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    PSYFrame* Lord Omega: chicken game PSYFrame* Lord Omega: effect chicken game number 1 Nick Barrett: ok PSYFrame* Lord Omega has lost 1000 life points PSYFrame* Lord Omega: terraforming PSYFrame* Lord Omega: chicken game PSYFrame* Lord Omega: effect chicken game number 1 PSYFrame* Lord Omega has lost 1000 life points Nick Barrett: you dont have to say the name of every card you play PSYFrame* Lord Omega: upstart goblin Nick Barrett has gained 1000 life points PSYFrame* Lord Omega: upstart goblin Nick Barrett: i'm capable of reading its name i assure you Nick Barrett has gained 1000 life points PSYFrame* Lord Omega: upstart goblin Nick Barrett has gained 1000 life points PSYFrame* Lord Omega: chicken game PSYFrame* Lord Omega: effect chicken game number 1 PSYFrame* Lord Omega has lost 1000 life points PSYFrame* Lord Omega: the rules specifically state that each player must mention every action on your part that could be countered by a movement of the opponent, causing a chain of activations..you agree? Nick Barrett: no Nick Barrett: you're just trying to troll but nobody is laughing Nick Barrett: you're just making every single thing you do take another 10 seconds each when you type it all out PSYFrame* Lord Omega: Pot of Duality PSYFrame* Lord Omega: set PSYFrame* Lord Omega: end turn this is going to be a long evening...
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    Then I found this entertaining young fellow.   First this which was just funny.      I stole green arrow's green arrow. I'm a superhero.   BUT THEN     HE KNEW     then it get's weird and he says that he has superpowers... He tries to guess his next card and what types of cards were in my hand. He was wrong and claims his powers don't work all the time. Then explains he's right and really thinks he does because this is the 2nd time he's done this:     then I tell him about law of averages and that if he truly thinks he has special powers from it, he should seek help. He quits and signs off. 
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    Oh yeah there are 6 townies and 2 witches!   Night 0 - The fuckery begins   "It was a dark lonely night...   Actually, no. It was around 10 am and there was not even an ounce of night. 8 people were reunited at an abandoned house. Why? because they were old houses fetichists. All 8 had huge boners once they arrived at the house. But who were they? Were they random persons? No, they each had their own history, and as to hide their real persona from the other 7, they each went by codenames. As the story goes on we may find out more about each person.   First , we had Juan Direction, An avid fan of the less popular mexican teen boy band "Juan Direction", He was a spanish teacher often mistaken as a mexican inmigrant. Which both aroused him (because he loves mexicans) but also enraged him  since his true lineage was often overlooked, he was from some shit tier south american country whose name we dont even care about. Secondly, Francis J Underwood. Master of crotchtiloquism, the retarded cousin of  the ventriloquism art, where you speak through your crotch without moving your mouth. Gemstone mine was also there. He wore a paper bag in his head for no real reason and everyone was really fucking scared of him, why the fuck would you wear a paper bag to an abandoned house?? was he a rapist? Turns out that he wore the paper pag as a fashion statement that we are all so fucking ugly we should all wear paper bags in our heads. Who knew. Top_LADD wasnt going to be overlooked. The youngest looking member of the 8, who was actually 45 but looked 18. He spoke with a weird Eskimo accent and made it his job to let people know he liked to be on top. Sexually or figuratively we might never know. (Prob both) Then we had My bloody arcanine, resident Pokemon Chuunibyou, he was very excited about the new pokemon go device, but his real aim was not to catch them all but to steal them all!, steal the phone of every poor fucker that went out of his house thinking that catching pokemon near a bad neighborhood was anything but a terrible idea.  Additionally we had Malcolm, A psychic. However people often misunderstood what a psychic meant, he didnt have any supernatural powers like talking to the dead. He was just amazing at physics, Turns out that he is dislexic and wrote down psychic over physics in his job resume, then he just kinda went with it. Rounding up the number was heatnation13331, he was a weird one who possesed the ability to speak in emojis in real life.  o.o  :sandals:  o.o  =-| Interestingly enough, women loved it. EVeryone else was pretty fucking freaked out. Finally we had our protagonist, Nick, that wasnt actually his real name. His parents gave him a name in kanji but never actually thought him what it meant or how to read it. fucking assholes. Thanks to that he had a brimming hate for all asians, however he was not good at distinguishing asian features on people since ironically enough, he was an asian with bad eyesight.   All 8 motherfuckers entered the house ready to cum all over it. But suddenly! the doors closed and an eerie voice started talking: - Eeeyyyy yo dogs we bout to get TURNED ON ON THIS BIEATCH - Everyon looked at francis thinking it was his usual crotch talking abilities, however his zipper was closed. - YO U NEGROS THINK THIS IS A JOKE LET ME SHW U WHAT I MEAN BOI- the voice said and then a corpse fell from the top of the house landing in the middle. It was Nelrick, He was the last member of the 8 wait wait wait... If he was the 8 member then who the fuck replaced him??? OH SHIT NIGGA SHIT GOT REAL. However no one had seen each other before so they couldnt tell which one was the fake, some also realized that the fake was the mastermind behind this shit tier history and voice. And they would have to find the culprit to leave the house. But.. Perhaps thinking that there was only one culprit was their biggest mistake yet to come."   and so we begin.
