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    If this was posted years ago in YGO, people would say you are making excuses for your losses and justifying them. You need to man up and learn to do better next time.   Holy shit do not post stuff like this.  This is a verbal warning, don't post stupid shit.
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    It's a terror tactic. By taking credit, they make people fear them. "Look what we can do with just 8 people" when those 8 people are acting independently pushes the belief that an organization has more power than they do OR flexes their actual power without having to waste resources.   it goes further than that. radical islam wants the rest of the world to hate all muslims, it gives them numerous advantages including civil unrest for their enemies and an ostracized demographic that becomes more sympathetic to their cause
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    Eh, we just have to go out and live normally. Half of the streets here are crowded and there was a huge gathering near to the bar where the attack begun. They just want us to be afraid. Show that we ain't.     From Paris.   PS : We beat the Germans at soccer and nobody speaks about it.
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    i can't stress it enough that people need to leave their comfort zones and do something with their lives. everyone should have their own 'seattle moment,' especially if they are in a position to explore who they are. it's a blessing that we have the opportunity to do so. nothing is guaranteed.   it's fine to be nervous, but it should be an excited feeling. it's just a fear of the unknown and everyone has this issue.    ---   that said, here's a harsh truth: you sound mentally unstable. like really mentally not all there. another poster said immature, which is true.   all these artificial goals, deadlines that don't exist, these 'problems' or excuses you have are all superficial and self-absorbed.   i hope this doesn't put you off, but i suggest reading into it : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder   as an example, this whole thread comes across as an internal struggle you are having. you're not really here to 'ask for help.' so instead you just list a bunch of 'problems' that you have.   it's pretty black or white: you either fucking move or you don't.   self-actualization gets you far. smile, don't be afraid to introduce yourself. you just need to do, Carbon. instead of working at a deli snacking on food, you need to man up and not be a pussy. but you already knew all that, since your entire thread laid it all out.   childhood is a period in your life. you are now an adult.   if you can't even handle not eating disgusting overprocessed shit food or stick to a diet; how do you expect to live on your own, pay your own bills, etc?   ---   but anyway, i moved across the country after college. i didn't know anyone and left everyone behind. although it's more like, people are too busy with their own shit to even really notice.   the truth is, their lives will be mediocre; with you in it, or without you there.   i don't talk to anyone at home anymore and i don't think i will ever consider these people 'my friends' again. so there's that, but everything else is great. :)
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    "some guy ate my ass hole" WOW GOOD FOR YOU, WAY TO GO BUDDY "I'm tired, I don't wanna work." FUCKING IDIOT SHUT UP NO ONE CARE'S QUIT POSTING FUCK
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    it very quickly stops being fun
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    [spoiler][/spoiler] Main Deck (40): 3x D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok 1x D/D/D Rebel King Leonidas 1x Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon 2x Juragedo 1x D/D Berfomet 2x Maxx "C" 3x D/D Swirl Slime 3x D/D Necro Slime 3x D/D Magical Astronomer Kepler 1x Allure of Darkness 1x One for One 3x Upstart Goblin 1x Foolish Burial 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Burial from a Different Dimension 2x Mask Change II 3x Dark Contract with the Gate 1x Dark Contract with the Swamp King 1x Vanity's Emptiness 1x Dark Contract with the Witch 3x Rivalry of Warlords 1x Solemn Warning Extra Deck (15): 1x D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok 3x D/D/D Oracle King d'Arc 2x Masked HERO Dark Law 1x D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga 1x Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand 1x Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon 1x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 1x Number 11: Big Eye 1x D/D/D Wave King Caesar 1x Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Ghostrick Dullahan Side Deck (15): 2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 2x Flying "C" 2x System Down 3x Wavering Eyes 2x Deck Devastation Virus 1x Eradicator Epidemic Virus 1x Dark Contract with Errors 2x Light-Imprisoning Mirror With the cards available to the TCG, I designed this build similar to what the OCG have been using since the debut of DOCS-JP. It's still missing some good cards such as D/D Night Howling and D/D/D Temujin, but this has been doing fine for me so far. As soon as I saw that these cards were included as imports for DOCS-EN and were all dirt cheap, I knew that I wanted to at least give these guys a try so that I can finally have something inexpensive as an alternative to Burning Abyss.   How does D/D play For those who know nothing about this archetype, Contract with the Gate is this theme's version of Qliphort Scout. Similar to Scout, it can add any D/D monster from the Deck to the hand once per turn and it pays LP to maintain (unless you control Leonidas or Oracle), though it has a name restriction that prevents abusing. D/D Savant Kepler is this deck's other primary search card, as it can search for any of the Contracts, such as Gate. Being a LV1 Pendulum Monster, it's accessible by both Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and One for One so that the odds of seeing it early game are almost guaranteed. Despite Kepler being a Pendulum Monster, you'll rarely if ever place it in the Pendulum Scale since Pendulum Summons aren't this deck's priority, nor will you really consider using its other effect to bounce a D/D to the hand.   Typically with Gate, you'll want to get Swirl Slime and Necro Slime together. Swirl Slime lets you fuse from your hand and Necro Slime fuses from the graveyard. As of now, the only card that these can summon is Oracle King d'Arc, who's this deck's primary boss monster. It doesn't have a significant effect rather than turning the burn damage of Contracts into healing, but this deck pumps it out a lot to pressure the opponent. There's the option to immediately summon two Oracles right away, but I've felt that it's better to save the Necro Slime for later.   