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    *dies* omg how do you play with mismatched cards *dies more*
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    15 3 TG Hyper Librarian 2 Formula Synchron 1 Ally of Justice Catastor 1 Armory Arm 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Junk Destroyer 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Drill Warrior 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Tempest Magician 1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
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    gold deep divers so we can all run tier 0 decks in style!
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    Equip only to a Spellcaster-Type monster. It gains 500 ATK. You can send this face-up card and the equipped monster you control to the Graveyard to draw 2 cards. GK's just got a little bit sexier. Flip Spy, SS Recruiter, equip it with this, draw 2, and then search? Ridiculous.
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    Not your personal army, etc.
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    Because I like to special summon every turn including turn 1
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    Go ahead and play Respite in a format where GK is one of the best decks. See how far you get. 2 Gladiator Beast Laquari 2 Gladiator Beast Equeste 1 Gladiator Beast Bestiari 1 Gladiator Beast Murmillo 1 Gladiator Beast Retiari 1 Gladiator Beast Darius 1 Gladiator Beast Hoplomus 3 Test Tiger 1 Elemental Hero Prisma 1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 14 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Book of Moon 1 Forbidden Lance 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Gladiator Proving Ground 8 2 Trap Stun 2 Dust Tornado 2 Solemn Warning 2 Dimensional Prison 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 3 Gladiator Beast War Chariot 1 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Trap Dustshoot 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Call Of The Haunted 18
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    also start showering atleast once a day
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    I don't understand how anyone can see Fader as being more important to the deck than Swap.
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    Ukay Pro 3 Tournament Report Before I go into the specifics, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a third year university student with one hell of a workload. Because of this, it's not very often that I get to play Yugioh at the local shop or even online. However, I am a Mathematician. This means that the logic behind the strategies and tactics involved in pretty much any game, are fairly easy to grasp for me and it only takes a little bit of practice for me to get back into the swing of things again. It's like solving a Bessel function and all that jazz . . . Nah, fuck you Bessel, fuck you. Anyway, these last two weeks have been pretty hectic for me. Coursework assignments, first draft for my dissertation and an oral presentation were challenges to overcome. I finished my last coursework until the Easter break on the Thursday, minutes before midnight. I then relax for about an hour and then pack most of my belongings for tomorrow. Friday: I pack the last few bits and pieces and then walk to the train station. The train is delayed (what are the odds ¬_¬) but I arrive at Birmingham, revalidate my ticket and eventually board my train for Sheffield. I encounter the 'Birmingham' crew - a bunch of skilled duelists residing in Birmingham. I watch them duel on the train a little. One of them had a Frog Monarch deck, another had Gravekeepers and a third had Dragunity. I decided it was a good time to catch some more pokemon in Black while I had the chance to do so. Anyway, I arrive at Sheffield and meet up with my main man Renpuu and we head to the hotel. Once there, we chill for a bit and then grab dinner at KFC. We then go to the venue to pre-register for tomorrow. I duel a friend (Rio Hill) who runs Gravekeepers and get swiftly 2-0'd in the face. Twice. God damn Necrovalley shutting my entire deck down more or less. We get back to the hotel – Renpuu and I start arguing about changing my deck around, but in the end I decided to change it back to the way I had it a month ago as it is the build I am most comfortable with. The side deck however gets a complete makeover. Renpuu argued that my side should be more versatile against the wide variety of decks I could face. He also didn't like the counter trap side board that is standard for my deck. Eventually we settled on a decent side. We have a few matches for preparation and what not and we both held our own fairly well. I re-sleeve and get Renpuu to write up my deck list since my handwriting is atrociously poor. We finally decide to sleep. Saturday - Day 1: Wake up and have breakfast at Mc Donalds. We head to the event and talk to a few familiar faces before the event starts. Round 1: Overdark Dragon VS Gravekeepers Game 1: I lose the dice roll but I draw a pretty good hand. I honestly don't remember much but I remember summoning Stardust and he goes Bottomless. I negate and then Dark Hole his Flamvell Magician and Decendent. I win a few turns time. All I saw from him was a Flamvell Magician and a Decendent. I was unaware of what deck he was running but figured I'd side in two MST because it's fricking MST. Game 2: He pretty much owns me with a turn one Rai-Oh which I struggled to deal with and just grinded my face in with it and eventually other Gravekeeper shenanigans with Necrovalley on field. Game 3: I side in double Ravine, and triple Puppet Plant. I think I should have only sided 1-2 puppet plant as I think I disrupted the flow of my deck too much which eventually ruined me in the third game. I