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    Since people are disliking some of the ideas suggested on this thread here's something I thought of a couple hours ago. Now that Instant Fusion is out, could we re-design this deck to make use of the rank 4 toolbox, and have more explosive turn 1 plays?   There has been no discussion on this deck since Norden was released. The deck has underperformed despite supposedly have a favorable matchup across the board against a variety of decks. Infernoid Seitsemas is suppossed to singlehandedly improve the matchup against decks because it doesn't target, and doesn't trigger anything since it banishes. You could banish Kozmotown with it easily, or a set Shaddoll Falco/face-up Construct. The effect to banish from the grave seriously slows down decks such as Nekroz or Satellarknight since they can't search for more ritual spells or special summon Deneb back with Altair in the absence of COTH. The deck is capable of winning. But the deck still sucked because, for all its power, it lacks the consistency to go at it for 10 matches in a row. This is because getting the milling going doesn't happen often enough. But another card *might* help change that. Photon Thrasher can't be normal summoned. It wont make your Reasoning end earlier because you aren't adding any more normal summons to your main deck. You'll always have a clear field on your first turn of the game so it's good early game, and this deck needs more early game cards because getting out of stage 1 is the priority since your monsters are generally better than theirs if you can summon them over and over. By using Photon Thrasher alongside level 4 Lightsworns such as Raiden or Lyla on t1 you can make this card immediately: Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn ****/Light Fairy/Xyz/Effect 2000/800 2 Level 4 monsters You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard, then draw cards equal to the number of "Lightsworn" cards sent to the Graveyard by this effect. If this card is destroyed by battle, or if this card in its owner's possession is destroyed by an opponent's card effect: You can send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard, then you can destroy cards on the field up to the number of "Lightsworn" cards sent to the graveyard by this effect. You can only use each effect of "Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn" once per turn. So now your Instant Fusions turn into Rank 4's that can not only mill you 3 cards deeper into your deck but you can also make this card on turn 1 easily using Photon Thrasher, searchable by Reinforcement of the Army alongside Raiden if you wanted to run it. What does this add to the deck? I played this deck quite a bit when it was first uploaded to DN and again after CORE was released in the OCG in April. I found the same problems then as I have now, mainly that the deck relies too heavily on Reasoning to get going. The deck needs a consistent alternative milling engine that adds something to the deck. Instant Fusion into Norden gives you a power play that puts a threat on the board itself since you could mill Lightsworns and draw deeper into the deck. In addition the card will mill even more when it dies so you can get 6 mills on average I would think, with the chance to pop their cards too a a present from beyond the grave. Instant Fusion lets Infernoids use their extra deck to a much greater degree than before. This makes the deck much more adaptable to the gamestate: Opponent has a floodgate? Make Castel. Playing vs Shaddoll? One card Diamond. Don't have access to the one of Onuncu when they summon Towers? One card Diamond Crab King. Behind on card advantage? One card Exciton. You can also summon an assortment of level 8 Synchros you could make using this and Raiden, Stardust/Vanity would be a good combination that would be easier to set up if you ran them in your deck. The main problem with Instant Fusion is that it can be dead in the opening hand. This card needs you to get a level 4 into the graveyard quickly for you to do much with it. But if you add level 4 Lightsworns like Raiden then you can get to them easily thanks to Charge of the Light Brigade and, if you'd like, the field spell engine discussed earlier to try to nullify this. Instant Fusion adds the brawn but also doubles up as a toolbox and milling engine. But I'm adding loads of new cards to the deck so structuring it is difficult. I said it months ago but I think about building this deck as similar to building Lightsworn Rulers in 2014 Nats format. I recall reading an article by Johnny Li about how he made his list, he mentioned (among other things) cutting cards like Honest because he didn't want to draw cards that win him battles, he wanted to draw cards that got his engine started. Hence, 3 Kuribandit and 3 Needlebug Nest. The article is here if you want to read it: http://articles.alterealitygames.com/lucksworn/ I think Lightsworns had the same problem over the past 3 or 4 years that Infernoids have now, which is why I make the comparison. They had some of the strongest cards in the entire game, Judgement Dragon is no joke clearly. But they required set up to summon their powerhouses, just as this deck does because you wont win by banishing from the hand to summon Attondel. He didn't run Jain because it only milled 2 cards, not enough value. The good thing is this deck has better milling cards, Reasoning and Monster Gate are generally considered an auto-win, the deck now has 2 Charge of the Brigade alongside them, triple Raiden gets 4 mills and Minerva gets 3 the turn it's summoned and even more when it dies or if it survives. I've raved about Void Seer before because it is great alongside Devyaty for the blowout. But I cut that, alongside other Void support cards because I wanted things that mill asap instead. This deck can throw threats into backrow pretty well imo. I started building the deck with the spells first rather than the monsters. 3 Reasoning, 1 Monster Gate, 2 COTLB, 1 Burial from a Different Dimension because it counts as 3 extra infernoids in one card, and lastly a One for One to see Decatron quicker. None of that Galaxy Cyclone bullshit, I'm not here to pp sets I'm here to mill cards an give you an ass whooping. Next came 3 Instant Fusion to make Minerva as easily and efficiently as possible. I wanted Upstart Goblin because it digs me deeper into my deck to get to my mill cards which I need to get out of stage 1. I really want to put in the field spell engine but idk if I can fit that alongside all these other new cards. I imagine it would be strong if not for the fact that it's taking up a minimum of 6 slots in my deck which I just don't have room for. Next up are the Infernoids themselves. I like Antra but it only works on Xyz or Synchro monsters which isn't good enough to make it a 3 of, I don't really want to spin back main deck monsters if I can help it. I maxed out on Harmadik and Patrulea because they only require one banish, even though I'm not totally convinced Harmadik deserves to be a 3-of when it triggers lots of different monsters. Seitsemas makes matchups better so 3 copies is justified, while Attondel gives the deck the OTK factor which is pretty important so I put it up to 3 as well. Devyaty and Onuncu are difficult to summon and horrid to draw so 1 each is enough. Decatron not only contributes to the mill engine but is also named an Infernoid. It also turns into a level 4 by sending Harmadik, which lets the card work with Thrasher for Minerva. Triple Raiden is needed because it's a level 4 that mills and has Lightsworn in its name. It's searchable by Charge and works well with Photon Thrasher. I wanted to draw Photon Thrasher early enough to make quick Minerva's but drawing 2 will be useless so only running 2 instead of 3 will help reduce the chance of that happening. That leaves me with two slots in the maindeck left. I think Reinforcement of the Army is a good choice at 2. I have 5 Warrior monsters in my maindeck, so 2 ROTA and 2 Charge should be live relatively often. ROTA acts both as Photon Thrasher and as Raiden. It's a mill card but also lets me get to Raiden. My other choice was Void Purification. This card gets gnarly when it stays on the field for a couple of turns, you can tribute your Decatron off in their standby phase and then add it right back to kill any threat they presented on their turn. But committing heavily to Minerva here and I want that card to stick around on the field for as long as possible. Void Purification will destroy itself immediately if you have any non-Infernoid monster on the field so that might not work so well. For now I've decided that ROTA is the best choice because it gets me out of the early game, which I value more than anything else at this point. So now my list looks like this: The extra deck is up for debate really but it becomes more important now that you get into it so easily. I have the following: 3 Elder Entity Norden 1 Panzer Dragon 1 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth 1 Scrap Archfiend 1 Crimson Blader 2 Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Gem-Knight Pearl 1 Number 52: Diamond Crab King 1 Tellarknight Ptolemaeus 1 Stellarknight Constellar Diamond There are other cards I've looked into such as Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer to seriously hurt Qliphort, Bujintei Tsuluyomi seemed neat but I figured anytime I'd make that I'd summon Minerva instead, Hot Red Dragon Archfiend, Stardust Spark Dragon etc. I didn't think a 3rd Minerva will come up often so I avoided 3 of it. So there you have it. My thoughts on the worlds most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh deck. It's a pity none of us can use it irl but at least on DN maybe it's worth a try. Bear in mind I don't have very much testing to back up this concept unfortunately, and I've only been thinking about it for a couple hours at most so it isn't like some kind of project I've put much effort into either. But I think the idea of using a prize card to good effect is quite cool.
