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    >Yo the bigots and white nationalists are only a small subset and totally don't represent all members of the "alt-right" >TRUMP WILL WIN BECAUSE BERNIE SUPPORTERS ARE TERRORIST CUNTS, LOOK AT THEM ASSAULTING PEACEFUL TRUMP SUPPORTERS. k
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    every time I click this topic I end up closing my eyes and pretending I didnt
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    If you say anything about me I will fuck you up worse than rei fucked this site with this stupid board update
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    What I don't get is how anyone can say that white nationalists/white supremacists are a small part of this movement when the very term was coined by a white nationalist. Idgi.
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    Probably not as hard as Myth was when he got called out for his racism 'lite' tbh
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    I've been at the point of failure many times in my life when I was younger. I've had people doubt me. I've had my teachers in high school and college say I'm not ready to be a doctor, I won't get the grades, my attitude is shitty... I've been the obese kid in primary school who got bullied for being fat as fuck, now I hover around 6-11% body fat, fitness modelled etc. Nothing is set in stone in life. Life isn't a book or cliche TV series with an obvious ending. You're the writer of your own story but its up to you to make your own ending. You have to take a step back and think is what you dream of what you really want. Then take the necessary steps to get there. Your dream you detailed is quite vague, you need something a bit more clear so that you can organise yourself and have goals you need to hit. You need to quit the alcohol, weed and blow. Alcohol et al is for celebrating, not as a time waste. You have be hungry... I finished an 8AM to 8PM on-call shift today. I then spent an extra 45 minutes at work with an ill patient, left work and went straight to the gym, worked out for 1.5 hours, now I'm going to sleep, and wake up at 7AM to do another 12 hour shift. I do this and I'm successful. If I wasn't or if I was struggling, could you imagine the work I'd put in? I can tell you, it was waking up at 5AM, studying until 2AM, and then rinsing and repeating until my body and mind forced me to rest. I would also advise if possible, move out of the family home. Move cities if you need to. Independence, standing on your own two feet.. it gives you more hunger, it makes you more grown up etc. Worst cased scenario, you fuck up and need to move back home... big deal since thats where you are at the moment right? The biggest reason to stay at home is if you're generation a huge capital to buy a place. If your job isn't allowing you do that, move out and gain the myriad of advantages to living out. Try not to make too many excuses. If you're really struggling with your anxiety, consider medical help. Also I hate to say this but sometimes success and dreams aren't for everyone. You need to balance your mental and physical wellbeing with your goals and titrate them accordingly. You need a mechanism or plan to control this anxiety you're experiencing which isn't weed/alcohol. It could be medication, it could be sport, it could be a TV show or movie.. but it should be something not counter productive. Wayne Rooney, a footballer in the UK, cheated on his wife. The media turned on him, and his manager offered him time off. He rejected the time off and wanted to play in the next match. He scored in that game. He revealed afterwards that not playing would be the worst possible scenario for him. He used work as a means to escape from the stresses and thats a really important mechanism to have in place. When I'm stressed, I workout or I stay at work and gain more experience. I could easily go to a bar and have a few drinks but its that ability to turn a negative emotion into something productive and positive. As someone else already said, you're young. If you were 35 and saying this shit, you MIGHT have a case.. but anyone in their 20s has plenty of time to turn their shit around. Also please don't put too much stress on what is successful in your life. Theres success in work, but likewise there is success in body, money, mind, relationships, friendships and realising what is important. Try not to lose sight of that. I know I do a lot.
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    In theory, sure. In practice, Trap Hole lacks versatility and is a major liability. Sakuretsu is more versatile than Trap Hole, while Dustshoot is higher variance but far more powerful against certain cards. There's no way to make Trap Hole, Bottomless Trap Hole, or Chain Disappearance work consistently in the format. Even as side-decked cards they are extremely dicey. Bottomless wasn't even a good card in yugioh until it became necessary to hit multiple monsters that were special summoned simultaneously or to prevent synchros/xyz from hitting the field in the first place.
