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    scraped together the last championship points i needed with a mediocre top 32 finish at seattle regs locked for pokemon worlds in august
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    If you want some numbers and information without too much spin, I'd recommend fivethirtyeight.com. It's run by statistician Nate Silver, who gained a huge following after he used aggregated poll results to correctly predict how every state voted in the 2008 election.
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    Went to regional with basically the same build pretty much. The video from the MST tournament is up now if anyone is interested, though there was a problem with the mic: At the regional yesterday I played the same build just added a solemn strike over a magic deflector in the side deck. In the main event I scrubbed out, just drew bad. Just like normal kozmo bad hands, I didn't even draw any tech just like could only summon sliprider turn 1 and got smashed or just pilots and call of the haunted. I did enter in a win a mat though and came first. Fire king island won me a lot of games and I don't regret running it at all, the bad hands I did draw didn't have the baby garunix in them, just regular kozmo bad hands.
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    Got 3rd at the 3rd mst.tv open series tournament which was pretty sweet. It's an unofficial tournament for our area/province as there hasn't been a regional in 4 or 5 years and these unoffical tournaments have basically replaced them, they kick ass in prize support too, get a play mat for top 8 and store credit. The tournament was about 70 people so not too massive, I played against tons of meta though. Played 4 mirror matches (won them all), 2 monarchs (one extra deck one normal), psy-frames (lost in top 4 to this, my friend/testing partner who I went with piloting them and they are not an easy match-up), mermail (my loss in swiss, every game ended turn 2), and burning abyss. They do feature matches on their channel and they had me in one of them and a deck profile so those will probably be up there at some point: https://www.youtube.com/user/MSTTV604/videos This is my half report-half deck list. 3 Kozmo Dark Destroyer 2 Kozmo Forerunner 2 Kozmo Landwalker 2 Kozmo Sliprider 1 Kozmo Delta Shuttle 2 Kozmoll Darklady 1 Kozmoll Wickedwitch 2 Kozmo Soartroopers 3 Kozmo Tincan 1 Kozmo Farmgirl 2 Kozmo Strawman 2 Maxx " C" 1 Fire King Avatar Garunix 2 Radian, The Multidimensional Kaiju 3 Kozmotown 2 Emergency Teleport 3 Terraforming 2 Allure of Darkness 1 Fire King Island 1 Raigeki 3 Kozmojo 3 Call of the Haunted 1 Vanity's Emptiness Total = 45 To explain some choices, the reason I play 45 cards for one is that I found in the fire king island build it is really hard to find room for defensive cards and tech choices such as maxx "c" and the kaiju. I just decided to say screw it and go over 40. In theory this means I should draw into my garunix less as well. I only opted to play 1 fire king island as I only ever wanted to use it just once in a duel, and additional copies would make me feel like I would have to add in more fire king monsters which I really did not want to do as I tried that at first and it led to really bad hands. I basically have 4 copies of island due to terraforming compared to 6 if I add additional fire king monster bricks, I don't think the payoff of 2 extra copies is worth the potential brick hands. Drawing multiple island together can be kind of mediocre too. For dark lady, yes you need 2. At first I thought I just needed one but after testing I feel at least 2 are needed. Being able to dump one with tincan so you can soartrooper it back later is good while also being able to summon one off of a level 6 or higher spaceship. Also a random note is in the mirror match I would let my opponent get whatever to their hand with tincan and just wait until they try to summon a spaceship and just OTK them before they could play whatever they got to hand. The best combos with fire king island are with level 6 or higher spaceships, so I use more copies of forerunner and 2 copies of landwalker over the 3rd sliprider and other potential spaceships that could be run. More than 1 delta shuttle isn't really needed, and any combo that would involve 2 of that thing is probably unnecessary in my opinion. Also landwalker is a dark so it can be used for allure of darkness and can protect things like strawman, soartroopers, tincan, or dark lady which can be a nuisance for the opponent. More than 2 soartroopers is also unnecessary, you can still do crazy double leviair shenanigans with just 2. The traps are another reason I went over 40. To be able to fit in cards like kozmojo which are amazing in the mirror match still is great. Seriously, do not run less than 2 kozmojo under any circumstances, and I did not care if I had to go over 40 to do so. The card is way too good to not play. A lot of the time going first with a level 6 or higher spaceship and a kozmojo was a win in the mirror match. Just mojo their first attempt to summon something then bring out dark lady to negate a potential second attempt. Vanity's emptiness is also a free win in the mirror match a lot of the time now as it is difficult to find space for spell and trap removal in the island builds. The main deck kaiju monsters were amazing and bad sometimes. It was good as one monarch player dropped majesty's fiend and march of the monarchs turn 1 so dark hole or raigeki wouldn't have been good enough. In the rogue match-ups it wasn't very useful at all though, it is solid vs burning abyss, monarchs, and the mirror match though which were the 3 match-ups I mainly cared about. I also hit a couple dark ladys as well. They might come out or move to the side deck, I am not completely sure yet. Also the reason for playing radian over other kaiju is forerunner can crash with him and you can use it for allure of darkness. For overall changes I am not really sure, but I do want to get it closer to 40 if I can. I think 3 tincan is still solid as if you don't open fire king island it is the next best thing. The deck is definitely not perfect and could use work, but I don't think we want to opt out of including cards such as maxx "C", kozmojo, or vanity's emptiness in order to get down to 40. There are definitely some cards that could be trimmed such as the 3rd kozmotown possible, I found myself siding that out to make space a lot. Also the side and extra deck weren't too interesting, other than the 3rd sliprider, maxx "C", and 2 ghost reaper and winter cherries, mask of restricts, it was pretty standard. Might swap the 2 magic deflector for solemn strike for the mirror match when going first. Extra deck noteworthy thing is double leviair which I went into against burning abyss as I brought out utopic 0 and cyber dragon infinity with soartrooper shenanigans to steal 2 of beatrice for game. Other thing is the rank 3 super-quantal for popping your own kozmo town which can search kozmojo, or potentially extend your combos. Also dante because of cherries.
