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    a machine could not have made this expressive and earnest graffiti. shitposting is just another word for the innate human quality that binds us together, that parents share with children, that unite people everywhere against strife and hatred. this is true beauty, and i implore you to consider it carefully.   [spoiler][/spoiler]
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    *******READ******** I've received a couple of requests for intervention and subbing individuals out. I'm not going to do that under the stipulation that everyone chills out. If I see anymore overly aggressive or insulting posts directed at other players I will sub you out. I understand that Mafia comes with high emotion posts and some strategy to wind other players up for reactions but I'm not going to tolerate that being taken too far or personal attacks being used.
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    Goddamnit autocorrect capitalizing the H. Guess Francis really is the Mafia God.
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      Since when did openly discussing abilities day 1 ever helped town. hint: NEVER
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    Shitty post but cant disagree
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    The regional is 3 hours away, I finish my game on Xbox at 7:15, decide to drive by myself, leave, gas up the car, arive at 10:15 and get in as a late entry.   -Get paired against the other late entry  - Round 1, Patrick Hoban's ARG Vegas List Card-for-Card (including Garnet and Dragonpit I never intended to side, might as well commit at this point) vs. Super Heavy Samurai   lost die roll -G1, Ignister his big DEF guy and attack for game -G2, forced to go first again, made T1 Naturia beast but apparently this deck revolves around playing close to no s/t, sick T1 play bro, manage to win when he can't clear my scales due to pendulum call (2-0)     -Round 2, My Netdeck vs Pepe   We're shuffling/cutting eachother's decks, he's blatantly staring at the bottom of my deck as shuffling, ask him to look up; he clearly already peeped the PePe (I mean performage pendulum magicians) (don't call it PePe right).   won die roll, choose to go second -G1, Resolve a Wavering Eyes for 4 vs. him and then win on the next turn with Ignister and a large field -G2, make T1 Naturia Beast + Pleiades, he sets one, I Pleiades it in the end phase, win on my 2nd turn (2-0)    -Round 3, Performage Magician vs. Infernoid   won dice roll, choose to go second -G1, He resolves a massive Monster Gate, wins by killing me after negating effects as I try to gain momentum -G2, He forgets some effects in grave such a breakthrough on a Pleiades I make, making this game easier than it should have been (Monster Gated again) -G3, Naturia Beast T1 negates a Charge of the Light Brigade before he realizes he can summon his Decatron to destroy it with Harmadik's effect but I am able to beat him in a few turns after resolving pendulum summons every turn (2-1)   -Round 4, Performage Magician vs Kozmo   lost die roll -G1, I make T1 Naturia Beast because I thought he was playing Pendulums. Farmgirl into Dark Destroyer outs my field and then leads to me dying 2 turns later. -G2, had MST for his Kaiser and resolved Ignister 2 turns in a row, he wasn't able to gain any advantage or make a push to kill me -G3, We're going into time but I'm able to resolve Luster + Plush and get Trapeze and a full field T1, then Omega eventually takes his last card in hand and I push for game on T4 of turns (2-1)   -Round 5, Performage Magician vs. Performage Magician   lost die roll -G1, I win with Ignister -G2, Magical Spring stops his Luster/Plush play, then I draw another to prevent him from pendulum summoning at all before I win in the next two turns (2-0) (I think)   -Round 6, vs Kozmo   won die roll G1, I win with Ignister G2, He wins with Anti-Spell and Flying C G3, I win by ramming Flying C into his monsters and then proceeding (2-1)     -Round 