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    well you look like a retard now
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    I actually kind of like this drastic contrast between Kane characters. It is different.  It was loosely done before - but this is at least holding my attention.
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    Basically, just a ton of interactions and trains of thought I have on the game will be posted here so I can keep track of information better and so it can be used or expanded upon by the rest of you. The posting will be spontaneous as my batshit crazy ideas tend to be. I think this warrants it's own thread because they're not quite formed enough to make a deck list/cohesive explanation yet and these strategies may or may not have or warrant their own discussion pages. Others are welcome to add their floating thoughts.   -Madolches have synergy with Kozmo in a few ways. Hootcake can banish Kozmos in GY then can be added back with Kozmotown. Kozmo also doesn't have a great win condition against Nekroz at the moment and the Madolche cards and Glow-Up Bulb + Mel. of the Trees to go into Naturia beast can solve that. The Madolche cards would also work well and combo with emergency teleport. The deck could support Reasoning too, if they call it right you can banish it with Hootcake. Actually, Kozmo in general can use Reasoning as your opponent doesn't have great odds of hitting the correct level and it also increases the "ceiling" in quotation marks of the deck.   -The pendulum mechanic isn't abused as much as it's potential entails and people need to understand and explore the fact that you can pendulum monsters from my hand. One attempt I've made to get that to work is a deck including a small Igknight engine, Heroes, and Madolches. Pure theory, the pendulum mechanic solves the normal summon issue in Madolche that Burning Abyss used to have while also contributing to the plays you can make from extra if you drew 3 of them. You can also use Eccentrick Archfiend and Magical Abductor, and a Veiler to search with Abductor. AHL/Shadow Mist/Mask Change are generally good vs everything and help against what might be the worst match-up for this strategy, Shaddolls. Although those could be scrapped in favor of a strategy that can just OTK through Shaddoll decks, possibly even through Damage Juggler, with Masquerade (Nekroz decks as well in that case.) There's three ways to go about backrow decks. Attack the backrow themselves (Denkos, MSTs,) pushing through them with playing a ton of Monsters, or playing a deck that makes all their backrows effectively useless. The latter of the three wouldn't apply for the aforementioned strategy so it's either 1 or 2 and 2 is generally better than 1 in that when they don't have their sets your Monsters are still good, in which case we wanna strive for a strategy that can go ham through backrow and the pendulum mechanic is involved with this by letting you summoning your whole hand and could potentially help do that. It also has that same win condition of Glow-Up Bulb/Naturia Beast against Nekroz, if they didn't draw Hat Tricker + Normal Summon or Brio > Normal Summon in the Clown version, in the case of Brio > Normal Summon then Hat Tricker then outing Naturia Beast, it could be reasonable to suggest they won't have much to do after that, which draws a parallel to back in the day with Secret Village of the Spellcasters when they could search a Caster and Normal Summon it, but then they usually wouldn't have hard drawn enough to do shit after that, meaning you're still in an advantageous position.   -Another deck that may have synergy with other strategies barring the known lightsworn that hasn't been explored in-depth is Infernoid. Essentially creating free level 7's and 8's from grave to use for overlaying like old strategies possibly into shit like Felgrand, or might be able to work with plants and Karakuris into the same kinds of combos that Gigavise used to make. Not to mention special summoning the level 4 guy for free then destroying backrow, and effect Dekatron can also copy, is powerful against backrow decks. As things stand the deck alone doesn't have a good win condition against Nekroz, though. No, Mistake is not a fucking good win condition we need a strategy that can actually solve the major contradiction of this format of Nekroz vs Non-Nekroz.   -People talking about these OTK decks with Noden that just play Instant Fusion need to understand that for the consistency of the deck to work out you're going to need more than just Instant Fusion to bring him out. Other ideas are Fusion Gate, or Sabatiel, the Philosopher's Stone/Synchro Fusionist to search the card. Either way, the concept needs more exploring and the deck is inadequate AS IS.   -Perhaps in Madolche the Hat Tricker and Damage Juggler are a good idea. One issue with the deck is it rarely got off OTK's so against Non-Nekroz (the severity of the situation is obviously ten-fold with Nekroz,) they'd have a turn to kill you in between even if you got off your strong play. Damage Juggler would help mitigate that and Hat Tricker could be used in combos and also to make Naturia Beast with the Glow-Up Bulb Play.   -If you can make Ritual Beast consistent, it will probably be the best deck in the game. As things stand, it isn't, but that could change. Some engines like Chicken Race/Terraforming/the Zefra field spell, etc.   -Is that Zefra Yang Zing deck actually broken? I see some people win with it on DN but also see it brick a lot too and I barely know shit about it. Maybe it's a hidden gem. I also don't know what it's win condition against Nekroz is, maybe Void Ogre + a searched Zefra Trap or two?   Will post more thoughts when I have them.
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    Day 1 will being when Gambler and apprentice make their choice.    Oh yeah Days are 24 and nights are 12 (hours)
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    Oh look, Cesaro going to job to Big Show. Night everyone.
