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    fixed that title for you pal
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    Girl is drunk asking me to come pick her up from a mexican place and go to her apartment, I tell her I'm watching the DGZ live bitch get out of my face   I bleed charcoal and light blue
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    This had better be a fucking joke.   You have 3000 posts.   "You can build bridges for 60 years and suck 1 dick and you'll still be known as a cocksucker instead of a bridge builder"
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    Philly had just passed and I was like DANG FAILED AGAIN and i had school/ work all week so didn't have time to test much. I didn't want to play a real deck because I don't actually own madolche (shoutouts to brad for the anjelly borrows) and I wanted to try and top with something neat since I have my invite. At the hotel in Philly, I acquire german copies of Amulet Dragon and Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight. Guess that made my decision.   I play tested every second I had spare and on Thursday I had come to the conclusion this theme was just straight up unplayable, like Konami just made the cards too restrictive. Every dragon monster in the game is not stand alone and sucks, the dark magician support is all terrible (you can't even Dark Magic Curtain and Timaeus in the same turn) and drawing Dark Magicians is like the worst   On Friday night I decide I will likely scrub out but it will be worth trying to get some wins out of this. I go to bed at like 3am, get up at 7:30 and meet a bunch of locals people for breakfast. Me and a bunch of other people who had our invites were all just going to play fun decks instead of meta. Guess who was the only one who actually stuck to the challenge? Me -_- (LOOKING AT YOU JOSH AND BRAD).    So I run around to get all the cards I'm missing from people because I don't actually own 20$ Eye of Timaeus' (why are they 20$), eventually acquire them. Most people knew I was playing something off the wall but the only person who saw my deck before the regional started was Andrew and I got violently demolished by his mained Skill Drains. Player meeting got started and I sat across from my first round opponent.... playing Evilswarm. I knew this was a bad start to my day already.   Round 1 - Evilswarm He starts off g1 with nothing but I have a pretty awful hand so I'm swinging a Prisma into 4 backrow for a bunch of turns, turn before lethal he has Soul Charge + thunder bird to make an Ophion its ok I have Debris into Exciton but he has a mained Vanitys for the gee gee. G2 I resolve a 4 for 1 Mal Cat. Game 3 he has a slow start so I just go in, but eventually he tops a Soul Charge and I guess thats that   0-1   Round 2 - Six Samurai This was the guy Andrew played round 1 and he didn't own a Shi En. I figured i had this. One problem, though: I opened DM and Dark Magician Girl. So I didn't really play g1. G2 was over super quick. G3 I actually misplay and dont super poly to his Great Shogun + Catastor because I didn't want to use 3 cards on his 2 and I had a way to break his field in hand, its unfortunate Elemental Hero Sharpman forgot that Escuridao gets 100 attack because Prisma would have been in grave. I end up losing because he goes Dark Hole two big monsters the following turn. oops   0-2   Round 3 - Spirits G1 he Dualities into a Breakthrough Skill, then sets 3. I summon Prisma and activate the effect. He fiddles with a card and I tell him its a cost to send DM, so he lets it resolve. I then activate Dark Magic Attack and blow away his whole field. That game was over quick and he didn't let any of my Prismas resolve afterward. G2 I lose to double Creature Swap. G3 I summon DMG Knight in Defense, and he does summon Rasetsu (the guy who compulses one of my SS'd monsters) but turns out DMG knight is in def so no dice on that one, I destroy it during the end phase with DMGKnight and then summon Ice Hand and poke for 4k and then game him next turn   1-2   wow no 0-3 drop such deck   Round 4 - Hunders I 2-0 this one because I resolve another 4 for 1 Dark Magic attack and Felgrand gets there.    