7, vs. friend w/ Magicians (ends up placing 1st)   lost die roll -G1, if I remember correctly, my hand could have made Naturia Beast + Pleiades and likely won, but we're joking around so I tilt and get double Ignistered -G2, I play into a Maxx C I shouldn't have, tilt myself again (0-2)   -Round 8, vs. Performage Magicians   won die roll G1, win with Naturia Beast and making him have to pass his turn G2, lost to Kirin getting in there. I think I could have won this game. G3, I really believe I could have won this game as well. I went into Naturia Beast and he tributes it for a Kaiju card he sides in specifically for Naturia Beast. Ouch. (1-2)     I figure that I'm x-2 so there's no chance to top 8, fuck it, I play my last match.   -Round 9 vs. Burning Abyss   lost die roll, he chooses to play first -G1, maindeck Anti-Spell Fragrance cripples me until he kills me with 2 Dante and a Virgil -G2, resolve Storm on multiple backrow and have MST for Anti-Spell -G3, summon Denko vs. Anti-Spell, he can't attack over her for a turn, then I flip summon a clown and normal, then make Castel with Denko on the field, spin Anti-Spell, then pendulum 3 and pick apart his field without fear. (2-1)     My two losses ended up playing each other round 9, my friend won both games without his opponent playing a single card the entire match (Naturia Beast + Dweller), and knocks him out of top 8 and I guess ended up getting me into top 8 at 7th place somehow. Feels kind of fluke, but it's my first regional top 8 so it's kind of cool.    Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Pendulums are insane and barely feel like Yugioh.       decklist:  
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    I don't see how this is immensely complicated.  Sometimes Chumlee you just make threads a lot more verbose than they need to be.  Even if you're making the right point, the wall of text required to express that point just isn't concise.       if your chance of unintentionally drawing vs any opponent in any round is 1/12, and your chance of beating your hardest opponent is 5/10, or even 6/10, then why wouldn't you ID with your hardest opponent earlier in the tournament and take the risk of unintentionally drawing.  Obviously convincing an opponent who you're 3/10 vs to ID with you is the jackpot, but assuming you can't pull that off this is still perfectly valid at 6/10     Like if you have 1/12 chance of UDing each round, and it's an eight round ARG, then you basically have a 50/50 chance of UDing any one of those 8 rounds, it's like a 50.15% chance of UDing.   But each round you successfully clear reduces the chance of UDing the later rounds.  After 5 rounds it's merely a ~23% chance of UDing one of the last 3 rounds.     Contrast that with a 50/50 chance of winning if you play your hardest opponent r5, and it makes straight up mathematical sense to ID rather than play out the hard match.      Only question is, is 1/12 the right statistic?  In say Edragons format the odds were probably higher than 1/12 because games took forever, infinite rotas.  In PePe format post Bosh though, I'd say they'd be MUCH lower than 1/12 because games only go for 2-3 turns before the Pendulum knockout punch arrives. If you're fast with your T1 PePe combos there's a very small chance you'll go into time at all.  If you just minimise your chances of UDing by grinding PePe until your eyes bleed and your Duelingnetwork finger has RSI, you'll be playing your t1 combos extremely fast.     You can just completely remove any chance of UDing except vs the slowest of the slow players, who usually aren't in the tournament r6/7/8 a lot of the time, and if they are you can just hurry them up, get in their face about playing faster and tilt them.     The #1 reason people are slow in this game is because they're on the horizon between knowing just enough to know what a good play sort of looks like, but still needing 10 minutes to think about it.   Call a judge, get them a slow play warning, and they won't have time to think about it and lose.  Job done.   
