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    i make this thread every year on here because a lot of duelistgroundz is family in my eyes. today marks my family's 20th anniversary in the states. today would also be my father's 48th birthday.
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    Extending the Night Phase a few hours because I have a job interview tomorrow and want to be able to end the day at a time I will be around. Wish me luck cause it seems like an awesome job!!!
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      [spoiler]phantom knight burning abyss guy punted the game 3 in the quarter finals and didnt push in for damage, forgot scarm search at the end phase. PePe guy controlled no cards and he topdecks monkeyboards and ultimately wins.[/spoiler]
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    It's coming back, if anyone cares. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-03-14/hunter-x-hunter-manga-to-return-for-1st-time-since-august-2014/.99778
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    Second part dragged, the end was really cool but I feel like a good 80% of it was just boring unnecessary crap
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    no hate, just explain to me how can you think it's more or less the best card but you almost never want to see it.
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    Wow Melissa McBride is such an amazing actress
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    So there's a 0.1% chance of any person to win an/the event before factoring in skill, matchups, luck, play, divine intervention or any other factors ?  
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    what the fuck happened man i thought you had vegas locked
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    tbh its better than looking at mike knowles talking
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    As for the #1 book, you don't have to work in Ecommerce to realize many rating/recommendation algorithms are simply flawed and used to strictly encourage sales conversion. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/8-things-people-dont-know-amazons-bestsellers-rank-sales-rank/
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    something about thoughts and emotions
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    Hope this helps some of you guys. I remember back in 2009, when Jae Kim just gave everyone a list of the best tips and tricks for running TeleDAD, so I did something similar for monarchs:   ACP's 49 Rules of Monarchs If you’re bricking half your games, then you’re building the deck wrong. If you think that you want to blind second, then you’re building the deck wrong. Hand traps are unplayable in the main deck. Maxx C in particular is absolute garbage. Look at every card in your deck list, and write down how it contributes to the t1 nuts. If you can’t, cut it. Yes, the deck is linear. Welcome to modern Yugioh, where you try to do the same thing t1 every game and hope that it holds up. Don’t try to add cute tech to this deck. You’re just shooting yourself in the foot by doing so. If a spell/trap in your deck has the word “monarch” in it, you should never be running exactly 2 copies of it. Don’t avoid running 3 of your best cards because you don’t want to open multiples. Statistically, the chances of opening multiples of some particular 3-of is only 3.6% when going first. If you’re running Escalation with no Return or vice-versa, your deck is probably built wrong. No one can ever beat a t1 monarch + return + escalation going first. It matters very little who goes first or second in a mirror, but you should opt to go 2nd. There are are very few downsides to doing so. If you want to turn your banished Panthiesm into an actual tutor, reveal two copies of a card that your opponent thinks that you need but you actually don’t, and take a second to think and then reveal your singleton copy of the card that you actually want. More often than not, they’ll give you the card that you want. Yes, this has won me matches. If you’re deciding between going t1 Fiend + Domain lock or LV8 + Domain lock, play the Fiend. It’s why we run it. Always Prime + Domain into your LV8s if possible to play around Veiler on your Edea if you run it. Edea is our plan B, not our plan A. The Prime Monarch is how we win the late game. If you’re ever running out of stuff to send from your deck to grave with Erebus/Ehther, know that you fucked up. Overwhelm your opponent in the mirror by resolving Return as quickly as possible. Win the late game in the mirror by using Mega Thestalos/Caius in conjunction with in grave Erebus to burn them out. You can use Erebus on your opponent’s turn to add back a graved Ehther and shit on your opponent. This is particularly good if they know your hand and think the coast is clear. Time