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    Also worth noting just as an aside - you define what success is; your parents dont
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    The above advice is really good. But I wanted to add something: It sounds like you need a productive hobby, in part to replace recreational drinking/drug use (which I think you recognize that you're overdoing it and need to take a step back), but also to provide fulfillment outside of work. I believe that's really important in life and sometimes our culture doesn't value it enough. Did you play any sports in HS? You could find a pick-up/rec thing. Or some outdoor sports activities. Running/cycling. Being in the northeast, now's the perfect time of year to get into something like that. This would be a 2-birds-1-stone type of deal, because the physical exercise would also boost your mental well-being. Sorry if the sport suggestion is not your cup of tea, but you mentioned you were happier in high school. A simple answer might be to look back at your life in high school and get back into some of the productive recreational activities you were doing. Whatever they were. Art, sports, etc.
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    im more disturbed by the yellow circle things they have around their fists. the pepper spray i get for like self defense and stuff. but you need to leave your white supremacy symbols at home.
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    Ankur is the definition of a tryhard, both in challenges and in these "smashes"
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    How can I be an idiot if I'm playing Also I thought you died like Kaijudo did :^)
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    Randomly decided to read the last two pages, it's bullshit that 20 poeple didin't play this it's amazing. you all are fucking idiots. /immunity
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    People, no matter what happens today, remember we can always make fun of Underwood, that always works Do not worry about punchlines, punchlines are overrated and dont be afraid of awkward silences, silence is making a comeback Charlie Chaplin didnt talk, look where he went
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    i've always thought "those" and "they" meant a plurality of people and all i can see in this video is 1 person with pepper spray. and if you watch the video, the guy in black who gets hit with pepper spray is first seen lunging at someone at the beginning of the video. i have no idea why you said he was sitting down. i don't know what you're seeing.
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    but...but...it's trump's fault!!! he needs to stop inciting all this violence!!! he's provoking them!!!
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    R.I.P Mohammad Ali 1942-2016 God came for his champion. So long great one.. -Mike Tyson Well for starters anyone who knows a little bit about boxing knows who this guy was and the heights he created to motivate people around the globe. He wasn't just a boxer he was a symbol of motivation of his time and in the present. Quotes: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life. Let's pay our condolences out to him. May he rest well.
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    As someone who has an MBA and is preparing to get his JD/LLM (yea my name is gonna have a fuckton of letters next to it), trust me when I say it's not going to change anything. The main reason I am doing it is because I will have absolutely 0 debt. If anything, I honestly think you're better off without it. I also live in NY/NJ area so i get the expenses aspect. However, it does seem like all of the problems you have are self-inflicted and it doesn't need to be that way. Tell me if I am wrong (and sorry if I am), but this is what I see. 1. You put way too much pressure on yourself in the form of expectations from yourself and from others. I'm very much like you in the sense that I am the "breadwinner" in the family especially compared to my brothers. My parents expect a ton more out of me than they do of them. I was expected to get scholoarships for college, grad school, and law school to help with family finances. They have such a delusional belief in my ability to do with ease (because I make it look easy). So I get the pressure and how unfair it can feel. Furthermore, these expectations of being able to do that with ease or that an unrealistic goal/expectation is possible because it's me doing that are so deep-rooted that I am upset with myself when I fall short of both their expectations, and consequently, my own even if they are/were unrealistic. In fact, that word, unrealistic, is so foreign to me and my personality that I don't accept that it can be a reality in my world. That's how instilled that delusional belief in my capabilities can be. Just to point out, there is a difference between not believing anything is out of the realm of your capabilities, and succeeding in any scenario, no matter how absurd, because you should. The former is healthy. The latter is a delusion that creates unrealistic expectation and causes stress. I think this and the above kind of comes in play for you and realizing the difference is important. Right now, you expected to be at a different point in life, and you are behind that. THAT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL AND OKAY. It isn't a sign of failure. 