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    i am no longer a gay virgin.   it's pretty much the same as regular sex, except I enjoyed it way more.
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      In a distant past, yes. Seven straight failures.
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    gentlemen   ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)   we kissed
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    the dude fucking bit my neck a little and left a mark, so i cancelled a date i had the next day with a different dude.   i'm already a total whore.
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    shrink cabal also puts 2 minions on board and targets a lot of meta relevant things already
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    I would die laughing if Jessy won.
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    [quote name="...Boosh" post="4001075" timestamp="1446970142"] This is incredible.  No words can accurately describe the feeling from watching that.  Just watch it now. Or you're under arrest. [/quote]
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      Tinder matches by location so that's like 5 other people to pick from?
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      this wont end well My phone autocorrected Denis to Dennis.
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    my relationship has taken off to new heights as of late. my girl can finally take me after us putting in the time and effort over the last two months, which ended up being incredibly easy due to two very high sex drives.   she just let me know that if she bruises a little it isnt a big deal and my heart skipped a beat.   i pretty much get to use her however i like and she wants to be used. of course, every now and then she will want to take the lead and that can be fun too.
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    I understand the desire for something tangible for yourself but sexy lingere is expensive as fuck and she clearly views it as a gesture she intended to do to please you. It's a six month milestone I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth on this one and just enjoy yourself / her.
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    Also the Screenshot option is back.
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    Some random things after playing vs kozmo/noids: -You need more enablers like hat tricker/jigobyte/RotA like cards(call me crazy but maybe fossil dig isnt a bad idea since it deals with kozmo ships G1,enables a low scale and can make laggia ), and more copies of instant fusion. There were a couple of game when i lose the diceroll that i should pass with shitty hands like multiple trickclowns. -you need some sort of protection during the opponent turn ( namely, emptiness ) -you need a play when you go first ( something like ending with a feralimps with a trickclown under it) -I needed more times a 3th feral imps than a 2nd trapeze -the maindecked vector is bullshit -I played storm instead of MST since it can do both things, start your plays when you star with a lone icecream, and deal with the opponent backrow in the proccess. -Im iffy with chameleon.   about the extra deck: -You need to play gagagasamurai to steal games with partnaga/sweeper. -You need to play F0 ( kozmo ), Raphosody ( both ), dark rebelion(when they leave the Onur guy and a raiden, you can halve the raiden and they must lose they next battle phase crashing onur against the Rebellion.) -I never summoned emeral. EDIT: just to have a reference, that is what im current playing. I have a Regional next week and i have my hopes in this deck ( due mirror of infernoid is pure shit ) [spoiler] [/spoiler]
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    Good luck finding a serious relationship. So you bypassed the serious yet worrying views to attack the sarcastic one.
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    The winning YCS decklist ran 2 of them in the Main Dexk.
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      we're talking someone who says they are well endowed saying something along the lines of   "anal is easy you just slide it in easily and maybe you might need to spit or something"   lolno
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    http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Card_changes   Enjoy. There's a fun little infographic somewhere but I couldn't find it, you might be able to if you searched through /r/hearthstone but you'd have to sift through all the entitlement and whining and ultimately it's not worth it.
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    Also congrats Denis. I feel like I should say something more deep or profound but "congrats on the actual enjoyable sex" sums it up pretty well (dear diary my sex life is pretty good though antidepressants make my dick feel numb)
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    Is there a list of everything that eas errated before I started playing somewhere?
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    mind control was only good because every deck in the meta was a late game control deck   if mc cost 8 now it still would not see play imo
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    Mind Control was an amazing answer back when it cost 8 mana. Alas, those days are no more.
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    Kozmo domination. Pretty sweet.
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         shiiiiiiit so you're telling me it was all paul's fault?   say no more i understand     shiiiiiiit so you're telling me it was all paul's fault?   say no more i understand That's not what I said at all you little shit   There's no need for name calling Miss Green! like poetry
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      Then how the fuck is this "first person to use wavering eyes in the pendulum mirror match loses"? its like that only for the people too lazy/stupid to play the card correctly     which is how?   i mean, exactly like you said, which is nothing close to "first person to use WE loses," it's clearly more dynamic than that more than just if they have their own too, depends on pretty much everything about their hand which is about everything you could ask for in a format-defining interaction like this why are people so afraid to be outplayed?   unpopular opinion but i feel like if the card was an 80 dollar secret you guys would be stomping the people at your 20-40person locals that couldnt afford it and be talking about how skillful it made pendulum mirror matches (which it does, but only because it's a common that's universally available!)
