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    Posts like this actually just make everyone think that you're a total asshat. You're literally incapable of ever admitting you've made a mistake in any possible setting. How does it feel?   On a more positive note, you'll fit right into American politics!
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    I could see worm lynx working wonders here
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    I can teach you all the combos for rapid pizza takedown.     I’m Josh Graham– an avid Pizza Hut and Dominos enthusiast. I absolutely love this franchises. I watched the commericals on TV and ate the pizza with my friends. I ate and ate and ate until I couldn’t eat anymore. I really wanted to be the best in the whole world – like Papa Johns. The problem was I wasn’t very good. I tried every method to get better. I was reading blogs, watching pizza commerial videos and eating as much as I possibly could. I had the toppings, I ate the right toppings but I just wasn’t seeing the success that I wanted. I thought I could do better. I thought there was more. What were those things?  Those critical missing elements that will create breakthrough results at local pizza buffet?   One Night It All Hit Me   Everything I had been trying to do was wrong! Everyone kept saying that it was the “way” or the correct way to get better at eating pizza and it was all wrong! I couldn’t believe what I had encountered – a way to win at eating pizza that goes much deeper than just eating pizza. With this new found strategy – I set my sights on a goal – to actually go and win a Pizza Hut eating competition.   It took practice and it took a lot of relearning. I had to forget everything I thought I knew about pizza. I wanted to start fresh with a clean slate and no preconceptions about anything. It took some time but after I learned this method, I started eating. A lot.   The most amazing thing I found was that this could be taught to anyone.  And it doesn’t take thousands of dollars in travelling to learn it, or years eating in the pizza circuit.  I’ve been helping eaters get better at eating pizza for years. I’ve been helping people win their local Pizza Hut, regional and topping and even winning a Dominos PIzza Championship Series.  This just works, and I’ve proven it time and time again.   Instead of teaching it a thousand times to people, it’s all right here for you in the PSP (Pizza Sharp Pro) system.  I wanted to make this available to everyone! I wanted to give everyone an equal opportunity to be great at Pizza.   This is a picture of me celebrating my win at a Papa John's EatSport Tournament  
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    "You are India! Ability, tech support: Once per night, during the night phase, you can send me the name of a player. If that player activated his ability and it got negated/redirected/blocked, you will negate the negation and the ability will resolve normally. You will be notified if your ability is successful. You cannot spam target. You are a member of the Town. You win when all mafia members are eliminated"   my pacifist role was literally shit fucking india smh racism
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    I thought this was duelistgroundz, not bookreviewgroundz. I guess people rather try to teach others, than try to improve themselves: a terrible combination to have. Did someone just say ideas get worse because sentences are fucked up? Last I checked ideas exist outside of language. Language is but a way to communicatie them. Also who gives a fuck about audience: people who don't read a book because of the presentation probably aren't the kind of people that would do everything to become good anyway. They're the ones that want shortcuts, and others to do the work. Well, just let me know how that works out for you. Note that I'm not even defending the book: I'm just responding to posts in this thread that I disagree with. That doesn't mean I agree with Patrick on everything: him letting others take back plays is the same as stacking from his own perspective of legal/illegal, besides I've already stated multiple times that I think he makes mistakes: what I'm saying is that the community is quick to criticize people when they don't agree, rather than admitting they're likely wrong themselves. And Paraliel you can act all tough and stuff, but in the end of the day you're trying to give advice to someone's who's not even waiting for it, while I'm focussing on learning new theory and try to ignore irrelevant stuff such as grammar and presentation. You are exactly the kind of person I'm talking about when I'm saying people have difficulty seperating what's important from what's not. But enjoy sucking your 'better dicks', whatever the hell that may mean. Maybe I should just stick to one-liners, because aside from maybe 2-3 good contributors, that seems like all this forum is about nowadays.
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    i hate that i know what you're talking about I hate that I don't. I love that cum guzzling whore.
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    Monsters:   2 Kuriboh 2 Winged Kuriboh 2 Fire Ferret 2 Battle Fader 2 Unhappy Maiden 2 Zero Gardna 2 Swift Scarecrow 3 Cyber Valley   Spells: 2 Tremendous Fire 2 Meteor of Destruction 2 Thunder Shot 2 Dian Keto 3 Wave-Motion Cannon   Traps: 3 Magic Cylinders 3 Threatening Roar 2 Dimension Wall 2 Cease Fire 2 Storming Mirror Force     Stupid deck I got the idea for tonight, made on Ygo-Pro and was having fun with. Won about 12 out of 15 games. Idea of the deck is to use you monsters and traps to stall your opponent while you pop your burn spells and also stall out turns for Wave Motion Cannon. Still looking around for things to add or take away from deck, previous build had 2 magician of faiths for recycling spell cards. No tragodia or Gorz, they were pretty useless in this build. Still undecided on a few other hand traps though like Veiler and Maxx C, don't really think they need to be added to the deck.
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    What? This thread is pretty bad at coming up with compelling supporting examples. Apple deliberately used an adjective (and not an adverb) to modify another adjective. It was not a mistake. I know you romanticize the life of Steve Jobs so I am quite surprised you do not remember this from Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography. Jobs wanted to use the word "different" as a noun and not as an adjective because he believed his grammatically incorrect phrase would sound more impactful. He was quite literally thinking differently.   Are your grammar mistakes intentional? If they are not intentional, I would suggest running your book through a spell check and republishing it afterward.   I'm a math major BTW. I am not someone that particularly cares about prose nor do I believe I am nitpicking something insignifigant. To me, the book's writing felt sloppy and it made me enjoy reading it less. That is simply feedback from just one reader. Take what you want from it.
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    you know youre not apple and dont have the benefit of the doubt, right?
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      This is a pretty dumb way to address the issue, both by posting here and doing what you did.   We don't grant IP bans on request - if you really can't control your urges to play, then PM an admin and request a permaban; if none are online or respond, then request one on the forums by either PMing someone or using this link.    By posting that duel note, you've pretty much screwed yourself over 2 ways:    A) Lurking isn't always an IP ban, so there's a possibility that you've been permabanned instead. Judging from your post, I'm pretty sure that this won't stop you and you're probably just going to make a new account and play, because apparently this site is addicting or something? So yeah, you've accomplished nothing here.   OR   B) Congratz, you're IP Banned! You're no longer welcome on DN! (Achievement Unlocked - 25G) This can't be undone and I doubt it'd get overturned, so if you ever have the urge to play ygo, you'd have to find a different place to play.   I can guarantee you that if you just waited 5-10 more min an admin would have gotten to you and given you a perma instead (which by the way, can be undone on request, unlike the perma you probably received for the duel note), but I'm assuming you're probably no longer interested
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    the review is in: it's a bad guide with some good points
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    waiting for the organization to review your pizza eating guide before i make my final decision on my purchase
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    if i ever get dq for letting my opponent correct a play, ill take it as sign for me to stop playing yugioh for good
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    hey man I play mafia I have great content fuk u
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    And so it was foretold, that India was sunk overnight, including its mighty prophet The Antagonist.   Antagonist was murderfucked last night, and was Town (Papyrus).   Ability:   [Pacifist] Blue Power - Twice per game, at night, you may make someone blue. They cannot move and any abilities targetting that person that would be roleblocked are not roleblocked. They are boned! [Genocide] Intruder Alert - Once per night, you may send an anonymous message to someone. You may not mention your role or your affiliation.   Day 3 begins now, Day 3 ends at 5:30 PM EST on April 20, Wednesday.