2. Your work environment is toxic. This is probably the #1 cause of your stress right now. Idk what goes on at work for you, but it sounds like that you don't enjoy it there, and the work has nothing to do with what you're passionate about. It also sounds like you don't have a strong work group of friends. That is why it's an irritating grind, and the fact that you know you have to keep going back to it the next day and repeat the cycle is why you constantly feel the need to escape from it in any happiness you can find (booze, weed, liquor) What are you passionate about? Forget about what you want to do with your life for a second. Doing what makes you happy (inb4 coke)? If there is something, that is what you need to start doing. You don't have to quit your job, but in some way you have to reconnect with whatever that is. Your work environment is stressing you out, and you go home to wait for it....nothing. You have nothing to give you a reason to get up in the morning. That has to change. Steve Jobbs really said it best when he said that he wakes up in the morning and looks at himself in the mirror and asks himself if he really wants to do what he has to do today. If he looks happy and excited to do it. If the answer was no for too many days, something has to change. I am getting my JD/LLM, but do you know what I am truly passionate about? It's football. I love football. I would want to be a GM if I could. I love scouting players and ranking them. I love the poker game that is the NFL Draft. I love the analytics of it. I love trying to predict other ppl to find value and assemble the best team. People have described me as the most knowledgeable person they know and the way I talk about it and get enthusiastic about it as abnormal. Btw pro tip: if someone tells you that youre too into something or that you find normal ppl dont share your level of excitement over it, that is what your passionate about. I study for law school and its stressful and horrible at times. Do you know how I deal with it? I promise myself that I am going to do something football related every day. Whether it's a research paper on how to solve the issue of not having a QB or watching film to organize a draftboard, I promise myself that if I get my work done, I can do that for the rest of the day. You need to reconnect with whatever your passionate about. You need to remember what it feels like to have something to be excited about. If you can, find ppl who share that interest or that you can talk about that interest with. You need to pursue it. That doesn't mean you have to drop everything ( I obv didn't), but you need to have that in your life or you will never be happy. If you can do something you love and make money doing it, that is fantastic and you are extremely lucky (or capable). You need something to look forward to. 3. You need people in you life that care about you, not that expect of you. I am not saying that your parents don't love or care about you, but idt that they show it well. Furthermore, they expect so much of you that you begin to think that your worth is directly tied to fulfilling their and your expectations (unhealthy). I'm sure if you talked to your parents they'd tell you they care and that they know you'll be fine and don't expect anything other than for you to be happy, but you're in a place right now where all those years of instilled belief will prevent you from truly believing that. You need people outside of your family who accept you for who you are, and don't have any expectations of you. You need a support system beyond your family. They will kind reset your expectations of things, and most importantly when they tell you things that will help you, you will believe them. I am sure you have ppl like that in your life, but you need to see them more regularly and hang out with them. If nothing else, it gives you an escape from the sources of drama that got you to where you are now. I'm hear to talk just drop me a pm, a skype or w/e. I feel like I can be an immense help to you because I have been where you were at.
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    I really don't have any advice to give unfortunately, but I'm rooting for everything to get better Christian.
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    my theory is we get surf super early(like first or 2nd gym) and each island is its own pokedex section, like a bigger version of the kalos dex. also i really want one or two islands to be post game. i know gf said they arent making a lot of new moves or abilities since they want to keep it simple, and i heard something about this being a spritual sequel to gen 2 but i forgot where it was said so i have no source. also to be honest i just want new pokeballs like make them look cool or bring back the apricon balls.