2-2   Round 5 - Blackwings My opponent opens Shura Whirlwind set 2, so I open Prisma Dark Magic Attack Timaeus and this game is over really quick. G2 he uses Mystic Plasma Zone, Whirlwind, and Kalut to search a Shura and I open super slow. Eventually I start trading with his backrow and get to a point where I stick an Amulet Dragon. He tries to HTS me but I have Bottomless, he clears that then kills my Dark Magician I get off it but I have a Dragon's Mirror. I tidal/ mythic water to dump DMG, then mirror for DMGKnight when he has 26 enter BP and blow up his dude during BP and game   3-2   round 6 - Artifact Hands Sanctum is a really good card against my deck lol. He had warning for my Prisma and I couldn't protect it with my compulse, and I had 5 cards in hand that required my Prisma to at least activate. G2 I opened DMG and DM so I didn't really play any cards 3-3   round 7 - Constellar g1 he summons Raioh set 2. I try and crash trooper but he has Prison, he summons Sombres and pokes for 3450. He fiddled with his hand when I used Trooper so I figured there was an honest. I Prisma+Timaeus for Amulet, swing into Sombres sure enough Honest but DM comes out to try and save the day but he Cylinders me so I'm at 500. I have compulse + wind blast set so I'm like there's no way I can lose here to cowboy. He draws to 3, makes Cowboy i compulse, chains lance I PWWB, then activates Soul Charge. welp   g2 I have some savage super poly action and DMGKnight prevents him from making Pleiades so thats sick   g3 I have to MST one of my own sets to exciton him when I have no other play, and eventually get him down to 0 cards to my shining + 4 in hand. I debate summoning a ruler in defense (i'm at 4000 something), but if I do I burn my fuel to game him next turn (or deal with Pleiades if he draws Soul Charge) and his only out is 1 of 2 sombres. Guess what he draws. Guess. He volca gaias me for game and I shed some tears   3-4   overall this deck is terrible and I would never play it at something outside a local but hey it was fun idk try it if you're bored here's the list, thanks to justusscrubs for loading the profile it was fun   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cQGXiUC9c4   here's the list, i explain things in the video   3 prisma 2 Dark magician 1 dark magician girl 1 tempest 1 tidal 1 redox 2 mythic earth 2 mythic water 1 debris 1 gorz (i didn't summon this lol) 2 card trooper   3 eye of timaeus 2 super poly 2 dragons mirror 1 miracle fusion 1 rota 1 e call 2 pot of dichotomy 2 dark magic attack 1 foolish burial 1 gold sarco   1 pwwb 1 compulse 1 torrential 1 bottomless 1 warning 2 d prison   2 amulet dragon 1 dmg the dragon knight 1 big eye 1 dracossack 1 helipolis 1 felgrand 1 giant killer  1 dragon knight draco-equiste 1 black rose 1 exciton 1 lavalval chain 1 e hero the shining 1 e hero escuridao 1 e hero absolute zero   2 ice hand 2 fire hand 3 maxx 2 black horn 1 noc 1 mal cat 3 mst 1 dark paladin   thanks for reading this was fun my next report will be a premier event top i hope (ie: nats) baiiiii
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    Worlds worst poster
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    Should just straight up start making and joining dgz war teams Theres enough players to jumpstart warring again and challenge the returning teams Its also perfect for people who cant find time to join a live and want to get some real testing done before nats
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    the new dn layout hurts my eye
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    Hey everyone, my name is Chris Pobee-Mensah, I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina and on Saturday May 24th I went to Roanoke to attend a regional and placed in top 8 after 8 rounds of swiss.   I used Sylvans to get me there, and unfortunately topped with a record of X-2 due to a game loss after getting deck checked round 8.   Sylvans are a very explosive deck that use cards like miracle fertilizer, and soul charge to be able to take advantage of spamming the field. While sylvans are a very good archetype, they have a huge problem when it comes to fighting against backrow such as torrential tribute, needle ceiling, bottomless trap hole, traptrix trap hole nightmare, and compulsory evacuation device. That being said, I decided to main deck 3 Trap Stun, which was probably the best decision I have made for this deck.   