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    hey guys, i don't post here a whole lot but i was inspired to write this report after seeing kevin's zefra zing profile and knowing that i did something fairly unique in the current metagame as well so two weeks ago i top 8'd columbus with shaddoll and sold the deck shortly after, having played it near exclusively since may and feeling like taking a break from it and yugioh as a whole, but a few guys talked me into coming to garden city regionals this last week and i decided i'd just tag along initially i just planned to enter with something fun, play a few rounds, drop and vendor off the majority of the rest of my collection, so i decided to take a madolche build i had won my locals with on thursday and see what happened deck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utvG7uoAkNs i honestly hadn't touched the archetype at all since like...march? until this last week, but i've played it a lot in the past couple years (especially nats 2014 season), and i've been on the wrong end of an exciton one too many times with the deck to know that board wiping monster effects are the deck's biggest issue, so i built with that in mind and ran 7 effect negation cards and a solemn warning something i really wanted to try and would still like to test as well is the emergency teleport engine with ghost ogres, because having a card that lets you instantly leviair/tiaramisu OR make a naturia beast seems great, but i didn't have access to the cards unfortunately, so i had to hope that 3 instant fusion and a couple mewfeuilles would be enough anyways round 1 vs HAT (2-1) speaking of nats 2014! this matchup always felt unfavorable for madolche in the past, if i don't have the trap negation i can just lose all my combo plays to sanctums - game 1 was a fairly large blowout in my favor, but game 2 he had the sanctum for my anjelly when i was holding a useless forbidden lance in hand that would have saved me from any other trap sans warning - thankfully game 3 i opened trap stun anjelly and managed to stun a sanctum the next turn while looping his board back round 2 vs satellar (2-0) game 1 was very long and grindy, tiaramisus and triverrs basically sending each other back, but eventually im able to get in a second 4000+ damage poke and take the win - game 2 i 101 an effect negated coth'd vega and set vanity's, he tries to altair next turn and i flip the vanity's and he never finds an out to it the rest of the game round 3 vs weird antimeta kaiju monarch deck? (2-1) game 1 this guy drops a trag when i attack him directly with hoot/gelato on my first turn and im very confused, i have an instant fusion to loop it back but i don't want to overextend and i have a veiler anyway so i feel safe - next turn he plays the star changer card that alters the level of a monster in hand, tribute summons 1 for a vanity's ruler, plays the monarch continuous spell that prevents them from being destroyed or targeted, and i realize i don't have a single out in my deck for that savagery so i go to game 2 - he vanity's early but is unable to find a way to clear my gelato hoot pokes so i take it, and game 3 i just remember him scooping early when he realizes he doesn't have a way to deal with my board round 4 vs towers turbo (2-1) game 1 he summons towers and i cant get the crab king up to deal with it, games 2 and 3 he sides out of the turbo and into the control-oriented cards like lose 1 turns and thats a-ok with me because i have the trap stuns and forbidden lances to deal with them round 5 vs normal qliphort (2-0) again like last time, trap stun just put in so much work in this matchup - game 2 i did see a towers but still had a hootcake on board from a previous turn anjelly and held a mewjelly play so i was able to leviair > tiaramisu back his two scales > summon another 4 off ticket and make a crab king to crash into towers, poke for 4500 and then still have an mst for his remaining scales the next turn round 6 vs shaddoll (2-1) game 1 he opens pretty horribly and has to try to exciton my turn 1 anjelly board, which i have the negation for, game 2 i open like...double trap stun double hoot and a gelato lol and he denko's the two trap stuns and i never draw anything to get me going, game 3 he forgets to send off construct and doesnt realize/bring it up until a turn later when a judge rules it's already an accepted gamestate, i felt kind of bad because he was super on tilt over it (and i've done similar things in the past) and would have let him go back and send it no question if it had been the same turn (i had a set de-fusion and a veiler in hand so im pretty sure i still would have won anyway tbh), but shit happens i guess and i take the win next turn SO THIS IS WHERE THINGS GET INTERESTING... im charging my phone in my judge friend's car inbetween rounds when he comes out to me and tells me that he's been talking to other judges at the event and they decided to come to a ruling on tiaramisu and chateau entirely unprovoked - i don't know how or why the question even came up, but he tells me that from that point on if a tiaramisu's effect activates and the cards return to hand instead of deck via chateau, i'm not allowed to return any cards from my opponent's side of the field to the deck needless to say i was pretty livid and demanded explanation, and even though the judge corps was split on it, the head judge decided to rule against what has been the norm for madolche since REDU dropped in 2012, so i was 6-0 with a surprise deck and had to pay the rest of the tournament essentially on impossible mode with judges breathing down my neck the rest of the way to make sure i didn't try to do it anyway r7 vs nekroz (1-2) game 1 he valks my push early and im able to set up an otk shot a couple turns later, thankfully i didnt need to return anything with the tiaramisu to my hand this game to do anything but then in game 2 i'm faced with a conundrum - he has 2 face up royal decrees and a denko with 1 in hand, and i have access to the mewjelly play which will let me clear his board and push for the remaining damage for game that turn, but he maxx c's my mew - for