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    Person A: "correct the grammar it's good for you" Person B: "lol scrubs grammar is for faggots" That's why it's gone for pages
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    Yes, it is obvious, which is why the backlash is ridiculous. He stated a fact. The facts are the facts and they're not going to stop being the facts just because they make someone feel bad. He didn't just state a fact. It was an accusation towards a single set of people that applies to all people. There's a word or phrase for this that I can't think of off the top of my head but I'm leaning towards misrepresentation of some kind. Idk, long day at work so far so I'm wired. Also you talk about PC bullshit but you keep bringing it up as an immediate counter argument when it has nothing to do with what people are saying. "Oh they're complaining, I wish they would stop being so PC." That's just as bad as everything you're complaining about with PC culture. It is not an excuse one way or another and should never be used as a counterpoint. This has nothing to do with feelings or anything that childish. Saying things like that can easily affect employers decisions whether or not to hire a person, can lead to random acts of violence, and potentially cause perfectly legal citizens to be affected just based on something as ridiculous as their race. If you someone who can just make remarks like that just as a candidate and expect there to be no consequences, you have no right to be in the most powerful seat in the country where your words will hold that much more value and be taken that much more literally whether you want them to or not.
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    damn people like to nit pick lol (|:|)
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    can we stop using the word value in hilariously stupid ways that just dont work at all?   yes theres value in having a book look professional for fucks sake. especially for a book about theory because clarity of presentation is almost mandatory for clarity of meaning. hobans ideas are worsened every time he fucks up a sentence or gets a rule dangerously wrong. like even atem in his review said the ideas are good but there is so much chaff that you arent getting what you pay for. whine all you want that were not spending every second talking about how good or bad the ideas are, it doesnt change the fact that their presentation is equally important and this book, from an almost unanimous standpoint, fails to present its ideas well.
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    Posts like this actually just make everyone think that you're a total asshat. You're literally incapable of ever admitting you've made a mistake in any possible setting. How does it feel?   On a more positive note, you'll fit right into American politics!   Something I find interesting, even though I'm not sure if it's applicable here, is the paradox that exists when it comes to open-mindedness and self criticism. Let's say you're the most open-minded person alive, always looking to improve yourself, and admitting to all your mistakes to learn from them. How long is it possible to keep such an attitude going? There's always more to learn in life, and there are always more mistakes to admit and learn from, but at some point you're just so ahead of everyone - that your behavior would seem comparable to those who are close-minded/arrogant and who think they're never wrong. Let's say you have 3 kind of people in the world: Dumb close-minded people, Smart open-minded people, and those in between. Both the dumbest and the smartest people could say, think or believe that they are the smartest, and they would both be considered arrogant. Only the in-between would be considered open-minded, and they are. But if you really kept learning from your mistakes - at some point you would actually become 'the best', or at least very good. At that point, you won't often have to admit you make mistakes, because you barely make them anymore. To say that everyone who thinks they're always right is wrong, is just wrong in itself: because at some point you actually will (almost) always be right. Now, let's look at this example. I wouldn't say Patrick Hoban doesn't ever admit he's wrong. If anything, when I read his articles he always says how he lost due to his own misplays, playing bad decks, contradicting himself etc. People who don't admit they're wrong don't do this. That being said, I do understand where you're coming from, but there's more to it than admitting your mistakes because others point them out. For any criticism he receives from the community, it's more likely for the community to be wrong than it is for him to be wrong, because the community is not on the same thinking-level when it comes to yugioh, and I personally consider a lot of the arguments that are used as criticism to be bad as well. That is not to say you're wrong in him not always being able to admit to making mistakes. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle: of every 10 points of criticism he receives and refuses, maybe 8 of them were wrong, but 2 of them were right. Yes, he made grammar mistakes in his book, but I don't think he's saying he didn't: I just think he's explaining that from his point of view, grammar is not a priority, and I would agree with that because people who buy this book want to improve their knowledge of yugioh, they don't want to improve their english language. Would it have been better if he had an editor/didn't make these mistakes? Yes, it would, but convincing people of his beliefs was more important for him than having perfect grammar, and the apple example signifies that as well: the fact they did this on purpose is irrelevant, because the people who see this product won't know if it was on purpose or not, but they will still buy it: so in this case grammar was far less important than what he was trying to achieve.  Another thing that I often see, (and I may sound a bit like a dick-rider at this point but I don't really care about that: if I agree with someone I agree with them and I feel no need to hide that), is that a lot of people - especially those who are not on 'the top' (myself included), often can't distinguish what's important and what's not. As Matthew would call it 'what matters on a macro level or on a micro level'. Important things, such as: powerful engines, building to beat the meta, etc. receive far less attention than small things, such as if a player plays 1 Rota 2 Warriors, or 3 Warriors, etc. The truth is that these kind of things are rarely going to make a difference. People have a tendencie to focus on these subjects, maybe because they're easier to grasp, but it's wasted time because you should focus on these important things first. I'm very sure I'd rather play a 44-card deck, with a few bricks, a few contradictions are a few bad choices (dark hole instead of raigeki etc.), and a very powerful engine/something that beats the current meta, than that I'd play a 40-card 'perfect (consistency-wise)' deck, without contradictions and bricks, with the perfect ratios of cards, but not an engine more powerful than other decks. Yes, finelining a powerful deck is the 'best' option, but if you have to choose between the important things and the small things (because of time constrains or emotional energy that you're willing to devote), you should ALWAYS focus on the important things first. A perfect example would be when Matthew Monahan said he spends most of his time doing theory/creating a good strategy, and then just before the tournament he decides how to fill his 40-card and make a side-deck. Those things are important, just far less important. When I buy a yugioh book, the insights are important. I'd 1000x rather read a book with good theory bad grammar, than one with almost-good theory and perfect grammar/writing etc. But I can't speak for all, to each his own I guess. 
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    this is the scariest thing about trumps campaign to me. he essentially gets to run an entire campaign on the platform "our economy sucks" because people have some big businessman ideal in their head that trump and ONLY trump knows all the secret voodoo economic solutions that those politicians have just been keeping away from us. none of the republicans i know with any background in econ or business buy any of the shit trump says because most of it is hopelessly and intentionally vague so that he can appeal to absolute lowest common denominator voters who will take his word for complicated economic issues. don't just look at his big tower with his name on it and say "im voting on econ so i vote trump"... this is what people are talking about when they compare him to Hitler IE LITERALLY THE EXACT SAME RHETORIC same problem us liberals have with Obama now except the logical opposite of obama, because president obama is basically candidate obama lite, whereas president trump could end up being candidate trump 3.0XXL extra hardcore edition with 200% more thought police
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    where's Paraliel when you need him
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    Given this show's writing, I'm reasonably confident their target demographics is 7-13 year old girls. It's the weakest DC TV show IMO. At the very least, I actually like the actress for Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and Cat Grant. If only they were on a show with better writing, villains, plot, etc. lol
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    Other countries having an unfair advantage because of lower wages and lower regulations isn't a fair argument against free trade realistically.  #1, the country with higher regulations almost always has an advantage in the global marketplace in the vast majority of cases, except if you are competing against the countries in the highest decile on governance standards, who are basically the developed nations,  and if you're not willing to trade freely with other developed nations then you need to take a crash course in basic economic theory.  The benefit of rule of law in the countries with strong regulations far, far, far outweighs the advantage low regulation countries have in attracting business in the vast majority of cases.  In the long term unregulated countries with poor governance will not be as competitive vs higher regulated ones than regulated ones almost always.     Also, a country competing via lower wages, even though it will disadvantage American workers, is a morally legitimate way to compete.  Realistically, who does that opportunity benefit more, the Bangladeshi/Mexican/Filipino worker who lives on a 1/10th of the income of a Western worker?   Someone for whom many of the things Americans take for granted is practically impossible?     Even though American workers do lose out to an extent because of work moving overseas, for the whole of humanity it's far better.  Unless you're willing to go the distance and say that Americans are flat out more deserving than any other random nationality of opportunity, I think that you have to accept lower wage workers overseas as morally the right course of action.  They have a right to compete for that work in an economic market place, and if they choose to have poor internal regulations they will only hurt themselves.  
