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    i hope the op dies
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    Thanks to Andrew Bowling KDE has posted an editable KDE Deck List with auto totals for players to use, print, and bring to events. http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/forms/KDE_DeckList.pdf You can also print out registration forms: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/forms/KDE_RegistrationSheet.pdf
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    ok, sure. but this coming from you?
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    card sucks deck sucks thread over peace
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    I'm sorry guys, I can't just sit quietly and watch commoners steal money from the system of which I am a part of.
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    Add them to your signature of numerous hockey teams you're a fan of?
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    no it's not practically 100%, people just build the deck with cards like allure and stuff that came out years and years after. with THAT version (with all the newer cards) i remember drawing a ton of hands for fun with it on YVD, and it was more like 85-90% FTK foolish burial didn't exist, armageddon knight didn't exist, grepher didn't exist, allure didn't exist. you can run pot of greed and graceful and all that. go build the deck on YVD and tell me how much you FTK out of like 50 hands. frog FTK was fully legal and it FTKd a retarded amount "Makyura FTK can't be stopped by Veiler" obviously implies I meant with the new cards. And with the new cards, I'm sure it's upwards of 90%+. Also lol @ FTK'ing often with Frogs, that was literally around a 70% rate. Whatever bro. Clearly people who are stuck in the mindset that Frog FTK took some abnormal amount of skill to pilot are stuck thinking it was the best deck to ever be made.
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    Below is a document written by Sr. Judge William Falta which numerous Sr. Judges contributed to. I thought it an excellent post: Questions a judge should and should not answer (unofficial) There is some confusion among judges regarding what questions they can and cannot answer during a tournament. While this guide is unofficial, it has input from many former Head Judges/senior judges and is reflective of the philosophy used at previous and current US Premier-level events. The following guidelines are the general rules to answering questions during tournament play: A judge is always allowed to answer questions as it relates to: 1) Game Mechanics (priority, building a chain, etc) 2) Legality of the activation of an effect 3) Individual Card Mechanics (does a card target, does it have a cost, what type of effect it is, how does the effect work unto itself, card text or stats) 4) Card Rulings from the various KDE releases (remember that only rulings posted by KDE are considered official sources.) Things a judge should avoid: 1) “What if” scenarios that occur during a match that are not reflected in the current game state 2) Situations that would dictate how a player would best play his/her cards, or would help a player augment his/her strategy 3) Questions from spectators relating to a match in progress, unless it is to notify a judge of an observed error 4) Questions that involve inordinate complexity, or one whose answer would vary depending on how each player chose to resolve his/her effects along the progression of the game state 5) Questions that are not stated (such as answering a question a judge may feel is inferred by the player) When a judge is called over to a match, he/she should always clarify the game state to ensure that his/her understanding of the events matches that of the players. Once the game state is understood, he/she may answer a question or resolve a situation based upon the following: When all card(s) are public: • If the card(s) in question are all public knowledge, or are otherwise mutually known, then it is appropriate for a judge to give a simple yes-or-no response reinforced by game mechanics. Ex.: Player A declares an attack with his “Neo-Spacian Gran Mole” and selects his opponent’s “Ally of Justice Catastor” as the attack target. Since both monster effects are Trigger effects that have the same timing, it is appropriate to inform the players how a SEGOC is created, and how the chain will resolve. • If the explanation of game mechanics does not provide a satisfactory answer for the player, or the player does not seem to understand what is being told to him/her, a judge may provide an official ruling offered by KDE that gives additional information to confirm to the player the correct resolution of a