those of you counting at home, a maxx c on a mew is a guaranteed 6 draws from a combo, but it was a risk i would have been willing to take if i had been able to add the mew and jelly back - alas, i ended on the messengelato and only let him draw 3 from the maxx c, and he drew into a ju and blew me out and i proceeded to brick g3 and lose badly i almost dropped at this point because i was so discouraged from having to play a crippled deck for no legitimate reason, but i decided to carry on regardless r8 vs satellar (2-0) i was honestlly so relieved to see a turn 1 unuk and know i was facing satellar because it's a deck i feel i can win the grind game against without needing to loop anything, and lo and behold i was correct - both games i was able to push, trap stun and return things as needed without having to worry about hand content because by that point my hand was loaded with madolches anyway, and i felt pretty good going into the last round at 7-1 all things considered r9 vs burning abyss (1-1) game 1 was one of the most intense games of yugioh i've ever played - it lasted 36 minutes despite neither of us slowplaying at all, somehow the tiaramisu chateau ruling never came up the entire game, and both our resources were almost entirely drained by the end point - his board was dante dante vergil and a mechquipped with no material plus a known fire lake, i had a tiaramisu, a-la-mode (both with no material), hootcake and messengelato with a fiendish on his vergil - on my turn i hoot for a magileine, knowing he would have to fire lake immediately to prevent a dweller - he adds back lake and cir, and i summon another 4 from hand to 101 his vergil, run over the mechquipped and take it to game 2 - i open my hand with a few minutes left of mew, mew, hoot, mind crush, lance and vanity's and accept the tie in my mind, i still tried to play it out and got very crafty/cute with how i tried to play the hand but i still ended up losing out to life point damage after time had been called i managed to just barely squeeze into top 8 and won the hearts of many a duelist at the event that day, i had people rooting for me throughout the event and it feels good to get positive vibes from so many people just for piloting a certain yugioh deck well hung around after for a bit, did a really bad and awkward deck profile running on zero sleep at that point and watched my judge friend pull a farmgirl from his packs so that was cool too PROPS: topping with a deck i like a lot!!! back to back top 8s, my third one this year overall opening anjelly and winning dice rolls all day, not gonna lie tbh the stars definitely aligned properly for me overcoming a really piss awful judge ruling SLOPS: judges the rest of my group dropping by round 5 uh idk it was a pretty good day overall aside from that madolche are great!
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    It's a very good card. As Sess said before, "from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand."   It's going to be a Soul Transition like card in Qliphort.   Lets you search Denko Sekka, Thunder King Raioh if you play Hunders. That Wattgiraffe + Exciton combo got a lot better now that we play Instant Fusion regardless for Norden.   Lets you search Fossil Dyna in Rock Stun, also hitting Retailiating C to get Maxx C and Traptrix (all EARTH for Block Golem) is good as well. Traptrix XYZ being EARTH, makes Block Golem better, etc.   Obviously, it makes bad decks better, but that is precisely the point. Those decks were bad because they lacked a themed searcher.   When Jeff or somebody tops with CFs or something strange playing this, then the masses will think this is great, etc.   I mean some tournaments are pretty small, etc. a good player could top 16 even with a "fair deck"
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    [spoiler][/spoiler]   This thread was the only place with all the correct people for this meme
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    echoing ooze into demonfire, legend tier play warlock quitted after this lmfao
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    So in my coffee doing homework dazed mind while doing some Calculus, I realized that the clownblade dream is kinda alive in terms of setting up the deck more consistently than it is now. Much of the clown deck is pretty staple but I will explain the main combo first and then talk about the techs in the deck (no extra or side for now):     Mathematician+ a level 3 monster like Spell Striker = clownblade combo wombo i learned this combo a few hours ago but i just want people to learn it it gives you a invoker+feral and aJigabyte with the blade in grave and a clown as a xyz       Math eff, dump Clown, special Clown rota into Spell Striker special striker overlay striker and math into invoker invoker effect to special thousand blades overlay the thousand blades and clown for a feral imps feral imps to add Jigabyte you can also summon heroic challenger assault halberd from invoker.     So the combo is very simple to set-up with cards already in the deck.     2x Performage Trick Clown   3x Mathematician 1x Spell Striker 3x Jigabyte 1x Nefarious 2x Performage Damage Juggler 1x Performage Hat Tricker 2x Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd 1x Heroic Challenger - Thousand Blades 3x Maxx "C"   3x Instant Fusion 3x Reinforcement Of the Army 1x Raigeki 1x Foolish Burial   3x Fiendish Chain 3x Breakthrough Skill 1x Solemn Warning 1x Vanity's Emptiness 1x Torrential Tribute 1x Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 3x Anti-Spell Fragerance    Anti-Spell: For the longest time, I have always wanted to find a card that can help secure one more turn against shaddolls and nekroz, since those 2 decks have their own blowouts against this deck like Trish and Shaddoll Fusion. Now with Anti Spell, the deck I have noticed has an better time not getting rofl stomped by these cards and it lets clownblade floating be maximized with feral imp 2nd detach searches and clown. It also helps against respective Maxx "C"s since usually decks cant activate spells drawn from maxx "C" like Raigeki or spells in general.           
