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    a machine could not have made this expressive and earnest graffiti. shitposting is just another word for the innate human quality that binds us together, that parents share with children, that unite people everywhere against strife and hatred. this is true beauty, and i implore you to consider it carefully.   [spoiler][/spoiler]
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    *******READ******** I've received a couple of requests for intervention and subbing individuals out. I'm not going to do that under the stipulation that everyone chills out. If I see anymore overly aggressive or insulting posts directed at other players I will sub you out. I understand that Mafia comes with high emotion posts and some strategy to wind other players up for reactions but I'm not going to tolerate that being taken too far or personal attacks being used.
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    Goddamnit autocorrect capitalizing the H. Guess Francis really is the Mafia God.
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      Since when did openly discussing abilities day 1 ever helped town. hint: NEVER
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    Shitty post but cant disagree
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    The regional is 3 hours away, I finish my game on Xbox at 7:15, decide to drive by myself, leave, gas up the car, arive at 10:15 and get in as a late entry.   -Get paired against the other late entry  - Round 1, Patrick Hoban's ARG Vegas List Card-for-Card (including Garnet and Dragonpit I never intended to side, might as well commit at this point) vs. Super Heavy Samurai   lost die roll -G1, Ignister his big DEF guy and attack for game -G2, forced to go first again, made T1 Naturia beast but apparently this deck revolves around playing close to no s/t, sick T1 play bro, manage to win when he can't clear my scales due to pendulum call (2-0)     -Round 2, My Netdeck vs Pepe   We're shuffling/cutting eachother's decks, he's blatantly staring at the bottom of my deck as shuffling, ask him to look up; he clearly already peeped the PePe (I mean performage pendulum magicians) (don't call it PePe right).   won die roll, choose to go second -G1, Resolve a Wavering Eyes for 4 vs. him and then win on the next turn with Ignister and a large field -G2, make T1 Naturia Beast + Pleiades, he sets one, I Pleiades it in the end phase, win on my 2nd turn (2-0)    -Round 3, Performage Magician vs. Infernoid   won dice roll, choose to go second -G1, He resolves a massive Monster Gate, wins by killing me after negating effects as I try to gain momentum -G2, He forgets some effects in grave such a breakthrough on a Pleiades I make, making this game easier than it should have been (Monster Gated again) -G3, Naturia Beast T1 negates a Charge of the Light Brigade before he realizes he can summon his Decatron to destroy it with Harmadik's effect but I am able to beat him in a few turns after resolving pendulum summons every turn (2-1)   -Round 4, Performage Magician vs Kozmo   lost die roll -G1, I make T1 Naturia Beast because I thought he was playing Pendulums. Farmgirl into Dark Destroyer outs my field and then leads to me dying 2 turns later. -G2, had MST for his Kaiser and resolved Ignister 2 turns in a row, he wasn't able to gain any advantage or make a push to kill me -G3, We're going into time but I'm able to resolve Luster + Plush and get Trapeze and a full field T1, then Omega eventually takes his last card in hand and I push for game on T4 of turns (2-1)   -Round 5, Performage Magician vs. Performage Magician   lost die roll -G1, I win with Ignister -G2, Magical Spring stops his Luster/Plush play, then I draw another to prevent him from pendulum summoning at all before I win in the next two turns (2-0) (I think)   -Round 6, vs Kozmo   won die roll G1, I win with Ignister G2, He wins with Anti-Spell and Flying C G3, I win by ramming Flying C into his monsters and then proceeding (2-1)     -Round 7, vs. friend w/ Magicians (ends up placing 1st)   lost die roll -G1, if I remember correctly, my hand could have made Naturia Beast + Pleiades and likely won, but we're joking around so I tilt and get double Ignistered -G2, I play into a Maxx C I shouldn't have, tilt myself again (0-2)   -Round 8, vs. Performage Magicians   won die roll G1, win with Naturia Beast and making him have to pass his turn G2, lost to Kirin getting in there. I think I could have won this game. G3, I really believe I could have won this game as well. I went into Naturia Beast and he tributes it for a Kaiju card he sides in specifically for Naturia Beast. Ouch. (1-2)     I figure that I'm x-2 so there's no chance to top 8, fuck it, I play my last match.   -Round 9 vs. Burning Abyss   lost die roll, he chooses to play first -G1, maindeck Anti-Spell Fragrance cripples me until he kills me with 2 Dante and a Virgil -G2, resolve Storm on multiple backrow and have MST for Anti-Spell -G3, summon Denko vs. Anti-Spell, he can't attack over her for a turn, then I flip summon a clown and normal, then make Castel with Denko on the field, spin Anti-Spell, then pendulum 3 and pick apart his field without fear. (2-1)     My two losses ended up playing each other round 9, my friend won both games without his opponent playing a single card the entire match (Naturia Beast + Dweller), and knocks him out of top 8 and I guess ended up getting me into top 8 at 7th place somehow. Feels kind of fluke, but it's my first regional top 8 so it's kind of cool.    Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Pendulums are insane and barely feel like Yugioh.       decklist:  