situation. Giving a ruling in this case should be a last option, as it does little to prevent similar occurrences in future play and does not educate the player(s). Ex.: Player A controls a face-up “Exiled Force” that is under the effect of Player B’s “Effect Veiler.” Player A activates the effect of “Exiled Force,” and targets an opponent’s monster. A judge is called over to resolve the situation, and explains to the player that “Effect Veiler” will negate “Exiled Force” because “Effect Veiler” negates cards that activate on the field, even if the monster is no longer face up at resolution. Player A is not convinced by the floor judge. The judge then further explains that effects will always resolve where they activated, regardless of where the monster is at resolution. Player A still does not comprehend the information being explained. The judge may show the official ruling to Player A to show that he/she is receiving the correct ruling. When there is a mixture of public and private information: • If one of the cards(s) in question is private, and the other(s) is public, a judge should instruct the player on how to proceed with game mechanics. Giving a direct “yes” or “no” resolution regarding private information could be construed (and perhaps correctly) by the opponent as coaching, and should be avoided. A judge, however, may always answer “yes” or “no” if something can be legally activated. Providing rulings privately, though they may be public in nature, can also be considered augmenting a player’s strategy and unduly affecting the natural course of play. Ex.: Player B activates the effect of “Destiny Hero – Malicious,” and removes it from the graveyard as a cost. Player A calls a judge over and asks if he can remove his opponent’s “Destiny Hero – Malicious” with his card in hand (flicking his copy of “D.D. Crow”). It would be appropriate to inform Player A that: All costs are paid at activation, before priority is passed to the opponent Ex.: Player A Synchro Summons a copy of “Scrap Dragon.” Player B calls for a judge and asks if his/her opponent could “get the effect” of Scrap Dragon when Player B activates “this card” (reveals Solemn Warning). It would be appropriate to inform Player B that: The effect of Scrap Dragon will activate when destroyed by an opponent’s card effect and sent to the graveyard (reiterating public card text reinforced with the individual card mechanic) • If, in the course of answering a question through game mechanics, the nature of a private card would be revealed to the opponent against the wishes of the player, then a judge may issue his/her ruling, comment upon the legality of activation, and remind the player that he/she has the right to appeal. Ex.: Player A controls a face down “Divine Wrath.” Player B controls a face up “Black Whirlwind.” Player B summons “Blackwing – Blizzard the Far North” and activates its effect as Chain Link 1. He/she then chains Black Whirlwind as Chain Link 2. Player A calls a judge over and reveals his/her set card, and asks if it can be chained to his opponent’s “Blizzard.” It would not be appropriate to explain the game mechanic that cards that specifically negate other cards must be directly chained to the effect they wish to negate, as that would reveal the nature of Player A’s set card to Player B and could influence his/her plays. It would also not be appropriate for the floor judge to give answers in private, as all game mechanics are public and should be shared publicly, and to avoid any image of impropriety or coaching from the judge. Instead, the floor judge should consider the following example: Player A: “Can I do this?” <Player A privately reveals set “Divine Wrath”> Floor Judge: “How was the chain built?” <players inform the judge that Blizzard is Chain Link 1, Black Whirlwind is Chain Link 2> Floor Judge: “That is an illegal activation, and cannot be chained in this situation. I can’t say any more without revealing the nature of your set card. You have the right to appeal” If the situation occurs at a Premier event, a floor judge may consult with his/her Team Lead and the Team Lead may reinforce the ruling while informing Player A privately as to the reasons for the illegality. Either player may still appeal the ruling. In all cases, the Head Judge, at his/her discretion, may opt to keep the ruling but provide Player A with a private explanation As a reminder, these guidelines are unofficial. Any statements to the contrary of this document by KDE personnel countermand any information held in this document forthwith. Many thanks to the senior judges, especially Chris Goff and John Danker, for contributing to this document
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    People who only know how to count to 4 and pay 1000 life points.