Monsters(22): 3 Sylvan Hermitree 3 Sylvan Sagequoia 2 Lonefire Blossom 1 Sylvan Flowerknight 3 Sylvan Marshaleaf 3 Sylvan Peaskeeper 2 Sylvan Princessprout 1 Spore 3 Kuribandit 1 Rose Archer   Spells(12): 3 Sylvan Charity 3 Soul Charge 3 Miracle Fertilizer 3 Mount Sylvania   Traps(6): 3 Phoenix Wing Wind blast 3 Trap Stun   Extra Deck(15): 2 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand 1 Hieratic Sun Dragon overlord of Heliopolis 2 Orea the sylvan high arbiter 1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Mechquipped Angineer 1 Slacker Magician 1 Leo, the keeper of the sacred tree 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Crimson Blader 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Black rose Dragon 1 Ally of Justice Catastor   Side Deck (15): 2 Effect veiler 2 Maxx "c" 1 Swift Scarecrow 1 Swords of Concealing Light 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Debunk 2 Rivalry of Warlords 2 Mistake   Round 1:   During my round one, I played against some version of chaos dragons. It was someone that clearly didn’t seem to take yugioh at a very competitive level, and didn’t seem to know what he was doing. On top of both of these, he didn’t really know what any of my cards did, so I ended up winning our match 2-0.   Round 2:   Round two I played against bujins. The match was actually very tough, once I found out that he was playing bujins I was hoping for the best that he didn’t have kaiser colosseum. Gladly I didn’t see that card any of our three games.   Game 1: went fairly smoothly. My opponent won the die roll, and proceeded to play tenki, search for yamato, and set 2 cards. I ended up using sylvania and miracle fertilizer with a hermitree in my hand to make felgrand. When I used hermitree’s effect, his effect was unfortunately negated with Divine Wrath. After that happened, I used Soul Charge to revive my hermitree, and continue to make a felgrand, which tremendously helped me win game 1.   Game 2: He had yamato and too many set cards for me to fight through, even after I used trap stun.   Game 3 featured me missplaying by using Orea to bounce his face up Bujin Tsukuyomi, without me realizing that Tsukuyomi works when it leaves the field in general, rather than only getting his effect when he is destroyed. He then proceeds to make another tsukuyomi, and I then play swords of concealing light, and use orea again after stacking cards with sylvan charity, and bounce both his set monster and tsukuyomi to the hand, and attacking for game. Using Orea has been incredibly beneficial since it does not target any of the cards it bounces. The ending of this match leaves me with a record of 2-0   Round 3:   I played against Traptrix Hands this round, he specifically stated after the game was over that he wasn’t playing any of the artifact cards. Both games 1 and 2, I pretty much used trap stun and killed him.   Game 1: I used lonefire blossom and soul charge to make 2 felgrand during my first turn and then used trap stun during my next turn.   Game 2: I had trap stun after going second, used orea to send his hand monster back to the hand, and killed him with the rest of my monsters.   Round 4:   Round four I played against Geargia, which is honestly a pretty good match up for sylvans.   Game 1: Went pretty well for me, I pretty much did the same as I did to the traptrix hand player, with trap stun and winning.   Game 2: He opened very well with armor and a live geargiagear, then killed me in one turn because I couldn’t make a huge play during my 2nd turn other than summoning my kuribandit and excavating 5 cards.   Game 3: Went very well in general. While I don’t remember much of what happened that game, I do specifically remember normal summoning a peaskeeper, and using its effect to excavate 1 card, my original plan was to just use spore from the graveyard to bring him back as a lvl 9 and synchro for Leo, but I excavate a Sagequoia, and use its effect to grab back a sylvan charity, but then my opponent responds with debunk on my sagequoia, then immediately realizing that he made a mistake, and should have waited to use it on my spore, but he didn’t. So I proceeded to synchro for Leo, and run over all of his monsters turn by turn. Eventually, he tried to needle ceiling me when I had 3 monsters, but I trap stun’d him. After the match was over, we talked about his missplay, and we realized that had I played the charity that I would have gotten back with sageequoia, I would have drawn soul charge, a marshaleaf, and a trap stun. and therefore, I would have just summoned 2 monsters off of soul charge, and made a felgrand. So the out come would have more than likely been the same.   Round  5:   The beginning of this round, I was paired up against someone who was x-1, but didn’t notice until I realized that I was 4-0, and was surrounded by many people who were x-1. After talking to judges, and waiting for about 15 minutes, both I, and the person I beat last round switched our pairings (Don’t ask me what took them so long to do that) AFTER that ,we were deck checked, and judges came back with our decks, and said there was no problem (Remember that). Anyways, my newly paired opponent was playing the newly popular H.A.T deck (Hand Artifact Traptrix). This deck doesn’t really seem to be too much of a problem while playing sylvans, as long as you can set up a field and make a felgrand maybe.   