knew I could have beaten him as well, I just didn't get the right cards and I messed up my deck too much I think. I didn't draw into the Ravine which I really wanted and instead hit the puppet plants which failed me. He was a cool guy though and we checked up on each other between most rounds. Round 2: Overdark Dragon VS Psychics. Game 1: I lose the dice roll but I end up beating him with Dark Armed Dragon. I do remember him blowing up two of my back row with Destructotron though. He also prohibited my Junk Synchron since I dumped Synchro Fusionist with Grepher. Game 2: He unleashed Hyper Psychic Blaster but I countered with Dark End Dragon on the following turn and victory soon followed. After round two, I spoke with a friend (Tom Watabiki (of the samurai clan)). He greets me by saying "HOPE LEADS TO FUCKING DISAPPOINTMENT!" which I respond with a laugh. He tells me how he wants to run Empty Jar. IT'S TIER ZERO, IT CANNOT BE BEAT. BEST DECK OF THE FORMAT MAN. Renpuu and I constantly slandered the deck with the tier zero jokes. Round 3: Overdark Dragon VS Blackwings. Game 1: Lose the dice roll. I trunaded his set up and went Rota + Foolish into Junk + Fusionist which led to Catastor + Future Fusion for the win. Game 2: He tried to Reverse Crow my triple backrow only to be met by Dark Bribe. But he ended up winning due to Dark Hole + Vayu Synchro for Armor Master shenanigans. I think he had a Rai Oh on the field earlier on which again, caused me great difficulties. Game 3: I beat him but I don't remember much. Probably some Future Fusion hax. Harry Peters has an announcement to make towards the entirety of DuelistGrounds. He IS the best duelist. Have a nice day. Round 4: Overdark Dragon VS Six Samurai Game 1: He looked at me as I sat across the table. He eyed up my umbrella sword and asked if I was running Samurai. I told him I blatantly was. I'm going to be honest. I only have a vague idea of how the six samurai work. Only played them once since that new set came out with all the Six Sam stuff. So whenever he played a card, I pretty much had to read what it did. But anyway, first dice roll I win all day. I open pretty strong as well though I don't recall the specifics. I do remember getting a Deck Devastation Virus off and raping face virus style. Game 2: This was pretty close. I DDV him turn two or something but he has a hand full of spells and traps and then tops into RotA and Smoke Signal. His spells and traps are sufficient to eliminate my REDMD threats and F.H.D from Future Fusion as well as a Junk Synchron summoning. He double warninged my double revival with Wyverns, Compulsed the F.H.D and booked the Junk Synchron. He then had Rota and Smoke signal to kill off my Synchron and I didn't draw what I needed to fight back. It was close, but he managed to nip it in the bud. Game 3: I think I opened strongly again but this was a really close match. I remember being on about 1200, and him being on about 800. He has the Samurai Synchro and a back row. I have a dead REDMD in hand and that's it, though I believe I had a Wyvern with REDMD in the yard waiting. I can win instantly if I draw into a puppet plant. I topped a Wyvern and I decide to go for it. I summon Wyvern and remove for REDMD, bring back Vandy and attack for game. Round 5: Overdark Dragon VS Six Samurai. Game 1: I won the dice roll, yay. I open really well. I pitch REDMD to special Dark Grepher, and dump Junk Synchron for Synchro Fusionist. Summon the second copy of Junk from hand and do the whole Catastor + Future Fusion hax. I set DDV and end. He summons Kageki and declares his intent to SS another monster from hand. I chain DDV and he loses the on field Kageki as well as a Kageki and two copies of that tuner from his hand. All he has left is the 1800 special summon dude and some other spell / trap. He kills my Grepher with the 1800 dude and passes. I bring out REDMD during the endphase and take it from there really. Game 2: This was fairly close. He warnings my Junk Synchron attempt to grab that Synchro Fusionist early on. So we constantly whither away each other's resources. I don't quite remember the specifics but I just managed to get the win. We were both quite low on life. Round 6: Overdark Dragon VS Dragunity Game 1: Not played Dragunity before either. But it's fine, I'll just wing it, like I usually try to do. I win the dice roll and I open godly. Like I mean godly. The only thing that the hand lacked was DDV in my opinion. I had Future Fusion, Dark Creator with Trade-In, RotA, Allure and I drew into some other card. I do all this stuff and I think I end up with 2 REDMD on board backed up with a Bribe and Warning and of course Future Fusion. He didn't do any crazy Dragunity stuff so I win with ease. Game 2: I am very certain he drew a terrible hand against my decent one. Despite this, he stops my attempts to overwhelm him. He stopped my Junk Synchron as well as one of my Dark Creators. He Reborns my Wyvern and summons a level three tuner in an attempt to Black Rose my field but I torrential tribute, losing my Dark Creator. Next turn, I Trade-In Vandy into reborn and get that Dark Creator back and take it from there. I end up losing my first match but winning the remaining five for day one. I find out that I ended up in 20th place after day one. My friend Andrew Tran was really impressed with the achievement, especially due to the fact that I was running my trademark deck. He was dueling right next to me this round but sadly he lost to a player running Dragunity. I talk with this player and turns out he runs Disaster Dragon. He told me for big events he likes to run Dragunity though, since he doesn't feel Disaster Dragon is able to compete at this level. I asked him if he goes on Duelist Groundz and he responded with a no. I explain that the creator of Disaster Dragon resides there and that I sometimes