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    The best deck for ladder is always the deck you can play the best.
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    Assuming you're playing Secret Paladin yourself (a name I feel is a bit of a misnomer, as Paladin with Mysterious Challenger seems to be the only acceptable way to play the deck) and we are talking about the mirror... I wouldn't say just going for face is the ideal solution, unless you've established tempo before your opponent (meaning your opponent is obligated to trade into YOUR minions, or else you'll go for face every turn and win). Paladin secrets are fairly predictable, and the deck lacks true outs to established fields, outside of Knife Juggler + Mustard combos. Consecrate is a card, but it prevents you from establishing your own board presence for the beginning of mid-game, which is why I find it underwhelming since as it's so reactive. I find it necessary to throw down mid-game threats (such as Piloted Shredder) to prepare for the turn 6 MC drop, rather than deal with the threat of clearing an entire board of weenies with Consecrate. I actually have found the card very underwhelming in general against most aggro decks. Against Face Hunter for instance, you can't just not trade vs them, anticipating the t4 consecrate, as you will have most likely lost the game by that point if you allowed that many minions to swing for face unanswered for that long. If you end up trading early, then it ends up only hitting a couple of things, and it feels kind of shitty as compared to other t4 options. I found that, if you end up drawing it early, a turn 5 repentance can help to nullify the effects of an MC on curve. Assuming the super secret suite, Repentance will absolutely wreck MC in certain situations. Assuming Noble Sacrifice will proc Redemption (I feel as if Redemption by itself is more effective than Redemption + Noble Sacrifice, but that's a discussion of a different type of Secret Paladin, with only four secrets, that I'll reserve for a later post), then that really leaves you with only the threat of Avenge to worry about. If you established your board or have SOME capability of dealing three damage your next turn, then the threat of Challenger is pretty much nullified. Not saying you will always have that option, but it's something to consider, as it can supplement a Piloted Shredder drop for a very strong turn 5 countermeasure towards the inevitable.
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    [spoiler] multiple sources cite he's still on set shooting scenes with a guy many people believe to be Jesus (from the comics). Negan also rumoured to be being caster as a man named Odin or something. Glenn is alive. [/spoiler]
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    Hi Dgz, long time lurker here deciding to cross post a regional report I wrote from reddit, I always love reading these here so decided why not write one for myself.   So yesterday was another garden city regional at pandemonium games, the last one was quite successful for me as I got 5th with volcanic star seraph and I was hoping to finally break my 5th place curse this time.   Shoutouts to Ny3   The deck works through infinite resource generation in pendulum summoning zefraniu or having magical abductor in the low scale zone, the deck plays defensive until a point in which you can either resolve jiatous effect with a pendulum scale up or summon jiatou with multiple zefranius on board already, you usually kill your opponent by synchroing into 3 baxias and another level 8 in one turn and can usually get to this extremely quick with all the draw power and search power the deck has.   Entry packs I pulled dick, friend pulled an ulti ignister that he swapped my ultra for (thanks dexter), another friend loaned me a star eater that I absolutely needed to beat towers turbo (thanks gibran), I wasn't able to find a psyframelord omega that i would replace horus with but ironically horus ended up being one of the absolute best cards in the extra deck all day so I don't think i'd play omega after this anyways. Sign ups finish and the regional is announced to be 384 players with 9 rounds and top 48 invites, with myself already being awake for 22 hours straight I knew I would probably be dead by the end of the day. (also bare with me if i don't remember some of these rounds perfectly since I was close to passing out all day)   Round 1: Fire king Kozmo Opponent is a cool guy that I've played against before a long time ago Game 1: I opened slow and had to just set a monster but I was relieved when he normal summoned farmgirl, he then teleported into another farmgirl and swung into my facedown chiwen, off chiwen I brought out jiaotu and in main phase 2 he switched the tele'd farmgirl for forerunner then played kozmotown to add back farmgirl, on my turn I eccentricked his sole backrow and combo'd off with jiaotu into triple baxia ignister to spin his forerunner and swing for 9,750 and kill him. Game 2: he made me go first and I opened nuts with void ogre baxia chaofeng made with light monsters and divine strike set, he spaced my divine strike which I negated with void ogre then raigeki'd which i divine striked, then he activated onslaught and I nearly shit my pants, he passed turn and then garunix came back and wiped my field, I pendulum'd out and summoned jiatou to baxia his backrow away then made horus to steal his garunix (horus steal #1), he didn't have an answer and I finished him off the next turn. 1:0   Round 2: BA This kid was young and new to the game