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    One of Bakura’s most iconic cards from the anime is being printed. Along with 5 other cards. Dark Sanctuary Field Spell Card (1) If you bring out a “Spirit Message” due to the effect of “Destiny Board”, you can Special Summon that card as a Normal Monster (Fiend-Type/DARK/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0). The card Special Summoned by this effect is unaffected by the effects of cards other than “Desiny Board”, and it cannot targeted for an attack. (If you only have monsters who have this card’s effect applied to them, and no other monsters, your opponent can attack you directly.) (2) When your opponent’s monster declares an attack: You flip 1 card; if it’s Heads, negate that attack, and you inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster’s ATK. Reprints: Destiny Board Spirit Message “I” Spirit Message “N” Spirit Message “A” Spirit Message “L” Source View the full article
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    this is a good combo and i did it at my regional like 4 times today =D. (but instead of search mojo i just searched 2nd destroyer since i cut mojo after realizing it was too much of a brick to be worth maining when i was already playing so many other bricks).i used 3 pathfinder and 3 terrortop (and a three-eyed dice) for AFD, so i could do the combo more when i went first. pathfinders always get sided out going second, along with a garunix and island or two, and the three-eyed dice would be swapped with taketomborg..also a 2nd slip and a farmgirl would come in along with other sides like kaijus. a funny thing was that i was able to resolve psi-impulse 3 times when i went first. it won me a game even when i really messed up my combo by accident one time. but i think i might've been lucky cuz u can never be too careful about siding in potential bricks like that. i just sided 2 for when i could go first.
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    Snake got me 2-1. Top Deck for the loss. Still maintain dustshoot is a terrible card and should be honor banned. Even in the last 4 games I've played dustshoot was arguably the deciding factor in 3/4 of those (counting the 1 game I played with Jazzy before he had to go).
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    regarding Summer's Over, he's essentially slapped random "interludes" from his Ghost Writers on his Albums before, like Wednesday Night Interlude from IYRTITL and Buried Alive Interlude on Take Care.
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    I disagree entirely. Unless someone is a direct physical threat to you, using violence to suppress their views is entirely indefensible, morally or otherwise. Violence is a self-perpetuating cycle. You keep insisting that civility does not work and continue to assert that being civil means being a pushover that doesn't make people uncomfortable. MLK was civil but did not resort to violence and his form of disruption did not involve breaking into other people's property or preventing them from getting to work, etc. Boycotts are perfectly defensible tactics that do not involve directly disrupting someone else's life. Changing people's minds (in order to influence legislation) is the ultimate goal. Resorting to violence and rioting accomplishes none of this and only inhibits proper discourse and social change. If you want violence as a political tool, the Middle East is a great example of how that turns out. Ours is by no means a perfect government, but it is one of the best out there and the absolute nature of individual rights is what it makes it effective. We live in a democracy that allows for organized voting blocs to influence the future of the country. All your doing is asserting somehow that conservatism/libertarianism are entirely wrong and you have some sort of omniscient knowledge that liberalism is the correct way. Furthermore, your idea of "already knowing what they have to say" is fundamentally anti-intellectual. Ideas need to live or die on their own merits, not on the amount violence used to promote it. The wealth of a speaker is entirely irrelevant. You should be there to learn the nuances of someone's views and challenge them on an intellectual level if you disagree, not to act like whatever the fuck this was:
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    If Canadians could stop double posting even if they own the website about american politics that'd be great. Speaking of, why the hell do half the people who comment double post? The hell is that rei
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    Someone had the opportunity to draft 1 person for goat format and they didn't choose Kris fucking Perovic