bounce ideas with him for my deck. He was like "Richard Clarke?" and I nodded. He seemed interested in that knowledge. Anyway, some other people congratulated me too. Renpuu and I left the hotel, grabbed KFC for dinner again, went back to the hotel and chilled for the rest of the night. Sunday - Day 2: Round 7: Thinking that the event would start at roughly 10 again, we ended up arriving at 9:30. Half an hour early ends up being half an hour late and I get a match loss. I was frustrated at myself for allowing such a stupid outcome to happen. Neither one of us heard the announcement stating the time that the tournament would recommence on the following day. But it obviously was made as I was the only one who arrived late. I’m an idiot, I know ¬___¬ Round 8: Overdark Dragon VS Gravekeepers. Fantastic, my worst matchup. Lose the dice roll and I get beaten down game one. Couldn’t even get REDMD onto the field. Game two I OTK on the second turn though, which swiftly took us to game three. I drew a jank hand and again, I did not see those Ravines. I really needed one to try and turn things around but it just didn’t happen. I should have sided three in hindsight instead of triple puppet plant but I had no time to test the side out so that’s my own fault. So I end up 5-3 in the end, finishing 38th. My own foolishness ruined any chance I had at making the top 16 cut. After I lost to the Gravekeepers, I decided to check out Tinzo (don’t know your name V_V) and Mathis (sorry for spelling errors V_V). It seems my dragon duelist partner had dismantled his dragon deck and was now building Dragunity. This is a crime that must be punished, as Dragon Master Clarke clearly would not stand for such nonsense. The execution would commence later however. Tinzo made the top 16 which was cool. I decided to challenge him to a duel, but he 2-0’d me, even when I got my combo off. He even let me take the pre-emptive strike in game one. I told him that the difference between our power was very clear to me now. I wished him luck for the final rounds. I meet up with my round one loss, Oovis (sp?) and we exchange binders. Renpuu brings out his binder as well. After business was conducted, Mathis was nearby, and so we decide to take some photos together. The execution commences . . . Slaying a former pure dragon user makes one hungry, so Renpuu and I decide to go and eat. While eating at KFC, a duelist couple spot us and they came over to engage in conversation. Once the girl revealed her name, I looked at her closely and realized that I played her at nationals, where she defeated me with six sam. Amazed by this revelation, I reveal the fact but she already knew that was the case anyway. It was pretty cool talking about each other’s day while we were eating. We all head back to the hotel and I end up trolling the girl (can’t remember what I said) and she threatened to kick me in the face. She is pretty small so I was just like, “yeah as if you could” and she does a crescent kick which would have hit my chin. I was impressed. She then demonstrated a front kick which would have cracked me in the nose if it hit. She claims that she did kickboxing from the age of four, so I was just like, “fair enough, not bad at all”. Anyway, we go our separate ways for the time being, and I scout out for trades. I meet Michael from DGz and we chat for a bit. I tell him my tournament record and he asks if I was running the deck I posted on DGz. I pull out my deckbox and allow him to view the deck over. He requests to lay the deck out on the table and I allow it. He gives the suggestion to test out Dragon Ravines, a pair of Phantoms and a tech DDR over the Junk Synchron engine and Dark Grepher. I told him at the very least, I would test Ravines out as it is something I’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the chance to do so. I intend to bounce ideas with him in the future. Anyway, we exchange binders and I see a pair of super Spirit Reapers that I desire, but he only wants cash and the price is too steep for me to pay. Ah well. I bid him farewell and scout for some other trades. I encounter a guy who has a Catastor which I really desire, but sadly the only things he wanted were stuff I wanted to keep, and so business could not be conducted. I did do a few trades throughout the day though, nothing worth mentioning really though (that and I can’t even remember what I did). I do remember buying a Dark Creator for under 5 pounds though. Around this time, the Disaster Dragon guy meets up with me and challenges the Overlord to a duel. I'm guessing he wanted to see what I was capable of - I told him my story of how I ended up X-3. EXTRA ROUND! DRAGON DUEL: Overdark Dragon VS Disaster Dragunity We decided not to side for this match. Game 1: We're pacing ourselves decently, but it is me who decides to go for the game ending strike. I discard to special summon Grepher and then Special summoned Dark Armed Dragon from my hand and used priority to take out one of his face-down monsters. He chained Icarus though. I believe I normaled Wyvern and went for REDMD to revive Vandy but got hit by a second Icarus attack! I exhausted my resources into that attempt and on his next turn he played Future Fusion! I was like what the hell! He told me how he had modified his deck into a hybrid of Dragunity and Disaster Dragon. I can't keep up with the overwhelming advantage that Future Fusion gave him and eventually lost. Game 2: I start decently with Grepher and pitching to set up for Dark Armed Dragon. I set three back row and pass. He plays monster reborn on my REDMD which I solemn judgment to summon Van'Dalgyon to the field and burned him for 1500. He sets two back row and a monster and passes. I draw and flip DDV. He contemplates and then solemns it. I drop Dark Armed and blow up his Icarus attack, but it turns out he couldn't