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    Well if you were to pick your top 5 non-cheating euro players of all time who would they be?
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    http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=161667&hl= I'll also be reporting anyone who streams the stream personally - the more people who watch the stream Konami produces for this, the better a case Konami can make to its superiors regarding streaming. Other streams dilute the viewerbase, and my desire for Konami to get more resources for its own stream is more important than your desire to have your own commentary on twitch. lalala
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    Here's collin and I's list that we've been working on. Neither of us are going to the YCS so I decided to post it here. It's a really weird build but I think it's insanely good vs nekroz.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyJhyH9zHpg   Side strategy: Nekroz: -1 Shaddoll Beast -1 Shaddoll Dragona -1 Vanity's Emptiness (ask to both side out Vanity's Emptiness. If they opponent says no, side out 1 El Shaddoll Fusion instead since you're siding out 2 shaddolls) +1 Thunder King Rai-Oh +2 Secret Village of the Spellcasters Shaddoll Mirror: (in the mirror match, I explain that the loser often is clumped with too many fusion cards. Uping the Shaddoll count by one and minusing one fusion spell solves this problem) -1 El Shaddoll Fusion -3 Mistake +1 Shaddoll Dragon +2 The Monarchs Stormforth +1 Mind Control Satellarknights: (this is also the side for every other random trap deck. You just have to determine whether Thunder King is good or not in those match-ups) -1 Shaddoll Beast -1 El Shaddoll Fusion or Majesty's Fiend (I haven't decided which is correct yet, but I side out one of these two. This can be another card in match-ups where you have a bad card in the deck. Also, this is the card you keep in if Thunder King isn't good against whatever trap.dek you're playing against) -3 Mistake -2 Solemn Scolding -1 Vanity's Emptiness (ask to both side out Emptiness. If they say no, side it out anyways) +1 Thunder King Rai-Oh +1 Shaddoll Dragon +3 Mystical Space Typhoon +3 Royal Decree Qliphorts (definite the hardest match-up, so pray hard if you face it): -3 Majesty's Fiend -3 Effect Veiler -1 Dark Hole -1 Vanity's Emptiness (ask to both side it out. If the opponent says no, side it out anyways) -1 either Dark Hole or Book of Moon (I'm not sure if it's correct to side out the second Dark Hole or the one Book. I have been recently leaning towards Dark Hole as it doesn't do much and Book has more flexibility, but I don't know) +2 Honest +1 Thunder King Rai-Oh +1 Shaddoll Dragon +3 Mystical Space Typhoon +2 Secret Village of the Spellcasters
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    i graduated yesterday having a masters degree is pretty cool. i got masters of health in social welfare/social work btw  
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    these feature matches are making me cry
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    there's this guy who comes into my bar that looks like grant except he's nice.
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    Got a sick day linked up.   Just had a breakfast of cronuts and green tea. Later I'm going to the O2 to see Mad Max and then Paul McCartney! I will go to five guys in between.
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    >5'3" >140 lbs >18 years old >describes self as a "daddy" Alright kid please get off Grindr
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    looked away and it was done by the time I got back :(
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYmRfr7EUPo I got that too, I think they stopped recording for a time or something? Anyway, that link *should* help.
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    doesn't matter, it's not going to happen overnight. i didn't just wake up 40kg heavier. i went a week and gained 0.5kg. and carried on eating MORE. and each week i added 0.5kg. if you want to be a big person, you have to start eating like a big person. or be forever skinny. find a weight you like after eating a lot and stick to that daily intake.
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    Its ok when the organization does it!!!!!
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    Mad Max great. Five Guys great. Paul McCartney up next.
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    workin, drinkin. pretty good.   you?
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    I feel like Squids is getting a lot of shit for something anyone would post in this thread lol
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      lol its funny because i think the other way around, if any competent yugioh player went to mtg they would tear it apart. ive only played standerd format but the decks are the easiest thing in the world compared to yugioh, there isnt a single deck thats even close to being on par with the thought process needed to play nekroz or dragon rulers. the mana restriction doesnt help either, literally every deck in the format is anti-meta, summon big creatures and 1 for 1 ur opponents monsters, or summon a big creature backed by 4 copies of solemn judgmint. the only thing that really takes skill is knowing when to attack/block. i noticed that the player base is super casual, its like hearthstone but worse because they are all self-entitled and think their game is grace to this land, not to mention the competive community is so weak compared to dgz. they have a "competitive" subreddit that is literal aids and a carbon copy of dnf, and every forum i could find is akin to pojo   idk why ppl always say mtg is better because from what ive seen it definitely isnt even close. the worst part is that if u went to an mtg event and said anything about yugioh they would laugh in ur face and say that the game is a kids game because none of them have played it competively (|:|)
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    Toons have recently received some great support that will allow them to compete as a rogue deck and I wanted to discuss them.         This card is the deck.           Despite allowing you to attack the turn you take the monster it is not necessarily better than a toon monster. Hidden armory conflicts with fielding extra toons, but the original copy adds to the pressure you put on your opponent. Considering your opponent will not be able to damage you much through your toons and you will attack directly, there is little incentive to field powerful monsters. It is also extra weak to removal due to the self-destruct effect. Your opponent has the greatest probability to out kingdom (and this card) with their opening hand, and not the extra draw you could shave off from killing them one turn earlier from this card. Therefore, you should prioritize your building to be: protection, toons, comic hands. Choosing to wait to play this may be the correct play, but keep in mind that it loses it's first turn attack benefit.           This boosts the decks consistency and allows it to build a field faster.     The only playable game plan toons have is control. Every toon that isn’t elf or sorcerer should be ignored until new cards or circumstances make them playable.   The deck, when it is functioning, can ignore what the opponent is doing. If you can protect kingdom then the only way your opponent can win is by repeatedly attacking your little guys with big monsters. However, that strategy is pretty lackluster and comic hand punishes it. Elf and sorcerer rack up advantage turn after turn, making it harder to lose and easier to recover. However, since toons won’t win fast they risk the opponent being able to out kingdom. Also, the deck doesn't need to xyz, and generally doesn't need to deal with the opponent's cards that don't threaten kingdom.   The deck has solid consistency with table of contents, toon mask, and terraforming. The deck can also run pot of duality with no drawback. The deck has a fragile, but frightening win condition so in order to play the deck we must cater towards protecting it.   The deck has some powerful options available. It can run cursed seal of the forbidden spell and lose a turn; both of which cover the two ways kingdom would normally be removed. Add in more negation like fiendish chain or traptrix trap hole and it will be tough to resolve monster effects. Prohibition is another card that can protect kingdom and double as a floodgate if need be.   There are a few other cards you can play to protect kingdom and they are: magical reflector, card guard, and magic jammer. Reflector and Guard can't protect kingodm if they have mst set as they will kill kingdom when you activate the effect. Magic jammer can, but you need to set it first.
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    I've been testing something very similar to colin's build and have been very pleased (although I was nowhere near the MD Majesty idea and I feel that Core should be included at 1). It feels very fluid and bricks less often than the math builds and especially less often than seraphs. 7 fusion/11-12 dolls feels correct. Math has been really underwhelming in most instances as it really only makes bad hands marginally better and does nothing to strengthen strong hands. The addition of Neph as a way to augment the light count while also giving us access to water really seals the deal for me as the cards conflict too much. Math isn't unbricking our hands or getting us out of bad situations unless you run cards like PeroPero or Felis which feels sub-optimal instead of playing cards that are independently good. I've also found myself making Shek less and less often so the earth argument feels weak, especially when playing Neph + core.   I guess I'm alone in thinking that Dragon just isn't MD worthy though. Dragon is atrocious in every matchup that isn't Qli or anti-meta bullshit like Yosenju. I find myself losing most games because I can't fuse enough either due to lack of fusions or lack of material. Dragon doesn't do anything for the first and is typically a -1 regarding the second. It isn't outing the most common floodgate used against us (Shadow imp mirror) and nailing facedowns feels terrible considering how much chainable stuff is played. I don't understand why you would want extra dragons against tellar. Like what cards is he outing? Fiendish chain? Overall, I would much rather have either the third Hog or Core, leaning towards core. Hog actually unbricks your hand when you don't have fusions and always replaces itself. Core is nuts against Nekroz and is extremely important when grinding in the mirror. Both fill the role of the 12th doll.   That said, I do play a single Dragon in the board if only because of Qli and other random shit. Dragons value increases significantly when your opponent plays targets. But I'm not willing to gamble on a dead card g1, especially one that isnt' gamebreaking like Mind Control, Crush Card or Soul Charge.
