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      Yeah, that bolded phrase? That has never in the history of history been an acceptable or valid counterargument to the use of Upstart. Okay. X deck is consistent. Neat. But you can make it moreso. So it is not relevant how consistent it is if there is still further to go. Even if it's like 1% further. No. Stop it. Stop it right now. As for addressing the rest of your statement more correctly and throughly, the fact that this deck cycles it's monsters OUT of the deck and searches the ones it wants already is actually A POSITIVE for running upstart. What you're saying is that the deck naturally reduces it's chance of your upstarting into a sub-optimal target because just by PLAYING the deck you reduce the number drastically via Mathman/Tour/Scarm/YOUR ENTIRE ENGINE. Meaning a person, if they wanted to get REALLY OPTIMAL, could time their usptarts to maximize value without actual doing anything different? Like maybe resolving a Dante before using it. Yeah that's a positive not a negative. As for just 'haivng more traps in its place' it doesn't really work like that. There are only a limited number of existing real traps that are optimal to run in the deck. In general, there is only an optimal amount of CARDS to run in the deck. Running cards that are not your optimal choices instead of running 3 less cards is just silly. Run three less cards and draw the good ones more often.   Tl;dr DON'T OVERCOMPLICATE UPSTART GOBLIN. All you are doing is running three less cards. That's it. Your draw for turn, just like your draws with upstart, have the chance to be a sub-optimal draw. That kind of thing cannot be helped or changed because that's just how the game is played; you don't choose your draws. However, running triple upstart allows you to reduce the number of sub-optimal potential draws between you and the card you DO want to see by 3. And that's neat. And it's a good thing. And it's a competitive edge. Your bias is one thing, but your argument needs to be another, because this just doesn't hold up. Minimal impact is still impact. You do not will it away from our minds by pointing out how small it is.
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    Why don't we all wait until all the TCG exclusives and OCG imports are revealed before speculating about what we should and should not play? 1) We don't know what the other BAs do, 2) We don't know if there will be a Wiretap, Kuribandit, Soul Charge, or Fire/Ice Hand like card, that warp the meta drastically, etc. I mean it's like you guys want to CaC except not. For all you know, there might be Warrior exclusives in there in the guise of Ultra Athlete support. It makes no sense to me why you guys want to discuss some hypotheticals, when Noble Knight Bedwyr could be anything, even if you assume you know Merlin (without seeing the text and knowing for sure). Remember when at first, we thought Merlin was a hand trap that SSed from deck?
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    I think what some people understand is that not every gamestate allows them to avoid floating the opponent's monsters. That why these two decks of floating cards, BA and Dolls, are so successful this format. It's something you just end up being forced to do in order to put in the damage for game. That isn't a reason that this card is bad; it's the reason those decks are good. What's the difference?   The difference is that being able to do something like Raigeki a board of fusion falco beast is infinitely better to the alternative of having to push through it with separate monsters, or pretending you can spin/bounce/banish or otherwise not trigger that kind of (very realistic) board playing a deck not called Madolche. Chances are you'd have to give them some, if not all, of those effects in order to break their board anyway, but if you're telling me I can cancel falco's ability to summon, clear the fusion, and only get the +0 effect of Beast (as opposed to flipping him) with ONE CARD and then proceed with the rest of my turn? ARE YOU NUTS THIS IS THE TITS. There are very few better cards you could be using to push for damage and simplify gamestates and even fewer cards that'll do it without triggering opposing floaters.   Basically the overarching message is as follows; we only get to pick and choose around a very small suite of floaters when playing against decks almost entirely comprised of them. We need to drop this mentality that cards are questionable or bad merely because they play into floaters; most cards play into floaters. Playing yugioh does that. Deal.
