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    So the first Atlanta regional of the format was yesterday. Something over 200 in attendance, didn't listed too well in the player meeting but it was a decent size event. I ended up getting top 4 with my Stun deck (feels good man,) one of my teammates made it to top 8, and another of my teammates got his Nats invite as an X-2 (couple bad draws.) So anyway, me and my teammate James Hames (ravensanger) were sitting in the lobby of the hotel this event was being held at after like the third or fourth round and we were discussing the field and the players in attendance that day. There were a lot of really legit players there that day, Patrick Hoban, Henry Su, James Hames, Chris Arantes, Raheel Morelli, Da Lee, Aurthur Rhodes, several more but that is just to name a few. James and I were discussing how much better the players at the event that are on DGZ are as opposed to other players who are not. There are some good players in this game that I don't think are on here (Henry Su is an example, I am not sure if he has an account on here or not,) but there are several "pro" players and other skilled players who are. Regardless we noticed that most of the people doing really well in this event are members on this site. I have always been a decent YGO player and this is not the first TCG I have been involved in. I've been in gaming almost 11 years, so I always had a pretty good handle on things but never really got all that good in all honesty, I needed something else to really push me over the top. Ever since I joined DGZ about a year ago I feel like my skill and knowledge has substancially increased. Now I am not saying I'm fucking amazing or anything like that, that is not the point of this thread. The point is to say that I have (and I'm sure others have too) benefited greatly from joining these forums. The insight I have gained in the past year has been amazing. Being able to discuss YGO anytime with such a huge player base and wide variety of skilled duelists has helped me out a great deal. The deck discussion forums are probably the greatest idea in the history of YGO on the internet (outside of YVD I suppose.) The ability to go on here and discuss deck ideas, concepts, and the meta in general is a big help. So what is the point of all this? I just wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with everyone in the DGZ community about what I am feeling about this and I just wanted to say thanks to the admins and mods of this site for doing a great job keeping it good, and the great player base that makes this website a tool for learning about this game that I have so much fun playing. Pojo just sucks. No discussion or debate needed there. Oh, and a sidenote, The Cloaked Duelist was at this event. Talked to him a little bit, unfortunately he did not top with the E-Hero deck this time.
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    really? you miss him? He was such an influence on your six year old life?
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    I don't understand how tech translates to the deck being harder to play. Summoning Debris with a Darksoul in grave and going into Black Rose isn't exactly a "hard" play.
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    can we make a tournament out of this?
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    Nice job. I forgot, was this your first regional top or have you topped a few other ones prior? The format is pretty fresh, but it seems like so far that skilled players have been winning a lot more than in previous formats. I certainly feel that DGz has made me a better player. There were a lot of other factors though. I think using the internet to network with other skilled players is great and should be utilized more. I'm disappointed that MTG doesn't have a DGz equivalent.
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    1. You think GoldenEye: 007 made for Nintendo Wii will live up to its old game and many expectations. And you will buy this game in November. 2. Megaman: Universe, for X-Box 360 and PS3, easily looks epic as you definitely want to get your hands on this game the first day it goes on the market. 3. If an ICO/Shadow of the Colossus reprint goes on PS3, as Walmart rumors, you'll definitely be getting your hands on this game. "Walmart is currently taking pre-orders for an ICO/Shadow of the Colossus combo for the PlayStation 3. It would appear that this would be another HD update, much like we've seen with the God of War I & II re-release on the PS3. The listing price is set at $39.95." SOURCE(S): http://www.walmart.com/ip/ICO-Shadow-of-the-Colossus-PS3-PlayStation-3/15061046
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    they usually are lactose intolerant + milk + peanut butter doesnt stir too well but man. is there anything easier to make than cereal
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    he kind of is Oh really? First of all I do not know him, or have seen him play ever but, you Americans always act sooooo close minded. I mean, do you actually know who plays outside of your shitty country and canada? You have no clue about the level of competition in for example Europe or do you? This lazaro bellido wins a tournament has topped and won perhaps more and now he is the best of the world. I believe whenever someone whom many people like wins a big tournament like sjc or ycs he is crowned best of the world, every fucking time. Stop that seriously, it's a fucking card game after all. People saying that only someone like lazaro can play his deck perfectly are really really ignorant and stupid. We all know what the cards do and how it works. Obviously you need to be able to make reads and play your cards to near perfection, but saying other people other than him can't do it is nonsense. Furthermore, where do you guys base this shit on? On NOTHING, you just say something and more dickrides will pick it up and you get a stijve geslachtspilaar because you randomly wrote something and other dickriders just like you are now saying the same thing I am in no way saying this Lazaro bellido is bad or anything, because I do not know him. I'm only saying that you should get your cocks out of his mind, broaden your horizon and stop being ignorant. Dude, the only ignorant posts so far have come from you. No one made this a NA v. Europe argument, but you chose to take it that way. ...and then got inexplicably offended. Lazaro's good His build was good It got massive coverage so people know about it. When decks from Europe are good and get solid coverage/dissemination, those players get the props they deserve as well. Get over yourself, man.
