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    What's good it's your boy spuds here comin at you with another one of them deck profils, i mean tourney reports. So another #tbt to 3 weeks before nats/wcq weekend, ive been out of the game for 6 months and have no idea what nekroz do. I decide to start trying to get back into it because i want to go to worlds atleast once before i quit ygo for good, anyways all i hear is about how nekroz is just busted, and i start playing the deck then realize it is quite difficult. I grind on dn with it a bit and start getting quite good with the deck, but still lose to mirrors against worse players and rogue decks. I think it's just dn bad luck which happens sometimes and proceed to buy the deck. Then play locals a week before the events and go 1-3 drop xD. It hits me that it's not just dn, and i actually just analyze the format, which was hard to do before because i didnt know what any cards did. Anyways i came to the following conclusions:   Nekroz - Is very powerful and hard to play, giving you an edge in the mirror verses worse opponents, but the edge is very minimal because the mirror is actually just shit. There is also not a single deck i actually hope to play against with nekroz lmao. Shaddoll - Is powerful but brick city and loses to qliphort Qliphort - Has an aids mirror match but beats every other deck with ez So I went to my m8 bhups, and asked him for his bujin helmet because im playing qliphort baby   Nationals:    So nats was pretty irrelevant other than the fact i wanted to be the only aus player to win nats twice (i think?) I can't remember anything about my games in swiss but i know i went 6-2-1 and came 26th losing to a satellar player who just had an out to every single card i had and the mirror where my opponent just drew better g3 and g1. I also drew with the mirror last round which was quite unfortunate. Anyway so they cut to top 64 and a bunch of x-3s make it, idk why they keep doing this it actually makes no sense. Bhupinder and wakeel scrub what noobs, my m8 steven (aka nekroz terrorist) tops and wheeler also tops so he can go for 2 time aswell   t64 - Me vs duelist (satellar) g1 - he is playing satellar and i dont brick g2 - he bricks     t32 - Me vs duelist (blue blood oni ftk deck) g1 - he wins die roll and i think im fucked but my 5th card is veiler ty deck g2 - he combos me and i dont draw hand traps g3 - i go first lol     t16 - Me vs guy who comes to my locals occasionally (nekroz) g1 - I flood him with scout g2 - we grind for a while but i think eventually he outs my traps and just trishes me and shit g3 - pretty sure i just open 2 scouts and hand traps, my hand traps stall him while he outs my scouts. then i draw qlimate change that card is fucking busted   t8 - Me vs Jak lubke aka doctor rungood(nekroz) ive been observing this guy throughout swiss and while playing next to him in t16 and just have a feeling im gonna lose, he was just savaging people g1 - i brick to his really good hand inc prep so i lose g2 - he bricks to my good hand and i win g3 - i open shit again and eventually am forced into a spot where i can put my hand onto the field to play around getting otk'd/trished, or i can hold everything to play around exciton. i put everything on board and get exction'd then draw a couple of bricks and lose   steven also loses in top 8, and wheeler loses in top 4. the dude i lost to ends up winning.     Oceans 15:   Playing qliphort again because i think it is just by far the right choice for the event   r1 - Me vs my m8 dank memes moss(nekroz) g1 - he opens valk play with scolding typhoon set and i just get fucked g2 - i draw well g3 - he ends up exciting my field with eclipse so it looks like im in a bit of a bad spot JKS i rip qlimate change  :eevee:   r2 - Me vs duelist(yosenju) so he forces me to use hand sanitizer before playing him and signs the match slip with the signature "sub zero"  (|:|) g1 - anyway i lose this because he has the direct attacker and double honest so i get put to 800 and cant use scout g2 - he probably should have won this game when he summoned 4 monsters, but i said "fuck man how much damage is that" then reached for my pen and he swung into my mirror force xD g3 - i dont brick and he's playing yosenjus     r3 - Me vs yaowei g1 - i flood him  g2 - he eventually trishes me, then the next turn i pendulum and tribute summon for shell, equip it with saqi and attack. he uses gungnir and im on 2900 so im like oh fuck he has raigeki and im dead. but he had ice hand instead and he rams my shell but i just flip soul drain and win   r4 - Me vs duelist(nekroz) g1 - standard g1 for this matchup g2 - i open really well and end up having double lose 1 turn, and i search qlimate change off of scout while having a monster on board. i draw vanities for turn and set it after he valks my attack. he uses mirror and i decide to get greedy by flipping vanities and was going to flip qlimate change