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    i dont get why ppl are saying this cart is bad. in my opinion its probably the closest thing to 100% staple since monster reborn, raigeki isnt dark hole u can just set up ur board and blindside the entire board. its almost impossible to play around. that floater argumint is terrible, esp. since yugioh is becoming more and more about board control over simple cart advantage. super poly still meant that they got their floater effs but that didnt make it bad. and raigeki deals with the whole board rather den one monster (|:|)
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    Building Mirror Match Decks for a Hypothetical Tier 0 Format   This is a continuation of this old thread - http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=146246&hl=   Since I really don't care about the current format at all, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about card design, and particularly, format design. Designing your own format is like building a really complicated deck.   Imagine, for a moment, a format where exodia is tier 0 and how a format would develop over time. (Now, let's try to make it not degenerate, but instead, make it as interactive as possible)   Perhaps at the beginning of this format, players would slowly begin running less and less monsters and focus entirely on draw power Then, maybe, players will stop running battle protection in favor of cards like Mind Crush or other ways of interacting with their opponents hand to disrupt their plays. For example maybe all the limbs were at 2, and maybe Witch of the Black Forest was unlimited and there were D Prisons but also Wonder wand. DO you normal summon witch and attack and risk getting hit with a d-prison, do you just equip with wonder wand , draw 2 and search? What if your opponent sees you add the head and he has mind crush or DD Designator? After that, some players may innovate and add newer monsters back to their decks and play the damage game (Perhaps, the inclusion of Yata, because I'm kind of obsessed in making a deck where yata locks can happen, only they're incredibly difficult, i.e. high risk high reward)   It's interesting to note that an exdoia limb can wall yata garasu (so a true lock would actually be very tough to pull off) we can assume that you'd be running cards that recover or recycle the pieces anyway in a mirror match deck like this anyway   Ideally, you would wind up with a deck that could shift gears between drawing exodia, playing for damage, burn or trying to deck the opponent out (cards like apprpriate come to mind)   So ideally what I'm trying to envision is what this type of deck would look like. ------------   I remember reading a post on the yugioh wikia forums a very long time ago about how certain cards never had a chance to shine due to the release of other cards entirely overshadowing them.   An example of this would be Dark Simorgh. It wouldn't be hard to imagine a tier 0 format with dark simorgh control, or some sort of mirror match where both players are trying to pull off some sort of incredibly difficult lock on their opponent.     Perhaps, instead of a "Goat Format-esque" deck with multiple power spells, we have a deck that runs a multitude of Power Traps. like Time Seal, Dustshoot, PWWB, obv  TT and Mirror Force that try t lock the opponent down. This is the deck that is interesting me the most ATM.   ( I also loved the discussion in the banlist thread about Instant Fusion and TER and thought that some sort of Instant Fusion Toolbox deck with Noden/Panzer Dragon/TER would be kind of interesting to explore further)    I also love the idea of certain cards that if you leave them on your opponents field for too long, they can just outright win them the duel. Cards like Worm Linx come to mind, or perhaps, astral barrier, to bring into play the balance between Life Points//Card Advantage       Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone on DGz is interested in performing this little thought experiment with me, or at least helping me test some of these ideas.   We could start a discussion if anyone is interested, or you could add me on DN: arroganceclause and we could talk about things on there. 
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    What I like most about Burning Abyss cards is that they are based off of Inferno and by the end Dante and his guide Virgil eventually get out of hell so to me that means we'll eventually get out of this hell Konami is creating. 
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    Urthor is never wrong it must be true omg
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    If you do it right, you don't pay to play.  The game either pays you or you break even at the very least.  I mean, hell even if you end up putting some money into it at the end, it is a god damn hobby.  All hobbies are money sinks for the most part.  To be able to get some ROI afterwards is only a bonus.
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    I'm all for this ^ I'm trying to take Dallas rather seriously, and while this thread and the people in it have been quite helpful in the past, its current state is just literal aids in regards to actual relevance to the current TCG metagame. Help me fulfill my childhood dreams, friends. Let's bag me another top for the team.   I'm aware I've been known to attempt to kick-start these things in the past, so here goes nothing (but for me, everything):   Jeff's list is, I feel, arguably the pinnacle of what we've all been working for. Granted, cutting Foolish for "style points" is simply aids and I don't think anybody here is going to be doing that, but Jeff really set the pace by cutting "unnecessary cards" as well as introducing Dragon (while it has seen plenty of play in the past in some builds) to the mainstream. Mind Crush completely changes the way mirrors are played, and through him, me, and like a billion others before us, the Stormforth side has gained infinite popularity and is pretty much the gold standard now. It's interesting because I don't actually feel Vanity's nor Majesty's are really a card in the mirror. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Like, please do. if nothing else, I want to at least discuss theory on this bit. I feel like it'll always just get spun, and a card like Raiza or Caius, which at least provides immediate value through its effect, is much better than a floodgate monster. (I do like them vs Shaddols and Nutella, though)   With this list we'll have seen a temporary submergence of Shaddols, a huge surge in popularity of the mirror (I anticipate at least 5 mirrors day 1 in Dallas), and an extreme resurgence of Nutella (despite losing Soul Charge, gaining Rota helped quite a bit, but what really helped them was the loss of Shaddols). I find Nutella to be, by far, my least-favorable match-up. Incidentally, every card I add to better my Nutella matchup seemingly simultaneously worsens my mirror.   So where does that leave us for the next month? Well, I believe we've reached the horizon of Brake/Samek plants. We've known the deck was broken, like Tengu Plants, for a long time. People have been topping with several builds (Bowling plants/Rank-Up/etc. respectively), but a clear victor has emerged. I feel like we're now at that threshold, where the most optimal builds won't vary by more than 1-5 cards, but those techs (maybe a teching Crow in Plants/running Trapstun over Space in BA, etc) will make all the difference in terms of the success of the deck. I'm no longer at the point where I can guarantee myself to auto-win mirrors simply by being "better than the other person", as literally everybody I'll face this weekend will have more than caught up. It comes down to what we choose to play that differs us from the competition. So, team, what do we play?
