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    smh i knew the world was run by a stoner canadian weeb
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    Putting my post in the discord and game thread together: The goal with scanning N2 was to try and find a TOWN who I didn't think would get NKed, as if myself and 2 town scans lived into D3 I would know the two scum by process of elimination. If I scanned scum, town could still get the second scum wrong day 4 and lose. I was originally going to scan rei N2, but changed my mind at the last second because I just couldn't believe rei, who is arguably the best player on the site (if not Malcolm), lynched 2 town members and barely gave opinions on half the game. Obviously the Rosen scan was incorrect as even if I thought rei was 100% scum I should have aimed it at Sage given they were less likely to be NKed considering how suspected they were D2. I thought I would be CCd and lynched too easily if I admitted I had a dead scan given how suspected I was (gem confirmed in the discord he would have CCed me) so I just decided to gun it for who I thought was most likely to be scum. I chose rei because I don't remember rei ever saying whether he thought Sage or Gem were town/scum and he dodged Rosen's question D2 about what he thought of me. It felt like scum being afraid to give opinions lest they come back to bite them later. Obviously I messed up big time there, so apologies to rei for getting him killed trying to make big plays when I had no clue what I was doing. I played quite poorly this game as evidenced by being on the chop block all three days, and that fiasco I pulled at the end made it infinitely worse (though I believe town likely would have lost even if I claimed my scans correctly as either I get CCed and die or town lynches incorrectly as I had no reds). Agree with the Gemstone MVP, he played very well. Town as a whole struggled considering we never even had a scum on the lynch block and I don't think anyone ever voted Sage or Gem. Scum deserved to win that. My mafia game on both factions has gone majorly downhill lately, I'm too obvious as scum and too stupid/useless as town. I think I may take a break for awhile and just spectate to see if that helps me get better at reading people.
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    @-Rosen It's a shame those weren't cop actions!
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    If ur not having fun their are other ways to deal with it besides ruining the integrity of the game
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    I'm so sorry to hear ur retiring from playing mafia
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    hey not my fault i own both discord and quicktopic
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    You and me should be scum together. It would be the most epic trainwreck in the history of mafia.
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    its so nice to be at a job doing shit im good at again
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    'Speak to host only through private messaging' thats not a site rule come on (the second part, about subs, yeah i get you) i'm in
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    Coming in from Tyranno's invitation ^^
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    sometimes i regret reading shit on this website
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    Today has been really nice, I had to go home because my boyfriend has his kids this weekend but I picked my friend Holly up and then we went to Starbucks and got doughnuts and walked around the park and there were so many swans and we got icecream and then went to hers and played animal crossing and I've just moved my room around and tidied and I feel very nice except from sunburn
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    I'll do this one to, hopefully nothing comes up (again).
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    sure but i might end up too swamped to play much depend on when it starts, again
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    yeah i voted a non-participant after being outright called into action for not participating and id do it again too if not for those meddling scum
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    In the night, Rosen was killed. They were Town Doctor Today is LyLo. Day 3 will end at 10 PM Pacific (5 AM UTC) tomorrow.
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    I am now finished with work until September. What a weird ass year. I've done 0900-1600 webcam lessons daily for over 100 days. I could easily get used to it though.
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    Day is over. Macer was lynched. They were Vanilla Town Please DM me on Discord with your night actions. Day 2 will still start at 10 AM Pacific (5 PM UTC).
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    I don't really follow this post in particular but generally breaking from RVS is NAI in any case, so I think this is -1 to rei and fuckfiend here for this conversation even happening in the first place. Also NAI -- there are plenty of winning Scum plays where you spike your only teammate on the first Day. Yeah, it draws a lot of unnecessary attention to your scum-mate, but in exchange for effectively spewing Town early? That's a pretty considerable trade if you ask me. You know I really hate bringing up the AtE argument just because of how difficult it is to determine whether someone is using it or is genuinely frustrated/angry with the game state, but from what I've read outside of these posts this is a fairly common occurrence, so I'd be inclined to say NAI here and move on. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here. Just putting this out there for posterity's sake, but I do work on a full-time second shift schedule, so admittedly my time to post is very limited, as I'm either at work, asleep, or doing other IRL things most of the Day. Personally I wouldn't expect much out of me in terms of quantity because of that. Yes. unvote Rum117 I do have the day off today so I will be around for EoD thankfully, so if you guys have questions then I'm willing to oblige.