on my turn to turn off vanities and go for game, but he just let vanities resolved then typhoon'd one of my face up lose a turns. they were both f/u to play around denko btw. anyway he uses another mirror to summon gungnir and passes. on my turn i say entering mp1 to see if he forgot that i searched qlimate change, he did and gungnir'd my scout then i just win.   r5 - Me vs Andy, a cool guy who normally judges large events(nekroz) g1 - he summons senju and i veiler it, he passes. my hand was kind of shit so i just summon carrier equip saqli set a fiendish chain or something. he brio's into unicore, then uses unicore to add back brio so i know he bricked and has valk. my plan is to tribute my carrier for shell and put insane pressure on, but then i rip disk. the plan then becomes to summon disk instead and force him to valk my attacks, but i should have realized he probably has a maxx c in hand. so i disk, he maxxes and then valks, i pass. he eventually draws enough good cards to beat me. whoops g2 - pretty sure i just have floods this game g3 - i open shit with like a maxx c, 3 monsters and skill drain. i summon stealth and set drain and pray, he doesnt have typhoon :). eventually he summons an ice hand, i maxx on his attack and he kills one of my 2 set fiendish chains and passes. I cant deal with fire hand because of skill drain so i just pass, he uses cycle to pitch unicore to summon unicore which i find out you can do just then lmao. i think im fucked at this point, so he attacks with fire hand, i fiendish and he chains decree, and i win because stealth is unaffected by fire hand, probably should have lost this game.   r6 - Me vs duelist who ended up top4'ing(satellar) g1 - i mcbrickingtons but i have skill drain. carrier drain beats over his monster but i take a maxx c off of a duality when i could have taken a second duality. i took the maxx c because i figure i just win if drain stays on the board, and if it doesnt i have the maxx c to draw me into scout, but he fucking plays an xyz with 2500 attack and i cant draw a scout, saqli or any 2800 monster for like 4 turns and lose. next card was summoners art rip g2 - i dont brick and he is playing satellar g3 - ^   r7 - Me vs Jak lubke aka nats champ aka rungood g1 - he boards gungir and claus because he knows im playing qli, i cant ever out it so i eventually try to bait him into using it's effect on my helix in the pend zone instead of my monolith because i have scout in hand and just win if he does, but he isnt shit and just kills my monolith and i lose g2 - this game takes a while i had game for like 3 turns but for some reason i just couldnt seem to kill him  (|:|) so we draw in time   r8 - Me vs marcus wheelie bin wheeler as people like to call him(qliphorts) g1 - he savages me with soul transition helix on my scout, maybe i should have played this card lmao. game still takes a while though g2 - i had the stormforths and scout, he didnt. we draw in time  (|:|)   so i end swiss in 3rd place with a record of 6-0-2 because every x-1 drew in the last round so there was only one above me and jak who bashed some poor x-1 out i think   t16 - Me vs duelist(nekroz) g1 - i am far ahead and winning is just a formality at this point, ohwait i have never actually read lose 1 turn properly and try to flip it when i have pendulum monsters out g2 - i win by fiendishing my monster when he tries to valk then swinging for game g3 - i have soul drain, warning, scout and a normal summoned stealth on board equiped with saqli so i think you know what maybe im ok. he uses a mirror, tribs shurit and i soul drain but he has the fucked typhoon and the ice hand to clear my set warning, then he summons trish banishing my saqli, in hand stealth and an upstart xD. i draw maxx c for turn and am just dead   The bracket after that would have been to more nekroz then top 2, i am absolutely convinced if i had of read my lose 1 turn properly i would be going to worlds :/   Closing thoughts on the list i played: 3 maxx is staple, card is busted. In testing i didnt like soul transition, but wheeler was advocating it to me so maybe he is right idk. veiler was really good sometimes, but at other times a bit mediocre, i would play atleast 2. i would consider maining mirror force that card is just gr8. would probably side a second wrath its just so good vs hands and exciton, also maybe 2 re-qilate is good aswell idk. My extra is obviously busted   If you're going to play at euros or nawcq i think this is 100% the right choice for those events, rather than playing nekroz and hoping to just get there everytime in the mirror and not get fucked by qliphort.     i also did a deck profil i'll edit it in when it's uploaded, ty for reading :)   Carlton
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    Can't believe you just tried to use the last ARG, which got some of the worst turnout results in a long time, as a fucking crutch for your condescending post. Fuck off.