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    I will and fuck you, sir. EDIT: It's what happens when I don't get high before posting. It's the reverse baburnzzz.
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    god damn what a shitty thread. The Byrd, please stop being a fucking retard
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    Not just because they are black though. They barely passed their fucking Judge tests with shit like 85 percentages and stuff. I am disappoint. All in all though good shit on making top 4 OP.
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    not going unless someone going with me can translate why im getting stabbed.
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    is that seriously the album cover? that might be the greatest thing ever.
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    Cooking is extremely amazing and it makes you a man. Both cooking and baking, I might add. Got any recipes?
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    <p>Friday:<br /> I get home from school and go to my grandparents house. They were going to let me borrow their car for the weekend. We go to Chick-fil-A for dinner and swing back by to drop my grandmother off before I leave. Then I head over to Meechie's house to pick him up. We go back to my house and chill for a while. It's about 10 and we were bored so I'm like "Want to go to the movies?" He wants to see The Last Exorcism and I want to see Vampire's Suck. We couldn't decide so we play a game to decide. He wins and we speed to the movie as we were running late after that. The Last Exorcism was stupid as fuck. Here's the plot:<br /> There's this psycho-bitch who gets knocked up by the devil, but not really they're all just serial killers. The end.<br /> So yeah, we go back to my house. We playtest a bit more and I decide to run 3 Trap Stun over MST. Meechie was running X-Sabers. Here was my decklist:<br /> <br /> Monsters: 14<br /> 3 Infernity Archfined<br /> 2 Infernity Mirage<br /> 3 Infernity Necromancer<br /> 2 Stygian Street Patrol<br /> 2 Dark Grepher<br /> 1 Infernity Avenger<br /> 1 Infernity Beetle<br /> <br /> Spells: 10<br /> 2 Pot of Duality<br /> 1 Foolish Burial<br /> 1 Giant Trunade<br /> 1 Infernity Launcher<br /> 1 Monster Reborn<br /> 1 One for One<br /> 1 Reinforcement of the Army<br /> 1 Dark Hole<br /> 1 Book of Moon<br /> <br /> Traps: 16<br /> 3 Infernity Barrier<br /> 3 Infernity Inferno<br /> 1 Solemn Warning<br /> 2 Bottomless Trap Hole<br /> 1 Call of the Haunted<br /> 1 Infernity Break<br /> 3 Trap Stun<br /> 1 Solemn Judgment<br /> 1 Torrential Tribute<br /> <br /> Extra Deck: 15<br /> 1 Black Rose Dragon<br /> 1 Stardust Dragon<br /> 2 Hundred Eyes Dragon<br /> 1 Infernity Doom Dragon<br /> 1 Scrap Dragon<br /> 1 Goyo Guardian<br /> 1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier<br /> 1 Colossal Fighter<br /> 1 Armory Arm<br /> 1 Mist Wurm<br /> 1 Ally of Justice Catastor<br /> 1 Stygian Sergeants<br /> 1 Gaia Knight, Force of the Earth<br /> 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon<br /> <br /> Side Deck: 15<br /> 3 Cyber Dragon<br /> 3 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter<br /> 2 Mystical Space Typhoon<br /> 2 Dust Tornado<br /> 2 Hero's Rule 2<br /> 2 Threatening Roar<br /> 1 Return from the Different Dimension<br /> <br /> We don't end up going to bed until almost three in the morning.<br /> <br /> Saturday:<br /> <br /> We wake up, shower and get on the road. It was only about a 45 minute drive. I stop at Chick-fil-A on the way there. I get there and had been borrowing Dualitys from Brandon and Tony. Brandon decides he needs his back and that it's good in X-Sabers or something. I'm like whatever and borrow one from Josh. Then he asks if I need it like thirty minutes later. I'm just like, nah...<br /> So anyway, I resleeve, register, and write my decklist. Soon round 1 starts.