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    i am no longer a gay virgin.   it's pretty much the same as regular sex, except I enjoyed it way more.
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      In a distant past, yes. Seven straight failures.
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    gentlemen   ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)   we kissed
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    the dude fucking bit my neck a little and left a mark, so i cancelled a date i had the next day with a different dude.   i'm already a total whore.
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    shrink cabal also puts 2 minions on board and targets a lot of meta relevant things already
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    I would die laughing if Jessy won.
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    [quote name="...Boosh" post="4001075" timestamp="1446970142"] This is incredible.  No words can accurately describe the feeling from watching that.  Just watch it now. Or you're under arrest. [/quote]
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      Tinder matches by location so that's like 5 other people to pick from?
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      this wont end well My phone autocorrected Denis to Dennis.
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    my relationship has taken off to new heights as of late. my girl can finally take me after us putting in the time and effort over the last two months, which ended up being incredibly easy due to two very high sex drives.   she just let me know that if she bruises a little it isnt a big deal and my heart skipped a beat.   i pretty much get to use her however i like and she wants to be used. of course, every now and then she will want to take the lead and that can be fun too.
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    I understand the desire for something tangible for yourself but sexy lingere is expensive as fuck and she clearly views it as a gesture she intended to do to please you. It's a six month milestone I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth on this one and just enjoy yourself / her.
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    Also the Screenshot option is back.
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    Some random things after playing vs kozmo/noids: -You need more enablers like hat tricker/jigobyte/RotA like cards(call me crazy but maybe fossil dig isnt a bad idea since it deals with kozmo ships G1,enables a low scale and can make laggia ), and more copies of instant fusion. There were a couple of game when i lose the diceroll that i should pass with shitty hands like multiple trickclowns. -you need some sort of protection during the opponent turn ( namely, emptiness ) -you need a play when you go first ( something like ending with a feralimps with a trickclown under it) -I needed more times a 3th feral imps than a 2nd trapeze -the maindecked vector is bullshit -I played storm instead of MST since it can do both things, start your plays when you star with a lone icecream, and deal with the opponent backrow in the proccess. -Im iffy with chameleon.   about the extra deck: -You need to play gagagasamurai to steal games with partnaga/sweeper. -You need to play F0 ( kozmo ), Raphosody ( both ), dark rebelion(when they leave the Onur guy and a raiden, you can halve the raiden and they must lose they next battle phase crashing onur against the Rebellion.) -I never summoned emeral. EDIT: just to have a reference, that is what im current playing. I have a Regional next week and i have my hopes in this deck ( due mirror of infernoid is pure shit ) [spoiler] [/spoiler]
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    Good luck finding a serious relationship. So you bypassed the serious yet worrying views to attack the sarcastic one.
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    The winning YCS decklist ran 2 of them in the Main Dexk.
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    I am going to see the lion king in London in January
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    Yes.   Yes. I think the ruling was that fusion subs work anywhere except in the Deck.
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    1. thats right. only cards that fusion summon can operate with generic listed cards   2. yes, according the the fusion sub wikia page (dont know a tcg source), fusion subs apply while in hand, field, and graveyard. they cannot apply while in deck or while banished. so in your case king of the swamp can be banished by frightfur fusion, miracle fusion, etc
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    Dennis if you're doing anal you should get yourself checked for stds first even if you're using condoms it's really really easy to spread stuff that way. Just something to consider, pp does those tests for free.
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      so that was the issue all along......im so sorry
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    Denis came out a few weeks back. (http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=115842&page=3261#entry3995794)
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    is Denis actually bi now or is this just an extended joke?
