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    If this was posted years ago in YGO, people would say you are making excuses for your losses and justifying them. You need to man up and learn to do better next time.   Holy shit do not post stuff like this.  This is a verbal warning, don't post stupid shit.
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    It's a terror tactic. By taking credit, they make people fear them. "Look what we can do with just 8 people" when those 8 people are acting independently pushes the belief that an organization has more power than they do OR flexes their actual power without having to waste resources.   it goes further than that. radical islam wants the rest of the world to hate all muslims, it gives them numerous advantages including civil unrest for their enemies and an ostracized demographic that becomes more sympathetic to their cause
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    Eh, we just have to go out and live normally. Half of the streets here are crowded and there was a huge gathering near to the bar where the attack begun. They just want us to be afraid. Show that we ain't.     From Paris.   PS : We beat the Germans at soccer and nobody speaks about it.
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    i can't stress it enough that people need to leave their comfort zones and do something with their lives. everyone should have their own 'seattle moment,' especially if they are in a position to explore who they are. it's a blessing that we have the opportunity to do so. nothing is guaranteed.   it's fine to be nervous, but it should be an excited feeling. it's just a fear of the unknown and everyone has this issue.    ---   that said, here's a harsh truth: you sound mentally unstable. like really mentally not all there. another poster said immature, which is true.   all these artificial goals, deadlines that don't exist, these 'problems' or excuses you have are all superficial and self-absorbed.   i hope this doesn't put you off, but i suggest reading into it : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder   as an example, this whole thread comes across as an internal struggle you are having. you're not really here to 'ask for help.' so instead you just list a bunch of 'problems' that you have.   it's pretty black or white: you either fucking move or you don't.   self-actualization gets you far. smile, don't be afraid to introduce yourself. you just need to do, Carbon. instead of working at a deli snacking on food, you need to man up and not be a pussy. but you already knew all that, since your entire thread laid it all out.   childhood is a period in your life. you are now an adult.   if you can't even handle not eating disgusting overprocessed shit food or stick to a diet; how do you expect to live on your own, pay your own bills, etc?   ---   but anyway, i moved across the country after college. i didn't know anyone and left everyone behind. although it's more like, people are too busy with their own shit to even really notice.   the truth is, their lives will be mediocre; with you in it, or without you there.   i don't talk to anyone at home anymore and i don't think i will ever consider these people 'my friends' again. so there's that, but everything else is great. :)
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    "some guy ate my ass hole" WOW GOOD FOR YOU, WAY TO GO BUDDY "I'm tired, I don't wanna work." FUCKING IDIOT SHUT UP NO ONE CARE'S QUIT POSTING FUCK
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    it very quickly stops being fun
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    [spoiler][/spoiler] Main Deck (40): 3x D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok 1x D/D/D Rebel King Leonidas 1x Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon 2x Juragedo 1x D/D Berfomet 2x Maxx "C" 3x D/D Swirl Slime 3x D/D Necro Slime 3x D/D Magical Astronomer Kepler 1x Allure of Darkness 1x One for One 3x Upstart Goblin 1x Foolish Burial 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Burial from a Different Dimension 2x Mask Change II 3x Dark Contract with the Gate 1x Dark Contract with the Swamp King 1x Vanity's Emptiness 1x Dark Contract with the Witch 3x Rivalry of Warlords 1x Solemn Warning Extra Deck (15): 1x D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok 3x D/D/D Oracle King d'Arc 2x Masked HERO Dark Law 1x D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga 1x Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand 1x Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon 1x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 1x Number 11: Big Eye 1x D/D/D Wave King Caesar 1x Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Ghostrick Dullahan Side Deck (15): 2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 2x Flying "C" 2x System Down 3x Wavering Eyes 2x Deck Devastation Virus 1x Eradicator Epidemic Virus 1x Dark Contract with Errors 2x Light-Imprisoning Mirror With the cards available to the TCG, I designed this build similar to what the OCG have been using since the debut of DOCS-JP. It's still missing some good cards such as D/D Night Howling and D/D/D Temujin, but this has been doing fine for me so far. As soon as I saw that these cards were included as imports for DOCS-EN and were all dirt cheap, I knew that I wanted to at least give these guys a try so that I can finally have something inexpensive as an alternative to Burning Abyss.   