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      A bad weather man could have called it
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    Damage Juggler can replace Swift Scarecrow as it does not affect monsters and is more difficult to play around On the topic of Zefra Yang Zing now, I believe some people do the same mistake as some others do with Ritual Beast. The deck does not aim at making a 5 cards combo in order to have a reliable win condition. What the deck does is turn face-up Extra Deck monsters into threats, in a way like Qliphorts, except it is for synchro fodder rather than tribute fodder. LIGHT Zefras serve as card removal, EARTH ones serve as Synchro Material as well as searchers for your key cards (Oracle, Strike and Path). Regular Yang Zings serve in a way as searchers for Jiaotu/Chiwen and also function as floaters and synchro material. And all of that with complete sinergy (most of the cards that need a condition to activate their effects will find a trigger with a good number of cards from the rest of the deck). The synchro plays themselves are really powerful as well. Thinking about Baxia (note that resolving Jiaotu by discarding at least one monster is almost always a guaranteed Felgrand or Baxia + Void + Strike or Baxia + invincible Herald play) which litterally smashes scale and graveyard strategies while it lets you bring back floaters on the field, or Chaofeng, Herald/w Bi'an, among others. I only have one or two weeks of occasional testing with the deck, but with a correct build you should have a deck does not brick like 1 game out of 5. I think this deck, while it has flaws, deserves to be worked on as much as Ritual Blasts and Infernoids can be.
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    8 people have arrived to play this game (Flavour in next post)   1. Juan Direction 2. Francis J Underwood 3. Gemstone Mine 4. Top_LADD 5. My bloody arcanine 6. Malcolm 7. Heatnation13331 8. Nick (or the dude with the scarm avi)   Rules: http://chocolatepi.net/rules/   Everything stated in the above should be read. There will be changes to a role (judge).   Angels: - Get to heal a target every night, can be the same target unless Demons use their Word of a nigga. - Get to heal 2 targets per game.   Demons: - Haunted: Get to pick 2 targets. If the priest scans one of them, the alignment shown will be the one of the other target. Ex: Demons pick Nick (who is a witch) and Joshua (who is town), if nick is scanned he will be shown as town and if joshua is scanned he will be shown as a witch. - Word of a nigga: If the angels heal one of the 2 players haunted, they wont be able to heal them again for the rest of the game. - Illusion kill: In the flavour, an extra kill will be shown as failed. - 2 night killls: In effect once one witch remains.   Roles: 1.Priest 2. Judge:  (role additionally has: Once per game, select a player during the night. they will begin the next day with a vote against them that will not end the game early. If this effect affects a lynch, it will win through multiple lives. 3. Gravedigger 4. Apprentice 5. Survivalist 6. D.O.B 7. Gambler 8. Fanatic   Anything else should be asked here on Night 0 after i post Flavour and send Roles.
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    also tempted to leave my apple boner and pursue a new smart watch/android combo when my contract's up (march)
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    Before some guy in deep as fuck withdrawal comes and mugs the life out of you, that is.
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    Fuck that, ain't you wanna be a strong woman who ain't need no man? But who will buy you things?!   Santa Claus, once per year, of course. Don't you guys have that crap in the UK?   Only way to get goodies around here.
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    Fuck that, ain't you wanna be a strong woman who ain't need no man? But who will buy you things?!
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    heh   You lil indian perv only for you juangumon <3
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    Um idk how you can suggest playing less fusions, but more of a card that takes up your normal summon in order to get a fusion spell for turn 2 (assuming they don't have effect negation). You lose without fusion. Period. I'd rather risk dropping llterally less than one percent of games cause I opened 3 fusions in a 5 card hand than minimize my chances of opening one at all.
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    FTR I don't mean to come across as a whiny bitch, most of it is maybe sarcastic? I'm not sure if that's the right word but I know nothing in my life is hard and I just like to make a joke of it but very few people understand my sense of humour.
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    Robyn you need to change your outlook it's always so moany
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    I've got it bad Guys and I don't know what to do...     I need help.     I've quit yugioh about 7 years ago and well, I still cant get over it. I think about it daily but honestly I just don't know where to start. I miss the travelng and events even more ;\     I just...  
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    This is really sad. RIP.   I hope if anyone does have issues or problems on the site, they feel they can come to one of the more senior members of the site and have a chat with us. I like to think at DGZ we're more than just a forum and we are actually a community. I've grown up on this site and to see someone follow such a tragic end is upsetting. 
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      do i get a sticker for using every extra deck card
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    From "Structure Deck R: Descend of the True Emperor" 天帝アイテール added as Aither the Heaven Monarch 冥帝エレボス added as Erebus the Netherworld Monarch 冥帝従騎エイドス added as Eidos the Netherworld Knight 天帝従騎イデア added as Idea the Heaven Knight 汎神の帝王 added as Pantheism of the Monarchs 真源の帝王 added as The True First Monarch From V Jump Promos: 永遠の淑女 ベアトリーチェ added as Beatrice, the Eternal Lady インフェルニティ・ビショップ added as Infernity Bishop ゴゴゴアリステラ&デクシア added as Gogogo Aristera & Dexia Added as OCG Legal for DN
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        Literally the first thing he says to me. DN, don't ever change.