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      he puts effort into breaking from the social norm that you obviously love enforcing.  shut up
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    So I came across this on Zodiac Duelist yesterday...   edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jmZfK8Wrq0
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    lol i don't even want to point out why that means nothing
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    I think a lot of grievances in this thread are in some sense, misplaced.   As far as I know, Bazaar mentioned it as well. In any case, people knew about it. To be fair a lot of the stuff that you guys "attribute" to me, I don't think of, and I too scour and vet OCG sites, TCGPlayer, ARG, CoreTCG, other message boards, going so far as to read Facebook comments, etc. that inform my opinion and thought process. I rarely if ever claim to be the first or only person to think of something, I'm unfortunately the most vocal about it. And I admittedly have my agendas like pushing Fire Kings, etc. but yeah. I think UltimateBuffalo is right that he may have thought of something before, but he doesn't post about it as often. In fact, I feel like a lot of posters on here are really good, but lurk for some reason, or self-segregate themselves to their self identified niches, like Telvin (Bujin), Vincent (Madolche), Calvin (Burning Abyss), StormWolf (Blackwings), Warthog (Sylvan), etc. And beyond that, there's people like afr, harig07, Dr Cook, Sharpman, Baazar, etc. who I think post really well, but post so infrequently. And people like Candela from whom I can learn something new. -------- When these posters start to post more frequently, they get rewarded for it. See Chumlee's indepth posts on various areas, or Vincent's more recent posts, which are showered with green rep. ------------ I think the problem with DGZ is it's now far less of a discussion board where people actually discuss (see our shitty public Deck Garage, where only people with less 50 posts create new threads, when we want to see more threads like Garon's decks of old, see Windups and Prophecy) and much more of a place where competing "secret inner circles" lurk to gain insight for the next ARG or YCS. Case in point, Patrick mostly just links us to his ARG content after the fact. Joe Giorlando's Gigaplant combo video is the shining exception. ----------------------- I think this proves my point more than anything else. Name dropping a convo I had with Sam Pedigo (because that's gets me so much cred on here :(). Talking about DGZ,   I mean, it's like you guys want it both ways. You guys lurk and don't discuss anything for strategic reasons, and later get all huffed up ITT
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    being wanted/valued is one of the best feelings in the world
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    He's hardly expecting to be spoon-fed, just presenting an idea. I don't see what the problem is tbh.
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    I think the bigger problem here is the fact that it doesn't matter what a tech choice is, or how it is presented in a thread. Most of the time, what influences people's opinions, reactions, and ultimately repping, is their opinion on the poster.  If some fucking nooblord like me, with no credentials, out of the radar, and really a total nobody, shows up, and mentions X obscure tech choice, chances are I will be at best ignored, and at worst negged to oblivion.  (PS, I use myself as an example since I don't want to point out any other players for being a noob, not as victimizing myself.)   However, if Hoban suddenly wins Toronto with Lightsworns in his shaddolls, everyone is suddenly shouting about how they always knew LS was the best Doll build. Yet, months before, a few lesser known members mentioned how they felt their LS builds were the strongest build, and were met with ridicule, and scorn; rather than the help to maybe expand on this idea, and explore the possibilities. It would even be possibele to have come up with a list very similar to Hoban's, as an example.    Again, I hate to point fingers, and I mean absolutely no offense personally to anyone, but its seems people repping and even simply even acknowledging one another's ideas, and expanding upon them is starting to simply stem on popularity here on DG. I mean, incredibly influential people get away with making horse-shit one-liners in regards to posts with stuff like "x is shit.", and are showered in rep. Regardless of whether or not the hivemind really believes that that thing is actually shit or not, such posts are not something anyone should be making. If the card is something that truly is simply just retarded, then the poster should simply be ignored. Yet, if the card does have a tiny bit of merit, a 5 minute brainstorm explaining downsides about said tech is simply just much more useful to both the poster, and the person typing up the response. This should not be a flexible thing based on how much the community likes you as a person.    This leads to the minority feeling abused, and worthless, and thus they want to feel vocal about this. Yet, 90% of the time, it simply sounds like a retard moaning about how "SEE! I TOLD YOU!". The problem is that nobody cares, that it seems to be a sort of stigma to do so. This leads is what leads to most of the deck discussion threads to be as stagnant as they are. Ideas are quickly shot down, because they're not buy the "Gods of Yugioh", and the said "Gods" do not really want to post anything since it'd just result in massive leaching of their thoughts.    In short, fanboying is simply disgusting, and is all the worse when done here, on DG. 
