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    Honestly host stepping up and solving the problem was great
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    this is a touchy subject you obviously know nothing about, i dont care enough to report you because you are obviously seeking attention (posts when you werent in the game, the pm you sent me), but you are very lucky this is 2020 dgz and not old dgz Play the game like a normal human being or leave.
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    @Woawa is subbing in for Jazz and @BuildTheWalia is subbing in for Hazmah
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    Jazz and Hazmah are being subbed out during EoD.
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    Mod Announcement Fuckfiend has been warned concerning their posting in a game they aren't playing in. I'll take steps to remove their ability to troll this thread and disrupt this game further if my hand is so forced.
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    Hi guys, my name is Austin Kulman and I was the yugioh national champion in 2006. I quit the game years ago, but I've gotten back into it recently and I have started a new video series called King of Games, where I interview the top players in the game in hopes that it will help players of all skill levels improve. If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask that might be helpful to other duelists, please let me know. The first 2 interviews were done with Scott Page and Steve Silverman, both of whom recently won the YCS Vegas 3v3. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for questions. Not sure this if this is allowed, but here is a link to the first interview. Mods please message me if this is against the rules. Next interview will be up tomorrow!
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    I like how we are in an age of fucking race oversensitiveness and I cant even say my niggas my niggas anymore out of fear of being called racist yet we're like oh you're british fuck you dont come in my house you fucking cunt
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    both sage and fuckfiend played decent games as scum, better than most town, i only started to get to fuckfiend by the end of day 2 where he started slumping i'd play more games for as long as I work from home but in like a month or so that i return to work there is no way i can/will play this game on mobile
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    Ur not getting banned. If anything we reopen the discussion on this particular issue for future games.
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    This is crap. You can make quota by saying quota. It doesn't even need substance. You wanted an excuse to be townread and you claimed (1) drug problems and (2) co-opted a national tragedy to do it. Completely unnecessary At best poor form. At worst, a clear attempt to use outside circumstances to influence a game you were not confident you could win.
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    Thank u to everyone who played without losing their heads. It's interesting/frustrating that the ogi info discussion ended up having to come up as I recently saw spec chat on mafiau argue that u treat such stuff as nai and always potential bs
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    Presumably the ride ended when the tire burst.
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    Final Vote Count: Faint(2)-Solstice, Crei Walia(1)-Faint Chrome(1)-Macer Faint was lynched! They where... Vanilla Town! Please get ur night actions in as quickly as possible. The night should last 24 hrs unless it needs adjusting for some reason
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    yeah faint's dead irl sorry he cant come to post rn
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    Thanks for the compliment. BTW publicly stating that you hope that the unCC'd Tracker dies so you can push a lynch that no one else seems to agree on isn't a good play, just so you're aware.
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    @TheGoldenTyrannoI don't believe Macer actually voted, did he? Walia still needs 2 more post to make quota. I believe there is approximately 2.5 hours left in day. It's fine if you think Walia/Haz is the most likely scum, but nobody should be voting him until he meets quota as there's a pretty good chance he's eating a modkill. Nobody should be hammering the day for the same reason. You need to spend less time defending yourself and more time talking about what you think about other players. If you don't I'm killing you tomorrow if we're wrong.
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    i cared more about that joke than i care about this lynch
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    just remember your vegetarian score doesnt matter except to you and dont take shit for it either way if you go back ro you dont
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    Not the ones with sausage in which is all that's relevant to me.
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    losing weight is easy it just takes a bit of time and discipline . Averaging less than 2000kcal a day so far for the last week which is undercutting my maintenance by about 500kcal.
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    if u start hrt ur hairline can grow back and then how big ur dick is doesnt matter anymore
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    I contemplated asking y'all for suggestions for my bio but then I realized what it should be. This is what I submitted as my bio: https://youtu.be/3qVPNONdF58
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    Cant wait to watch him nail the wntire scum team as scum!!!
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    Soul- As much as you talk about sex you're probably incredibly average at it
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    Allen - Stephen Hawking with Asbergers without the ALS
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    2/6 years in and I finally have a research topic for my thesis.