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    Delivering.   The Dueling Network Commandments    1. Do not attack with your entire board, attack one at a time and let your opponent take each attack individually. Attacking with all of them is obnoxious and if your opponent has Valkyrus or Damage Juggler it makes you a dick for making them having to explain where they're using it as opposed to them just being able to discard it without talking to you. Your opponent probably does not want to talk to you.   2. No one is interested in your narration of the game, rather you're playing, or in watcher's chat. Just shut the fuck up and let me play, especially if it's going to be something as uninteresting/uninspired/unironic as "dat hole."   3. You're not Squiddy. Unless you're Squiddy. Which you probably aren't. It's funny when Squiddy talks like he does, it's retarded when other people do it, and not even ironically funny. Plus it makes you look like a dick-riding fan.    4. Don't even bother with the watcher's chat. If you notice an issue in the game, PM a player. Otherwise, leave the cesspool of internet @utismo alone.    5. Unless it's urgent or someone missed a mandatory effect, don't fucking pm people while they're playing, especially if you don't know them.   6. Regarding usernames, anything related to a clan tag that isn't AKA is the bat signal of faggotry, don't use a shit ton of numbers no one's going to remember them and it makes explaining your username a hassle. You're not animated and probably don't live in Japan, therefore, anything Japanese-sounding or suffixes like "-sama" make you look like a fucking retarded weaboo. Don't impersonate other people (admins or otherwise,) unless it's someone nobody likes then it's kind of funny but if you're impersonating a player that people actually like outside of the close-minded dnf circuit, don't be a fucking fan.    7. If you've donated to DN, don't make either your profile or your sleeve pictures anime-related.    8. Don't donate to DN. Using codes fans give you is fine though.   9. Do not make your picture the chicken bird fusion thing I don't even remember it's name but it's not funny or clever and you're a faggot.   10. When you lose the game, hit admit defeat. What does that mean? Don't look at your next 20 cards, don't put your life points to 9999999, don't show your opponent your hand, and don't waste their time. Just. Admit. Defeat.   11. Do not say "eff?" If you're activating an effect, say "eff", if your opponent is unresponsive, ask "k?" Combining the two isn't clever it just looks like you're asking if you're activating the effect and you look stupid. Also, don't use "?" instead of "k?" We don't speak in fucking punctuation.   12. Use "hm" or "think" when thinking in an open gamestate and "um" when you're in a more complex situation like involving a large chain, for example. I don't really have a specific reason for this otherwise, from my experience, most of the people that say "um" when thinking in an open gamestate end up being faggots.   13. There are very few combinations of the card sleeves on DN that are socially acceptable. The default is always acceptable and shows that you don't care, which is a good thing. The Dark armed sleeves are also acceptable. The Chaos Emperor Dragon sleeves are acceptable but the Black Luster Soldier ones are not. The storm ones, if the color preferences are set to black, are acceptable. Do not be seen with any other combination.   14. If your opponent's picture is Hanzo, he's probably a savage cheater.   15. If your opponent's profile picture is Thunder King, they're probably using some stupid shit like Yosenju, and probably also opened Thunder King.   16. If your opponent's avatar is Marik, they're probably the "make them pay for a wall between us" type.   17. IF you're using Gold Sarcophagus or a Virus Card, don't use counters to keep track. It's not hard to count to fucking three and it makes you look useless.   18. When revealing BAs, put them in your S/T zone because the reveal button is obnoxious and makes you have to relocate the card in your hand. Also, if they put it in their S/T, they special summoned it, so there is absolutely no need to ask them if they're normaling it.   19. Even if your opponent is not content with the current situation, don't use the word "salt/salty." Ever.   20. If you're playing ritual beast don't say "combo" then not play your turn properly. Not everyone is a fucking nerd and knows what your shit does just do every step.   21. Don't lie about misclicks. Own up to that shit. No, you haven't convinced them you've misclicked. You're completely transparent and any attempt otherwise is playing to win on DN, which makes you a retard.   22. If winning matches in rated is more important to you than having friends, you shouldn't have friends. Or be allowed to operate heavy machinery.   23.  If you're confident in a ruling that you're wrong about to the point where you're being a faggot to your opponent, you should be stoned. No, not stoned as in high, stoned as in you should be tied to a wooden cross and villagers should throw stones at you.   24. Unless you're selecting or targeting something for an effect, don't click on my fucking cards.   25. No putting Castel to your S/T then back is not a clever way to detach both materials it's the same amount of clicks as if you had just detached two manually and makes you look like a tool in the process.   26. If you don't speak English at least semi-fluently, don't play in the English section. We don't want you.   27. Unironic "XD"ing and other typed out faces is blasphemous.   28. If your opponent is using something unorthodox, or they made a weird move, and you feel the need to type "lol" like you're some all-knowing deity that is laughing at the possibility of anything barring from your arbitrary meaning of "expected" or "normal," you can suck my dick.
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    We technically saw him grow up on this site, i have shivers
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    he asked me to make something for him, an album cover, long ago. imaginary departure? not so imaginary. rip  
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    be sure to drink lots of soda so your pee is yellow and hot otherwise you will squander the full effect of your dominance
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    I don't think anyone from DG went, but yes the service was today.    These are the flowers I sent:   
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    the beast is correct i dont know why everyone is negging him. i want to add that nekroz is the most powerful engine in the game right now by itself. if you have pure shaddoll/tellar/ba/full power qliphort fight against nekroz without the aid of support cards then nekroz will come out on top. but decks aren't pure. and its good for the game that you're able to splash traps in those decks to have a better matchup against other things.   thats not true for nekroz.   omar talked a little about big decks and little decks and that big decks are strong by themselves and little decks have to add traps or other monsters in order to beat the big decks. that might be true, but i think he's also forgetting one important thing which is that big decks in the past have also added traps and/or other monsters in their decks in order to beat other big decks. nekroz isn't doing so not because it doesn't need to, but because it simply can't.   im gonna list some of the best and "big" decks in the past and then i want u guys to think about the difference between those engines and nekroz, and, after playing with nekroz, what is the one GLARING weakness it has compared to the rest of these decks   atlantean mermail baby rulers dead baby rulers geargia sabercat plants xyz infernity evolzar rabbit shockmaster windup qliphort tellarknight shaddoll   ------------------------------                     have u figured it out?   if u haven't its that unlike the decks listed above, nekroz only has ONE ANGLE OF ATTACK and that is to use their ritual spells to power out their ritual monsters to attack you. if u fuck with the main way the other decks operate in, they simply shift gears and attack you in another way. if u fuck with the main way nekroz operates in, they're FUCKED!   water was only hurt by macro and fissure, and they easily dealt with that with typhoon. even without it diva was at 3 and still gave them plays.   dead baby rulers were hurt by ophion, soul drain, iron wall, vanity, but they had debris to dodge iron wall and soul drain, wind blast to deal with traps, and had blaster to clear whatever else   wind ups were hurt by maxx c but they could easily play around it with rabbit factory, or whatever else they decide to float with   qliphorts were hurt by typhoon but they could just summon 1800 guys that turn into 2100 or higher guys even without scout   tellars were hurt by light mirror but at least they can still beat you down and make xyz   plants weren't hurt by anything because whatever straight forward answer your opponent threw at you, you could easily play around it, even with just your core engine. a rescue rabbit at worst could still summon 1900 guys and make laggia even if rabbit is dealt with   and geargia? flip mistake against them and gigant rips you a new asshole. side black horn against them and they can just play the float game with armor.   and saber? saber was like plants that they could do different things under different conditions.   now there have been a lot of decks that people have touted as the most insane deck before their release, just due to the power of their combos. and those decks really do look good. on paper.   dark worlds   full power inzektor   windup loop windups   synchro infernity combo   and those decks were ostensibly still very good. but why weren't they the best deck of their era? because they suffered from the same problem with nekroz: they do one thing, and only one thing, and if that one thing is stopped (often by simply 1 card) then they fall completely flat on their face.   now if you really think about it, BA is the deck of this era that fits with the decks of the first category, and nekroz is the deck that fits with the decks in the second. don't get me wrong, im not saying nekroz is worse than BA. nekroz's core engine plus trishula is so powerful that its the best deck DESPITE being a deck of the second category.
