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    to be fair, trying to explain the logic/reasoning behind maining 2 Abyss Sphere would have been a waste of time for the writer and the reader(s).
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    Too bad you have to run shit cards for a good card. Like, its not even Rescue Rabbit level shit cards. Its worse compared to the rest of all of ygo right now
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    won a win-a-flight tourney today with this deck, really tired so just gonna make a few quick comments and share my build. #1 gyoku is actually the realest card idk what anyone is hating on it for. #2 Onslaught is fucking garbage, stop this isn't fire kings. #3 The 4 axis version of this deck really isn't anywhere on par with mixed or the rekindling build that focuses more on 3 imo. If you really want ill go deeper into explanations later just really tired like i said. anyway heres the build, the side prolly a little random ish but i hadda adjust last minute to the local meta and missing a card or 2 i'd like to have had. 
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    going to regionals playing the xyz version of this deck, ill post my report later on in the day,  might play a diva dont know yet, but wish me luck dgz
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    teus is the best card in the deck, sphere is the third best after tidal, though.
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    Sphere really isn't the best card in the deck - for the record.   That being said, I wouldn't run less than 3 if you paid me.
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    And this thread was going so well...
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    Playing Trap Stun over MSTs makes no sense.   There is very little reason to not main 3 MST this format when Tenki and Tower are around.   -----------   Raigeki Break and Divine Wrath are really janky/gimmicky/wonky (pick your adjective) in Hieratics. I mean if you really wanted to play a card like that, you'd play Reflection or Banishment .  But of course, that means you need Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord, because it gets you 2 Traps off a single Hieratic if you have 2 Traps Set. So you wouldn't play either. You like Fiendish Chain over Divine Wrath anyway. You keep a monster on field for Tefnuit Summon.   --------   Magic Planter is win-more, you want consistency. I'd go for Upstarts because you aren't even playing the 8000 LP OTKs, with no way bounce REDMD (Birdman, Wingbeat, Pleiades) or Exodius / Gustav Max. And Trident gives you 1000 LP to work with.   --------------   It makes little sense to play Ashes and not Burial from a DD. If you want to reuse your Dragon Rulers, you need the fodder (and your standard play sequence makes it live) .   ----------   3 Dragon Shrine is better than 2. It's the key card in the deck, and you want to see it. COTH and Ashes both depend on it, so do your Rulers. And playing 2 over 2 turns is a good thing. It's not like Duality which cuts you of SSing for 2 turns.    -----------------   The biggest thing you are doing wrong is not playing:     Getting the LV 7 off Ashes is super important, and I don't get why people aren't playing it. Reviving off Call is good as well.   -----------   More things, such as no Armades for Bujin, Catastor vs Fire, Water.   ---   Will probably point out more later.
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    You don't need to add your opinion at the end either.
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    Yeh I forgot to write that down aha. Overworked puts in over work (had to make that pun) when playing harpies you have to play the deck slightly differently. When it comes to backrow only set chainables which you dont mind getting 'hunting ground'ed ones which remove/disrupt their monster. This way you dont loose non chainable backrow (fiendish, mirror force etc) when you dont have to risk it. Geargia tend to loose if you let them +2 of dancer for no reason.   -------   Just reading through this page and I think we are getting a bit derailed. Its beginning to look like pojo. This is meant to be the deck discussion thread where we talk about complex game play, brand new tech to get a head, match ups + counters and our place in the meta but instead people are posting basic things and expecting to be spoon fed. I dont mind helping others but if you are new to this deck I suggest you test it and get a feel for some of the plays. After that if you have some questions or ideas bring them up in a post which explains the idea and your reasoning behind it instead of just asking others. If not make a thread in the deck garage, Id be happy to give insight and support there, you can get help and tips on your deck and questions answered instead of littering this thread with 'should i main x card over y card?' 'what should my extra deck look like?' 'what can i side vs x matchup?' Sorry if Im sounding like an arse but Id love to see more proper discussion instead of going round in circles, anyone else feel the same? But the reality is there isnt much new to talk about since our monster line up is pretty set then most of the traps are standard. All whats left is slightly different trap line ups, dark hole and redox. Then side and extra.    -------   On another note for those who wanted auger as an import in LVAL well we got a spanish checklist thing and auger isnt on there :C For now I am going to continue to test my build pre-LVAL since I have a regional next saturday then wait till LVAL hits and see how the meta changes with shark and exciton knight. Just wondering but is anybody currently testing post-LVAL? I noticed above that someone is going to YCS Berlin but didnt have the new xyz's in their extra...