use it. I blew up his other monster and attacked for game with Grepher and DAD. Game 3: I don't remember too much of game three actually. I'm certain I got Future Fusion out though and I think Dark Creator and co won me the match. He seemed impressed, at least I think so. We shook hands and went our separate ways. In the evening I met up with Willow (sp?) and Adam (people we met at KFC) and they had an X-saber deck they wanted to master for tomorrow. Renpuu and myself would be the opponents they would test against. They only had one Duality – I think the duels were roughly 60-40 in our favour at the end. Willow kept stabbing Renpuu in the ribs with my umbrella sword and she jammed the back of my neck with it too, while we were duelling Adam. After we finished duelling, it was time to head back to the hotel. We said goodbye, and I met up with Mathis and Tinzo and bade them farewell. I gave Mathis a manly hug and saluted Tinzo. Back at the hotel, I decided to test Dragon Ravine out against Renpuu’s Lightsworn deck and I ended up having more difficulty than when I used my original build. So I think that I will stick to the Junk Synchron tactic and keep the Ravines sided for the Gravekeepers. I go through Renpuu’s binder and take a few cards from him and give him a few cards back, because that’s how I roll. Other: Below are some other photos taken during the event; Me and Andrew Tram – runner up of Ukay Pro 2 and an opponent I lost to during that event. Oovis, Mathis and myself. Oovis, Renpuu and Mathis. Decklist: Overdark Dragon ►Monsters - 20 ►►► Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord ►►► The Dark Creator ►►► Red-Eyes Wyvern ►►► Junk Synchron ►► Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon ►► Vice Dragon ► Dark Armed Dragon ► Dark Grepher ► Synchro Fusionist ► Morphing Jar ►Spells - 12 ►►► Trade-In ► Tuning ► Future Fusion ► Foolish Burial ► Giant Trunade ► Monster Reborn ► Dark Hole ► Card Destruction ► Allure of Darkness ► Reinforcement of the Army ►Traps - 9 ►►► Dark Bribe ►► Solemn Warning ► Solemn Judgment ► Torrential Tribute ►► Deck Devastation Virus ►Extra - 15 ► Five-Headed Dragon ► Ally of Justice - Decisive Armor ► Mist Wyrm ► Ancient Fairy Dragon ► Scrap Dragon ► Red Dragon Archfiend ► Dark-End Dragon ► Stardust Dragon ► Colossal Fighter ► Scrap Archfiend ► Black Rose Dragon ► Exploder Dragonwing ► Magical Android ►► Ally of Justice Catastor ► Side - 15 ►►► Koa'ki Meiru Drago ►►► Puppet Plant ►► D.D. Crow ►► Pulling the Rug ► Gottom’s Emergency Call ►► Mystical Space Typhoon ► ►Dragon Ravine Deck notes: Third ravine over puppet plant in the side. I prefer Hero's Rule 2 over Crow, but I didn't side crow at all so . . . Deck Devastation Virus was a solid main deck choice - it single handedly won me a few games and generally whenever I play it, I gain an overwhelming advantage. I strongly advise people to try this card out. It really does wreck the majority of the top decks and the format in general. Props: - The weekend was incredible and I had loads of fun. - Meeting so many cool people, both old and new. - Overdark Fucking Dragon! Slops: - Match loss on day two for arriving late (I'm such a fucking idiot V_V) Concluding notes: I really needed a weekend away from work and that's exactly what UKPC 3 has given me. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the tournament organizer Abdul as well as everyone else involved who made UKPC 3 such a success. The tournament ran really smoothly and I have no complaints really. Abdul seemed pretty stressed on the sunday so I want the big guy to take it easy now. I enjoyed myself immensely and I greatly anticipate the next event I attend.
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    Friday night rolls around and I'm debating whether or not I should play in the Open on Saturday. At 1 I decide to get some beef noodle stew after FNM and only got 1 hour of sleep due to my stomach burning and rumbling. Get out of bed at 6.30 and go to my friend's house at 7.30 and decide not to play, because it'd just be a waste of 30 dollars. As we drive there, 8 mile starts playing on the radio which makes me rethink my choice of not playing. At 9 we arrive there, watch my friends register, and 5 minutes before registration closes my other friend comes, and I decide to play, because like Eminem said, you only get 1 shot. I borrow his Caw-Blade deck and write down the deck list in a rush and register. Round 1 VS Wilson Fisher, mono red Game 1: I keep a sketchy hand of 2 lands+stoneforge. His turn 2 Wardriver, turn 3 Goblin Guide+Wardriver, turn 4 Goblin Guide is too much for me to handle on 2 lands and I scoop it up. Game 2: I keep a hand with a stoneforge and a day. After daying and getting a Baneslayer to stick I win the game. Game 3: I open the same hand I got game 1 and mulliganned. Then I mulliganed again. Then I kept a hand of island, plains, tec edge, firewalker, and journey to nowhere. I journey his turn 2 wardriver, rip another firewalker, and finally rip a plains for the double firewalker to go to town. Round 2 VS Chris Davez, Caw-Go Cool guy, spoke chinese, and we talked a lot because of that. Game 1: He won the dice roll and we exchanged turn 2 stoneforges. On his turn 4 he plays a tap land, and I play my tap land. I predict that he had a jace and drew a tapland and couldn't play it, or had a 5th land in hand for the spell pierce backup. Regardless, I play a hawk instead of a jace, ship the turn and he plays a jace into my spell pierce, which he then spell pierces. I'm forced to blow my own jace on his jace after he brainstorms, and next turn he plays a Gideon. I play my own Gideon, then after that he plays his Gideon and I keep it down with a stoneforge in play and a tumble magnet, and eventually draw into my own gideon and connect with stoneforge. A few connects later I play a second