The reason for this is because of another significant card, D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok. Its Pendulum Effects revives a D/D from the graveyard when you Special Summon a D/D monster, so one of my favorite plays is to use Necro Slime to Fusion Summon a second Oracle and then using Ragnarok to revive the first Oracle. As a monster effect, it can revive a D/D/D from the graveyard when Normal or Special Summoned. Rarely you'll Tribute Summon this card, as you can use Swirl Slime to Special Summon it from the hand if needed. Sometimes, it may be better to use Swirl to summon it from the hand rather than the combo with Necro Slime because using the Pendulum effect will half all damage that you inflict that turn. It's also noteworthy that Ragnarok's monster effect is currently the only reliable way of summoning Kali Yuga.   As for the other D/D monsters, Leonidas is only a 1-of because despite being useful to summon, it's not great to have it in hand if you have an Oracle preventing Effect damage to trigger it. D/D Berformet is literally only played just to have easier access to D/D/D Wave King Ceasar, which is a great Rank 4 Xyz for maintaining your field and how it keeps searching for more Contracts every time it hits the graveyard.   As for the other Dark Contracts, Swamp King may not appear so great in comparison to the Slimes, but there are plenty of times where you'll need this card as an option. It's important to know that Swamp King is the only way to reliably summon D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Ceasar Ragnarok, who is an amazing boss monster that can answer obnoxious monsters such as Dark Destroyer (as long as the opponent controls another monster). Dark Contract with the Witch is a Continuous Trap version of Raigeki Break that also buffs your monsters by 1000. Even if targeting cards aren't great against monsters this format, hitting backrow or Pendulum Scales is valuable especially with how Kepler can search it, and you'll have plenty of good cards to discard such as the Slimes or monsters to revive with Ragnarok. Dark Contract with Errors is the love child of Royal Decree and Trap Stun as long as you control a D/D monster, which is just outright amazing against decks that play a decent number of traps, and you can't go wrong with negating your own Vanity's Emptiness to push your plays.   D/D/D Human Resources is mostly played because this deck loses its plays if it runs out of Oracles to Fusion Summon. This isn't a problem in the OCG where Temujin exists as an option to make a graveyard of three Oracles amazing, but it's surely better than resorting to something like Jar of Avarice. It's a 1-of strictly because it's only impressive in the late-game.   As for the remaining D/D cards available from the TCG cardpool that I'm not playing. Galilei doesn't do anything for this deck besides dodging cards like MST, but other than that and the occasional Pendulum Summon (which you'll rarely find optimal), there's no great reason to play this besides filling space. D/D/D Sniper Tell isn't a good card because the only reliable way to summon it is by overlaying Ceasar, but Ceasar is objectively a better card. If Ceasar has no materials attached and you already have all of the Contracts that you need, then maybe it's a decent option to summon if you'd like to send D/D cards to the graveyard to set up plays. D/D/D Contract Change can add Kepler to your hand, but you're much better off with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and One for One. I'm not a fan of Contract Laundering, as its only good if you're either about to die from the burn damage or breaking even against a card like MST. It should be self-explanatory as to why I'm not playing Pendragon or Pandora.   The Traptrix engine Representing the "T" in this thread's title, I felt that this was the best splashable engine to take up the rest of the room that D/D currently has empty in the TCG. Arguably, going first with a Kepler and/or a Gate search without backrow to stop it seems helpful, but the addition of Myrmeleo grants this deck even more solid "going first" plays. Pumping out Oracles may seem like a solid strategy, but it's not a relevant threat without the Trap Hole cards to protect it. For those who noticed, I took inspiration from that one PePe build that topped a Regional for the ratio, though I haven't tried testing Dionaea yet. Time-Space Time Hole is the most relevant of the Trap Holes now, so it has a higher number than Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Replaced with Mask Change II, Rivalry, and MST. See post #28 for the explanation.   The rest of the Main Deck Juragedo is played not only because it can help push for damage or act as a chump blocker, but it's a LV4 Fiend which means that it can help summon Wave King Ceasar easier. The LP gain from it is also helpful if you're trying to not die from the Contract burn damage and it's important to prevent the Kozmo player from landing a direct attack with Farmgirl. Burial from the Different Dimension is a cute tech that I considered because not only can it reuse your Slimes, but it can also cockblock the opponent from adding cards back with Kozmotown, leaving them in the graveyard where they're useless.     The Side Deck Not only is it annoying to find Fortress Dragons IRL, but System Down is harder to answer than a Cyber Dragon summon and doesn't conflict with Rivalry of Warlords. It may not be optimal to leave Kozmo cards banished, but this deck plays plenty of cards to prevent them from hitting the field in the first place. Unfortunately, D/D cannot use Imperial Iron Wall too well, so Rivalry is the next best floodgate. All of the monsters are Fiends, so you can just sit back while the Kozmo player is unable to summon any of their ships and hope that they don't answer it with an MST or something.   One appeal about D/D is that they currently don't rely on Pendulum Summons, which makes them less vulnerable to an opposing Wavering Eyes while still benefiting from using it against a Pendulum opponent. As I've mentioned earlier, the only card that you'll place in the Pendulum Zone often is Ragnarok, so the opponent will need their own Zones setup in order to benefit from the effects of Wavering. Having more cards to search for Kepler and Ragnarok is also great.   Since D/D is great at bringing out big Dark monsters, the Virus cards are perfect in here. Especially since you can tribute an Oracle for a Virus and revive it easily.   Match-ups I've only played this deck online in several matches and not in a tournament setting so far, as I'm still trying to get all of the cards IRL. Kozmo isn't an impossible deck to beat and the Trap Hole cards make it easier, but this deck definitely fares much better after game 1. Majespecter variants aren't too difficult since the Oracles can overpower their monsters and the amount of free pluses that this deck can get can keep up with theirs.   I definitely feel that this deck has Tier 2 potential even with the limited TCG cardpool and a great option for players not willing to spend too much, but I've only started trying this theme competitively since the cards were confirmed for DOCS-EN, so I'm still learning how to play this deck the most optimally. 