but actually really good with BA and ended up getting his first invite too, he cheered me on for the rest of the day and instantly recognized my deck which was the only person of the entire day who knew what I was playing. Game 1: he went first and made double dante with 3 backrow search tour guide endphase, I oracle for zefraniu set up my scales and he flips fire lake and I fall over dead Game 2: I go first but don't draw royal decree, however I do get a first turn yazi out and he is never able to deal with it, I eventually make a 2nd yazi and use both of them to pop his backrows then path both yazis back to the extra deck and pendulum out and make both yazis again, he can't recover Game 3: I don't remember this game very well but he didn't open very well and I just controlled the game with yazi again 2-0   Round 3: Heroes Game 1: he went first and opened with a set monster and 4 backrow, I think hes playing yang zings at this point and when I setup my pendulum scale he mask changes his facedown bubbleman (which I didn't know was an illegal play at the time) into acid and wipes my scale, I still manage to grind out his backrow with eccentricks and he never gets dark law on board since I divine strike his hero lives. game 2: he goes first and doesn't open dark law again, the game grinds on for a bit and eventually he hero lives into mist and grabs mask change, on my turn I bait him into using mask change by using baxia's effect on one of my yang zings to revive jiatou, I then pendulum out and sync jiatou with zefraxciton into horus to steal his dark law (horus steal #2), he can't recover from this and I take it next turn. 3-0   Round 4: Towers Turbo Game 1: he opens with a wavering eyes play into pendulum summoning 2 qlis and setting 2 and passing, I draw and he immediately flips skill drain, I just oracle for a zefraniu set a chiwen and pass, he scout searches for towers and pendulums 1 and tributes for towers under skill drain without realizing that skill drain negates towers if its face-up before towers is summoned, he runs over my chiwen and I grab bi'an from the deck, on my turn I run bi'an into his towers (no damage cuz of chicken game) and summon bixi from deck and chiwen from grave, main phase 2 I normal summon zefraxi and synchro for trap immune horus, chain link 1 I use horus to negate skill drain and chain link 2 use his effect to steal towers (horus steal #3) as its currently negated by skill drain, I get his towers then skill drain is negated so im now in control of immune to everything towers and he can't do anything. Game 2: he doesn't open towers and I open triple wavering eyes 4-0   Round 5: BA Game 1: He opens double dante fire lake and I get taken to pound town Game 2: I open with pendulum zefraniu and search oracle set decree, he specials a ba and tributes for majestys fiend then raigekis me and attacks then sets 3 and I flip decree in the end phase, I oracle for another zefraniu and pendulum both then summon chiwen and he books it, on his next turn he just runs over chiwen and for the next 8 or so turns we both just draw pass as he can't kill my 2600 defense goats and he also can't use any BAs with majestys up or any traps with decree up, I keep setting monsters to avoid discarding and setting up path and eventually path into a tuner and summon chiwen to make yazi and run over one of his face down BAs, on his next turn he crashes his majestys into yazi and makes 2 dantes and passes with decree still up, I pendulum out 3 zefranius and normal summon jiatou and he drops maxx c, I know theres nothing in his deck to stop this from being game so I just push through maxx and let him draw 10+ cards and kill him with triple baxia void ogre. game 3: he drops first turn majestys fiend and I have no way to set up a pendulum scale and sit on zefraniu again 4-1   Round 6: Kozmo Game 1: He can't push through facedown yang zings and just scoops early once I accrue so much advantage from zefraniu and magical abductor Game 2: I feel like im in total control and have double zefraniu in defense mode to only his sliprider then he drops double kaiser colloseum, I had already used 1 eccentrick at this point and my pendulum scale was full so I couldn't use anymore, I try to wait it out (which was a mistake, I should've just scooped immediately realizing I had no real way to out this aside from him making a mistake and summoning more than 1 monster) but eventually he summons farmgirl then raigekis me and activates E tele for game. Game 3: This game goes on for a long long time and im down in life almost the whole time while hes way up from forerunner gains but can't break my wall of zefranius, at some point he plays kaiser and I think im going to lose to time but then topdeck mst like a champ, once we're in time I think life is me at 4000 something and him at 11k and I make yazi crashing into his forerunner to summon jiaotu from the deck and then main phase 2 combo off into triple baxia ignister spinning his entire field and forerunner away and then overlaying 2 baxias into felgrand, he raigekis my ass hard and I just poke him with felgrand, he draws bottomless and hits my baxia with it the next turn so I just swing with felgrand again, he sets one card and on the final turn of time I'm able to combo off and deal well over 10k for game. 5-1   Round 7: Towers Turbo I know hes playing qli so I decide to go first Game 1: I open horrible with 3 regular yang zings eccentrick and zefraniu, I just set chiwen and pass assuming im totally dead, he plays 2 qlis in pend zone and wavering eyes, scout searches carrier and