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    Nice to meet you where you been, I can show you incredible things. Anyway, nats/wcq was in melbourne this year which is pretty cool cause I get to travel out of Sydney which had the last 2 YCS's. But apart from this, I've been spending a lot of time doing uni work and working as well so I didn't get much time to test. Although I had played Nekroz for 2 regionals, I was pretty sure I was gonna end up putting on a helmet and play qlips for the event because i could sit there and think about plays and interaction or i could just flip up Lose 1 Turn and call it a day. But after a few test games where I either destroyed with double scout, I got a new ass hole torn open so I was like, guess I'm playing Nekroz. After landing on Thursday, we go locals and bum around and then eat and whatever. Later on I go to the casino and even though I'm a croupier, I go against my better judgement and go gamble. I go 0-4 against squeeze baccarat and am now down $500, however we fuck around on blackjack for a while and I manage to salvage back $150. A mate also got 2 features on the pokies and cashes in $2600 and buys us all drinks. Bodan gets savaged in Poker   Friday is just more testing and theory crafting. At night I decide to stay over at the NZ peoples place who flew over for OCE and one of them was playing our nats. We end up playing the same main with a side variation of like 2-4 cards.   Nationals: Nationals is irrelevant cause its just a glorified regionals. I am not prepared at all and I'm sorta glad it's a top 64 cut as that increases my chances of not scrubbing. There are like 297 players which is more than what we've ever had.   r1: vs Ben Bell (Victoria) - Geargia g1 He dualities, sets nekroz of geargiarmor. I summon nekroz of trishula and some other cards and he is top decking on turn 2. g2 He dualities and summosn geargiauger. I cbf reading the card, summon a Ju, attack over it and win like 2 turns later. 1-0 also this round, a guy from my locals pulled a patty hobes on his opponent with the djinn thing and his opponent is like 'we can either go to game 3 or i can't guarantee you'll get home safely'. so he scooped and won g3 anyway.   r2: vs Josh (Tasmania) - Satellarknights Didn't know people actually exist in Tasmania. g1: I don't really remembers what happens but he doesn't have much backrow so I just win g2: Something something decree and I win 2-0   r3: vs Liam (tasmania) - Nekroz g1: he djinn locks me, I out it, he djinn locks me again and I scoop g2: I open Secret Village and he plays out 2 turns and scoops g3: Don't really remember what happens here but I get in attacks with Valk and a Gungnir and then kill him soon. 3-0   r4: vs Dennis 'best mermail' Ling(sydney) - Nekroz friend of mine from locals who still salty at me that I top decked a raigeki for a win at a regionals. g1: his 5 card opening was like scout, vanity's, reqliate, fiendish chain and x so I'm just like I concede dennis, you too good for me. g2:  I open village and he has traps but he can't play spells or scouts so he loses g3: he invests everything into a turn 1 majesty's but I out that eventually and win. 4-0   r5 vs Thomas 'chairbreak' Harrison (brisbane) - satellarknights g1: He eventually trivver locks and kills me g2: It was a real struggle but I manage to eventually stick a Unicore on the field and run him out of cards. Unfortunately this took too long and finished it time. I guess I'll take a draw over a loss 4-0-1   r6 vs Troy (sydney) - satellar this guy is also a friend from locals. really nice guy g1: he starts and plays cards, I trish him straight away and just slowly win from there g2: After a while I lock him under Clausolas + unicore + decree and he eventually runs out of cards 5-0-1   r7 vs Piers (Melbourne) - nekroz he's a really nice guy that i met at last years wcq. g1: we get a deck check and 25 minutes later they come back and tell me my list is fucked. My ratios and everything was right but I forgot to write Trish on my list. I remembered it was cause it was the last card I wrote due to deciding how many I wanted to play and then went to sleep before writing it on. so I lose g1 cause game loss g2: He does a play which swings me with a DA while trying to play around a Mind Crush forgetting that we haven't sided yet because of the game loss. So I come back and manage to over come him. g3: I lock him under Village but he searches Princess and Im like fml. He trish's me. I draw into another village so i summon a princess and set 2 cards and pass. When he declares an attack, i go to activate an eclipse, but I see that i accidently put village in my backrow because who the fuck plays field spells. I tell him, he doesn't care, and I tell him I'm gonna scoop cause I can't win but I call a judge anyway for integrity and I get a game loss anyway. 5-1-1 This was my first loss and I wish I didn't lose cause if I won, I'd be in the clear to top.   r8 vs Ken Swindail (sydney) - qlips g1: he opens monsters and has veiler for my senju. I blank the next few turns and he pokes me down. When I can play, he has chalice to attack over my guys and a skill drain for game shot on the last turn. g2: He goes turn 1 scout monolith, pendulum then summon majesty fiend. I look at my hand of 2 ice hand and 3 other creatures and im like well fuck. I blank a few more draws and just lose. 5-2-1 This was very disheartening cause it means I'd have to win out my last round of swiss or face elimination. I go to sleep that night determiend to top   r9. vs Ryan (victoria) - seraph shaddolls Its been a while since I've been playing on the bubble and I'm nervous as hell but he seems really nice. g1: he veilers my senju, has chairs and sticks and kills me g2: ice hand and fire hand are craaaaaaaaazy g3: we play out a long game, but I eventually get to stick a clausolas + Diamond + trish on field to win 6-2-1 I'm in !!!!! Finished 22nd in swiss so my score wasn't awful and I would have topped on a top 32. A lot of my friends also topped the event which was cool.   t64: vs Dom (brisbane) - satellarknights g1: he draws nothing so i just kill him g2: he doesn't do much and I just kill him.   t32: vs Jack clarke (victoria) - nekroz. g1: I poke him down but he eventually just locks me that I can't out and I lose. g2: Mid-late game I use village. He has a veiler and then summons a unicorn. he trades his unicorn to mine but I have the gung. When I go to attack, he has valk to protect the veiler. at this point all the blue cards are in his gy or banish so i assume i win, but he draws a shurit and had a cycle in hand and trishes me and that was it. He was a really nice guy so I wasn't mad at all about losing and wanted him to go the whole way but he loses the next round. A few friends do make it further at nationals but I decided it was the wcq  that mattered. the guy that patty hobed a guy in r1 also does cheeses his opponent in t32 by asking to keep vanity's out and then when his opponent wasn't looking, just sides it back in g3.   