<br /> <br /> Round 1:<br /> Patrick Hoban vs ???<br /> Deck: Quickdraw<br /> Pre-Match Thoughts - I didn't really know him, but he knew me. I walked up to the pairings and he's like "Come on Pat, we're playing."<br /> Game 1: I open really well and start with set Inferno. Next turn I Inferno, Trunade then One for One for an OTK.<br /> Game 2: This game he gets me pretty low in life points. I Hero Rule's 2 his Debris, but he makes a major Caius play. I am able to Goyo it and just keep pushing with them until I win.<br /> <br /> 1-0<br /> <br /> Round 2:<br /> Patrick Hoban vs Anthony Nguyen<br /> Deck: Gadgets?<br /> Pre-Match Thoughts: Lol, Ant.<br /> Game 1: I open an almost perfect hand. I win really easily.<br /> Game 2: He summons 2 Naturia Beasts and I can't deal with but one of them.<br /> Game 3: I drop some Synchros and he can't do much.<br /> <br /> 2-0<br /> <br /> Round 3:<br /> Patrick Hoban vs Ken<br /> Deck: Machina Salvo<br /> Pre-Match Thoughts: Ken's cool, we go to the same local.<br /> Game 1: He has advantage, but I Reborn his Cyber Dragon and make Chimeratech with it to win.<br /> Game 2: He opens significantly better than me and wins with lots of advantage.<br /> Game 3: I don't remember, but I win.<br /> <br /> 3-0<br /> <br /> Round 4:<br /> Patrick Hoban vs PJ Baker<br /> Deck: GBs<br /> Pre-Match Thoughts: PJ's a really cool guy and we chill all the time.<br /> Game 1: I win the dice roll and it ends up being a game of whoever won the roll won the game.<br /> Game 2: I get wrecked by Retiari.<br /> Game 3: I won because I had Trunade.<br /> <br /> 4-0<br /> <br /> Round 5:<br /> Patrick Hoban vs Phill Haar<br /> Deck: GBs<br /> Pre-Match Thoughts: Let's play more people I know!<br /> Game 1: I win with a big setup.<br /> Game 2: He sided in a second Retiari that put in work.<br /> Game 3: He summons Gyzarus and I Solemn Warning. He wants to Reborn it and I say that he can't. He honestly doesn't know and we call a judge. The judge rules in Phill's favor. I'm like "Nahhh lol" and appeal. The head judge rules in my favor, but it takes some time for him to be able to come over to us and they don't give us an extension. We go into time, but I win on the first turn of time. He made a cool play by Reborning My Hundred Eyes and copying Gyzarus. I searched Infernity Break though and won.<br /> <br /> 5-0<br /> <br /> Round 6:<br /> Patrick Hoban vs Raheel<br /> Deck: X-Sabers with Hamster, Debris, and Ryko.<br /> Pre-Match Thoughts: Yeah! More people I know!<br /> Game 1: I really thought I had this game. I get a big setup going and bring out Stardust first so he can't MST my Launcher or Bottomless my Hundred-Eyes. He Bottomless's the Stardust and I negate. I go into Hundred-Eyes and copy Necromancer. Bring back Archfiend. Now I have 2 Barrier and a Break. I attack and he Mirror Forces. They were all set already and my spells and traps were locked. I get back Stardust and beat him down to 500 with it. Then he Cold Waves and goes into Urbellum and Gottoms. Then I don't have an out and he wins on his next turn. Really surprised I lost that game.<br /> Game 2: I open well, but don't have any way to get around spell or trap hate so I explode on my first turn. He crows and breaks the setup. I'm still fine at this point, but I attempt to do it again two turns later and he has a second Crow. I still almost come back, but I'm at 800 and he uses Debris to get back Ryko and go into Iron Chain when I have Grepher for game.<br /> <br /> 5-1<br /> <br /> Round 7:<br /> Patrick Hoban Vs Clayton<br /> Deck: Anti-Meta<br /> Pre-Match Thoughts: I kind of know him. I see him a lot and we topped a lot of the same events.<br /> Game 1: I honestly don't know how I won this game. He opens with 2 Thunder Kings. I somehow win by making him negate a Scrap Dragon and a Black Rose while still having a Necromancer to have a follow-up the next turn.