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    Well if you were to pick your top 5 non-cheating euro players of all time who would they be?
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    http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=161667&hl= I'll also be reporting anyone who streams the stream personally - the more people who watch the stream Konami produces for this, the better a case Konami can make to its superiors regarding streaming. Other streams dilute the viewerbase, and my desire for Konami to get more resources for its own stream is more important than your desire to have your own commentary on twitch. lalala
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    Here's collin and I's list that we've been working on. Neither of us are going to the YCS so I decided to post it here. It's a really weird build but I think it's insanely good vs nekroz.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyJhyH9zHpg   Side strategy: Nekroz: -1 Shaddoll Beast -1 Shaddoll Dragona -1 Vanity's Emptiness (ask to both side out Vanity's Emptiness. If they opponent says no, side out 1 El Shaddoll Fusion instead since you're siding out 2 shaddolls) +1 Thunder King Rai-Oh +2 Secret Village of the Spellcasters Shaddoll Mirror: (in the mirror match, I explain that the loser often is clumped with too many fusion cards. Uping the Shaddoll count by one and minusing one fusion spell solves this problem) -1 El Shaddoll Fusion -3 Mistake +1 Shaddoll Dragon +2 The Monarchs Stormforth +1 Mind Control Satellarknights: (this is also the side for every other random trap deck. You just have to determine whether Thunder King is good or not in those match-ups) -1 Shaddoll Beast -1 El Shaddoll Fusion or Majesty's Fiend (I haven't decided which is correct yet, but I side out one of these two. This can be another card in match-ups where you have a bad card in the deck. Also, this is the card you keep in if Thunder King isn't good against whatever trap.dek you're playing against) -3 Mistake -2 Solemn Scolding -1 Vanity's Emptiness (ask to both side out Emptiness. If they say no, side it out anyways) +1 Thunder King Rai-Oh +1 Shaddoll Dragon +3 Mystical Space Typhoon +3 Royal Decree Qliphorts (definite the hardest match-up, so pray hard if you face it): -3 Majesty's Fiend -3 Effect Veiler -1 Dark Hole -1 Vanity's Emptiness (ask to both side it out. If the opponent says no, side it out anyways) -1 either Dark Hole or Book of Moon (I'm not sure if it's correct to side out the second Dark Hole or the one Book. I have been recently leaning towards Dark Hole as it doesn't do much and Book has more flexibility, but I don't know) +2 Honest +1 Thunder King Rai-Oh +1 Shaddoll Dragon +3 Mystical Space Typhoon +2 Secret Village of the Spellcasters
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    i graduated yesterday having a masters degree is pretty cool. i got masters of health in social welfare/social work btw  
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    these feature matches are making me cry
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    there's this guy who comes into my bar that looks like grant except he's nice.
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    Got a sick day linked up.   Just had a breakfast of cronuts and green tea. Later I'm going to the O2 to see Mad Max and then Paul McCartney! I will go to five guys in between.
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    >5'3" >140 lbs >18 years old >describes self as a "daddy" Alright kid please get off Grindr
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    looked away and it was done by the time I got back :(
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYmRfr7EUPo I got that too, I think they stopped recording for a time or something? Anyway, that link *should* help.
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    doesn't matter, it's not going to happen overnight. i didn't just wake up 40kg heavier. i went a week and gained 0.5kg. and carried on eating MORE. and each week i added 0.5kg. if you want to be a big person, you have to start eating like a big person. or be forever skinny. find a weight you like after eating a lot and stick to that daily intake.
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    Its ok when the organization does it!!!!!
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    Mad Max great. Five Guys great. Paul McCartney up next.
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    workin, drinkin. pretty good.   you?
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    I feel like Squids is getting a lot of shit for something anyone would post in this thread lol
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      lol its funny because i think the other way around, if any competent yugioh player went to mtg they would tear it apart. ive only played standerd format but the decks are the easiest thing in the world compared to yugioh, there isnt a single deck thats even close to being on par with the thought process needed to play nekroz or dragon rulers. the mana restriction doesnt help either, literally every deck in the format is anti-meta, summon big creatures and 1 for 1 ur opponents monsters, or summon a big creature backed by 4 copies of solemn judgmint. the only thing that really takes skill is knowing when to attack/block. i noticed that the player base is super casual, its like hearthstone but worse because they are all self-entitled and think their game is grace to this land, not to mention the competive community is so weak compared to dgz. they have a "competitive" subreddit that is literal aids and a carbon copy of dnf, and every forum i could find is akin to pojo   idk why ppl always say mtg is better because from what ive seen it definitely isnt even close. the worst part is that if u went to an mtg event and said anything about yugioh they would laugh in ur face and say that the game is a kids game because none of them have played it competively (|:|)
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    i know its kind of hypocritical of me to say, given my history of inflammatory posting habits and anger/personality issues that i am still dealing with but srsly.   u guys argue so much abt nothing at all and never have anything good to say abt each other unless its a friend of yours posting abt something that u also enjoy. "hey guys just watched an Episode of Anime today!" "WOW NICE MAN +1"   like, Chill. we get it ur masculine and aggressively despise people who post things u dont personally enjoy. post ur fucking dick or get out
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    Shaddoll player was french fries level salty. I'd be upset too if i was losing to yang zing/necrovalley.dek. However the shaddoll guy was awful. How are you going to make terrible play after terrible play and then still be salty at your opponent?