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    a hackjob sounds like paying a hooker to cut off your dick and eat it
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Theory: The Fundamentals by MasterSimon As with any field of study it is important to understand the fundamentals that drive the various interactions and laws governing the system. In Physics this consists of the three fundamental forces: Gravity, Strong Interaction, and Electroweak Interaction. Taking a page from the physics playbook I'll try to understand the fundamentals of Yu-Gi-Oh! First we need to understand the objective of (competitive) Yu-Gi-Oh! gameplay. In Yu-Gi-Oh!, everything is a resource: Cards in hand, cards in deck, cards in play, cards in graveyard, removed from play cards, cards in extra deck, life points, monster summon, game phases, time, turns, etc. The game is all about managing these resources and using them to deny the same resources to your opponent. To win a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! you must deny your opponent life points (reduce their Life Points to zero) or cards in deck (your opponent cannot draw a card when they are supposed to draw). There are other cards that can change win conditions. For instances, a card like Final Countdown makes turns a resource your opponent can run out of. The Resources These resources can be divided into three types if groups: Resources you start with and naturally get more of as the game progresses. Resources you don't start with, but naturally get more of as the game progresses. Resources you start with, but don't get more of naturally or without action. The first type of resources is playable cards. You start the game with a 5 card hand, and gain an additional card every draw phase. It doesn't matter if the cards are in hand, on the field, in the graveyard, or removed from play. The important thing is their effects can be activated, or they can be moved to a relevant area such as the field. The second type of resources includes the game phase, normal summons, “Once per turn” effects, and other effects you can activate multiple times. You only get one normal summon per turn and battle phase per turn. Your normal summon is essentially Yu-Gi-Oh!'s version of a land drop (Magic: the Gathering reference). The third type of resource includes life points and cards in deck. These resources are important because without them you can't play the game. If your life points are reduced to zero or you have no cards left in your deck, you lose the game. These resources measure your ability to continue playing the game. The Forces: To coincide with the three types of resources, we have three fundamental forces, that dictate how cards and plays are evaluated in Yu-Gi-Oh! The three forces are: Card Economy Tempo Stamina Card economy deals with the first type of resources. It is a spectrum consisting of card advantage on one end and card disadvantage on the other. To gain card advantage you want to attempt to trade your playable cards for your opponent's playable cards. Essentially you are attempting to reduce your opponent's options while increasing yours. Even if your opponent has some cards left in their hand, on the field, or in some other zone, it doesn’t matter if they are not relevant. Tempo deals with manipulation of the second type of resources. While you may not be getting additional cards for summoning a monster, you do gain some tempo. You could be in a better board position even though you may not technically be in a better card position. Similarly if you deny your opponent the ability to take advantage of their battle phase with a card like threatening roar you are not ahead when it comes to cards, but you may still get some tempo. The important thing about tempo is that it must be converted to card advantage or stamina advantage to get any tangible use out of it. This is most easily done by simply attacking with a monster you summoned, but there are many other ways. Stamina deals with the manipulation of the third type of resource. Sometimes you'll trade life or cards in deck for an effect. Other times it will be the other way around. This is probably the more important aspect of stamina because it sets it apart from card advantage. Trading a card simply to reduce your opponent's life points doesn't sound appealing from a card advantage standpoint, but that card doesn't matter if your opponent's life points goes to zero. Card Economy Card economy incorporates the importance of more options and better options when evaluating cards. This means understanding card advantage, card disadvantage, virtual advantage, and live vs. dead cards. Card advantage deals with card quantity, it allows us to look at how many cards we are generating. The inherent cost of playing a card is the card itself. The most basic card for understanding the concept of card advantage is Pot of Greed. You play one card to get two. The important thing about card advantage is it helps us get more options. Having more options gives us different ways to move toward victory. This is why understanding card advantage can be useful. However, understanding card advantage alone is only useful insofar that we assume that indeed every card is equal. When it comes to card economy (and winning games) quantity is not the only thing that matters, quality is very important too. Card disadvantage is on the opposite end of the spectrum. A mechanical example built into the game is Equip spells. When a Monster that is Equipped with an Equip spell is destroyed, so is the Equip spell. This 2-for-1 makes it hard for Equip spells to be viable. Card disadvantage is not always a problem though. Take a common play from the Lightsworn deck. When you discard a card for Monster Reincarnation or use the effect of Beckoning Light you are indeed serving yourself with card disadvantage. However think about what cards are you getting in return, and what cards you are loosing. If you discarded a card that is life in the graveyard (i.e. Necro Gardna) in exchange for a live Judgment Dragon, you’ve actually gotten more value, as Judgment Dragon is worth both than Monster Reincarnation + Necro Gardna in many cases. This is an example of card economy at work. What card advantage (and disadvantage) gives us is a very tangible way to understand how you win the game. You can feel and see the cards, so it is pretty easy to physically see the card impact of how you play. However, the gameplay is situational, and thus a card's value changes with the game state. Virtual advantage (or disadvantage) has more to do with manipulating these game states to make sure more of your cards are relevant and less of your opponent’s cards are relevant. An example of a card that allows you do to this is Jinzo. Let's assume your opponent has a trap based deck. Now let's assume you are running Jinzo or Royal Decree and few (other) trap cards. You clearly have an advantage, but this won't show up by simply counting cards. Similarly, Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos help when it comes to gaining an advantage over graveyard based decks. Virtual advantage goes hand-in-hand with the concept of live and dead cards. A card is live when it can make some sort of impact to the game (it can be played/summoned/set, or its effect can be activated). Some cards can actually still be live when they are in the Graveyard (ex: Necro Gardna, Mezuki). Live cards have varying values depending on their utility in the current game-state. Dead cards are cards that have no impact on the game. A card can be dead in your hand, on the field, in your graveyard, or removed from play. A card is not dead if it can be used for a cost, and even bluffing can squeeze some value