stoneforge for a mortarpod and race him with damage, eventually he decides to swing at me with a Colonade and I attack back for 6 with a germ and my own colonade and then shoot him to death with the Mortarpod. Game 2: I forgot but I draw better than him and win. Round 3 VS Jeff Abong with G/R super heroes. He's a friend from my locals so it sucks we had to play. I beat him, I don't remember details but he played contagion clasp to keep his garruk alive, and top deck a chandra to kill my baneslayer, but eventually I get there with a Gideon in 2 or 3 games Round 4 VS Nabi Basil, Caw-Go Game 1: He thinks he has control, has a Jace out for like 5 turns, Stoneforge+birds+sword out and more lands than me, with a magnet to defend the jace. I play my Gideon and 2 birds, and eventually I kill his jace with my birds and day away the board, and resolve my own jace. Eventually I jace ultimate him. Game 2: Game 1 took a long time, we had about 10 minutes left on the clock. I mulligan, and eventually he goes to time with total control: Gideon, Sun Titan, Sworded Bird, and colonade. I'm left on 12 on turn 1 of time with nothing but birds and a magnet to defend myself. I divine offering his tumble magnet, and his turn 4 ends with me on 1 life. I end my turn and its a draw and win my match. Round 5 VS Christian Keith, Valakut I've never played this matchup before, and I'm not sure what to side. Game 1: He titans me turn 4 and I lose. Game 2: we both mulligan to 5. I drop turn 2 stoneforge and he rips wall. My Sword of Feast and Famine gets nature's claimed, but I manage to connect twice with a Sword of body and mind on a bird. However, I mill nothing of relevance and even though I play a tumble magnet on his wall, he rips his 6th land for a titan. He plays another Titan, and I have a full field, but for some reason he decides to shoot 3 birds, all unequipped. I take no notice and animate my colonade for lethal damage, but it turns out that he had a lightning bolt for my sworded bird and was tricking me into animating my colonade. There was a small argument where I said swing with all but did not untap my stoneforges and wolfs, so he said that I did not declare attacks with them. It didn't matter as it wasn't lethal and he had a titan and wall to block. Next turn he swings with both titans and deal more than enough to kill me. I'm kind of on a tilt, sad that I was so sloppy with my play (didn't matter, but I shouldn't do that stuff). I shake it off, and focus on my next match. Round 6 VS John Vandruten, GW quest, Cool guy from the Philippines, we have some small talk before the match. Game 1: I mulligan and keep a stoneforge hand and have to rip lands to not miss land drops while having a sworded stoneforge in play. I have a magnet to slow down 1 of his 2 vengevines, but even so I'm down to 1 and need to rip my 5th land (which also needs to be untapped) for my baneslayer. I rip a tectonic edge, play Angel, and next turn play gideon and force him to attack. I stabilize with my angel and eventually I have enough board presence to swing back and win with a 7/7 angel. Game 2: I mulligan to 5, and keep a day of judgment hand. He keeps quite a risky hand with multiple skyfishers, glint hawks, and memnites. On turn 4 I day away of his guys after chumping with my birds for a turn, and thought I stabilized at 12. However, he drops a quest and hits me for a few damage and while I have a bird and stoneforge, he gets his quest active, attacks with a bird, kill my bird and puts me to 3. I play a jace and a bird, bounce the equipped creature, and he swings at me and jace with 2 birds and a glint hawk. I drop my other jace and my bird, bounce a guy, and he kills my jace and puts me down to 1. I have to topdeck a baneslayer to not lose to him, and I do top into my single Baneslayer and then Gideon. I slowly go back up in life, and then my jace prevents him from getting any action while I kill him with the baneslayer. Round 7 VS Joe Losette, Mono Red Game 1: I manaleak a chalice on turn 2 without even paying attention to what it was, but it was good because he is stuck on 3. I jace him on turn 4, put a land on the bottom and he double bolts it. I drop Gideon, and my own tumble magnet, and he doesn't draw a 4th land for the rest of the game. I beat him down with a Gideon, and he's forced to play Runeblaster as an attacker without kicking it. I kill 2 of them with Gideon and he kills my gideon with 2 burst lightnings. I drop another Gideon and swing, and tap his sphere of the suns during his upkeep and eventually he dies without ever seeing his 4th manasource. Game 2: I open broken, with Firewalker, Sworded Mystic, Birds, and a Baneslayer. The only red spell he plays the whole game is 1 Kargan Dragonlord. Here's the kicker: I lost the game. He plays triple tumble magnet and I can't seem to find a jace or a Gideon to deal with the Kargan, and eventually it becomes level 8 and kills me in 2 hits while the magnets tap down all potential attacks and defenses I had up. Game 3: I mulligan, into turn 2 Firewalker, but he has a rachet bomb. He plays a Dragonlord but I have a jace and birds to protect it, but eventually phoenixes come down and the jace dies. However I had 4 jaces in my hand that game, and eventually I won with a Sworded Bird that went the distance and discarded everything in his hand while milling him. On his last turn I keep a Koth on the top of his deck and then he loses. Round 8 VS Alex Bertoncini with RUG He seems like a nice guy. I ask whether he plays this often and to my surprise he flies to every open and tops quite a lot too. I win the diceroll which proves to be pivitol this match. Game 1: I take a mulligan but have a turn 2 mystic. He plays a Cobra, but I connect with a sworded mystic after calling out his bluff bolt, and my second mystic brings out mortarpod to deal with his second cobra. I