<br /> Game 2: Again, how did I win this? He opens 3 Dimensional Fissure and a Fossil Dyna. I Ryko one Fissure. Flip the second kill another Fissure and chain Torrential to kill Dyna. Then I Infernity Break the last one. Then he has Banisher. I Archfiend to attack over it and explode in main phase 2. He loses a couple of turns later.<br /> <br /> 6-1<br /> <br /> Top 8:<br /> Patrick Hoban Vs ???<br /> Deck: Gravekeeper's with Firedogs and Magician. He went undefeated in swiss.<br /> Pre-Match Thoughts: Well fuck.<br /> Game 1: He starts out by playing Necrovalley, setting Spy, and playing Royal Tribute. =/ He hits my Necromancer. The remaining cards in my hand are Duality, Inferno, and 2 Trap Stun. I draw into Barrier then Duality into Archfiend. I summon Archfiend and set the rest. He flips Spy and I Barrier. Then I draw Grepher and beat him down with Archfiend and Grepher. LOL<br /> Game 2: He does some anti-everything stuff, but I Trunade and win. =] He sided like 15 cards.<br /> <br /> So I top 4'd and got the mat and binder. I sold the mat for $25 and the binder for $10.<br /> <br /> Then I get Tony's Duality for Emmersblade and $30.<br /> <br /> Then we all head out and go to the varsity. Josh and them who were supposed ot be following us got lost and went to Hooters closer to home. Meechie, Phill and Jake went to some diner across the street from the Varsity as the line was long. Brad, Steven, and I eat at the Varsity. Then we go back to Brad's house for his party. We have to buy alcohol and all the liquor stores were closed though. We then try to buy some at Wal-Mart, but the power went out and they closed it. We ended up getting some at Kroger. Really fun day.<br /> Sunday we went to locals and I bought another Duality for $100. Great weekend.</p>
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    So Thursday im testing playing with close people i know and i find like 80 tech cards i wanna play and 2 decks I can play. So Im like ok whatever. I know what I am playing and its Lightsworn. cuz i wanted my teammate adam to do well and he plays great with sabers. Friday wake up at 3 in the afternoon and im mad cuz i wanted to get up early and go to bed early. So its whatever. Try to go to bed at midnight but I get into this nuking spree with Chris Hentz and Austin Kulman on xbox live soooooo I end up going to bed at 2am. Wake up, take a short train ride to the convention center and im there, fixing up my main board and sideboard. Got some sick trades in for ULT herks, ULT Scrap Dragons, ULT Warnings. Shit like that. And this is when my shenanigans starts. With 370 players. SIGHHH Round 1 VS Machina We get kicked outta our seats because the guy in our seat was being a faggot so we went into the lobby and played on the side event tables. Guys jokin saying hes playing Final Countdown and im like ughhhh i really hope not. Game1 He nuts up and goes for triple Machina Fortress, I drop gorz in DEF on the first Fortress attack. Next turn, Solar Recharge into my 4th target in GY and a now with a live JD. Guy just scoops cuz he cant get over it after topping Future Fusion. Game 2 He opens Gearframe into Fortress, pitch fortress and red gadget to get him out and sets 4. I set ryko and catastrophe, He loses his whole back row when get attacks with gear fortress and kills fortress. My Hand is Cyber Dragon, Lyla, Thunder King, Pot of Duality. And he draws 4 ass cards back to back. 1-0 Round 2 VS Wayne Trader (Stun) Game 1 I cold wave, summon lyla, kill his banisher and destroy his book of moon, he sets spirit reaper and i drop Celestia, milling a Wulf and it goes downhill from there for him. Game 2 He goes first opens banisher 4 backrow, I drew the catastrophe too late for it to matter. So I lose. Game 3 I out aggro'd the shit outta him. 2-0 Round 3 VS X-Saber Game 1 He is playing a lot of weird shit like Ryko and Card Trooper and