he plays it in pend zone to pendulum out the 2 destroyed qlis, he then wavering eyes's again and searches shell tributing the 2 on field qlis for it and runs over chiwen for 2800, I bring out bi'an in attack mode and he runs it over for 1200, I bring out jiatou and he sets 1 activates laser qlip and passes. I draw oracle for turn and eccentrick his facedown mind drain, activate oracle for a 1 scale and activate jiatou to combo off into triple baxia void ogre spinning his whole field and killing him for 9900. Game 2: He goes first and plays scout searching towers, activate disk in pend zone and pend 3 tribute for towers make me discard bixi pass. I wavering eyes his scales away to search zefraxi and discard it along with some other yang zing for jiatou to summon zefraniu and chiwen, make baxia then baxia pop chiwen to revive jiatou and chiwen summons zefraxi from the deck making baxia a tuner, I sync baxia and zefraxi together for star eater and run over his towers and set a 2nd wavering eyes to his 0 cards and the games over. 6-1   Round 8: Towers Turbo Game 1: He opens absolutely horrible with scout search monolith pendulum carrier tribute for monolith and draw 1 off monolith pass, I open with the combo and kill him with triple baxia void ogre Game 2: He opens first turn majestys fiend and I have a hand of all monsters, I get destroyed Game 3: He opens scout for monolith pendulum 1 equip with saqlifice and tribute for majestys fiend to search scout and draws 1 in the end phase, I have triple wavering eyes but no pendulum monsters, I play chicken game and miraculously draw into eccentrick, play it in the pend zone wavering eyes for 3 banishing the majestys fiend and searching another eccentrick, normal suanni to swing 1900 and set both wavering eyes, he plays scout searches monolith and upon activating monolith I flip the 2nd wavering eyes, with 2 cards left in hand he plays both in the pendulum scale and I apologize as I flip the 3rd wavering eyes to close out the game (dear konami, if you are pushing a pendulum centric format for the love of god please ban wavering eyes as it turns any pendulum mirror matches into complete coin flips) 7-1   Round 9: Normal Qliphort Game 1: He goes first and opens with just carrier equip saqlifice pass, I open the combo and kill him turn 1 with triple baxia void ogre Game 2: he goes first and just summons carrier sets 2, I activate jiaotou bringing out zefraniu and bi'an and he flips lose 1 turn (I realize now I absolutely should've brought out chiwen instead of bi'an as then I could've made yazi and kept jiatou on board), I sync jiatou and zefraniu for void ogre set wavering eyes and dark hole and pass, he tributes his carrier for vanity's fiend and bounces my void ogre and swings for 2400, he then scouts for monolith and in his end phase I chain wavering eyes to monolith and search for zefraxciton, I dark hole his vanity's fiend and normal summon zefraxciton and start swinging, he keeps drawing backrow and zefraxciton eventually puts it in for the win. 8-1, 4th place   the long long long tournament is finally over and I'm happy I was able to top again with another fun deck, the rest of the top 8 for anyone wondering was 2 BA, 2 Nekroz, 1 Kozmo, 1 Infernoid, and 1 Madolche. Props: Breaking my 5th place curse Metaphys Horus Opponents having to read all my cards Dodging infernoids and psyframes all day Not getting veiler'd once all day Tony for driving me and other friends for cheering me on Wavering Eyes Slops: Wavering Eyes (seriously fuck this card) shitty entry packs Judges making a retarded ruling on chateau almost causing the at the time 6-0 madolche player to not top Majesty's fiend   Thanks for reading
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    Oh never mind Ive been lied to
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    Is this your 5th personality?
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    Just played a dude who topdecked Portal into Confessor Paletress into summoned Grom, then topdecked Azure Drake into Portal into Iron Juggernaught, then topdecked Dr. Boom.  With no other cards.   Sometimes the game decides who will win.
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    Ragnaros is a pretty sweet threat that can create tons of value but in a meta filled with aggro decks and tokens I'm not sure it fits right now.   Justicar might actually be a good craft since fatigue warrior is positioned well in the meta right now.   In general I would craft legendaries that can work in multiple decks and different metagames.  I would avoid Blingtron/Toshly for this reason and lean more towards the other 3.   You may want to hold off in the meantime though.  If you're sticking to tempo mage I don't feel like any of those are going to be in your deck right now since you should be playing a more aggro/early game board fight version of tempo IMO.  Cards like Saraad and Ragnaros are excellent if you've used your tempo to neutralize the opponent's board position but given how aggressive the meta is you'd probably rather play other things like Sludge Belcher or Flamestrike.   Currently I'm playing the 4 secret Paladin that (cross?) made.  It feels pretty well positioned as it can hang with hunter and beat aggro druid pretty consistently.   The first place I would like to improve if you're having trouble is the mulligan.  I've found that Hearthstone is a game decided by what resources you have in the first 2-4 turns and how you use those resources.  It's hard to comeback in this game so you need to be in the fight right from the start.
