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    You have to be borderline psychotic to write a three-page thread about this retarded shit on a website that nobody reads in an attempt to frame a guy who hasn't played in half a year. Also, it's already widely known that Burgn(dy) is just an alt that you share with nicey to troll on...
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    Hello everyone, long time no talk. It's been a while since I've made a post, but something urgent has arise that called for my expertise. As some of you guys may have noticed, a swarm of second generation "dbbots" have infiltrated the format we all know and love. Clearly the mastermind behind this took influence from the king of shenanigans, Kris "use my dice app" Perovic. Before you panic, my specialized team for data retrieval and I have formulated a method towards discovering the culprit; Angus Lam himself. Ever since the beginning of time, the question which left prominent philosophers Nietzsche, Plato, and Aristotle dead in their tracks was, "which no life (of presumably Canadian-descent), would have such a yearning to improve their mediocre skills to collect replays under the alias of 'bot'". Although the greats of the past left this question unanswered, I took it upon myself to investigate the evidence necessary to unveil the greatest mystery of man-kind. Through blood, sweat, and tears, the grit of my effort finally started to produce fruit when I noticed a correlation between the login/out times of the bots, and our first suspect - Angus "where are my twitch viewers" Lam. After noticing such a coincidence, I decided to risk my own safety to ask Lam himself, "are you the bots?". Upon receiving my message, Angus "I shuffled back 2 TD" Lam went offline or invisible; a natural response for the guilty. Nonetheless, thanks to my training, I maintained my composure. Shortly after, Angus "I solemn'd decree" Lam replied really aggressively, as if I was the cause for all of his failures in Yu-Gi-Oh, and life. It was then I pondered the question, "y he mad?'. I continued my research and cumulatively compiled an irrefutable case for Angus "Angel Chaos is T0" Lam's conviction. First of all, morpp was the first person to blame me and nicey OUTTA NOWHERE for being the bots even though we haven't done anything: "hurr durr lemme blame nicey and jayy for being the bots for no reason just because I dont like them then ill add that its for reasons i cannot share so people will NEVER think its me" I'm on to you Morpp... this screenshots obviously raises red flags cuz he was already the suspect for being the bots so saying that is kind of.... odd... Special shoutout to WGM.....#4Hunnids As days passed by I began to realize a pattern that the bots and morpp's log off time were ALWAYS in a 20-30 minute range which is an obvious thing to do if you're the bots because you obviously don't want to log off at the same time or else you're basically showing that you're the bots. Furthermore, these bots are not even watching morpp's duels and NO BOTS watched the WGM vs Morpp duel and WHY THE HELL would anyone want to miss that.... unless.... the person who was playing could be the bots.... weird. On stream, before he started putting passwords in his duels, the bots would never watch him, they still don't. I started to ACTUALLY watch this dude's streams and goddam theyre so wack but I was watching them to try and get more info. There was this one day (ill find it later) he was streaming where his stream was going really laggy and it kept crashing, which doesn't usually happen but it was happening. I logged on to db and I see all the bots online which was making me think a little bit "maybe he's not the bots after all"? Then after more and more lag on his stream he said "hold on lemme try this to fix it" and then he did something and BOOM all the lag was gone and his stream was in good quality again and then I check to see what the bots are doing and they're ALL OFFLINE ALL OF A SUDDEN.... WEIRD!!! After this I was almost 100% certain he is the bots. Then one day... he slipped up completely.... I caught him logging off the bots and his main account at the same time which definitely sealed the deal. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. Happy 4th of July. Goodnight America. if u made it this far.... part 2 coming soon.... "who hacked kris perovic?"
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    The dub has Vegeta as All Might and I couldn't be happier hearing Plus Ultra and Smash from that voice.
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    the saddest part about this is that you all, and now me, are posting on duelistgroundz.com in the year 2019
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    im in because faint decided to stop being a bitch lets kill scummers
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    Don't worry I got you on that front
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    Crunchyroll has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me.
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    If Eva is the psychoanalysis of Anno. EoE gives him catharsis, it's his hopes, dreams, and fears. I mean Anno included shots of empty theater seats within EoE. Or if you take the Japanese otaku's interpretation it's all because Anno was rejected by Asuka's va in college.
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    im pretty sure EoE was in a lot of ways the exact opposite of what fans wanted to see ; )
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    finished fft 10/10 didn't even have the shitty final fantasy 9389383 bosses at the end. literally an amazing phenomenal game which has aged so well. fire emblem is coming out in a few days and has been getting riduclous reviews so i think i'll just continue with kcd and try to get back into planescape.
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    eveyrone else cool with waiting a week and a half?
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    I am playing Undertale and I am liking it so far. Has anybody else tried this game?