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    im not saying that he is town, i am saying that he is null at worst, and you trying to make him look bad while quoting posts that are not scummy makes him look townier than he actually is because you look like a paranoid person tunneling on him. You are never going to get a lynch on him with me dead or alive unless its the final 3, you macer and scum, but yeah, i will die tonight so this should be something to look forward to
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    rei very clearly shaded macer when he was unsuspected thats when it matters, the rest is wifom
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    i missed this day 1 vote faint this town needs less discussing and more social distancing (dont panic, you'll both be better in no time)
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    confuse rei analysis - quota posts, nai - initial jazz vote, nai - votes faint, aligns himself against faint - aligns himself with jazz. - quotes a post from faint. probably should go into detail on this i think that this means that he is nai on jazz at the given moment. obviously because jazz is trying to lynch him. confuse rei conveniently left out that faint unironically was defending jazz in that quote. i guess you could argue that faint was setting up a lynch on jazz for later but that's not playing safe in a scum mindset. the odds are actually stacked against him if its scum faint and scum rei vs town crei and town jazz. - mentions how jazz is fluent in his voting and unvoting and suspecting he is town because of it. - "mischaracterizing points on jazz", there is more context to this, later macer explains that he used the wrong words, and meant he thought jazz was being aggressive. they acknowledge there was a misunderstanding and faint unvotes. again, conveniently ignored by confuse rei. - "non in-game reasons is scum favored" i actually disagree with confuse rei here. i think that thats super garbage. this is dismissive of faint. - quotes jazz about what he thinks of macer and agrees with jazz yet again. to me this screams pocket. he is basically kissing jazz's ass and misrepresenting the game state. he is leaving out details to make his arguments stronger. - interaction with solstice, i think that the discussing of what outcomes mean is nai but kind of irrelevant. its a float. irrelevant. - argues his push on the scumread on faint that i called nai. the post where he says "[jazz] as good a target as anyone" where i see that faint has a null read on jazz at that given moment. this is aggression. - interaction with rei. rei points out that what crei says is obvious and he says yeah but hes just making sure its clear to everybody. this is a meaningless interaction. there is nothing that can be taken from this other than that it means nothing. - interaction with chrome. chrome suspects confuse rei. confuse rei argues that his vote is not real pressure. i think that this is kind of dismissive of chromes pressure instead of genuinely engaging with him. this is like sweeping under the rug. - pressures faint. - pressures rei. does not vote for rei. - interacts with sage aka the person i subbed in for. says that sage is good to pressure chrome. then says chrome is "either town or scum" (lmao) this is weird if he thinks i'm/sage is good for pressuring chrome. - interacts with faint. same thing i said before. rei didn't actually ever vote for confuse rei. - says about how rei had reason to target him. i think this is really wifom. you could say lots of things about how he died. he could've made those posts in case he died to throw suspicion on chrome or faint for addressing confuse rei. - so there are a lot of minor points, such as a lot of his posts giving no real information, or having empty interactions. but the major ones that i actually care about are like how he conveniently leaves out details and misrepresents faint. not forgiving faint when macer and faint acknowledge that there was a misunderstanding where faint unvotes. confuse rei doesn't alleviate faint of any pressure whatsoever the whole game which is extremely aggressive. he is also very dismissive of information, such as how he said his vote wasn't significant to chrome, or how he said faints pressure on macer wasn't in good faith when he says that non in game reasons are to vote for a person is scum favored.
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    Think by PoE it's either Faint or Sage (now Marjorie); I'm leaning towards the latter since Faint did scumread rei earlier in the day before when instead he could've tried to stop the rolecop from being lynched. You can make a case for Macer but his early posts drew a ton of heat and instead of deflecting or retreating until the focus changed from him he doubled down, something idt he would do as mafia.
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    So that means our other PR is a tracker. I think it's debatable if they should claim today or not, as if they claim today they have the potential to confirm 2 people (themselves and their target). If they wait until tomorrow there’s the potential for them to confirm 3 people making the game auto, but there’s also the chance that they get NKed meaning we’d lose the extra confirmed town. I'm not sure which is preferable and would appreciate feedback on it. The last votecount also bothers me. rei (and/or his partner) could have voted for faint or Jazz to tie things up and give him a chance to live, but they didn’t. Why? If they both voted they could have even made sure rei wasn't the lynch. rei was active at EOD (last posts from a player that phase were his) so this makes no sense to me. I need to go reread rei's and Jazz's post.
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    i love feminine men and androgynous men as much as masculine men
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    Ever wanna see the south park of anime dubbing? here's a five min sample lets do a dg watch of the dub
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    Are you two cosplaying jazz and frank
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      you dont know how mad i was that the next guy that got up there didnt make a "haven't seen an italian bomb that hard since mussolini" joke   I haven't seen a post that made less sense since your most recent yugioh wall of text.
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    Atem, you're a total Konami shill. It would probably take Kevin Tewart donating a bomb at a YCS for you to admit to any sort of Konami wrongdoing. I liked you so much better when you were a communist.
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    welcome back buddy, fuck the haters
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    why are you posting in bold italic comic sans
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    to put things CRIMINALLY simply, a hs ban would make things better because the retarded paradox of "set 1 card, lose to mst/night beam, set 2+ cards, lose to heavy" would be gone. there is obviously more to it than that, but let's start from there. (i'm not saying i agree with banning heavy storm, just that that's the core argument for banning heavy storm making the game *better,* not just different) i think the real issue, and what Atem is getting at, is that even with heavy gone, there are still situations where, you know, people lose because their opponent had the nuts and they didn't. with heavy, those situations look like "heavy storm, rabbit, tour guide in hand." without heavy, those situations look like "shi en with 5 protective backrow set," like what marshmallow was getting at. i think we can ignore both of these scenarios for the purposes of this discussion, because they are what we call fixed costs in economics -- they exist regardless of if heavy is banned or limited, and thus we need not consider either when weighing the costs and benefits of either plan. all we need to look at is what DOES change from "world with heavy storm" to "world without heavy storm," and whether or not those changes are good or bad on the whole.
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    If you cannot produce the proper medical certifications and you are found recommending any psychoactive substance to anyone without an infallible justification, you will be suspended without any regards to your current warn level for a significant duration. If you are on here looking for some sort of medical advice and somebody recommends some sort of drug to you, please let me or any other moderator know ASAP. Do not be afraid to contact me via aim at: dgzstarwind. Do not heed to their recommendations without consulting a doctor and if appropriate, your parents. Note that providing/discussing valid information about drugs and their effects is fine and even encouraged when appropriate. However, when you suggest a person use something, you are overstepping what we deem as acceptable for one who is not a medical professional. Thank-you