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    wherever your basement isnt
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    Some notes on how you should best maneuver your ID in ARG tournamentst:    I'm going to assume you're not being useless in between matches barring obviously your first match and actively trying to spin together a web of information about the rest of the field in order of who you think is best in the tournament to who you think is worst in the tournament to get a good idea of what they're playing, this way you can cross-reference them with your bad match-ups when you get paired with them so you can strategically decide who to and who not to offer a draw to. Hint: The best player playing the deck you're least likely to beat is going to obviously be a given for who you should and who you should offer a draw to. Of course barriers/blockades imposed on yourself that contradict this are you wanting your friends to do well in tournament that you get paired up with even though rationally and objectively it might not make sense to offer them the draw. However, I'm not here to write individualist theory, I'm here to write optimized theory so take and leave it as you wish, as that goes.   So, what to consider when it isn't the obvious choice on who to and who not to offer the draw? Obviously no matter what at x-1 in round 8/9 (whichever is last) it's going to be a given to draw, but it also doesn't actually matter which round you draw otherwise and it definitely isn't always the best strategy to wait until the last match to use it. In practice it will look like it is because it's the only one that, when you reach there, is going to guarantee you into top cut but it should just be painstakingly obvious that this situation doesn't necessarily imply an optimized use of your draw, when you consider that a loss you took in tournament could have also been that draw, and that could be a win, which means since all the same records are equal insofar as final results goes, rather you used the draw in an earlier round in or the last round is completely irrelevant because you're still risking the same amount of games, and the point is to try and use it on the one you deem the riskiest, and also to apply the corresponding sociological practices in mental technical play to try and get the best chance of them accepting your offer when you do decide to go for it.   Mathematically speaking, it's a simple risk vs reward scenario. The risk here is choosing the wrong game and getting a later riskier game ("riskier" here just meaning a lower chance of you winning, of course.) The reward is, well, just being right and using your draw on the match that ended up being the least likely that you would win. It is also considered that every following match is effected as far as who you will play depending on the result of this match is. It therefore follows that including your web of information into the event you're playing at, if we're to talk optimizations, you should keep active tabs on the records of all relevant peoples whom you would take the draw to, eliminating your analysis of someone if their record ventures too far away from yours to realistically matter (which isn't optimized note-keeping in a vacuum but is in the interest of time because at least insofar as those people goes, it puts your mind at ease of having to keep track of them.) What all those words that I just typed means were: "Keep track of who matters/you can get paired with that you'd take the draw with, not the people who are not in that category." Which is an idea, again, in the interest of proper time management, which is just obviously a facet of optimization even as far as note and record-keeping goes, analytic thought, etc. I'm not going to pretend I know much about the math, even though in my mind math is just logic in another language, and vice versa (I just happen to only speak one of those two languages,) but I will note that once you apply proper comparative thought, which just lists these possibilities in order, take into account their records, the fact that the possibilities get slimmer and slimmer as the tournament goes on, and the fact that these are only 8 and 9 round tournaments, it because clearer and clearer to you. That is how to properly use your draw, with one exception:   Match-up drawing, for lack of a better term. Basically, this is a strategy that is used to manipulate what match-ups (not what specific people) you play. It revolves around making an observation about which decks are likely to go into time and get draws and which are not, and it also makes an observation about the fact that since most others won't be using this strategy (please don't even get me started on the whole "you're talking about it here tho so they will!!!" nonsense because I've more than refuted that in the Some Technical Play Notes thread.) If people en masse were employing this strategy as well you might run into an issue of match-ups you actually don't want to play against, maybe even the same exact one, strategically drawing with their opponents for one reason or another, then you getting paired against the thing you were trying to avoid. However, again, the refutation to this is the incompetence of the masses which asserts the following analysis: 1. Most likely situation is they're only going to intentionally draw in the last round to get into top. 2. Second most likely situation is they will ID with a friend in the hopes they both do well (self-interest is more common in humans than selflessness making 1 more likely than 2, I'm not being judgmental here, I'm giving an accurate social analysis.) 3.- Are all actual strategy like we're talking about here. The people who get paired with their friends, 2, and draw, aren't really something you can control, and they actually largely and likely won't even reflect the decks they're playing. The ones that are IDing in the last round also aren't an issue, because you'd just ID as well if you get there. The people actually making a strategy out of it basically don't exist outside of, well, you and I, so you exploit this flaw in the way the room behaves accordingly. The last thing I want to note about a flaw is decks that go into time and draw, but that is obviously refuted by the fact that the entire fucking point of this strategy is to avoid decks that do not do that, and I'll leave the competency of that to you.   Lastly, no, I'm not going to consider match-up drawing different than drawing to avoid certain players ignoring their deck choice and considering their technical play. Why? Because that competency is on you to not have comparatively worse technical play insofar as it actually mattering, that, and the fact that obviously the deck-approach has far more bearing on success with the current material conditions of the power creep than does individual technical play (especially of the masses.) Also, match-up drawing differs from individual drawing obviously. One is an individual approach, one is a collective approach. One tackles individual people and analyzes them comparingly, the other tackles entire match-ups. It should then follow that in theoretical before-hand discussions of deck choice relating to tournament structure, that IDing for match-ups should be considered before IDing for individuals, because you have far more of an accurate picture of what will be at an event rather than who will be at an event. Of course if you want to get technical on that point you can talk about spinning that same web of information on individuals before-hand, something I've admittedly done at one event, but I think that's one blockade in the interest of time and not having no life that almost everyone reading this can agree upon. Thank you.