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    Another way is to warm up before competitive by playing FFA and only aiming for the head.   Do you find yourself commonly doing no damage (missing completely) or doing 50+? For the former you just need to start aiming better (center mass for starters and then work your way up), the latter means you need to work on spray control. I would highly suggest, if you're working on spray control, go play with 1 or 2 bots and just focus on spraying them down from any range.   Lots of things will work, it just takes a lot of time. I'm very out of practice but even when I was playing with my LE and higher mates (I'm MG2 now, but I was DMG before) I would still commonly whiff long range AK shots.
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    Today I'm finally getting my hair done again to look more natural.
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    Timely Reinforcements, Leyline of Sanctity,Kitchen Finks, and Kor Firewalker all pop into my head immediately.   Liliana, Thoughtseize, and a better manabase should be auto includes. I'm not familiar with the latest tokens builds but I don't think Bitterblossom is used anymore thanks to the prevalence of Burn.
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    At the pro tour, there are a minimum of 5 super teams and the platinum level Magic player plays anywhere from 20-50 hours of Magic a week. Pro Tours are also split format, and each one features the best players in the world. In any given major yugioh event, there are 99 idiots for every person who has mastered the game.   I say this as a yugioh player who was about a thousand times better than Squiddy and couldn't break it big into Magic.    Sure, the Magic playerbase is super casual and I don't doubt that the reddit forum sucks. But that has nothing to do with what Urthor is talking about.   But who gives a shit really?
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    I often think about you and try to think of where I went wrong. Hope you're doing well.
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    I feel like Fiend Griefing is a card you want to play 3 of.
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    Generally though, regardless of results or the fact he limited himself with his deck choice a lot of the time, Pedigo's pretty much got the best mindset and is more than likely the flat out best human being to ever to play Yugioh I'm pretty sure. If you're going to look up to anyone it should be him.       Top 5 best Yugioh role models    Chris Mattiske Omar Daoudi  Samuel Pedigo Patrick Hoban Michael Steinman, if you're going to do it at least do it classily, don't get caught and stay widely adored like this guy.  Caution: you may need plastic surgery to achieve best results. 
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    I loved this format when I was a kid playing it. But replaying it it's actually just aids lol. T-Hero was my favorite deck though.
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    Why wouldn't you just point out to the admin that normal summoned Qliphort monsters are unaffected by Veiler? No reason to go and publicly shame him for something that would've been solved with a brief reminder. Fuck, you probably didn't even need to call an admin. You just asking "why" instead of just saying why he's wrong certainly isn't making things easier for any party involved here. 
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    I made the playoff part of the Nvida amateur tournament with a 6-2 record. I thought I was gonna miss it because of so many 8-0s and 7-1s, but guess they're giving the 6-2s a fair chance.
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    Hey guys, this is Collin Reardon. Some of you know me, some of you don’t. Regardless, I am considered to be one of the best deck builders in the Northern Virginia area by many of the good players. Now, I don’t mean this to come off as cocky, as I am not nearly as good as others in terms of skill during physical gameplay. However, in terms of deck construction, I feel like I have strong theory and have really improved on my deck building skill in the past couple years. Anyways, I won’t spend too much more time on that. This article is about the deck my team had prepared for ARG Richmond, the reasons we chose every single card, and the journey surrounding it. One team member got 3rd with the deck (Nic Colella, aka Ginger), and another almost topped as well (Nishaad Lorengo, aka “SQUIDS~” on DN).   The story of Team Islands (sponsored by The Island Games, theislandg.com) begins when me and my friend Nishaad started working on the Shaddoll deck. We both liked the deck a lot, and knew it would be the best or second best deck. What I really liked about it was it’s flexibility in match-ups, while also being able to play hate for Nekroz. Nekroz isn’t the best deck by a big enough margin right now like best decks have been in the past. If you build your deck to beat Nekroz, you can beat Nekroz. However, Shaddolls are also really good against everything else, while also being able to make plays that are also good against Nekroz. In other words, you can primarily focus on beating the Nekroz match-up while also being able to beat the rest of the field.   Anyways, there were several people asking me for a Shaddoll build and a Nekroz build. People in my local area are always asking me for builds as I am one of the most respected deck builders in the area. So one night, I made a Facebook group called “Collin’s Deck Building”. I only added 6 of my closest friends to the group, who respected me as a deck builder and who also I could trust for help. These 6 people are: -Nicky Reardon (My brother, and probably one of the best players I know) -Nishaad Lorengo (My newest friend out of the members, but became one of my closest. He’s very new to competitive play, but is probably the second best player on the team behind Nicky. Both he and Nicky just have a natural gift for strategic thinking that not many people have. He also made the biggest contributions to the deck compared to any other members by far. His ideas also surprised me, and I learned to respect his ideas very quickly.) -Dilan Solanki (Again, another great player who I respect as a player and he respects me as a deck builder, and keeps improving so much every week) -Ryan Levine (Another friend who came up with good ideas and also has an interesting view on things that not many people have) -Ginger (Also someone who I was also discussing the deck with, and who respects me greatly as both a deck builder and player. He top 4’d the ARG with the deck, and helped build it a little, but only a little. Also the best person I know at Goat format, and PS - I know people who topped SJC’s during the actual Goat format and have won Goat 1ks) -Tristan (Probably my oldest friend in the Yugioh community. He doesn’t play anymore, but frequently comes back randomly every couple formats, so definitely someone who I was going to include in this Facebook group.)   This group, originally just for deck lists, eventually formed into a team. We quickly realized that we have one of the strongest group of people and different skills in our area, and everyone was putting a lot of effort and an equal amount of good ideas, so the formation of a team almost sort of naturally occurred. So, originally in “Collin’s Deck Building”, I posted decklists of Shaddolls and Nekroz. This early version of Nekroz is VERY similar to the final decklist Ryan Levine and Nicky ended up playing at the ARG, Ryan also topping with the deck. However, the Shaddoll deck needed a lot of work. After a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of discussion within our team, we came to this list: Monsters: 21 3 Star Seraph Scepter 3 Star Seraph Sovereignty 3 Effect Veiler 3 Shaddoll Beast 3 Shaddoll Falco 2 Shaddoll Squamata 2 Shaddoll Hedgehog 1 Shaddoll Dragon 1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning   Spells: 14 3 Upstart Goblin 3 El Shaddoll Fusion 3 Shaddoll Fusion 2 Dark Hole 1 Raigeki 1 Foolish Burial 1 Soul Charge   Traps: 5 2 Call of the Haunted 2 Solemn Scolding 1 Vanity’s Emptiness   Extra Deck: 15 3 El Shaddoll Construct 2 El Shaddoll Winda 1 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Number 10: Illumiknight 1 Evilswarm Ouroboros 1 Stellarknight Delteros 1 Stellarknight Constellar Diamond 1 Goyo Guardian 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree   Sideboard: 15 3 Artifact Lancea 1 Thunder King Rai-Oh 1 Vanity’s Fiend 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Mind Control 3 Mistake 3 Royal Decree   We knew immediately that we were going to play the Star Seraphs, as we felt it was the best light engine the deck could play. It is very crucial that this deck has a good light engine as making Construct is essentially the entire deck. I know the Star Seraphs are inherently inconsistent as their OWN engine, but fusing for Construct is their primary goal in the deck. It’s just the fact that if you DO open one of each Seraph, Scepter + Call, or Scepter + Soul Charge, you have a near auto-win. If you think about it, that’s actually insane. Just for having lights in the deck (which is necessary for the deck to be functional), you are given a near auto win against ANY match-up, if you draw just any of many two card combos. That itself just concludes why Seraphs are the best light engine for the deck to run.   