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    Worst thread ever
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    I don't like the analogy to CCV here because, while both CCV and Royal Tribute are great to open with, CCV could still auto-win a game even if it was drawn mid- or late-game, whereas Royal Tribute would most likely not. You may also end up drawing that one Royal Tribute mid/late game when you'd rather it be the Upstart Goblin to help dig into Stele/Spy/Recruiter or monster removal if you're getting your shit pushed in (although Royal Tribute may still be useful late game like you said). And, by having the one Royal Tribute along with two Effect Veilers, you may run into a situation where you'd either have to discard an Effect Veiler in order to Royal Tribute, or delay the Royal Tribute until you find a good opportunity to use Effect Veiler (which may be using it on a monster that you would have Royal Tributed away anyways had you not delayed it). This clash between Royal Tribute/Effect Veiler is why Ryan was choosing one over the other as opposed to finding room for both, no? IMO, this seems like playing to win (use Royal Tribute) vs playing not to lose (use Effect Veiler). It's just happening at the deck construction level rather than in the middle of actual gameplay.
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    Speaking of cheating the system... How the fuck did launch rep me twice?
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    I dont care. Selling this to a vender and makin my trip money back
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    I really liked the black rose and gorz so i tried to do that to some of my cards. let me know what you guys think. (Sorry for the low picture quality, they were taken from my phone) Ligh and Darkness Dragon Goblin Zombie Cyber Dragon Dark Paladin The Fabled Cerburrel Toy Magician Javeling Beetle Pact Windstorm of Etequa
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    stop getting mad about yr tastes/rep bro i saw and so i watch you from afar on monday. amazing show
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    Would not even touch the deck without it tbh. I mean it's neat without librarian but with it, the deck is on a whole different level I do not think you understand how to play this deck if you make statements like this So because I'm saying the deck is much better with librarian than without, I must not understand how to play the deck? Makes sense. Oh except for the fact that it is a lot better with librarian than without. You do not understand how to play the deck
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    Most of the builds here are awful tbh I'd be more than happy to talk decklists with you Allen I played Karakuri at lolcals today. 2-1, meh RD1 vs skill drain/ tengu/ zombies (for realz) I won game 1. The machines did their thing Game 2 I scooped when it turned out my opponent didnt have game. ooops. Oh well, I was still screwed. He had tengu #1 with plague in hand + 2 other CIH vs my: cyber dragon, nispachi, limiter. I was at 2500 and he was really high so I figure the best I could do is kill 2 tengus and then he makes Brio, brings back plague and swing for 2700. What I didnt realise is that he had drawn a 2nd tengu, so if I killed off the tengus, he wouldnt be able to brio and win next turn. Nonetheless, it would be me with a lv8 synch and nothing else to his 4 cards in hand and any special summon (book of life, reborn) would be game Game 3 was one of the stupidest games of ygo I've played in a long time I open with Gearframe, Warning, Warning, Oppression, MST, Instant Fusion Summon Gearframe, search Fortress, set Warn/warn/oppres, I should be good to go He goes set pyramid turtle, Creature Swap I warning the turtle search I proceed to draw 3 dead spell/traps for the next 3 turns and lose to my own gearframe fuck my life, I still cant believe I lost to this garbage Rd 2 vs worms I thought this would be scary and despite him opening Xex/offerings every damn game, I played smart and only sent out monsters 1 at a time. Still it was annoying not to be able to synch Rd 3 vs Sams So we made our version (no plants except GUB) specifically to optimize the sam match up. I lose horribly game 1, even though he only had 1 united/ 0 gateway. Still, when you get to make shien, draw 2, and set warning, magatama, judgment, DEST, things are looking pretty good for sams I side in my hate, didnt draw it, and smash him g2 and 3, like the deck is supposed to do. Gorz messed him large in both as well Sorry to hear you didn't do so well, Would really appreciate the decklist that you have. I do KMP too and i find mine goes off like a dude thats never been laid, but at the same time I always get worked over with lack of defense. I run the decree version. Input would be nice, thanks in advance.
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    and i turned 18 a few months ago and don't, congratulations. that being said, how about you chill the fuck out and post your opinions without seeming like a person who is in their 20's and gets angry about yugioh. thanks. EDIT: YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING RETARDS the OP CLEARLY says that it's only counting the decks when they were at their best, and when makyura was insta banned, NONE of those cards you guys keep referencing existed shut the fuck up. frog ftk > all also, soul... 70% is fucking absurd, dipshit and caps =/= upset, you guys are just fucking dumb clearly this is necessary and you aren't upset.