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    I don't see how this is immensely complicated.  Sometimes Chumlee you just make threads a lot more verbose than they need to be.  Even if you're making the right point, the wall of text required to express that point just isn't concise.       if your chance of unintentionally drawing vs any opponent in any round is 1/12, and your chance of beating your hardest opponent is 5/10, or even 6/10, then why wouldn't you ID with your hardest opponent earlier in the tournament and take the risk of unintentionally drawing.  Obviously convincing an opponent who you're 3/10 vs to ID with you is the jackpot, but assuming you can't pull that off this is still perfectly valid at 6/10     Like if you have 1/12 chance of UDing each round, and it's an eight round ARG, then you basically have a 50/50 chance of UDing any one of those 8 rounds, it's like a 50.15% chance of UDing.   But each round you successfully clear reduces the chance of UDing the later rounds.  After 5 rounds it's merely a ~23% chance of UDing one of the last 3 rounds.     Contrast that with a 50/50 chance of winning if you play your hardest opponent r5, and it makes straight up mathematical sense to ID rather than play out the hard match.      Only question is, is 1/12 the right statistic?  In say Edragons format the odds were probably higher than 1/12 because games took forever, infinite rotas.  In PePe format post Bosh though, I'd say they'd be MUCH lower than 1/12 because games only go for 2-3 turns before the Pendulum knockout punch arrives. If you're fast with your T1 PePe combos there's a very small chance you'll go into time at all.  If you just minimise your chances of UDing by grinding PePe until your eyes bleed and your Duelingnetwork finger has RSI, you'll be playing your t1 combos extremely fast.     You can just completely remove any chance of UDing except vs the slowest of the slow players, who usually aren't in the tournament r6/7/8 a lot of the time, and if they are you can just hurry them up, get in their face about playing faster and tilt them.     The #1 reason people are slow in this game is because they're on the horizon between knowing just enough to know what a good play sort of looks like, but still needing 10 minutes to think about it.   Call a judge, get them a slow play warning, and they won't have time to think about it and lose.  Job done.   
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    wherever your basement isnt
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    i really really hate where scumwood is going with this train of thought. It's basically don't lynch me guys, and I'll prove I'm town! Except it won't prove jack shit, and all it does is let scumwood roll over into the next day while offing someone lse in the process
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    I disagree with a lot of that, and don't know how to appropriately respond. All I can say is that in my experience, within the past year, a lot of judges have lost motivation or have become disgruntled with many of the changes in the judge program. You can talk about how banned judges can just be replaced, but that isn't necessarily true. Judges train other judges. By banning judges, you are not only hurting the community, but also preventing it from being able to heal or grow.    I'm a spike, and I'll never understand why judges do what they do. But I know without them, Magic would fall apart at all levels - Pro Tours down to FNMs. If you don't understand how important judges are to the community, than you really don't have a valid opinion.
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    manipulated some redpill asshole into getting banned   feels good to have control over people
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    Can you see quoted posts of a person who has been hidden? I don't know how the board works
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    wohohoho nice me.me you got me bro!   are you doing this on purpose?    In the same game where you are letting someone policy lynch someone, you ask me this.
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    LoL reference?    Abilities apparently   Poppy is a character in League
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    Hard counters? Not strictly accurate, but for the most part it functions as a banish MST on scales, which are easily replaceable (uncomfortable flashbacks to Qlis having more scouts than you have spell removal). Hitting a slayer is great value since you remove the follow up Ignister play, but hitting a monkeyboard is no different than if you MST'd or GSOR it, to get full value out of this card it needs to be a resource that can be special summoned from the extra. It also doesn't interact with pendulum decks that can do things outside of the pendulum summon, Rank 4 as an obvious example. It also doesn't prevent a successful Pendulum Summon using 2 vanilla scales, then problems occur as Ignister post resolution of Clash of dracorivals is a clean out to this card. There are quite a few variables you are not considering before labeling this as "GG Pends"
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    Blech - I am stuck at 12-10 this season (dropped to 14 after a drunken session one night! oops). Any general words of wisdom?...besides don't play hammered? XD
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    That's not the case. Say it's a 9 round tournament, and 7-1-1 or better makes top cut (which sounds typical for ARG). Now let's just assume your given conditions. Let's also suppose that paired against your arch nemesis, the 80% player in round 1. Suppose you decide to draw. There are two ways that you can make the top cut. Win the next 7/7 rounds and ID the 9th round, or win the next 6/7 rounds and also win the last round. The total probability of this occurring (from binomial stat tables) is 0.4782969 + 0.3720087*.9 = .76527504. Now suppose that you decide to play the matchup out. There are two possibilities, either you win the match (80% of the time) or lose the match (20% of the time). If you lose the match, you have to win the next 7/7 rounds and then ID the last round. If you win the match, then you can either win the next 6/6 matches and double ID into the top cut, or win the next 5/6 matches, then win the next match and ID the last match into top cut. The probability of topping then is .8*(0.531441 + 0.354294*.9) + .2*0.4782969 = 0.77590386 (which is higher than the first number). The math is very counter-intuitive. Can you construct some weird scenario where it's better to ID in an early round? Sure. I feel however like I'm just getting into the same argument as from the Similar Card thread. Just because you can construct some theoretical scenario where something is optimal doesn't mean that it'll be likely to come up. Even more unlikely is that you'll be able to recognize it. Obviously in reality you're not going to have perfect information about your matchups vs the entire room. So why not just go with the strategy that is the correct one 99.9% of the time?