Decklist   The main was really just cookie cutter but with gung over second trish because I play village and a lot of other reasons. The way I feel about the Nekroz mirror is that there isn't much depth to it as people make it out. A lot of the times it will be a djinn lock that can't be outed or something else. So to win, you need an edge in build and just blow out the opponent. This is why I chose to play Village because people weren't relaly play Veiler as double Trish was still in and people didn't play Princess. This was proven as the NAtional champion mained 2 copies of the Village and stated village won him so many games. Through test hands at night, we did a sample space of about 30 hands which had village in it and had about 40% success rate to pull of a Gungnir lock which is a huge auto win chance for mirror. I also mained princess over 3rd c because its pretty useful and also outs enemy villages, naturia beasts or whatever. Side was just from the pool of about 30 sideabloe cards. I had mirror there as another blow out card. Village to auto win games vs Nekroz or set Qlips far behind. vanity's is just there to keep out vs nekroz. Extra deck was super standard. I chose 101 over 103/Cairngorgon because there was a chance I can 101+vanity lock. In hindsight I'd probably play a Cairngorgon as an out to Majesty Fiend.   Oceania 2015 played the same deck but changed the bull blader into dd warrior lady cause opposing gungnirs and it was the best decision of my life. also changed the side. will explain later. also the guy who did the patty hobes yday mained 2 djinn today and offered to side out djinn with his opponents and even fanned out his side deck to show them he didnt have a second djinn there. Kek   r1 vs Jordan Treacher (Adelaide) - Qlip really nice guy I met this weekend g1: i open a bunch of cards enough to clear his board AND trish him on my t1 and just sack the living shit out of him g2: I open turn 1 gungnir, he opens bad. he dualities into art, plays scout and i ask if he has pendulum impenetrable and he says no so I'm lost. he pays 800 lp, i chain gung effect and he scoops forgetting gungnirs effect. 1-0   r2 vs Adam (queensland) Nekroz g1: He does the bad djinn lock, I out it and he loses g2: I do the good djinn lock with the prep and I win. 2-0   r3 vs Jackson Spadaro (melbourne) - Qliphort g1: he opens art into scout. I have 2 mst. I set 1 and think for 2 min if I want to set the other. I think its more correct to so I do. I mst his scout search. He MST my second mst and plays a second scout that I can't out so I just concede so i do the ol' 'keep vanity's in the side aye'. He doesn't understand what I'm saying cause he ain't playing kroz and then he when he does he tells me to go fuck myself (sic [not really]) g2: he opens art into scout and im like this guys deck is craaaaaazyyy.  I have to Trish to deal with his Stealth so now i can't deal with his scout. He goes Shell and attacks, Idk why but I gung. Then I draw rota for turn and Im sitting here thinking how if I let Trish die, I'd just win this game. I summon ice hand and attack, he flips a soul drain and I pack my bag and head for the airport. 2-1   r4 vs David Daritan (melbourne) - Nekroz ofc i play 2 national champions in a row g1: I summon senjula and search brio and pass. He otk's me. There was nothing i could do. He drew the only card that could win. I played perfectly. He needed precisely those 2 cards to win. g2: He djinn locks me t1 and then trish's me a few turns down the road. I wait till he has 3 unicore in gy/banish and all 6 mirrors in gy/banish and then i out his lock and summon gungnir and poke him into oblivion g3: I open droll and lock so I just summon Ptolemaeus and pray. He uses brio, I chain ptolemaeus to summon Durandel. he searches and then I use Durandel second effect as cl1 and droll/lock as cl2. And then I win the game. 3-1   r5 vs Callum 'Mr 1min45' (melbourne) - Nekroz g1: he does the bad djinn lock and I win cause I have dd warrior lady. g2: He maxx c me, so Im like cool I win. I do the droll/durendal lock during my endphase and win. 4-1   r6 vs Ryan (melbourne) - Shaddoll The same guy I played on the bubble yday. g1: I open 2 ju's. His opening hand is like Veiler, Lancea, 2 Fusion, 1 Nephe, Chair and he scoops g2: We grind it out and I just win with Diamond + other Nekroz cards. 5-1   r7 vs Tim (queensland) - Burning Abyss at this point i realize that i just need 1 win and im locked in and just pray so hard. g1: he opens bad so I get a few attacks in with Ju. Then the grind game kicks in forever. When he summons Acid Golem, I realize that waas my win condition. He was on 3.1k life and my hand was 2 brio, 1 valk and i had 1 vlak in gy, 1 valk i ndeck and 2 unicores unused so I just valked for eternity every turn till he burnt himself to death g2: this game is super annoying cause I didn't side in hands and had to play out of 2 cancellor, vanity's fiend and Mistake. He opened cancellor but I drew dd warrior lady for turn and praised jesus. Vanity's got outed by eclipse and mistake was outed by decree. I eventually just overwhelm the board and kill him with a djinn locked gungnir AND THE DREAM WAS REALLL 6-1.   