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    Am I stupid, or does Heretic not get the 500 boost from Necrovalley?
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    You may not care about the difference between 2 sphere and 3 sphere but you will care about the difference between x-2 and x-3.
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      does that mean you'll be taking it to a YCS?
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    Well atleast when zombies appear I know Joe is experienced in stool-to-hand combat.
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    -activate melody, discarding white stone of legend -search for 3 blue eyes white dragon -polymerization for blue eyes ultimate dragon -dragon mirror those 3 bewd and maybe stone and another for blue eyes ultimate dragon or five headed dragon       =-|
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    Loaded Dice has asked me to remove this thread claiming its slander, while simultaniously stating the issue is resolved. We do not remove content at the request of third parties unless legally compelled to do so or a direct rule violation is apparent. This is not slander, and I don't see any direct resolution anyway so this topic remains. Marcus - if you ever want the thread removed, you can request it, but it's no one elses business. If Loaded Dice or anyone else claims somethings resolved they can of course outline this in the thread instead of messaging staff to make it disappear
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    The above posts and the negs are the result of making claims without any sort of logic or reasoning behind your decisions. How haven't you learned this by now? Meant to pos my bad
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    [quote name="Squiddy" post="3659295" timestamp="1388489772"]squiddy offers an opin challenge to any buddy worthy loser must post nudes duelist kingdom rules[/quote][quote name="iSlickz" post="3659331" timestamp="1388498419"][quote name="Squiddy" post="3659295" timestamp="1388489772"]squiddy offers an opin challenge to any buddy worthy loser must post nudes duelist kingdom rules[/quote] down as fuck[/quote] Is this finna happen? [quote name="dw4000" post="3660718" timestamp="1388651901"][quote name="Squiddy" post="3659295" timestamp="1388489772"]squiddy offers an opin challenge to any buddy worthy loser must post nudes duelist kingdom rules[/quote] squiddy I will play you for something. regular game tho.[/quote][quote name="Squiddy" post="3660736" timestamp="1388655267"]dirk i play u for dw4000 account[/quote] What about this [quote name="Wry9" post="3662687" timestamp="1388888012"]Alright niggas.    Open challenge.   Goats, best of 5.   Winner gets to change the loser's display name and picture to whatever they want.   Has to stay that way for an entire month.[/quote][quote name="Exhale" post="3662695" timestamp="1388888670"]accepted if 2/3 i dont want to spend too much time playing yugioh[/quote] Did I miss this one too? [quote name="Boosh about Boosh" post="3664572" timestamp="1389160651"]Dueling someone with the following conditions:   *unlimited everything *50 card decks *lob-psv sets only (no tournament pack or starter deck cards).   Winner chooses loser's sig for a month.[/quote][quote name="pǝlıxǝ" post="3664591" timestamp="1389162580"][quote name="Boosh about Boosh" post="3664572" timestamp="1389160651"]Dueling someone with the following conditions:   *unlimited everything *50 card decks *lob-psv sets only (no tournament pack or starter deck cards).   Winner chooses loser's sig for a month.[/quote]   you're on[/quote][quote name="pǝlıxǝ" post="3664620" timestamp="1389165845"][quote name="Boosh about Boosh" post="3664617" timestamp="1389165687"]That's actually an incredibly busted list of cards surprisingly...   Okay, new challenge/rules:   *Best out of 5 *50 card decks (exactly) *LOB, MRD, SRL, PSV cards ONLY *No exodia   *Either: 1) No more than 1 copy of any card 2) Current traditional format restricted/limited list applied to those four sets   Winner chooses loser's sig for a month.[/quote]   ill do the highlander option   see you tomorrow[/quote] And what about this? Is any of y'all niggas gonna follow through?