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    Honestly, it depends on the deck you want to run it in more so than the legendary itself. Assuming you're playing Tempo Mage, Ragnaros is never really a bad choice. In terms of game swinging legendaries, I feel as if that's one of the top. Aldor and Ironbeak aren't outs on their own, and it can be overall a very difficult card to deal with. Source: Just got dicked on by a Mech Mage running Ragnaros. It's like an 8 mana King Krush, except it doesn't have to physically take damage to trade with things.
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    So creature abilites that create mana, do not use the chase or chain system. It doesnt go on the stack. They cannot be countered. You get the mana as soon as you use the ability.
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    200th win for mage after I duplicate cromagus then effigy for KT. felt so sweet. i can only imagine how my opponent felt.
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    the episode went from 0-100  in the first 5 seconds like holy shit      reminded me of that Jojo opening, you know the one
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    I'll have enough dust to craft a legendary either tonight or tomorrow. I can't decide which one though.   Right now my thoughts are Ragnaros, Blingtron, Toshly, Justicar or Saraad. Relalistically it wont be Justicar or Saraad even though I want them. I mainly play Tempo Mage so the first 3 are all good options. However Ragnaros fits into multiple decks but It's not like I'm close to fully building the other deck anway, so.   I like the idea of Bling/Tosh but I haven't actually played with them myself and I'd hate to craft them and end up hating them. So Rag is probably the best option overall but I just wanna be sure. I don't wanna not craft Toshly or something and in a few days wish I did.
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    damn that was an amazing episode of gravity falls
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    I've been playing a combination of Tempo, Warrior and Hybrid Hunter. Doesn't matter. I just can't do anything currently lol. I just need to smoke a bowl run some errands and try again in a few hours lol
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    play face hunter or something that beats it
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    I've been in such a funk the past day and a half. I finally got to rank 7. Then I just can't seem to win the past 12 hours and I'm back to rank 10.   When I get angry I know I need to just stop playing for a bit. But I get pridful and want to break my losing streak but I don't cause I'm mad and it's just a cycle /:
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    A wind familiar final form card would really make the speedroid stuff go round. Is there any inkling it will ever come out?   Memko seems legit. Mentioned to it to my friend and he told me memko and the other guys cost him a giant hand a weekend or so back haha.
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    For Escape Device you shuffle at resolution, you select th monster at resolution. Meaning you shuffle back the ship.
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      While gun ownership is mandatory in Switzerland, so is Gun Training. This is extremely important as an actual healthy gun culture leads to actually healthy gun legality. Also countries with gun control aren't really much better on average. This is a myth often perpetuated by the reasoning "firearm related crime is lower" but that's it, other forms of violent crimes never cease to compensate for the drop in firearm related crime because people are just gonna find the next best thing to commit the crime with (as well as protect themselves) But the UK is a shining example of Gun Control doing fuck-all for crime prevention.   I don't have a stake in the gun legality for america, due to the location and environment of America especially, I don't think banning would help or even be as easy as other routes.
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    Finally cracked rank 10! woo!!!   It seems to me like the "new" way to play against Secret Paladin is to just try to go face against them the whole game? And while I understand you don't want to activate Avenge, letting my field of weenies go +1/+1 because you stopped trading usually means I'm going to win the face war, especially by the time I drop Challenger. I don't think it's a good long term solution.
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  30. 1 point
    I bought too much stuff and now I have to try and get it all home on the train. I am not looking forward to this
  31. 1 point
    I didn't want it to sound like I hate ideas you come up with, so I went and put 3x Reasoning in my deck. Taking out Maxx. I must admit, I really lik what it brings to the game. Especially in the mirror match. There were drawbacks though. Losing perfectly good games when they call it right. Having it as blow out in games already won. Getting stupid levels on top. The paradox of 1st turn Reasoning.   I did some very rough math for Reasoning.   For the sake of the calculation I assumed a player is using: -3x LV8 -3x LV7 -3x LV5 -3x LV4 -3x LV3 -3x other (LV2&6)   In a vacuum that gives your opponent a 16,6667% chance to call it right. We will assume everyone checks under your deck for archetype and if you are doing well everyone know what you are playing anyway in a tournament. Later in the game opponent can check the grave and banished cards to increase his odds of calling it right. They can also asses which of your monsters in that situation hurts them the most and call that.   Is the advantage this card gives you really great enough to let it ruin 16,6% of the games in a tournament? I went on and assumed you don't side it out (if you would side it out it would be for hand traps most likely and those were deemed "not important enough" for game 1 despite cards such as maxx being alive all the time vs. great majority of the meta.   In a YCS with 11 rounds you wil need 9:2 to reach the top. If 16,6% out of 33 games (5,5 games roughly) you have played over the course of th tournament are lost due to your opponent calling Reasoning right that would mean you are sitting on a 9:2 result (had to round the numbers obviously).  One could think "oh, that isn't even that bad". That is without counting games you lost to floodgates, the mirror match, dead hands, god hands, Towers, chain burn etc. And not counting the games you have lost when they called it wrong on reasoning but the level that you got was utter crap for that situation you were in, also you milled Raigeki and MST which would come in handy later on.   For this post ot have a point or purpose, I ask again, is the advantage this card provides really great enough to risk it?