r8 vs James (Victoria) - Nekroz It's a lot easier to play when the pressure is off your shoulders and you aren't bubbling. Jackso nwas still undefeated at this point so I was confident I could still top on x-2 g1: I open a bunch of blue cards and win eventually but it takes 30 minutes because nekroz searches so much and we spent a lot of time shuffling g2. I open 2 Kaleido, 2 manju and 1 mirror. Im like fml. But like my second turn I drew trish and im like aye I can win but he did the ol' kaiba 'm8 i swear if you trish me the impact of trish will knock me off this castle' so i just look valk for days and then judge is like m8 your turns in time are over and he was on higher life. 6-1-1 I finish 6th in swiss which is the best I've done at swiss in a premier event. I get paired against the guy I drew with in the last round of swiss so now we get to play without holding back.   t16 vs above g1: I look at my hand, then at him, then at my hand, and then the crowd and then I pass. He sits there for about 10 min thinking and doing calculations and doing some shit with DA and cowboy that puts me to 200 on turn 1. I raigeki his field, djinn lock him under gungnir and eventually win with rhapsody banishing his graveyard. g2. I sacked him pretty hard because within my first 3 turns I had 2 shared ride 2 maxx c. Theres a turn I go for game but he has the lancea for 1) my trish and 2) also able to stop me from doing the Droll/Durendal combo. I pass to him, he brios and I droll so he can't trish me back. On my turn I clear his board and set up the Ptolemaeus and I pass. He has no clue whats happening. On his turn he uses a mirror search and I do the combo and he concedes.   t8 vs Wade stringer (adelaide) - nekroz This guy is a really nice guy I met this weekend. When we play all his squad are like "go Wade you can win" and my squad is like "we hope you die yaowei" With friends like those who needs enemies. We get deck checked. I had some wear/tear on my sleeves but the judge just resleeved them for me cause i left extra sleeves in my deck box. He had foreign cards but I was cool with it and I wouldn't shark on a technicality. g1/. He opens nothing so I just kill him on like turn 4 with rhapsody aand other cards. I was so far ahead being able to resolve valk every turn. He also revealed he played bull blader which was huge information for future games. g2. I open 4 combo pieces and a prep. So basically the good djinn lock. However mid djinn lock I search a brio off herald instead of cycle. I realize i fucked up and handed him the game like I did in t8 of 2013 oce and finals of 2014 nats. He punished me hard with Trish and other cards. g3. He opens djinn lock on brio and has a gung in hand. I draw  and then i rota into ddwarrior lady and he has an 'o fuck' look on his face and i banish the brio. Next turn he summons gung and a secret village. He stacks a Kycoo with his lavalval chain and things are looking grim. Im thinking if  the dream is over (again) and that this could have been avoided. I draw and it isn't a combo piece. I search into Princess and prepare for the inevitable. He draws Kycoo, I look at the Valk in my hand and offer him the hand shake. I'm really disappointed in myself for misplaying and I won't get over it for a long time. But I'm really happy for him. I do want him to go far, but oli won his t8 match and Im staying with him and hes my friend too so to avoid a conflict of interest, I don't spectate their match, I just move away for the top cut formalities and do other shit to make me not ponder over my misplay.   Deck list     So the main was same as yday but DDWL over Bull blader for the sake of playiong around gungnir (and also removes dante etc.) I cut 1 decree and 2 mind crushes for 1 lancea and 2 fairy wind but none of those cards came up so it wasn't really relevant. I cut the Villages because there was two ways you could look at it, 1) The champion and I topped with village so now everybody knows about it so its unplayable because all it takes is a dance priness to fuck you over or 2) Everybody is thinking (1) and therefore you can play it. I chose 1) while lubke had the balls to keep playing them so props to him. However I wanted soemthing more blow out than village. Overhearing a ruling made by Paul Kite about Droll being a Spell Speed 2 effect and how it doesn't have to be CL1 allowed the Durendal combo from last year to work. However Durendal isn't really easy to make outside of dedicated decks. Until now. With Ptolemaeus being played, it was easy to make (and easier to pullo ff than a gungnir). So whenever you open/draw Droll you can pull off the combo. Its even better if they drop maxx c on you turn 1 cause you can close the game before it starts. Theres a difference between djinn/vanity locking your opponent, and making them shuffle their whole hand into their deck. I thought the combo was crazy and if you didn't have the Droll you just play nekroz normally. It wasn't a terrible draw mid game as you can drop it for tempo and its also a caster if they play village on you. I feel it was the best combo especially because nobody saw it coming and it just blew people away.   Also did a deck profile, may put it in when uploaded Also ended up like +750 off the casino. After oceania I was still really upset and i just took $10 off old mate bodan and turned it into 600 and he was trying to mooch money off me.   shoutouts   team shock for having me over at theirs even though i paid for my own accom team shock for theorycrafting esp ben, oli and louis newsun my man, we scrub together we top together louis for running same list as me for both days giving me confidence in my list. (and convincing me to not play DArmor) jimmy, sean and jordan for being other people there being cool rest of Ifuckinghatemarcuswheeler group for being there Queenslanders for being cool Ashiko, Leroy and Carl for meming all weekend and being sick cunts. melbourne people for being cool perth people who are now just melbourne people adelaide people for the sick hang out at casino and on the day all my opponents I played against, they were mostly pleasant to paly against. Not a shark fest all the other sydney boys. isaac, peter mitro (gonna give me shit cause i bagged out his spicy tech for so long before using it), etc. bodan for lending me $10 and letting me work my magic. judges for doing their job.