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    You guys are fucked. She doesn't post here all that often and the only reason you're giving her shit is because she's a girl. Messed.
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    fuck your friend in the ass with the dildo
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    fuck them dude you don't have to put up with that kind of shit :|
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    Scum?!?!??!?!?!?   vote the antagonist    kill kill kill 
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    Got Second At Indy Regional With.  
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    They're crazy, I would've never thought to put that on a burger.  Looks delicious though, will likely have to try it myself.
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    i misplayed so much with reno warlock against warlock, still won cuz healed for 28 lel
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    That looks delicious.     rapture wins the lunch contest I guess...
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    he was complaining that i was using prize cards the previous game, so i only thought this t1 was appropriate.  
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    nigga i dont own ANY of the cards i use on dn
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    Hey guys,I think midrange druid is really strong right now with a lot of people playing reno or control decks to counter reno in the meta. Also a question to above pally poster,why don't u play 2 redemptions? I find that reason why DR 6 is strong is that u get a huge of wall of stats,playing a card what makes my board bigger is prolly worth maxing even though its probably not that good to draw
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    The first time someone played Reno on me, he was at 2 and I had 15 power to kill him next turn, but I was pretty much out of gas. Good thing he was playing multiples in his deck!     Been playing this on ladder. Currently at rank 7 after playing for a couple days. Started with stock lists, and tinkered a bit. I like Zombie Chow more than Secretkeeper, just always having a 2/3 is really nice, instead of having to draw and use secrets at inopportune times. I also like the miser Abusive Sergeant to help trade 1/1s into real creatures. I haven't really been impressed with Argent Squire or Coghammer. 
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    Leo seems like a pretty good card to make right now, just saying.
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    I've been playing Transmodify and it's kind of ridiculously good with the Slime duo. You drop 2 Fusions + Abyss for 7800 damage. If we had the other level 8, Armageddon, that'd be a pretty straightforward OTK, and you're not even using your normal summon (which could be just the normal summon of Denko Sekka to lock down your opponent's traps). Also Dark Law access is pretty strong at the moment, since destroyed pendulums get banished instead, and you get to banish a card if they try searching. 
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    First hockey game in a few years and the devils spank the guins 4-0. Feels good. Eat several fat dicks Crosby.
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    my deck is like your, except im using jeweled scarab and Alex instead of jaxx/faceless cuz i dont have them
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        TFJ if u could pick, would u rather a guy cum on your face, in your mouth, on your ass, in your ass or on your tummy? 
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    Justice has been served:       Chatlog [spoiler] Agent Laughter: eff Agent Laughter's die landed on 1 Agent Laughter: eff Agent Laughter's die landed on 6 Careyious: Why did you summon celfone? Agent Laughter: eff remoten Careyious: k Agent Laughter: eff Agent Laughter's die landed on 5 Careyious: norden eff Careyious: eff king Careyious: damage juggler eff Careyious: eff luster pendulum Careyious: eff plushfire Careyious: plush eff Careyious: luster eff Careyious: pendulum summon Careyious: ignister prominence eff Careyious: plushfire Careyious: It was summoned via plushfire effect so it still has 1600 ATK Agent Laughter: ther is no plushfire on feild Careyious: the plushfire that was destroyed by ignister Careyious: which has the effect of when it is destroyed it summons a performage Careyious: ignister eff Careyious: trickclwon eff Careyious placed a counter on "Performage Trick Clown" in M-5 (now 1) Careyious has lost 1000 life points Careyious: eff trapeeze magician Agent Laughter:  -2000 from instant fusion Careyious: targettking imps Careyious has lost 1000 life points Careyious: Instant fusion is pay 1000 Careyious: imps eff Agent Laughter: yes but u took so long  Careyious: That's not how this works Careyious: either way, please continue Agent Laughter: yes this game is designed for cheaters like yourself who wait very long untill the other player has to tell them to take their damage Careyious: Or I'm human and make mistakes, and as such the game has rules for this Careyious: which is if it is a reparable game state, then you repair it, and continue play Agent Laughter: but this happens every time i play someone woth your deck Agent Laughter: they forget to take the damage Agent Laughter: then ruleshark me Careyious: firstly it's not taking damage, it's paying life points Careyious: if it WAS taking damage, I wouldn't because of One Day of Peace Careyious: If you don't want to continue I am calling an admin to resolve this Agent Laughter: resolve what exactly? that you are a rule shark? Careyious: Resolve the fact you aren't continuing play and taking battle damage Agent Laughter: oh im taking long to take damage? Careyious: unless you have a response for the direct attack by ignister prominence? Agent Laughter: sorry im just human Agent Laughter: yes i have responses for all your attacks Careyious: Please continue then, and activate your response Agent Laughter: i have been continuing Agent Laughter: just thinking is all Agent Laughter: not so fun when someone take a long time to take damage? Careyious: Given this is an imformal match, 3 minutes should be enough time before I call an admin Careyious: if you must delibrate your response, continue thinking Agent Laughter: u want some cheese for your wine? you gonna wine to the admin im taking too long to take damage when u never took yours Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter: look im taking the damage now Agent Laughter: very slowly Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Careyious has called an admin Agent Laughter: ? Agent Laughter: whats wrong Agent Laughter: im taking your damage Careyious: Delibrate Slow play is an offense Agent Laughter: see Agent Laughter: u just wait till someone breaks the rules then rule shark them for a match win Agent Laughter: u are good for nothing bad deck necbeard loser Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points .... Agent Laughter admitted defeat Siding for next duel has begun (1-0-0)   [/spoiler]
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      People shouting "Allu Ackbar" isn't enough of an indicator? Ever heard of a False Flag operation?   Did you know there are multiple Islamic terror groups and "Allahu Ackbar" is not exclusive to any one organization.   its a trap
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    Who cares about the real life shit when you're good at yugioh? Seems like a well worth sacrifice to me.