fucken My Body as a Shield so none of my destruction got thru Game 2 See game 2. I fucken hate bad players who keep in trap stun against LS. 2-1 Round 4 Vs The No Show YAY 3-1 Round 5 VS Frog Monarch Game 1 He drops Darklord and i cant start a win to push for 1700 even with an honest. I was so disappointed. Game 2 Savage fucken, outplays. Bottomless, after bottomless, after JD Game 3 See game 2 4-1 Round 6 Vs Gadget Stun Game 1 Effect Veiler gave his one gadget a rim job. Game 2 Victim number 2, catastrophe opens up the board for me. I have Cyber Dragon, Thunder King to his Thunder King, Banisher. SKEETTTTT 5-1 Round 7 Vs Gladiator Beast I get a game loss for not unsidedecking apparently and the I was unsiding with they took out decks for deck check. I was too fucken mad to even appeal. so Whatever Game 2 I struggle to outpower him and I did. Game 3 It was A LOT of back and forth play but he misplayed when he chained shrink to my honest. and i just beat him down with Jain Aurkus and Wulf. 6-1 Round 8 Vs Alchemist Stun Im like Omfg, this again. STOP. Game 1 He draws EVERY out to me, and im getting frustrated to the point where I scoop and just dig right into the sidedeck Game 2 I match all his monsters for monster, then JD broke out and get haywire Game 3 It gets to a point where im at 800 and he is at a thousand. I have 1 card left in deck. and he has 3 cards in hand. he summons Doom Caliber Knight and attacks into my jain. I draw. put card on top for plague Doom negates it, and I attack with Wulf for game. Round 9 I played my friend Marc and the whole time we were trying to stall to get the tie and the judge gives my friend a written working for slow playing when i was doing it worse. My friend gets frustrated and just whispers. "Gimme the mat, and you got it" I said yeah and we moved on. 8-1 After swiss i placed first because Steven Harris lost last round being the only undefeated going into this. Noone really wanted to play out top 8 so Anthony DiBona AKA Dirk gave me the win so I can get out and enjoy dinner with like a sore back and headache. Props Malevolent Catastrophe Being a boss and opening 2 Wulfs almost every match and winning like a pro Magginos. Best Italian all you can eat family restaurant ever. Marc Paternoster being a great friend and giving me the win cuz he doesnt care. Adam for going 7-2 with my saber deck Sean Brown for top 8 with me CIGARETTES MARIJUANA. I didnt mention this but I was ripped during the tournament after round 3. My packs being pretty decent. Pulled a Veiler, Chivarly and Some Unicorn Ultra. Slops Judges gonna judge, but they are gonna hate. Apparently I will be DQ for trying to Draw again in tournament. Being this tired. Decklist 3 Celestia Lightsworn Angel 3 Wulf Lightsworn Beast 2 Honest 2 Lyla Lightsworn Sorceress 2 Ryko Lightsworn Hunter 2 Judgment Dragon 1 Effect Veiler 1 Gorz Emissary of Darkness 1 Plaguespreader Zombie 1 Necro Gardna 1 Aurkus Lightsworn Druid 1 Jain Lightsworn Paladin 1 Ehren Lightsworn Monk 1 Lumina Lightsworn Summoner 1 Garoth Lightsworn Warrior 3 Solar Recharge 2 Pot of Duality 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Giant Trunade 1 Cold Wave 1 Gold Sarcophagus 1 Foolish Burial 1 Charge of Light Brigade 2 Beckoning Light 1 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Trap Stun Side Deck 2 Thunder King Raioh 2 Consecrated Light 2 Cyber Dragon 2 Royal Decree 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Bottomless Traphole 1 Shiny Black C 1 Royal Oppression 1 Malevolent Catastrophe Extra 2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 2 Stardust Dragon 1 Goyo Guardian 1 Tempest Magician 1 Brionac 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Magical Android 1 Red Dragon Archfiend 1 Mist Worm 1 Ally of Justice Castastor 1 Colossal Fighter
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    Christina Hendricks VS. Salma Hayek See ya tomorrow.
