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    I quit at the beginning of the format because I thought it was going to be pretty retarded, Sabers seemed like they'd be a tier 0 nightmare. However, since Sabers haven't turned the game into a complete travesty, I started playing again and I have a newly found appreciation for the format. I really think this is the best format we've had since teledad: the level of play skill isn't quite as relevant as it was then (it's close, though), but deckbuilding is far more prevalent in this format than it was then. There are still stupid things around like Cold Wave and Reborn, but beyond that I've had much more fun playing that I've had in a long time. I have won a lot since I started playing again, but my losses don't feel as bad as they did in previous formats, where many of them were solely because of lucky series of topdecks and first/second turn kills. Most of my losses this format have been either because of bad draws or my own misplays, which are both things that aren't related to the format but just the way the game is. Stbl doesn't look to alter the game in a negative way, so I'm really looking forward to the rest of the format. Also, that post Jay Bee made a page back was just straight up wrong. Zombie mirror matches were pretty much the only thing that salvaged that format from being one of the worst we've had. What a fucking idiot.
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    "negative dueling influences" We ought make a meme of this I think we've found the new team dgz slogan.
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    just going to stop posting here, u can run your shitty builds all you want. hopefully people follow so i can get a ton of easy matchups
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    One of the only things that makes Yugioh better than Magic is the existence of this site. <3
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    you guys are god damn retarded
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    But does she make sixty-six grand a year writing papers? no but she has sex with rei.
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    u should take this subpar deck and trash it to play an amazing deck !! ;-)
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    also theres way too much flaming in this threead like theres no reason for it ... you dont have to call other peoples decks bad or their choices bad its better to just try and give advice on what you thnk is better if someone says something dumb let them be dumb they'll come around eventually and if they dont its their loss right? and i dont kno if theres any standard version of BW but like a couple people said (and thank you to you guys) apparenlty my build just rapes people left n right for reasons i dont know i think the MAJOR key to success at any event regardless of your deck is your side which at both of my YCS tops was the biggest factor in winning you can run the most broken main and have randy side and it just wont work the OTHER important thing is learning how to side those cards, and thats something that all the youtube videos and articles in the world cant help you with, i dont think ive ever really agreed with anyones ideas on siding but my own (with maybe a few small exceptions)... practice makes perfect though!
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    When i started reading this thread i thought this was about Yugi Muto.. Tbh i havent tried any other card games to say that this or that makes the card game unique for me, it was just my hobby since i was a little kid and i still have fun with it so i go on. Im not really fond of card games, if i stop playing ygo i wont be starting any card game, so thats that. I like about the game is that by its nature it helps u interact with other ppl, and no matter how shitty the format may be, it always remains fun to innovate weird stuff for locals, and of course, u improve at this the more u play, so u can see a development at ur skill level. What i dont dislike is atm the number of power cards available, making the luck factor bigger than ever, and while luck is essential for all games to be played, i think this is a bit much. Another thing i dont dislike is the nymber of socially retarded ppl in the game, and one of the biggest signs of this is the overboosted ego over pretty much nothing. Id analyze why this happens, but it will end up an off topic wall of text, the thing is, being around unpleasant ppl just makes the whole experience seem worse than it should. Lastly, i dont like tournament support in my area. And while i guess u guys in the US can possibly go to another local if u are bothered with the TO, all big events and almost all locals are organized by the same brand that has the rights of ygo in Greece. So what that basically means is that if u dislike the way tournaments are held at ur local or at a big event, u might as well quit, cuz its the same everywhere.
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    just smoked a blunt of catpiss...blazed. also i purchased a quarter of gold cap mario snacks. i am gonna eat them friday and go craaaaazy
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    Damn I wanna go with you!
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    Don't even fuck with that man, thats asking for trouble, and the fact the girl looks likes shes 13 with down syndrome or someshit. Make this girl 1 jelious with these other girls, if that don't work get with them instead.