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    Had some shrooms with my girl last night, pretty fucking fun.
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    All you guys have no idea how the deck is supposed to be played I doubt even the OP realized this, seeing as he didn't even mention it in the OP. Crusher Control can be very anti-meta, the deck barely Special Summons, is mono DARK, and grinds out the opponent......
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    They open the till... they put the money that is given to them in the till... they then give what would be the correct change... afterwards they take out the amount of the sale when no one is looking. Logic. Use it. they can't open the register without putting an order and amount paid in, or whatever their machines do. do you really think mcdonalds has cash registers that you can just open at will?
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    wtf is Crusher Control?
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    congrats on smoke 4 bruuuuuuuus
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    i don't normally act like a dick, but i'll never let you live this down
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    The story There once was a dog of which stood on two legs and had trumpets for paws. He was a good dog. Today was the first day the dog had gotten to go shopping in a while. He started his browsing at the local fish department store. When he asked one of the employees about the blue colored water bottle fish he knew something was fishy. After some debate the dog decided to leave empty handed from the fish department store. Whilst the dog was walking down the street his cellphone rang. It was his owner, Lloyd. Lloyd doesn’t have a face, and thus cannot speak, so instead he chimes a bell in order to communicate to the dog. Lloyd asked the dog to please pick him up some popsicle sticks too clean his ears out with. The dog walked into the supermarket and bought a couple boxes of ice-cream sandwiches. While the dog was walking out he noticed an attractive enough looking cat working on one of the registers, he noticed that she had squirrels for feet. When the dog got outside he decided that he should get home before the ice-cream sandwiches melted. When the dog returned home Lloyd was waiting for him in his seat where he always sat. Lloyd appeared to be somewhat impatient having to wait for the dog to return with the popsicle sticks. The dog scooped the ice-cream sandwiches off of the stick and shoved them into the freezer. After washing off the left over residue from the ice-cream, the dog handed Lloyd the stick so that he could clean his ears out. Whilst Lloyd was cleaning out his ears the dog decided to lay down to take a nap. After the passing of a few hours the dog was awoken to the chime of Lloyd’s bell. Lloyd demanded that the dog play him a tune so that he could fall to sleep. Lloyd enjoyed the sound of entry level jazz compositions such as that of which would have been writing by Miles Davis’s. While the dog enjoyed jazz, he most definitely didn’t enjoy what Lloyd did. After Lloyd went to sleep the dog decided to go out for a night on the town. The dog started out by going to The Wet Penguin, their local bar. It wasn’t exactly a trashy bar, but by no means was it a classy bar. The dog went here just about every night. After a couple of beers the dog was approached by a nice young looking whore of which invited him to her room in the hotel across the street. After finishing up his last beer the dog went over to the hotel. Whilst the dog was fucking her ironically in a doggy style fashion, the whore asked what she should call him, the dog replied “good boy.” The dog kindly walked out of the hotel after an hour or so with the prostitute. The dog was somewhat upset that he had just paid for such an awful fucking. “That stupid bitch” he thought to himself “always thinking about themselves.” The dog returned home to find Lloyd sleeping just as he had left him. The dog, of which was feeling depressed at the time, thought about that of which lead him to this point in his life, and why it had to happen the way that it did. The dog of which appears to be much younger now is sleeping in a ball on the couch next to his owner, Lloyd’s