After we decided we would be running Shaddolls with Star Seraphs, I knew I had to find a good turn 1 play. If you open the Star Seraphs, you want to be able to do something broken on your first turn. I looked at OCG lists, and they ran Summoner Monk and Shock Master. Now, Shock Master is exactly what the deck needed, a busted turn 1 play to go into with the Star Seraphs. So since Shock Master is banned in the TCG, I went on DN and searched rank 4 XYZ monsters, to find a good turn 1 play for the deck. If I didn’t find a good one, our dream of Shaddoll Star Seraphs was dead. However, I came across this card called Number 10: Illumiknight. This was exactly the card we needed. Turn 1, if you open Sovereignty and Summoner Monk, you can do the Star Seraph combo, draw 2 cards, then summon Illumiknight. Scepter’s effect allows you to pop the random summoner monk on your field, and then draw a third card. Then, you can use it’s effect to discard a Shaddoll and draw a card, then use the Shaddoll monster’s effect. Even if you don’t discard a Shaddoll, this combo seemed insane. You draw 4 cards and use Falco or Hedgehog, or you can draw 4 cards while fixing your awkward hand, or just draw 5 cards. All these options seemed insane, and I knew I had found exactly what I needed.   Now, Summoner Monk ended up being cut for Call of the Haunted, as Summoner Monk was a huge liability with everyone starting to main 3-5 hand traps in literally every deck. Monk was good, as it let you open the nut draw more often, or you could just go Monk into Scepter, add Sovereignty, then overlay for Lavalval Chain to stack another Scepter; however, Call just ended up being better, as it didn’t fall to hand traps, and it allowed you to get back Construct and then use it’s effect, which is just amazing against Nekroz.   The early copies of the deck had 2 Mathematician in it. It seems like a great card, making your engine more consistent, being able to use any Shaddoll effect, a floater, making Shekhinaga, etc. However, the more and more I played the deck, the more and more I noticed how terrible the card actually was. The best turn one play in the deck that CONSISTENTLY happens (and by consistently, I mean the majority of games you play) is going into Construct with either a Squamata, Hedgehog, or Falco, then setting Falco and adding Beast, then tributing the Construct for the Beast. This allowed you to be able to have a set Beast and Falco (which are great against literally any match-up you face) while also being able to bring back Construct with Falco. Construct from grave is one of the best cards in the mirror and against Nekroz, because as many of you know, it doesn’t count as being from the extra deck. A Construct they can’t use Shaddoll Fusion from deck, Unicore, or Brionac is hard for either deck to deal with. Along with this play, it was ideal to also have the option to set your hand so they can’t Trishula you. With Mathematician in your deck, it was very hard to accomplish this play, especially the part where you set your hand. The deck itself is already pumping out Constructs and using Shaddoll effects. While your doing this, you have plenty of normal summons in the deck. The deck is constantly going into Construct, then using Hedgehog to search Squamata, do damage, then El Shaddoll into another Construct and get two more effects. Scepter, tribute set Beast, Falco, Hedgehog, are all great normal summons in the deck. Now, I understand Mathematician can sometimes be a better normal summon than those cards, but it’s better to normal summon the slightly less optimal one and have you be able to use all the cards in your hand than having to choose between two normal summons.   Also, the main reason we didn’t include Mathematician is just that it was overall underwhelming. We quickly realized that you are losing against Nekroz if you aren’t fusing, and Mathematician doesn’t help with that side of the deck. If you were going to play all mirrors and Satellars all day, Mathematician would be great in helping with the overall consistency of the deck. However, against Nekroz, Mathematician did absolutely nothing unless you were already fusing, and once you get to the point where you’re fusing, you never are going to not normal summon. The normal summon is just overall too important part of the deck when you’re fusing, and Mathematician just becomes cloggy and underwhelming. I hope that clears it up for all those that were doubting that specific choice.   Now, time to get into the deck. First, we’ll start off with the Shaddoll line-up. I think 3 Beast is necessary. Drawing a card is the only effect that is good in all stages of the game. You use Beast almost every turn, and go through them pretty quickly. In the mirror, tribute setting Beast is very important, and having others to use is extremely vital.   The next Shaddoll monster is Falco. Falco is great against all the top decks, and is good in majority of scenarios. It’s one you want early game (unless you brick of course), mid game, and late game. Because of that, we chose to run 3. This was sort of a last minute change (the Thursday before), because we just wanted to be able to access it as much as possible against Nekroz. I’m not sure if 3 is correct, but it wasn’t necessarily bad (by the way, this is really the only not completely thought out choice, the rest of the deck was really calculated).   Squamata is an automatic two of in this deck. Squamata isn’t actually a great Shaddoll, as it doesn’t do anything itself. It’s always just another Shaddoll. There’s no reason to run three Squamata and aggressively send it to grave. Most of the time, you just don’t send Squamata to grave unless you absolutely need it there. It’s only in the deck so you can search it for it’s 1800 body, it’s flip effect, or to use with El Shaddoll on your opponent’s turn, so you have the option of sending any Shaddoll monster. Other than that, it’s not very useful as it doesn’t actually do anything itself.   Hedgehog is very underrated. I want to stress how important two Hedgehog is. In this deck, Hedgehog is utilized to it’s full potential as we don’t run Mathematician. A lot of times you use Hedgehog to get Squamata or Dragon to fuse with. Since we use six fusions, it’s also important to have a Shaddoll that adds another Shaddoll, so you can fuse again on the same turn. Hedgehog is also the best Shaddoll monster to open with, as it unbricks your hand, allows you to search and tribute set Beast when you open a fusion, and then for the other reasons I listed above. I almost wanted to run three Hedgehog, but decided two was just the correct number as like Squamata, it adds another Shaddoll and doesn’t have it’s own effect like Beast, Falco, and Dragon do.   Dragon is by far the worst Shaddoll. It doesn’t accomplish anything on it’s own. Let me explain it this way, Shaddolls, by Yugioh deck building definition, is a combo deck. Now, it actually isn’t a combo deck, but by deck building parameters it is. What I mean by this, is that Shaddolls thrive when it has access to multiple cards. It doesn’t want to simplify the gamestate, as Shaddolls want to constantly fuse and gain advantage through their own cards. If you gain advantage just by minusing the opponent, you aren’t going to be able to accomplish much as your plays require you to have multiple cards. This is why Dragon is by far the worst Shaddoll. During the early turns, it doesn’t accomplish anything. Even if they have backrow, you would rather save Dragon for when they have a problem card or only have one backrow. You almost never want to fuse using Dragon. The only reason it’s there is to pop problem cards, as another Shaddoll effect, out problem monsters (which Squamata can also do), and for it’s 1900 body. It’s definitely necessary to the deck, but you never want to draw it. It’s n the deck strictly for utility. All these reasons are why Shaddoll Dragon is definitely a one of.   Next, for Effect Veiler. Veiler is just by far the best hand trap for this deck. Like the Star Seraphs, it’s used a lot of the time for a light monster. Construct is literally the deck, so being a light alone is a reason to max out on this card. In addition, it’s also single handedly one of the best protection cards against Nekroz, Satellarknights, and Star Seraphs. Being able to stop Beast and Falco in the miror is also extremely relevant. Stopping Trish and Brionac is a priority for this deck, and also stopping a Manju or Senju can be detrimental. This card does all of that. I see absolutely no reason why this card shouldn’t be a three of.   BLS should be obvious, every time you draw that card you win. The fact it’s a light is also just nuts.   Upstart is also not a card that I should need to explain. It literally is the same thing as having a 37 card deck, if you don’t take into account life points It’s simple, having the minimum amount of cards in your deck is more important than life points. It’s just that simple. Anyone who doesn’t understand this just doesn’t understand other basic principles of Yugioh or card game theory, I can promise you that.   Now, at first we weren’t maxing out on the fusion cards. We started with 3 El and 2 regular, the we went to 2 and 2, then back to 3 and 2, but eventually came to the conclusion that 3 and 3 is correct. After playing the other options, I would never play any less than six fusions. Like I said before, if you’re not fusing by turn two against Nekroz, you’re usually just dead. You need to get to one ASAP. I know drawing two or more fusions sucks, but it’s better to draw multiple than zero. There’s more monsters in the deck than fusions, so it’s more likely that you brick with too many monsters and not too many fusions. It’s just too important that you are able to play Yugioh against Nekroz to not max out on these cards.   