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    RE - "Mexicans are rapists": People always say "Trump said Mexicans are rapists!!" without giving the full context. He did not state that every Mexican person in the world is a rapist. He made his statement in regards to the illegal Mexican immigrants coming into this country. Some of those illegal immigrants ARE rapists. That's just a fact. If you interpret his statement as him saying 100% of Mexican immigrants are rapists then you are willfully misinterpreting the statement.    It's bizarre how there's this big push from certain groups to get us recognize that we live in a "rape culture" and that (I forget the exact statistic I've seen but it's something along these lines) 1 in 4 women will be a victim of rape on a college campus YET we are unwilling to acknowledge or prevent illegal immigrants from coming into our country and committing rapes. I guess those rapes are okay if illegal immigrants supposedly commit them at a lower rate than legal American citizens?     RE - Trump on Trade: I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on trade. I can't tell you conclusively whether we should place a 45% tariff on China. What I can say is that I, and many others, believe the current system is not working. We want someone who recognizes that the deals this country has made have had disastrous effects. We want someone to do SOMETHING to break the current system down and try and fix things, and we believe Trump is the best shot at a change.    What I can look at for guidance on trade is a trade agreement like NAFTA, which I believe has failed our country.    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lori-wallach/nafta-at-20-one-million-u_b_4550207.html http://www.citizen.org/documents/NAFTA-at-20.pdf   Free trade has allowed US companies to flee to Mexico and overseas, taking American jobs with them. We are competing on an uneven playing field because these foreign countries have lower wages and less regulations. Because these countries have a large percentage of their population living in poverty, how are they supposed to buy our exports? Something has to be done to make us competitive so that companies have a reason to operate in the US instead of abroad. 
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    there is more than 1 way to filet a feline
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      Well I don't know which one you're referring to but:   First, "hype" and "meta" aren't intrinsically different, the hype around a deck causing people to play it is thus umbrella'd by "meta." Popularity of certain cards also isn't independant of "meta," it's what creates the meta afterall! Since we discredited the luck part and simplified the rest, you're asking me how to assign metas values accurately, breaking it down however you like (by deck, by card, etc.)   Obviously you will never have a completely accurate percentage but you can get estimations, via your analytical process. The polls I do, the questioning, looking at deck lists, all part of my analytical process. I can get more into my whole "decision-making process" spiel but people hate it when I get pseudo-philosophical here, even though I can identify 4 main philo tendencies that dictate how I think about basically anything, and are the underlying foundation for the stuff I talk about.     Yes, but again that's the entire point of the investigatory work in my earlier posts here of the situation, trying to figure out how little the banishes mattered in certain decks.     It can, as can theory, which is what we must be vigilant in noting.      Well under these circumstances, I'm not really sure where the fallacy is, although it doesn't really matter.     This is the most important part of your post. Yes, most people are here as you described. Thus, when talking about cards like these, they'll have a harder time arguing theoretics because, even if others note that something can be found in testing that wasn't in theory just as something can be found in theory that wasn't in testing, they still seem to have trouble visualizing the the situation (or seeing its worth.) I would like to push people past this though, to where they understand that just because another situation arises in testing (that could have just as well come up in these discussions theoretically anyway,) it will almost never completely invalidate all information discussed and therefore there is still value.   Above all else, I think it's about being against the various sneaky ways people try to shut down discussions. 
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    Sounds like a Tavern Brawl waiting to happen.
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    i hate that i know what you're talking about
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    Nick has been modkilled       he was town    Day continues as normal ....minus Nick 
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    Henry went to college now hes a robot   what happened to my ygo buddy
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    BTW: out of all of the great thinkers you could have selected, Plato is really your worst option. Read any reasonable translation of Plato's Republic. With Plato, it's hard to dismiss Platonic vocabulary. The manner in which Plato, or anyone, uses language to convey their ideas is always worthy of some scrunity IMO.   Consider this: I did not read Patrick Hoban's book because I have any interest in YuGiOh. Rather, I read it because I thought it would be an interesting book to read. In my experience, Patrick Hoban wrote a book where his use of the English language distracted me from his ideas. Thus, my opinion of the book suffered.
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    Anyone see Riley Reid's pizza scene? This is the opposite
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    thoughts create your pizza
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    I couldn't even finish Thursday Democratic debate. Hillary is just that hard to listen to.
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    Julias post says that an HJ would be justified because she cannot directly assign a concrete answer on policy.    This is always a case of judgment, a head judge IS allowed to say that this isn't cheating, just the same as they are allowed to say anything isn't cheating. Seriously, anything at all. They are the highest authority at the event they are in, even above the Tournament Organizer, or KONAMI employees themselves at the event. This is deliberate as it helps protect the player and the event. Head Judges are chosen very carefully, and we work extraordinarily hard to insure the integrity of the event is maintained.   So it's not entirely for her to say that 'yes this is cheating', as a Head Judge at the very next event is within their right to say it isn't. What she's said was, she would agree with a Head Judge that ruled it as such. That is to say, her interpretation of the policy documents, the ones of which she is the author, is that such an act does constitute the infraction.   Her word is not law at my events, nor is my word law at yours. If you play in one of my events, this is cheating. If you were to play in an event she was Head Judge of (such as say, worlds), this is cheating. If you play at an event Patrick Hoban is the head judge of, this is not cheating.   ---   The other thing I felt worth commenting on, was the notion that 'by being the best you can get away with behaving however you want'.    This just isn't true in any sense of the word. For starters, you can't get a gig being a DN admin without passing an interview, and your interview being reviewed by a team of staff, that would reject you. You may not care about being a DN Administrator, but there are scenarios that exist for a lot of people, including the audience of which you wish to sell your book to, that do care, and would be affected, no matter how good or bad they are at the game. Secondly, it also asserts the notion that you are 'the best', which is also completely arguable. It's possible you aren't even the best in the United States, let alone the world, and using something as arbitrary as total event tops is a pretty weak argument for this. You've yet to top once in Europe, and you've tried multiple times. Europe isn't even the top performing continent on the world scale, either.   Most importantly on this subject of being liked though, especially to you, and the people in your camp who are players first, people second; How you behave can and does directly affect your tournament performance the instant a judge is called.   This is true for reasons perovic both knew and wrote about, and for the not quite so secret truth that judges DO profile you.   If you call a judge, and a he-said she-said scenario breaks out, It's legitimately beneficial to you if the people sitting to your left and right can side with you or not, and how much they like you does in fact come up. Kris has written an entire article about the importance of getting to your table first, and makes a strict point about one of the advantages being talking to the people beside you and building a small rapport just in case their vouch actually matters in an upcoming situation.    All this ignoring the fact that the judges DO hear things, as we are people, we have facebooks, we get PMs, and players talk. It's not out of the question for the very next event you enter to have a player come up and say "I heard patrick endorses cheating in his book!" to the judge staff and have an eye kept on you during siding. We're never going to randomly target you with things, but when it comes to an investigation, your ability to feign ignorance of something is seriously inhibited when you do things publicly that demonstrate the contrary. Writing articles that say 'I knew he couldn't use lance, but instead of saying so, I let him call a judge, knowing the judge would make him commit the card to the board', directly contributes to judges in future, not answering such questions for you without serious suspicion. Suspicion you as a player definitely don't want looming over you.    I want to conclude this by saying, I firmly and truly believe hobans book didn't condone and suggest its readers cheat deliberately. I feel it was an error in the editing process, not in the writing stage. The book has tons of typos and half of the paragraphs in it start with the same word; it genuinely just feels like the editing stage wasn't taken seriously, and that's the biggest flaw in the cheating paragraph and its affect on the book, and it's review.   Pat, you think and feel differently than most people, and in some ways it advantages you. It makes you a champion at heart.    It also works against you in ways you just can't sincerely process for the same reasons, even when those who are trying to help you suggest them.