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    How can people say space is tight when they play multiple onslaught. If you have actually tested fire you'd know that card is absolutely garbage in fist
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    aw that trajix kid did this just for me
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      Marcus have you forgotten that we've always given out what we said we have. One example is fan expo this year. We had an attendance of 26 players and gave out over 2500$ of prizes. The store obviously doesn't want this type of label, hence what we've done for tournaments in the past. We stay true to our word. The store only tries to give players what they thirst for and what you're doing is essentially trying to hurt one of the few stores that are actually care about the community.    If you wanted to make a personal attack, then you should have contacted the store directly, and not by going about it on the internet. This is not the place to conduct such a conversation, you know where to reach me if you would like me to elaborate more.    lol fuck off
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    ur awesome in person + similar names + good at yugs   cool name + avi   you're what a ygo player should be plus we met (i'm 99% sure) and you were a chill guy   always pos me + i think wed be great friends irl + cool af name
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    Just wanted to get some exposure to this profile. It was a relatively large tournament for Germany.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3pOEJNfMds     I want to note how he opted to use Lance over Gyokkou and go more of a "turbo" route with Upstarts, Dualities, and a single Magic Planter to work with 3 Tensen and 3 Fiendish Chain. This looks really solid to me.
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    Why would you side Zombie World and make yourself unable to go into most of your extra deck especially when it's not even good vs Spellbooks?
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      And where do you rank Squall ;) Squall is so good it doesn't need to be ranked. Its the most powerful stand alone card this deck has, and if you are not running at least 1 there is a problem.   yea I've been fucking around with 2 Salvage, 2 Abyss-squall and 0 Aqua Spirit and it's been legitimate as fuck.   Aqua Spirit just made bad hands worse and ended up clogging my hands more so than it helped.   Salvage + Abyss-squall give the deck a better grind game so to speak.
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    I can verify that Creature Swap indeed takes on a defeatist attitude when it resolves without effect.  He has a pretty jaded outlook in general.
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    started off my new semester pretty well. got all my readings finished for the first week and i feel on top of my game
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    going to watch the lakers on tuesday with my best friend   pretty excited for it
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    brb building a team of 3 venusaur counters and 3 rotom counters for the next tournament
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      you are honestly one of my favorite people on this site. while we only communicate via facebook, you're like a brother i never had. there are so many things we like in common its fucking insane. not to mention i fucking love your sense of humor. brilliant, absolutely brilliant. i'm very happy to call you a friend and i can't wait to meet you at ycs atlanta.   ps detective comics comics sucks ;)       you're not a bad guy, not by any means. while a lot of people seem to dislike you here, it's only because you come off as a gigantic tryhard. relax and be more of yourself. i know ever since you got modship you became more vocal, that doesn't mean you've gotta flip your shit on people just because you've got the power. you're actually a nice guy that i would like to get to know more. shoot me a pm on fb and we'll chat it up.       i honestly can't think of anything bad to say about you. you're so fucking nice and genuine holy shit man haha. we don't talk as much as we used to but you're definitely a cool guy.       my nigga. chris you're so fucking funny it's almost unreal. i dunno how you do it but even the most basic of posts from you just has me cracking up. your sense of humor is great. also, we're asmr bros feel me. ASMR BROS. you're a great guy though vanguard is not better than yugioh, sorry.
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    As the sun began to set, the band of hobbits finally reached the outskirts of the forests of Lorien, home of the elves (aside from those that dwell within the forests of Mirkwood, that is) without suffering any more casualties. It had been a tiring journey, and they hoped to be welcomed into the high elf Galadriel’s haven with open arms.   Unfortunately, the elves sensed that one among them carried something of great evil, which may have already severely corrupted the minds of several among them. They could not grant the hobbits sanctuary for the evening, but allowed them to take a few boats with which to paddle down some river and make for the shores of the hills of Amon Hen, whereupon they could travel south to the realm of Rohan, home of the horse riders. The hobbits were none too pleased with not being able to have a safe place in which to peacefully rest for the night, but were grateful for the assistance nonetheless.   The boating trip was mostly uneventful. Left paddle, right paddle. Left paddle, right paddle. Wave hello to the crocodiles. They waved back. Left paddle, right paddle.   