Game 1: I won the die roll, and proceeded to make a felgrand for my first turn, and set a trap stun while having Mount Sylvania face up on the field. He summoned a myrmeleo, searched for a traptrix trap hole, and set 4 cards. I drew, played trap stun, and used miracle fertilizers to spam the field since I had 2.   Game 2: lasted for a long time, and because we had about a 18 minute time extension, and too many people were watching our match. There were many people yelling around us, and commenting on both of our plays, which made it very hard to focus for both of us. I recall us going back and forth during the entire game, but at the end, I used trap stun inherently, then he chained sanctum, but I responded with a second trap stun, and of course, everyone watching our game started screaming. I then made a felgrand, and attacked into his open field, then he used traptrix dionaea to special summon a myrmeleo, and then xyz summoned an exciton knight, I had no response (since I had no backrow, along with no reason to use felgrand yet) then he used the effect, and I chain felgrand on his exciton, and he had no response. I then heard someone from the crowd yelling “READ FELGRAND” which I found pretty funny. Anyways, the next turn I attacked for game with my felgrand since he had less than 900 life points. This leaves with a record of 5-0   Round 6:   This round I played against a good friend of mine that I attend locals with who was also playing the H.A.T deck. I knew he was a good player, and I was glad that he was doing so well at this event because at this point, he hadn’t topped a regional yet.   Game 1: Turn one I summoned lonefire, and used the effect, but he drops a maxx “c” on me, I decided to directly summon hermitree, then use sylvania to top deck a princessprout, use tree, draw, and make a felgrand. Although he drew 3 cards off of the maxx “c”, I didn’t want to simply leave a hermitree on the field by itself. He drew for turn, and summoned myrmeleo to get a traptrix traphole, and then I pretty much use trap stun yet again, to kill him in that turn. However, he did chain a sanctum, but I used felgrand, so all he could really do is destroy my sylvania. I had double miracle fertilizer to do ridiculous plays.   Game 2: I can’t remember much about game 2, but I do remember that he used ignition to blow up sylvania during the end phase of a turn that I used trap stun, grabbed a moraltach, and then tried to use sanctum, so I reminded him of the fact that he was under trap stun, and sanctum was negated. He was able to still come back that game and beat me.   Game 3: was probably the worst thing that could have ever happened to me in any times of me playing sylvans. My opening hand in the order of the cards I drew were hermitree, hermitree, hermitree, soul charge, mystical space typhoon, and trap stun. My hand could not have been less playable. I could have done something had I drawn a charity/sylvania/lonefire. But I drew nothing but miracle fertilizer, soul charge, and more typhoon’s/trap stuns. It was pretty awful. I essentially was poked to death by Fire and Ice hands. I told him what had happened after the game, and he apologized, but I was glad to later see that he got 1st place at this regional with a record of 8-0. This leaves me with a record of 5-1.   Round 7:   This round was pretty quick, I played against a geargia player who told me earlier that day that he didn’t want to play against me (unfortunately for him, we played lol). I literally did exactly what sylvans are supposed to do, I just trap stun’d and won both games 1 and 2. He made abyss dweller to try and stop me from doing things, but abyss dweller doesn’t stop me from playing miracle fertilizer, so I just brought back hermitree’s and made a felgrand. He almost came back game 2, when I got greedy with felgrand to negate his soul of silver mountain when he tried to run over my dracossack token, then he dropped another accelerator that I was unaware he had in his hand, and made a Number 101: Silent Honor ARK to take my Felgrand, but I trap stun again the next turn, play soul charge, and make another felgrand to proceed and run over all of his monsters the few turns after, and win.   