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    dominate me chey   threaten to ip ban me if i do not pm you nudes and make me yr dirty little post-physical whore
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    [quote name="Paraliel" post="3611701" timestamp="1383401370"][quote name="the scholar" post="3611683" timestamp="1383399651"]TELL A GIRL YOU PLAY YUGIOH IN REAL LIFE   CRY   THEN COME BACK TO ME WITH AN INSULT[/quote] [quote name="Chey" post="3611696" timestamp="1383400776"]You're cuddly as fuck[/quote] Chey I play YGO in real life[/quote]kill yourself
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    what if shes fucking her side man in your bed while youre at locals and they eat your cheesecake leftovers
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    cum in her hand so she can slap you with it 
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    Idk if I'll get the chance to see you again Clayton, but if I do we'll definitely hit up some bars/clubs and I'll be your wingman. Between my YCSs top32s and your record with Monster Surge we can totally pull all the bitches. Don't feel down; you're a good-looking guy with an interesting personality (no homo) so you'll have no difficulty in finding someone else soon.
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    I struggle Also I think it will prob just end up in parramatta, if this doesn't have that ridic big event feel to it I'll be so mad. having it in penrith would legit put it 5 mins from my house but it's just so limiting in what you can do, if it isn't at some ridic flashy place in the city the next most likely venue would be parramatta considering how it seems like the perfect midground and there's some really nice places to eat near the train station. On Sunday of nats we had all finished up and finding a place to eat that could seat like 20ish people was such a grind, the steakhouse we settled for was also not worth it considering the distance we walked and the amount of people shouting obscenities at us as we walked (most local people heard it was going on through word of mouth and obv, some people still view ygo players as fingerless glove enthusiasts). At least in the city people can be a bit more open minded when they see a large group of people who are coming back from a trading card tournament. It's also likely it's still in penrith at a different venue, tattersalls function room is just a converted night club so the everything is kinda packed and split between 2 rooms. Panthers or penrith rsl have some pretty sick function rooms that are easy to cruise through and just seem to male everything a bit more convenient for judges and players because they're all a single big room. also hi konami/mega games/kev I know u guys are watching this thread ;)
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    AHHHH some day in australia it will be squiddy day... i must go dere for now go jono ...
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    me couldnt cum the other night  had already cumt once and laid down and watched more and got another bone and the post cum from me first cum off was still lingering and me bone hurt and ouldnt cumt again 
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    you're an admin cause you have tits. otherwise, you're fucking irrelevant. blow me.   you have less than 700 posts. i had 700 posts on a multi in 3 days in the golden ages of this site.   im just saying you all fucking suck, and its hard to keep this site alive if everyone is going to be complete faggots and elitists instead of being constructive when critiquing and giving advice to people.   ash actually wanted to hire an admin who was in the know about ubuntu and ipb forums, and chey was actually able to resolve an email issue the site was having, which none of the other admin applicants were able to do. i'm speaking in her defense not because she's a cool person (though chey is a cool person) but because you're an uninformed ignorant white fuckwit who is the farthest thing from being self-aware there is.   also, 700 posts in three days? lol?? i like how we're faggots apparently but you pull that obsessive shit and it's a-okay. stellar logic.   also, dgz is extremely constructive towards others. sure, we're elitists. we've got the best ygo players in the world and know what we're talking about. there are hundreds of pages of discussion on any number of cards in the ygo discussion. i can't speak for magic because i've only tangently perused that section, and even if it's not as big, there's still probably a wealth of good content from there. but if you do something blatantly stupid, dg's going to be brutally honest and call you out on it. i will concede that the site has a problem with mob mentality, partially as a result of the rep system, but your card choice got called horrible and you freaked the fuck out. idk anything about magic, but let me power rank what your responses should've been   1) accepted the criticism and asked for alternatives 2) accepted the criticism, but responded with a clear argument about why you disagree 3) ignore the criticism   ...   900000000000000000000000001) told everyone they should go fucking die   what are you, fucking 14?   seriously, you have some mad growing up to do.