manaleak his Inferno Titan and its game. Game 2: He opens double cobra, and summons Inferno Titan. I try to day but he has the manaleak, and just kills me next turn with the titan. Game 3: I mulligan again, and I have turn 2 mystic. I misplay by getting a sword instead of mortarpod, but eventually I connect and kill 1 Cobra with mortarpod, then another with a mortarpodded Mystic. The Sword gets destroyed and I drop a Gideon while he has a tumble magnet. I use up his tumble magnet using my Gideon and my Colonade, beating for 4 each turn. On his turn he plays a Ravine with another in play, and I use up another of his magnet counter. I end my turn and I realize that he has 6 lands and 2 red sources while I had a tectonic edge up and should've tectonic edged at the end of my turn. He draws and I yell UPKEEP. He stops, and I declare I want to tectonic edge his Ravine. He seems shaken, and drops a misty rainforest. I continue the beat down with my gideon and Colonade and win the game, and he doesn't draw a second red source. After the game he throws his hand down-3 inferno titans. He seems visibly shaken by the way his deck crapped out on him. Sorry dude. Round 9: Edwin Garcia He offers to draw. I take the offer even though theres a chance we won't top. We play for fun and I keep a 1 lander and draw into triple squardran hawks while missing land drops, yet somehow still manage to nearly come back. However his advantages are too much and eventually I die to a blight steel colossus. So now I realize that a lot of people were 19 points, and that while we both will get 22 points, a bunch of people would get 24 points too. The valakut player I lost to didn't lose a match and just drew in He reads out the first place, with 24 points and my heart immediately sinks. he goes on to 2nd through 5th all with more points than me. Then 6th place ...and my luck continues as me and my round 9 opponent both got into top 8! I run around, and while other people had people clap when their names were announced, it was dead quiet when my name was announced as everyone probably thought who the fuck is this kid? I'm ecstatic-It's my first serious Magic tournament (previously I've only played at locals at FNM and I'm usually a Yugioh player). Top 8: I wanted to split, but people didn't, so I had to play into top 4 Top 8 VS Christian Keith, Valakut This time I was serious. No small talks-I'm concentrating heavily on my play, and my friends give me advice before I go into the match on how to sideboard. The match can be read here http://www.starcitygames.com/magic/standard/21482_Quarterfinals_Christian_Keeth_vs_Barry_Huang.html Some things to note: Game 2, he brings out his Tim Aten token, saying it will bring him luck. During the sideboard, I decide to be serious and smoke screen (shuffle my sideboard into my deck and take out 15 so he doesn't know how much I sided). But I accidentally leave a firewalker in the deck (still 60 cards but now theres a firewalker wtf). I realize this after my first mulligan, but also realize how clutch the firewalker would be against all his boarded in red removal. I mull to 5 and drop a blue green sword while my mystic gets killed. I day his lone overgrown battlement and I top into Kor Firewalker and realize how much of a yugioh player I am, as I have 2 tectonic edges and 2 white sources. I equip the firewalker, swing in, and afterwards equip my sword to my wolf token to prevent it from being pyroclasmed or slagstormed. After 2 hits he concedes after milling a number of lands. I don't doubt that in his hand he had multiple slagstorms and pyroclasms. Game 3: The deciding match. I decide to up his Tim Aten token by taking out my Heraklinos from my Yugioh deck and put it opposite of his avatar. I mulligan to 6 with 3 counters and no actions but once again the yugioh gods bless me with a stoneforge off my 7th card. I connect once with a sword and mill some relevant stuff, and then he tops acidic slime to kill my sword. I keep him off 6 mana by daying away his 2 battlements, and resolve a jace with a sworded stoneforge and have triple counters in my hand. Like my avatar I spell pierce his Green Sun, Manaleak his Titan, and jace into 2 preordains and find my third mana leak and finally slam it down to counter his last titan while swinging for 7 a turn with my Stoneforge and my Colonade. I can't believe it. Top 4! I have to arrive next day at 8 am to play my top 4 match. I sleep at my friends place and only get 1 hour of sleep. In 2 days I've had to play 11 matchs of intense magic dueling over 2 hours of sleep. I feel like shit, but I arrive on time with my friend and I am matched with Ricky Zou, fellow Chinese and Caw Go player. Everyone decides to split the prize money in top 4, so everyone is guaranteed 950 dollars. Top 4: VS Ricky Zou, Caw Go. The games can be read here: http://www.starcitygames.com/magic/standard/21485_Semifinals_Barry_Huang_vs_Ricky_Zou.html Some things to note: His side board is much suited for the mirror, with double volition reins and a sun titan while all I have is divine offering and another sword. Game 3 while I get in hits with gideon and stoneforge, he mills 20 of nothing of relevance, but he tops into his lone day of judgment (he sided 2 out) and completely turns the game around. It sucks to lose, but after the amount of yugioh I've pulled during day 1, I shouldn't be too upset. He goes on to win the whole thing. I have to stick around the whole day feeling like shit and hating magic (11 rounds of playing caw go will make you hate magic) because all my friends are playing in the legacy tournament. We go to eat afterwards after being congratulated by all my friends. TLDR: Eminem helps me win 950 dollars.
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    you poor people. kfc is like the bottom rung of chicken here in america. mmmm popeyes.