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    Well done, you could even say this is the return of the Monarchs
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    I mean there's no twisting required. At the end of the day, you told every single person who bought your book to break a rule. There's no need to analyze intent to see that. That would look bad on you even if the reason it happened is because you were too busy saving shelter dogs to edit your own work. I really don't see why a prominent judge wasn't offered a chance to edit. Not only is there really no detriment to having an extra set of eyes look at a work, a judge in particular would have specialized knowledge you lack and you could have avoided this entire situation to begin with, as well as offer even more information and tips.   It helps if someone discovers a flagrant error to not immediately offer to write more about why the situation is dumb. Just take your lumps and move on. A lot more flak is going your way because you refuse to drop the discussion and admit that there is no excuse for the mistake. People don't tend to like endless justification when it doesn't actually change or fix anything.
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    4 months in   1st month: rank 15   2nd month: rank 15   3rd month: rank 5   4th month  
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    man this is terrible. don't you study poli sci? you are either trolling or exposing yourself as a slimey bastard. rules/laws that are in black and white with no grey area/room for interpretation? do you live in reality? how are you outwitting someone when you are basically tricking them into thinking you are making an even exchange? because it is coming from your side deck and not your sleeve? really ridiculous notions all around. nelrick was 100% spot on.
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    Does it say in the rulebook that you're allowed to take back a move as long as your opponent says it's OK?  If not, that's something that falls directly in the "illegal square."  Since there's no grey area, allowing your opponent to take back a move is pretty much the same thing as stacking your deck.   Whenever you're talking about rules there's always the "spirit of the rules."  The whole point of the legal system is to enforce the spirit of the rules.  That's why laws change.   Each person will have a different interpretation of the spirit of the rules.  If you let your opponent take back a play most people will say "what a nice dude."  Even if what you allowed your opponent to do was change from a game-winning play to a game-losing play, most people will say that's OK.  Why? They believe in this instance the rules are wrong.   The problem in Yu-Gi-Oh! has always been the ability to prove intent on breaking the rules.  I've been out of it for a while so please correct me if the following is completely out of date:   It's too easy to say "I forgot about his card effect too!"  So both players get a game loss if the game state is irreparable, right?  Well, now that creates the possibility that you're punishing a player who sincerely forgot about the effect.  OK, so we say "it's your responsibility to know."  Sure, but now the double-game-loss punishment is something a player can use to their advantage when they're up a game.  I've seen it happen in a tournament before.  Player A wins game 1.  In game 2, player A forgets (or "forgets") a mandatory effect and player B doesn't notice.  A few turns later, player A calls the judge to say "here's the mistake we made, what do we do?"  The judge issues a double game loss and player A gets the match win.  No one can prove intent either way.   If I attack your face-down monster and you flip it up to show me it's a Morphing Jar, I can make the argument that you didn't give me the chance to respond to my own attack before the monster is flipped face-up.  That's technically true since we both get a chance to respond.  Just because you didn't want to do anything doesn't mean I don't want to do anything.  Now I can play my Mystical Space Typhoon and Scapegoat from hand during the battle phase before the Jar flips.  Everyone is going to feel like this is wrong.  It's not against the rules, but everyone feels like it goes against the spirit of the rules.  That's because the rules don't exist to be exploited for my advantage.   I'm not sure if it's still in the rulebook, but when I played in my first national tournament the top 8 judge reminded us that we are required to say "do you wish to respond?" after every action, including changing from one phase to another.  This is technically the correct way to play an eliminates a lot of the potentially shady dealings.  It's also annoying as shit and no one wants to do it.   It's because of situations like that that I still believe the onus is always on the player who's effect it is to resolve that effect.  If forgetting that effect creates an advantage, they should be punished.  If forgetting it creates a disadvantage, that disadvantage is punishment enough.  You forget your search?  Too bad.  You forget to ask the opponent if they want to respond before playing/revealing/attacking/doing something?  Too bad, you have to back up.  That's the spirit of the rules that makes sense to me.  Not everyone will agree with it because it does create situations where you can take advantage of another player's lack of technical knowledge.   PS. It was very tempting to change "spirit of the rules" to "heart of the cards."
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    No one knows what Blizzard is thinking by making this common. 
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    クリアクリボー as Clear Kuriboh オッドアイズ・ファントム・ドラゴン as Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon 流星方界器デューザ as Duja the Meteor Houkai Device TDIL: TDIL-JP001 《EMボットアイズ・リザード》 as Performapal Bot-Eyes Lizard TDIL-JP002 《EMドラネコ》 as Performapal Gongcat TDIL-JP003 《EMエクストラ・シューター》 as Performapal Extra Shooter TDIL-JP004 《EMバリアバルーンバク》 as Performapal Barrier Balloon Baku TDIL-JP005 《EMゴムゴムートン》 as Performapal Rubber Mutton TDIL-JP006 《EMバブルドッグ》 as Performapal Bubbulldog TDIL-JP007 《EMラディッシュ・ホース》 as Performapal Radish Horse TDIL-JP008 《EMライフ・ソードマン》 as Performapla Life Swordsman TDIL-JP009 《曲芸の魔術師》 as Acrobat Magician TDIL-JP010 《DD魔導賢者トーマス》 as D/D Savant Thomas TDIL-JP011 《DD魔導賢者ニコラ》 as D/D Savant Nikola TDIL-JP012 《BF-逆巻のトルネード》 as Blackwing - Tornado the Anticyclone TDIL-JP013 《BF-朧影のゴウフウ》 as Blackwing - Gofu the Ghostly Shadow TDIL-JP014 《レッド・ウルフ》 as Red Wolf TDIL-JP015 《レッド・ガードナー》 as Red Gardna TDIL-JP016 《レッド・ミラー》 as Red Mirror TDIL-JP017 《マジシャン・オブ・ブラック・イリュージョン》 as Magician of Black Illusion TDIL-JP018 《マジシャンズ・ローブ》 as Magician's Robe TDIL-JP019 《マジシャンズ・ロッド》 as Magician's Rod TDIL-JP020 《真竜剣士マスターP》 as Master Peace, the True Dracoslayer TDIL-JP021 《メタルフォーゼ・スティエレン》 as Metalphosis Steeleren TDIL-JP022 《メタルフォーゼ・シルバード》 as Metalphosis Silvird TDIL-JP023 《メタルフォーゼ・ゴルドライバー》 as Metalphosis Goldriver TDIL-JP024 《メタルフォーゼ・ヴォルフレイム》 as Metalphosis Wolflame TDIL-JP025 《真竜皇アグニマズドV》 as Agnimazd Vanisher, the True Dracoruler TDIL-JP026 《ダイナミスト・アンキロス》 as Dinomist Ankylos TDIL-JP027 《トラミッド・ダンサー》 as Tramid Dancer TDIL-JP028 《トラミッド・ハンター》 as Tramid Hunter TDIL-JP029 《トラミッド・マスター》 as Tramid Master TDIL-JP030 《トラミッド・スフィンクス》 as Tramid Sphinx TDIL-JP031 《不知火の隠者》 as Shiranui Sage TDIL-JP032 《トゥーン・ブラック・マジシャン》 as Toon Dark Magician TDIL-JP033 《スケープ・ゴースト》 as Scapegoat TDIL-JP034 《ブロックドラゴン》 as Block Dragon TDIL-JP035 《天照大神》 as Amaterasu TDIL-JP036 《黒竜の忍者》 as Black Dragon Ninja TDIL-JP037 《マジック・ストライダー》 as Spell Strider TDIL-JP038 《放電ムスタンガン》 as Shocking Mustungun TDIL-JP039 《トーテム・ファイブ》 as Totem Five TDIL-JP040 《チューニングガム》 as Tuning Gum TDIL-JP041 《レッカーパンダ》 as Wrecker Panda TDIL-JP042 《妖精伝姫-シラユキ》 as Fairy Tail - Snow White TDIL-JP043 《メタルフォーゼ・アダマンテ》 as Metalphosis Adamante TDIL-JP044 《メタルフォーゼ・オリハルク》 as Metalphosis Orihulk TDIL-JP045 《メタルフォーゼ・カーディナル》 as Metalphosis Cardinal TDIL-JP047 《A BF-雨隠れのサヨ》 as Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain-Shrouded TDIL-JP048 《A BF-五月雨のソハヤ》 as Assault Blackwing - Sohaya the Summer Shower TDIL-JP049 《A BF-神立のオニマル》 as Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Thunderbolt TDIL-JP050 《レッド・デーモンズ・ドラゴン・タイラント》 as Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend TDIL-JP051 