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      I call bullshit. I call bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit. 100% bullshit. You are often the first to start speculating on roles
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    this is why ppl don't want to post on deck discussions anymore
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    How are you gonna go after somebody for going after low hanging fruit and then just tunnel on a floater all day?
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    "I get no hoes, so I'm going to generalize and treat them like shit in hopes of acquiring them, while expecting them to not generalize me and perceive my edge-lord behavior as character depth while circlejerking about it on a subreddit. That'll teach those bitches to get back in the kitchen and suck my dick." - The Red Pill
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    You guys continuing to argue over this stupid shit about character names when 9/10 times is has like no impact on the game whatsoever is just causing confusion and not helping town at all.
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      The phrase you're missing here is in a row. What mystical genie is letting you know you'll win all these in a row vs the risk you're taking in each individual round?        It was just a vacuum example of why a draw is more similar to a loss than it is to a win; in the sense you have one more round to play before you're safe.   And to previous point, there is a huge difference between "If I draw now, how can I be sure to win the next round" and "If I draw next round, how can I be sure to win now".   In one case, you've used your get out of jail free card but you can still go back to jail, while the other you can't get back to jail. The first scenario is more contingent on a win, because if you lose this round, the second statement is irrelevant anyway.   I'm sure you're very adamant that there is a possibility that using the ID in another round is correct, but you're also taking out variables such getting lucked out (something the insurance industry completely base their strategy on) and the fact that unintentional draws can occur (no amount of technical skil/playl can completely omit this). It really just is a get out of jail free card and when you want to use it, and ideally you'd want to use it when it matters most, to put yourself in a situation where external factors cannot hurt you anymore.
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    Look who we came across in a bar in Dublin last night, after going to see the film again actually. I was there, just not arsed being in the picture or talking to him. (quite drunk).  
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    heartharena overlay     i was gonna get the heartharena overlay when they were about to release it but I heard a lot of negative stuff about how it runs off an app that bogs down your computer etc.   I just keep track of cards played/remaining in deck in my head and it's worked out fine for me
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    [spoiler]To be fair Ren was bleeding out of his guts during that forest fight and had to take on two fighters.[/spoiler]
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    I don't like a single person who plays this game anymore. Whereas MTG seems to confine itself to its cadre  YGO cannibalizes itself because all of you are awful people. I honestly hate every single "pro" I hate me because I was a part of you, This game is awful because its a bad game but also because you are bad players.
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    Alot of my frustration with Yugioh comes from how much I wanted it to be like Magic. I used to talk with a lot of people, and we agreed that if Yugioh had things like multiple formats, Pro Tours, etc, Yugioh would easily be the more popular game. The conversations weren't "Fuck Yugioh, let's all go play Magic", they were "I wish we had nice things like Magic players". The best things we ever got as Yugioh players were the massive reprint sets, which shouldn't need to exist in the first place, because newer cards (Pot of Duality, etc) shouldn't ever be $100+.    Also, there is another perspective to consider on how Yugioh is dying. There will always be a market for casual players who watch the anime or aimlessly buy packs at Target. Yugioh will survive in that way. But Yugioh is dying for the people who legitimately care about it - the collectors and semi / competitive players. The bad outweighs the good for both groups, which is why Yugioh communities have been steadily declining. Players quit, collectors get rid of their stuff, and no one new comes in to replace them.    Yugioh won't magically cease to exist one day. Yugioh will die when it becomes just another game on the Target shelf like My Little Pony.
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    Climbing gets easier and easier as the season goes on, you've got close to 2 weeks you can do it I believe in you
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    Actually comparable cards hurt consistency more since most comparable cards we have suck. We're now twice as likely to be passed Wisp or Booty Bay Bodyguard or Magma Rager, etc.