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        THANK YOU!!! I think I'm in the vast minority of people who actually like Calvin, but why the fuck is anyone genuinely interested in what he did? Who gives a fuck you gossipin' little bitches? Because we don't like cheaters or thieves in the community, especially if they spend every chance they get representing "team dgz".
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    Lol this game is so funny to me. People complain that no on has good insight about anything or that Qlis is the worst post on here but everyone is so stuck to their ideology on what is good and what is bad. Yall have yours and I have mine. Mine has given me success and that's why I share it. But you can do as you please. Veiler is -1. Yes it doesn't lose to decree but it loses to book of eclipse. What is the point of maiming veiled when u can just main fiendish chain. No one is maining decree. So for that you should not have to worry about it. The way I play qlis is that my cards are better than yours and if you give me more cards I will beat you. I have said this 1,000,000 and I will say it again. If you do not see scout you will lose the game. Veiler doesn't help you get to scout however, maxx C does. If I go first, implication nekroz won the dice roll and I open up veiler in my 5 cards. I am using a card to stop them from plusing, meaning I know have 4 to their 6. That is not good yugioh. You need an effective way to get scout. Veiled does not help. You have 3 lose a turn and some play fiendish so if you decide you wanna play veiler than that's just player preference. And I don't get why we will then argue about player preference. That seems like a waste of time     Success? That ARG was the size of an Atlanta local.   If Nekroz wins the roll and makes you go first why wouldn't you just want to have Shared Ride? It's the better card unless you're that worried about Shaddoll lol and Satellar. Odds are you aren't going to beat Burning Abyss even if you draw Maxx C but that wasn't even the arguement you posed. Veiler is inferior going first vs Nekroz yes but so is Maxx C to Ride so all you're doing is arguing about inferior card choices while trying to look like a badass by throwing around your Top 16 at an 81 person local. If you aren't going to post anything in a smart manner, don't post at all.
  6. 5 points
      No one is praising Oliver for not running Djinn. His win means next to nothing just like the countless random events you keep bringing up. Both were glorified regionals and not to discredit anyone but even if someone wins a huge YCS it doesn't mean their choices are correct so taking these event results with more than a grain of salt is stupid to do.   It sounds like you drew pretty optimally for your strategy to work. You mained for mirror, always drew your Shared Rides or whatever you were running to stay ahead in the mirror and force them into Djinn, then you drew your Djinn out after your optimal hand + Ride. This is not a new idea, people aren't discrediting it just to call you bad, it is just bad. Even if you build your deck to outgrind the mirror you will be forced to go first and on top of going first and being at a disadvantage with 5 cards, you will draw a shit hand or a hand where you draw your Djinn outs before your Rides and Djinn is your only hope of winning because you aren't outgrinding shit with that. You will also draw hands with no Djinn outs and you'll want to Djinn before they do it to you and you 100% lose. Why anyone would ever give that up just astounds me.   If you draw well, draw your mirror cards, then draw your outs in that order then power to you. You probably shouldn't be using Djinn. The rest of us that aren't in lala land will continue to play Djinn for the coinflip when we open subpar.   EDIT: Just read the post where you said anytime you could Djinn you already have Ju and have plays anyway. So going first with a Ju, vs an opponent drawing better than you (their side cards) is going to get you where? You STILL need Djinn lol. I can be better than my opponent but if he's drawing Jus and Rides then what the fuck am I going to do?
