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      Fianl grades are up and  I qualify for my scholarship
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    List got updated today (at least on the European site):   http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/gameplay/suspended.html   Most notably Alpay Engin's gotten banned for a year... the day after he wins German Nats. 
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    50 for a buffet and unlimited drinks doesnt sound like a lot.
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    How exactly does   [spoiler] Sansa being forcefully raped translate into her using sex to get what she wants ?[/spoiler]
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    now you have revealed Pat's secret way to Worlds...   You're right. On top of that, I'm sure he's going to side spell canceler, mistakes, and maybe even smokescreen in to shaddolls. I get that you're being sarcastic btw =P I just think it's funny how Pat drops some one liners and everyone is speculating what's the next big thing he'll come up with. I bet if he would be running GBs people would jump on that wagon.
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    Also, I was going to save this for a relevant time, but fuck it: this image made me think of you Forlin.  
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    Hey everybody   usually when I top one of these atlantic canadian regionals, I post a report but I neglected to on the last one; I played Nekroz but I pretty bad but still managed to top so I figured you guys would get nothing out of that. But this time, I definitely wanted to share today's experience.   So first off, this is another Atlantic Canada regionals - a very small regionals compared to what most of you are used to. There was only six rounds. But I've been working on this deck for a few months in anticipation of this regionals, mainly because ever since Konami released the Hero Structure I've been trying to find some way to use this stuff. Heroes was the deck I got my first regional top with, and my favorite deck, so the nostalgia was fabulous.    I started out as most people did, playing a deck that focused around controlling the game with dark law. As ridiculous as Dark Law is, he is just too tiny to revolve the deck around him and trap cards are not a reliable enough source of defense/ strength. If you go first, you're down a card to your opponent (which sucks in a deck that relies on advantage). And if you go second, you have so many trap cards that can't break an established board.   So, the focus was changed to try and make a "big" deck that focused on actually putting a ton of damage on the board. With Miracle fusion, and quick play Mask Change, there had to be something that could work. Absolute Zero is an insane card, so focusing the deck around him seemed like a good place to start especially when Mask Change could make him into Acid to destroy all your opponent's cards lol.    Then I remembered Nimble Angler existed, and that Blazeman+Angler equalled Zero and a rank 2, which is a pretty insane combo for no advantage lost. At first I was playing solely the water monsters, but I didn't like that the deck didn't have a way to put 8000 on the board, which for a combo deck is pretty necessary nowadays... The most I could do would be 7400 with a 3 card combo (with zero into acid), which just isn't enough. So I picked up a card from that regional top I had with raccoons, Ronin Raccoon Sandayou! Making him be the go to level 2 xyz gave the combo an extra bit of damage to make it exactly 8000. If you care:   [spoiler]   Combo requires Miracle Fusion (or a way to make absolute zero without your normal summon), a way to put 2 level fours on the board, one of them being Shadow Mist being special summoned (so Goblindberg, A hero lives, ROTA, etc)   - have 2 level fours, search Mask Change with Shadow Mist - Make Lavalval chain, detach Shadow Mist sending Angler - Summon 2 Nimble Momongas - Summon Absolute Zero, then mask change it destroying all your opponent's cards - Make Sandayou, then a 2600 token - 18 + 10 + 26 + 26 [/spoiler]   I decided to play 1 Nimble Sunfish so that I had a way to take advantage of Absolute Zero's pumping, and that it wouldn't be as shitty a draw as Nimble Musabi (the other level 2 beast option). I only played 4 because at 4 you draw enough Nimbles as it is, and they're mostly bricks to be honest. I only played 1 Bubbleman because he isn't nearly as useful in a deck that you're not setting your whole hand on the board, and he's just there to have a searchable water hero and a way to make blazeman turn into a water monster.    As for non engine stuff, i decided to play Maxx C because it gave me a way to try and keep up with the meta because there was no 1 card that was good versus everything. At least Maxx C allows me to try drawing cards with my opponent's combos, and helps one of my bad matchups (BA). I played 2 MST so I could interact with floodgates, and Raigeki as a way to deal with Djinn and clearing my opponent's monsters is good because putting 8k on the board is really easy. Even Blazeman+Angler is 6000 damage.    The rest is pretty straightforward in the main. In the extra, holy crap it was hard to get down to 15 cards. I had to play 1 of some cards I wish I could have played 2 of (like Dark Law and the omni heroes) but space was too tight.    