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    If I get one more Holy Light from Spellslinger in Arena. Jesus.
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    That's like any card game. You can't say every new set in mtg/ygo means the game is more and more about variance.   More stuff will come out. There might be a few "lucky" cards but just like every game the better players will win more often.  I don't really care how half of the community feels. I'm sure half of the playerbase is casual and terrible.
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      Until more cards come out as Arena inevitably becomes shittier and shittier with each expansion
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    On a serious note though I'm not sure if I'm getting better, people are getting worse or a combination of both in arena.  I used to average 4-5 wins with the occasional 7 but the past 4 days I've gotten a handful of 11's, 10's, 9's, and a 12 and it's been super easy. I think I'm actually getting really used to Hearthstone as a whole and figured out when to trade/face and calculating everything a lot better. It really is all in the gameplay. I used to complain about my drafts being bad but I was just playing bad. Like yeah sometimes people have Ragnaros or 3 Flamestrikes or double Krakens and Force/Savage etc. But 9/10 times it comes down to gameplay. I've been getting half of my 10/11's with completely shitty decks and it feels good man. It's obviously helping my coin/pack ratios too which is helping my collection.  I wish I did this sooner. It's only uphill from here.
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    got legend on my alternate with face shaman   now to work on my main account   gonna try with golden monkey deck
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    i had a dream where i hit legend for the first time last night and this morning i was late for work  (|:|)
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    Yeah. Like wtf it's just one game. I'm sure youve wasted countless hours on Hearthstone. 1 game wont kill you.
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    Frankly, I have absolutely no idea what Tewart and Hedburg did to warrant backlash from the community, but I do know this.   Last week, I made a complete list of every single product ever released in TCG-EN, except for Jump promos and prize cards, sorted chronoligically by release date (a far cry from this crap).  I noticed some things.  Since KDE's takeover of TCG distribution, they tried to do a lot of different things to at least attempt to address player concerns.  Old cards too hard to get?  We'll make more reprints.  Coin toss format?  We'll make top cuts go to draft.  Hate draft?  Okay, we'll make it go away.  Tournament pack exclusive cards too expensive?  We'll make them only rarity-bump reprints and errata.   I honestly think KDE does care about the players, but some of their actions are just misunderstoond.  The intentions feel right, even if the consequences weren't necessarily the best.  Given the circumstances of our game now, though, I'd say KDE is taking the right steps with TCG's distribution changes.  A holo in every pack makes the purchase of a single blister so much more enticing.  Making the game more available in this way, especially the higher end, will only be more encouraging of young, beginning players to finish their decks and play with others.   Perhaps TCG will eventually catch on to OCG's release schedule, so that everyone in the TCG community gets the same information at the same time, and there isn't a disproportionate group (that we're a part of) that knows the game three months ahead.  I know for a fact that, when my friends and I first started dabbling in competitive play, learning that fact was absolutely crushing.  How were we supposed to keep up with that?  It just added more to the huge amount of information we needed to learn to even keep up with the game.  They ended up drifting away because the time commitment beyond the game was just to much, and I stayed, because I genuinely love this game.   The game isn't dying in the slightest.  You go to any Target, Wal-Mart, what have you, and you'll see tons of old products for other games and TCGs warming shelves, but Yu-Gi-Oh! is always stocked with the latest and greatest.  Or they're just sold out.  Because they're buying product.  Because they're playing the game.  Because the game is still alive and well.
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    Consider Reno Lock for all your ladder needs.  Solid match-ups against everything except Druid and Control Warrior.  Great match-up against all Paladins.
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      huh?   also, wtf is up with acting like that 1 free classic pack is worth anything?
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    http://prntscr.com/9f871cplay this secret pally list
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    i often style my hair as yugis and put a duel disk on vs good players as well
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      4 spots. I'm surprised people still playing that shite deck. Must be ASF doing all the work
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    How is kozmo getting three spots in the top classified as dominating?