out of a card, it just may not have full value as if it was totally live and relevant. Dead cards are essentially worthless. Since the game state can change very rapidly, a card can become live or dead at various points in a given game or turn. Keeping track of these changes is important to help you make the proper play. The central axiom of card economy is that the value of a card is relative to the current state of the game. You want to get the most value out of your exchanges. This is a very useful concept when considering when to activate your Bottomless Trap Hole or Dimensional Prison. You are essentially trading one of your cards for one of theirs, but how much value you are actually getting out of the exchange? Tempo Considering how many people have the knowledge that Tempo exists and how strongly it affects the game, it is very surprising how misunderstood it is. When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh! there is very little literature devoted to it, and much of it is very wrong. Jason Grabher-Meyer wrote an article on TCG player that attempted to paint tempo simply as game speed and measure it by means of cards lost per turn. The problem with this theory is that cards like The Cheerful Coffin will cause me to lose cards, but I won't necessarily gain any tempo. Sure the game may end faster, but that is because I will probably lose due to the lack of card advantage. Instead of thinking of tempo simply as speed we need to think of it more in terms of rhythm. How do you measure the rhythm of the duel? Think about music. In music, tempo is measured in beats per minute. What are the "beats" of a duel? Well there are certain resources that you naturally gain access to as the game progresses. The resources related to tempo are: Summoning Monsters, Game Phases, Reusable Effects, and Card Velocity. Tempo is very much about gaining access to resources you wouldn’t normally have. Unlike card advantage, tempo must be taken advantage or it simply disappears. Under normal game conditions you can only normal summon or set one monster per turn. This is similar to the land drop in Magic: the Gathering. The major difference between the two is how many times we are allowed to break the rule. There are two ways in which we gain tempo from our monster summons: quality and quantity. Summoning an efficient monster (like a Level 4 or lower 1900 ATK monster with no drawback) gains you tempo based on the quality of a monster. Thunder King Rai-Oh for instance is both an efficient monster, and can be exchanged to stop your opponent from special summoning. Thunder King Rai-Oh is a pure tempo play. It lets you gain tempo, and prevent your opponent from gaining tempo. Oddly enough Thunder King Rai-Oh is used in a deck that is seen as being "slow" when it comes to the speed of the game. It does help in slowing your opponent's deck down, but it is very helpful in speeding your game up. Beating your opponent in the face for at least 1900 damage every battle phase adds up pretty quickly. Summoning multiple monsters per turn can also give you tempo advantage. If the natural rate of summoning is 1 monster per turn, then summoning multiple monsters per turn puts you above this natural rate. Double Summon gives you an additional normal summon this turn. This allows you to be up 2 to 1 on the field. Another way to achieve a 2 summon to 1 outcome is to prevent your opponents summoning with cards like Trap Hole, Bottomless Trap Hole, or Solemn Warning. Stopping your opponent from summoning goes a long way to preventing them from gaining tempo. Quality and quantity don't have to be mutually exclusive – some decks can summon multiple high quality Synchro monsters in a single turn – but some cards like Scapegoat give us multiple low quality bodies in exchange for not being able to summon anything else the turn it is activated. All phases can have tempo squeezed out of them with the help of card effects. The Draw phase has cards like Destiny Hero – Dasher and Heart of the Underdog. The Standby phase has cards like Treeborn Frog and Dark Snake Syndrome. The end phase has cards like Brain Crusher and XX-Saber Darksoul. The thing about the Battle phase that sets it apart form the others is that it has natural mechanisms to generate tempo. Attacking is the only action in the game that can generate card advantage, tempo advantage, and stamina advantage simultaneously. It does so by denying your opponent cards, field presence, and life points. Tempo and card advantage are related by monster presence. Tempo and stamina are related at the rate in which you can push to finish the game. By winning battles you reduce your opponent's ability to use their monsters to put pressure on you, and you bring yourself closer to reducing their life points to zero. Denying your opponent tempo trough the battle phase can also be very important. If they cannot use their battle phase effectively they won't be able to apply pressure on you. This can be accomplished with cards like: Spirit Reaper, Battle Fader, Threatening Roar, Magic Cylinder, Dimensional Prison, Book of Moon, Enemy Controller, and more. When it comes to the idea of having access to cards you wouldn’t normally have access too you need look no further than the concept of card velocity. Card velocity examines the speed at which cards are moving from the deck to other relevant places. Foolish Burial is card disadvantage on the surface, but it is card velocity through and through. It can give you access to your Treeborn Frog, Fishborg blaster, Dandylion, Glow-Up Bulb, etc. Self-milling and tutors (cards that allow you to search a card from your deck) have a similar effect. The effect of card velocity is two fold. Firstly, you are gaining access to a card you don’t have access to yet, secondly you are gaining at least one draw phase as your deck is a card (or more) smaller. Using an effect like Swap Frog to get Treeborn Frog to the graveyard is a huge tempo push. Treeborn Frog in an extra summon a turn, allows you easier access to tribute monsters, and is card advantage to boot. On top of that you no longer have to worry about drawing that Treeborn Frog and increase your chances of drawing a card that can take advantage of Treeborn. Similarly Shien’s Smoke Signal and Reinforcement of the Army allow you access to Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki which you can use to special summon Kagemusha of the Six Samurai and have early access to Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En on turn one. All of this was done trough tempo, not card advantage. When it comes to gaining tempo the important question to ask yourself is, what can I do with it? Stamina Stamina is the name I've given a concept dubbed "The Philosophy of Fire" by Magic the Gathering player and writer Michael Flores. As a concept it has been pretty much absent from the minds of Yu-Gi-Oh! Players, but been put into practice many times to produce some of the fastest decks we've seen. Many FTK decks run on this concept: Frogs, Chimeratech Overdragon, Magical Scientist, Dark Magician of Chaos, Exchange of the Spirit, Empty Jar, Reversal Quiz, etc. Stamina deals with resources that measure a players’ ability to continue to play the game. These are resources which players start the game with, but don't naturally gain over the course of the duel. This includes things like life points, and cards in deck. Early game, while Stamina is high for both players, cards that interact negatively with your opponent's stamina or positively with your stamina are worth less because the resources are already abundant. Naturally over the course of the game, cards are lost from the deck. Life points can be lose as well, but this requires