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    >complains admins do nothing to curb flaming   >flames an admin in his previous post
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    If a girl can't accept the fact that you play yugioh then she's not worth your trouble anyways.
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    also going to call kev to see what I can do about getting coverage sorted. ill talk to PJ about using the Europe blog for these things and I know some of the Melbourne guys have a lithium3000 sort of deal with the PTO for aus when it comes to filming matches. Some of you guys might remember Gilgamesh from dgz (old school), he would do features for ygo nats and random locals which were hilarious, he plays vanguard now but I'm sure he would be willing to write some stuff up (I know pennicott ended up writing again so it could happen!). also gonna see what we can do in terms of media promotion depending on where it is, the last few events in penrith ended up in print media which is just so archaic, it got the message across for a few people but it would be so easy to get an interest piece for a news/current affairs show. Someone just needs to initiate all of this, wizards got mtg gp Sydney on a national news channel, granted they called it world wizard tournament and it was cringe worthy on so many levels it's just such a sick way of promoting the game. also interviewing me would be great hehe
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    I played a guy who discarded his Return to Ravine turn 1 today, I know no one would believe me if I told them, so I snuck a picture.
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    new favorite member love you friend i wish the best for you in your current and future endeavors 
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    and i will fuck anything that moves   especially if it limps a little
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    Took your advice and got some pussy but your deck still sucks ass
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    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/xemLz_fR1Ac?rel=0&autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>   You know, to counteract scholar's negative vibes.
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    I don't think that's how you should be looking at the Mythic Dragons at all. I mean on the flipside if you have multiples of the same color instead of getting no value out of the extra one that could turn into a Mythic Dragon but I don't even want to argue that point. Being a searchable way to OTK someone through Scarecrow is definitely something you can't look past lol. Felgrand is a Rank 8 that outweighs cutting off colors because you're winning the game that turn. You aren't just going to banish Tidal/Redox to randomly make a Rank 8 in the middle of the game. Then the only deciding factors is drawing them by themselves.. Earth is okay to draw but Water is pretty fucking awful. Realistically you wan't to draw at least one of them so you only have to banish 1 color to search the other piece so you can OTK them with Felgrand + other dragons. So, is it worth the 50/50 chance of drawing a shit dragon (with the other time being drawing Earth which you can at least make some use of) in order to take Scarecrow out of the game? That's what I've been trying to figure out for the past week or so.
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    show me a picture of your sister so I can match her profile to one of my many playlists   I'm entirely serious about this and not just saying that because I'm interested in seeing a picture of your sister. It's very easy to judge a person's music taste off of their appearance/how they dress and I happen to be phenomenal at that. 
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    lets be fair, the one on the left could easily get it.
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    yeah i dont really understand how you are a real person tbh
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    i am 100% convinced that eric believes every word he is saying about dg   if he's just pretending to be retarded, well i guess i've been had lol!
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    Pretty sure Geargia had more tops than Spellbook at San Mateo and at least one topped the most recent ARG open. They've all been the literal exact same decklist though, there really isn't much to discuss. Maybe if we knew when we're supposed to get MK-III and GeargiaGear Cross-Gigant it'd be worth discussing but for now I'm pretty sure interest is low enough to be kept to the Deck Garage.
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    i just got a new phone and am very paranoid about breaking it
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    i just got off an eleven hour shift   my shins feel broken
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    i remember one time i told eric that his rap music sucks and he threatened to get me fired by "higher ups".
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    eric is just trying to activate his sharingun
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    dont commit suicide the scholar just become more self aware and stop being disrespectful to women serious post
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    Eric tends to take even the smallest of things way out of proportion. I think that was why he said he had a big dick at one point.