management is key. This doesn’t mean stall, you fucking dingus. This means that if you’re going into the next game with 5 minutes left on the clock, you better prioritize lifepoints. Unfortunately, this will happen more than you think it will. Fog King sucks. If you’re losing games to this card, you greatly need to reevaluate your deck and sidedeck. No, you don’t need to side Book of Eclipse, lol. March of the Monarchs sucks. Return lets us dodge Solemn Strike anyways, which is really the main card that we’re worried about. If you tribute Edea for Ehther/Erebus, Edea must be cl1. If you tribute Edea for a Mega Monarch, Edea must be cl2. During your opponent’s main phase, it’s an open game state, so they have priority to do whatever they want as the first action. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t ask them to give up that right. Say “Hey, I want to activate something at the start of your main phase. Is that ok?” and if they say “Sure” then flip your Escalation face-up and Mega Thestalos them. It’s less relevant with the adjusted banlist, but Pendulum decks can tribute summon Monkeyboard to turn off your Domain. That means you should Ehther into Kuraz to blow up Monkeyboard and turn your Domain back on if possible. One For One sucks. Yes, it will win you a game here or there, but don’t be confirmation biased and let that outweigh all of the games where the card does nothing. Upstart Goblin is better than Trade-In/Allure of Darkness/Pot of Duality. Kuraz is pretty damn good in the mirror. T1ing a Kuraz to draw 2 is usually so much better than t1ing a random monarch. Stop constructing your deck as though Tenacity doesn’t have an activation condition. If you have only 9 monsters to reveal to Tenacity, that probably isn’t enough. Double Domain can beat out Mask of Restrict/Fog King. BLS is one of the best cards in post-sideboarded games. Unfortunately, you can’t run it in the Quantum build. Until there’s some sort of deck that plays 15+ traps, Royal Decree sucks and you should not be siding it. Having to wait an extra turn to out their Mask of Restrict is too long. The difference between Treacherous Trap Hole and cards with “Solemn” in their name is that Treacherous Trap Hole can be used to both break up already established boards as well as to stop your opponent from countering your own setup. Solemns are not the swiss army knife that Treacherous is. In fact, if you have a card with “Solemn” in its name anywhere in your main deck or sidedeck, cut it. FTK is your worst matchup. A well-constructed E-Hero deck is your second worst matchup. The strong possibility of every non mirror match siding in Mask of Restrict against you proposes a unique problem. Every Mask out is something that does not contribute to the t1 nuts. Plan accordingly. Anti-Spell Fragrance is better than Kaiser Colosseum in the sidedeck. They can’t Eccentric Archfiend an Anti-Spell Fragrance. For postboard mirror, you should leave exactly 1 copy of Domain in your deck. It’s not the nuts card that it is in other matchups, but you will eventually want to it search it just to have your monarchs be able to run over theirs. If you want to ignore Mask of Restrict/Fog King, just run an extra deck. You can also side in Mask of Restrict for the mirror and Stardust Spark Dragon + Restrict becomes a hard lock against them. Chicken Game isn’t as good as you probably think it is. Running trip Mithra can lead to even stronger t1 nuts plays than usual, like t1 Mithra + Return + Baby Thestalos, search Erebus off Return, play Erebus, dump Panthiesm, search trip Domain, have a Domain lock + 2 random discards t1. If you’re paired up against a Monarch mirror, they are more likely to be running the Edea engine than the Quantum engine, because the Edea engine costs $0. But the Quantum engine is better overall, whether you decide to run 3 Red Layer no Teleport or the full package of both layers and Teleport. Red Layer can be tribute fodder or a Return trigger. It is the definition of versatility. Raigeki, 2 Dark Holes, and 3 Twin Twister should be in your sidedeck, no exceptions. Landrobe is a great out to Fog King, Naturia Beast, Dark Law, and similar. If you activate Escalation into Kuraz as chain link 2 or higher, Kuraz will miss timing. Escalation/Ehther chain link 2 or higher will also cause Return to miss timing. Vanity’s Fiend sucks but may stop sucking in the future. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to run Upstart Goblin, but you’ll probably have to since there currently aren’t 40 playable cards that you can run instead. You should either be running 3 Edea or 0. Don’t try to trick yourself into thinking that 2 or 1 is somehow good. Spirit of the Monarchs is not as good as you think it is. Don’t main or side it (when it comes out). If you ever tell someone that you’re “running the OCG build of monarchs” your deck is probably terrible.