action from the players. Later in the game, when cards in deck and life points are low, stamina related effects are valuable. A Single card or attack can end the game. This means early game, cards must be able to deal a lot of damage or mill many cards for your opponent's deck to be useful. For burn cards you'll want to be using your Magical Cylinders or Dimension Walls when your opponent's stronger monsters attack. Other options are Des Koala and Secret Barrel since early game your opponent will have a larger hand and more cards overall, so they should be able to do some decent damage. Another would be Chain Strike at Chan Link 4 or 5. Another way to go would be to use Just Desserts and Ojama Trio is get in at least 1500 damage and clog your opponent's field to prevent them from swarming you. At the core of these examples is an underlying theme: Burn damage must be close to baseline monster damage (1500+) early game in order to stay in the race. Another viable option is to use cards that can continuously apply pressure on their life points. In a way this gives you both tempo and stamina advantage. Some cards that do this are: Stealth Bird, Solar Flare Dragon, Dark Snake Syndrome, and Lava Golem + Nightmare Wheel. Wave-Motion Cannon can create a similar situation, but it can be removed form the field before the effect can be actualized. Later in the game weaker burn cards like Poison of the Old Man and Tremendous Fire may be useful in finishing off any remaining life points. If you are running a deck totally dedicated to burn it might not matter when you play them though, but it should be noted that the lose of card advantage early game without a big reward in damage may give your opponent the edge. Don't forget you can interact with Stamina simply by doing battle damage to your opponent, so if you run a stamina related card it better be worth it. Attacking is the most efficient way to lower your opponent's stamina as it costs you no cards to deal damage, and can be done one per turn by each monster you control. For milling cards the same rule applies. You want your speed to match that of a creature based deck. If you are not planning on running disruption you may need to be even faster. Cards like Morphing Jar, Morphing Jar #2, Necroface are more useful early game than Hand Destruction, Dark World Dealing, or other lesser cards. Card Destruction + Serial Spell is another interesting finishing strategy for mill decks and in combination with Morphing Jar can be at least 15 cards out of the deck (more with Book of Moon/Book of Eclipse/Book of Taiyou shenanigans). When it comes to using Stamina as a cost there is no shortage of playable card that allow you to exchange survivability for effects. Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment are examples seen in many decks. The opposite rule applies to using stamina as a cost. Early game, the cost isn’t actually worth all that much, since you still have a large number of life points and cards in deck at your disposal. Determining when to pay such costs comes down to understanding how it will affect your overall survivability. With Solemn Warning if you are trading 2000 LP and a card for more than 2000 damage that is an easy call to make. Another reason you may choose to pull the trigger is if the result summon would result in a huge swing in tempo or card advantage. Card velocity also plays a role when self-milling. So when it comes to self-milling the upsides can outweigh the downsides rather easily. Just make sure your deck wants to use such methods over pin-point card velocity generators. When thinking about using your stamina the question to ask yourself is, how will this affect me later in the game? Conclusion To review the main themes of all these concepts: Card economy focuses on using your resources to give yourself more and better options than your opponent. Tempo focuses on using your resources to put yourself in a better position than your opponent. Stamina focuses on using your resources to remove your opponent's ability to continue to play the game. The main questions to ask when deciding what plays to make: How much value am I getting out of my card(s)? What can I do with this tempo? What effect will this have later in the game? Hopefully you can use these theories to help you evaluate cards, construct better decks, and make better play decisions. ------- So this is essentially a crash course in Yu-Gi-Oh! Theory for beginner's. Most of it is stuff you guys seem to already know, but hopefully you can get at least something out of seeing the concepts expressed the way I attempted to express them. I'll be doing series of articles on the different deck types (Aggro, Midrange, Control, and Combo) next, hopefully that will be of more use to you guys.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx5SCFjyMZE     Deck Profile Key:  Triple Color =  Awesome Cards Doble Color = Great Cards One Color= Speed 4 colors = broken Monsters   2x Crystal Defender 3X Crystal Vanguard 3x Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon 3x Crystal Beast Saphire Pegasus 2x Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger 2x Tobalt Eagle 2x Ruby Carguncle   Spells Dark hole One Day of Peace Soul Charge 3x Upstart 1x Instant Fusion 1x Pot Of Avarice 1x Pot Of Riches 1x Rare Value 2x Crystal Promise 2x Crystal Beacon 2x Crystal Tree 3x MST Harpie's Feather Duster, The Backrow Destroyer Traps 2x Crystal Hoard Mirror Force Torrential Tribute   EXTRA DECK Noden Castel 101 Exciton Gagaga Samurai Dark Rebellion 2x Lightning Chidori Ghostrick Alucard Ghostrick Angel of Mischief Blackship Of Corn Abyss Dweller Papilloterative Gagaga Cowboy Tellarknight Delteros
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    "Dueling Network" thread is a place where we can take a look and laugh at the randomness out there. But think of this: While we laugh at that randomness, the people who posted on that thread would be most than likely salty while dealing with douchy opponents, brick hands, and all things DN can offer to our entertaiment (or rant). Just like DNl there are lot of things in Real Life YGO that are cringe-worthy. Like.. almost everything. Douchy people. People sacking #BLS4Game. Missing Top Cut by ONE spot. Bricking at the Bubble in your YCS. Get Floodgated to Death. Buy an expensive card, only to get about its reprint hours later. Etc. You get my point guys. What I say is.. This is the place you can deposit your ALL Saltiness, ALL your rant, ALL your curses. Everything. So we can look at it, and laugh a little bit, or even  share some feels.   Welcome. To. I AM SALT !     I will inaugurate this thread with a little story about me.   I was using Tellars at South American WCQ. It was Round 9, in the bubble. I got paired against Nekroz. Not a big deal, I was ready for it. Single 1: Summon Deneb. Search Altair. I use Upstart. Drew an Altair. Used another Upstart that same turn. Drew another Altair. End Result: Deneb in Field. 4 Monsters in Hand, with 3 of them being Altairs. 1 Set Fiendish. Got Trishula´d next turn. Single 2: Start with Anti-Spell Fragance. Opponent had MST. I activate a Vanity a turn later. Opponent sack a MST for it. I got Imperial Iron Wall just in time to block his Graveyard and avoid Thrish. Game was mine. Opponent Sacks the 3rd MST.   Ok. It was over.  I was left in shame. Just.. How was that even possible? I wanted to Top so hard.. It´s not fair for GODS sake. Either way.. I managed to get over it (Kinda..) Next time I will prove I can achieve something at this game. No more promises.  I. WILL. DO. IT.     Well, I leave you know. Keep this thread alive, and make me proud. Rhongomyniad. OUT ! #SaltIntensifies Edit: God. You love to neg this post.