Round 8:   This is the last round of the tournament, and both my opponent and I got deck checked. We were both anxious to start this next round, so waiting for the judges to return our decks was kind of annoying. When the judges came back, they called me specifically over, and then told me that my decklist that I filled out did not have Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack on it (Mind you, I was deck checked round 5 and they came back saying there were zero problems). The judges then decided to give me a game 1 loss, along with not allowing me to use my dracossack for the match. After I found out about getting my own game loss, I was told that 2 other people including Tyree Tinsley a game loss while all of us are playing last round in the bubble. Anyways, I played against Madolche’s, and I won the die roll.   Game 2: I started out with felgrand trap stun like I tend to do a lot, and then literally beat him the next turn.   Game 3: (since I had a game 1 loss) he went first and had mewfew anjelly set 4. I had trap stun, but he used a Diamond Dire Wolf to destroy my one set card. But I did draw a brick hand that I couldn’t do much with regardless, which made me lose the match. My ending record was 6-2 with my loses to the only 8-0 and a 7-1. Since my tie breakers were really good, I was able to make it into 8th place. I personally was very upset with the judges at this event, but that was something that I had no control over. I had a lot of fun at this event regardless because 3 of the people that attend my locals (including myself) were a part of the top 8 at this regional. I was also proud of my friend Alvaro getting his first regional top along with his first regional win with the H.A.T deck. I was also glad to see many friends that don’t attend my locals that I don’t get to see very often other than at larger events.   There were a few things that I did, and didn’t like about my list after playing in this event. which made realize a few changes that I’d like to make. I would like to try and find more space for other trap cards, while playing 3 PWWB is really good, it just makes it hard to protect yourself in general if your opponent is able to make a big push and go for game when you don’t have an established field already. I chose to play 3 PWWB also because it is a card that can be played at any time you wish, and is always live unless you have no cards in your hand, and solves the weakness that sylvans have of colossal fighter running over all of your felgrand’s. Playing the one of rose archer in my main deck was also very good at this event. I used it on a geargiagear, and this guy thought I had maxx “c” when I was thinking, and was very confused when I dropped rose archer from my hand. Running it as a one of was very helpful, it was almost like playing a 4th mini trap stun. I would also like to change the side deck a lot. I sided 2 effect veilers because I was really afraid of madolche’s, and I just feel like there might be better cards. I also ended up side decking 2 rivalry of warlords for madolche’s so I can stop them while they are in the middle of their anjelly plays.   In general, there are just many things that I am still learning about sylvans, but I enjoy having the ability to gain advantage with sylvan charity, and being able to use lonefire blossom and soul charge to have ridiculous combos. This deck is very good, but is also very easy to side against. It has a lot of trouble dealing with Dimensional Fissure, and Macro Cosmos, which is why siding 3 Mystical Space Typhoon is mandatory. You all may be wondering why I did not play dark hole in the main or the side deck. My reasoning for not playing dark hole in general is because sylvans have no issue breaking boards, while also building an established board at the same time because of Orea. Orea bouncing cards to the owners hand is the one thing that helps getting rid of big threats that the deck cannot handle, such as Leo. The extra deck could also use some work, I barely made half of the synchros that I used in my extra deck, which makes me feel as though I can play other cards that would work a lot better.   I really do like this deck, and hopefully I can find other things that I can do with it, and hopefully I’ll do better than X-2 at my next event and don’t run into drawing brick hands, or forgetting to write down certain cards in my deck.   Thank you all for reading!  
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    So basically I learned that /r/theredpill isn't a subreddit dedicated to The Matrix and The Matrix references.