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    if u wanna be like mr. daoudi u must first lose touch with the outside world. only then can you master ur inner duelist. 
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    Skip past the preface to the tournament report if you want, as it's a Chumlee level read and I'll be honest, I don't actually expect that out of any of you.   One thing I really like to do is boast. But not about me. I love boasting about my close friends, my family, and most of all, my girlfriend.   I think Jackie Bernal is the most underrated duelist of 2015. I'm not just saying that because she's my girlfriend. We're already dating, so there's no real incentive to say that. It's just because of her deep understanding of this specific deck - Burning Abyss. It is a deck that, similar to Jackie, is constantly underrated for every event. Whenever I hear about someone losing to Burning Abyss at an event, they always either say "I didn't expect that deck" or "they opened the nuts".   Really? How long has DG been around for? How long have most been playing YGO for? Does no-one problem solve anymore? How is Burning Abyss CONSTANTLY going under everyone's radar? How come no-one is concerned about one of the most unfair decks in YGO pre-November 9th? This is the second-best, if not the best, decks in the current metagame and you "didn't expect it"?   Well, no, most people just didn't. But I did. And boy, did I practice and practice. But no matter what techs I played, if I wanted to actually beat Jackie, I'd have to make a suboptimal deck that could beat Burning Abyss specifically but would melt/fold to Nekroz. Standard Nekroz can't actually contest with Burning Abyss unless they draw bad, as a good hand from Burning Abyss could turn off Nekroz with sometimes even just 1 trap. Nekroz could main MSTs and other hate for general "rogue" but its mirror would suffer immensely.   This is where I believe Burning Abyss broke away from being "Rogue" and being "Burning Abyss."   One thing very important to understand about Burning Abyss is its flexibility. Think about the evolution of Burning Abyss as a whole. First it was played with Supply Squad, then Big BA happened, then Trapless BA was born when mirror matches became extremely frequent. And finally, when Nekroz was released, trap-heavy BA was born. The build could counteract and out-tempo Nekroz with one or two powerful trap cards that play upwards vs removal and could really only lose when they drew poorly or when Nekroz (the stronger engine) drew a hand where all 6 cards were used to counteract the Burning Abyss duelists' play (going 2nd).   Soon after Kozmo was released, everyone said that Kozmo was a deck that could just rape Burning Abyss, because Forerunner is untargetable.  Once again, the community was wrong, as Burning Abyss could just put a board of Virgil Utopic Future and keep stealing the runner and doing damage, all whilst clearing traps. And if you weren't dead that turn, you surely lost. So Kozmo re-invented the strategy where they'd switch Forerunner to defense and hope for a deck-out/win-in-time. And again, as far as Jackie was concerned, that strategy was countered by using Farfa to blink out the Utopic Future in order to establish a board that'd result in a kill the following turn.   And then DOCS was announced & released. History repeated itself, as everyone said "Well Burning Abyss is now dead in the water as it can't beat the two new decks." We weren't convinced.   Well, for a while, I personally was. Discard traps sucked vs the new decks but was awesome vs Nekroz. Fiend griefing ran into the same issue. But not playing those cards made Nekroz that much more powerful against you. So I decided to play Brady Brink's Brilliant Nekroz deck, using rank 4s to overwhelm Burning Abyss, the mirror match, and the new decks.    But the deck is really complicated. And not only that, but it loses to the floods that many duelists will be playing to beat Nekroz. So what was the point in playing "the best deck" when everyone just plays good cards for it? Does it really matter that your deck is better than theres if you can't actually play?   That's when the subject of "fun" came into play. How "fun" is it to be unable to play? Well, I'm certain that the person who is preventing the other duelist from playing is having tons of "fun," whereas the one losing is just eating dirt. So I just stopped playing YGO, lol.   Instead, I decided to undergo a web development program so I could further a career in the field. Figured my time would be better spent there anyway. Jackie 100% supported my decision and is very proud of me even now. It is every day for 3 months from 9-6 roughly, giving me no time to play anyway. But sometimes during my lunch break I'd sneak a few games in, just to enjoy.   But that Gem Nekroz deck just wasn't fun to play. You'd either get flooded out or draw Garnet. Or you'd win, which happened a lot because it's a good deck and your opponent doesn't always draw unsearchable bullshit, but it would always take so much effort. I had much more fun playing cool decks with sweet techs.   Jackie, of course, still plays. Although her time is divided between being Silver V (heh), she still makes time for YGO - especially for this event since all her old friends are from northern California. Initially, I wasn't going to attend. But then something happened on a relaxing, easy-going weekend.   I won a VIP qualifier.   I was kinda excited because I heard you get your own water cooler when you win these things, so I wouldn't have to buy bottled water or use a dirty drinking fountain. Naturally, for San Jose they cut the water fountain but added a PRIVATE BATHROOM. Insane.   So as I prep for the event by playing a lot of Kozmo and Nekroz, Jackie decides to start building her deck 2 days before the event. "Nice." Generally, she rejects my theory and card ideas through results-oriented reasoning and anecdotal evidence (we're working on it, her technical play is still beautiful), but for the first time probably ever, she actually heard me out.   We talked about how Burning Abyss could probably be really good if it could put up Anti-Spell and set Lake. And then you could play Horn of Heaven to beat Pendulums and beat Kozmo by just picking to go first every time. Rather than laugh in my face, she thought the idea was really good. So she built a 42 card deck. I laughed.   