  7. 5 points
    here's my 1st place list for oceanics this past weekend if anyone is interested.   3 valkyrus 3 unicore 2 brionac 2 clausolas 1 trishula 1 gungnir 3 manju 3 senju 2 shurit 1 dance princess 1 ddwl (everyone was searching gungnir because of exiled/bull) 2 maxx 24   3 mst 2 rota 2 kaleido 2 mirror 2 cycle 1 prep 1 eclipse 1 book of moon 1 raigeki 1 secret village 16   2 fire hand 2 ice hand 2 fairy wind 1 denko sekka 1 decree 2 dark hole 2 shared ride 2 lancea 1 emptiness 15   2 herald 1 red nova 1 star eater 1 diamond 1 ptolemaeus 1 ark 1 dire wolf 1 exciton 2 emeral 1 lavalval 1 dweller 1 cowboy 1 rhapsody 15   i played against 8 nekroz, 1 ritual beast, 1 satellar, 1 shaddoll and 1 qliphort, losing only to qliphort   happy to answer any questions about the build/event
  8. 5 points
    what are you talking about   this is by far the best thread on dgz in a long time
  9. 5 points
  10. 5 points
    i think u accidentally misoverestimated how little ppl actually care about u
  11. 5 points
    CalvinTahan is one of my least favorite dgz posters. Is this true for anyone else?
  12. 4 points
      Have you ever looked at your post history and realized you've contributed absolutely nothing substantial to this website in your entire time here? Leave the shit talking to the professionals/aussie shrimp on the barbie doll kfc bucketheads please. 
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  14. 3 points
    it's easy, i know the answer to this riddle   asuka is still the worst girl
  15. 3 points
      Have you ever looked at your post history and realized you've contributed absolutely nothing substantial to this website in your entire time here? Leave the shit talking to the professionals/aussie shrimp on the barbie doll kfc bucketheads please.  Legitimately why do you hate me so much? Have you still not forigiven me for those times I flogged you in rated? Fuck off your high horse     1. I don't hate anyone. I dislike your posting habits and I'm vocal about it. Change them or deal with it, I guess. 2. I don't know what you're referring to with DN. I don't remember playing you at all, and if you're talking about the account DoublechumLeestack that is not me. If you don't believe me that's your problem. 3. Thanks for going through the last page or so of my posts and pointlessly negging them I haven't had a good laugh today. Throwback, huh Dirk? 4. I'd invite you to take further concerns to PM such as to not cancer up this thread some more with borderline-flame wars, but read this thread from the beginning, was it not already a flame war? 5. RE: "u neg my posts!!! payback!!!" I can provide you with a perfectly legitimate reason for any post I've negged of yours, just ask.
  16. 3 points
    I just don't know why you're trying to involve me in this though. Like, you and I have been on the same boat for ages and I finally made it through, I thought you'd have been at least happy for me. It seems not.  And me trying to act cool? I really don't think so and don't care enough about appearances to do such. I'm just grateful for the amount of support I got throughout the day from a fair amount of people and it's probably what prevented me from going downhill after losing rd6. Maybe that's the difference between you and I and it's a huge one.
  17. 3 points
    Guys could we refrain from using "I've topped X amount of events, or enjoy table XXX" to back up what we're stating? Instead we could give actual reasons instead of shitty insulting one-liners, and subtle ygowang flaunting?  That doesn't fucking help anyone. Do better people.
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    Not a real spoiler. But I've uncovered the master plan.       [spoiler]   +       =   [/spoiler]
  20. 3 points
    all you niggas that say gungnir isn't needed, y'all need jesus
  21. 2 points
    Probably should just be running 4 ojutai before any regents
  22. 2 points
    "valla, you should fucking kill yourself" "i hope all of your future kids gets beheaded and raped"   all i did was move to mid cuz no one was there smh
  23. 2 points
    Jhadd maybe if you weren't an intolerable asshole you would have a reason to be surprised when people don't like you
  24. 2 points
    spiderman.   my roommate said a dentist.
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    The guy was playing zombies + shadow mirror what the fuck
  27. 2 points
    ALRIGHT WE GOTTA BRING THIS BACK   but not tonight because i'm busy as fuck
  28. 2 points
    hbd tygo   i would suggest prolly not making a big deal out of it at work though. some people are different than other people, you know? like for me i wouldn't even care if nobody wished me a happy birthday at all because i don't really understand why its a thing that people have to say a certain phrase to me every year on a certain date, and if you work with people like that they probably dont even think about birthdays of people who aren't rly close to them.   or maybe they just forgot, idk if you and your co-workers are close friends or something, but if 1 of my co-workers told me that it was their birthday next wednesday or something theres prolly a 80% chance i'd forget about it unless they mentioned it again on that day   just get thru the work day and go enjoy yourself!