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    didnt adam get 12 in a row lol or something in the double digits     10 in a row, via cheating outrageously    yeah
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    i thought it was just me
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         shiiiiiiit so you're telling me it was all paul's fault?   say no more i understand     shiiiiiiit so you're telling me it was all paul's fault?   say no more i understand That's not what I said at all you little shit   There's no need for name calling Miss Green! like poetry
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    Not true at all. Tyree just played my deck at a Case Tourney and got top 4. Granted it wasn't like 70 or so people the build is very consistent on doing what it wants to do. That is Omega/Devy Omega/Onu/ Omega Omega etc. http://imgur.com/ZIuuFLT   -6 Tuners. the 3 Deca 3 Raiden. You want the normal to be either of these because the turn one you usually want to start with an Omega.     -1 of each Big. 1 Devy and 1 Onu. Keeping the monster count down you do summon these alot more, but Omega can keep just get these right back if you really need them.     -2 Attondel3Steis. Format has changed and Attondel is no longer the dude to clear through and get in damage. Usually the best he does is crash with Omegas. he can't kill Dark Destroyers or even Ignisters so cutting him to 2 is fine because you only summon him in the few matchups of Tella, Ba, and Mirror. Steis shines in the Majespecter matchup if they don't have enough Tempest and removal for him.      -3 of the Small Ones.1Antra Antra literally is for the BA matchup and to bounce random things you never know could exist. Don't forget Omega in grave can return an Antra for Deca if need be to make it level 3. You need the others to just make the Omega t1 easier. and because they are the better ones.     The spell lineup is 3 Upstart, 3 Instant Fusion, 2 Charge of the Light Brigade, 3 Reasoning, 1 Monster Gate, 2 Void Seer, 1 Soul Charge, 2 Cyclone, 1 Burial.   2 Cyclone might be 2 much, but outing scales in the Majespecter Pepe matchup is pretty strong as well as hitting the drains and emptiness's.  Instant Fusion equals, Auto Dwellers vs Ba and Kozmo Instant Fusion equals Omega, Omega, Omega, Omega Instant Fusion equals whatever it needs to be to win. That is why it's amazing. Soul Charge does something Rekindling or One For One can't do. Special summon from grave other cards besides Deca. Seriously like Instant Fusion for Norden and the make Omega 1 and then Soul Charge for Omega 2 is legit.    2 Breakthrough. Could be Stormings or whatever but BTS is just generic good vs many things.    Side:15   3 Decree 3 Great Horn 1 Soul Drain 3 Mistaken Arrest 3 Space Typhoon 1 Lyla 1 Quarantine   1.Quarantine for the PsyFrame Decks, Kozmo as well. It's like a meh dweller that makes me not have to constantly waste Devy tributes as well as making Etele dead. 2.Arrest can't be out'd by MST and still can be sided for new Blue and the obvious Fake Pepe decks. 3.Great Horn is great vs the Pen decks and even more amazing in the mirror because when they summon Patrulea or something to bait out backrow or monsters with Harma they lose that mp1 and then your field isn't threaten'd and they must go to mp2 if they want to attempt to combat the field.     Extra Deck:15   2 Norden 1 Ancient Sacred 1 Rose 1 Chaos King 1 Scrap Archfiend 1 Stardust 2 Omega 1 Scarlight Red 1 Dweller 1 Castel 1 Pearl 1 Big Eye 1 Alsei   Extra deck is almost self explanatory.   Alsei can call Instant Fusion Reasoning Charge just anything and bounce anything. Also it's 32 def is great as a wall for the Dark Destroyer. Stardust is like just a way to protect the retard fields. It could become something else but since no Felgrand and this is easier to make as well as a recurring monster it's hard to simply beat sometimes. Chaos King Archfiend is a cool OTK card for the mirror like Ancient Sacred type otk. It also flips the Dark Destroyer's attack to 1800 so that way your dweller field can get in there. A second antra is probably needed to make this card easier to make but since it's only a  1 card out to DD then 1 antra seems fine since you can just make a Scarlight and Dweller and end the field that way as well.       I decided to type it out since a picture seems to not wanna load with it.