As for the side, it was tailored for Nekroz mostly because I thought it would be the most popular. Twisters and MSTs were just to deal with floodgates, Lancea was for Nekroz because its hard to play around Trish, Mind Crush was for Nekroz when I would be going first. Eclipse was my way to interact with Djinn and a way to get around Winda/ Construct, because they're otherwise very hard to deal with. Flying C was specifically for BA because 2500 defense is very hard for my deck to get over by battle. Then I sided Vanity's versus Shaddolls and Burning Abyss, but not Nekroz because there were too many other cards I was bringing in for that matchup.    So, here's the deck       So, here were the rounds     Round 1 - Shaddoll (Jordo99on here)   g1 he summons Stick and sets one, I have MST and some combo, so I mst but his set was El Shaddoll and puts a construct beside the stick so I have to change my plan to instead and summon Gaia to get over Stick with a good chunk of damage, and hopefully by the following turn I'll be able to put game damage on the board. He however drew BLS off Beast and otks me on his turn   g2 I let him go first, he summons Mathmatician dumping squamata into falco and sets 2. I goblin into Blazeman, he chains el shaddoll fusion and summons winda. I search Poly, and MSt his set then eclipse the whole field facedown. I fuse Blazeman + angler into Zero, and get Sunfish+Momonga and xyz into Centaur. Centaur bounces winda back to the extra deck, and Zero attacks over the falco that came back. He draws to four, and crashed mathman into centaur to draw a card. I drew a Goblindberg for turn, and made Laval chain to dump angler again and make Sandayou + token for game   G3 he opts to go first, opens stick with 2 sets. I don't really remember much past this, but the game ends when I go Zero into acid to destroy all his cards   1-0   Round 2 - Satellar Knights (Andrew)   I faced this guy last regionals, and I always lose to him... So I had to redeem myself   g1 - he wins the roll, opens vega into deneb then makes that Planetellar level 4 guy, but I had maxx c to keep up. He sets 3, but I open the combo to not only do 8k and blow up everything, but I had a Hero Lives too so Pleiades couldn't even stop it   g2 - we both open super slow, i draw sunfish and 5 spells so and he opens 3 traps. I just start swinging with sunfish, and I rip angler for turn and MC2 sunfish into acid, he bottomless+ veilers it to save his traps but I get 2 momongas out of it. He has a deneb in grave from an unuk, and I don't want to get blown out by altair so I don't xyz and just poke for 2k three turns in a row until he is forced to book one and fiendish chain the other (value). Eventually I start seeing my hero cards and overpower him   2-0   Round 3 - Nekroz   My opponent didn't have Valkyrus once and bricked super hard game 2 so he didn't really have much of a chance lol   Round 4 - Qliphort (Joe)   g1 - Joe only opens traps, but I opened very slow so I just start summoning blazeman/ shadow mist and attacking, and by the time he had an answer he had taken too much damage   g2 - this game he didn't open any playable traps i opened the combo soooo yeah   4-0 (guess its pretty easy to win when your opponent bricks)   round 5 - Burning Abyss   g1 - He opts to go first, I open a hero lives into some combos and eventually the game gets to a point where he has Zenmaines with a farfa underneath and a Downerd. I Hero Lives into Anki, and normal a Momonga to crash into Zenmaines, so I gain 1k so Nightmare shark didn't game me and set two more and attack over downerd so search mc2. This way, he has one monster (he had no cards in hand other than the bA added by dante) and he had to clear all of my cards or my mc2 would make a dian. He summons a Libic to drop a scarm from his hand so he can run over a Momonga, I gain another 1k and he uses zenmaines to crash into Anki detaching farfa. He banishes his own scarm, blows up my second momonga, and then searches tour guide in end phase. I draw bubbleman for turn, normal it, then run over zenmaines with anki to search Mask Change. I change Bubbleman into acid, bring him down around 2k and then make a felgrand MP2. Felgrand ends up winning the game after I use the 3rd a hero lives and am at 275 life points lol   g2 - he opens dante, I summon Shadow Mist and mask change, he maxx cs so I go into dark law and hit a vanitys. He defuses my Dark Law, and summons a cir and swings for 41. I have enough combo to make Dweller+Zero+Sandayou+token, so I clear his whole field and he can't deal with it.   5-0   auto top woooo   round 6 - Shaddolls   g1 - eventually the game gets to a point where he has a Winda and a set and my only card in hand is a Nimble Angler, on board I have a sunfish and a Momonga. I rip a Miracle Fusion off the top, and manage to put enough damage on board because I have 2 water monsters to attack over winda for game   g2 - He makes me go first, i open shadow mist set mask change eclipse, he summons dragon and I'm like "sweet" but then he activates Secret Village. I chain mask, and hope to ride it to victory but he drew Ring. I couldn't deal with 1900 beats without spells so I lost this one   g3 - I got destroyed by a Gozen match, and couldn't clear it   5-1     So thanks to all my tiebreaks doing well I got 1st wheeee   If I were to change anything, I would drop a Polymerization and Raigeki from the main for either another MST (due to local area) or some combination of Book of Eclipse mained since it deals with Winda.    Props - andrew jacobs coming up all the way from maine to join this regs - heroes - nimble angler - regional top #10   Slops - floodgates I suppose   This was a super fun deck to play, and although it's not real in the grand scheme of things it was a fun pick and I really enjoyed winning a regionals with my favorite deck. Thanks for reading all this!