father. Lloyd’s mother now walks into the room holding a faced baby Lloyd in her arms. The dog was new to the family, only a few weeks old and unnamed. Lloyd’s mother set Lloyd down on the floor for the dog to play with before leaving the room with Lloyd’s father. The two tumbled around on the floor playfully for some time. The family is on a train on their way home. The mother and father both come out and pick Lloyd up and take him out to eat in the train’s cafeteria, whilst putting the dog in his cage and leaving him in the room. The dog scratches with his paws to get out of the cage to no amends. Some time passes, an unknown amount of time, but the dog hears large popping noises, many large popping noises. The dog now afraid paws even more rapidly to get out of his cage, but then a man walks into his room, the tall man in red as he remembers him. The tall man in red opened up the dogs cage and took him out. As the dog was being taken by this man he heard more of these loud popping noises. The dog was quite frightened. The dog was introduced to the caboose where a short man in red was holding Lloyd and another baby. The short man chucked the first baby off of the train, most likely killing him. Then he held Lloyd down by the edge of the caboose and dragged his face against the tracks, tearing his face off. The dog was then dragged by its paws, losing both. The two men in red tossed Lloyd and the dog in a room in the train for no apparent reason. The dog woke up to the sound of Lloyd’s bell, after dreaming of the horrible day that brought him to this point in his life. Lloyd was expecting breakfast this morning. Without a face Lloyd ingests all of his food via feeding tube. After mashing up some eggs and pancakes into a liquid the dog fed Lloyd his breakfast. During breakfast Lloyd would always insist that the television be turned on, and the volume high. The dog slept on and off for most of the day, dreaming about how Lloyd obtained his bell, and how he himself had been mutilated with trumpet paws. The bell had been obtained from a cow the two of them hunted together not long after the train incident, it was a symbol of what they could do together. The trumpets were obtained when the dog and Lloyd moved into their house and without anything better to use, the dog decided to implant them upon himself for paws. The dog’s day went as usual. After putting Lloyd to sleep he went out to the bar again. At The Wet Penguin the dog was approached by a homosexual looking for a good time, this did not please the dog at all, so he decided to leave and go to another bar saying that “I am not going anywhere they serve these faggots.” The dog next found himself at Berzano’s a more frequented and cleaner bar. After sitting up at the counter drinking casually and thinking about stupid shit he noticed the cat from the store the other day, the one with squirrels for feet. He struck up a causally conversation with her, and the next thing you know he was at her house fucking the shit out of her. They weren’t doing anything too crazy, but you could tell they were both satisfied with the situation. A few months pass, the dog and the cat have been going out for a while now. The dog hasn’t ever been happier with his life, but with these turn of events, Lloyd has stopped communicating with the dog, and yet the dog doesn’t care, Lloyd is just a figment of his past so far as he is concerned, but unfortunately Lloyd doesn’t feel the same way about the dog. It is a Saturday evening, and the dog and the cat have been out for a few drinks. On Saturday evenings the cat’s roommate is home, so they always stay over at the dog’s house. When the dog and the cat step into the house they are met by Lloyd. Lloyd is usually in bed by this time of the night, “why are you still up?” the dog asks, but Lloyd doesn’t respond. “Whatever fuck him” says the dog to the cat, “okay” she replies before being shot in the face by Lloyd’s 44 magnum he was conveniently hiding behind his back. The dog screams and freaks the fuck out “NO” he says. The dog then looks at Lloyd and can tell he is laughing inside of himself. The dog then rips the gun out of Lloyd’s hands and blows his brains out, all over the bell that was conveniently on the table. After some brief thought, the dog puts the gun up to his head, and kills himself.