How does D/D play For those who know nothing about this archetype, Contract with the Gate is this theme's version of Qliphort Scout. Similar to Scout, it can add any D/D monster from the Deck to the hand once per turn and it pays LP to maintain (unless you control Leonidas or Oracle), though it has a name restriction that prevents abusing. D/D Savant Kepler is this deck's other primary search card, as it can search for any of the Contracts, such as Gate. Being a LV1 Pendulum Monster, it's accessible by both Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and One for One so that the odds of seeing it early game are almost guaranteed. Despite Kepler being a Pendulum Monster, you'll rarely if ever place it in the Pendulum Scale since Pendulum Summons aren't this deck's priority, nor will you really consider using its other effect to bounce a D/D to the hand.   Typically with Gate, you'll want to get Swirl Slime and Necro Slime together. Swirl Slime lets you fuse from your hand and Necro Slime fuses from the graveyard. As of now, the only card that these can summon is Oracle King d'Arc, who's this deck's primary boss monster. It doesn't have a significant effect rather than turning the burn damage of Contracts into healing, but this deck pumps it out a lot to pressure the opponent. There's the option to immediately summon two Oracles right away, but I've felt that it's better to save the Necro Slime for later.   The reason for this is because of another significant card, D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok. Its Pendulum Effects revives a D/D from the graveyard when you Special Summon a D/D monster, so one of my favorite plays is to use Necro Slime to Fusion Summon a second Oracle and then using Ragnarok to revive the first Oracle. As a monster effect, it can revive a D/D/D from the graveyard when Normal or Special Summoned. Rarely you'll Tribute Summon this card, as you can use Swirl Slime to Special Summon it from the hand if needed. Sometimes, it may be better to use Swirl to summon it from the hand rather than the combo with Necro Slime because using the Pendulum effect will half all damage that you inflict that turn. It's also noteworthy that Ragnarok's monster effect is currently the only reliable way of summoning Kali Yuga.   As for the other D/D monsters, Leonidas is only a 1-of because despite being useful to summon, it's not great to have it in hand if you have an Oracle preventing Effect damage to trigger it. D/D Berformet is literally only played just to have easier access to D/D/D Wave King Ceasar, which is a great Rank 4 Xyz for maintaining your field and how it keeps searching for more Contracts every time it hits the graveyard.   As for the other Dark Contracts, Swamp King may not appear so great in comparison to the Slimes, but there are plenty of times where you'll need this card as an option. It's important to know that Swamp King is the only way to reliably summon D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Ceasar Ragnarok, who is an amazing boss monster that can answer obnoxious monsters such as Dark Destroyer (as long as the opponent controls another monster). Dark Contract with the Witch is a Continuous Trap version of Raigeki Break that also buffs your monsters by 1000. Even if targeting cards aren't great against monsters this format, hitting backrow or Pendulum Scales is valuable especially with how Kepler can search it, and you'll have plenty of good cards to discard such as the Slimes or monsters to revive with Ragnarok. Dark Contract with Errors is the love child of Royal Decree and Trap Stun as long as you control a D/D monster, which is just outright amazing against decks that play a decent number of traps, and you can't go wrong with negating your own Vanity's Emptiness to push your plays.   D/D/D Human Resources is mostly played because this deck loses its plays if it runs out of Oracles to Fusion Summon. This isn't a problem in the OCG where Temujin exists as an option to make a graveyard of three Oracles amazing, but it's surely better than resorting to something like Jar of Avarice. It's a 1-of strictly because it's only impressive in the late-game.   As for the remaining D/D cards available from the TCG cardpool that I'm not playing. Galilei doesn't do anything for this deck besides dodging cards like MST, but other than that and the occasional Pendulum Summon (which you'll rarely find optimal), there's no great reason to play this besides filling space. D/D/D Sniper Tell isn't a good card because the only reliable way to summon it is by overlaying Ceasar, but Ceasar is objectively a better card. If Ceasar has no materials attached and you already have all of the Contracts that you need, then maybe it's a decent option to summon if you'd like to send D/D cards to the graveyard to set up plays. D/D/D Contract Change can add Kepler to your hand, but you're much better off with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and One for One. I'm not a fan of Contract Laundering, as its only good if you're either about to die from the burn damage or breaking even against a card like MST. It should be self-explanatory as to why I'm not playing Pendragon or Pandora.   