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    It looked like Chou counted out his deck and ran the odds on seeing Dark Hole before playing Duality for it over his Bujincarnation or other cards in hand, and was rewarded for making the right decision to try to dig for the best out he had. Isn't that a thought process we should be encouraging rather than just reducing it to "lol he sacked dhole for gg"?
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    I love fishy game thingy! (does anyone know what it's called?)   I played it as recently as 2011.  
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    Best thing for you to do is to degrade her with ur seed, like others have said. 
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    Willing to bet Konami is not happy one bit
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    On their 2nd turn... I might say "k" but what I really mean is "Go fucking fuck yourself".
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    yo the real question is will these count towards the premier event top list   @pathoban1992
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    "what not to do on your first post"
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    so in case anyone was wondering why ive been somewhat absent besides lurking lately, ive been dating a new girl for about a month and a half now and i feel somewhat content in my life for once in a long while   if you recall i totaled my car and got a dwi about 6 months ago. the trooper failed to file the police report in time for driver control to act on it (or something to that effect) and i avoided getting both a suspended license and a breathalyzer interlock system, and got out with 6 months of driver probation. i'm lucky beyond belief, but this is laughable to me because when i was arrested for possession of a quarter of weed in high school the charge came with an automatic year-long drivers license suspension even though it had nothing to do with driving.   ive recently gotten in comics. ive spent probably $150-200 at the comic book store in the past month. and this has only served to further rekindle my middle school love of manga (which eventually brought me here to all you beautiful people) and so i want to start picking up some good manga. naruto, one piece and bleach i've heard are all good but already have like 60+ volumes and are ongoing. death note, attack on titan, fullmetal alchemist, hellsing, soul eater, rurouni kenshin, yuyu hakusho, all p good places to reboot right?
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    TCG player has done this for other card games for an eternity hasn't it? Regardless, get fucked Konami. TCGplayer's advertising base means I wouldn't be surprised if these took off.
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    If she isn't willing to be 100% invested in your relationship for the 5-6 that remains until you separate for school, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by staying together, even if it makes sense on paper. If both parties to a relationship aren't fully invested, the relationship will suffer and, eventually, so will you. Step away from it now. See the relationship for what it was and move on.    Try not to burn bridges with this girl if you think there's possibly something there. You don't know right now where either of you will end up.    No matter what, be content with you. Take care of yourself.   Be well.  
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    dhole was the last card off of duality too, if he didnt special the mythic the bujin player wouldn't have drawn the dhole rofl
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    So it is basically Mario Kart.
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    Today was last day at Melting Pot. I hadn't told anybody but the managers but I guess they told all the servers. As I was leaving all the servers hugged/shook my hand and they said they'd miss me.   :'( That was really nice of them
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      It's not gay people who go around giving people aids. Its people like you. Holy crap.
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    Of course Grant would come in here and talk about how mediocre other people's childhood toys were.
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    I'm going to offer the other side to this argument.   It's okay to have your heart broken.   Get emotionally attached. It might hurt when the time comes, but you both will be more romantically experienced and only grow from being with someone you care about.   We all grow emotionally through caring deeply and then getting hurt and trying again. To me it sounds like a fear of getting hurt over the summer is preventing you from feeling love right now, which is stupid.    No reason to let a questionable future 5-6 months from now dictate the way you live your life today. You both have feelings for each other so why would you neglect them?     I have more to say on this. You seemed really hesitant to ask her out in the first place and you probably did out of fear of school ending and her not knowing. Listen bro, there are MILLIONS of girls out there. I'd argue that there are HUNDREDS of women who you would be able to have a very successful marriage with, when the time comes. There's no reason to get hung up on just one girl, no matter how great she is. I think it would be much sadder if you didn't do everything you wanted to do with her (including degrading her with your seed, and tbh it sounds like she wants to fool around with you a bit) so WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU NOT DO THAT!!?!?   OP, I'm concerned that you are afraid of taking the action you want in your life, and you clearly like her so why wouldn't you make the most of the time you did have with her? like why the fuck are you guys telling him to not go for it and make it work while it can??  I think you'll have a lot of regret if you didn't go for it and you should absolutely WANT to be single too when you go away to college. It absolutely sucks being in a LDR when youre surrounded by young horny girls all the time, BUT it sucks even more being around a girl who you HAVE FEELINGS FOR in HIGH SCHOOL and deciding to not hook up and be with her because in a few months you'll be surrounded by hot horny girls in college like WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU
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    I've never understood why people are so desperate to ram 842930283423 boss monsters into Lightsworn when you already have enough issues resolving Judgment in half the games you play.
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    I'm not gonna be too harsh since I'm sure they were both feeling a lot of pressure but unless I'm getting the games mixed up Game 5 is the game where Bujin opened insanely well then made ARK into Warning to straight up punt the game away. While watching it live I felt the Ruler guy just played way too conservatively after that instead of smelling blood in the water and ending him.