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    yes the scum team is gonna roll out d1 to hammer fuckfiend.
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    too many stupid meme votes d1. we need concrete meme votes
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    do you guys remember when sigs were a real cool thing and a way to express yourself i am feeling hella nostalgic about old internet
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    Maybe it all boils down I'm a control freak. Scum gives me control.
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    Official Vote Count: Rum117 (2): Solstice, -Rosen Solstice (2): Tyranno, Rum117 Missed Quota: Tyranno (2/4), fuckfiend (0/4), Rosen (2/4), rei (1/4), Sage (0/4), Solstice (2/4), Rum117 (1/4), Gemstone (1/4), Macer (0/4) Made Quota: N/A
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    Roses are red Violets are blue I'll fuck you with a rake
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    Anyone think I could get away with hardclaiming JoAT here
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    So, I've decided once my sleeve is finished I'm gonna save and build a pc. I've found an amazing case that will go with keyboard mouse and mousemat because my boyfriend got me the razer quartz stuff for my birthday but is terrible at keeping secrets so gave it to me early. I thought I'd try and log onto my old twitch account and found that I had 205 followers which is pretty cool and I might start doing that again once I can but that might just be a silly thing I'm thinking now. I just started ni no kuni on my switch, I had it on ps3 but never finished it because i got a ps4 and it was hassle to go back and forth and I put the second one on the other day to see what I had left to do and decided I really needed to replay the first one and its very nice. Also have a massive pork joint in the oven because apparently I don't know how much food to cook for 2 people which doesn't bode well for me trying to lose the weight I've put on over lockdown
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    Im v out of practice, gimme a lil while to figure out what im doing and we can play! SW-1400-6722-5920
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    hi i'll play but i probably will suck cuz i don't have much time lately
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    I am 2 years into my 6 year part time PhD and still not really sure what I'm doing
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    so i was browsing my really old laptop and i found this @The Lyncher Scummy Scummy Night Scummy scummy night, paint this town with blood and rage Look out for a shady play with eyes that know the dark depths of my soul Night phase full of kills LFN gives me the chills mad confuse rei got no skills and auri playing like a troubled kid Now I understand What you tried to say to me And how you suffered for your sanity And how you tried to set them free They would not listen They did not know how Perhaps they'll listen now Scummy scummy night, Flaming flowers that brightly blaze Swirling clouds in violet haze reflect in Scumwood's eyes of china blue. Someone raping Drew. Morning fields of Mason's brain, Nishi stepped on his remains, and Can-can watching Frozen with his man Now I understand What you tried to say to me and how you suffered for your sanity and how you tried to set them free They would not listen They did not know how Perhaps they'll listen now. For they could not love you, but still your love was true and when no hope was left in sight on that scummy, scummy night you took your life as lovers often do. But I could've told you Scumwood, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you
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    Is whatever you're doing going well for you? @StandardBasicCardTheorist
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    im too tall for supercars : ( im super into cars in general tho ill find something fun hell i already drive something fun it just looks like an economy car ;p
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    do i look like im made of coat hangers
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    Heavy Storm should definitely be allowed. The only drawback it has is that it clears backrows for a big push. It's a fault of game design that one free and unhindered turn usually means you win the game. This is one of my biggest Yu gi oh concerns. Heavy should be a completely fair card because I should (almost) always survive the turn it's played. I actually think that Trunade is as fair/fairer than Storm (or should be for the same reason I just identified). Cold Wave is the real criminal of the bunch but that's widely understood by everyone but Konami. Peddle explained it all really well actually, skill comes from making choices. The more choices a player has to make, the more opportunity for mistakes. That's why cards which require so little choice and have a very narrow function always lead to bad formats. Storm isn't itself the most skillful card, but it's existence causes us to carefully consider a lot more than we will in the coming months. That said, I think that slowing down mass s/t destruction might be ok. Malevolent Catastrophe wasn't talked about and actually seems very healthy for the game in some ways, though obviously it's no Heavy.