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    Just won a Hearthstone tournament the TeSPA organization at my school was holding during our Blizzcon watch party event. It was a Single-Elimination 12 person tournament, but I was not one of the few who received a bye. It was the same conquest format that the World Championships were played in, but with two decks instead of three, for the sake of time. I played Aggro Druid as my starter deck, and Midrange Secret Paladin as my backup. Played against four Control Warrior, three Secret Paladin, and one Freeze Mage deck. Although I acknowledge the fact I cancered my way to first place, I got a soft, fluffy Hearthstone pillow for my efforts, so that was nice.    [spoiler][/spoiler]
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    Not that good, but made me laugh:   [spoiler] [/spoiler]
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    Its norcal,   Obligatory 1000> people in a SoCal YCS this game is dead majority of socal duelists are actually jobless bum and can't afford to go on a 6hr+ trip
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    Fiendish Chain isn't as good as it once was due to targeting immunity, you're probably better off playing Memory Loss, for Shura to overrun.   But that makes Zephyros less good, you could probably drop it, as blasphemous as that may sound. You don't need TT either.   I agree that it seems Black Sonic is the reason to run this deck now, because Majespecters and Kozmo ships are cards.   Now that Exciton is gone, people have to battle, and that gives you more reason.   But people aren't going to swarm because of IA and won't attack because of Kalut, so there's that.   Majespecters also keep monsters off your field, so Black Sonic, Kalut maybe dead.   It's probably a 1-of, Forbidden Lance seems like a key card to get your plays to go through.   -----------   This is still a very fair deck. so you probably need Maxx C.
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    i still play because Tsudoishi hoshi ga hitotsu ni naru toki, aratana kizuna ga mirai wo terasu! Hikari sasu michi tonare! Rimitto Ōbā Akuseru Shinkuro! Shinka no hikari, Shūtingu Kuēsā Doragon!!!
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    The correct answer is 0. If they don't fuck me before the first date they aren't worth my time.
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    don't tell him how to live his fucking life.
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    hey guys, i don't post here a whole lot but i was inspired to write this report after seeing kevin's zefra zing profile and knowing that i did something fairly unique in the current metagame as well so two weeks ago i top 8'd columbus with shaddoll and sold the deck shortly after, having played it near exclusively since may and feeling like taking a break from it and yugioh as a whole, but a few guys talked me into coming to garden city regionals this last week and i decided i'd just tag along initially i just planned to enter with something fun, play a few rounds, drop and vendor off the majority of the rest of my collection, so i decided to take a madolche build i had won my locals with on thursday and see what happened deck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utvG7uoAkNs i honestly hadn't touched the archetype at all since like...march? until this last week, but i've played it a lot in the past couple years (especially nats 2014 season), and i've been on the wrong end of an exciton one too many times with the deck to know that board wiping monster effects are the deck's biggest issue, so i built with that in mind and ran 7 effect negation cards and a solemn warning something i really wanted to try and would still like to test as well is the emergency teleport engine with ghost ogres, because having a card that lets you instantly leviair/tiaramisu OR make a naturia beast seems great, but i didn't have access to the cards unfortunately, so i had to hope that 3 instant fusion and a couple mewfeuilles would be enough anyways round 1 vs HAT (2-1) speaking of nats 2014! this matchup always felt unfavorable for madolche in the past, if i don't have the trap negation i can just lose all my combo plays to sanctums - game 1 was a fairly large blowout in my favor, but game 2 he had the sanctum for my anjelly when i was holding a useless forbidden lance in hand that would have saved me from any other trap sans warning - thankfully game 3 i opened trap stun anjelly and managed to stun a sanctum the next turn while looping his board back round 2 vs satellar (2-0) game 1 was very long and grindy, tiaramisus and triverrs basically sending each other back, but eventually im able to get in a second 4000+ damage poke and take the win - game 2 i 101 an effect negated coth'd vega and set vanity's, he tries to altair next turn and i flip the vanity's and he never finds an out to it the rest of the game round 3 vs weird antimeta kaiju monarch deck? (2-1) game 1 this guy drops a trag when i attack him directly with hoot/gelato on my first turn and im very confused, i have an instant fusion to loop it back but i don't want to overextend and i have a veiler anyway so i feel safe - next turn he plays the star changer card that alters the level of a monster in hand, tribute summons 1 for a vanity's ruler, plays the monarch continuous spell that prevents them from being destroyed or targeted, and i realize i don't have a single out in my deck for that savagery so i go to game 2 - he vanity's early but is unable to find a way to clear my gelato hoot pokes so i take it, and game 3 i just remember him scooping early when he realizes he doesn't have a way to deal with my board round 4 vs towers turbo (2-1) game 1 he summons towers and i cant get the crab king up to deal with it, games 2 and 3 he sides out of the turbo and into the control-oriented cards like lose 1 turns and thats a-ok with me because i have the trap stuns and forbidden lances to deal with them round 5 vs normal qliphort (2-0) again like last time, trap stun just put in so much work in this matchup - game 2 i did see a towers but still had a hootcake on board from a previous turn anjelly and held a mewjelly play so i was able to leviair > tiaramisu back his two scales > summon another 4 off ticket and make a crab king to crash into towers, poke for 4500 and then still have an mst for his remaining scales the next turn round 6 vs shaddoll (2-1) game 1 he opens pretty horribly and has to try to exciton my turn 1 anjelly board, which i have the