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    i am no longer a gay virgin.   it's pretty much the same as regular sex, except I enjoyed it way more.
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      In a distant past, yes. Seven straight failures.
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    gentlemen   ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)   we kissed
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    the dude fucking bit my neck a little and left a mark, so i cancelled a date i had the next day with a different dude.   i'm already a total whore.
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    shrink cabal also puts 2 minions on board and targets a lot of meta relevant things already
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    I would die laughing if Jessy won.
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    [quote name="...Boosh" post="4001075" timestamp="1446970142"] This is incredible.  No words can accurately describe the feeling from watching that.  Just watch it now. Or you're under arrest. [/quote]
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      Tinder matches by location so that's like 5 other people to pick from?
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      this wont end well My phone autocorrected Denis to Dennis.
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    my relationship has taken off to new heights as of late. my girl can finally take me after us putting in the time and effort over the last two months, which ended up being incredibly easy due to two very high sex drives.   she just let me know that if she bruises a little it isnt a big deal and my heart skipped a beat.   i pretty much get to use her however i like and she wants to be used. of course, every now and then she will want to take the lead and that can be fun too.
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    I understand the desire for something tangible for yourself but sexy lingere is expensive as fuck and she clearly views it as a gesture she intended to do to please you. It's a six month milestone I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth on this one and just enjoy yourself / her.
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    Also the Screenshot option is back.
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    Some random things after playing vs kozmo/noids: -You need more enablers like hat tricker/jigobyte/RotA like cards(call me crazy but maybe fossil dig isnt a bad idea since it deals with kozmo ships G1,enables a low scale and can make laggia ), and more copies of instant fusion. There were a couple of game when i lose the diceroll that i should pass with shitty hands like multiple trickclowns. -you need some sort of protection during the opponent turn ( namely, emptiness ) -you need a play when you go first ( something like ending with a feralimps with a trickclown under it) -I needed more times a 3th feral imps than a 2nd trapeze -the maindecked vector is bullshit -I played storm instead of MST since it can do both things, start your plays when you star with a lone icecream, and deal with the opponent backrow in the proccess. -Im iffy with chameleon.   about the extra deck: -You need to play gagagasamurai to steal games with partnaga/sweeper. -You need to play F0 ( kozmo ), Raphosody ( both ), dark rebelion(when they leave the Onur guy and a raiden, you can halve the raiden and they must lose they next battle phase crashing onur against the Rebellion.) -I never summoned emeral. EDIT: just to have a reference, that is what im current playing. I have a Regional next week and i have my hopes in this deck ( due mirror of infernoid is pure shit ) [spoiler] [/spoiler]
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    Good luck finding a serious relationship. So you bypassed the serious yet worrying views to attack the sarcastic one.
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    I am going to see the lion king in London in January
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    Honestly, we could go back and forth and add asterisk to every stat we bring up. I know you watch the games. I might disagree with some of what you say, but I respect it! We will see as the year goes on.
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    Don't be a baby   i wasn't. i swallowed the damn stuff like he wanted. i am a giving lover.
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    how much do u luv drake 
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    Dennis if you're doing anal you should get yourself checked for stds first even if you're using condoms it's really really easy to spread stuff that way. Just something to consider, pp does those tests for free.
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    Denis came out a few weeks back. (http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=115842&page=3261#entry3995794)
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    is Denis actually bi now or is this just an extended joke?
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    8 mana mc would be played since shrink cabal cost 8 mana and can only steal up to 4 atk I think hs should have a sandbox mode so we can practice combo and stuff
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    I died at 4-3. Lost to bad matchups but it's w/e. Had a good time still.
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    For this particular YCS I blame it on timing. Just before the new list, people being fed up with the format etc.