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    Lately there's have been an influx of illegal migrating to the glorious game of yugioh. They're bringing guns, drugs, crimes, and bad guy. There's only one guy that can stop all of this madness. That person is none other than Trump himself. Trump has personally sent me a perfect decklist for the upcoming YCS. He stated that this deck will make yugioh great again. Trump 2016: 3x Labyrinth Wall. This is the perfect card to stop the illegals from coming over. With an impressive defense of 3000, even the most agile illegal can't climb this mighty wall. 3x Koa'ki Meiru Wall. Sometimes, even the most crafty of illegals will resort to using tools to scale the great wall. This impressive wall on legs will sacrifice its sell to the glory of Trump to prevent any uses of tools. 3x Cannon Soldier 3x Snipe Hunter 1x Twin Barrel Dragon 1x Barrel Dragon 1x Wall Shadow A great wall is nothing without an army of border officers. These ruthless and vicious guards will ensure any illegals caught climbing the great wall will be punished. 3x Elephant Statue of Blessing. Trump is a true blessing to us all, and this precious statue is proof of it. 3x Cardcar D. An important man is nothing without his loyal steed. This armored car will ensure the great man is safe on his journey. 1x  Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle. The Eagle is a stunning mascot of our glorious nation. 1x Erebus The Underworld Monarch. This card is the perfect avatar for Trump. He does not care about the illegals and wishes his loyal subjects to take care of them. 3x Upstart Goblin. Illegals has invaded our nation. It is Mexico's fault. They will pay for the wall. 3x Chicken Game. Trump is an extremely brave man. He is no coward. The Oni Tank represent Mexico. 1x Magical Labyrinth 3x No Entry!! Illegals must be denied entry to our glorious nation. 3x Imperial Iron Wall. Even with spaceships, illegal will have a tough time getting over this impressive wall. 3x Dark Bribe. Sometimes you just gotta bribe some people to tell you where are the illegals coming from. 1x Wall of Revealing Light. This beautiful wall may seem expensive for our nation to afford. Luckily, Mexico will have to pay every single pennies. No side or extra because they're for illegal. Trump does not need them to win Only illegals use noob meta netdeck.
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    so is this book about how to be a king or how to be good at yu-gi-oh because both goals are pretty antiquated by this point aren't they?
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    Thought this could start an interesting discussion.   I made a spreadsheet to calculate the odds that a player will top/win an event given his odds of winning a single match (or you can think of it as his matchup against the field). You may download the spreadsheet here, and change the value in the C1 cell to see how it affects the odds: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PQjY6tSd-Xm-6neU1c0W8Hyy1LJR_Af7PyoRvNTryn8/edit?usp=sharing   Notes: - Odds were calculated using the binomial distribution - Calculations assume that X-2 or better tops a YCS, X-1-1 or better tops an ARG, and X-1 or better tops a regional. - Not possible to factor in draws into the YCS/regional models, so I just decided to assume that draws will never happen. Rest assured, this is still a very close approximation to what the actual numbers are.   Most importantly, this is not a recommendation of which particular event you should enter. This only calculates odds of winning, not which events are better EV. For that, you'd have to take into account entry fee and prize support.
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    also Liadrin the new Paladin hero, will be free if you have a level 20 WoW character   you can play WoW to level 20 for free btw
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    He literally claimed cop in his first posts (seriously nelrick well done for that it was beautiful) I want to vote Monet but I'm not sure that he could be on a team with "Me.". Need to reread and rethink a little.