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      The features needs more of this and less lightsworn.
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    So Wilson I hear you and I can get married now.
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    good thing earl isnt here for the weekend
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      1700+   I think it was 175x but can't quite remember
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    Running more copies of vault of the archangel isn't a terrible idea, its a strong land in most creature match-ups, and if they don't just straight up burn you out by turn 5, they prob never will.
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    Increasingly, yes. It's a good way to let bigger name property shows retain high quality. Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works both did it (to keep up their high grade animation and what not) JoJo also did it for Stardust Crusaders since the adaptation is a monstrous 50~ episodes long. Durarara's second season is meant to be broken up into 3 parts. First was for Jan-March, then we get the April-June break and thus July to September, then probably an October to December break, then the final part. First act is Shou (承) Second act (coming up) is Ten (転) Final act (2016) is Ketsu (結) If you're wondering about the naming it's based after the term 起承転結 (Kishoutenketsu): "Introduction", "Development", "The Twist", "Conclusion/Climax". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kish%C5%8Dtenketsu For more information if you're interested.
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    I'm staying at the crowne plaza downtown. Anyone staying there?
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    Ghost Ogre can handle Lose 1 Turn and Scout in the qliphort match up and is better than MST vs Nekroz in addition to being a light for Construct and a lv 3 tuner.
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    That makes sense, I actually forgot about that particular situation. Last year at ycs chicago one of my opps entered the event while banned, and that was one of the funniest and weird judge exchanges i have ever seen They ended up kicking him out right as he was going to volcasaurus me for match lol
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    Following has been added to DN: Timaeus the Knight of Destiny Legendary Knight Critias Doom Virus Dragon Mirror Force Dragon Tyrant Burst Dragon The Fang of Critias Tyrant Wing Legendary Knight Hermos Time Magic Hammer Rocket Hermos Cannon Goddess Bow Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword The Claw of Hermos Roulette Spider Double Magical Arm Bind Lord of the Red Red-Eyes Transmigration Knight of Dark Dragon Dark Dragon Ritual Red-Eyes Spirit Red-Eyes Burn Toon Ancient Gear Golem Toon Kingdom Toon Rollback Shadow Toon Comic Hand Mimicat Toon Mask Toon Briefcase Sibylla Coingnoma Sibylla Petalelf Sibylla Ouijamorrigan Sibylla Arrowsylph Sibylla Crystalundine Grand Sibylla Tarotray Ritual of the Grand Sibyl Black Cat's Glare Reverse Reuse Aqua Actress Tetra Aqua Actress Guppi Aqua Actress Arowana Aquarium Stage Aquarium Set Aquarium Lighting Aqua Story - Urashima Most of this is fun stuff, so might not be of too much interest.
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    if it was 2010 id be 19 yrs old and probably saying mean things to everybody because of my crippling loneliness 
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    black widow could carry a movie easy tbh  
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    you can't abuse anyone, let alone out abuse me xD
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      Well, you didn't give any reason for your notion of it being impossible to fit it without playing over 40.   Glass houses.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but we can act under the assumption that the only relevant backrow in the current format is Vanity and Solemns, as outside of cute shit like RoD or Compulse, the mirror and Nekroz aren't usually running anything else, and we can assume that you have a strong inherent advantage against all other decks in the field, making the 1-of Dragon usually irrelevant in terms of consistently beating x-deck.   We can assume that the great majority of the time you would need Dragon to target one of these cards that you will not be resolving a fusion spell and if you are, milling Dragon with construct is likely unnecessary. So using Dragon as S/T removal in this particular deck is requires you to draw Dragon/Squa and Dark Hole together, the one-of Foolish Burial acting as an mst or coth on Construct in response to Vanity/in the end phase of the turn they set Scolding. The case of the latter means you're just in a good position anyway. In the case of Dark Hole and Shaddoll together, a great majority of the time they're either going to Scolding the Dark Hole or the Dark Hole would out Vanity's itself. This is only not the case when it's Destruction Immune Monster + Vanity, in which we must work under the assumption that you have a follow up to that play meaning you had either Shaddoll Fusion in hand (a likely scenario none the less) or you had at least 4 specific cards in hand including Shaddoll + Dark Hole. So this leaves me to conclude the only truly consistent option is hard drawing Foolish.    So if Dragon is only good when it can pop problem cards or out monsters that Squa can't, and the only effective way to do the former is drawing Foolish Burial without drawing Dragon, I think it's safe to conclude in this particular deck that Dragon cannot reliably function as an out to problem S/T, which leaves it's reliance on outing threats that Squamata can not [or] acting as a 4th copy of a set Squamata. You are not running 3 Squamata to begin with, so I'll assume you do not think running a 4th would ever be correct, so this leaves Dragons true purpose as being an out to Destruction Immune monsters. I can only think of 101 and Winda as the relevant Destruction Immune monsters and are only real threats backed by Vanity's.   