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    Mentioned in the intro thread as having been kinda known in YGO for a long time, then quit for a long time, then started trading professionally for a long time. I'm pretty good as far as short term trades go. Trend following, however, is not my forte. I'm going to post live trades and predictions on here towards markets. I specialize in the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500, and volatility products. However, I also trade a few stocks such as TSLA, CMG, etc. Some basic terminology and things to think about: ~Going 'long' means money is made if it goes up. ~Going 'short' means money is made if it goes down. ~Short timeframes means that money is made from small moves. So if a large move has already happened since a post, do not 'chase'-you'll probably buy high, sell low. ~Don't follow trades until you know what you're doing. I might just post an entry and exit whenever, or trade while at work and not have time, etc. And you'll end up stuck with the L. ~I tend to trade weekly options and futures- highly leveraged instruments that can result in a large gain or loss very quickly from even small fluctuations. So if it looks like a small move, know that its been multiplied many times over. For example, a $1 move in SPY translates to around a 10 point move in a single /ES (S&P 500 futures) contract which is $500 move. A 0 DTE (days to expiry) option can move 10% in literally the blink of an eye. Those are crazy. They are called 'lottos'- you're not expected to win consistently on them but holding them through a large move will multiply them over. Usually, the premium (cost of the extrinsic/potential value) exceeds the realized (what it turns out to be) value, and each minute eats away at their value until time is up. So you can buy them when a stock is at 50 and you wait for the price to move in your direction but it does so later on at a dollar up and you can still lose money. If you want to know more about this, search 'options and greeks'. ~My trading strategy is directional and pretty unique, even in the trading world. I'll be posting charts, methodology, and so on. I will not be editing any comments in order to keep what I'd said the way it was in real time.
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    Hey ash you got a bite, reel him in
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    I have been summoned. I'm in.
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    so weirdly enough im playing through: 1. KCD DLC Woman's Lot (started it by mistake) 2. Planescape (idk... just downloaed it on a whim, strangely addictive given its load up time is like <10 seconds) whilst every other game takes fucking ages
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    34 hours and both weapons down. I'm not mad for all the fuck ups I did like forgetting ultimate weapons give you no materia growth and riding that for a ton of boss fights.
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    This wasn't even worth logging into DGz to reply but here I am.
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    Duyde, how can you leave our team, hang wire, out to dry like htis? Please come back to Yugioh...
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    I'm on S2E1 which was just listed as "epi 14" for me wtf ima just crunchyroll this shit
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    welcome back the anime threads are the best thing going for this site to me i quit yugioh and discord
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    black clover is better than one piece
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    im only like 15 epi into S1. I'm kind of not a Shonen Battle guy but it's easy to put episodes away and ochaco is cute
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    You've convinced me to build a second rig. I just got this ultrawide monitor and I can't let it go. At the same time, I need a gaming rig for my 4k TV. 21:9 alienware Gsync ultrawide equivalent 1440p 120hz goodness rei. its amazing. so smooth. I just played TW3, put everything to max, i was dipping into the 50s.. maybe 45s.. didn't notice a thing. I've heard nvidia have enabled freesync too on their gpus but I'd rather just go with their native solutions you pay extra with them but its always worth it. I have a mechanical keyboard which is doing this annoying ping so i think i'll need to return it which sucks. I just want a decent mechanical keyboard... might just need to go wired.
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    Final Fantasy replay has been a mistake. SO little free time and then a family vacation coming up. The video game blue balls that are about to hit me.......
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    Monster of the week episodes are literally the reason I don't watch all that much anime I just don't give a shit
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    Thanks to the switch sales, I'm replaying FFVII for the first time since my first time playing it a billion years ago AND once that's dead and over with, I have FFIX ready and waiting... which I have never played before. @rei Are you proud of me senpai?
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    I mean Sarazanmai wasn't aimed at kids, it aired at 1 am on Fridays. Also Ikuhara does the song/dance with all his shows, it's just his thing haha. Otherwise I agree with most of your criticisms although I know you're much more lukewarm on gridman than I am.
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    Here I show the daily chart of John Deere Co. See near the left, those 2 candles hitting their wicks on the long red line. This shows that for two days, the low was at that point. Afterwards, it gapped down and crashed. Much later, it climbed back up. Look at the green candle (4th from right). This was the first time price went back to that point. With the settings to display price in this manner, a green candle with a body filled (unlike a transparent green candle) means that price gapped up then moved down to end the day still above the previous close but had a net intraday decline. This is what I meant when I said that a price ceiling pushed the price down when it first touches there. Think about the market psychology. People who bought on the lows of the price floor (as it was a price floor at that time) were at a net loss when price gapped down. They could only close for breakeven IF price got back to that level. So if price ever got back, you can see there would be some selling at that point to push price down. And thats exactly what happened. I've attached the intraday price chart on the 5 min scale (where each candle represents 5 min of trading) to display the dynamics of that day.