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    Me, James, Sean, Alex and Steve get back to Ottawa Saturday night. Me and James both do our own thing, and i tell him to call me in the morning. I get ridiculously drunk saturday night, and wake up to James' phone call at 8. I fall back asleep till 925 and realize im late. So i skip the shower and go straight there. I call Sean and see where he is, and he picks me up half way there and i make it in time. Get there, finish up my deck and play. I get chosen as bounty hunter. R1: vs Lightsworn G1: I open united, Shi en, dustshoot, solemn, magatama + more. G2: I open good again...takes a bit longer but i end with Shi En, Shi En, Kizan and he cant win. R2: vs Alex St. Louis (Loaded Dice) chaos plant G1: United, Shi En, Dustshoot, Warning, Kizan...then gateway next turn. G2. He beats me down with 2 TKR and Fossil.. G3. Didnt draw a playable hand...he pounces with a kinetic and i cant recover. - incredible games, i love playing vs him cause he knows what hes doing. Grats on the top man R3. vs Sabers G1. Dustshoot, Shi En, Gateway..stfu G2. 2 Puppet plants on both my Shi En, Boggart and fulhelm for game. I had magatama, starlight, force, torrential facedown. G3. Comes down to me having Brionac, Shi En, Magatama, Force, Prison. He had 3 cards..i knew them all from dustshoot+darksoul (boggart, pashuul, troll) he rips puppet plant as his only out. - such garbage. shouldve been a 3-0. R4. vs Dragunity G1. I open the nuts..turn 2 yaichi pop his force.. G2. he dark holes..i negate with shi en..he trunades..discards for ravine..makes thought ruler runs over shi en, and i had bottomless and prison in hand. G3. i open united kizan gm draw 2. set magatama, solemn, bottomless and mst. he sets 4 and a monster. i summon yachi..prio pop judgment...he gozen matches..i mst..swing he icarus's i magatama and win. R5. Sams G1. We pass back and fourth for like 4 turns while i set up backrows. He cant block my bum rush G2. He opens with nada..and i beat him down with Yachi+GM R6. Frog Monarch G1. I open with everything and tell him to stop crying G2. I open double restrict. - i pull a krystia lol In between this round Seans deck gets stolen so i go look for it..and end up getting a match loss. R7. Match loss. My tie breakers were x-0 and x-2...so i probably woulda topped if i had not gotten that match loss. Whatever good regionals Sams 3 Kizan 3 Kagemusha 3 Kageki 2 GM 1 Yachi 1 Spirit 1 Hand 3 United 3 smokes 2 mst 1 trunade 1 reborn 1 gateway 1 book 1 dark hole 1 rota 3 magatama 3 DEST 2 prison 2 warning 1 bth 1 dustshoot 1 solemn 41
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    Because it's Cyber Dragon.
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    I watched the last video briefly and got irritated as shit, so I refuse to watch this one. Asian isnt good looking and shes not intelligent. People need to quit having orgasms any time they see a pair of tits next to a yugioh card.
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    I hope you don't disappoint yourself.
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    N is short for Nuzlocke. That's why he always has to change his team.
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    Ok so I don’t actually play ygo anymore because the game is fucking horrendous and I don’t have the time or the money to dedicate to playing. However, I have a bunch of friends who are still active and as a result I am kept up to date on the game. Pretty much the only thing that interested me was the release of worms and as soon as I read what worm linx did I decided to make a deck. Few months ago I made the deck but obviously I have no way to test it so I gave my list to a buddy of mine and he loved it just as much as me. We made a few changes because of the banlist and then I thought of a great concept that only an older gen player could. The idea was stumbling. I put it into the deck and instantly worms ran a lot better and added a whole new dimension to the deck. I made some necessary changed and I felt really good about my build. Ok so we get there and I borrow all the cards I need to since I own nothing and eventually the tourney started. Round One vs Blackwing.....wat Ok so fml right off the bat since bw is a horrendous matchup because of icarus attack and them having a bunch of beaters. Game 1 - I open up decently but vayu/sirocco is a real bitch to deal with when combined with icarus attack. I mount a comeback but I heard dark hole is a good card to destroy hopes and dreams. I lose. Game 2 – I start the game off well but like game 1 i cant draw any defense to save my life which is a bit sad cause i run so much of it. This game goes down to time and I squeak out the win by 50 lp. Thank you caius burn. Record 0-0-1 What better way to start the day off than with a tie! Thanks a lot asshole! Round 2 vs GB........wat Ok so I am playing some champion using gbs but I win quite handily since I only saw one trap stun and I had an answer for it. Don’t remember much other than I cruised to victory on the backs of my magnificent beasts. Record 1-0-1 Round 3 vs Stun This game was incredibly long and played at an INCREDIBLY slow pace. I open quite weak but I manage to hold off the onslaught with stumbling and defensive traps. About midgame he does some nice sorcerer plays and he reborn rai-oh which I thought was incredibly strange seeing as I rarely special summon ever. Turns out he had no idea i ran ananta and i just so happened to have 2 in my hand with caius. I summon the first, he stops it via raioh and then i drop the other ananta and caius his sorcerer and hit him for 2400. That was the major turning point since I was able to get a linx of and when the game ended I had 2 cards left in my deck. Oh and time was called as I won the game so no game 2. RIP Richard Dicastri Record 2-0-1 Round 4 vs Burn Burn obviously could pose some problems if he plays his cards right and holds onto answers for ananta (a card not many know exists) but that isn’t the case. I just sit on ananta as he can only set a card every turn and i destroy the stall to open up the field for pushes. Record 3-0-1 Round 5 vs X-Sabers Game One – He dominates my horrific hand with hyunlei trap stun and i proceed to suicide. Game Two – I rape his face off while linx throws a ton of cards at me. Game Three – I was in complete control and he had two dead cards in hand against my field of raioh/xex/fd yagan. He rips dark hole and mauls me with sangan while I am at low life. I can’t recover from that and he proceeds to annihilate my existence. 