negation for, game 2 i open like...double trap stun double hoot and a gelato lol and he denko's the two trap stuns and i never draw anything to get me going, game 3 he forgets to send off construct and doesnt realize/bring it up until a turn later when a judge rules it's already an accepted gamestate, i felt kind of bad because he was super on tilt over it (and i've done similar things in the past) and would have let him go back and send it no question if it had been the same turn (i had a set de-fusion and a veiler in hand so im pretty sure i still would have won anyway tbh), but shit happens i guess and i take the win next turn SO THIS IS WHERE THINGS GET INTERESTING... im charging my phone in my judge friend's car inbetween rounds when he comes out to me and tells me that he's been talking to other judges at the event and they decided to come to a ruling on tiaramisu and chateau entirely unprovoked - i don't know how or why the question even came up, but he tells me that from that point on if a tiaramisu's effect activates and the cards return to hand instead of deck via chateau, i'm not allowed to return any cards from my opponent's side of the field to the deck needless to say i was pretty livid and demanded explanation, and even though the judge corps was split on it, the head judge decided to rule against what has been the norm for madolche since REDU dropped in 2012, so i was 6-0 with a surprise deck and had to pay the rest of the tournament essentially on impossible mode with judges breathing down my neck the rest of the way to make sure i didn't try to do it anyway r7 vs nekroz (1-2) game 1 he valks my push early and im able to set up an otk shot a couple turns later, thankfully i didnt need to return anything with the tiaramisu to my hand this game to do anything but then in game 2 i'm faced with a conundrum - he has 2 face up royal decrees and a denko with 1 in hand, and i have access to the mewjelly play which will let me clear his board and push for the remaining damage for game that turn, but he maxx c's my mew - for those of you counting at home, a maxx c on a mew is a guaranteed 6 draws from a combo, but it was a risk i would have been willing to take if i had been able to add the mew and jelly back - alas, i ended on the messengelato and only let him draw 3 from the maxx c, and he drew into a ju and blew me out and i proceeded to brick g3 and lose badly i almost dropped at this point because i was so discouraged from having to play a crippled deck for no legitimate reason, but i decided to carry on regardless r8 vs satellar (2-0) i was honestlly so relieved to see a turn 1 unuk and know i was facing satellar because it's a deck i feel i can win the grind game against without needing to loop anything, and lo and behold i was correct - both games i was able to push, trap stun and return things as needed without having to worry about hand content because by that point my hand was loaded with madolches anyway, and i felt pretty good going into the last round at 7-1 all things considered r9 vs burning abyss (1-1) game 1 was one of the most intense games of yugioh i've ever played - it lasted 36 minutes despite neither of us slowplaying at all, somehow the tiaramisu chateau ruling never came up the entire game, and both our resources were almost entirely drained by the end point - his board was dante dante vergil and a mechquipped with no material plus a known fire lake, i had a tiaramisu, a-la-mode (both with no material), hootcake and messengelato with a fiendish on his vergil - on my turn i hoot for a magileine, knowing he would have to fire lake immediately to prevent a dweller - he adds back lake and cir, and i summon another 4 from hand to 101 his vergil, run over the mechquipped and take it to game 2 - i open my hand with a few minutes left of mew, mew, hoot, mind crush, lance and vanity's and accept the tie in my mind, i still tried to play it out and got very crafty/cute with how i tried to play the hand but i still ended up losing out to life point damage after time had been called i managed to just barely squeeze into top 8 and won the hearts of many a duelist at the event that day, i had people rooting for me throughout the event and it feels good to get positive vibes from so many people just for piloting a certain yugioh deck well hung around after for a bit, did a really bad and awkward deck profile running on zero sleep at that point and watched my judge friend pull a farmgirl from his packs so that was cool too PROPS: topping with a deck i like a lot!!! back to back top 8s, my third one this year overall opening anjelly and winning dice rolls all day, not gonna lie tbh the stars definitely aligned properly for me overcoming a really piss awful judge ruling SLOPS: judges the rest of my group dropping by round 5 uh idk it was a pretty good day overall aside from that madolche are great!
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    I've been here for 6 years, and I don't like ygo, anime, video games, or brand new, but I'm still here. You can't just walk out on us like this man. This is duelistgroundz, we're supposed to help and support each other.
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    I have very unsurprising news.   It's National Coming Out Day, or something. So I thought I'd let you know I'm starting to come out of the closet. Your ol' pal Denny is a big flamer.   I feel I have been both stunning and brave. See you faggots around.
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    tl;dr - a bunch of "pro" players showing us all that no matter how "good" you are at this game, you can still argue like a bunch of fucking pre-teens
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    based on how long that was i was hoping for something better than people arguing about how good they are at ygo
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    no you see Roy is innocent because if you call him fat it means you're ugly and you cheat to because you forget to search for sangan so you have less cards in hand and they can't dustshoot you to reveal the traps you didn't set because karujin's a psychology major It's just basic logic.
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    He came back from being banned for cheating, continued cheating and had the same success in a game that isn't that difficult in the first place? Congratu.fucking.lations. It's cute when people try to prop Roy up as if he's the Barry Bonds of yugioh, except his head is somehow bigger and his balls are somehow still smaller.