《瑚之龍》 as Coral Dragon TDIL-JP052 《虚空の黒魔導師》 as Ebon Void Magician TDIL-JP053 《超カバーカーニバル》 as Super Hippo Carnival TDIL-JP054 《月光香》 as Moonlight Perfume TDIL-JP055 《デストーイ・サンクチュアリ》 as Frightfur Sanctuary TDIL-JP056 《魔神王の禁断契約書》 as Forbidden Dark Contract with the Swamp King TDIL-JP057 《黒の魔導陣》 as Dark Magic Circle TDIL-JP058 《イリュージョン・マジック》 as Illusion Magic TDIL-JP059 《黒魔導強化》 as Magic Expansion TDIL-JP060 《メタモルF》 as Metamor Formation TDIL-JP061 《錬装融合》 as Metalphosis Fusion TDIL-JP062 《トラミッド・フォートレス》 as Tramid Fortress TDIL-JP063 《トラミッド・クルーザー》 as Tramid Cruiser TDIL-JP064 《トラミッド・キングゴレム》 as Tramid King Golem TDIL-JP065 《コズミック・サイクロン》 as Cosmic Cyclone TDIL-JP066 《強欲で貪欲な壺》 as Pot of Cupidity TDIL-JP067 《半魔導帯域》 as Spell-Reduction Zone TDIL-JP068 《魂のカード》 as Soul Card TDIL-JP069 《融合死円舞曲》 at Fusion Doom Waltz TDIL-JP070 《キング・スカーレット》 as King Scarlet TDIL-JP071 《マジシャンズ・ナビゲート》 as Magicians Navigate TDIL-JP072 《メタルフォーゼ・カウンター》 as Metalphosis Counter TDIL-JP073 《メタルフォーゼ・コンビネーション》 as Metalphosis Combination TDIL-JP074 《古代遺跡の目覚め》 as Tramid Pulse TDIL-JP075 《破壊剣の追憶》 as Reflecting upon the Destruction Sword TDIL-JP076 《底なし落とし穴》 as Endless Trap Hole TDIL-JP077 《早すぎた帰還》 as Premature Return TDIL-JP078 《共闘》 as Joining Forces TDIL-JP079 《ペンデュラム・ホール》 as Pendulum Hole TDIL-JP080 《検問》 as Examination Note: The resources to upload TDIL-JP046 《涅槃の超魔導剣士》 , i.e. "Nirvana High Paladin" are currently unavailable. He will be made accessible as soon as humanly possible, thank you for please understanding.
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    Best Mod: Wumbologist Best Duelist: Matthew Monahan Best New Member: The Antagonist Best Poster: Matthew Monahan Best Signature: CASH4KAWAIIKOCHANS.COM Most Improved Poster: Matthew Monahan Sexiest Member: confuse rei Pokemaster: rap tap Best Other Games Player: white-bordered swamp Mafia God: tie between confuse rei and rei Mafia Host with the Most: tie between Paraliel and Malcolm   Worst Mod: Mr. Cook Worst Duelist: Calvin Tahan Worst Poster: TFJ Worst Signature: digbick the pickleman   Best Post: Satchmo on rei's mixtape Best Thread: Dickrude - Buttstorm Worst Thread: Trying to get over this guy that never was and never will be...     Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to all of our winners!
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    Pure Igknight     Monsters: 21   3 Royal Magical Library 3 Igknight Templar 3 Igknight Paladin 3 Igknight Crusader 3 Igknight Squire 3 Igknight Maragrave 3 Igknight Gallant   Spells: 12   3 Summoner's Art 3 Reinforcements of the Army 3 Into the Void 3 Upstart Goblin   Traps: 7   3 Tyrant's Throes  3 Tyrant's Tirade 1 Vanity's Emptiness   Extra Deck: 15   1 Abyss Dweller 1 Artifact Durendal 1 Cairngorgon, the Antiluminescent Knight 1 Castel, the Skyblade Musketeer  1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Gagagigo the Risen 1 Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger 1 Number 104: Masquerade 1 Number 106: Giant Hand 1 Number 86: Rhongomyniad  1 Shark Fortress 1 Stellarknight Constellar Diamond 1 Stellarknight Ptolemus   Side Deck: 15   3 Denko Sekka 3 Jinzo 3 Jinzo - Jector 3 Flying "C" 3 Archfiend Eccentrick   Why Pure Igknight?   All I shall do is make the case that this is yet another, the third of which I've made in this format, strategy superior to the standard decks and strategies that people currently take to tournament. Regarding my thoughts on which of the three (Almost-Trapless Burning Abyss, Nekroz maxing on non-Trick Clown Performages mained with 3 Instant Fusion and with the Storm/Denko + more combo cards side deck strategy, and this deck) that I think is the optimal among them, I'll have to talk about at another time. As a preface to that future thesis though, I will say I think the Nekroz deck is the least among them, making the one I advise taking to a tournament being either this or the Burning Abyss deck, reasons for which I make that assertion I'll argue at another time. Last preface to this post itself, these thoughts are, of course, independent of whatever future releases to the time of which this is posted, as a footnote, the release of the PSY-Frame cards and popularization of PSY-Frame Omega does not, I believe, invalidate the Burning Abyss deck in any conceivable way as it actually does effectively nothing against the deck, and while it is a little bit of a bigger deal regarding this deck, the fact that this is a strategy that favors blinding first invalidates that criticism, as I'll get into. That, naturally, is an argument in favor of the still-comparability of these strategies even through the update of newer releases. Arguably, the card does do a number on the Nekroz strategy, though.   Moving forward, a constant of this seemingly never-ending format has been the popularity of decks blinding second. Not just popular as in when the rule that only allowed for five cards being drawn first being implemented naturally gave it, but popularity en masse due to actual logistic purpose. Now, the decks that are blinding second nowadays, Nekroz and Trap decks alike, it is not the end of the world if they go first. Nekroz has Valkyrus plays to get to a stronger hand for the following turns, Trap decks have, as they have always, Traps with the hope of not letting their opponent play, even if they'd prefer to second which I've argued in the past that it is counter-intuitive to their strategy to do so, but the necessary of it isn't something to ignore because going first, as I've also noted in the past, gives way to a new issue is the "outs to Traps vs Traps (floodgate)/Monsters vs Traps (consumable)" dynamic now favors the player going second, giving Trap decks a fundamental paradox in strategy when they choose to blind second. The last point I've argued is the importance of making floodgates as infallible/"unoutable" as possible when they're better than "consumable" Traps, or 1-for-1 Traps, whichever terminology you prefer, because the only games you're losing when you floodgate is when they out the floodgate and this is the exact same purpose I argued in favor of the Secret Village of the Spellcaster strategy of the past. This is linked to the former point as it makes the "outs to Traps vs Traps (floodgate) dynamic favor the one floodgating, you (in this case.)    Referring back to the 1st vs 2nd issue, It would then follow that if you can make a deck that wins going first, you can then go first blind, and in the current format then minimize the impact of the die roll, this is the exact angle this strategy takes and that of which I'm going to support soon, but first I want to do what I probably ought to have started this with logically, the Igknight Hero strategy and why I don't believe that it is a smart option to take in Konami format, pointing out the incompatibility of how much it doesn't "transfer over." First of all, the concept of maining Denko Sekka and Jinzo on the premise that worst case against Trapless strategies you can just make M7 or Rank 4s is invalidated by the strength of Nekroz in Konami format. You can't dick around and make an M7 to set up for next turn and not expect to get Trishula'd and lose, and Denko Sekka being Thunder-type and not a Warrior means you can't expect to be able to dick around and not make a huge Rhongomyniad and win if you're not floodgating them otherwise. Another huge point in favor of not playing this deck in Konami format is the fact in blinded second as a result of maining those cards, and we're trying to play the angle of going first which isn't supported by them. You could then say "but Matthew, just take those cards out, what's wrong with the Hero strategy?" Well, a lot. first, it is true that yes, you do have a high chance of opening Dark Law + Durendal still.   