The Traptrix engine Representing the "T" in this thread's title, I felt that this was the best splashable engine to take up the rest of the room that D/D currently has empty in the TCG. Arguably, going first with a Kepler and/or a Gate search without backrow to stop it seems helpful, but the addition of Myrmeleo grants this deck even more solid "going first" plays. Pumping out Oracles may seem like a solid strategy, but it's not a relevant threat without the Trap Hole cards to protect it. For those who noticed, I took inspiration from that one PePe build that topped a Regional for the ratio, though I haven't tried testing Dionaea yet. Time-Space Time Hole is the most relevant of the Trap Holes now, so it has a higher number than Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Replaced with Mask Change II, Rivalry, and MST. See post #28 for the explanation.   The rest of the Main Deck Juragedo is played not only because it can help push for damage or act as a chump blocker, but it's a LV4 Fiend which means that it can help summon Wave King Ceasar easier. The LP gain from it is also helpful if you're trying to not die from the Contract burn damage and it's important to prevent the Kozmo player from landing a direct attack with Farmgirl. Burial from the Different Dimension is a cute tech that I considered because not only can it reuse your Slimes, but it can also cockblock the opponent from adding cards back with Kozmotown, leaving them in the graveyard where they're useless.     The Side Deck Not only is it annoying to find Fortress Dragons IRL, but System Down is harder to answer than a Cyber Dragon summon and doesn't conflict with Rivalry of Warlords. It may not be optimal to leave Kozmo cards banished, but this deck plays plenty of cards to prevent them from hitting the field in the first place. Unfortunately, D/D cannot use Imperial Iron Wall too well, so Rivalry is the next best floodgate. All of the monsters are Fiends, so you can just sit back while the Kozmo player is unable to summon any of their ships and hope that they don't answer it with an MST or something.   One appeal about D/D is that they currently don't rely on Pendulum Summons, which makes them less vulnerable to an opposing Wavering Eyes while still benefiting from using it against a Pendulum opponent. As I've mentioned earlier, the only card that you'll place in the Pendulum Zone often is Ragnarok, so the opponent will need their own Zones setup in order to benefit from the effects of Wavering. Having more cards to search for Kepler and Ragnarok is also great.   Since D/D is great at bringing out big Dark monsters, the Virus cards are perfect in here. Especially since you can tribute an Oracle for a Virus and revive it easily.   Match-ups I've only played this deck online in several matches and not in a tournament setting so far, as I'm still trying to get all of the cards IRL. Kozmo isn't an impossible deck to beat and the Trap Hole cards make it easier, but this deck definitely fares much better after game 1. Majespecter variants aren't too difficult since the Oracles can overpower their monsters and the amount of free pluses that this deck can get can keep up with theirs.   I definitely feel that this deck has Tier 2 potential even with the limited TCG cardpool and a great option for players not willing to spend too much, but I've only started trying this theme competitively since the cards were confirmed for DOCS-EN, so I'm still learning how to play this deck the most optimally. 
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    You guys are fucked. She doesn't post here all that often and the only reason you're giving her shit is because she's a girl. Messed.
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    fuck your friend in the ass with the dildo
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    fuck them dude you don't have to put up with that kind of shit :|
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    Scum?!?!??!?!?!?   vote the antagonist    kill kill kill 
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    Got Second At Indy Regional With.  
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    They're crazy, I would've never thought to put that on a burger.  Looks delicious though, will likely have to try it myself.
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    i misplayed so much with reno warlock against warlock, still won cuz healed for 28 lel
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    That looks delicious.     rapture wins the lunch contest I guess...
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    he was complaining that i was using prize cards the previous game, so i only thought this t1 was appropriate.  
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    nigga i dont own ANY of the cards i use on dn
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    Why did he walk into the 7/11 after getting cut out with the jaws of life?
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    Hey guys,I think midrange druid is really strong right now with a lot of people playing reno or control decks to counter reno in the meta. Also a question to above pally poster,why don't u play 2 redemptions? I find that reason why DR 6 is strong is that u get a huge of wall of stats,playing a card what makes my board bigger is prolly worth maxing even though its probably not that good to draw
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    To be fair, what does kozmo themselves have to out it besides honest? And a lot of the non-ignister outs are things like LIM or IIW that don't affect leo at all. This is in addition to the extra 100 atk. I don't think it's fair to dismiss Leo because of kozmo; it's not the same thing.