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    move it to auckland and it will literally be a 32 man event
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    If you're in a scenario where drawing 3, drawing 4, milling 5, and milling 6 will all likely win you the game, then you'd be a fucking moron not to call 3 and 4. A draw is always worth more than a mill, but the whole point of expected utility is the idea of reducing variance rather than going with something that's strictly the most expected value. Of course like 99% of the people in the thread are close-minded and are probably just going to call the same thing every time (whether it's 3&4, 5&6, or something else entirely). The people who realize that it's situation dependent are going to get more mileage out of the card, but it won't matter much in the long run because the card is just so luck-based regardless of how you play it.
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    Is the girl on the right one of your 15 year oldsno, but she may have ate one
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    Dark Zombie/Xyz 1800/1600   [spoiler]2 Level 3 monsters Your opponent cannot target other "Ghostrick" monsters, or any face-down Defense Position monsters, for attacks. You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 Set card your opponent controls; destroy that target. You can only use this effect of "Ghostrick Alucard" once per turn. If this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 other "Ghostrick" card in your Graveyard; add that target to your hand.[/spoiler]     So even after its time, Tour Guide can now like make Dark Armed Dragon live by itself. This card has bad stats but can still clear backrow. Irrelevant now, but it's not a bad generic Xyz and if the format were to slow down then it's definitely playable.
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    All this talk of Felgrand battles just reminds me of when everyone was talking about Big Eye battles lol.
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    Taking a hiatus from breeding... been EV training and leveling a few of my premium hatches so that I can start killing Super Singles.
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    So I decided to give modern a try with good ol monoblue tron..... Dear God what have I done...
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    It's ironic that people who plays sixth sense lacks common sense. 
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    Thank you Sanjura for making this thread, I was just about to anyways   You're honestly retarded if you call anything other than 56 in any deck at any time   There are the straight retards who suck the dick of the people who say 34 who call 34 in non Dragon based decks, absolute retards   Then you have people who always call 34 in Dragons even when they have all their colors and Ravine   Then you have people who call 34 in Dragons when they only have 0-2 colors, which is still wrong.     Let's look specifically at Dragons   There are 13 cards you want to mill, 12 Bigs and Trigon, it is hard to put actual values on the various earth and dragon tuners that are milled   Calling 34: Average mill of 2.33 Calling 34: Average draw of 1.13   Calling 56: Average mill of 1.66 Calling 56: Average draw of 1.83   Now let's look in detail about the milling   There are 13 cards you want to mill, if you have 0 colors then you don't care what color you hit. But that still leaves you with about a 35% chance to hit a color off any given mill. So by calling 34 you are forgoing and average of .66 cards drawn to mill an extra .66 cards. But each card milled only gives you a 35% chance of hitting that Dragon, not to mention the times where you have 1-2 colors and you need to hit one you don't have. So actually you are basically forgoing .66 cards drawn on average(2 cards drawn) to give yourself .66 cards milled(2 cards milled) which equates to about .7 ideal cards milled per 2 mills. This number is lessened when you factor in the odds of milling a color you already have. The numbers just don't add up, not even close.   And the argument is "Well if I draw 3-4 cards I autowin". Not even close, how is a plus 2 or 3 an auto win? It definitely isn't, and you will lose more games from losing those 2 cards drawn than milling 2 extra cards.   So, by basic math and logic we can conclude that 56 is almost always better to call, even when you have 0 Dragons at your disposal.   The "calling 34 gives me a 66% favorable result" argument is bullshit as well, milling 5 cards is nowhere near favorable, milling virtually does nothing in comparison to those extra 2 cards drawn.   In essence it comes down to whether you think forgoing the 2 draws for 2 mills will result in more wins for you, which people think it will, when it won't.   And who the fuck knows why people decided '34' was better than '23' or '45'   _____________________________ BrandonBalls: why did you just call 34 Hoplomus_: wasn't feeling 5 6   BrandonBalls: why did you just call 34 "King of Games": the situation just called for me to call it "King of Games": Just a gut feeling of what to call really _____________________________   the whole ygo playerbase, irl and DN
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    Is the girl on the right one of your 15 year olds no, but she may have ate one