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      Never thought I'd see someone actually try this     IT GOT WORSE
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    Not even just that. I find that fusing into Construct, dumping Core, adding back a different Fusion Spell, and fusing again to be really good in a lot of scenarios. Or even just making sure you have an El for the opponent's turn.
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    Agree to side out Return? <Doesn't side out Return> Hey now that's not cheating, that's just mind gaming your opponent it's not scummy in the least! It's your opponents fault they fell for your clever and skillful lie
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    Kuroko no Basuke is the new Slam Dunk, but with more handsome gay guys. You should've said something earlier. 3.
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    [spoiler]Books:[spoiler]and she didnt have to service any of the dogs.[/spoiler][/spoiler]   [spoiler]Show[spoiler]I in no way see getting raped on your wedding night any signal that she's going to start using sex as a way to get what she wants.  She had always treated her virginity as sacred, and up until the point, she never really knew what a monster Ramsay is.  Not to mention, in that setting, there's not much room to say no. You're essentially trapped in Winterfell with the very people who killed your family without a second thought.  She knows the only thing she can really do is grit her teeth and get through it. Now, her first memory of sex is going to be getting raped in her own home, while the guy who "killed" her younger brothers is watching... I doubt she'll be too eager to just go around fucking everyone to get what she wants.[/spoiler][/spoiler]
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    by game of thrones standards, it wasnt that bad at all. 
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    i expected much worse, this thread hyped up the scene too much.
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    The point he brang up is BANISH. That Banish part is what makes it clutch. dosnt hit the grave to fuel Valk/Ritual Spells. IK the extra deck is TIGHT. But i was looking at Lose 1 Turn and how Quils are using it. Realized Gem Knight Pearl gets over it. I know thats awful but just figured to mention it to thoese who hadn't realize it yet. since L1T stops SS Effect Monsters. GK Pearl is a Normal.
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    Also, the CROS-KR cards have been added as: Canistaur Dinosewing Paternal Seahorse Elder Entity N'tss Dreamland Enjoy!
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    Its okay Underwood will let you win the next one
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    I think this disaster is great for the community, now people will go 'how did fucking underwood get one and i didnt?' which will make them try to become better   in times of crisis, hatred for everything that Underwood stands for is what unites us as a community   It is up to us whether we decide to never let this monstrosity happen again or fade into the underwoodarkness of mediocrity while the universe as we know it helplessly crumbles to the ground
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    have you even made a post im pretty sure we aren't here to serve you     pretty sure these threads are here more for helping people understand and learn rather than chatting shit to each other and throwing hand bags around.    this place has really gone down hill over the past 2ish years. its cool if you would rather be a nob head and be rude to some one who just wants to learn.
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    Following has been added to DN: Timaeus the Knight of Destiny Legendary Knight Critias Doom Virus Dragon Mirror Force Dragon Tyrant Burst Dragon The Fang of Critias Tyrant Wing Legendary Knight Hermos Time Magic Hammer Rocket Hermos Cannon Goddess Bow Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword The Claw of Hermos Roulette Spider Double Magical Arm Bind Lord of the Red Red-Eyes Transmigration Knight of Dark Dragon Dark Dragon Ritual Red-Eyes Spirit Red-Eyes Burn Toon Ancient Gear Golem Toon Kingdom Toon Rollback Shadow Toon Comic Hand Mimicat Toon Mask Toon Briefcase Sibylla Coingnoma Sibylla Petalelf Sibylla Ouijamorrigan Sibylla Arrowsylph Sibylla Crystalundine Grand Sibylla Tarotray Ritual of the Grand Sibyl Black Cat's Glare Reverse Reuse Aqua Actress Tetra Aqua Actress Guppi Aqua Actress Arowana Aquarium Stage Aquarium Set Aquarium Lighting Aqua Story - Urashima Most of this is fun stuff, so might not be of too much interest.