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    gg momo nerd    
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    hopefully that comment angered enough people to make their own war team just to beat us
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    Limitless __________________________________   Current Roster Dgz/Dn   + Evolution` - ! Evolution   + Itswhatever - Itswhatever0 + Bergy - AndrewBergen   + Adjd2007 - Adjd2007 ___________________________________   Current wars- Vs Essex   ___________________________________   War Record 0-0
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    [quote name="harig07" post="3762901" timestamp="1401129302"]Then don't main it. I'm arguing that there isn't any point siding it if you would bring it in against everything, not that it is an auto inclusion.[/quote] Not that I agree with maining or siding Majesty's Fiend at all, but I believe this logic is flawed. Even if you are going to bring the card in against nearly every matchup, it is still possibly better to side board the card. One similar example is Dragon Rulers and Mystical space Typhoon. You bring it in game 2 and 3 for nearly all matchups, so why not main it? The answer is because it has value only because of what your opponent is most likely going to board in. Along a similar vein, I believe Majesty's Fiend could be much more difficult to counter in sided games where players will likely side out cards like Bottomless Trap Hole, and Compulsory Evacuation Device, which have little value against the deck, for cards like Debunk or extra Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmares. This is especially true if they don't see Majesty's Fiend in game 1. I'm not saying that we should all definitely side Majesty's Fiend, I just think that "Well you are going to bring it in every game anyway" is a bad argument for saying the card is a "main or don't play" card
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    [quote name="Gibbination" post="3762463" timestamp="1401076116"]Just to be clear the simplified game state came from the way old school warrior toolbox +1 -1 protect the deko theory. Basically if I have 6 cards and you have 5 I can play a slow pace abd always be one answer or up or i can play a fast pace and make it 0 to 1 either way im in a commanding lead[/quote] Yeah I think literally nobody on this forum needs an explanation of fucking card advantage. Try over at the yugioh sub reddit, I'm sure it's a foreign concept to them over there.
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    I don't get why so many people in this thread/the world keep pointing out how attractive/nice his car is and how he should've been able to get laid. It's pretty fucking clear what the problem was. He hates women, and if there's anything that's a dealbreaker, I'd say misogyny is a pretty big turn off.    Like the fact that the discussion is even about why this dude was a virgin is blowing my mind because that's like the least important thing here. Let's talk about guns, let's talk about what needs to be done to provide better mental health services, or to deal with the issue where people don't see this dude's hate as a problem until he kills someone. Or just about anything besides how come he couldn't get laid...
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    wat Junior year sucks... SATs, SAT IIs, APs, extracurricular padding, college vists, etc That shit is so lame.   I would do anything to go back to a time where that was the kind of thing that stressed me out.
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    My effect will be, "Once per turn: You can banish up to 3 monsters from your Graveyard; this card gains 300 ATK for each, until your opponent's End Phase."
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    i 2-0 wurmy because i dont have casual internet
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    "World's" Best Madolche Deck World's "Best" Madolche Deck World's Best "Madolche" Deck World's Best Madolche "Deck" Can't decide which one i like best
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    Stop spamming this site.
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    It's really gross how many people are hailing him as a hero and saying things like well this is why you shouldn't friendzone guys. 
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    If Traptrix Artifacts starts seeing less play, are you guys still going to still use Breakthrough Skill? Or will switch over to Fiendish Chain? I, personally, still like using Fiendish Chain, especially  when most decks make a push, you are able to negate effs and protect Armor (or anything else) from being attacked over. 
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    I make sacrifices for my brethren   Yeah I'm pretty sure tequila and tacos means she's either farting or pooping on or around my shaft sorrynotsorry
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    I admire people like you.   Also, if she's drunk AND ate mexican food, you made the right choice, sir.
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    can "auto win" be a buzz word too?
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    first hollywood undead, now this.   im afraid of what's coming next.