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    Dragon is good for the mirror, as it makes mathman that forces PWWB/Cut (so damn relevant). It outs Vanity and Squad which is very important in the mirror. If Squad resolves, and ticks up advantage for the opponent, you get behind quite quickly. Ntm, you can out Dante with it.   It is probably better in the mirror than anywhere else actually. It has so much utility its not even funny.    Also, knights is your worst matchup simply due to the back row, and Dragon bridges that, aswell as being a very good card in general vs them.     1900 > their whole deck. Dragon + Emtpiness is game over for Shatknights.
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    WOO FUCK YE ENGLISH BASTARDS    sadly no one is going to get this
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      DUELISTGROUNDZ LIVE 174, TCG OCTOBER 2014 BANLIST         Signing up: Post your DN username in this topic if different from DGz Name The first 8 players to sign up on this thread are added to the participants list. We will go up to 16 if enough people are interested This DG LIVE WILL start when we get 8 or 16 people or more. Please Post here if you will need time to build and/or finish your deck. General rules: TCG, October 2014 Banlist You can find the upcoming October 1st banlist here: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/ Primal Origins is legal and all card pools up to DUELIST ALLIANCE are legal along with any other confirmed legal-today or before packs etc. All duels must be hosted without watchers password. DECK changing Is NEVER allowed after a won match 10 Minutes of Inactivity - Game Loss Remember that you must be in constant contact with the Tournament Hosts via DN or DGz Please ALLOW Your opponent some time to build his/her deck if needed! (please dont abuse this just to see what your possible round 2 opp could be playing. Doing so could make you wish you've never attempted to do so and for goodness sakes it's just a for fun testing tourney.) If you're waiting and you contact your opponent and he doesn't respond in 5 minutes, it's gameloss for that opponent (unless you wish to play it out instead.) If you're waiting and you contact your opponent and he doesn't respond in 10 minutes, than it's match loss for that opponent. (unless you wish to play it out instead.)   Participants: DGz / DN   Digbick / 3.33 Kennyk / kennyk Mugen Daas / Mugen Daas NB96 / [DGz] NB96 warpzone / ningunotro Kourin / Tatsunagi SQUIDS~ / SQUIDS~ James Frazier / BigJames2013
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    i work with indians at sandisk they're fucking horrible
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    1 v 1 me rite now, mate.   You should probably go spend 6 hours drawing magic so your stats are high enough to 1v1 me. ;)
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    Thanks for Playing is having a tournament where the winner gets a vintage Millennium Puzzle, this prize is worth about 300 dollars so its well worth it to show up for this bad boy. 2nd gets Slifer figure and packs based on attendance. Pack prizes based on attendance for other top finishers. Cost: $15.00 Format: Constructed deck Decklists required  Registration 11 AM - 3 PM. Starts at 3:15 PM. Address: 9607 Doctor Perry Road Ijamsville, Maryland 21754 Store Phone: 240-344-2954 Bobby Gress: 301-693-4084 David Gress: 240-344-7102 E-mail (david.e.gress@gmail.com): Send Mail
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    There are some absolute savages on that page.
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    The only real answer is to run cards that let you see the cards you want to see faster. Max out on Maths, run Foolish, Upstarts and Allure to an extent, etc. That's really the only correct answer. You don't run cards to "stall until you get your engine". You run cards to "get your engine".