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    So I haven't noticed it mentioned on any of the previous pages but the field spell seems like it'd be pretty disgusting in a Yang Zing variant of this deck. If y'all check the tournament reports section about the Zefra-Zing build that topped a regional recently, you can see the crazy combos that come from resolving a Jiaotu and having scales set up (think multiple Baxia spinning their shit and making any combo of lv 7/8 Synchros, Felgrand, or Light-stopping Chaofeng to kill through Juggler). Since Sky Iris turns any YZ monster into Jiaotu and gets your "low" scale for the combo, I figured that might be worth looking into.    Some benefits of running this would be access to Baxia for killing their scales without loading their extra or having an expansive Synchro toolbox. Obv the tradeoff for this type of variant is that space in both the main and extra would be soooo tight that some crucial concessions like Maxx "C" or staple XYZ would have to be cut or cut into your main combo pieces. Also vulnerability to disruption. IDK, this new support makes the upcoming age of deckbuilding very open-ended IMO. Thoughts?
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    Wild Natures Release is Limiter for Master of Oz. Catapult Turtle? Reasoning target, cool Last Will plays. Doesn't work with Megamorph well, but plays great with something like Limiter or Wild Natures Release Exiled Force is a Last Will trigger. Mystic Wok
  34. 1 point
    My favorite HIAC is probably the 6 man as well. However, for those who dont know I had been doing a chronological history of NWA/WCW/WWF/E through the Network. Started at Starrcade 83 and was going to end at WrestleMania XX. Right now the next show on my slate is No Mercy 2002 so seeing Brock/Taker HIAC I from a perspective after this match will be very exciting to watch.
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    which zoo are you using?   pretty standard midrange demon with 2 flame juggler
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    How much do i need to donate so i can be admin? I get my check on the 1st
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    Current DN Policy is that TCG legality is dependent on whether or not a card is legal in the U.S./Canada, not Europe. Similar to how Korean Promos aren't legal for play since they aren't in Japan. For the purposes of DN, Europe is a magical fictional place like Neverland, Middle Earth, Hogwarts or Argentina. If you have a problem with this policy, go German Suplex Atem with a properly researched and cited college thesis-tier argument.
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    im going as daredevil/matt murdock 
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      w/ accessory  
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    I can really see why people stopped posting. These reasons for not playing Reasoning are insane. "you'll mill the field spell" and "ghost ogre will be important" are not good enough reasons to dismiss a powerful card like Reasoning. Granted I haven't even tried out the card, but the fact that these are the excuses for not playing a card is absurd. I can also see why you seem to ruin all the discussion M.c.b
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    So I played a bunch of games vs those trollframe cards and wanted to share a few bits of tech skill. I still dont believe the match up is in dolls favour but there are a lot of things you can do to mitigate those odds. 1. If they have omega up on you slowly set your hand barring 2 monsters to fuse with and an el shaddoll fusion. If you have access to it, play shaddoll fusion. When they chain to tag out just chain your el shadd fusion and not only will you play around all their hand traps but you will also get to fuse from deck as omega needs to banish a card to tag out. 2. Try to drop a winda using el shadd fusion in response to their rabbit, cardcar or on the ep in response to the yosens effects. Not only do you play around their hand traps but you keep them from summoning their synchros on your turn (make sure you have answers to yosenjus/overload if you do though). 3. Majestys fiend +decree is essentially autowin vs the deck. Since you generally control the pace of the match up you can simply wait out for the cards (unless its yosenju then you usualy have to be a bit more proactive). 4. Setting a squamata, then flipping it up and attacking can sometimes just win you the game. They need to summon a monster to deal with it and if they use the battle stopper youre still in a decent position. Both cases will allow you to use ell shad on their turn freely.
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    I've actually had this debate before with someone else, but basically Mystic Swordsman direct hits are nearly twice as much as Sasuke Samurai hits. This is very relevant in games, whereas the Book of Moon interaction almost never comes up.
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    first suggestion would be to post in the correct section.
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    Why not side cyber dragon core for the kozmo match up? It's a side card that we can mill plus it sends the kozmos to the grave instead of banishing them to be brought back with town or straw man. 