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    World's Shittiest Madolche Deck
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    Ok we're not even considering Machinas fucking stop
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    Essex - ♥♥♥♥♡♡♡ ♥♥ Relianah | Relianah ♥♥ Sharpman | Sharpman ♥♥ TonySK | Tony SK ♡♡ Gojira | godzillafan ♥♥ chumlee doublestack | Mikki to the D   Limitless - ♥♥♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡ Evolution` - ! Evolution ♥♥ itswhatever - Itswhatever0 ♥♡ Whinesilencer - Whinesilencer ♥♡ Garon - Garon1337 ♥♥ Bergy - AndrewBergen ♥♡ adjd2007 - adjd2007   Whinesilencer 2 > 1 Gojira Chumlee Doublestack 2 > 1 Garon Garon 2 > 0 Gojira BrawlBalls 2 > 0 Evolution ` Chumlee Doublestack 2 > 0 Evolution ` Chumlee Doublestack 2 > 0 Whinesilencer Relianah 2 > 1 > adjd2007 itswhatever 2 > 1 chumlee doublestack
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    So I find out there is a regional in Canada about 4 hours away from where i live in Maine. So I decide to go to it hoping for a top. I had 2 friends who were gonna come along but neither of them could because 1 got called into work and the other because he didn't want to. So I am going solo on this trip. I leave my house around 3 am saturday morning after getting like an hour of sleep. I make a few convenient store stops to pick up some energy drinks to keep me going.   I get into Moncton around 7:30.(actually 8:30 because it is a different time zone) I wait around for a bit and see my friend Jeremy (Sharpman) walking up to the store. We stand outside for half hour for them to open the store. When I get inside I already decide I am playing Hand Rulers. Jeremy on the other hand is playing Eye of Timeus.dek. Basically he didn't really care to top and wanted to play something fun. We play test a couple games and his deck seemed to be shutdown by skill drain. Round 1 eventually starts at 11:30 or so. We get around 93 people. Here is my list   http://i.imgur.com/kFm49hu.png     Round 1 Six Samurai   This kid was at his first regional and didn't seem like he was very good but he wasn't a dick so at least that was ok.   game 1: he goes first and plays double united and summons kageki and kagemusha and draws 4. So far I am thinking great, he is one of these kind of six samurai players that opens nuts every time. HOWEVER, when he trys to summon Shi En from his extra deck he realizes its missing and only has 14 cards in his extra deck. Turns out he had it in a separate deck box in his bag. The judge ruled that he would get a game 1 loss and he could no longer use Shi En for the rest of the tournament LMAO. I really felt bad for this kid being his first regional and not even being able to use Shi En in six sams basically means he isn't gonna win any matches or so i thought lol.   game 2: I summon out double Dracossack off soul charge and he can't figure out what to do and I win.   Jeremy loses round 1 to an Evilswarm player who misplayed many times like forgetting to activate dweller before he activated his dragon ruler effects. Round 2 Jeremy had to play the same kid I played round 1 and loses again to the kid playing six sams without Shi En. Not a good day for him lol.   1-0     Round 2 Ghostricks   game 1: Can't remember exactly how I won but it took some time because ghostricks seem to have a lot of stalling ability in them.   game 2: this game takes forever, my opponent is playing kind of slow and he kuribandits a few times to fuel up his grave. he activates a card called The beginning of the End. I think to myself, what does this shitty card do? I read it and think to myself, HOLY FUCK THIS IS A CARD? Basically lets him draw 3 if he has 7 darks in grave by removing 5 of them. Pretty neat deck. He summons The Dark Creator and OTKs me.   Time gets called and since we were siding for game 3 we both get a draw.   1-0-1     Round 3 Blackwings   game 1: I get low on LP because this kid thinks dropping double kalut on direct attacks is somehow a good play. i Get down to like 1100 but just out play the kid on from there and won.   game 2: I beat this kid pretty easily as he is playing blackwings and isn't very good.   2-0-1     Round 4 Geargia   game 1: I stupidly forgot to add tempest to my hand from gold sarc. but on that same turn i tried to use exciton knight with exactly 1 less card in possession than him. and since i found out what he had traptrix trap hole nightmare it was kind of unfair to reverse the game state. Judge just ruled that play would continue and tempest would stay banished and we both got warnings. Not sure if that was the correct ruling I though i should have received a game loss but whatever. I end up lossing and rightfully so after forgetting to grab tempest from gold sarc i would say i deserved to loss that one.   game 2: my hand isn't very good and he goes into set armor set 4 back rows. nothing much i could do about this one.   2-1-1     Round 5 Dragon Rulers   game 1: he makes Leo with that lvl 3 tuner and a ruler. I had chosen to extra deck catastor so i managed to summon him out and get rid of Leo which was huge.    game 2: he gets me down to 100 LP but runs out of dragons, I go into big eye to take his big eye and take his dracossack. I comeback and win being down to 100 LP which was neat.   3-1-1     Round 6 Dragon Rulers w Red Eyes Black Dragons   game 1: this guys is playing some card that lets him summon red eyes black dragon from his deck which was pretty cool. I end up getting the right amount of cards in grave and I am able to OTK him.   game 2: Forgot how this game went but he won.   game 3: I open first turn Felgrand with set vanity's emptiness and just keep poking in for game eventually.   