The problem, it wasn't even necessarily an autowin a lot of the time in ARG format, and it isn't in this format. Against Nekroz it can generally carry over, but the surge in popularity of Infernoid that can special summon a huge guy from hand and knock over this field is nothing to ignore as seen in the round one feature match from that tournament, and against other Trap strategies, Breakthrough Skill being popular in Burning Abyss is troublesome as well as Durendal not being the best against Burning Abyss anyway (whereas it didn't often matter in ARG format as Burning Abyss was far weaker.) Then, there's the comparative difference of Stratos not being legal in Konami format, which is actually huge and helped make Dark Law + Durendal a lot more often in that format as well as other logistic plays. I know I said you can take them out to solve not having to blind second, lastly, but Denko Sekka and Jinzo were honestly a lot of the reason the deck beat Trap decks, and that's why it worked so well because the rest of your deck naturally beat non-Trap decks in that format. This format now doesn't support that broader strategy, and when you take away one point of that strategy, the whole thing begins to fall like dominos, and that I'm asserting it is not good in Konami format.   Moving on now, reasserting the point of making floodgates as infallible as possible, Cairngorgon + Throes/Emptiness does just that, but keep in mind that Mystical Space Typhoon in general has been losing some popularity recently in correlation with the decrease in popularity of floodgate strategies in general. This lets you justify the card Tyrant's Tantrum even without the point of Cairngorgon in its favor. The other aforementioned checkpoint this deck reaches is minimizing the effects of the dice roll upon your tournament experience by blinding first. Regarding looking at the matchups in-depth comparatively, Trapless ones obviously favor this deck as a result of them not being able to stop you going for a large Rhongomyniad or floodgating them. The reason that strategies weaker than Burning Abyss and Nekroz as far as engines go have to resort to strategies that place less importance on the strength of their engine is due to the immense power creep difference. Burning Abyss' power creep deficit compared to Nekroz can be solved with some additional cards such as ith that of the Almost Trapless Burning Abyss deck without having to resort to floodgates barring Mistaken Arrest, because Burning Abyss and Nekroz are both absurdly strong engine-wise, but other engines, such as that of Igknights, aren't able to have this luxury, which is a point in favor of a floodgate strategy with them, and regarding which specific floodgates I decided to use or exclude logistically, that is something I will get into while discussing card choices.   However, while the floodgate strategy certainly puts you in favor against Nekroz and other Trapless or pseudo-Trapless strategies, it does not necessarily give you the best shot of beating the other Trap decks in the field such as Burning Abyss and Kozmo, especially considering the possible fallibility of Tyrant's Tirade in these match-ups. While going first it still largely favors you if you can reach these floodgates against them, as with any match-up going first, another worry is that of Satellarknight blinding first. To this end, you can essentially assure victory games 2 and 3 against these decks in the chance you lose game one with the side deck I've created here. I'll get into the logistics of how strategically you're siding with this deck post-card choices, but I will say that all of the cards in the side deck are to patch this problem and do so effectively. While a bunch of Normal Summons attacking for game might not amount to much against Performage Damage Juggler or Nekroz of Valkyrus, stopping their Traps then doing so against Trap strategies is still the most real win condition available on that front, and the same practice was taken with the Igknight Hero deck of a few weeks ago. Thus, a favorable matchup then, against both Trap decks and Trapless decks alike, granted this deck's consistent to the end of meeting these win-conditions as it doesn't take much imagine to understand mathematically or perceptively why that is the case, puts this particular deck in a very good position and I would declare certainly a comparable position to that of the Trapless Burning Abyss deck, possibly even succeeding it.    Card Choices   Engine cards and concessions to the win condition (understanding that win condition may vary but placing the highest importance upon the most constant win conditions) are, as with basically any deck I'd argue, all that you should bother playing. It actually ended up being the case that the extent of comparatively better engine cards and concessions ended up leaving me with 37 cards which are really all I wanted to play, and that's not some unironic Upstart Goblin joke, Into the Void were literally what I decided would be the last three cards in the deck over many other choices that I'll get into on the grounds that it had the least logistic problems among them. By the way, once you have the parameters for which you're building a deck, basically everything else falls into solving logistic problems extremely easy. On that notion, deck building really isn't nearly as difficult as it appears it is for people, especially people that think they're doing well at it while producing fundamentally insufficient decklists on poor theory. It's a mindset issue I suppose, in how they go about it, that is at the root of the failed lists (or, by my judgment failed, others may want to use arbitrary results to suggest them valid, you already know my thoughts on that.) Anyway, back on track, there is a shit ton of cards I'm just not playing and it's not because I don't know they exist obviously but I've honestly gone through each and every one and decided that the Igknight engine cards, the seven floodgates, Libraries, and Upstarts were better than all of them, and the least poor among the leftover was Into the Void. Now let's get into those cards. In no particular order:   Rescue Hamster, Rescue Rabbit, Wavering Eyes (side,) Ice Hand (side,) Fire Hand (side,) Dragon's Mirror, Archfiend Eccentrick (main,) Skill Drain, Igknight Burst, Ignition Phoenix, Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer, Magical Abductor, Effect Veiler (in coalition with Magical Abductor,) Summoner Monk, Into the Void, Chicken Game, Terraforming (in coalition with Chicken Game,) Pseudo-Space (in coalition with Chicken Game,) Rose, Warrior of Revenge, Dark Hole (side,) Rank 3(s) (extra,) Steelswarm Roach (extra,) Tyrant's Tummyache, Volcasaurus (extra,) Constellar Ptolemy M7 (extra,) Constellar Pleiades, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Heroic Champion - Excalibur (extra,) Daigusto Emeral (extra,) Spell Canceller, and Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk (extra.) Regarding other cards that are within the realm of consideration, they were either previously rejected/considered, or I've never heard of their existence such as the case was with Jinzo - Jector. But do understand that for additional cards you could add to this list, like that of Maxx C, it was never anything I actually considered because I was already aware it was wrong and why, and thus it isn't covered, as with anything I know about that I am not going to cover (regarding Maxx C specifically for example, obviously with this decks model around going first you can't have it in the main, and going second the priority is beating Traps with the exception of the Burning Abyss matchup whereas even though it's still the priority, since you're not able to side Jinzo - Jector against the deck as I'll get into, you miss out on having 3 other cards that are actually efficient at solving backrow thus have to bridge on cards that solve the next biggest issue in that matchup, and this is a very fundamental thing to understand with deckbuilding theory in general, and in this particular case the answer then of solving their engine while still technically having the benefit of shutting off Fire Lakes and Travellers was Flying C, which is obviously also comparatively better to Maxx C on that front.)   