I laughed so hard that somehow I typo'd "I really wanna play this deck now!" So she got super excited and well, let's be honest, I'm not gonna just say no to my girl's hopes and dreams here...   Ok, so maybe I DID say I wanted to play Burning Abyss. Anyway, we build two decks and she legit tries to holo my deck out because she's actually the best. I play two or three games, say "whatever," and put the deck away since it was project week for my class and I had to build a Ruby-on-Rails app with full CRUD functionality and I've never actually programmed anything in my life.   After constantly heckling Jackie to make up her mind about the deck because she was iffy on some cards (pretty sure it's because of prolonged Bodan exposure since Bodan can never make up his mind about anything and it's disgusting), Jackie ends up cutting Book of Moon to bring the deck to 41. Book of Moon kinda sucked for the event anyway so I'm glad we cut it.   Because I wasn't supposed to go, I didn't actually care about this event. There was a case tournament next week, ARG Anaheim and Vegas were around the corner, and Christmas was next month. "Y or Die" isn't real and there's more to life than trading cards I found out. So I was more than happy to play my girlfriend's deck, card for card, as some kind of weird couple's activity. Since I had 2 byes and my own seating area, I would just chill the entire time, play games like they were casuals, and cheer Jackie on or something.   This event was totally me playing "for fun." To be able to play YGO without getting flooded out and to have a great time doing it. Sure, I'm the one with the floodgates, but your amount of fun wasn't any of my concern. It's not like I said "GLHF" at the start of my matches anyway. That'd just be rude.   ____________________________________________________________________________________________     Mechajaeyun && Based Loli's Burning Abyss Stun Deck:   3 Graff 3 Cir 3 Scarm 2 Farfa 2 Rubic 2 Libic 1 Alich 1 Barbar 1 Tour Guide   1 Foolish Burial 1 Raigeki   3 Fire Lake 3 Traveler 3 Anti-Spell Fragrance 3 Horn of Heaven 2 Breakthrough Skill 2 Fiend Griefing 1 Solemn Warning 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Vanity's Emptiness 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Skill Drain   3 Dante 3 Downerd 2 Utopic Future 1 Fortune Tune 1 Giga Brilliant 1 Acid Golem 1 Alucard 1 Nightmare Shark 1 Angineer 1 Virgil   2 Majesty's Fiend 2 Mistaken Arrest 3 MST 3 Imperial Iron Wall 2 Storming Mirror Force 2 Ojama Trio 1 Fiend Griefing   ____________________________________________________________________________________________   alyx plays ygo for fun pt 1: the byes they were cool 2-0   alyx plays ygo for fun pt2: round 3 vs speedroid nekroz game 1 i anti-spell my nekroz opponent but my hand isnt good enough to really act on it, but he ends up flipping prep, trishula vs my fragrance, then does some dweller things leaves me with no cards to his herald of arc lite that he made from speedroids i die game 2 yo this was the most unreal game i played all day it was actually hilarious im not mad for obv reasons but i laughed cuz i opened a BA, majesty's, iron wall, mistaken arrest, and anti-spell and he opens DECREE BREAKTHROUGH SKILL DENKO KALEIDOSCOPE VALK UNICORE and after setting both he draws MANJU for turn and then after pushing my shit in for a turn, he draws UNICORE awk 2-1   well that was fast so i was like "dang well w/e" and i went to pee in the nice bathroom heh....jackie lost this round too tho :(!!!!   alyx plays ygo for fun pt3: round 4 vs shaddoll game 1 i trap him out w/ horn of heaven for math, anti spell, and then end phase fire lake lol nice game 2 i brick game 3 he draws a lit hand to my all monsters so im just trying but he thinks i have retaliating c in my hand WHEN I HAVE 3 MALEBRANCHES ON THE FIELD to his dweller no materials but shaddoll fusion trick clown squamata in hand so he just attacks and passes so i kill him next turn LOL lucky 3-1   alyx plays ygo for fun pt4: round 5 vs qliphort game 1 anti-spell clogged his nose game 2 he gets to scout a turn late and i mistaken arrest when he pays, then kill him the next turn 4-1   alyx plays ygo for fun pt5: round 6 vs imran khan feature match performage dracoslayer deck https://yugiohblog.konami.com/?p=21974 this guy tried to decline a feature match so i called him extremely shady because indians love the spotlight (hence bollywood) so something was amiss here. we end up doing the feature. robby thought he was playing enem especially after game 1 but i aint dumb so u can read what i did especially game 3 heh 5-1   alyx plays ygo for fun pt6: round 7 vs nekroz this guy is from my locals and i guess he's fine outside of ygo but he plays ferociously slow like its almost ridiculous i cant remember a lot of this match but i open very good vs nekroz game 1 and he just never searches valk. i end up killing him because game 2/3 he switches denko to defense mode and i pierce over it with downerd for game 6-1   alyx plays ygo for fun pt7: round 8 vs majespecter nice ive been waiting for this deck!!! game 1 i brick UGH but i draw skill drain so i resolved and and played defensively with only a fucking farfa heh...anyway he misplays into a torrential then i traveler for fucking ONE and draw graff for turn, so my fire lakes turn on and i continuously clear his board game 2 he puts me at 200 and then beats me because i brick again game 3 i dont brick and he does 7-1   so jackie ended 6-2, i ended 7-1 (WOW), and our friend sven who doesnt play ygo ever was 7-0-1 w/ kozmo quick shoutout to all of jackie's crew - brian, vishaal, andrew, sven, john, derek, n the black guy who always is with us but i cant remember his name ever idk why - u guys r gr8   we show up tomorrow n now i have a full nite's rest so its lit YEET (never said it before just was feelin int)   alyx plays ygo for fun pt8: round 9 vs kozmo NICE waiting for this pt 2!!! game 1 i horn of heaven his summon, he sets some and says "do you have fire lake" and i show him so he concedes game 2 i brick so he kills me game 3 longest game all event as im sitting under skill drain just tryna accumulate enough resources to beat 2 dark destroyers without discard traps ITS HARD