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    Honestly adaptive players are very lucky this format, the game is so slow but the pace is so easy to control. Building your decks to be more aggressive forces less adaptive players out of their comfort zone causing more misplays. It's really all just about knowing the "anti-meta playstyle".
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    I fail to see how ignoring rulings makes you a worse player. If anything, it makes you a better player, because you can see why a particular ruling helps/hurts you. And several SEVERAL top name players (Dale/Lazaro are the first that come to mind) have claimed to forget rulings in the middle of game. Dale dropped a Gorz on a teammate when he attacked with a monster that was not Malefic Stardust. Lazaro attempted to target in GY while necrovalley was out. Both at Indy when my team was playing GKs. They are not ridiculed. I'm referring to the inclination that by foregoing any realistic development of your skills and instead just knowing the rulings and how to bend them will not enhance your abilities as a player. Case in point being judges. The majority actually know the rulings fairly well but have very little skill in actually playing the game. All you're developing is knowledge of specific interactions between cards without actually applying things such as game tempo or making correct reads. Your example isn't exactly what I was referring to as I stated "horrendous misplays", not slipping up on a ruling. An excellent example of this comes from somebody that wasn't exactly cheating but still felt the need to use a different tactic of underhandedness to beat me at a regional. This person, whether this was actually an intentional lack of knowledge or if he wanted to see if I knew the actual ruling, believed a Monarch would miss the timing when it gets Torrentialed. Not all players that make terrible plays are cheaters of course, but almost every player that cheats has a tendency to not be very good at actually playing the game when their method of cheating is eliminated from the equation. I think the "hollow-ness" of a victory like this is severely over-estimated. If this were the case, why do pro-atheletes and olympians get caught doping/steroids/whatever all the time? The recognition is probably enough to fill in whatever was lost by cheating. Of course once they're actually caught, then it all amounts to nothing. Essentially what you want to say is as long as they never get caught, it's totally fine. Only when they get caught, and they will, does all of that finally amount to nothing. Also, as I stated, if they can feel as if they deserve the recognition by cheating, they most likely never lost any kind of integrity to begin with. The person had a lack of moral substance, they were nothing more than a hollow being with some self-righteous and egotistical goal in mind. There is no over-estimation of a hollow victory because the moment the person stoops to this level, they've committed themselves fully to this choice. They can't claim personal integrity from a situation such as this. This is nothing more than outright arrogance, even if they refuse to acknowledge that what they are doing is incredibly selfish. Also, players do actually have the ability to receive a ruling from another person, the judge, in the event that they don't know that particular ruling. It is completely justifiable for a person to depend on the judge in these circumstances, however, I will state that to be entirely dependent on them would be an equal extreme of complications for a particular match. If you'd like to defend this statement, know that you will have to convince me that judges should serve no purpose outside of penalizing players in the event that they should attempt to cheat. Of course, since you're already trying to justify cheating as well, you might as well try convincing me that judges are completely unnecessary. Judges are necessary if there is a dispute on rulings. But it's interesting that you bring up judges, because it brings up an interesting question: how often do players "appeal" a ruling that goes in their favor, even when they're not 100% sure that the ruling is correct? My guess would be never. What is interesting is that this is more common and more widely accepted, yet is harder to justify morally than if I actively withhold information because I know I am the more skilled player and don't want to use this skill to help my opponent win. The player could easily claim personal integrity. Whether or not the actions were consistent with integrity is dependent on the situation, haha. If you can justify that rulings should be bent in favor of the player with more skill, then once again I ask you, what the fuck do we need judges for? Any time my opponents are unsure about whether or not the plays I make