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    Something I wanted to point out here as a matter of technical discourse. /ES hit resistance on the 5 min 12:00 candle. However, QQQ had not hit at the time, it was only close. VXX had not hit either. The double hits are very helpful in avoiding the fakeouts the market makes. VXX actually hit support at 12:35 which was time of the actual high on /ES, and the QQQ hit occurred at 12:15. This would have helped in avoiding a false move. I would not count the VXX and QQQ hit as a simultaneous hit, as the timing was off and the market made a small consolidation just above the VXX support which sort of blurs the hit, but it would have been better than the single hit on /ES and one could have gotten a better price on that trade. Spike type events are far superior, as it more clearly defines a move. If the trade had been entered on /ES at 12:00, it would have eventually reversed and the loss would have turned into a win- but there would have been a large drawdown and more likely one would have gotten stopped out (automatic loss cutting when a trade goes too far against you). Notice also the early DIA support hit at 6:30- the next candle had only a small drawdown and could have been a good long entry. But, one can't have a system that says these things in hindsight because anyone can do that. In my second image, I show the 2 day chart on QQQ (today and yesterday) on the 5 minute timeframe. This shows how lines are generated. Often, a price floor (where lows occur) will become a price ceiling (where highs occur) if price happens to gap up or below that point. This will help anticipate where reversals occur. (If you want to learn more about these things, I recommend the 'supply and demand' trading style, you can google it. Don't pay for any courses or books, you don't need someone to pay or else they would have been successful trading themselves. And for books, there are a lot of free ones as well as torrents.) So when you mark out these important points, you should do it for the 3 main indexes that are trades on the US stock exchanges, as they are correlated. The price ceiling/floor method is good but it does not work all the time. However, by correlating the major indexes and trading the double hits, it improves the chances that you've found the 'real' reversal point. I've talked to a bunch of traders but the intensity and drive of the gamers here was so much more. I think the people here would turn out to be better traders than people from most other professions, but that's just imo. I don't think it can happen anymore, as it seems almost everyone left. It's kind of sad.
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    Shorting CMG at 742.08 now
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    Took my money although it will probably continue. Beautiful setup, will post chart after market close when I get back from work in the evening.
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    AMD can be bought if it opens above that point and declines to hit the $30 support line, only for the first occurrence. This applies as long as AMD does not gap under the $30 line. No trades should be held overnight, as this method is intraday only.
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    Currently waiting on market cash open in half an hour. If VXX opens above 28.10, that should become the support level for the day. If that hits support while any of the indexes hit resistance at the same point in time, then VXX can be longed or the market shorted. 2877.94 on /ES is where we need to open under for it to become resistance. 260.56 on DIA (Dow Jones) and 182.97 on QQQ (Nasdaq) also applies here. If that scenario doesn't happen, then another scenario will be have to be used.
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    Here is an example of the technical analysis of today. Before I begin, let me say that there are several types of trades. The most reliable one is the multi support or multi resistance. In this setup, any 2 or more index hits support (that is, moves down onto a support level to bounce up) or resistance (moves up to a resistance level to reverse to the downside). The exception is VXX which does the opposite, as it is inversely correlated (but this correlation is not 1:1, and that's a good thing). So if VXX hits resistance and DIA hits support at the same time for example, then that is a trade. Ideally, I'd take just a few points and move the stop up as the price goes my way (that is, I lock in my profits as I reach a minimum threshold but I don't close it. Let it run and if it wants to keep going I let it and just move the closing threshold with it if it decides to reverse). Oftentimes, a regular setup will work too where price only hits one of the lines. It depends on a variety of factors such as momentum (how quick price will move in a direction) and many other technical factors. There is more chance of loss on these types of trades than the multi-hit. There are also the intraday break reversal setups. This is when price strongly punches through a line, then goes back to the line to 'springboard' off that line to continue in the direction it punched through. You can see that happen on VXX when it punched through the green line above at 9:05, climbed, and fell back to bounce on the green line to hit the high on 9:55. There are many other technical exit strategies, such as closing when the net line hits. For example, let us say that DIA hit a support line. Generally, all equity indexes move in a highly correlated manner, although it is not 1:1. So when DIA bounces off the support, the next resistance line on the upside is where we would close the trade. However, this next line may be on /ES, QQQ, or VXX (VXX would be a support line to close on, not a resistance line, as it is inversely correlated, remember), and not necessarily on DIA itself. So we would close at that point. Sometimes, lines are so close that it almost counts as the same thing so we could even wait for the price to go further before closing. This is another technical thing to discuss, but to put it simply, 2 lines on an index generally represent a daily trading range, so if it gets to that range, it is not as likely to continue extending the range beyond those two lines that day and thus implies that the low or high of the day is in place. If this range is filled for more than just one index, then that will also improve chances.
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    I am back on here and see lavaman is too. Oh god I miss this place.
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    moderation on here is harsh......