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    Been dicking around with the concept of the Dracossack autowin a lot, and something I've noticed is some of the decklists here have some ridiculously brick hands due to combo pieces, and I feel like the optimum solution are cards that minimise how much the deck has to play outside of the core engine (obviously). So that narrows down our monsters to those that either   a) are actually useful in an Infernoid Deck to summon off a reasoning/from hand   -or-    b) can't be normal summoned (and thus get skipped by reasoning). But I feel like almost every one of the cards that fulfil those conditions aren't hugely fantsatic outside of the sadly banned Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos.   So ditching the idea of using monsters, The other two options are Trap Monsters & Level Modulation, and obviously if you want a T1 Dracossack trap monster isn't cutting it. So this brings me to a card:     Why is this card good? Because it reduces the amount of non-engine cards you play, it doesn't add to your reasoning count, and most importantly it means you only need to summon 1 level 7, which means Seitsemas + Raiden is a dracossack, Seitsemas + Decatron (who might mill your Devyaty or Onucu if you need it) and lastly because it also opens up R8 plays   This is my current list which I like mostly because it plays like normal Infernoids (which isn't a bad thing this format) + having T1 Dracossack + Devyaty often.    [spoiler][/spoiler]
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    The first time someone played Reno on me, he was at 2 and I had 15 power to kill him next turn, but I was pretty much out of gas. Good thing he was playing multiples in his deck!     Been playing this on ladder. Currently at rank 7 after playing for a couple days. Started with stock lists, and tinkered a bit. I like Zombie Chow more than Secretkeeper, just always having a 2/3 is really nice, instead of having to draw and use secrets at inopportune times. I also like the miser Abusive Sergeant to help trade 1/1s into real creatures. I haven't really been impressed with Argent Squire or Coghammer. 
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    I've been playing Transmodify and it's kind of ridiculously good with the Slime duo. You drop 2 Fusions + Abyss for 7800 damage. If we had the other level 8, Armageddon, that'd be a pretty straightforward OTK, and you're not even using your normal summon (which could be just the normal summon of Denko Sekka to lock down your opponent's traps). Also Dark Law access is pretty strong at the moment, since destroyed pendulums get banished instead, and you get to banish a card if they try searching. 
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    divine favor is fucking stupid, idk why it hasnt been nerfed yet
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    I would have got the screenshot, but I kinda lost it when I Reno'd a Hunter for 29 then like 2 turns later he procced the Duplicate on Reno.... RIP SMOrc
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    my deck is like your, except im using jeweled scarab and Alex instead of jaxx/faceless cuz i dont have them
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        TFJ if u could pick, would u rather a guy cum on your face, in your mouth, on your ass, in your ass or on your tummy? 
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    Justice has been served:       Chatlog [spoiler] Agent Laughter: eff Agent Laughter's die landed on 1 Agent Laughter: eff Agent Laughter's die landed on 6 Careyious: Why did you summon celfone? Agent Laughter: eff remoten Careyious: k Agent Laughter: eff Agent Laughter's die landed on 5 Careyious: norden eff Careyious: eff king Careyious: damage juggler eff Careyious: eff luster pendulum Careyious: eff plushfire Careyious: plush eff Careyious: luster eff Careyious: pendulum summon Careyious: ignister prominence eff Careyious: plushfire Careyious: It was summoned via plushfire effect so it still has 1600 ATK Agent Laughter: ther is no plushfire on feild Careyious: the plushfire that was destroyed by ignister Careyious: which has the effect of when it is destroyed it summons a performage Careyious: ignister eff Careyious: trickclwon eff Careyious placed a counter on "Performage Trick Clown" in M-5 (now 1) Careyious has lost 1000 life points Careyious: eff trapeeze magician Agent Laughter:  -2000 from instant fusion Careyious: targettking imps Careyious has lost 1000 life points Careyious: Instant fusion is pay 1000 Careyious: imps eff Agent Laughter: yes but u took so long  Careyious: That's not how this works Careyious: either way, please continue Agent Laughter: yes this game is designed for cheaters like yourself who wait very long untill the other player has to tell them to take their damage Careyious: Or I'm human and make mistakes, and as such the game has rules for this Careyious: which is if it is a reparable game state, then you repair it, and continue play Agent Laughter: but this happens every time i play someone woth your deck Agent Laughter: they forget to take the damage Agent Laughter: then ruleshark me Careyious: firstly it's not taking damage, it's paying life points Careyious: if it WAS taking damage, I wouldn't because of One Day of Peace Careyious: If you don't want to continue I am calling an admin to resolve this Agent Laughter: resolve what exactly? that you are a rule shark? Careyious: Resolve the fact you aren't continuing play and taking battle damage Agent Laughter: oh im taking long to take damage? Careyious: unless you have a response for the direct attack by ignister prominence? Agent Laughter: sorry im just human Agent Laughter: yes i have responses for all your attacks Careyious: Please continue then, and activate your response Agent Laughter: i have been continuing Agent Laughter: just thinking is all Agent Laughter: not so fun when someone take a long time to take damage? Careyious: Given this is an imformal match, 3 minutes should be enough time before I call an admin Careyious: if you must delibrate your response, continue thinking Agent Laughter: u want some cheese for your wine? you gonna wine to the admin im taking too long to take damage when u never took yours Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter: look im taking the damage now Agent Laughter: very slowly Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Careyious has called an admin Agent Laughter: ? Agent Laughter: whats wrong Agent Laughter: im taking your damage Careyious: Delibrate Slow play is an offense Agent Laughter: see Agent Laughter: u just wait till someone breaks the rules then rule shark them for a match win Agent Laughter: u are good for nothing bad deck necbeard loser Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 2 life points Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 1 life point Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points Agent Laughter has lost 69 life points .... Agent Laughter admitted defeat Siding for next duel has begun (1-0-0)   [/spoiler]
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      People shouting "Allu Ackbar" isn't enough of an indicator? Ever heard of a False Flag operation?   Did you know there are multiple Islamic terror groups and "Allahu Ackbar" is not exclusive to any one organization.   its a trap
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    stupid fucking dog blocking the goddamn way, quality game design   since when he was called dogmeat. Thought his name was just dog
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    And who gives a fuck if people claim it for no reason?   Are your parents in the grain business?    They are basically just idiots spouting misinformation. But guess, what, in this thread you have proved you are exactly the same. You are an ill informed idiotic piece of shit spreading misinformation based off of little experience or evidence but people aren't discarding your opinions without delving into them so why would you do the same?      Please if you're going to talk about anything medically related whilst saying you are a medical student, just fucking read up on the basics of what you're talking about first because you sound like a fucking moron.      I'm off to work now, I honestly hope any kids that have diagnosed IBS don't come in with a high CRP/WCC and require scoping... 
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    You get a green point! You get a green point! They get a green point! You're all going home with a brand new GREEN POINT!  
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    Yeah I still play it. Pretty sure Snake/Allen/Paul will play if we get more people into it again. 
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      Steam + FB name?     anduril38: steam   FB name: Michael Baker    :) 
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    He did :) I wasn't expecting it, but Hewitt played amazingly. Draw actually looks decent for him to make a nice run :) Hewitt has a suprisingly big chance to make it to the quarter finals, if he can get past Isner. 
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    Just updating this to let you all know that wimbledon starts today :) 
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    I have no idea. I don't doubt he'll miss the clay season as he's god tier on it though. Regardless, fucking psyched for the first slam of 2013. 2012 was a godsend in tennis.
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    He may not be that likable, but people have too much hate for him and need to grow the fuck up over the nationality issue, especially with the english murray haters bleating over him apparently going "I won't support England". He said it as a joke and didn't mean it, so lighten the fuck up people. I am glad in that he managed to refocus and win the 5th set, but if he did lose that, it would have been crippling. Djokovic really stormed back into it, and to win the 5th in such a dominant fashion showed belief in Murray. Big question for him is if he can capitalize on it. At the Australian Open and Wimbledon, certainly. I don't see him going near the French Open though.
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    Expected the Djokovic fightback, but Murray played so well to win that 5th set the way he did, especially after losing the 4th. When I said 2012 could be the best tennis year in a long time, I wasn't fucking wrong Australian Open: Djokovic French Open: Nadal Wimbledon: Federer Olympics: Murray US Open: Murray Finally, we can call the big 3 the big 4. This is only the 2nd time since the 2005 Australian Open that someone besides Djok/Nadal/Fedex has won a Grand Slam.
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    Djoko got battered. Nadal's just not recovering well from Wimbledon, he's pulled out of US open too. He's likely to take the rest of 2012 out. Good news for Fed and Murray in particular though.
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    3 set format with final being 5 sets I think, much like how it was in 2008 Federer should take this, but 3 set format is quite unpredictable.