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    The walls were closing in. It was like the spirit of the Gemstone Mine was embodied in the walls of Mafia Corp. The pressure was even getting to Underwood…until he learned the Ravens signed Eric Weddle (okay boys we lit!!!).   People were antsy and on edge. Anger and violence could be felt in the air. You could see it growing in people’s faces. Their enemies were arising outside and the hate was flowing. Their cries of protest could shatter the moon with the desire to bloody the sky with the blood of Mafia Corp employees.  (props to anyone that figures this one out alive – dead pm me)   Nelrick could sense it. He could sense that the frustration was overtaking his comrades. He knew that somehow he had to alleviate the pressure. It was then that he knew what he must do.   Corporate Scapegoat Nelrick: Guys, the pressure outside is mounting. There are riots in the street and law enforcement can’t keep up. We haven’t showered or eaten anything other than vending machine crap and salads (read as pizza) for days. Tbh, I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to sacrifice myself to appease the masses, and hopefully alleviate the pressure on us.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rcsKixPY24   (hit play while you read this shit. Have some respect)   Nelrick put on his best suit. He straightened his tie carefully as he stared at his reflection in the mirror with a cool resolve.   Nelrick (to this reflection): Alright buddy. You can do this. This what you were born to do. You’ve gone through harder things before.   He reflected on these hardships. Getting lynched on DGZ all the time. The amnesia incident. Getting Nk’d irl and returning from the dead.   He walked out of the room and stared onto the long corridor leading to the outside where he would hold his press conference.   His friends lined the wall with tears in their eyes. Even the cold-blooded Underwood’s face beamed with a sense of reverent pride for Nelrick and what he was about to do.   As he walked down the hall, shaking the hands of his friends and consoling them, his heart grew glad. An eerie calm overtook him. All of the petrifying fear that had plagued him was gone.   Just before he took the final step to his death, he turned around, gave his friends a thumbs up, and told them   Nelrick: “I’ll see you guys again on the other side” smiling   After the gruesome death of Nelrick, the crowd’s bloodlust was appeased, at least for a short while.   “What have we done.”   A thought that permeated almost everyone’s minds. Almost…   There were two attempts on the life of Nelrick. He was   [spoiler] The Cop – Once per night, you may scan one player and learn their affiliation so long as you are not blocked and your switch is in the ON position.   [/spoiler]     Day Four Starts Now and Will End in 25 hrs (3 PM EST Tomorrow) or when majority is reached (4). PM me if any questions. 
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    Yes but the thing is, if thats your strategy, is ba the best deck to do that at the moment? what does pure ba decks have to be the best deck at building large and powerfull fields that can break opponent fields like the ones pendulum decks or kozmos are going to build? or even if you do have a strong field, what do you have to prevent a comeback with dweller o regular removals wich every deck have access to? if you don't have that type of inherent protection every other deck have in the form of dweller, rafflessia, felgrand, kozmos in general, floodgates in monarchs, etc. And if you don't have that, and your field gets destroyed, how well can you build up a similar field again to push back after they pushed back?     On a different topic, and I know many of you will think I'm crazy and probably neg me, I was thinking on how you need to clear both monsters and scales vs pendulum and how to counter monarchs with their domain plus recursive summons and how different the meta would be if exciton was still legal and I thought you can play transmodify and phantom of chaos-norleras to gain mass advantage from dantes and pk in grave after the whole field and hands are sent to the grave. Sending norleras to the grave shouldn't be difficult because rhino send it and also tour guide summons rhino, besides the obvious milling power.   I have tested it myself and I have found decent sucess with this play, I didn't invest too much of my deck in other targets like armageddon for pks+transmodify nor extra copies of PoC or norleras so it actually doesn't hurt consistency that much so I recomend giving a try. May not be the final answer to the meta but I think it worth the try.
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    i'm sorry about your dad but very glad you and your family got away from that mess, happy 20th man  :)
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    i should have used this instead of performapal. I wouldn't have bricked and swept the whole thing   smh
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    Glad to see you are still doing well, at least I hope. :)
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      Heritage and 5dimes are the best imo
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    tbh the best part of the show was knowing I can actually purchase Booty-Os
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    ??? yes they can, it just won't be long term weight loss, a bunch of bullshit 10 step programs you see ads for on TV have testimonials like that and then the people just gain the weight back when they start eating again
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    this show felt like one of those international shows from 1997-2003 that literally meant nothing but occasionally had good wrestling, meaning overall it sucked. i was so bored.
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    these intermissions are the yugioh equivalent of check out my mixtape
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    The d hero list from facebook.       
