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    excluding myself cos that'd be cheating and i cant do it :(   go
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    Over the last day and a half a few topics have disappeared relating to goings on at Konami HQ   One was at the request of the OP, the other was basically by cloak-and-daggers "oh Konami might not like this" back room conversation. Not something I'm too pleased with.     Just to remove any amibiguity - DuelistGroundz is fairly proud to be a community where you can say almost anything. If you have information to post, we're not going to stop you. If there is a topic that contains potentially sensative information, here are the reasons it'll be removed   1: The original poster asks for it to be removed. Lets be real here, mistakes happen, people post things they shouldn't. I'm not going to be the guy whos like "OH WELL TOO BAD ITS OUT THERE IN THE WILD" - people might lose their jobs or be suspended for competitive play, I'll shut that down at request of OP.    2: Konami contacts [i]me personally[/i] about a potential breach of contract / illegal discussion.  This isn't a guarantee that I'll remove something, but I will hear people out, and I will make a decision based on either common sense or legal counsel in regards to their request.  Konami has in the past used other members to issue veiled threats towards us to try and make things disappear or be quieted. This may be a website for a childrens card game, but I am not a child, and DuelistGroundz does in fact have access to legal council if required. I can be a loud, angry, emotional person at times, but I`m more than willing to listen to reasonable requests - ask any banned member, if you talk to me on the level, I will hear you out. So Konami, if you have a problem with something, I`m right here. I'm not going to play word of mouth games on removing content from my website, but if there's a legitimate reason for content to be removed, just address the issue with respect and courtesy and I will be accomodating. DuelistGroundz is pretty serious when it comes to freedom of expression so if you're asking me to remove something someone said, solid reasoning, transparency, and above-board conversation is required. I do not think this is unreasonable. 
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      there were a few threads like that a year ago if you go digging through csk
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    Wow thats cool, maybe a better idea would be a countdown like starting at 50, but the best idea would be just not to do it at all
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    If everyone hasn't noticed, please pos rep other niggas in the thread. We're going to rep whore like gentlemen.    Do not rep this post or I'll feel like a whore. kthx.
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    It would be cool if the first post got 1 like, the second 2 likes... Or it would be a terrible idea dunno
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    And everybody else rapes me with down votes?   This is so a trap...
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      that's your third post wtf   I am just going to rep you anyway, there is no problem being a whore I mean just flaunt it. also at above post, they all failed too haha.   they were good for about a page or two before dropping off at least
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    I am just going to rep you anyway, there is no problem being a whore I mean just flaunt it. also at above post, they all failed too haha.
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    Yeah, the idea is just to post like 10 times on the first page or two since everyone hits their pos rep quota after about two pages I think which is why they all dropped off.
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    I'm pleasantly surprised by this thread.
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    I'll rep you on your behalf, I got your back bro. Looks like everyone else stole my idea, but in the end you know my rep is from the heart and its meaningful. 
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    Oh wow this thread is so green It's beautiful man.
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    I'm pos repping everyone in here as well. Have a green day everyone.
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    anybody who thinks rep is worth anything is fooling themselves
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    I for one am glad I got in on the action early on.
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    funny how the number of reps/post drops as you scroll down
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    wow, exact 50 rep, and it's the only popular star in the thread.
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    Aw man, I upvoted every post in here, but I just can't bring myself to do the same for that.
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    threads like this should entirely remove any validation one feels from having an arbitrary number of pos rep   Blame games. Must unlock all the Achievements! 
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    I'm scrolling down and +ing everyone, fuck the haters!
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    Maybe some people just can't be bothered to scroll all the way down?
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    threads like this should entirely remove any validation one feels from having an arbitrary number of pos rep
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    I don't have anything witty to say, but i gave everyone above me pos rep.
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