actually work, I actually suggest they confirm with a judge that what I'm doing is legal. Maybe I'm just being good-natured to the point of stupidity, Idk. It's actually not any harder to justify morally as I will still claim that either of these actions is frowned upon. Naturally, these frowns come from a blind eye as apparently these people are never caught, so you claim. Right, I forgot that whole determinent of whatever mindset the person holds rather than widely accepted social norms defines personal integrity. Regardless, I would think the majority of people that cheat are fully aware that what they are doing will be viewed as morally unjust by the majority considering they try pretty hard to make sure nobody catches them. In what way do you see his hard work as a form of punishment? Is it because it cost him this one match where his knowledge was not to his favor? Or maybe it has to do with the fact that possessing such a reasonable amount of knowledge will more often result in his winning several matches before he is faced with a single loss. In that case, I suppose being ignorant and lazy would be the appropriate choice so that he can claim one false victory while continuing to lose out in the long run. Sure, the reasonable amount of knowledge would likely result in winning several matches. But all it takes is 2 match losses to be removed from topping(recognition). If he is in a match where he is clearly more skilled and more deserving of recognition, and his opponent who is NOT as prepared(doesn't know rulings) is about to lose because of lack of skill/preparation(not knowing rulings), why should the goodplayer inform badplayer that, regardless of badplayer's lack of knowledge/skill/prepartion, badplayer has still won the match? The only argument would be to maintain a sense of personal integrity. But if goodplayer buys into the ideology that good players should be rewarded for preparation, and bad players should be punished for failing to learn rulings prior to the tournament, then goodplayer can soft-cheat his opponent by withholding the information (like in the alchemist-ryko scenario) and still maintain a sense of personal integrity. Now I'm just going to stop arguing morals and also not let this particular form of argument go on any longer. In no way can you justify that you are more deserving of recognition or more skilled than another player, especially if you are driven to the point of cheating that person out of victory. Clearly you would seek to cheat because you can't beat them fairly, so in this sense, it's quite obvious who the more skilled player was from the beginning. And no, arguing for personal integrity is not the only means of explaining why this is such a pathetic choice of action. For people such as yourself that have a twisted view of what personal integrity means, the consequences you'll face should you get caught serve as a deterrent. What you will maintain will be viewed as a sense of personal integrity simply because you wish to delude yourself into believing that your actions were completely justifiable. You know fully well that what you did was unacceptable from the standpoint of the majority and you simply wish to claim some self-satisfactory cop-out to the fact that you are and forever will be a terrible player. Essentially, you fail to own up to your own flaws and seek to put the blame on others. You believe somebody to be a terrible player simply because they don't know the same rulings as you or that they're unprepared when they don't know rulings. That example you used before about Dale would be perfect for this issue. He clearly didn't notice a small restriction with the cards he was playing against so would you care to claim that he's a bad player? Thus, you are no better than the cheater himself. But I already figured out that you were among the morally irresponsible a long time ago and to argue against your delusional sense of what is and is not fair to "skilled" players merely requires introducing some form of enlightenment to you. No amount of discussion will enable you to realize the mistake of deciding to cheat. You can only realize this by example, namely you actually being caught in the act of cheating and finally being forced to own up to your decisions.
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    Now my opponents will know I mean business.
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    In most cases, by "saying format sucks" what you are actually trying to say is "This format frustrates me. I am not winning enough. I have trouble adapting to change. I perceive myself as a good player, so clearly if I am not winning enough it must be due to factors that are beyond my control (the format, lucky topdecks, etc.). Instead of trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, I'm going to use the format as a scapegoat."