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    Space Jam > every basketball anime ever.   I would literally die if there was another space jam movie.
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    There a sequel going to be made too. Mad Max: The Wasteland!
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    Just copy daily mafias elo ranking system   do you have a link to a synopsis of how their elo system works for mafia? 
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    The whole point of this ranking system was to encourage activity so evwn if i won with volume (a fallacy) then it dis its job and rewarded the correct player Honestly you could have just opted to screw me out of it aa a community bu never goving me an hm or mvp but clearly hosts thought ibwas better and or other ppl played worse
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    Said all the Europeans as they Dark Striked your face I'm after distracting you with ze Cat pretending to Rescue you. All lies. Let them eat cake. The cake is a lie.
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    didn't think the wedding night was anything that unexpected given the setting, the characters involved and the approach to sex+women in the show. 
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    I came top 4 at UK Nationals this year with this build. I am going to write a tournament report about later on today, but for now I hope my list suffices. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.   I played eight mirror matches, only losing the last one in the 3rd/4th playoff.   If I had to make any changes, I'd replace the Zefrasaber with the third Ice Hand, and make room for the third Mind Crush.  
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    The list is fine, but feels a bit outdated. Kinda like Sqids list from the arg, but i still think you should be playing water fusion, since you do side mind controll, I think it's pretty good vs Nekroz.
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    Neat   I ended up with a 3.67 for the semester; my cost accounting professor gave me a 98 on the final, idk if I got really lucky guessing on the multiple choice or if she just liked me and manipulated the grades to bump me up but I'm not complaining
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    If you run Transmodify, opening Shine Ball becomes irrelevent.
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    When I discovered this a week ago I could not contain my happiness. I have never been so hyped for a game in my life.
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    That segment was phenomenal, thank you based Owens
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    I typically don't like spending money on movie tickets, because most movies never feel like they are worth $8-$10, no matter how good they are.    That being said, this was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, and probably one of the best action movies ever made. It's easily as good as Terminator 2, and possibly better. 
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    Veiler in 3 is only if you care for no other matches besides like Blue Man Group and Puppets.  You also want to draw it often with cards like Mono and hard draw it vs Blue is good.   The deck has only 1 major problem and that is seeing Scout. I'm playing Odd-Eyes because it gets you there. All you want to do is get there and it really does. It might be a turn late but very few decks kill through 1800 monster and floods.   Storm is probably the best blowout card we have right now because Chain and Lose exist when you want to nuke with Exciton.   Good players won't be playing bad decks so less mirrors after the first couple of rounds. Fire and Ice are more common so if you know you can't die pen summon in defense or don't summon a monster at all.    Qlimate is actually just searchable and therefore might be better than Impenetrable unless you are scared of Fire Lakes and stuff. It will just really depend once you get to the event Friday what you will see.    I'll be repping Qli once again so hopefully my build gets me there.
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    This was recommended for me today via youtube. Guess  it's indicating I'm Kaoru from Welcome to the NHK. that's probably bad.
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    Good job everyone!   sorry nick a lot of what you were saying was phrased in a way that made it hard for me to understand. i'll try harder next time   i really like the slowpoke ability
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    You couldn't fool the DN admins, but you thought you could fool the cops???
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    face priest?????? [spoiler][/spoiler] [spoiler][/spoiler]
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    One day my grandchild will come to me with tears in his eyes and ask me, "Grandpa, did it really happen? Was underwood really crowned mafia god from a group of players that consist of more people than just him? Please tell me it isnt true!" And I'll hold him in my arms, facing the darkness in the horizon that is Underwood and tell him 'yes, confuse rei IV the spamnificent, yes it did... and that is how grandpa crei got eye cancer.'
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    cheers captain obvious
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    also this deserves a million views   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXEX_VUI-E0&app=desktop
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    How the fuck do you accidentally blind mst?   Please take time off to rethink your posting habits. I'm not going to force you because you seem like a genuinely nice person that's just trying a little too hard and this would be your third warning... but damn. You need to put a lot more thought into 1) what you're trying to say in each post and 2) how it's going to sound in context. Read the way others post and get a grasp of how they get their points across and learn from that.
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    dgzdonnie: You lost to cardtheorist dgzdonnie: that's all you'll ever be remembered for Rekka Tatsunagi: wow what a shitty legacy