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    In other news, a card I'm surprised nobody has really brought up yet is  [spoiler][/spoiler]     Analyzing purely the base stats, 5 Mana for 4 Atk, 6 Health has pretty decent stats for a five drop. You could simply play this card on curve and be fine. Most importantly, with 6 toughness, it has the ability to survive combat against most other five drops. This is actually very important.   I'm imagining this card working amazingly in several possible scenarios.   Rogue: The first scenario would be through its synergy with Cold Blood in Rogue. If you play this card on turn 5, and then play Arcane Golem on turn 6 with Cold Blood, that's 16 damage right there. You could also Shiv your own minion to draw two cards, but that's beside the point.   Paladin: There are so many cards that they could use in conjunction with this card; I don't even know where to begin there. I could see a very aggressive, Divine Favoradin deck coming alongside this, utilizing a lot of buff spells.   Warrior: While I think this might prove to be a bit unreliable, another scenario I could think of this card being useful in is Raging Worgen OTK. Although this deck as a whole can be fairly unreliable, if Djinni is able to stay on the board for more than one turn (and maintain at least two HP whilst doing so), turn 6 Raging Worgen + Inner Rage + Charge = 24 damage. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to come up with the rest of that 6 damage.   Priest: Another deck that I actually think might benefit from this is some sort of combo Inner Spirit + Divine Favor deck (or possibly just thrown in elsewhere). Normally these cards are very bad, since their impact upon the board can be mitigated by a single silence, or minion removal. However, when two minions are blessed with this combo, it makes it much more difficult to deal with (this card having six toughness helps out a lot.) You could even play this on turn 6 alongside Power Word: Shield to make this card a 4/8 (which I think is pretty good value for 6 mana) and then draw TWO cards. Velen's Chosen would give you some pretty nasty Holy Smites and Holy Novas (and quite possibly that new card). Light of the Naaru could potentially summon two Light Wardens!   Shaman: Probably the least practical idea of them all, but Ancestral Spirit + Reincarnate could lead to some silly board states.     Idk. I would need to really play around with this card to see if it has some untapped potential. It comes out with the first wing, so I'm pretty excited to try this.
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    Not that good, but made me laugh:   [spoiler] [/spoiler]
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    Fiendish Chain isn't as good as it once was due to targeting immunity, you're probably better off playing Memory Loss, for Shura to overrun.   But that makes Zephyros less good, you could probably drop it, as blasphemous as that may sound. You don't need TT either.   I agree that it seems Black Sonic is the reason to run this deck now, because Majespecters and Kozmo ships are cards.   Now that Exciton is gone, people have to battle, and that gives you more reason.   But people aren't going to swarm because of IA and won't attack because of Kalut, so there's that.   Majespecters also keep monsters off your field, so Black Sonic, Kalut maybe dead.   It's probably a 1-of, Forbidden Lance seems like a key card to get your plays to go through.   -----------   This is still a very fair deck. so you probably need Maxx C.
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    get your sister to do the dirty work OBV
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    don't tell him how to live his fucking life.
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    SANJI IS WHAT????   *on break next week*   Oda's a fucker.
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    i feel like most of you will be single for life
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    every so often someone proves that the game isnt solved. i play because i love the prospect of finding a hidden gem in the dirt. yugioh is so many things rolled into one. art (of creation), competition, community, a volatile market. i love how i can pick up plants or ritual beasts and play solitaire alone at home.   also every so often i feel there is hope in the relationship of me and konami. Bosh is going to be like a second  honeymoon
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    Woke up Fell out of bed Dragged a comb across my head Found my way downstairs and drank a cup And looking up I noticed I was late Found my coat and grabbed my hat Made the bus in seconds flat Found up my upstairs and had a smoke Somebody spoke and I went into a dream
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    6:00 - rolled over 6:30 - contemplated rolling over again. 6:45 - k shower.. 7:00 - scrubbin' shower. 7:15 - we out, we dry, we fly. 7:35 - we in the car on our way to the train station. 7:45 - gettin' on the train 9:00 - smokebreak outside of work 10:00 - finish our weekly thursday conference 11:00 - some tickets 12:00~ Some lunch, and more tickets 3:00 - another smokebreak. 5:00 - contemplate life a lil,  5:30 leave work 6:00 more trains reading snowcrash 7:45 - walk home, enjoy the nice fall weather. 8:00 eat sum dinner 8:09- contemplate my existence on dg.
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    He came back from being banned for cheating, continued cheating and had the same success in a game that isn't that difficult in the first place? Congratu.fucking.lations. It's cute when people try to prop Roy up as if he's the Barry Bonds of yugioh, except his head is somehow bigger and his balls are somehow still smaller.