4-1-1     Round 7 Dragon Rulers   game 1: i make a huge misplay and maxx c challenge and lose. Bad game for me.   game 2: I summon out fossil dyna and spark dragon and beat him down with them.   game 3: I strike first with damage by summoning star eater and go up by 3200 LP. time gets called on his turn. so with only 5 turns left and having a 3200 LP lead I make colossal fighter in defense and set bottomless and phoenix wing wind blast to stall out for game in time. might have been a different game if time wasn't called but i'll happily take the win   5-1-1   I end up finishing 7th place and they do the deck checks. I notice my round 2 and 4 opponents both topped as well. They told us we had to play out top 8 to decide who gets the deck boxes. I didn't really care at this point and just wanted to leave. i ask my opponent if he wants to roll for the deck box he says no because his friends went off to the liquor store to buy him some shit so he could play in his top 8 match. At this point i don't really care too much but i play anyway. Basically I was so tired that i didn't really try, he was using geargia i never even used my side deck. he won 2-0. I didn't really care at this point I just wanted to head home. I end up taking a nap in my car at some point off the side of the road. I snooze for about 2 hours and continue home. I get home around 3 am.   props   topping people were nice getting to go to canada seeing jeremy   slops   jeremy scrubbing hard with his deck long drive barely any sleep  
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    LOL are u rly still in HS faggit. SATs are a joke how do u even count that.
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      Is that intended?   That's another thing I've been considering, with a forum full of "professional card players", maybe we could start some sort of play-testing groups for Players who break game design to bits.
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    i don't know if it makes ANY difference but in reference to the tributing a monster thing I received the answer directly from the HJ at Philly that you can use Nightmare and it will negate the monster's effect
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    Tell her to get him an MMF threesome.
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    You're shamelessly trying to whore yourself out for attention by offering rep in every DG fad thread you make. 
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    I tried levelling up in a playthrough 5 or 6 years ago and found it boring as the AI wasn't challenging. Got to about 30 before scrapped it.   In the HD version I only played Blitz in order to get Wakka's Overdrives/Celestial, and given how easy it is to exploit the AI I spent half my games getting a 1-0 lead and just sitting on my goal line waiting for the timer to go out.   Blitzball can be fun and I do like how it's tied into the main story (unlike most Final Fantasy minigames) but I personally got tired of it rather quickly compared to something like Triple Triad which I could play for years.   Oh, and I got this last week:
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    It would be nice if that was true
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    got jono 2-1, aussie internet with that assist doe. 
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    Good job Chris! And goddamn Jay you cant catch a break you got negged for telling him gjob lol.
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    Whatever choice made, that bitch would have got wrecked in the end anyway.
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    Nopenguin doesn't fuck around.
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    This one is decent I think   http://i.imgur.com/1fQ2MFa.png
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    Kid comes up to me, ask's for help on his dragon deck,he hands it over to me and it goes something like this.     Me: " Why do you play rescue rabbit"  Kid: " You don't know the combo?" "Let me show you"  Kid: " So.. you summon rabbit, banish it special Flamvell guard and blue eyes from your deck, snchyro into azure eyes."  Me: " Rabbits level 4 or lower and same name..." Kid: "Are you sure?" 
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    "Blah Blah Pompous verbosity, shortcuts, blah, blah, insult ygo players intelligences, blah, blah, you're fucked" - P. Atem   I'm paraphrasing but you get the gist.
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    MRA is a poor term. let's call a spade a spade. they're male supremacists.    pretty sickening. dude felt so entitled to womens bodies that when rejected he felt the need to murder people. obviously there's some underlying mental illness, but attributing it solely to him being crazy is overlooking the fact that it's a cultural problem.   weak minded people will go to amazing lengths and attach themselves to almost anything to deflect blame and responsibility. whenever places like pickup artist forums and r/theredpill exist you can't be surprised when some lone-wolf with underlying issues finds it, revels in it, and then does something like this. you see it all the time with religious radicals.