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    Alright, I'm only doing this because I respect you and want to steer the rest of the DGz hopefuls wanting to play Scraps at Atlanta in the right direction. Here a few points (facts, in fact) about a successful Scrap deck. 1. Run Royal Decree Know why a lot of the other top decks of the format don't main Royal Decree? Here's a hint: Archetype-specific Trap Cards! Icarus Attack & Delta Crow for Blackwings, Gladiator Beast War Chariot for Glads and Gottoms' Emergency Call are all ridiculously important cards for each of these decks and as a result, they must forfeit the ability to maindeck Royal Decree. Know why LS played Decree back in the day? Simply because they COULD. They had no important archetype-specific trap cards that enhanced LS in any way and as a result, Royal Decree was the obvious choice. Any deck that doesn't have trap cards that they MUST run in order to be successful SHOULD be maining Royal Decree at the moment. This didn't apply as much last format as it does to this format for the simple fact that Heavy Storm is gone, and as a result; players feel the need to overextend their backrow and main upwards of 10 trap cards per deck. It's pretty ridiculous that 1 trap card drawn can shut down 1/4 of your opponent's deck, and as a result, 1-2 cards in your opponent's opening hand on average. The reason plants are a trap-heavy deck is because they take a lot of setting up with Hamsters and Rykos in order to be successful while Scraps simply utilize it's core engine to produce tempo and advantage. The Scrap monsters produce tempo on their own and as a result, the deck doesn't need the game simplification that Plants do in order to be successful. In effect, they're similar to Gladiator Beasts, they take a +1 early on and grind out several other +1's with their Scrap effects. If Glads didn't need the trap support, they'd main Decree in an instant, but due to the fact that Glads NEED the open field to produce advantage (unlike Scraps who don't mind opposing monsters), Royal Decree isn't the best option. 2. Main Cyber Dragon! I don't even understand how I see some Scrap decks not maining Cyber Dragon. Not only is this card a must-have versus BW, GB, Gemini and Machina, but it makes for very easy access to Scrap Dragon and Scrap Twin Dragon which worst case scenario simply bring back the Scrap Beast or Scrap Goblin used to create them. As you've probably realized in testing, there are times where your opponent has fields of Armed Wing, Shura etc and you're not holding Chimera and the BW's have simplified the gamestate to the point that you have no monsters on the field. Without Scrap Chimera, Cyber Dragon is the only effective way to bring out Scrap Dragon and Scrap Twin Dragon. Without monsters on the field during MP1 of your turn, Scraps is a sad, sad deck to be playing. They strive on mainting monsters on the field in the same way Sabers do to bring out Faultroll, Glads do to utilize Tiger and not fear BoM, and BW does to utilize their archetype-specific trap cards. Scraps NEED monsters on the field during MP1 in order to have a successful turn and when you're stuck without them, Cyber Dragon is the best answer. I'm not saying to SS Cyber first turn into a blind fd game 1 turn 1. No. Save him until maintaining a monster on the field is simply impossible. 3. Scapegoat I can't even discuss how great this card is to the deck and how much it adds. Not only does it make for fairly easy access to Formula Synchron and Naturia Beast, but it also adds an element that you lose without maintaining a trap-heavy loadout. Sometimes you simply need to preserve the lifepoints in order to stay in the game and Goats is a great answer to this. They're great to use with Scrap Dragon or Scrap Twin Dragon, great for synchro material monsters and great to protect your life points, USE THEM. 4. The "milling doesn't matter" comment This just simply isn't true. The deck strives on having Golem, Goblin, Chimera, Searcher and Beast in the graveyard. The reason this deck is called Scraps is because it utilizes the graveyard in order to create and sustain advantage. Essentially you want 5 cards in the graveyard (optimally) and you main 4 cards to get them in there. Does that seem sufficient/efficient? Nope. With Golem in the graveyard, Scrap Dragon instantly replaces itself. With Goblin in the graveyard, you survive any 3-4 monster onslaught instantly with Scrap Dragon. With Scrap Beast in the graveyard, Chimera is an instant Scrap Dragon and so on. Each card needs to be in the graveyard for a very different but very important/specific reason. Ryko not only eliminates threats in the form of monsters (which we lose answers to because we main Decree), but it also helps to load the graveyard. I'm not saying that maining Spy is bad, because it isn't. I'm simply stating that maining Ryko is probably more a matter of personal preference than anything. I like reliability over explosiveness any day (which is a reason I usually go by the usual 2-of-each-card strategy). I'm done for now, I'll comment more later.