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    Currently, I'm in a situation or relationship that I have some kind of trouble processing and articulating so I'm just going to lay it out straight.     I'm currently a senior in high school and finally built up the courage to ask out someone (who is also a senior) who I've been crushing on for awhile now. It turned out, in turn, that she had also held feelings toward me. I'd like to consider that both of us are mature enough to understand the benefits and cons of being in a relationship, but herein lies the problem: we don't.   I started going on dates with her and from the perspectives of others and as well as ours, everything is fine and dandy. We are both really into each other and we both can see us working out in the long run, but there lies a problem. After we graduate from high school, she's moving away to college essentially across the entire country. I'd like to think this situation could be remedied with computers and technology and video chatting, but that still doesn't eliminate the fact that the relationship would be long distance. Now this is a topic that has come up between us and is something we've talked about to a certain degree, but these "talks" we've had had lead to circumstances that seem pointless and contradictory.   She has made it clear that by the time college rolls by, she wants to be single, which is something I completely understand and am willing to embrace. However, there is still a good 5 or 6 months that we could spend together. She has also made it clear that she likes me, and if long-distance wasn't a factor, then we would still be a thing by the time college swings by. This leads me to confusion, as well as her. We BOTH want to continue our fling, whatever it may entail, but we both know that it's going to end and she doesn't want to be 100% emotionally attached because when our time together ends, she's going to be crushed and distraught.    I just don't know how to handle this situation and as much as I hate or despise saying it, I feel like it would be best for both her and I that we stop seeing each other. I want to say that we could keep our thing going and who knows, maybe the long-distance thing could eventually be an option for her but for now that really doesn't seem to be the case. She and I want to keep dating, but we are faced with the problem that eventually it's going to end.    I just don't know what to do and I FEEL like I have the answer, although it's definitely not an answer I want to hear. But there seems to be no other options and I just need to hear other opinions on the matter or anyone to tell it to me straight.
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    sex in da ass XD! nah but i dont have an account on pojo who are these guys
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    Sup. I've lurked like a mofo for a while now, haven't really posted anything. Decided to make an intro post.   I like long walks on the beach, Netflix, Anti-Meta decks and pornography. I also am currently obsessed with Loadout, which is both the stupidest and greatest free shooter I've played in awhile.   I've been away from Yugioh for quite a while, deciding to get back into the meta as there's a Locals spot that just opened about twenty minutes away from me, so I'll be able to play a lot more.   So, yeah. Hi. 
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    "Kokoloko lost to drag mag last night so I guess we have to ban every dragon and steel type in the tier now!"
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    My boyfriend was really worried about passing a drug test for his new job. Hell we were surprised there was even a test scheduled but I guess since he's going to be working at a hospital its required. When he showed up for the drug test they tols him to pull a marble from the bag. If its orange you get drug tested if its white you don't. He pulled one of the only two white marbles :).
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    http://www.ygorganization.com/arc-v-new-character-and-setting-info/ Also for those who hated Zexal's Xyz Summon Sausage Fest, Arc-V will be all kinds of Summoning. Xyz. Synchro. Fusion. Ritual.
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    For 5,000, grant will say OoT is a 10 For 50,000 he'll believe it
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    I just wish we could be together already.
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    what kind of stuff do you like? most of that is pleb level shonen
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    ARG says you can sell/buy point cards so I doubt TCG Player cares
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    Warning: Does not contain Warning
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      It's not gay people who go around giving people aids. Its people like you. Holy crap. I know that the majority of people think that raiza was a good monarch. But as a player I have just had better experience playing the monarchs that actually destroy/banish cards.    edit: After reading the card again I realize its not as bad as originally thought. Now it makes sense why everyone is so excited for the card. This is usually helpful when trying to talk about how the card works. 
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    it definitely does not deserve to plastered all over my fb
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    Chrono Crystals is another nice little tribute engine. SS Bones, discard Skull to search / retrieve a second Bones, tribute Bones 1 for a Monarch or something, now you have Bones 2 for 2 tribute Ubernarchs when your first one dies.   Toss in Birdman and Crane Crane, and you can put 2 things on the board while putting Skull back in the hand to search another Bones, while Crane can revive either Crystal to make Skull live, or revive Bones to go Birdman.   That's... 10 or so for a really long tribute and rank 3 engine...?     Bear Train Engine is also pretty legit.
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    hipster moment but   we saw this on saturday and i was completely underwhelmed except for the jungle book snake. everything else sucked.
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    hey peter    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjbPszSt5Pc
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    Konami wouldn't have approved cash prizes.
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    this isn't dnf   this isn't neopets   swearing is a-okay   please don't fucking report a post five times
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    Yes Brandon Wigley can I get help with my list? trying to top locals this weekend. Here it is :     I made sure not to netdeck. Added my own personal techs to it. Any suggestions would be welcome but I must play obelisk in side its my signature card