but i manage to deal enough chip damage and burn him to where i can nightmare shark him for game since he outs skill drain w/ 2 offerings to the doomed. thank GOD no MST :) 8-1   alyx plays ygo for fun pt9: round 10 vs BRANDON WONG LOL he sits and says "hey im a big fan" and i say "ok relax guy lets just play" this guy plays silently which is fine but the way he plays kinda reminds me of a turtle and he doesnt have a gimp hand but it looks like it kinda bc he bends his hands weird game 1 i brick he doesnt even tho his deck is super inconsistent game 2 same thing 8-2   didnt rly care bc not only did i auto-top but i dont even care abt winning at this point so i was rly just happy bc JACKIE MADE IT IN AT X-2 AWESOME FINALLY WE GET TO TOP TOGETHER we are so happy and she's like "hey we're gonna celebrate tonite ;)" so i was ESPECIALLY excited   meanwhile at konami headquarters tuxedo man: "indian man w/ hot grill that we want to kidnap and brainwash just topped event together" tuxedo man 2: "make her tiebreakers suck" reasonable guy: "isnt that unethical??" everyone else: "who cares theyre more awesome than we are so STOP THEM!!!!"   so i come in at 16th and Jackie is 40th, so she is rly sad :( and me too, bc the whole goal was the cheer her on and to see her do well. it's not like she's bad, she has single-handedly armed me with probably the most accurate and the most valuable information one can have as a duelist playing BA. we just have bad luck when it comes to things like this. but i assure u, w/o jackie i wouldn't have topped 100%   anyway i personally am stoked to play top cut as the deck pretty much can play vs anything top cut has to offer except 1 deck.....and of course....   alyx plays ygo for fun season 1 finale: top 32 vs justin delhon (shaddoll) https://yugiohblog.konami.com/?p=22032 let me clarify that without discard traps this matchup is nearly unwinnable if ur opponent chooses to actually play shaddoll fusion (heh) anyway its a feature - i ran thru all the options in my head but both game 1 and 3 was unwinnable. game 1 i could've made dante but he would've fused from deck + instant fusion to make castel to bait the last horn (after he uses dragon) and then makes dweller and it's the same scenario except with a graved dante but i still can't out the 2nd dweller on his turn game 3 i couldve made virgil or held foolish burial (arguably the one play that could've changed things) and then tributed that for majesty's fiend. holding foolish was probably the only way i COULD HAVE won, but then my deck order would've been changed and i may have not milled fire lake or would've drawn geki etc like idk   so i lose but the event was very fun and re-inspired me to play ygo again. nice   jackie ur gonna read this at some point so thx so much for being awesome and giving me a really good n fun BA list to play with. :**********   props everything   slops EDIT: jackie not topping is the 1 slop like how stupid nice one fisher price thanks hasbro good job bandai etc   thanks to brian and pete for letting me and jackie borrow cards! and thanks to max, david, and MR13RAD for making the trip even more awesome and hilarious than it already was   i wrote this kinda quick in comparison to my other reports so if im missin anything LMK A$@P   oh ya BA is ok post-november 9th i guess
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      So this is my side of the story. We both show up to the table at the start of Round 9, and anyone unfamiliar with the start of day 2 should understand that there is about a 10 minute gap between sitting down at the table and the round starting in order to allow more time for people to arrive. We both set up our stuff on the table and when I reach in my bag to reach for my deck I don't immediately notice that my sleeves are water damaged, realistically there is a bit of condensation on the sleeves from being next to a water bottle in my bag overnight. This condensation made the sleeves stick together and both of us looked through the back of every single card while I am taking off the individual sleeves. Only two cards we determined to be water damaged one being a Clausolas, and Valkyrus. I called a judge over to tell him the situation and then that judge examines the cards and allows me to go rush and get the sleeves and replacement cards. At this point you were already being rather unpleasant and asking the judge how exactly this procedure works and the punishments for this sort of offense. When I finally get them I immediately return and start sleeving and you are literally just hawking over me at this point, especially when I tell my friend Ryan to help as the clock ticks down. I finish and begin shuffling and then when I pass you the deck to shuffle you began doing this extremely slow shuffle where you feel every single card and when you felt my common Reinforcement you immediately called the judge again to tell him that the card is thinner. The judge agrees, but I mean obviously it's a common ROTA it's not going to be as thick as holos which is literally the entire nekroz deck. I then have to go get that Reinforcement replaced and the clock is still ticking down. I return at the 1:45 minute mark shuffle up and present my deck, to which you once AGAIN do the shuffle where you feel the back of every single card and I am at this point rushing you because it feels as though you're just trying to get the clock to hit the 3 minute mark in order to make me receive the game loss. Note that Brandon does not go any faster, and says I simply don't want to get cheated when I am  just trying to start the game because my deck was already presented and we had looked at the cards twice by this point taking over 10 minutes. At this point the clock is something past 3 your deck is presented but you are still shuffling my deck and a judge comes over to tell me that I took too long and I will receive the game loss. At this point you stay quiet, and I know you're not stupid enough to admit you were trying to push for a game loss but your actions speak for themselves. While I am arguing with the judge and telling him that I presented the deck over a minute ago and that the only reason we haven't started is because you were literally feeling the back of every card while shuffling, you banter that it did take me a while to obtain the cards and that the game loss should be awarded. Long story short I win the argument, and am not awarded a game loss, but at no point did you try to remedy the situation. I obviously tell my friends what happened afterward because there were numerous spectators and that you were really trying to push for a game loss and just acting really unpleasant.    It was honestly just an accident and I didn't think much of it after the round until my friends told me that you even posted a status about beating me and that in your report you were acting like the good guy and argued against the judge who tried to give me the game loss. Obviously I could care less at this point, but I was pissed you lied about the incident and the numerous other people calling you out for shit doesn't help your case.      What the fuck... really reaching for a defense ?