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    Oh, as long as you were just going to try and savagely cheat someone for one round I guess it is ok. Seriously stop sucking your own dick and that goes for everyone else riding you in this thread. You switched your deck. I don't give a shit about the circumstances because cheating is cheating and you knew the risk you took. I already said I would have tried doing the same thing but at least I am not so naive to think I am somehow above the rules of the game because I was stupid enough to let my deck get stolen. A sign of maturity is owning up to your mistakes, something you are obviously incapable of doing.
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    I was at a tourney yesterday and someone broke into my car and stole my fucking blinged debris deck and my binder. Another guy got his whip broken into as well. Thank God the parking lot had cameras and the cops got the plates of the thieves, but I'm screwed for the most part in getting my stuff back in time for ATL. Hoban and others, my foreign binder is still not in yet, its at customs but it should be here in time for ATL, will let you guys know if it gets here in time. Obviously I'll be willing to pay cash and whatever I have left, but here is what I need: Monsters 3 Caius the Shadow Monarch ulti 3 Debris Dragon rare 3 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter super 2 Lonefire Blossom super 1 Glow-Up Bulb ulti 2 Dandylion ultra 1 Effect Veiler ulti 1 Tytannial, Princess of Camellias ulti 1 Super-Nimble Mega Hamster super 1 Sangan hl 1 Spore Spells 3 Pot of Avarice ultimate 1 Book of Moon super 2 Pot of Duality 1 Monster Reborn HL 1 Foolish Burial super Traps 2 Solemn Warning ultimate 2 Bottomless Trap Hole super/gold 1 Seven Tools of the Bandit ultra 1 Solemn Judgement ultra Extra Deck 1 Scrap Dragon ulti 1 Stardust Dragon ghost/ulti 2 Black Rose Dragon ghost 1 Mist Wurm 1 Formula Synchron 1 Goyo Guardian ulti 1 Iron Chain Dragon 1 Brioniac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier DT 1 Ally of Justice Catastor DT 2 HL fluff tokens. thanks guys.
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    Slick, I wouldn't fault Kohanim too much. From what I understand, Wizards and Konami are very different in what sort of content they expect their writers to put out. Flores is great though. Well, he's not that good at Magic anymore, but his content is legit.
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    I completely disagree. I personally have seen several top players make great plays AND soft-cheat. People attempt to make the claim that cheating somehow represents being at a lower skill level than your opponent. In reality, it just reflects that the cheater believes there is not enough of a difference of skill to ensure himself a victory. Getting caught soft-cheating is essentially impossible. All you have to do is claim you "forgot." Even you have given Dale Bellido the benefit of the doubt, as you said he "did not notice a small restriction," as opposed to "he soft-cheated." And it's arguable that it would amount to nothing - was the recognition gained during their successful period worth the crash later on? I'm not sure either way, but I don't think it's as clear cut as you make it seem. One thing to remember here, is that I'm arguing whether or not soft-cheating could be justified morally. Having judges around really has nothing to do with it. I am not saying that cheating is justified morally in all situations, in fact it is MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE IN MOST SITUATIONS. I'm just pointing out that there are scenarios where it could be justified. The first part is definitely bad logic. You're claiming that the most skilled player will win "fairly" 100% of the time. Just because a player cheats to win does not directly imply that he is less skilled. In fact, getting soft-cheated actually suggests less skill, because you are not knowledgeable enough of the game to recognize when the game is not functioning correctly. But that's beside the point. I'm starting to detect some hostility here. Never once did I say I soft-cheat or cheat, so your attacks about "delusion" and "being a terrible player" are misplaced. Just because I defend the murderer doesn't mean I committed the murder. The rest of that paragraph really doesn't present any argument towards the notion of someone soft-cheating to gain a win because they are the more deserving player and is basically "BLAH UR A CHEATER AND A TERRIBLE PLAYER FOREVER." I understand that many cheaters will justify cheating to themselves by deluding themselves. Duh, this is an obvious argument. But that does NOT mean that EVERY circumstance of soft-cheating is completely morally unjust. lol. So because I disagree with you on the topic of cheating, I am therefore a cheater and delusional. Your argument has devolved into personal attacks, btw. I am starting to detect an issue where you want this area to be black/white, and can't accept that it may be more complex than "cheating=wrong in all circumstances." It's not black and white. The more I consider this, the more I find it difficult to justify telling an opponent about the ruling (ryko v alchemist) other than to retain a personal identity of "honest person." Had playerA not bothered to look up the ruling, neither would have batted an eye. PlayerA did, however, want to make optimal plays, so he put in the effort to inform himself of questionable rules. PlayerB did not have the foresight to do so. PlayerA acted in a way that should be rewarded with victory. He is now in a situation where he can punish himself, and not only that, punish himself for a yugioh virtue (preparation), and reward his opponent for a yugioh flaw (ignorance). Basically, is being able to tell yourself "I'm honest and follow the rules" enough justification to reward ignorance and punish virtue? Because this is really the only incentive to volunteer information to an opponent. This is a gray-enough area to show that soft-cheating is not cut and dry. It does not matter if "CHEATERS JUSTIFY ANYTHING, ARE DELUDED." This is completely inconsequential to the argument. It doesn't matter if this argument encourages players to cheat. It doesn't matter whether or not most cheating is not morally justified. I doesn't matter whether I MYSELF cheat. What matters is whether or not the argument is valid. Here's another scenario: You're watching a match between PlayerA and PlayerB. PlayerA has significantly out-played PlayerB the entire match. PlayerB has continually hit top-deck after top-deck, and, regardless of his awful playing, has managed to stay in the game. The fact that PlayerB has even managed to stay in the game is upsetting to you, almost nauseating, because of your belief that good players should win. The ryko-alchemist scenario occurs. NEITHER player is aware of the fact that alchemist does not get his effect. PlayerA is about to win as a result, when it looked like he was definitely going to lose. The crowd watching breathes a sigh of relief, as THEY all wanted the more skilled player to win as well. You are satisfied that the more skilled player will win, then you remember the rulings. Do you volunteer the information that there was a mistake, and therefore cost PlayerA the match? Another scenario: Your opponent does not know the ryko alchemist rulings. He cannot decide whether or not to destroy alchemist to avoid the effect from happening. He voices this out-loud: "I don't want you to get Alchemist's effect...I probably should not destroy it..." Do you inform him of the ruling on Alchemist before he makes his decision? This latter scenario is especially relevant. It is not defined in the tournament policy as cheating, but it is still withholding information in the attempt to gain an advantage over an opponent. Is this still cheating in the moral sense?
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    All-nighter at Dublin airport tonight, they better have good wifi
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    That's not even funny.
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    It's nice how Konami managed to make the Agent fairies and The Sanctuary in the Sky pretty awesome with this structure deck.
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    I expect massive disappointment . Something just feels off about it.
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    LOL i know right. if you want just multiplayer go play team fortress 2. at least that game actually takes skill. you guys are the reason most video games suck nowadays and why DLC is being abused so badly.
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    Last two finals today. Its going to be a fucking intense next couple of weeks :]. Going to Austin, TX thanksgiving weekend to PARTY HARD
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    i'd stop talking to her in general if she's trying to hook you up with an ugly lol.