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    caps swept. tb gets like 10 days off till the next round now lol
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    book descendant trunade, chain infinity, get meklord army of granel discard kuick for fortress discard bulb for one for one, getting spore synch spore and fortress for bureido, getting watchdog synch watchdog and granel ein for bureido, getting nishipachi activate instant fusion for cyber saurus synch nishipachi and cyber saurus for bureido, getting whatever random level 4 karakuri monster mill for glowup, synch glowup and random level 4 karakuri monster for catastor remove glowup for spore, synch spore and catastor into burei, getting haipa in defense mode use burei to turn haipa to attack mode and draw three attack for a lot more than game over descendant so i end with solemn in hand, three cards drawn, four synchro monsters and haipa versus my opponents four s/ts in hand i have solemn for dark hole or cyber dragon if he topdecks either
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    Picked this up a couple days ago and ive been playing it non stop. So good Also:
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    Okay, since I have an aneurysm thanks to trying to teach you all how this game works and how none of you listen to those lessons I'll make this quick. Stardust Dragon will always be able to Chain to a Gemini Spark. It will negate that Gemini Spark's activation and destroy it. Anyone who disagrees with me past this point will take a few months off from DGZ. I am so very tired of instructing you all when ALL OF YOU should know better from a mix of the rulebook, this site, and your own personal experience. DGZ is not a site where the game's newest folks show up onto the scene and relentlessly ask questions. You've all been taught this stuff before. Many times. It's like you all like to rehash stuff you already know the answer to, just to burn other folks' time. Danker and I talk from time to time. He makes clear that there's a difference between ignorance and stupidity. The difference is that ignorant people can't be expected to know better. Stupid people, however, are expected to know better. This thread has enough concentrated "stupid" in it for a year.
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    I have an absurd amount of work for finals and don't want to be distracted, can some1 do this? Thanks
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    I saw these guys live oh my god.
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    meeting up with two fly honeys this evening at different times. wish me luck on the second one bros
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    Running dojo increases the chance you can do something first turn or make shi en + naturia beast which is essentially game. Furthermore if you open double dojo you already have your second shi en. so you're telling me that if i draw a godly hand then i will win? thanks bro
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    Just got the date set for the wedding. 374 days and counting.....
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    baked as shit off dank + hash
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    before you know it you're going to want to fuck paul too. He's safe there. I think she's the only one who wants to wake up to this:
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    http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialGucciMane#p/u/4/m9YFdYh1mx8 ayeee mannnnnnnnnnnnn high as fuck boii
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    I'm just so tired of the fucking bitching. you all don't celebrate this game; you mourn it!
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    First - How the hell do you know what part of the country they live in? And better yet why does that even matter? Just because people you know don't like him isn't a reason to not like someone, give reasoning for WHY you don't like someone, I could yell all day that I hate G.W. Bush but it doesn't exactly prove anything other than I don't like Bush. Secondly while I respect your right to dislike the president, saying "I don't want him to have been born here so he won't be president!" makes you sound like an idiot. I wish everything was free so I wouldn't have to pay for anything, but I'm not going to say "I kind of don't believe in money!" It's just stupid. The bs about running the Government like a business is as old and discredited as it comes. A business is a for PROFIT enterprise, a Government is NOT. The central goal of business is to enrich yourself, you're only liable to your shareholders and you only care about the consumer to the extent that they continue to buy your product. A Government on the other hand is SUPPOSED to be primarily focused on supporting the needs of it's people and maintaining law and order, not on politicians turning a buck(albeit at times this hardly seems the case). Furthermore Government makes NO PRODUCT, the Government sells NOTHING, and therefore should NEVER make any sort of profit. The Government should obtain the amount of tax revenues necessary to support policies to help people and to pay down instances where we've had to borrow in times of crisis. The current issue with the debt is that we've never gotten around to raising taxes to pay it off so it's been allowed to grow, which as it grows it becomes harder and harder to pay off as as it accumulates the amount of interest increases making it more and more difficult to obtain the revenues to pay it off. The fact is that the government needs to be ran efficiently, but not at the expense of those in society most reliant on the services the government provides.
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    they're protecting america from the horrors of young adults feeling happy
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    my roomie got arrested last night in a police raid. they raided one of my friend's apt because he was selling weed out of it and my room mate had 1 gram of weed.. i guess they kicked the door in with guns and shit, a little intense i would say.especially since the kid only sells like a few zips a week
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    bug just creept cross floor
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    it's not a brain exercise until you play games where you're staring down a field of synchros and mask of restrict + 2 other backrows