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    I think by now we all agree Towers Turbo is not the way to play and it is a one trick pony and a glass cannon even. Sure you can play Chicken Game now and stuff but that deck is pretty bad. Especially if you consider one fifth of your games are going to be Qli mirror and two fifths Nekroz which have 2 or more outs to Towers MAINED now. Others too. We can move on to a slower build with actual chances of going 8:2.    What traps specifically are you talking about iFocus? Lose 1 turn covers a lot of decks across the field but doesn't cover a few of the important ones. If we take into consideration Nekroz is still best it would be a good decision to play 3x Lose 1 turn. But I would dedicate the second place to both Qli and BA due to popularity, price, strength and easy play style. Lose 1 turn is mediocre against them at best. Other decks to consider are Ritual Beasts, Kozmo and the ever present Shaddolls. Shaddoll and Kozmo are susceptible to Lose 1 turn, Ritual beasts are not. But we should be winning all these three matchups anyway with any build so let's get back to the first three.   Nekroz can be beat with basically anything if you play your cards right, they have so many weaknesses it doesn't matter how you build. Not saying this in a cocky kind of way. What nekroz have is the most consistent engine in the game and a whole lot of weakness which they compliment by playing MST, Hands, Denko etc. Generic cards. Burning Abyss and the mirror are our toughest matchups here. Of all the decks out there. That is why I would not play Lose 1 turn. I would still play a small amount of traps.  I dropped Towers in my testing in search of something less cloggy because I will be damned, I draw it opening hand more than Scout. Probability or black magic or what ever the hell it is, this thing is not working for me.    Currently I am trying out an engine that works well with Qli and Works on it's own as well. Vanity's Fiend with Stormforth. Across the board Stormforth is good vs. everything an so is Vanity's Fiend. When these two cards aren't enough on their own I add in Pendulum Impenetrable and Trap Stun.   Impenetrable wins BA by itself, especially when they have Fire Lake. With Impenetrable I actually WANT them to have Fire lake. Impenetrable if you read it says it negates cards that target. If they target any of the Scales their whole effect is negated. And then you win because they waste half a dozent effects for Lakes cost.    Trap stun is very slow I will admit that but incredibly good vs. trap heavy decks. Those are generally not a problem but lately those decs also run Anti-Spell Fragrance, Mistake a lot of Mirror Forces and Sinister Shadow Games. Trap stun negates all of those for a turn. And all you need is a turn. A turn to resolve your scout and pop Mistake with Helix. A turn to negate Ritual Beast Combination and take away their monsters. A turn to negate ASF to set up scales. Etc. Working out GREAT for me, I suggest it to everyone.    What I have also found out you can read bellow:   Nekroz: Imperial Iron Wall very good. Necrovalley is still better but with a bunch of Infernoids, Ritual Beasts and the new Kozmo deck IIW seems to cover more ground. Nekroz seem to go play a faster game now, trying to get both Shurit effects and then reuse it with Exa, something like this is very nice to have around. They still go for Exciton a lot vs. Qli. That can't be helped by Lose 1 turn+Re-Qli alone. That is another reason I went the Monster flood way, they dropped djinn outs mostly so I usually go unopposed game 1. Their only out except for Raigeki is PRincess + cannon. And if I have a high scale other than Scout even that doesn't help them anymore. Denko Sekka and Decree never left the building apparantly. We thought that is over at EC but all of my Nekroz opponents there used Decree and Denko and I guess these two cards are just too good not to play. I used to side Mirror Force out because of them but it seems they reallydo play faster nowdays so I leave it in.    Burning Abyss. HAven't played a lot of games agaisnt them but I know I won most of them. They don't run Tower outs. Traveler is not really an out if we play any traps. Impenetrable and Trap stun are great as long as they don't open the nuts. Life points are a bitch though. You can't let them Barbar you a lot because you get under Sharks 2000 real quick.   Qliphort. Fuck this matchup. Wavering Eyes wins. I think it is a good idea to side out the cards (both players). The card is retarded in the mirror. I thought about Galaxy Cyclone but i find it lackluster and slow against everything. I am probably going to play Ghost ogre. Simply because there is nothing the can do about it other than Impenetrable. I also want as many Hand traps in the game for shitty FTKs.    Ritual Beasts. Started dropping like flys after I started using Trpa Stun. They have Combination and the ability to OTK through MF after they set up. I just needed to wreck that.   Shaddoll. Clown version is sick. The clown that searches also shuts down Wavering eyes and that wrecks us turn one if it happens. They can also drop turn 1 Naturia Beast and they use Sinister shadow games as MST. They OTK with ease and it is the better version of the deck.    Hero. Popular. All I want to say about this deck.   Sattellar.  Same as it was. A good deck with a bad matchup because their Rank 4 engine isn't the best against us and they can't use Mistake.   Infernoid. Nice deck. Lots of reliance on Reasoning. The new little guy is interesting, can copy Patrulea etc. It still loses to mained stuff. Not afraid of the matchup.   I would like to use D.D.Crow, Maxx C and a few others but I simply can't find space to side them in after I side the more important stuff. 
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    So this guy was playing some weird janky Black Garden anti-meta deck.   So I proceed to do what Harpies do and clear his entire backrow and summon Zerofyne against 5 tokens. He is beefed up to 4600 ATK (cuz of Harpies Hunting Ground + 8 other cards). I swing into a token for 3800 damage.   He switches all of his tokens to Defense position and passes.   Next turn, I pondered if I made the correct play on the previous turn, and then I realized...  
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