The three board wipes, two Dark Hole and one Raigeki, was a concession to many things. First off, they’re our only answers to the Djinn lock if they are smart and search Trish. They are also outs to the detrimental monster floodgates Diamond, Dark Law, Majesty’s Fiend, and Vanity’s Fiend. In addition to that, they are some of the best cards in the deck against both Nekroz and the mirror match. Against Nekroz, once they find out you’re not playing Nekroz, they have absolutely no reason not to leave monsters on the field. Unicore is great against us, and being able to wipe the board against Nekroz can be great. A good strategy against Nekroz is outgrind them with Constructs and Falcos. Normally they will either be able to have a bunch of ritual spells but no monsters in hand, or they will run out of all their ritual spells. Dark Hole and Raigeki help accomplish both strategies extremely well. Against the mirror match, the board wipes are the best cards. Normally, the best field in the mirror will be a set Falco, a set Beast, and a Construct (usually from grave). Now, I understand if you were to Dark Hole them here, they would get to draw a card, get a fusion spell, and reset the Falco. However, none of these are really relevant. The last turn, they set it up to tribute set Beast. Drawing two cards and discarding one is so different from just drawing one card that I can’t even explain it. Also, they won’t have a 2200 body. Even just Dark Holing just a set Beast can be really detrimental to the opponent. In addition, getting back a fusion spell is completely irrelevant. In the mirror, you never want to leave an extra deck monster on the board. Constantly making fusions and having to tribute them off leads to a build up in fusion spells and not enough monsters to use them. The loser of the Shaddoll mirror usually ends up having 3-5 ritual spells that are just useless. This is another reason why the draw two discard one from Beast is extremely important, because you can turn a dead fusion spell into a real card. Lastly, a set Falco that has already used it’s effect is completely useless, as when you use a board wipe in the mirror, you always follow it up with killing their Falco they brought back. Any board wipe in the Shaddoll mirror is game breaking and usually game winning as well.   Foolish Burial is a card a lot of people are iffy about in their Shaddoll decks. However, I think the card is absolutely insane. Most of the time, it’s our fourth Upstart Goblin that doesn’t have the opponent gain 1000 life. Other times, it can be a ROTA, Falco, or MST. The card just has too much utility and is one of my favorite cards to see early or mid game.   Soul Charge is just an insane card. Have you read the card? I don’t think I’ve ever resolves a Soul Charge in this deck and not won the game. In addition to just bringing back Construct(s) (which is usually just game winning on its own) and other random guys, making Arcanite Magician, or making Castel, it also has great utility with the Star Seraphs (obviously lol). If you ever don’t play this card in Shaddolls you’re just insane.   Call of the Haunted is great. It has great synergy with the Star Seraph engine, and getting back Construct against Nekroz or the mirror can be really problematic for the opponent. It’s one of the best cards in the deck once you start making Constructs (which you want to do ASAP every game). It also has great utility with the three Artifact Lancea and one Thunder King Rai-Oh in the sideboard, but that’s just bonus upside the card offers. I have to give Nishaad credit for coming up with this (he also came up with the idea before it started becoming an actually thing some Shaddoll decks started running).   Solemn Scolding is something I was really against at the beginning. Nishaad is also the one to credit for this idea. Most of the time, it’s used as a Diving Wrath against the top three decks. However, it also stops Dark Hole and Raigeki, fusion spells, etc. Every time I drew it where I didn’t brick, I straight up won the game. The card is literally insane. It goes extremely well with the rest of the deck, as Call of the Haunted and Vanity’s Emptienss are continuous, so it doesn’t conflict. If you need to use El Shaddoll Fusion, you can set both and then activate it during the opponent’s draw phase, immediately turning on Scolding. If you don’t want to use it then you can just set both cards and wait until you use El Shaddoll, then you have Scolding live. Also, after you sideboard, a floodgate plus Scolding is the most insane thing ever. The card is so good I can’t even put it into words. It’s also not expected, which actually makes it near impossible to lose when you draw it.   Vanity’s Emptiness is obvious. The card should get banned. You just have to use it more conservatively now. All you do is wait until you have board control, then you set it. Once you start doing this, you won’t lose a game you draw this card (assuming you didn’t completely brick).   I want to bring up why we didn’t run the card Shaddoll Core. We went back and forth on this card for quite some time, but ended up opting not to run it. Against Satellar, it’s great obviously being able to add Shaddoll Fusion back and keeping pressure. Against the mirror it can be good by allowing you to not run out of fusion materials. However, the one problem is drawing it. I know that sounds like a bad reason, but literally every single time you draw it against Nekroz, you lose. The deck already has problems about drawing a fusion but not enough monsters or monsters without a fusion. The -1 this card brings to your hand when you draw it is almost ALWAYS enough to lose you the game on the spot to Nekroz. We decided that the very slight upside it gave you against the other match-ups was just not worth it compared to the downside of what happens when it’s bad.   The last thing I want to talk about the main deck is opting to not main deck Mistake. Now, I understand Nekroz is the best deck and we would play a lot of it. However, the deck needs to be as streamline as possible. I felt the deck is overall good enough to win game one against Nekroz without main decking Mistake. The inconsistencies the cards brought to the other match-ups was just too high of a cost to main deck this card. I wanted to make the deck as streamlined and consistent game one as possible against all the decks of the field, rather than the deck just be Mistake or bust against Nekroz and praying you don’t draw Mistake against the other match-ups. Now, I know some people will say that it’s not terrible because it’s good against Satellars too. Now, first off I expected to play a lot more mirrors than Satellars, and about equal amount of rogue as Satellars, which was all true. The way this deck loses to Satellars is just drawing an awkward hand and losing to their beaters. Mistake doesn’t help with that problem at all. Cutting a Deneb search or two won’t make or break the game. It is far more important to be able to use Hedgehog to search another Shaddoll against them, so when you have a Winda, if they do something to it you can chain El Shaddoll and make another Winda. That play is extremely vital to beating Satellars and even with Mistake on the board, sometimes they can just cut your resources if you aren’t able to make that specific play.   I won’t dive too much into the extra deck, just a couple things. I’m going to bullet it so it’s faster:   -Three Constructs is necessary, you make three almost every game. -You can run two or three Windas. You only make three when you don’t have access to a light, but I found by the time you would make a third, most of the time you’ve found a light. -The only earths for Shekhinaga in the deck are Leo and Goyo, but I found you make it a lot when you make Leo and then add back El Shaddoll to do a lot of damage or go for game. -Castel is mainly for Soul Charge, but sometimes comes up with flip summon + normal summon or call + normal summon. -Illuminknight I already explained. -Ouroboros is great when they have a fusion you want to return to the extra, only one mirror in grave, or are low on hand resources, but isn’t made much outside of that. -Delteros is obvious, shouldn’t have to say much about that. -I feel Diamond is essential. The extra deck isn’t tight enough to not warrant one spot for an auto-win in the mirror match. It’s literally a free win just by sacrificing one extra deck spot. -Goyo is just there for a level 6 (obviously lol). It doesn’t come up much, but when it does it’s crucial to have one. -Arcanite is obvious. It’s made very often after you do the turn one set Beast and Falco play and when you Soul Charge. -Black Rose isn’t actually that obvious. You barely make it against any of the match-ups, it just doesn’t come up as often as you would think. I was running Daigusto Emeral over it for quite some time for the long mirror match games or games where it was good to put back Seraphs so you can Seraph combo again, but in the end just decided I’d rather put in Black Rose so I don’t lose one random game to rogue or Satellar just because I don’t have it. I would get so mad at myself if that happened. -Leo is made very often as a 3100 beater that allows you to get back El Shaddoll Fusion to usually push for game, and if not, definitely a lot of damage. It can also just randomly win the game sometimes in certain match-ups, but that doesn’t happen very often.   