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    Seth Mcpherson: So after the banlist whose playing Hearthstone? Stephan Ross: What banlist Jeffrey Firth: Yugioh banlist Trevor Tibbetts: Probably the same people who already played Hearthstone Stephan Ross: Oh Eric Claudill: People play yugioh??? Chris Hentz: I am after february :3 :3 :3 Brandon Wigley: meeeeeeee Nicole Sutherland: ugh Rory Todd Banaszek: Way ahead of you guys by like two years Brandon Wigley: What a hipster Seth Mcpherson: Rtrianglewry Rory Todd Banaszek: Baylife Seth Mcpherson: I say this but I'm booking for SC soon Brandon Wigley: I say this and I'm not :-) Seth Mcpherson: Aren't you like a 4 hour drive away? Seth Mcpherson: Brandon get on skype with me tonight while I stream <3 Brandon Wigley: what're you streaming Seth Mcpherson: Ranked ladder grind, have Mage and Zoo built, but I can build anything except pally Eric Claudill: *Hearthstone* *Zoo Build* DansGame :( Seth Mcpherson: Mech Zoo is ignorant Joshua Graham: for the record I'm not training anybody nor hooking anyone up Brandon Wigley: Who are you? Eric Claudill: he's impact ready to make an impact Eric Claudill: but he has no impact on the packdaddy lel better baylife dat Joshua Graham: don't test me child~ Brandon Wigley: Josh you remember who helped you with your deck at Pat's house a few years back ;) Joshua Graham: yeah that deck sucked Brandon Wigley: well yeah you were playing GKs Brandon Wigley: that can only be helped so much Seth Mcpherson: Wow josh I thought we had a thing </3 Eric Claudill: You all suck except for Josh's windups. If I can beat Josh with Pirate Warrior you're all nubs Brandon Wigley: You're a fan we get it Eric Claudill: A fan? I mean I beat Forsen and Admirable and Hafu with Josh's lists so....I'm good ;) (arguably better than Josh :P) Brandon Wigley: NO WAYYYYYYYY Seth Mcpherson: I once lost to Amaz AMA? Eric Claudill: I've beat 5 former current or whatever #1 legends AMA I'm a god I'm packdaddy Jesse Choate: I've beaten firebat in arena twice, I am the new Blizzcon champion Joshua Graham: lol if you think you're better than me you're delusional Mason Oliver: beaten many legend players, won small tournaments, local god ama Eric Claudill: Josh you are bad :') Joshua Graham: lol ok bud you think what you want but you are literal garbage x) Eric Claudill: u mad cause I'm pro Joshua Graham: you dont even have a gosugamer point Eric Claudill: Cause I have a life. If I could get signed to play pro and sit in my house 12 hours on stream 12 hours sleeping like I'm Bjergsen or Amaz or something I would lol. Most tourneys are weekends I have to work :( Mason Oliver: shots shots shots shots everybodyyyyy Seth Mcpherson: like dang bang bang Joshua Graham: but you'll never get signed because you're nothing and nobody x) Eric Claudill: Josh is just mean :( I'm still nasty idc idc idc Seth Mcpherson: JOSH HE'S DEAD ALREADY STOP IT Joshua Graham: yep Eric Claudill: lol he's really mad now give me that 4 grand in cards you stole I'll start my own team bruh I'm out deuces gg wp rekt Joshua Graham: lol if you think that phases me you've got another thing coming x) Joshua Graham: ya if you wanna bring up the past you were banned from DG for having literal autism back before there was a cure Mason Oliver: girls girls you're both pretty Eric Claudill: I was banned from DG for being a twelve year old child  amongsts 16 year old autistic epower hungry idiots, I'm also way before your time rook. When you 2-0ed me with Wind-Ups I hadnt played competitively in literally 4 years I was bored over a summer at college but act like you know me and my life more :) Seth Mcpherson: wasnt that the best dgz has been Mason Oliver: dg sucked back then it was just the pink innovation tinted glasses Seth Mcpherson: my god pink innovationnnn Joshua Graham: bro the fact that you remember that I 2-0ed you with Wind-Ups and I didnt even know who you were means that one of us is famous and one of us is autistic guess whos who