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      It does not look very realistic to get off more than 1 draw, which would make it comparatively worse than some other options.   For example, you could have arma send zephyros and bounce monkeyboard for a +2-3 (depending if this enables an otherwise inaccessible guitartle draw), or you could draw 1 or at most 2 with library and hope that these draws will hold the same quality as the ones from the arma play. Armageddon knight is also a more versatile card to be playing because it also allows the normal summon to be a diamond dire wolf or just send a shaddoll dragon. If you play both of them together, you'd be compromising scale consistency (probably, I haven't looked into the math on this), or at the very least would need to compare library to another sub-engine and probably find out it's still inferior.   Yeah, this isn't a complete refutation of the idea, so feel free to explore the possibilities I only labeled as improbable or find a way to make library draw be of higher quality than armageddon pluses.
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    Why 2 arma, 1 rota over 3 arma, 1 rota? I don't see why you'd want to run less the maximum amount of copies of him when you for example could drop the unexpected dai for an arma without lowering your scale consistency.   I like your post just for the shatterfoil diamond dire wolf.
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    came 3rd at regs with this   id prob change some stuff but im not sure what yet  
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    Let's take a look at a build that topped before Personally I think Bernie is a really bad deck, the duelist was just lucky with his metacall. Bernie has no chance against trump
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    I feel obligated to go. No work on the 30th.  Might just go to hang out. My desire to learn real YGO is low.
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    But wait you're telling me a nigga still can't get a holo Swap Frog?
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    I created a website to tell people a little more about the book and what it has to offer.    http://premier-list.wix.com/roadoftheking   I hope people find $25 to be reasonably priced. I honestly would love to just give it away for free, because the community would benefit so much if everyone read it, but as a recent college graduate with something like $60,000 in student loans I'm just not in a position to do that. I'm not expecting this to get me out of debt or anything, I just hope everyone understands why I can't outright give away something that took me a year and a half to write. I also wanted to give people an incentive to try it out, so if you pre-order it before March 21 you can get it for $5 off at just $19.99. The book is about twice as long as Chapin's and only about half the price if you pre-order it.    I'm sure people are wondering how I will distinguish myself from Chapin's work other than by providing examples for Yu-Gi-Oh instead of Magic, but I assure you there is very little overlap. I'm a big fan of Next Level Magic and highly recommend players who want to improve read it as well, but NLM was only one of about a dozen books I read while doing research for my own book. Most of the lessons come from great business leaders like Charlie Munger, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Peter Thiel, as well as my own experiences from playing the game.    While Chapin focuses on technical play, going so far as to state it as being more impactful than all other factors combined, I disagree and think that deckbuilding is far more important and my book reflects that. I also directly challenge Chapin's "Theory of Everything" as being an insufficient framework to guide card theory and attempt to build a better guiding framework of my own. It's not that I think his Theory of Everything is outright wrong, I just think it's insufficient and think that we can evolve beyond it, but this evolution wouldn't have been possible without his initial contribution so I believe he still deserves a lot of credit.    I'm hoping it will be a high quality production. It's currently being edited and proofed (both conceptually and grammatically) to ensure that by the time it is released it will be the kind of book you want to tell your friends about.   There are no secrets left unsaid. It's everything I know about the game all brought together. I basically wrote it to Ben to explain all the concepts I would have trouble articulating in a casual conversation, but wanted to make sure he understood so he can keep growing. It was only later that I realized how much the community would be able to benefit from it if they read it. I certainly learned a lot by writing it and I'm sure anybody who reads it will also learn a lot. It was a lot of hard work, but it has been an extremely rewarding experience and I hope you all enjoy it. 
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    I hope after this Frazier Smith writes a novel on how to dress for a ygo event.
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    Just like any other printed material, I expect a promo card.
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    Can you link me to that other place please.
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    i mean you literally shit yourself with me just walking up next to you you arent any type of person that deserves to exist within society at least i know what kind of destructive degenerate i am and use it to further my life you on the other hand are just a creepy as fuck dirtbag noone wants to associate with
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    also the bitch i called pregnant is scum so i wanted to piss her off some more also legit thought she was pregnant no regrets except i didnt get to hit uthor again
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    i am the the criminal known as the crigger will confirm jye is a little pussy that tried to strangle a 13yr old for making a joke about his mum then shit bricks when i threatened him about 
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      Yo, that bear play was so strong, it gave him advantage in game 2 as well. Damn.
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    for the love of god can someone remove this cancer from dgz