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    Thinking about Effect Veiler in terms of +/- of card economy isn't correct because Qliphort doesn't play the advantage game in that sense, both as a pendulum and a floodgate deck. Sure Veiler is a -1, but you probably should be using Veiler on the cards that do more than grant a simple plus 1 anyway The way I see it, Veiler has a lot going for it now 1. Doesn't die to Decree/Hands/Denko/Backrow Destruction. This is very important because that's almost entirely what people are siding against this deck 2. Usable immediately off Monolith. Drawing Veiler off Monolith is key for a deck that needs to keep drawing outs to a Nekroz player's blowout plays. They could top deck that MST for our Skill Drain at any moment. Having multiple types of answers to Exciton and Trish, including ones that are live immediately without having to place them on the field, is a very important thing. Even the "minus to stop from plussing" point falters when you can set a deck back a huge way by Veilering the right card. Veilering Unukalhai or Deneb turn 1 puts the Tellar player back a while since they need to use their recursion they did draw to set up Deneb in the future rather than making an immediate play and makes them use their Calls suboptimally. Veilering Mathman vs Shaddolls often stops their intended fusion plays since they often go for Hedge or Falco plays to make their fusions live. Also stops them from sending Felis as a light target. And Veilering Scepter is important for stopping the absurd plussing the Star Seraphs provide. Finally, Brad, congrats on your ARG top, but results don't determine whether your idea is correct or not. In fact there are many things about your list I disagree with, more than not running Veiler. Questioning your card choices and theory isn't meant to take away from your top, but the reverse holds true as well. Your top doesn't change the fact that Veiler has many good things about it right now, and "it's bad, cut it" is still a lazy response that lacks actual analysis
  31. 2 points
    [spoiler] [/spoiler] #mannis
  32. 2 points
    While I topped the event at St. Louis this weekend, I deeply regret omitting Gungnir from my deck. The card allows you to have protection from nearly all of the monster outs to the Djinn as well as a high percentage of the rogue deck's Djinn outs.    Gungnir was also something I missed having on the field because he can out Lose One Turn, which has been an ever-growing issue for this deck.   While Gungnir isn't the best card to see when you're trying to find your combo pieces, I definitely would not go into an event with Nekroz and not use Gungnir.    Cheers to Sanjura for taking it home!    Moving forward I would like to invest some time into Pat's Mathematician idea and see what everybody else thought about this strategy. 
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    I mean if you're really not going to be open about what people are accusing you of is just awe inspiring.  The fact you found a deck lying around at a regional and didn't hand it in or anything instead you gave it to your friend and kept it when some kid is running around a tournament without a deck, plus infinite other stories that are coming out of the woodworks as I talk to people and ask around you, and instead you bring up Fish FTK?     What.
  35. 2 points
    ok you actually went about this in the worst way possible I am actually inclined to think that you did cheat then when you saw the backlash this thread was getting you decided to admit to accidental rule breaking which is super dumb because why would you even make a thread or a shitty song about that.
  36. 2 points
    You are even dumber than I thought.
  37. 2 points
    I am fucking awful at this game #djinntowin
  38. 2 points
    if you dont wanna deal with retards but wanna fishbowl make another acc and play vs yourself thats what i do
  39. 2 points
    I'm so sorry that any of this happened. I don't want it to end this way, it just can't. I can't stand to see your family and friends like this, it's been a hellish nightmare experiencing this. Nothing is impossible, so please...   Wake up. If not for me, do it for your family and him. I don't want to imagine what kind of shattered lives they would have to live without you. We're all waiting with bated breath.
  40. 1 point
      Thank you for your fantastic contribution to the thread.  I hope it made your day.  
  41. 1 point
    What I learned today:   - spell caster control is pretty good. Really liking wonder wand + TER - you should still play around t1 breakers
  42. 1 point
      Scenario 1) Summon Ptolemaeus and set all spells/traps End Phase, activate effect to attach Diamond under it When opponent uses search effect i.e. Mirrors/Brio/Ju/Whatever, use Ptolemaeus effect as CL 2 to summon, resolving to summon Durendal Opponent search effect resolves Now the window to activate D/LB is open and its a quick effect, but so is durendal. Activate Durendal's second effect as CL1 and D/L Bird as CL2. Resolving backwards, neither player can add, then durendel forces us to shuffle both hands into decks but D/L prevents us from drawing. Opponent has no cards while you have a Durendal and whatever you set.   Scenario 2) Same thing, but even better if they Maxx C you, because you can do all this during your End Phase.
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    Looking for staples in high rarities is something to start working on if you don't want to risk getting blown out by the list and the tins.   Stuff like warning, compulse, bottomless are cheaper right now due to them not seeing much play if you're interested in those, but there's no guarantee next format will be friendly to them either.
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      Congratulations to Coldsnap n Klays Harold and Kumar for managing to top 16   [spoiler] [/spoiler] Rest in Pastrami
  47. 1 point
    NZ player got a warning for using a KFC bucket as a deck box.    He used a big mac box for his deck box at Nationals.   Class act.
  48. 1 point
    You know, what's missing in all of this, is you actually explaining what happened or giving any kind of real explanation or owning up to anything.     But like, nice song man!!
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