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    No This format is completely different than anything we've had before Heavy banned changed everything. Some people hate. Some ppl like it (I don't know why). But those who hate it, really hate it. It has nothing to do with adaptability this time. The game has changed and some people hate it. I am not a fan, despite having a lot of success For the record OP, my response to backrow format was, if you can't beat em join em. Play more backrows than them and win. Its seriously that easy. Is the format perfect from a skill standpoint? Obviously not. Has the format ever been perfect? No. Sure, Heavy Storm is gone. It sucks. Dark Hole and Monster Reborn are back. Yeah, it definitely sucks. But last format we had topdecked Brain Controls and Rescue Cats to win games. Every format it's something different. "Why did they have to bring [insert gay card here] back?" You're playing a fucking card game, not chess. In Poker, there are tons of bad beats stories, "It was favored to win by 90% and then he got the nuts on the turn and the river." It's a card game, it happens. If you are always focusing on how all of your opponents are topdecking Monster Reborns or how you're always getting manascrewed you're never going to get better at TCGs. Plain and simple.
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    Thats elephantastic
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    I really hate what this game will eventually come down to. If Konami is so belligerent on stopping FTK/OTK's, they shouldn't be making shit like this. Yes, this support will not be coming out for months, but when it does get out, it's really going to cause a lot more rage quitting and blasphemy. I am disappoint.
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    card trooper is a gimmick, debris isn't icarus attack isn't shit when you run enough trapstun/tools/decree to get them with any degree of consistency. I consider BW to be one of the best matchups for sabers, after plants. cold wave just blows them out of the water
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    There is no question what Jae did is considered cheating and a ban is deserved. He shouldn't be treated any different than anyone else. I still think 2 years seems long for a "deck switch", I would think a year would be enough, but at the same time, I can't be that upset for Konami being strict about cheating. Also, people banned for violent acts should get lifetime bans. There should be a zero tolerance, 1 strike and you're out policy. Its a children's game. There are kids at tournaments. People with a history of public violence at an event should never be allowed back. For the record, good players do get targetted. Its not Konami per se, its immature judges. I know for a fact that some judges will go around and brag about how they "DQ'd Adam Corn" or some other shit. They are completely jealous and attention seeking and will unfairly witch hunt certain players for their own celebrity. The problem is that there are essentially no credentials needed to be a judge these days and these idiots are allowed to do this crap.
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    Arizona just passed for medical<3
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    I just want to clarify my GB deck was fully tested and the X-Saber deck was given to me by a friend randomly. If my friend had given me a random GB deck, nothing would have happened (which is absurd since that is still "cheating.") It wasn't my intent to swap decks for the rest of the tournament. Just one match. The *only* reason I played at all instead of just take the loss is the exact same thing happened to me at SJC Edison and I found out you get *dropped* from the tournament. Which seems silly but there it is. Perhaps it was selfish of me to just want to play out a round since I was x-1, deep in the tournament, and had driven eight hours to go to Indy. I certainly don't feel it was cheating. I can respect your opinion if you feel it is but most of you guys saying that are just haters or contrarians trying to be "different." If one of you like Impulse could explain why my action would be construed as cheating (within the context/spirit of the circumstance), it would be great. If I wasn't busy and more mature in my older age I would spend a lot of my time and energy fighting back against this. But I won't. And any argument we would have about this would be like Clinton trying to define sex with Lewinsky. It's all semantics. But if you think my action fit the "spirit" of dirty YGO cheating, I think you either have issues with me or issues with life in general. Pat yourself on the back for following Konami's smear train.
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    save some money, invest in a farm and grow some balls.
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    im usually to high to post here lol i miss you guise smokin1 for ur dog hahn rip
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    if you need to wait more than a normal series length to get into a show thats a fail.
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    http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/11/05/21st-century-war-google-maps-error-leads-to-nicaraguan-invasion/ yah the link name pretty much explains it up
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    I am probably stepping out of line here, but fuck the use of medicine I've had several cases of depression fall unto me and what helped me relive them was establishing goals to stop the source of my depression as well as rewarding myself when I have accomplished my task. Anyways I would say that I couldn't understand your depression even if family, friends, looks etc. seems simple enough. Couldn't you find an alternative?