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    Decklist: [spoiler] [/spoiler]   [spoiler] Monster(s): - 1 Machina Gearframe - 2 Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 "Saizan" - 2 Speedroid Triy-Eyed Dice - 3 Machina Fortress - 3 Speedroid Double Yoyo - 3 Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice - 3 Speedroid Taketomborg - 3 Speedroid Terrortop   Spell(s): - 1 Book of Moon - 1 Foolish Burial - 1 Mind Control - 1 One for One - 1 Shock Surprise - 1 Soul Charge - 2 Iron Call - 3 Speed Recovery - 3 Upstart Goblin Trap(s): - 1 Bottomless Trap Hole - 1 Solemn Warning - 1 Vanity's Emptiness - 3 Fiendish Chain   Extra Deck: - 1 Old Entity Hastorr - 1 Hi-Speedroid Chanbara - 1 Hi-Speedroid Kendama - 1 Black Rose Dragon - 1 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon - 2 Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei" - 1 Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X "Bureido" - 1 PSY-Framelord Omega - 1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier - 1 Leviair the Sea Dragon - 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer - 1 Gear Gigant X - 1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack - 1 Number 11: Big Eye [/spoiler]   People may know about the original KMP and this Speedroid variant builds somewhat on that idea. Come on guys, a Machine-archetype marrying another isn't something new, especially when it comes to Karakuri Machina.   Your goal is to quickly assemble an OTK with the Shoguns. You could go either for Bureido with Fortress + Red-Eyed Dice or use the countless ways, Speedroids have, to get out Burei. Either way, accumulating damage is your least problem, even if you use Upstart. That being said, unlike the Plant variant, your focus leans towards Burei, not Bureido. It is a lot harder to bring out Bureido, since the Speedroids aren't made to get out Level 8s efficient enough.     The Speedroid core should be pretty standard, even for regular builds.   - Playing any less Terrortop is a capital crime, since it gets you all kind of 1-card Synchro plays. You always want to hit it in some way, be it in your hand and graveyard. If you can make Gear Gigant and don't have it yet, you have your priority set.   - Double Yoyo is your Altair to Terrortop's Deneb. That's all, that needs to be said really.   - Taketomborg acts as free Level 3 fodder for Synchro or XYZ plays. The Lonefire effect should be used with caution, since the WIND restriction is pretty relevant as you are cut off from your Shogun plays from that point on. Still, a very vital card and gets the Tuners, in case, you don't have them.   - Red-Eyed Dice is your main Tuner. Level modulation comes in handy and being a Level 1 makes Bureido with Fortress. It sucks, to draw multiples of it, so cutting it to 2 and replace it with e.g. Jet Synchron could be a possible change.   - Tri-Eyed Dice may seem redundant, but it is a Level 3 target for Taketomborg and the additional protections comes quite handy several times. Not to mention, it isn't vulnerable to effect negation like its Red-Eyed brother.   Your Karakuri count should be kept low as possible. All of them are bad Normal Summons and you rather want to pitch Speedroids with Fortress than any of them. The lack of synergy between the main deck monsters is also an issue, as you can't summon Taketomborg besides them. 2 Watchdog are more than enough, as they provide the best Levels to get out another Shogun or Clear Wing alongside your countless Level 3s. Rank 4 plays into Castel or Gear Gigant are also a welcome addition. I am considering to play Strategist for the 2 draws from Bureido. While a Level 7 isn't possible from that point, you could overlay for Leviair and continue to spam from there, as the deck has several ways, to banish monsters.   The 1 Gearframe/3 Fortress ratio served me the best. You really need your Normal Summon for your Tuners, so playing multiple Gearframes did cause clogging and slowdowns to your OTK. The reason for not playing Jet Synchron alongside Fortress is the cost. It is incredibly taxing  and Jet hasn't any good interactions with the rest of the deck. With the same logic, Megaform is a really bad brick despite having that cool effect.   The Spell line-up is straight-forward. You really want the Upstarts to make your deck smaller, so hitting Terrortop becomes more likely. The additional LP isn't going to hinder your OTK that much.  Foolish Burial and One for One should be self-explainatory. 6 revival cards seems excessive and I bricked somewhat with that number, but they extend your combos and create much stronger field. I could see myself to cut Soul Charge, since that one doesn't really contribute to the OTK and this deck has no real protection, even in the Extra Deck.    The rest of the main deck are consists of a small Trap line-up and outs against common threats like Winda or Unicore. To be fair, I can see them replaced with more monsters, should I see the need of more Karakuri or potential Techs.   Is this the 'best' variant of Speedroids? Who knows? I only looked on the obvious synergy between Synchro-focused Machines. The explosive power they give to Speedroids are much appreciated, since outside of Burei, they aren't that good in expanding their field. Currently, a pure variant is hit Terrortop or die, which I really don't like about a deck. Whether new support through Yugo's presence helps this problem, is left to be seen, but for now, KMs are working pretty well.
