and, consequently, delaying town figuring out the setup the additional day ultimately was the issue because it gave Malcolm's fake healer claim plausibility because when you did figure out the setup, you assumed he was bp doing that to take a bullet.That confusion alone, plus the train of walia over Soph was more than enough reason not to go for him. If Solstice goes after him on day 2, at worst you eliminate a suspicious target and get full knowledge of the setup. At best, Malcolm was scum and you end him. Solstice: If someone claims or implies somthing you know is bullshit, you don't leave it ambiguous. You call them out on it. For everyone who didn't buy Malcolm's claim, i am just gonna ask: Who died that day? Walia. Second question, did scum lead the lynch on Walia? Nope. Regardless of what you claim ppl thought, no one was gonna risk killing Malcolm there. That's why you call Malcolm on that.
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    gg! antag kept a pretty low profile, didn't suspect him very much
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    someone make konosuba mafia next
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    I'd rather kill someone who I actively think is scum than a question mark. Giving a reads list is almost meaningless if you don't back up your opinions, it's just throwing out words. It's why I don't like eg malcolm's vote on faint (especially that faint has no heat on him so it's not like it's a push) nice maths :')
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    Why? Dont like this at all. Such a wishy washy post
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    wow OPs life is so hard, please explain more about the depths of your existential crisis