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      she agrees w me, says she loves me, etc     welcome to college
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    ask her if she's met forlin, but never tell her who that is
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    yeah why should konami bother trying to be transparent if some of their target demographic fits some stereotype. that is one of the most disturbing things i've read anywhere in a while
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        Ok this interaction is clearly what KDE was gunning for.  Super poly is not going to below semi limited cum banlist time, KDE is designing cards around super poly, therefore poly is going to be active in the future metagame.     urthor was wrong omg no way
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    i left that group a while ago and when robbie added me back twice i found out i can just check some box so he cant but this is all the shit i have saved on my comp:                   theres more somewhere around here
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    Because competitive players drive the economics of this game. Could you elaborate on what you mean by this more? I can see how arguments can be made for this side, but I'm curious what angle you're coming from when you say this. I would say that it's the competitive players who drive sets to sell out, hunting power cards/playsets to build Decks with. I somewhat doubt that noncompetitive players collectors are selling out sets. Also, don't forget that stores pay for product given out at locals/regionals (the packs), where the more players that pay to play, the more product stores buy. Tewart has a point: if all the good cards are easy to get, the set doesn't make as much money for Konami. More supply than demand. It's the competitive players who want Veiler, Maxx, Duality, Warning, etc, which are higher rarity, have high demand, and drive sales. Of course, you can draw arbitrary lines as to what defines a competitive player, but the point remains that while sets sell based off the TV show, they sell best when the competitive community has demand.
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    I'm not sure I'd side either vanitys or majestys in the mirror, like gehring said, the better players usually win the trap game which can decide most matches Maxx c is something I've been leaning more and more toward as burning abyss are everywhere, and similarly, gives the better player the edge. Moving forward, with shaddolls bound to see less play, do the dragons still warrant use? I'd say at least a copy so you can continue to consistently play 3rd mathman
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    Dgz has been surprisingly nice thus far... I am going to end that. These cards suck, please just stop... Lurk.
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    vote francis j underwood he hasn't stopped being scum
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    Overnight, one country was visited by THE LEAGUE OF EVIL COUNTRY GUYS. THE LEAGUE OF EVIL COUNTRY GUYS tortured the poor country for what seemed like an eternity, but it still refused to surrender any information. As it sat there, surrounded by the evil countries, forced to listen to One Direction on repeat, it screamed out "Fuck you all. I've done nothing to deserve this!!", and with that, THE LEAGUE OF EVIL COUNTRY GUYS said in unison "That's what makes you beautiful" and moved on, impressed by the country's resilience. The poor defenceless country lay there on the cold, hard ground (AHH!) and thought to itself "I need a drink".    Overnight Actions:  A country was framed! A country was healed!  A country was visited by a drunk leprechaun! A country was scanned!  A country drank hot cocoa in the Alps! A country was messaged! A country sought medical assistance! A country was pressured to achieve academic excellence! A country offered tech support!  The Nightkill failed!   Day 3 starts now and ends at 19:50 GMT+1, 30th September, or when a voting majority (8) is met.
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    Completely unrelated to your question but seeing your name come up as the only neg on really dumb posts around the board is hilarious to me. Just wanted to point that out.
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    ^ Yeah and konami wants to increase the chances you will have another burning abyss card in your hand once you use up your hand for the summoning of virgil. 
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    Don't need one. It's true. Difference is application. If a Gear player were to use the same strat on Shaddolls that you are, the result would be greater.   Negating falco with SIM in order to pop it and Bear for another Tenki is an okay play. Negating falco with SIM in order to flood the board with like Gigant Gigant Rhapsody or something nutty like that because searching special summon lv4s and geargiagear and generic nuttiness surrounding cards like Call in that deck (especially we're talking about this deck back when it had 3 geargiagear HOO BOY) is a GREAT play.   See the difference?   If you lose SIM in the first case to an MST, with the Bear Tenki just sitting there, you're kind of fucked. If you lose SIM in the second case, Gears, you now have a pretty snazzy established board they have to play through, complete with floaters!   This is the problem with +1 Fire as an aggressor. They're a normal summon gentlemen style deck. They don't do PRESSURE.   Gears did pressure. Batterymen do pressure. Madolches do pressure! But +1 Fire is NOT described in the format by the word pressure, because the reality is quite clear.   Bear is ONLY pressure under SIM. These other decks are pressure even without drawing their floodgates! The floodgates just synergies with that natural pressure by preventing the opponent from responding optimally.   They CAPITALIZE on the floodgate. Bear RELIES on the floodgate. There is a difference in relationship that needs to be acknowledged.