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    Monster Reborn is an auto-staple in damned near EVERYTHING. Solemn Warning stops every GB's effect. Doesn't mean you should stop running GB's entirely. Reborn lets you use your opponent's grave as an entire other resource, and dramatically increases your options for plays. It means you can use synchros besides Stardust in your Extra while using GB's because you might need to SS a Tuner and make an important play with a certain synchro monster. Reborn is never situational, lol. If anything, the only spells that are specific to the GB Mirror are Wiseman's Chalice and Mind Control. (The latter being usable in most things with tuners) Drop Stratos and RoTA. The right way to play glads this format is to get one on the field early along with chariot and other protection. You don't need Stratos slowing your plays. Will look at other stuff later.
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    I read dostoevsky and took a shit earlier 8/10, would do again
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    Obviously that is a gross exaggeration, but the fact remains that he plays on a whole other level in this game. His skill outclasses a majority of players, and his credentials serve as proof. But, lets all agree to get past this "Lazaro is god" dickriding and play our own decks to our own playstyle.
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    I played this last weekend, it ran pretty much flawlessly. I didn't have Solemn Warnings so I'd change it just a bit. Monsters: 21 2 Laquari 2 Darius 2 Equeste 1 Bestiari 1 Retiari 1 Murmillo 1 Hoplomus 1 Secutor 2 Cyber Dragon 2 Prisma 1 Stratos 3 Test Tiger 2 Effect Veiler Spells: 8 3 Book of Moon 1 Cold Wave 1 Giant Trunade 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Reinforcement of the Army Traps: 12 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Gladiator Beast War Chariot 2 Trap Stun 2 Dimensional Prison 1 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Call of the Haunted This is basically what I'd do for a major tournament, including 2 Solemn Warnings into this build. I would consider cutting Call of the Haunted (not because it's bad but just that it was often overkill) and the Stratos engine (Stratos and Rota). It really depends on the match-up as to whether Stratos is worthwhile. It would be very easy to cut all 3, adding 2 Solemn Warning and keeping the deck at 40.
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    i even had my dgz status as "today on duelistbookz"
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    Fuck, there were more ppl from DGz aside from Pat at the Regional? I was there too, no one tells me these things... But yeah, the pursuit of improvement is one my biggest reasons for coming/staying on DGz. I can honestly say that being here has given me a wider perspective on the game and things can only go up from here.
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    Its nice to see that DGZ is doing what we were hoping it is doing The thing is, you only get better at YGO by talking and playing with people better than you. I've seen this at locals so many times. Bad player wants to get better. Bad player hangs out with the "good player group". Player gets good. DGZ is the international all-accessible good player group that pretty much anyone can join. Just like any group, we will kick you out if you annoy us, but we are a lot more welcoming than people perceive us to be. The only concern I've had is dilution. Like, when 1 person wants to get better and they join a group of 8 ppl, its fine. But when 50 ppl join a group of 8, you get problems. The baddies start giving bad advice to other baddies. Players dont get better, overall skill gets stagnant, the whole group becomes worse instead of better. Its tough because we want to have more users. rei is very clear on that. This is one of the reasons why mods have really stepped up on giving out warnings for bad advice (esp in the deck garage) and why we introduced the post rep system.
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    I will and fuck you, sir. EDIT: It's what happens when I don't get high before posting. user was warned for this post
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    @piederman-I like JuJu I'm not worried about boggarts and firedogs since I main rykos and boggarts rarely attack since they usually use him to get out hyunlie @Melia-yah GB is my hardest matchup I was happy I got to play 5 GB throught the regional so at least now I know my side/main can hang with them with no problem. Besides GB I don't really fear any other top tier deck atm.
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    good thread/10 getting to talk and interact with the community here really helped my game. not only that, the atmosphere here encourages people to improve
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    I can honestly say that the only reason I am even remotely good at this game is because of DGZ warring.