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    Did we not already discuss on a separate occasion why these optimizations are worth talking about, especially if not format specific but rather applicable to multiple formats? I believe we did in the Some Technical Play Notes thread, you may not have been following though.       1. He doesn't have to be massively favored to beat you, it's about making a judgment call about rather it's likely your match is the least likely that you can win in the tournament. Let's say you have a 90% chance, to play with some numbers, of beating everyone except one person in a tournament, that one person, you have an 80% chance of beating (and you've deciding some manifestation or variation of this analytically, it doesn't have to be exact.) The argument is that if you get paired with the 80% person, you should offer an ID. This just makes perfect sense to me, if we're to say that your technical play supercedes unintentional drawing, and hold the top = top notion I discussed earlier, then yes, there is no reason not to do this.    2. It doesn't matter if they say no, for the third time. The EV, if I'm using the term right, is basically 0 here, there isn't a loss from them just saying "no" because you're playing a game you would have played anyway. It's the difference between a virtual 0% increase or decrease in your chance of winning and a more than 0% increase in your chance of winning. Just. Like. The. Other. Thread.     One in a thousand matches? You mean a theory that is literally applicable, in this case, to pretty much any ARG, an entire match?    But, what of it? Theory that is applicable long-term vs theory that is applicable short term, that is. Are they both important? Yes. Over time, will 1/1000 advantage supercede, if constant, a 1/100 or w/e advantage you have for only a short time? Of course, also consider my own motivations for writing. I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about current format but I also don't have any events right now so wouldn't it just be greatly logical, then, for me to focus on generally applicable theory rather than theory for one tournament, since I don't have one atm? Wouldn't that just apply to anyone spending some time on the game without going to an immediate event? I can't speak on behalf of Patrick, because I am not Patrick, but at least as far as I go, I can therefore justify spending w/e time I allocate towards the game on small theory like this, being that 1. I've written basically all of my general bigger ygo philo points at one time or another here and 2. I don't really know or care about the current format because I don't have an event around the corner. Do you have an event around the corner? Then maybe I'd agree, go practice or whatever instead of reading the delusions of some theorist on DuelistGroundz, I'm not making anyone read these. I say what I think, that's about it, Allen.      This might be a Magic player's lens problem but it's the same response as to Relianah, all the aforementioned things just trump it, decisively. Like I said, I can't even remember the last time I UD'd, as someone on these theories.    @Virtuoso, what Mason said, etc.   Edit: My B if the toning of this post appeared a little irritated, just feel like I'm repeating myself a lot lately.
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    You should only be intentionally drawing in the event that it guarantees (or nearly guarantees) a top. End of discussion. 
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    today me an her meet uppppppppp   B^)   wish me luckkkk
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    for whatever reason everytime i actually try during a season i can hit 5+ easily early in the season when it's supposedly harder but as the season goes on i get stuck in the 5-3 range even though multiple people have said it's easier to climb later to legend
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    Denis's bday was awesome. There is such thing as too much shepards pie
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    mmm its ok, I'd rate it 2/3      +5 heartharena overlay
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    i psychologically manipulated you into thinking that was a toilet
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      Sorry, 25%. https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/3k9c1s/heartharena_tifu_stat_retraction_sortof/ Sorry, meant after. You're right, since there wasn't anything active between TGT to LoE... probably why we actually saw more Flamestrikes again.
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    I mean there's also examples of Frostbolt vs Forgotten Torch levels of comparison as well       Frostbolt is better than Forgotten Torch 9/10 times. And the fact that they both exist lowers consistency. If you already drafted 2 Frostbolts, getting passed a Torch instead of, idk like a Flamestrike or something, gives you a worse deck. If you get passed a torch instead of a Frostbolt, it gives you a worse deck. You're not twice as likely to get Frostbolt if torch exists, you're less likely to get the better card and more likely to get a worse card.
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    It hurts consistency in a vacuum if you don't consider that cards can have similar enough effects to where the difference between two isn't entirely relevant. 