3-1-1 =[ Round 6 vs Sams Game 1 – Game 1 – He wins the roll and proceeds to set one and 2 f/d. I dunno what he is using so I set yagan and 3 cards. He draws sets hand and flips mj. I cry. He then proceeds to samurai and ends with grandmaster/2 shien/ mj . He attacks with grandmaster into my yagan and i bounce a stupid shien. I get my turn and I xex/get yagan f/d and attack the jar which goes through. He draws and he attacks xex and hits my yagan/i bounce his shien. He books his shien and then flips it up. i drop the badass evil dragon at 3k attack. I **** grandmaster and then i blow up one of his shien. I set linx and he proceeds to lose cause ananta is kinda big. Game 2 – I open gozen match and double mst because i am better than him. Victorious! Record 4-1-1 Round 7 vs Machina Ok so going into the round I get deckchecked and I think to myself Heh heh heh I have been super extremely amazingly careful all day. Nothing is going to happen to me today! Well turns out that I didn’t account for the fact that I am a fucking idiot and didn’t write veiler on the sidedeck portion of the sheet because I borrowed them after I already wrote it out. Nice! I get a game loss and I activate hero mode. Game 1 – Im a fucking idiot! Game 2 - Not really close as I dominate him with stumbling / dprisons / linx Game 3 – I decided to open up with oppression and I beat him down with xex because I can. I get linx out for a million turns and once my hand is so big that i have to discard i decide to win. Snake diety is kinda good. Nice I topped with my gorgeous worms. Top 8 vs Gravekeepers Game 1 – I open with a pretty solid hand and he definitely isn’t overjoyed with his. Once I establish field presence first all I have to do is make sure that he can’t get his monsters on the field. I just make sure i keep knocking his monsters out of the way so I can deal damage vs an obviously horrific backrow. I win in a few minutes. Game 2 – I side into a much more aggressive build and I don’t open the best. Eventually I turn the game around and feel like I am in a great position but he proceeds to rip his way out of it and I eventually lose my field presence. Game 3 – I have a great hand and I control the game from start to finish. Shadow mirror does work and caius beats down for a while. Early solemn on tt was the game winner. So I got top 4 which is cool and got a useless binder which I will sell and a mat which I sold. I got 24 packs and pulled good enough so I can sell that too. Topping really isn’t anything special but doing it with worms was just awesome. There was quite a bit of hate in our area towards worms with people saying they were not good or I wouldn’t do well but I knew the deck was good. I also enjoyed the random conversations of people watching my matches and having no idea at all what the deck does but acted like they ran it themselves. Props Ryan for testing twice with me and lending me cards. What a wonderful guy. Brad for lending me cards and being the best Bidier for lending me cards and sacrificing his mind to judge Craig for going 7-0 and being a stand-up guy in our match. Tons of respect deserved and given. Top 4 Stumbling forcing my opponents to misplay because they don’t know how to handle complicated gamestates Masaki for being the saviour of the judging staff. My opponents having to read my cards for once which was great because I had to read everyones cards Slops Forgetting to write out veilers Getting a gameloss in the last round because of it Not getting to use veilers Veilers Ties are atrocious Kevin going 0-2 and failing to win the win a mat. / Ryan/Markus/Brad not topping Craig going 7-0 and getting yugioh’d in his top 8 match Players messing up running autopilot decks Ygo being an awful game
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    Credit to Dark Evangel from Pojo:
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    Haha Trishula froze the world, it's THAT badass!
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    This is the best build I have seen so far, this build will go far in the format and Gorz is very smart to main in here, testing great for me so far. Gorz + 18 Traps (6 Counters and a Call). Idgi
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    Hope leads to disappointment.
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    Gj, I keep bragging to all my magic friends that yugioh players are the best magic players, another fine example lol.
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    i meditate before i elevate, cough medicate.
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    I always read your username as if it was the name of some sort of ultimate attack. FINAL . . . VENT!!! Somewhat like Vegeta's BIG BANG ATTACK! Something along those lines. Anyway, you seem pretty cool and you showed interest in my signature deck which makes you instant win in my book. <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/dWwCY-m89ew" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> And before you ask: yes, I can do that.
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    who let this guy in here Technically speaking, I did. If I am correct, he joined the forum after my success in a regional ages ago. he joined a day before you
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    A little pro-tip about Brain Research Lab: if it's negated Psi-Blocker then removed from the field, it won't burn you
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    go to the bathroom you fucking idiot
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    Now all we need is for LK to do the voice of Jack Atlas all throughout the Arc Cradle arc of 5D's. It will take the hyperserious death tone of the series and replace it with YUSEI WHAT IS IT YUSEI CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!
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    I dont like the bruins, or the avs, and I do too
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    way to handle the situation honorably and intelligently maybe if you weren't such an aggressively shitty poster in the first place you wouldn't have been hammered for it.
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    Yeah I dont wanna hear it either. Cant get want we want all the time though. You're so cleaver.
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    I don't find her appealing at all. She knows nothing and if I'm going to watch a vid like this I don't want to hear irrelevant bullshit. I guess I watch vids for diff reasons. If I want to see a chick I will watch a porno, not a YGO video.
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    when you hold a differing opinion than Chris on music, he will disagree but respect your opinion
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    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="560" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/3WWloVLRt24" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    38 minutes? what the fuck? ill watch it after a bunch of other ppl do first lol
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    why is this guy allowed to post so arrogantly
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    Hey Tyler, I think you forgot the deckout deck in the tier 0 section.
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    crackers monocle went swimming
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    if you like going x-4 at shonens