I hope that explains everything I need to for the extra deck. Anyways, now on to the sideboard. I’m going to start off each section by explaining how I sideboard for each match-up, then explain why we sideboard that way and why the cards I chose are there.   Against the mirror: -1 Effect Veiler -1 Shaddoll Fusion +1 Vanity’s Fiend +1 Mind Control   We only sided two card in for the mirror. I know it doesn’t seem like many, but we actually don’t have that many bad cards against the mirror. Effect Veiler is pretty bad, but I feel like it’s necessary to keep in at least two just as a concession to the Star Seraphs. It also can sometimes come in clutch against an important Falco or a Beast, but it’s generally a very situational card in the match-up you never really want to see more than one of.   In regards to Shadoll Fusion, like I said before, the mirror often ends up going kind of late, and the way you lose is having too many fusions. You have a lot more turns to find a fusion card, so it’s better to sacrifice the small percentage early game of opening a fusion to get the late game advantage of not getting too fusion flooded. It’s a lot better to draw two El Shaddolls than it is to draw two regular Shaddolls, so this is why I side out the regular one.   Mind Control has always been known to be one of the best cards in the Shaddoll mirror. Often times if you steal a Falco, Beast, or even a Hedgehog (in certain scenarios), which denies the opponent the effect they thought they were going to get and give you for free, usually wins the game on the spot.   For the second card in the mirror, I wanted to side a card that would be a free win if it stuck on the board. The only two cards I could think of are Vanity’s Fiend or Majesty’s Fiend. To solve this, I posted a debate in the Facebook group of Vanity’s Fiend vs. Majesty’s Fiend. In the end, we decided that Vanity’s Fiend was overall better as BLS, Soul Charge, three level fours, and the fusions all out Majesty’s Fiend. Also, Mind Controlling Majesty’s Fiend and fusing just seemed like an auto-lose we didn’t need, even if it’s not very likely. The only downside to Vanity’s Fiend was if people ran Mathematician into Peropero. However, it’s very likely that Mathematician would be summoned before Vanity’s Fiend came down, so it was unlikely they had one once it did. Also, people think Majesty’s is better because Squamata and Dragon are searchable. The thing is, they are very rarely going to be able to be searched out if the opponent can’t fusion summon, and also they would’ve probably also been used for other purposes before Vanity’s Fiend came down, so it’s unlikely they saved one in hand.   Against Satellars: -1 Shaddoll Beast -1 El Shaddoll Fusion -2 Call of the Haunted -2 Solemn Scolding -1 Vanity’s Emptiness +1 Thunder King Rai-Oh +3 Mystical Space Typhoon +3 Royal Decree   You don’t really need three Beast against Satellars, as you almost never tribute set it. You only use it to make Winda most of the time, and sending it off Construct doesn’t happen as often because it’s often better to send Falco, and even then Construct doesn’t come up as much since Winda is so good in this match-up. The traps obviously come out because we transitional side into Decree, and we don’t want any card conflictions. MST is to out floodgates, which is the most common way they beat us, and Thunder King is just another light that can occasionally give us a free win. El Shaddoll comes out because like the mirror, we aren’t as stressed to fuse early, we can give ourselves a little more leeway. I’m siding out a Shaddoll so I want to keep the count somewhat even. However, unlike the mirror, regular Shaddoll Fusion is a lot better than El in this match-up since Satellars use the extra deck a lot more.   The main plan against Satellars is to set-up Winda + Decree as fast as possible, and Veiler their power play if they get over it. If you draw Decree in this match-up or can spam Windas, it’s pretty hard to lose this match-up.   Against Nekroz: -3 Star Seraph Scepter -3 Star Seraph Sovereignty -1 Shaddoll Beast -1 Shaddoll Dragon +3 Artifact Lancea +1 Thunder King Rai-Oh +1 Vanity’s Fiend +3 Mistake   Now, this is where the sideboard plan starts getting weird. Against Nekroz, the easiest way to beat them is with cards that shut them down. This means that post-board, we get to side into an anti-Nekroz deck. Now, the Star Seraphs are still great in this match-up, don’t get me wrong, but what’s even better than the Star Seraphs are just a bunch of cards that say Nekroz can’t play. The only way we can side in all these cards that beat Nekroz is if we side out the Star Seraphs. If you were to not side out the Star Seraphs, you would either have to side out a lot of consistency cards, or side a lot less for Nekroz. Both of these options just seem a lot worse than boarding out a good light engine for an even better one, then siding into all anti-Nekroz cards. This way, you don’t lose the consistency of the deck while also being able to sideboard into literally an entire anti-Nekroz deck. Now, some might think that it could be bad since we are siding out six light monsters for four light monsters, but the deck already had more light monsters than it needed to begin with. Also, if you don’t open a light but open a card like Mistake, it kind of makes up for it. But mainly the light count isn’t a factor since we already get to run so many.   Now, I know a lot of you guys are going to respond asking why I didn't just main the cards I'm siding in instead of the Seraphs. Again, it's not the the Seraphs are bad against Nekroz, it's just that I'd rather have an anti-Nekroz deck than a Star Seraph deck with couple floodgates post-board. I wanted to keep the deck as streamlined and consistent as possible against any deck game 1. The Star Seraphs are still the best light engine, allowing you to get free wins against any deck if you happen to open one of a couple two card combos. It's just that since I'm siding into literally an anti-Nekroz deck, I have to side out my light engine into another light engine that's slightly better so I don't ruin the consistency of the deck.   That’s it for the deck explanation. I hope you guys found it helpful. Now, Ginger got 3rd at ARG Richmond with the deck, but his was three cards different in the main, and one in the sideboard. These were his changes: -1 Shaddoll Beast +1 Allure of Darkness -2 Solemn Scolding +2 Fiendish Chain Sideboard: -1 Mind Control +1 Secret Village   Now, I can explain why he did these things, but I’m not going to say I 100% agree with them.   He wanted to run Allure of Darkness because he wanted to maximize the chances of drawing a fusion card. I can agree with this logic, I’m just not sure if a Beast is the card I would cut for it.   He ran Fiendish over Scolding for two simple reasons. First, if you draw if with the most common turn one play of setting Beast and Falco, you can set your whole hand and still activate Fiendish. I can get behind this reasoning, it makes sense. I’m actually just not sure yet if it’s worth all the upside that Scolding gives you. Also, it’s a good draw against an established field. If they have a monster, sometimes Fiendishing it later can come in clutch (thus why it’s better than Breakthrough Skill). Again, I think it’s a great card, I’m not not quite sure yet if these reasons outweigh the upside and versatility Scolding gives you.   For the sideboard, he cut Mind Control for Secret Village. Now, Secret Village is an unreal card, and probably one I should’ve included 1-2 copies of in my deck myself, but I definitely don’t think Mind Control is the card I would cut for it. I would probably cut a Lancea for one, then play Majesty’s over Vanity’s Fiend to keep the light count the same. Thanks for reading everyone, hope you liked it! Please comment any questions or constructive criticism you have. Thanks again!
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    You only have to activate core first if you're using the normal fusion. If you have el-shaddoll with core you can activate el shaddoll as CL2 in response to their mirror and core as CL3 as long as you have a valid target besides the original shaddoll you're fusing with core (which is any monster in your deck realistically.)   the downside being if they MST core you cry but it's incredibly easy to establish this set-up, enough to warrant including core. It should win you more games than it loses you (from drawing it) so it's definitely worth playing. 
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    If you run Transmodify, opening Shine Ball becomes irrelevent.
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    After having testet the new cards a have come to some-what of a conclusion. All the new monsters are not worth it. They simply don't bring anything new/good/needed to the deck.   Draghig does the same thing as Cargna or Scarm, but just way slower. Never in my testing did i field the need to foolish/Fiend Griefing the Draghig to stack a B.A. card.    Barbar is just a beater. I never want to banish from my grave, and the atk is to low. The only good thing is that it can kill Denko.    Dante (fusion) is actually really good. But he is to hard to get out. Our poly is so restricted on when to activate the atk boost, it never does any good. Fiend Griefing is fantastic. An auto 3-of, if you ask me. It is better then Math, since it does not leave a non-BA monster on the field. We can send graff now, not being limited to Libic, and not being restricted by the monsters in hand. It returns key monsters in your opponents grave, which easily disrupts thier play, and breaks the djinn lock easily. It may be slower then Math, but it is more versitile. 