Had Legolas still been with them though, he would surely have detected the scent of orcs running not far behind them. However, Legolas had fallen in the Mines of Moria, so that would no longer be an option, and the Hobbits remained unaware of the impending danger. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.   Upon reaching the shore, the hobbits immediately set up camp. Someone, however, had to go and collect firewood, so that the band could heat up their supper. After a heated game of rock paper scissors, the Impish Hobbit was chosen! Off into the woods he slipped, oblivious to the orc horde that steadily closed in.  “Sniff sniff grunt grunt…. FIND THE HALFLINGS” one orc growled. Eager to please, the other orcs howled and pressed onwards.   As the Impish Hobbit frolicked in the forest, daintily picking up stray pieces of wood with which to build a hearty bonfire, he found himself confronted by the orcs! Aghast, he dropped the wood, and attempted to flee! It was too late, however, as he was cleaved in two!   Impish Hobbit was:   [spoiler]   Common Orc   You're an Orc of Mordor. Truth be told, you're fucking sick of being cannon fodder and Sauron's bitch, and want nothing more than to live the rest of your days in peace. You are a member of the town, and have no special powers. You win when all the scum are dead. [/spoiler]   The orc horde realized that they had slain one of their kin! However, noticing that he did not bear the tattoo depicting the fearsome White Cock of Saruman, they immediately branded him a deserter, and thought nothing more of the matter. Onward ho!   The rest of the hobbits heard the commotion, and fearing the worst, dragged their boats onto the beach into a defensive position. As the orcs threw themselves at the makeshift fortifications, the hobbits poked and pierced away with their little hobbit weapons. Wave upon wave of orcs attacked and were repelled. The orc horde gradually began to thin out, unable to break through the staunch defense presented by the hobbits. Eventually, the survivors turned and fled, but the hobbits knew that more would return. They could not stay here indefinitely.   And so, it was time to move on and make for the realm of Rohan immediately. The Impish Hobbit’s corpse was forgotten, and was left somewhere in the woods to rot. Nasty little bugger.   NIGHT 2 BEGINS NOW, AND WILL LAST UNTIL 1/12/2014 at 6 PM PST, OR UNTIL ALL NIGHT ACTIONS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED
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    does anyone remember The Abstract? where is that nigga
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    why would you ever play gear at 2? it's literally the best card in the deck. you want to see that card every game turn 1.    upstart is better in here because it lets you see arsenal more and summon it the same turn, while duality just would otherwise just let you see arsenal and then add it without using it.
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    onslaught is shit because it's so uneeded, and it adds consistency issues. drawing multiples of onslaught + drawing the onslaught targets. it really is shit, i don't know what reason you're playing it since there's no need for blader as much and tensu does virtually the same thing. 
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      that doesn't really explain anything
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      no it's not. 3 is optimal, the best card in the deck, sets up everything etc.   there's literally no reason to not play 3 like what the fucking shit
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    Man, the things I would do with this if Rejuvenation wasn't banned...
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    3 Inzektor Ladybug 3 Inzektor Centipede 3 MysticTomato 2 Card Trooper 1 Inzsektor Giga-Mantis 1 Inzektor Dragonfly 1 Inzektor Hornet 1 Dark Armed Dragon   3 Pot of Duality 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Upstart Goblin 2 Forbidden Lance 2 Inzektor Sword - Zektkaliber 1 Dark Hole 1 Allure of Darkness 1 Foolish Burial   3 Call of the Haunted 3 Trap Stun 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Solemn Warning 1 Bottomless Trap Hole   I have had a fair bit of success with this build. I cannot comprehend playing less than 3 Call of the Haunted. I would play 6 or 7 copies if I could.
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    Thank god judgment dragon has 2600 def
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    I'm not saying I don't like books but when people say read the book I find it absurd because the book and the movie aren't the same thing and judging one based on the other is an awful way to go about anything. And also I just don't really care to read a book about some asshole stock broker.
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    Was pretty swell in sealed though :)
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    -The west is pretty much everywhere but Asia, so you have the buypower of the vast majority of players. Some OCG playres even buy TCG cards, so you could argue that 100% of the playerbase buys TCG cards while barely anyone buys OCG ones. -The TCG makes impulse purchases because of the structure of competitive events, which the OCG doesn't have. This is also key in determining card rarities. -The OCG barely reprints anything, while the TCG makes cards rarer with the idea of reprinting it soon afterwards (if you want the card now, because of a major event, you must buy a ton of product, otherwise wait and it'll be easily available).
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    No step/phase can be ended without both players agreeing to and battles can't be declared until the battle step so yes someone can Book their opponents Star Eater at the start of Battle Phase.
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    more like coacHELLA EXPENSIVE