Rescue Hamster, Rescue Rabbit, Wavering Eyes, Hands, and Dragon's Mirror   Rescue Hamster suffers as a pendulum scale for being an inconvenient and virtually unusable 5, and the likelihood of being able to use it's effect isn't high either. Obviously more Igknights, as they'll always combo with any other copies of themselves when other scales won't will be played before more pendulum scales, and that would mean the only argument for this cards would be assuming it on top of what we already have. Even then, it still fails to it's own logistic problems as also not generally being able to be the last scale it's on-field effect isn't that different from the next card I'll talk about, Rescue Rabbit. Basically, all this card does is make for more of a Rhongomyniad, but the issue is that it only does so well (keep in mind blind Rhongomyniad with no scales left generally isn't the goal here or a great play,) when you have Rescue Rabbit essentially with all other Igknights in your hand as well as hopefully multiple level 4's. In the same vein of Rescue Hamster then, it's inconsistent in its own right. Regarding Wavering Eyes, which would be a reactionary proposal to Qliphort and Lose-a-Turn, the other cards sided are obviously more universal and in most other cases better, whereas worst-case, Archfiend Eccentrick can still solve it at the same number of copies as we would have Wavering Eyes. The issue with the Hands is that the monsters of the decks you would side them in against aren't the issue and Fire Hand usually sucks against floaters anyway, the Traps are the real issue, and to that end, the other cards sided are more superior at solving them than the Hands. Dragon's Mirror was originally supposed to be a theoretical win-condition against Nekroz but the issue is that with their monsters having higher attack, it would turn into merely a stalling mechanism and obviously you can't justify maining it because of it not being that useful in other matchups, and the possibility of them siding in Dark Hole is also troublesome as it would then correspond to the only time you would have it in your deck and because it would be a stalling mechanism you're essentially giving them the turns to draw it if they put them in. These logistic failures rule out Dragon's Mirror and the corresponding fusion.   Archfiend Eccentrick, Skill Drain, Igknight Burst, and Ignition Phoenix   On maining Archfiend Eccentrick, going first is the issue. Yes, it is a scale to end on and therefore an engine card. However, not being able to destroy both scales as you wouldn't be able to with it turns into an issue a lot of the time such as when you're going for a big Rhongomyniad, or you otherwise don't want to leave them up on the field or have less scales for their Evilswarm Exciton Knight. Being that main means blind match-ups, you also won't know if it will be a backrow deck or not and even in the case of backrow decks it's better going second against them as both of its effects are reactionary. That is why I did not decide to main Archfiend Eccentrick. On Skill Drain, it's simple and fails to it's own logistic errors. Burning Abyss can play under it by special summoning Burning Abyss monsters that can get to Lake, other decks have pseudo-outs in that of Book of Moon or things like Kozmo monsters to help circumvent it, and this makes it a failure currently as a floodgate and a lot comparatively worse than Tyrant's Tirade. Igknight Burst was a thought I honestly entertained for a bit. Being able to destroy other copies of itself was appealing as drawing multiples wouldn't then be bad, and even though hard drawing multiples was not likely, Ignition Phoenix is able to search it as it says Igknight "card," not specifying a monster. Obviously, although the thought was entertaining, it doesn't pan out as an effective Trap in reality due to it them either knowing I had it from Ignition Phoenix or bounding their monsters having to be used at awkward times to avoid hazards like Evilswarm Exciton Knight, which a deck like Nekroz can then capitalize on. Ignition Phoenix was another entertaining thought, along with the entire Terraforming package. Regarding this card specifically, the fact that two Igknight monsters will virtually always be superior to that card and an Igknight monster as it results in one more in extra deck if you hard drew the monsters, all the other engine cards are superior, and regarding playing it on top of the engine cards, you get into the similar shitty logistic issues as Rescue Hamster and the like except this time it's more on the power access, or lack thereof, than the consistency axis. One card in hand equalling one Igknight when it's possible to be just pendulum summoning another card like in the Hero variant which isn't even optimal in the first place puts this card quite low on the totem pole.    Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer, Magical Abductor, Effect Veiler, and Summoner Monk   Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer fails to basically the same concept of rescue Hamster and Ignition Phoenix, while also again, having an extremely inconvenient scale that conflicts with a decent portion of the engine. It also shared the issue with Archfiend Eccentrick and whatever other pendulum cards as not being able to destroy themselves post-pendulum summon like the Igknights, and that is why it and its corresponding Ignister synchro is also excluded. On Magical Abductor and Effect Veiler, same exact issue as the rest of the pendulum cards. Also, as far as normal summoning it and searching Veiler goes, that can conflict with the normal summon of Library, not to mention its scale being inconvenient and opposing part of the engine of this deck, and if you wanna argue that you can just pendulum summon Magical Abductor you obviously answer this by the fact that you're going to be activating your spells pre-pendulum, and on it's pendulum effect, you're generally not going to be able to play three spells like with Library if it's blocking you from even using your Igknights, especially when it's not played in tandem with the Terraforming brigade. Summoner Monk to bring out Royal Magical Library isn't something you can rationalize with this both only twelve spells and the idea that you might not have opened multiple spells with it so if you're going Monk > Library, the rest of your hand basically has to be three Igknights and this can conflict with the strategy of wanting to get to the floodgates, not even considering what you'd take out for it in Into the Void which would obviously limit the inherent consistency of the card as well, whereas everything else is obviously comparatively better.    Into the Void, Chicken Game, Terraforming, and Pseudo-Space   That brings us to Into the Void. The issue of this card and the benefit are simple. Yes, you're emptying hand so the end phase discard won't matter, and therefore the issue that follows is if you happen to draw it after turn one or if you draw it off one of the last Library draws. Both of which, not being likely, and with the logic holding that even if you do draw it post turn one an autowin still is valid if floodgating properly, then the card is still validated by increasing the chance of seeing the best cards in your deck rather than settling for playing comparatively shittier cards to that of the best in your deck. That's the fundamental thing people have to understand about cards like Upstart Goblin and Into the void, once you get past whatever logistic problems and decide you're able to look past them in any particular deck, it becomes true that any other choice introduced must be better not than Upstart Goblin or Into the Void, but to the rest of your deck, any card in it. Then, you can begin to see why it was what I settled on for the last three slots, but I'll go over the rest of the cards just for the sake of being thorough. Chicken Game, Terraforming, and Pseudo-Space. Terraforming obviously is going to be validated or invalidated by the other two so we can rule out ridiculing it. Chicken Game is not a card you want to leave on the field because them getting more draws to potentially get out of your lock isn't a good thing as you want whatever floodgates to be as infallible as possible. This is usually solved by replacing it with Pseudo-Space, but you can't expect to have Pseudo-Space to replace every Chicken Game, or even most of them depending on the order drawn, and therefore it invalidates Chicken Game, which invalidates Pseudo-Space, which invalidates Terraforming. They fall like dominos.   