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    good fucking job on the top 4. dgz had 3 members out of the top 4. perhaps all 4 if the other guy has a account. glad i didnt have to play you in top 8 though. i fucking hate stun. also cloaked duelist is so funny.
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    Answer: If you control your opponent’s “Drill Warrior” and remove it from play, it will be Special Summoned to its owner’s side of the field during the owner’s next Standby Phase and they will add a Monster Card to their hand. Source: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/gameplay/rulings/ABPF_sneak_ruling.pdf Page 9
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    The internet: Where lonely boys make fake girlfriends and role play as them to lengthen their E-Penis on YGO sites.
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    So I love The Used. But I drew everything else before I drew that guy in the center which is partial artwork of Lies for the Liars album. And The Orignal Artists name is Alex Pardee. And You'll find his website is www.eyesuckink.com But you know copywrite and stuff. Its just a drawing So I hope I dont get banned for this. It was my first piece in a year, cuz I stopped drawing, etc. This was drawn before the robot one. Although this infringes on copywrite laws, I provided the orignal artists details, so I hope its not epically banned, and I get the ban hammer for it. But feel free to take this thread down.
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    nerds are the worst facebook whores
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    i don't see what you're complaining about it's facebook with the dgz userbase
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    Anything which can push through mass sets has become top tier spell and trap removal. Those cards mean that Cold Wave, Giant Trunade, Trap Stun and Royal Decree are probably your best options. Unlike Allen, I actually prefer Trunade over Cold Wave in several decks right now because of my ability to set afterwards, but it does allow them to keep cards which Cold Wave would allow me to destroy via Gyzarus, Hyunlei, Black Rose, etc. If you had a theme specific card (Wingbeat or Delta-Crow) then they would also be in this group. Targetted and flexible removal is your next tier of available tools. MST is probably the only one of these which will see a lot of play in this format. It's still fantastic, it's definitely not required though. I look at mass removal as my tools for being aggressive, I look at targetted removal as my method of "problem-solving". MST can deal with Royal Decree and Trap Stun can't. That doesn't make one better than the other (there are lots of examples where Trap Stun is better). The other thing about this level is that it can be chained/end-phased and that seems excellent to me. Awkward removal probably still won't be good except in a niche. Stuff like Malevolent Catastrophe has trouble solving problems and clearing the field at opportune times. It can create advantage which is good, but is difficult to set-up and not many decks can take proper advantage of it. Stuff like Double Cyclone, Chain Whirlwind, etc. just isn't helpful unless your deck is build for it. ---------------------------------------- We all seem to be pretending that spell and trap removal is only composed of spells and traps (except for the few comments on Breaker and the Amazon). I think it should be clear that most of the best spell and trap removal is actually in the form of monsters. We have a tendency to downplay these because backrows can be used to stop those monsters from working. There are some good options in these though. ----------------------------------------- My tier list right now would look like this: 1. Cold Wave [in most decks this is still the best there is] 2. Giant Trunade, Trap Stun, Royal Decree, Wingbeat, Delta - Crow 3. Mystical Space Typhoon 4. Dust Tornado 5. Everything else I'd put things like Breaker and Amazon on par with Dust Tornado/MST depending on the deck they were in, I'd say Cyber Dragon (as far as the spell/trap removal function) is below Typhoon but above Dust Tornado. He's also useful in other ways though, don't take that to mean I support pulling out Cyber Dragons for MST because I very much do not.
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    lol you didnt top? WHAT A SURPRISE
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    Obviously that's the reason he's being kept in there, is more to protect his life than anything IMO. People always make threats right before it comes time for his parole that they'll murder him if he gets out. Guy deserves to burn in hell, along with the Catcher in the Rye. Never did like that book.
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    dont own any and idk what id even take out to be honest
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    The basic breakdown of Darko is: great exploratory plot. Great acting in most cases. Awful directing and some stupid out-of-place scenes/lines. Kelly's other work has been like terribly dreadful so you can see where this case can be backed up. Anyway, math movies. Nao.
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    Donnie Darko I think everyone agrees on this movie. I watched it for the first time last night and was amazed, rewatching it now.
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    And you have Solemn Warnings to back up the Hamster play if they do try to caius it.
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