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      "sorry brah your deck doesn't actually work"
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    i feel like most of you will be single for life
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    'Human Nature' doesn't exist outside of our idea of it, I thought this Aristotelian idea died centuries ago. But I digress, becuase Competition itself surely exists in nature outside of humanity. It is the basis for both Capitalist and Evolutionary theories, both of which developed by obbservation of the natural way of things, similar to Aristotle. I only mean to say this to point out the logical error in the idea of 'human nature', as it is more of a nature of life, which is almost tautological. So, if it is the animal nature of yourself that you please by winning, by all means then brother.youre supposed to read more than just the ancient greeks before you make retarded posts like this
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    How many watch lists am I about to be on for posting in a thread about "expecting sex"
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    the franchise itself doesn't really lose out, given that the target audience continues to be marketed to successfully. further, the target audience is content to continue purchasing product. the only losers here are people who care more about the secondary market as a vehicle for filling one's own wallet, and said people are not an audience YGO as a franchise has ever desired or actively catered to. You're playing a game that refuses to go out of its way to help the secondary market in this way: if you've already known ygo is like this, there's no sympathy we'll have. If you didn't know, then now you know. Knowing should guide your future actions. nope. this isn't a burden; when you bought product, you got what you paid for - product, i.e., cardstock usable for gameplay and collectible enjoyment at moment of purchase. the transaction is over, and it is fair. there never was, and never will be, a guarantee of that cardstock retaining a certain value on the secondary market. Koomy never bloody told ya there was such a guarantee, and if you convinced yourself that it somehow implied there was such a guarantee, you misled yourself. If someone outside koomy told ya there was such a guarantee, or implied it, that other person misled you. koomy is not to shoulder the burden for your mistake. there's seriously nothing crooked about it when they never told you, ever, that the card wouldn't be hit. No lie was committed. No misleading occurred from koomy. You are entitled to what you purchase. You didn't purchase an item with any sort of reliable ability to appreciate in value. Functionality decisions and business decisions are one and the same; the idea that the company alters F/L lists with anything BUT future product and "the sort of game we want to create for the next X months" in mind is dogmatic rejection of the facts. There is no unique truth to what you say, because every F/L adjustment has this dual nature of being a "functionality" decision and also a "business" decision at the same time. Every decision R&D makes, every decision the Judge Program Manager makes, every marketing decision - they all have elements both of business and functionality. I feel like you just don't know how ygo works and has always worked. Your complaints just don't have anything to them that we can take as meaningful or worthwhile.   Business always will encroach, and it always has, and acting like Exciton is a different story shows me that either you are new to ygo or you just haven't been paying attention to F/L list shit. Further, there's nothing different about your vanity being hit and your exciton being hit, because the vanity decision was "business encroaching" too. I feel like you need to get over yourself a little bit.
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    Welcome to dgz, please use the default font in the future, thanks.
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    That's faster than it took me. "I'll use my CC and rack up some point and pay it off immediately. Solid Plan." "Well I don't have to pay it back right away. I'll just wait until the payment is due." "Well I have no interest for a year so I don't actually have to rush." "Fuck that year's up. THROW ALL THE MONEY AT IT." "I'm out of money to throw at it. Help."
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    i mean isnt it a common thing for rich white british college clubs to burn money in front of homeless people? is it even surprising anymore to find out rich white british kids are sociopaths, and end up doing realy really weird shit 
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    I have the wrong attitude towards work. I see my extraordinary intelligence as a substitute for hard work rather than as a great pairing for hard work, which prevents myself from living up to my potential. The further I get in life, the more I'm realizing that this won't continue to be a winning strategy, and it's hard to adjust to the fact that I actually need to make a substantial effort to get what I want out of life. In other words, my entire life I got away with being an underachiever, and it's hard to stop being one.
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    Woke up Fell out of bed Dragged a comb across my head Found my way downstairs and drank a cup And looking up I noticed I was late Found my coat and grabbed my hat Made the bus in seconds flat Found up my upstairs and had a smoke Somebody spoke and I went into a dream
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    so we've established that Karujin is like 17, and he has a superiority complex because he got an A in IB Psychology and thinks he's going to be a psychologist that can diagnose our insecurities over the internet