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    You're really missing my point and I'm not sure how often I have to re word it for you.   Larger card pool = less predictable drafts   Lower predictability hurts consistency   If you told me you were only getting 7+ wins 4/7 runs when we had only the base set I'd tell you you sucked. Now, you're right, that's pretty solid.     I think it's very reasonable to say that a player's arena win % would go down as more cards are introduced.
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    Are you thinking before you post? The fact that you said 95% even proves my point even more. Yeah I might not get 3 Flamestrikes in my draft but you won't either.  That doesn't mean the lesser player won't walk into stupid trades or/go face/trade when they aren't supposed to. You MIGHT draft overly powerful cards but whatever. That happens with literally ANY card game. You can'r say Hearthstone is the ONLY complete random draft, Just because you have better cards doesn't mean you won't trade because "Hurr it's always good to trade" The game will NEVER be perfectly about skill. No card game will. Sorry to burst your bubble.    The people that think it's always good to trade or always go face will statically lose more often than the players that know when to do what. Arena in Hearthstone isn't meant for everyone to hit 12 wins everytime. As long as you're an above average player you should get 7+ wins 4/7 times which is a positive percentage which means you'll make your money back overall if not more. That's the best you can expect. 
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    Larger card pool means less consistency and more variance   We all know how the Hearthstone community feels about variance 
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    North Sea Kraken more like 12-0 enabler. 
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    I think my client went screwy. You're only supposed to be able to get 1 copy of Old Murk Eye and 1 Golden copy right? I crafted the normal Murlocs and received Murk as my reward. Then I played a single match and as a match reward they gave me a second normal copy of it. On my deck screen I have 2 regular copies. I also can't disenchant them since it's special.   is that weird or no? 
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    this logic (the last part) is ridiculous   your extra deck is a toolbox last time i checked you didn't have to summon all 15 guys in your extra deck every game
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     you're really missing out on this card back man
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      As fucked up as it would be, I'd find it hilarious if instead of weed he sends you a handwritten note (that you receive on Dec 25) saying "Stay strong, stay sober".   Along with a picture of him smoking (your) weed.
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    Or u can try ostkakas rank 1 list with 2 keeper,6 secrets, 2 shredder, 1 keeper, 2 sludge, 1 ragnaros. The more refined lists have basically cut favour and are playing 2 sludges as the 5 drops.
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    How does one "fucking love" something?  That sounds like an oxymoron.   When you get down to it "fucking" and "love are basically the same thing.
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    Sitting at Rank 3 currently after playing Combo Druid basically the entire time. Thinking about switching over to Secret Paladin. Are there any optimal lists or are they all basically the same?
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    90% of what makes people think you're good or bad is your name. If I was paired with someone whose name I didn't recognize who had a SG mat, calculator case, and PC whites, it wouldn't make me think that they're good, just that they're the biggest tool in the world.
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    Absolutism is preferred in technical writing. I think your flare for language makes your walls of text difficult to read. Summarizing your points to as few words as possible would reach people better. You claim to care about raw data and pure solutions yet use words like "sort of", "started to" , "literally" , "universally". The words are all distractions and make it more difficult for the reader to get to the actual content. I'm telling you this because I do like your posts (the points you're getting at) but cringe at that useless words you fill them up with.  ^Edit: To Matt^ Regarding the problem of optimal 1 of's and 2 of's over 3 of's. You need to take into account that you are playing versus a human being. Having options to trick your opponent is usually what clinches tight games in the better players favour. If you assume that your opponent assumes the optimal deck-building strategy is to play 3 of's then it is now no longer optimal when regarding defensive cards. Being able to play around a certain trap prevalent in the metagame is a basic skill most players have. If choosing to diversify your trap line-up then one should not use both wing blast and geki break to do so in this current format. Both cards are too similar and do very little to trick you opponent. An improved strategy is to use storming mirror force as a 1/2 of, alongside whichever card is better between wing blast and rageki break.
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    There are good reasons for that though. The cost is not trivial. Weigh playing 56 cards vs playing with 12 life, in a deck that doesn't win in 1 turn. MTG also has mulligans, YGO doesn't. Having multiple cards in your opener that represent the next card in your deck without knowing what they are makes decisions whether to mulligan or not really awkward. Gitaxian Probe gives you information about your opponent's hand, but also takes away information about your own hand, especially when you open multiples, where the information gain is redundant. Getting stuck with a garbage hand because you kept a hand with probes and didn't draw into what you actually wanted will lose you as many games as the boost in consistency will win you. Probe is an easy inclusion in most anything blue or combo shit, but beyond that the drawbacks are very, very real. Totally off topic but just sayin, of course different games with different rules have different theory.
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    You know, the sad thing is, this thread has much higher level yugioh discussion in it than the average deck discussion these days.