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    I just lost the biggest post ever and want to murder   tl;dr   Any site/app will work if you put effort into it.   Dating sites/apps throw you into a scary virtual environment where pretty much everyone's goal is to find 'another' whether it be for sex, dating, relationship, w/e they're looking for another human being to involve in their lives. Try and lose this perspective if you have it yourself. Focus on meeting new people and THEN worry about dating/going out and stuff. Don't jump into shit for the sake of jumping in. Talk to people, get a feel for them, get their number or give them yours, and see if there is anything there.   If you're having a hard time striking up a conversation with someone you probably don't share many interests or aren't ready to be seeking 'another'   Just be yourself when you're messaging girls and don't treat them as anything other than human   Don't make a big deal that they're an attractive female they probably know what they are better than you do   Don't try and force things. If you see them forcing things you're in.   If you're still set on finding a better, more serious, dating site   Match.com is probably the best around. The fact that it costs money shows some higher level of serious determination towards seeking a relationship.  I'm sure they probably have some ice-breaking features too like you're looking for.
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      did you just miss the entire point of the thread? nobody cares
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    You should find some of klevis's posts. Hes a p bad offender
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      Nope. No one is sad about that. 
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    I don't like emptiness still being at 3. 
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    Apparently programming can save me time but not from myself, thanks. Also I added some combos that would do falling skies but also alien invasion (essentially when you had one of the set ups for alien invasion but soul charge over iron call), so that the resulting % for both should slightly higher.  New output example (5 cards in hand): [spoiler] Alien Invasion: 3405 out of 20000 hands -- 17.025 %. Falling Skies: 1859 out of 20000 hands -- 9.295 %. Able to do both 1016 out of 20000 hands -- 5.08 %. Able to do either or both 6280 out of 20000 hands -- 31.4 %. Please note that if you opened both it was added to the 'both' total, and not added to the totals of both Alien and Falling. [/spoiler] And I'll try and add another category(s) tomorrow, being 'was I able to summon at least x number of times' -- in effect, this could tell you 'I bricked y% of the time' or 'I will likely win z% of the time'. Edit: I think I've figured out why chrome won't let you download it, they say it's dropboxes servers and 'unsigned programs', but dropbox is in competition with google drive.  Chrome will let you download the same file fine from drive, forcing people thus to use it (lel).  Real dick move on chromes part.  Chrome version here. Edit 2: And Miss Click, because this deck does not fear any commonly played flood gates, it's not too difficult to see where lance is better than mst.  All we do is look at the average number of vanities + average number of solemn warnings (1 or 0) / deck, and compare it to other backrow / deck and see which is greater.  Note that lance has applications outside of merely protecting from backrow due to the attack reduction.  For example, it allows Kuick to out winda. Also note another thing, if you play mst over lance for vanities solely: Your opponent has x % chance of drawing vanities, multiplied by 0.5 * y due to the fact they'll normally have to go first to use it against you (sucks against established field).  y represents your ability to combo at least one synchro monster.  I will code this in tonight (your chances of not bricking basically). So: getting skilled on by vanities lock is x * y / 2.  (Note that is never actually 0.5 but because we look at the full match we average the value of going first or second). Now, lets say you run a number of mst.  You have a z % chance of drawing it.  In order for you to get the desired value out of your mst, you need to have your chance of mst overlap with them locking you with vanities.  So, you'll see that to calculate which is better we have to look at the tree: Let g be the % chance of them having multiple backrow, L = % to draw lance. At this point, you simply have to look at the decks you expect to play in your area / your tournament, grab a calculator, and see if 0.5 * x * z + 0.5 * (1 - y) * x * z, or x * z / 2 * (2 - y) is greater than or less than 0.5 * (1 - x) * g * L + 0.5 * (1 - y) * (1 - x) * g * L, or (1 - x) * g * L / 2 * (2 - y). You can expand this tree further to become more accurate, such as branching to you combo not weak to vanities and then to mult backrow vs single backrow, but this is just an example of the thought process. ========================================================================= More edits!  I've updated the program to calculate the number of bricks (defined by when you cannot go off).  Also, you spelled Wind Jammer as WInd Jammer (upper case i) making the program not calculate your decklist correctly.  Post update result: [spoiler] Alien Invasion: 3979 out of 20736 hands -- 19.1889 %. Falling Skies: 1223 out of 20736 hands -- 5.89796 %. Able to do both 1733 out of 20736 hands -- 8.35745 %. Able to do either or both 6935 out of 20736 hands -- 33.4443 %. You bricked 5785 times (27.8983 %), of which 5049 had no plays the following turn either (24.349 %), out of 20736 hands. Please note that if you opened both it was added to the 'both' total, and not added to the totals of both Alien and Falling. [/spoiler]