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    i fucked a girl so hard in the ass last night
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    movie etc etc the op and ed are so damn good too remember to stay after credits
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    carole & tuesday's op is one of the best op of this decade
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    so basically got is skyrim and stealth always wins
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    Can't wait to see this on Sunday!!!
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    the voice actor of the wizard king which is the equivalent of the hokage in naruto is the same for the fourth hokage. he uses time magic and spells that look like rasengans.
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    Yeah, I'm still floored that no one talked about this show. I feel like it was on par with Erased, but there was literally zero talk about it. Gigguk probably described it best: Black Clover rips all of the best parts from other shounen series and combines them. To that extent, I think it has done pretty well even if it is a trope.
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    kaguya with a cold is fucking adorable
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    black clover is a poor man's naruto or an equally rich man's fairy tail
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    Sagarada Reset is so underrated.
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    I got a festival pass to Ottawa Bluesfest and I'm posting who im seeing here cos i cant fb at work and will want to consult later @...Arson youre in for alexis, ppup, and bsb right? Thurs Jul 4: Chvrches, maybe Alt J Saturday: Pup, Taking Back SUnday, Sunday: James, maybe The Killers, maybe Ashley MacIsaac Weds: might go just to chill / Elle King and the SHeepdogs I guess? Friday Jul 12: Alexisonfire, The Offspring Saturday: Pussy Riot, Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang Clan Sunday: Backstreet Boys obv.
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    So we now know about 5 Burning Abyss cards which is probably all we'll get from this set (I'll update the thread if I have to). With that being said I wanted to start a discussion about these cards since I find their effects and interactions interesting. Intro (taken from the wikia page): The archetype is based on Inferno, the first part of Dante Alighieri's 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy. The current Main Deck monsters are named after members of the Malebranche who guard the Malebolge– the fifth Bolgia of the Eighth Circle of Hell. They are known for their ruthless cruelty, and are responsible for the punishment of corrupt politicians by holding them under a boiling lake of pitch. So far, all Main Deck "Burning Abyss" monsters are Level 3 DARK Fiend-Types, and share three effects: they are destroyed if the player controls a monster other than a "Burning Abyss" monster, can be Special Summoned from the hand if the player controls no Spell/Trap Cards and a third effect which is triggered if it is sent to the Graveyard. The archetype's swarming abilities make it a potent Rank 3 Xyz Deck. They can perform Rank 3 Xyz Summons quickly while maintaining the player's hand advantage. Archtype Cards: Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss Its stats are good for a lvl 3 fiend and it can revive the decks xyz with its effect. Pretty much the decks Abyssgunde. Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss Weaker stats than the rest of the archtype but it compensates that with a better effect. Can set up quite a few combos with cards like Foolish Burial. Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss This is the decks recruiter. Not only does it have solid defense, it can also search any lvl 3 dark fiend (hello tour guide). Pretty much Sangans long lost cousin. Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss This card would probably need a card discussion by itself. Its the decks beater that can trigger extra effects by milling the other Abyss cards, it going to defense is a pro and not a con because it screws with the hand cards/101. To top it all off, he turns into a reviving wall combined with Cir. The Traveler and the Burning Abyss The decks flood card. Seems a tad bit to situational but could work with a card like Kuribandit. Non-Archtype Cards: Tour Guide from the Underworld The deck is primary composed of lvl 3 fiends and she turns off their destruction effects. Pretty much a no-brainer. Crane Crane Same reasons like Tour Guide, just weaker effect. Kuribandit Works like in Sylvans. Also a lvl 3 dark fiend for Scarm. Mathematician Becomes a +1 by sending Cir/Graff to the graveyard and summoning Dante/Scarm (the later destroying itself and triggering its endphase effect). Creature Swap Because givining your opponent a Veilered non-abyss or a Scarm is just evil. Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force Konami gives us a few combinations https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=6461 Chaos monsters can also be splashed in with the addition of a few lights like Effect Veiler and Dante is already a light. All their "send to graveyard" effects are "if" so basically any card that discards, mills or sends from the deck will work with this deck. Here are a few examples from the top of my head: Foolish Burial PWWB Raigeki Break Divine Wrath Needlebug Nest Hand Destruction Armageddon Knight Dark World Dealings
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    https://www.duelingbook.com/replay?id=105706-9635338 One of my satisfying wins that showcase why I love this deck
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    I always forget she was best girl kuroneko and i feel like i need to replay p4g in japanese now cos i did not like marie in english at all
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    kanahana is probably the most popular voice actor both in the west and in japan. personally i dont think renai is her best song, but she is legit in 4~5 series a season so everyone has their own fav kanahana performance.
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    Yo hello what is up my good fellas
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    why did you lie when you said you could take the dick
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    the best thing about this is that in one of the first posts he wrote about ycs dallas and the page crashing if too many people visit it, and then the next day it actually happened
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    This is something I've been working on and it does pretty well, the otks come easy and in theory has good match-ups with the meta(Kaijus are problem solvers). Still feel like the deck can still use some tweaking but its ok for now. Still debating the usefulness of Allure, the drawing is great but sometimes discarding is something I don't want to do, Dark Eruption is fantastic and acts as a Monster Rebron for all intensive purposes or food for Virgil/Beatrice/Pilgrim.
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    I'm not sure if I can forgive what you did to me. Even though it's been eight or so months the night you came home like nothing was wrong, got into bed with me, and dumped me still hurts like it was yesterday and it feels like our entire relationship meant nothing. I was in love with you. I wanted to marry you. I thought you were my forever person. You can't just date someone for a year and a half, make them the happiest that they have ever been, and then tell them one normal night that you're unhappy and that you've been keeping it to yourself and dump them out of nowhere. I'm not just sad that our relationship ended but I feel wronged somehow. I don't understand what happened and I guess I never will. I thought everything I did was exactly what you wanted. We got a house and re-modeled it because that's what you wanted, because you said living with your parents was fueling your anxiety. We bought a dog because you wanted one for the house and now you've left me and him alone in a house that I can't fully erase you from. I did everything that I could to make you the happiest person. You said we had plateaued and idk how that's possible when we had just bought a house and moved in and lived in it for less than six months. You told me you the night you ended it that were unhappy and that you wanted to be alone, which was the first time you had ever implied anything of the sort, but it didn't take you very long to find someone else to date. You said that you needed to work on yourself and that I should probably do the same. I just don't understand you anymore. You told me this was all about you and that I did nothing wrong and that I was a great boyfriend but how can that mean anything if it ended the way you ended it? That implies that even if I put everything I had into a relationship that it won't be enough so why should I try again? I feel permanently damaged. I don't understand how I'm not supposed to carry all of this into my next relationship if I ever have one again. I know that I'm going to be anxious and over-cautious about the next person that I date that they aren't doing the same thing. And you are the one person I want to talk to about all of this because despite hurting me, I still feel fondly about you. You were my best friend and my favorite human.
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    I made this video to inspire players to compete. Yugioh is the perfect game, it’s just that it lacks prestige which my video intends to add. I’m sad when people move on from the game but it’s definitely a booming game. I hope people aren’t offended by the people I used in the video. I included only people with the best resumes that I could think of. It would definitely help non Yugioh players see the game with more respect.
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    anyone else dislike running warning?