Rose, the Warrior of Revenge, Dark Hole, Rank 3(s,) and Steelswarm Roach   Rose, the Warrior of Revenge. The merits were the Ignister synchro and Stardust Spark Dragon. Cairngorgon supplements the need for Stardust Spark Dragon and the Ignister card's effect won't be summoning Dracoslayer as I'm not playing it as mentioned and discussed, and it also is a reactive card and not a proactive one which doesn't bode well for a deck that blinds first. Thus, I don't play the tuner. Dark Hole would be a response to Nekroz duelists deciding to go first and summon Gungnir post-side. Issue is, I don't know rather or not they're going to do that. Archfiend Eccentrick, which is also the last card in my side deck after all of the other cards comparatively mind you, solves that by being an engine card going first or an out to it going second so it will work either way. Therefore, Archfiend Eccentrick ought to be played before Dark Hole, and because Archfiend Eccentrick is the last 3 cards in the side, there is room for the card, as it didn't meet the cutoff of the theoretical ordered list of comparing cards. Something to be used when I pendulum summoned 2 level 3's, keeping in mind you always wanna end on level 3's as scales because you don't want to pendulum summon them at all, was something I considered. It's just, all of them were complete garbage. Two crusaders was already more attack than Acid Golem unless I needed to get over something which you basically never do and if you don't kill them the turn you get over it you're basically going to die to your own card, and everything else was essentially useless. Useful cards are better than useless cards, therefore I do not play a rank 3, you very rarely put them on the field not to be tributed off with Tyrant's cards or be attacking for game with Crusaders anyway. Steelswarm Roach was something considered as a response to the rise in popularity of Infernoid. The thing against these Trapless decks is that since they're not really stopping you from playing, you can rationalize being able to just go for bigger Rhongomyniads, which you would obviously do before Steelswarm Roach, and that is what invalidates the card.   Tyrant's Tummyache, Volcasaurus, Constellar Ptolemy M7, Constellar Pleiades, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Heroic Champion - Excalibur, Daigusto Emeral, Spell Canceller, and Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk   The issue with Tyrant's Tummyache is against the two Trapless decks, is against Nekroz they can still do Rank 4 plays and use Kleido and Unicore etc, then with Infernoid, they just have way too many built in outs. It's not the worst against Kozmo, but obviously in that respect the win condition is beating their traps which with regards to potentially siding the card, the other ones do better. The Shark Fortress + Masquerade OTK is what you're going to be going for the majority of the time you're able to make a rank 5 barring Durendal, and with all the floaters in the game as it currently is, this basically means Volcasaurus has no place in the extra deck, the game has since progressed past it. The issue with Constellar Ptolemy M7 is that unlike in ARG format where there would be actual situations I need to out Jinzo being bad against the decks with less traps, that situation isn't going to come up in Konami format as they're in the side deck. If you're making Ptolemus, barring Diamond, you're shotgunning Durendal almost always. The other cards in the extra deck obviously come up more than the tiny fraction of time that isn't true and you want to summon Constellar Pleiades. Thunder King Rai-Oh obviously isn't mained on the premise that it doesn't effectively floodgate a majority of decks, and even with the current Nekroz lists even if I were to then side it, it's easy to out then if I have nothing more I lose. It completely contradicts the idea of trying to make your floodgating as unanswerable as possible. Heroic Champion - Excalibur was simple, served as a Towers out, but Rhongomyniad is a Towers out. The deck that plays Towers rarely is going to use Traps on you and if they do Excalibur probably wouldn't have gone through anyway, otherwise, they don't stop you from pulling off the Rhongomyniad and winning. Daigusto Emeral is not needed to "not run out" of resources because this deck wins or loses very quickly. This deck doesn't play the long game, so it isn't feasible to expect to get to use it as often as the rest of the cards in the extra deck. Spell Canceller is no longer a sufficient floodgate against Nekroz with the advent of Clowns, not to mention the older out of Ju/Level 4 > Valk > Ju/Level 4. Lastly, Number 80: Rhapsody's exclusion was under the exact same premise of that of Steelswarm Roach, the deck frees you up to go for Rhongomyniad instead.    The Rest of the Extra Deck   Mostly obvious given the fact of the cards that we have ruled out. Gagagigo the Risen is so that you can attack over Nekroz of Valkyrus with Tyrant's Tirade up. Giant Hand is pretty important in the Satellarknight matchup especially because I'm not playing Rhapsody, I wouldn't recommend this deck without access to it, but I suppose you could get by using Rhapsody over it for the most part. Diamond Dire Wolf might seem like a weird inclusion but it's basically for situations where they have one backrow you wanna clear before making a play that you can't afford for them to stop. Cowboy is a response to the inconvenient attack point combinations in this deck. 17s and 21s don't add up quite right to 8,000 a lot so Cowboy comes up often to solve that logistic problem and close that gap. Lastly, on Evilswarm Exciton Knight, the only reason I actually play it at all is for the Hero match-up. Summoning it against backrow decks otherwise almost always results in it getting blocked and you use it so it's very rarely the right play over whatever other situational XYZ according to that match-up, but the exception is with the Hero matchup where literally all there is to actually do is go for exciton against the deck.    Side Decking   VS Nekroz   When you know you're going first: no side decking.   When you don't know if you're going first: -3 Into the Void, +3 Archfiend Eccentrick   VS Infernoid   Going first: -3 Tyrant's Tirade, +3 Archfiend Eccentrick    Going Second: -3 Tyrant's Tirade, -3 Into the Void, +3 Archfiend Eccentrick, +3 Denko Sekka   VS Burning Abyss:   Going first: -3 Into the Void, -3 Tyrant's Throes, -3 Tyrant's Tirade, +3 Archfiend Eccentrick, +3 Jinzo, +3 Denko Sekka   Going second: -3 Royal Magical Library, -3 Into the Void, -3 Tyrant's Throes, -3 Tyrant's Tirade, +3 Archfiend Eccentrick, +3 Flying C, +3 Jinzo, +3 Denko Sekka   VS Other Most Trap Decks:   Going First: -3 Into the Void, -3 Tyrant's Throes, -3 Tyrant's Tirade, +3 Archfiend Eccentrick, +3 Denko Sekka, +3 Jinzo   Going Second: -3 Royal Magical Library, -3 Into the Void, -3 Tyrant's Throes, -3 Tyrant's Tirade, +3 Archfiend Eccentrick, +3 Denko Sekka, +3 Jinzo, +3 Jinzo - Jector   Last note, with this deck, you blind first obviously, but post side against backrow decks you wanna pick second, as with Infernoid, and you always wanna go first against Nekroz.   That's about it. I don't know when the next time I'll do a post like this will be, my interest has largely been drifting away from this game and on to other topics lately, ironic because the last several months more than ever is the closest I've ever felt to having an actual idea what I'm talking about, anything close to some sort of knowledgeable enlightenment, at least as far as deck building theory goes. This, the Burning Abyss deck, and what I've said about Nekroz, is essentially the extent of my current knowledge in this game, my mind otherwise on it, is completely blank. All that I can perhaps seek to assemble is a critique arguing for which deck is better, this or the Burning Abyss deck. I mean, with the upcoming release of the new set, I'm not sure if these theories will hold up but just having read all the new cards we know, unless Majespecter somehow beats this deck which I highly doubt, I still think all of this information should hold up going into San Jose. Regarding other future leaked and otherwise posted releases, the structure deck in December, BOSH in January, a potential ban list coming soon, the future of this game is looking exploitable, therefore something I'd love to lend my 2 cents on. That being said, I do also want to move on with my life, I'm 17 and heading to college in several months (birthday's in December,) which dictates I likely won't have as much time to fuck around on here with you guys. Well, I guess I might as well make the most of the time I have, then. Have a nice day/night everyone.