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    Am I cooking bacon wrong/using a different kind of bacon cos that cooks in like 5 minutes for me?
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    Care to elaborate on why? I know you are THE Jeff Jones, but that isn't an argument on why they are not worth the space and barely contributes to the discussion
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    Blame Jeff   It's all Jeff's fault    Stop shitposting Jeff!
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    Reminder that there are at least 3 other cards for this Deck coming, based on numbers, so might be best to wait before Theory-Ohing too hard with these guys.
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    anyone remember a few years ago when we would do "battle city" warring? there were no teams, just individuals. seems to me like this would be a better fit for past format warring. if you need to go inactive for a while, don't like the current format being played, etc. you can just stop playing for a while until you want to start up again. that way you wouldn't be dragging your other team members down by being inactive (or by sucking at ygo). 
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    Ignore his messages. It may backfire though. If you think he'll start shit with you for ignoring him(which he will without a doubt know is intentional), then instead, just give one word responses to all his texts. 'yes' 'sure' 'haha' 'ok' 'lol' The point is to show minimum interest in whatever he tells you. If you talk to him IRL, insert conversation killers and just make your interactions with him as dull and boring as possible. Don't ever contribute any real substance to your convos with him, only generic fluff.
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    Got top 8 at Utah regs this past weekend. This list was solid as fuck. No complaints. Burning Abyss Monsters 21 3 cir burning abyss 3 graff burning abyss 3 scarm burning abyss 2 mathematician 2 maxx "c" 2 effect veiler 1 libic burning abyss 1 farfa burning abyss 1 rubic burning abyss 1 tour guide from the underworld 1 crane crane 1 black luster soldier - eotb Spells 6 2 mystical space typhoon 1 foolish burial 1 dark hole 1 raigeki 1 book of moon Traps 13 3 mind crush 2 fire lake of the burning abyss 2 phoenix wind wing blast 2 breakthrough skill 1 crush card virus 1 torrential tribute 1 vanity's emptiness 1 solemn warning Extra 15 3 dante burning abyss 3 downerd magician 2 virgil burning abyss 1 muzurhythm the string djinn 1 wind-up zenmaines 1 temtempo the percussion djinn 1 mechequipped angineer 1 ghostrick alucard 1 number 47: nightmare shark 1 number 30: acid golem Side 15 2 vanity's fiend 2 flying "c" 1 maxx "c" 2 de-fusion 2 twister 1 mystical space typhoon 2 anti-spell fragrance 2 mistake 1 compulsory evacuation device
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    Tuesday Night   [Actual Literal Nuts - Blast Group] dannyvrabel: what do you guys think of ghiski ftk Allen Pennington: what is this ghishki ftk? Allen Pennington: is it all TCG legal?   After me reading trynet's regional report (which was posted 2 weeks ago, but somehow I never read) I still didn't really get how the deck worked. He was talking about draw points and shit when I hadn't even understood the basics. Evolution` (dannyvrabel) proceeded to play the deck against me on DN and fizzle, so I at least got an understanding of how the draw engine worked. I was pretty impressed despite only having a 6-3 regional report and a 0-1 goldfish to show for the deck. Oh, and apparently the deck loses to Herald of Orange Light, Thunder King Rai-Oh, and loaded dice. Great deck to take to a regional, right?   Of course I did have one thing in my favor...   dannyvrabel: alistar said the deck is horrible dannyvrabel: which means its prolly good dannyvrabel: amirite Allen Pennington: lol   As we talked more, we realized that the deck had some other things going for it, such as the fact that you could easily win game 1 in time and win the entire match, without having to worry about sidedecks ever coming into play. The deck could also play through hand traps and backrows to some extent, at least according to trynet's report.   33 minutes after talking with Dan and Owen about the deck in our team chat I finally declared   Allen Pennington: I'm playing this at regs this weekend 100% Allen Pennington: no one can convince me otherwise   And so it was settled. I just had to get all of the cards and actually learn the deck, as it seemed fairly complicated to play. So I decided to hit up the guy with actual experience and see if he could help me. 45 minutes later, trynet taught me all of the basics, the fact that you need to use value Mind Augus's to put more gas in the deck, how to play through Bottomless Trap Hole and win, why Magical Stone Excavation is important in the deck. With that, I thanked him, and it was time for bed.   Allen Pennington: man I wish it wasnt 2 AM Allen Pennington: or I would just proxy this up now Allen Pennington: and start drawing hands Tyler Nolan: yeah, it's really hard to think about the deck without the cards in front of you Allen Pennington: will you be on tomorrow night you think? Tyler Nolan: probably, yeah Allen Pennington: alright cool Allen Pennington: I should get to bed Tyler Nolan: ok Allen Pennington: thanks for the help Allen Pennington: let me know if you need help being a baller or something Allen Pennington: i'll repay the favor Tyler Nolan: no problem, g'night   Wednesday Afternoon   I buy all of the cards from TGA that I need for the deck, but realize I'm quite a bit short. I'm still missing a handful of Gishki cards and Into the Voids. I actually just wished my deck was missing $80 booster secrets instead of $1 hidden arsenal supers, as those would've been significantly easier for me to find. I proxy up the rest of the deck and start goldfishing at TGA. First game I manage to recur my entire graveyard to my hand and I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of how the deck works. Oh, and this game also took about an hour and 20 minutes to play out. I goldfish another win and I hypothesize that the deck probably goldfishes a kill around 75% of the time. Several people come into the shop at this time and are confused by what I'm doing. So I decide to do a demonstration for them. Of course I fizzle the first two games I play. How embarrassing! In the third game I fully go off this time and show them how I start netting cards in hand and decking them out. People start saying I'm going to get punched at regionals if I run this deck and how everyone will hate me etc. Obviously I don't care.   I play a few actual games and win somewhere around 66% of the time. So I adjust my hypothesis that the deck probably wins around 66% of the time, rather than 75% of the time. Of course 66% is terrible for mostly an "all or nothing" deck, and I wasn't even factoring in the post board. So honestly I figuring at this point I had no chance of doing well at the regional and was just going for fun. Yes, this is my definition of fun. I was asked if I would drop once I was x-2 or x-3 and I responded that I wanted to make an achievement sheet and wouldn't drop for that reason. But more on that later...   Thursday Afternoon   I went to talk to trynet again and shared some of my experiences with the deck. He suggested a few changes to the deck, the most significant of which was to add Dark World Dealings. It's essentially another cantrip spell that lets you discard an Aquamirror. I was skeptical at first but I figured I would try it. He also suggested that I cut the 3rd Soul Ogre, which sounded like crazy talk to me. He also gave me some more advice on how to pile correctly, as I was still having trouble with this aspect of the deck. This really helped me. Then we got down to the important business:   Allen Pennington (2:48:22 PM): at the regional I'm also going to make an achievement sheet Allen Pennington (2:48:35 PM): achievement #1: win time in g1 (obv the easiest one) Allen Pennington (2:48:46 PM): achievement #2: win with your opponent at 100K LP Allen Pennington (2:48:59 PM): achievement #3: draw by decking out your opponent and yourself at the same time Allen Pennington (2:49:28 PM): achievement #4: get a judge called on you at least 10 times in a single game Allen Pennington (2:50:09 PM): idk I think I can easily come up with a bunch more Tyler Nolan (2:50:26 PM): those are pretty solid Tyler Nolan (2:50:39 PM): 5. create a lunch break Allen Pennington (2:50:44 PM): lol Allen Pennington (2:51:01 PM): also, there will be hand size achievements Allen Pennington (2:51:08 PM): win with at least 30 cards in hand Tyler Nolan (2:51:21 PM): lol, nice Allen Pennington (2:51:24 PM): also Allen Pennington (2:51:33 PM): win with your opponent having 20+ cards in hand Allen Pennington (2:51:48 PM): you get hand destruction/card destruction them and keep looping back their graveyard too Allen Pennington (2:52:04 PM): like put back 2 in yours, 2 in theirs, etc Tyler Nolan (2:52:16 PM): yeah Allen Pennington (2:53:08 PM): also, I think I want to call this deck "fish kill" Allen Pennington (2:53:16 PM): because that's what my phone keeps autocorrecting gishki to Tyler Nolan (2:53:33 PM): lol, I don't think there are even any fish in the deck Allen Pennington (2:53:38 PM): i know Allen Pennington (2:53:45 PM): one thing I've learned from watching MTG is Allen Pennington (2:53:54 PM): the best deck names dont make any sense Tyler Nolan (2:54:00 PM): only in legacy Allen Pennington (2:54:08 PM): not even true Allen Pennington (2:54:13 PM): you heard of quick n toast? Tyler Nolan (2:54:16 PM): true Allen Pennington (2:54:27 PM): and various breakfast cereals, etc   Although he wanted to call the deck "Two Months of Peace", a statement about both the number of One Day of Peace's that can be activated in a single game and also the amount of time it takes to win a game, I liked my deck name better. It felt more clever and was also a bit shorter. But hey, I figured to compromise, we could always call it "Two Months of Fish Kill".   