So I can only really deduct that Dragon only truly shines when your opponent has their 1-of backed by something only Dragon can out and you have one of your 2 1-ofs to respond to it or you are forced to make a sub-par play. In the case of the latter, your opponent got their value out of their cards.   I also want to direct you back to your paragraph on Dragon in the OP, which pretty much identifies Dragon as a card that is only good in awkward situations, and in your response to Urthor, you just really say "The card isn't bad against Nekroz" without telling us why it's consistently good against Nekroz and the Mirror outside of these awkward situations.   I think this post is very applicable here, but to the Tl;DR of it is "Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without"     So that ultimately sums up why I agree with Urthor, however that only means that Dragon is incorrect in the event that there is another card that is better than Dragon in this particular build (I assume there is, but I don't know for certain as I don't play SeraphDolls)
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    Who gives a fuck "whose monsters are innately better than the others"     It's like you're meant to be discussing the overall qualities of the picture, but instead you're judging it entirely by what brand of brushes the artist used to paint it.   Get with the program, or you'll be out of art history and into community college
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    I mean why are you playing Star Seraphs at all.  Sub those out, sub in lancea/Math "foolish burial on legs" Matician/ for Lilith, side deck 6 seraphs for non-nekroz. I understand that Seraph is all round good vs an open field at locals or something, but when an event like an ARG plays out where you have to emphasise the top cut massively, not starting with a build optimised to beat Nekroz is pretty ridiculous, you missed the boat on this one. Even in a YCS swiss, in 11 round you're going to play 4-6 Nekroz, and then your top 32 is 70% to be Nekroz, which makes starting as optimised for Nekroz still a possibility, but at the ARG you almost certainly should've. I can see the argument where maining 6 Tellars+2 Coth to start out with isn't that much of a compromise and gives you the option to have that engine vs other decks, but you're thinking about the game in too general terms and aiming for fundamental power overly much, and undervaluing the matchup based mindset.  Esp for ARGs, the deckbuilding approach where you break the equation down into matchups, and worked towards the head to head is going to pay higher dividends, and in a 3 deck Nek/Doll/Tella breakdown and consider how much doll was actually played, starting with Seraphs was definitely the losing equation.  It just wasn't a regional, realistically the ARG swiss is relatively easy-ish to get through so you have to be ready for the end of the line from the get go.      Similarly, if Dragon is the worst Shaddoll, why did you give into fear and play it???  Like in your rounds of swiss, you're going to play what, some Tella, which you are probably going to beat anyway, a lot of Nekroz where Dragon completely awful because you don't use Math or Shadow Games, so Dragon can't be an emptiness out unless you hit Foolish, some of the mirror where it's just the worst Shaddoll effect in your deck but hey it's a Shaddoll effect.  The EV for putting Dragon in the main, as opposed to bringing it in from the side, was really low.     Like I can see why you built it this way, but you're not really building to the mindset that comes with having actual confidence in your abilities and wanting to aim deep top cut, instead of just pushing to top cut. Shoulda been brave, and next time it's up to Squids to ball gag, open DN, drag out the horsewhip and go 50 shades on your ass until you sit down and grind your technical play enough you can find the self confidence to really back yourself.   And yea pretty sure you've got this, but run core post Lilith, accessing a Flood via the Shaddoll Engine is just slightly too good, because you Tribute set Beast over Construct.  And like, yea CoTH+Lilith squeee 
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    idt this is viable as a "comic hand centric" deck which is the point i think he wanted to make in the op. most decks don't ever have to decide between playing zero, one, two, and three snatch steal so you never have to weigh effects like that against "threat density" in the form of more mons. think it's right to be cautious with comic hand for the same reason some ppl weren't too hyped for snatch when it got unbanned
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    100th YCS = Lose in Top 4 150th YCS = Lose in Top 2? 200th YCS = Finally win?   Ten more years.
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    Jar of avarice in general id say is a subpar card. With back jack however i think it has its applications.  And back jack gets better with grieving fiend. I think jar of avarice is an idea worth testing, though outside of getting it with back jack, i really hate how slow it is.  Also it doesnt really help with the issues the deck is facing atm, it just extends the game for us even though we already have a fairly solid late game.  That being said, we do run through resources quickly  and back jack just gives new life to this card.  I'll test it. Why not. 
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