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    Bump for pictures and changes!               - Raigeki I felt that this card didn't really do much against the current format. Most of the big boards I would use it on either floated or had some form of protection from this card, maybe barring some rogue Monarch stun decks. Most cards that I could hit with this could also be taken care of by Stormforth + monster.   + Oasis Still experimenting with this, as it can be another early-game brick. The potential to get my engine going though (be it Scepter or Beagalltach + Artifact/Ignition) seemed too good to pass up.    - Mistake, + Thunder King MIstakewas often a bit too permanent for my liking (weird reason, I know) and would often start causing my Pots and Bandits to clog. This may be an issue of siding the right cards, but I generally like keeping those in so I can actually dig for my side. Thunder King seemed like a superior alternative to Mistake in that he actually provided presence, in addition to being more accessible via Call/Oasis. Milling him with Bandit then setting one of the aforementioned cards allowed me to use the search stun a bit more often than the 2 Mistakes. While this might be just a susceptible to MST as the previous card, at least a normal summoned T-King wasn't.   +Ghost Ogre Managed to pull this card recently, and it is still one of the best ways to interact with turn-1 degeneracy. Qliphorts and Lose a Turn decks in general are still a pain in the ass, and this is a nice out to some of the problems generally posed by them. If you haven't noticed by now, monster-based outs is the recurring trend of this deck; having synergy with the Bandit + Call/Oasis engine, as well as Maxx "C" makes this a great addition to the side.   - Ptolemaeus, + Digvorzhak Was digging through some old binders and suddenly remembered I had that guy LOL. Figured I wasn't making 2 Ptolemaeus except in some extremely win-moar situations (read: Soul Charge) so I dropped that for the King of Heavy Industry. Like, why not flex a bit?   Other Notes   - I decided to keep Caduceus as he was the best thing to summon on an empty field or when I was clearing up some Artifact clog via Beagall. His effect puts pressure on the opponent to answer you quickly, lest be drowned in advantage. He still isn't a bad recursion target when you're going off.    - Been debating on adding a 3rd Beagalltach, as it is usually the most enabling combo piece. Whether I open an Ignition + him or mill him (prob best mill target tbh) and have Call/Oasis and some Artifacts/Ignitions, he just makes my plays stronger.    - Struggling with Maxx "C" and Winda. A lot. Not sure if there's much I can do or if they're just inherent counters to this deck.    - Kozmos are super annoying, as I found out recently. Moralltach is your best play against them and even then they still float around it. Him being at 1 really hurts too as I'd need to hope for the best and keep reusing him with Pleiades + recursion. Might have to bump Lancea up to 3 for them.
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    I wish to exchange my Green Points for prizes.
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    That was a lot of fun :) Managed to beat chris but Paul had us both in the end :P Fucking longbows ;) 
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      Do you watch zeroempires on youtube/Twitch and his coverage of the professional games? Worth a shot to see how they play, improves your skills too :) 
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    Updating, Djokovic vs Del Potro, Murray vs Janowicz.    This title, like last year, depends upon the Djokovic v Del Potro match. Murray played very badly today and he needs to play better if hes to have any chance at all. 
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      Not quite, Djokovic is still in. 
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    Just updating this to let you all know that wimbledon starts today :) 
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    I have no idea. I don't doubt he'll miss the clay season as he's god tier on it though. Regardless, fucking psyched for the first slam of 2013. 2012 was a godsend in tennis.
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    If this gets 1000 pos ill cut my dick off.
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    He may not be that likable, but people have too much hate for him and need to grow the fuck up over the nationality issue, especially with the english murray haters bleating over him apparently going "I won't support England". He said it as a joke and didn't mean it, so lighten the fuck up people. I am glad in that he managed to refocus and win the 5th set, but if he did lose that, it would have been crippling. Djokovic really stormed back into it, and to win the 5th in such a dominant fashion showed belief in Murray. Big question for him is if he can capitalize on it. At the Australian Open and Wimbledon, certainly. I don't see him going near the French Open though.
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    Djoko got battered. Nadal's just not recovering well from Wimbledon, he's pulled out of US open too. He's likely to take the rest of 2012 out. Good news for Fed and Murray in particular though.