Thursday Night   I was still missing a bunch of Gishki guys for my deck, so I just manned up, went to TGA and bought a box of HA05. I did the math and saw that my odds of pulling everything that I needed were around 49%. Now I'm not the type to believe in luck, but I will admit that I have a pretty shitty track record for pulling good cards out of ygo packs. But I figured, hey, this time, I'm not even trying to pull good cards; I'm trying to pull shitty cards. Obviously I pulled everything I needed. Sick life! All I needed now was a playset of Into the Void which I figured would be pretty easy to get.   Friday Night   I typed up my decklist, typed up my achievement sheet, packed everything that I would need, and called it a night. I tried to go to bed at a reasonable time, as I need a lot more sleep to function than the average person. Here's the list that I ended up playing. In hindsight, I would not change a thing about it.   Monsters: 12 2 Evigishki Mind Augus 3 Evigishki Soul Ogre 3 Gishki Shadow 3 Gishki Vision 1 Royal Magical Library   Spells: 28 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Into the Void 3 One Day of Peace 3 Hand Destruction 3 Trade-In 3 Moray of Greed 3 Salvage 3 Gishki Aquamirror 1 Dark World Dealings 1 Magical Mallet 1 Card Destruction 1 Magical Stone Excavation   Sidedeck: 14 1 Heavy Storm 1 Royal Magical Library 1 Evigishki Mind Augus 11 cards that never got sided in, including garbage like a Gem-Knight Sapphire   Extra Deck: 15 1 Heliopolis (you can overlay 2 soul ogres, never did it though) 14 garbage, most of which were random synchros that I pulled in my HA05 packs   Saturday Morning   I got the Into the Voids that I needed pretty quickly and played a couple of test games while I waited for the regional to start. I also met Stacknik (I think he changed his name to JJ Snatch or something?) and he got a shirt. There were 389 players in the event which meant 9 rounds. Anyways, I might get a few of these rounds mixed up but here we go...   R1: Lost the die roll to E-Heroes   This was a guy who I had seen at locals a couple of times so I knew he wasn't a master or anything. He went E-Call for Stratos into Alius... and passed without setting any backrow. I started drawing some cards, and he pitched his only Veiler to my Hand Destruction as he thought I was playing Exodia. Then I dropped Royal Magical Library and started netting cards in hand pretty quickly. I set my Magical Mallet, then played Card Destruction to draw exactly my entire deck.   "So I guess the card that you just set is your win condition?" "Maybe."   I started building up an incredibly massive hand size while Hand Destruction'ing him a few times. Time was called.   "Ok, so you guys have 3 turns a piece starting with..." "Don't worry I'm just going to win this turn."   Needless to say, the judge and a handful of spectators were quite confused. I decked him out about 10 minutes later, and I won the match 1-0.   1-0 (1-0 in games)     R2: Won the die roll vs Evoltile/Evolzar   He was maindecking 3 Effect Veiler which posed a potential problem. Got my Library and my 1st Mind Augus Veilered, but I continued to combo and got up to around 15 in my hand once I started piling with Mind Augus. Like my last opponent, he was confused as to how my deck planned to kill him. Time was called and I won the match 1-0.   2-0 (2-0 in games)   There was a giant group of spectators again and after the round got done a lot of people were talking about my deck. All of the discussion was surprisingly positive. I got a ton of "Allen, you're my hero" and none of "Allen, you're a faggot." Unfortunately this meant that unlocking the last achievement would be very difficult, and I also meant that my deck was starting to lose its surprise factor edge.   By this point in the tournament I really felt like I was in the zone though. For the past couple of days of testing, I would fizzle more than I would expect and than question whether I had played the game correctly. For this tournament, I knew that I was going to play 100% correctly. I knew the optimal order to play my cards in. I knew the correct time to drop the first Mind Augus. I knew I'd be able to identify hazardous gamestates and figure out the best gameplan for playing through them.   R3: Won the die roll vs Agents   He didn't have an early Herald of Orange Light and we eventually got to the point where even 10 Heralds would've not been able to save him. He used a couple of Heralds but it wasn't good enough. I just dropped more Mind Augus's and started looping. While looping I had MULTIPLE spectators come up and say "er mah gawd itz tha gishki dek-oot dek!" Really? Luckily my opponent didn't feel like scooping even after the spectators started giving away my strategy. By the end of the match there were roughly 4 judges and 20 spectators crowded around the table. I decked him out and won the match 1-0.   3-0 (3-0 in games)   They considered doing a lunch break after this round, but thankfully decided not to. We would've been there forever if that were the case. I went up and talked to some judges after the round to try to get them to work on crowd control. I didn't want spectators to be giving away my deck every round. They said they would work on that and were like "oh btw we've heard you've been stalling, any truth to that?" 30 minutes of investigation later they concluded that, "Well you clearly aren't stalling, but to the untrained observer it looks like you're just looping for no reason to drain the clock. Communicate all of your plays well to make sure there's no confusion there." But don't worry, there's a silver lining. Given how long it took them to determine I wasn't stalling, it allowed me to check off another achievement, "Create an extra lunch break."   R4: Lost the die roll vs Wind-Ups   We were randomly deck checked, and there were no issues with either of our decks. We were given a time extension and proceeded with the match.    Game 1 he had Magician+Shark into Shockmaster nuts. He called spells, set a backrow and passed. Our deck can never beat a shockmaster (even if it calls monsters, it's near impossible), so I just set 2 backrow to make it look like I'm playing a real deck. Next turn he played Heavy Storm and I conceded. G2 I started looping and he was smart enough to scoop once I had 8 cards in hand or so. G3 he opened up Thunder King and 4 backrows, which is pretty brutal. I played a Heavy Storm and he had Starlight Road. I went for a ritual summon and he had Bottomless. Not much I could do there.   3-1 (4-2 in games)   There was plenty of time to spare between rounds so I talked to a bunch of people about the deck I was playing. People were pretty sad to hear that I had taken a loss, but I explained that there was not anything I could've done to change the result of that match.   Round 5: Lost the die roll vs Agents   He set 2 backrows and passed, so I didn't know what he was playing yet. I had a solid combo hand and knew that the only things I had to play around really were Bottomless (if he was even playing it) and potentially some kind of hand traps. I drew a few cards, played an early Library which allowed me to draw a card, but became an Upstart Goblin after he Veilered it the 2nd time around. He had pitched Hyperions to Hand Destruction at this point, so I thought it was interesting that he was playing Veiler in Agents. I also saw a Maxx C, so perhaps this was some sort of massive hand trap Agent deck... that also plays backrows? Anyways, I continued to dig deeper and he scooped them up once my deck started getting low.   G2 he opened Venus into Gachi with 2 backrow, and I went for the combo. Mid combo he pitched Thunder King Rai-Oh to Hand Destruction and then played Call of the Haunted on it when I tried to pitch a Gishki Shadow. I went to attack over it with a ritual monster.   "Damage calculation?" "Yeah, if you got Honest you got Honest." "... my Thunder King dies"   I continued to combo started building up my hand size. Time was called. Shortly after, I realized that I could not have possibly played against a more butthurt player in the entire tournament. I would do things like have 0 card deck, put back 1 Gishki Aquamirror, pitch Shadow to search it, and then he would complain that I didn't give him time to look it. I would pile back 2 cards, and he would ask to cut my 2 card deck, even though he knew that the order could not possibly make a difference.   "It's going to be so funny when you play Card Destruction for the deckout and I have Gemini Imps." "Don't worry, already thought of that. I'm going to use Hand Destruction in order to make that a non-issue. You're welcome to just concede, as 10 Heralds could not save you at this point." "I'm here to play yugioh. That's why I never concede." "But you conceded game 1..." "True, here there's no reason to, because if I concede I lose the match." "Oh ok."   This was very mentally strenuous as he was being an asshole the entire match, insisting that I pitch my Gishki Shadows one at a time rather than 2 at a time, asking to cut my 2 and 3 card decks, etc. I'm legitimately surprised that the judges did not give him an Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Minor penalty, as the shortcuts that I was using were well within the bounds of the rules.    Anyways, sometime after, I decked him and won the match 2-0. We were the last ones done, and I had to change my sleeves because I sweat a lot which causes them to stick together. This problem was made worse by the fact that I'm touching all of my cards more than I normally would. I barely had enough time to change my sleeves before the next round went up.   4-1 (6-2 in games)   R6: Won the die roll vs Wind-Ups   I played against my buddy Dillon, someone who frequents TGA and was well aware of how my deck worked. G1 I started drawing a bunch of cards and he conceded. G2 he started with a Thunder King and I was not able to get over it. G3 I had another good hand and started looping with Mind Augus. One of them got Veilered, but it did nothing as I just played another one. Eventually I reached a critical mass of cards in hand, and I just asked him, "I would appreciate if you could save us both some time and scoop. Any amount of hand traps can't save you." He was nice enough to scoop, so we were signing the match slip just before time was called. Had he not scooped, we would've been there for another 20+ minutes, but the result would've been the same.   5-1 (8-3 in games)   I had some time after the round again, so I talked to a few people and answered some questions about my deck.   "So what's this deck called?" "I call it Fish Kill." "Why's that? Are they even fish?" [I explain to him about how my phone autocorrects Gishki to "fish kill"] "I would just call it Gishkill." "Oh shit, that's way better."   So that was when I decided that this deck would be called Gishkill. Short, clever, and unlike Fish Kill, it actually describes what the deck does.   R7: Lost the die roll vs Agents   I don't remember this match too much. I'm not sure if he opened Thunder King, but if he did I just quickly attacked over it. I don't know if I won the match 1-0 or 2-0, but I think I won 1-0, as I recall winning 4 of my matches in this fashion. On a side note, I think Agents is actually a much easier matchup than people (including trynet) were giving it credit for. Sure, they play a bunch of Thunder Kings, but unlike Wind-Ups, they have very few ways to protect them, so you just run over it and continue to combo. The deck also does not auto lose Herald, quite the opposite. It's just like a better Veiler. You just play another Mind Augus and continue to combo. It requires more resources to do so, but once you've reached the state at which your deck is nearly empty, it's still pretty easy regardless.   6-1 (9-3 in games)   R8: No die roll vs Machina Geargia   Oh, and here's the best part. As we're sitting down a judge says, "Man your deck would be a lot less annoying if your opponents would know when to scoop." Is this real life? I mean I almost expect spectators to be a bunch of loud mouth morons, but a judge? He ended up apologizing to me later, and at the time he did not realize that he was actively damaging my chances of winning the match with his comment. But seriously guys, the role of a judge is to insure a legal gamestate. If you have some comment about the game or the matchup that doesn't relate at all to maintaining a legal gamestate, it's probably best to keep it to yourself. Anyways, if there was an achievement for "get massively tilted by comments about your deck" or "have a judge make you want to end your life" I would've unlocked both of those easily.   The bright side is, my match got randomly deckchecked again, and my deck was fine, but my opponent's was not. Apparently he registered a 16-card sidedeck or something? Anyways, he started with a game 1 loss, so the die roll and clock never came into play.   He set a monster and 3 backrows and passed. I opened Library, which he did not have a Solemn, Torrential, Compulse, Fiendish Chain, Book of Moon, or otherwise to stop it. Therefore, I figured that his backrows were likely a Bottomless Trap Hole, an MST, and some other mystery card. Now I knew that trynet had told me this deck could play through a Bottomless Trap Hole, and he even told me the steps, the basics of which I had remembered, but I had never actually practiced vs a Bottomless in testing. So honestly I wanted to avoid it at all costs.   When I had only a few cards left in my deck, I calmly ritual summoned my Soul Ogre and said, "Ritual summon my win condition. You got something for it?" My opponent picked it up, read it for a few seconds, and then flipped his Bottomless Trap Hole. I mentally fist pumped and proceeded to combo out my opponent and win the match.   7-1 (10-3 in games)   R9: Won the die roll vs Inzektors   When we sat down my opponent made it clear that he knew how my deck worked, so I knew he would concede when it was obvious that I was going to win. I opened a fine starting hand that would likely result in me FTKing. Towards the end I got very close to fizzling, but my opponent actually conceded, which was cool. There may have been only 20% chance that I would fizzle, but I'll take the extra percentage points any day.   G2 he opened up with Thunder King and I did not manage to get a hand that would play through it. I had a bunch of the little guys and not much else going.   G3 I opened up with ritual monster + 4 searchers + into the void. I pitched all 4 of my searchers to put me at a 30 card deck and played Into the Void. Now at this point I was trying to draw into a Trade-In, Moray of Greed, Hand Destruction, or Card Destruction so I could draw some fresh cards and continue to combo out. That's 10 outs in my 30 card deck, but I also had 9 cantrips (2 Into the Void, 3 Upstart Goblin, 3 One Day of Peace, 1 Dark World Dealings), so it was basically 10 outs in a 21 card deck, just shy of 50%. Had I taken the time to think a bit more, I would've just pitched my 4 searchers and passed. Inzektors don't really OTK on t1, and t1 Thunder King would not have been a big deal since 4/6 of my searchers would've already been used. Now I did not take the time to think through the pros and cons of both plays, as I didn't want it to look like I was stalling (despite the fact that I of course had no reason to). Then there was also the fact that I had been running hot all day and may have just figured that I would probably get there.   Now of course this is obviously leading up to the fact that I didn't get there. I whiffed, ritual summoned 2 guys, set a backrow, and passed. He MSTed whatever my backrow was, summoned Ladybug, equipped, Hornet, blew up one of my ritual monsters, played Foolish Burial for Thunder King, and passed. I drew, ran over his Ladybug with my other ritual and passed back. He summoned Tour Guide, went into Acid Golem, played Call of the Haunted on his Thunder King (why he didn't just Foolish for Dragonfly and shit on me I have no idea), and attacked over my last guy. I played One Day of Peace and passed. He summoned Centipede, equipped Hornet, and passed back. I drew a few cards, played Salvage, used one of the little guys to ritual summon Soul Ogre, pitched the other one to kill the Acid Golem, and ran over Centipede and passed. He drew Ladybug, equipped Hornet, equipped Giga-Mantis, had Hornet kill Giga-Mantis, revived Centipede and then had Centipede equip Hornet and kill my guy. He went to search for Sword, but a judge pointed out that he could not do so because of the Thunder King in play. He attacked with everything and passed. Next turn I did some stuff, played a Trade-In, played a Salvage, played a Moray of Greed, but I whiffed with just another Salvage, a dead Hand Destruction, and a Library. I realized I had lost and extended the handshake.   7-2 (11-5 in games), 13th place   This was the most fun that I've had at a regional for as long as I can remember. Everyone was giving me mad props, including some of my opponents, and I think I really put up a good showing given the circumstances. Someone gave me a YouTube deck profile, and I'm probably going to do my own deck profile sometime over the next couple of days. I wasn't planning to originally, but people kept asking me so many questions and were so excited about what I was playing that it would feel shitty not to. Oh, and I got a lot of questions about where the deck came from. I made sure to give all of the credit to trynet and DuelistGroundz.com   Thanks for reading!