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    Without recapping too many of my prior points on the issue, I feel that Treeborn Frog is one of the most legitimately "broken" cards in the game today. It's broken in the very real sense, that tribute monsters as a mechanic are blanaced by the need for the sacrafice of a monster. Treeborn Frog makes all such tribute mechanics, for monsters or card effects, costless. He "broke" a key part of the game balance. Searchers with high attack power also really bother me. Stratos, Volcanic Rocket, Machina Gearframe, I dislike all of those cards. Whereas Gadgets are balanced by having low attack (obviously still being good enough to be tournament level in numerous formats since their release), these bigger monsters float in two ways. Summoning Stratos and attacking over a creature with him is on par with Por of Greed, often worse. Don't get me wrong, I like cards which offer the ability to create card advantage, but I need to earn it. You can only plus off the Gadget as long as you can protect it. I have also advocated in the past for fixes to gameplay rules as well as card design. More lifepoints, bigger decksizes and the like have made sense to me before. Obviously though, the cards weren't designed with this in mind. Negative consequences would crop up causing the overhaul to be more complex than it seems. Despite that, the net effect on the game after accomodations are made (amending future burn cards to have higher damage outputs in ratio with what is current for example) might be a positive. I've always felt that 8000 lifepoints is way too low in a game where the average attacking creature can do 1/4 of that on their own. It promotes what we see in the game, cards being used rapidly as both players struggle to stay on 8000 until one or two turns suddenly ends the game.
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    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Lol. I can't even get one of my best friends to favor me. More to the point of the thread, I'd also like to offer to test with you sometime Atem. I think you're right about how generally bad people are, but DGZ also has some really good members who would be more than willing to help you out. At the very least, I think we all feel like we owe you something for the ridiculous amount you've helped us with things over an insane period of time. Besides echoing a lot of the other suggestions, I'd like to add in something. You're very concerned about practice at this point because you're so deeply involved with theory. I think that's a good focus so: 1) Pick a deck that does make sense to you, that you enjoy playing and that is competitive. I think that Gladiators is your best choice. It's a slight paradox you've proposed though. You object to decks which can be auto-piloted but identify actual play technique as the weakest part of your game. That means you'll only run the most difficult to play decks and not be very strong at first. Be comfortable with the idea of losing, and often when you don't even deserve it. That will hardly come as a surprise to you, but the practice of your opponent going "hurp durp I win" is even worse than the theory of it. 2) Test a lot. This is why you have to enjoy the deck you play. If you're going to invest time into it, it can't be time that you don't enjoy. You've talked before about how yu-gi-oh is a game and not work and how Duelistgroundz needs to reflect that. It applies here too. Getting better can't be treated as a chore, it needs to happen naturally while you play a game you like. 3) Try to look at games retrospectively like branching paths. Ask questions like "what if I had not played Book of Moon on that attack?". Often times I find (even in games which I win) that there would have been a more efficient way of getting the same result if I had full knowledge of how things would transpire. You need to make certain assumptions as the game progresses but try to analyze those choices later and decide if it would have been reasonable for you to make a different play at the time. Sometimes there's no way you could have known, other times it just wasn't the best plan. 4) Keep lifepoints in mind. Card advantage is not the only the measure of success in this game, as you know. That means that you can't theory-oh actual wins. I hate the phrase "should have won". What is that supposed to mean? The victory conditions of the game don't say you need to have +3 cards on your opponent to win. There are no cheap wins in the game. That doesn't mean we need to like it, or that we can't criticize card design and hope for better banlists. What it does mean is that losing to a topped Brain Control happens. That means that being low enough to lose to Brain Control is a strategic failing on the part of the player or it was unavoidable. Anyway, play a lot, read a lot, enjoy it and you'll be fine.
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    Women are people, as am I. I treat people the way I wish to be treated. With respect of course.
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    What's wrong with you?
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    Tell her you're gay. If she doesn't believe you show her your yugioh deck.