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    I don't know why you would only keep 1 Twin in vs the mirror, it isn't searchable, so you're just hoping to draw a 1-of exactly when you need it, which is never good logic. Twin seems fairly important as a generic versatile card, it hits Return/Escalation/Domain, can EP hit Stormforth so they can't Aether you on your turn (kinda niche but still a use) - it can hit sided Restricts (you can't always just make a R5 right away) and can hit Refpanel/Cursed Seals that can swing the game on way. Its not the greatest card ever, and I wouldn't side out engine pieces for it, but I think its a necessity at 2-3 post-side in the mirror, since you can just straight-up lose to something like Restrict/Seal/Panel. Oh, it also hits their Primes when you get into the mega grind game.
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    even if you just want to be friends with this girl, she seems like a shitty friend
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    >"bernie's fucking old" >bernie: September 8, 1941 >trump: June 14, 1946 what an argument
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    One day they will print the whole fucking decklist on the mat?
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    Clearly not a Trumpologist. You extort when you have leverage. But yea OP just google them.
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    Being so close to Nats/WCQ Season, it amuses me how little discussion is on here. It would be nice to discuss a little bit about the other Decks´ strategies (along with ours), and highlight the -best/more useful- card(s) in this Meta. -BA: It is very strong at the moment, with the sheer power Beatrice provides on its own. Stormforth deals with her forcing to Banish herself with Farfa, making her unable to use all other BAs/Foolish effects. Backrow is still a problem, that you have to deal either by baiting it, or abusing Return power. Depends on each player openings. -Kozmo: With the release of FK Island, it quite breaks the Normal Summon restriction, and can potentially make huge/unbreakable boards that can either consist of Pilots/Ship, Leviair, and Infinity, or another similar variations, depending on their opening hand, and their knowledge of the combos they can make with each hand. From some reading and understanding I made in the matter, it seems that it can be somewhat inconsistent/niche, but, it is better to be prepared for it, specially if their debut would be a +9 rounds tournament, in which they can do good overall of its surprise factor. "Tincan Set 3-4 Go!" seems to be the standard build, but now taking the "Strike Witch", Walker, and maybee maybeeeee Dark Planet into account this time. The Witch seems easy to deal, by playing around her almost the same you would do around a Set Strike (Hint: Return w/ Stormforth being a Plus). Dark Planet is a pain in the ass to deal, since it can negate our Spells without OPT-restriction, making Stormforth and the rest of our s/t useless. The Squires+Erebus/Majesty? would do wonders against it, if they could get through backrow city alive.. So, there has to be a way to deal with Planet without auto-losing the game. One option are the Kaijus. Take in mind they would need to Minus to summon Planet (2 other Kozmos, or another Planet), so if you deal with planet quickly, without wasting too many resources, you could possibly win. -Mirror Match: The Mirror is very complex, and I would dare to say it follows the same principle as Shaddoll/Nekroz Mirrors. I will assume you know about the Stormforth/Ether-->Kuraz interaction at this point, so I will skip it. The Mirror itself, have many variants at the moment. Variants: A- Pure Squires B-Pure E-Tele Quantums C-Red Layer + Mihtra (+/- Squires) To A, B and C versions, now add: 1-Domain Lock 2- Extra Deck So. Yes. It is quite extensive. Every one of them have their own benefits/cons. But I dont wanna derail this into the discussion/arguing that happened 1-2 page ago. Leaving aside that issue, I will just point out that the player that uses the Squires, will have a Huge advantage over their opponent, just because of being able to recycle his key s/t, and avoid getting out of resources (s/t). Now, regarding Side-Decking in this Match-up. Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell, seems a really good card to use, since it can lock them from using Stormforth against you. With that, you dont need to burn resources, and Field presence with Ehther/Kuraz anymore. Instead, you will gradually get enough advantage over your opponent to take the game without that much trouble. Now, on another unrelated note, regarding all-matchups. -It seems that Edea can bring Eccentrick, which is cool. If brought by Edea, she could deal with a problematic monster. If you drew her, you can shut down any s/t you want. But.. if you are using a Dominion Lock, then, you could avoid using her, since it will fill your Extra Deck.. However, if you use an Extra Deck, you could happily use her if you want. -Mihtra seems a really good card, because of its utility. I know that a "Double-Summon" can be seen as niche, but, there are times where it can be really good for setting up advantage or, advancing your gamestate. This is more true if you have access to Return, since there are plenty of options you could take advantage from, like: A-Mihtra+Return --> Summon Red Layer, Search Ehther-->(If you had a dead Tenacity in hand, you can now use it)-->Summon Ehther, Summon another one--> Search either Stormforth/Dominion. End Result = Ehther in Field, with a secured Ehther disruption on Opp. Turn, along with a potential Dominion Lock. B-Mihtra+Return--> Summon Kuraz, Search Ehther, pop Return/Draw-->Summon Ehther, Summon another one--> Search either Stormforth/Dominion. End Result = Ehther in Field, with a secured Ehther disruption on Opp. Turn, along with a potential Dominion Lock. C-Mihtra+Return +"x" Card--> Summon Erebus, Search Majesty, search/use Dominion. End Result = Establish a Dominion+Majesty Lock D-Mihtra+Return+"x" Card --> Summon Ehther, Search a Majesty w/Return, summon another Ehther, search either Stormforth/Dominion. End Result = Majesty on Field, with a secured Ehther disruption on Opp. Turn, along with a potential Dominion Lock. *P.D: "x" card, stands for --> A- Red Layer, B- Dominion, C- Prime. Those are advantages that can be abused with the "Double-Summon" Mithra provides. On another note, Mithra also creates a Token for oppent, which can be really good against BA (BAs Self-Destruct Mode: On). So far, good benefits. And finally. -Maxx C. This card. Well.. This card is GOLD now. (NO. I DONT MEAN GOLD RARITY. PLS). This card just seems to cover all the match-ups present in this format, while netting you considerable advantage if you throw it at your opponent in his face (No.Dont take it literally. You will be DQ´d for sure if you do it). Vs. BA: -Any BA reveal will be an instant 141. -If they keep Summoning, you will keep plusing -No Beatrice = His Field will be weak, enough for you to break through. Vs. Kozmo: -Any E-Tele will be either an instant 141, or +1 if they dont wanna to banish Tincan. -Any Pilot Banish will be an instant 141. -A Random Pilot into Destroyer into Strawman is a quite powerful, and quite commo opening for them, which you can disrup in its entirely with Maxx C. They will either give plusses, or stop at Destroyer, and being left in an awkward position. -Against FK Island Build, you will keep them from building that overwhelming Field we talked about. Vs. Mirror. -141 80% of the times for sure, either because of Edea, Prime, Teleport or Brilliant Fusion. -Either Edea OR Prime, PLUS Ehther means a +1 for you. -If Mihtra is ever summoned, you will get a +1 (and a nice tributte fodder). (This is in Game 1 ofc. Post-Sideboard it loses utility). You can take any Pendulum-based Deck, and Water in consideration, regarding Maxx C utility, if you want to. As you can see, Maxx C have great utility across the board right now, along with having the benefit or being really good whether you go 1st, or 2d. If you go 1st, and manage to build a good Field with your opening hand, Maxx C can be the nail in the coffin for them. Also.. Any attempt to OTK can be rendered uselless because of Prime. If you go 2nd, they cant just build a Field without giving you enough cards to break through it successfully. This is all I got to write here at the moment, after watching and somewhat analyzing the current trends right now, in my free time, as I am preparing for Nats/WCQ too.. I hope this is helpful enough for you. I will keep looking for more info when I get the time. Take care !
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    New article up. Yu-Gi-Oh! Fallacy & Bias http://www.argcircuitseries.com/matthew-monahan/yu-gi-oh-fallacy-bias
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    those trump supporters smiling as they pepper sprayed people in the face sure are innocent and totally defending themselves against those violent people sitting down
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    Ok I want to be with her. At first I didn't, but then I got feelings. But she rejected me and I am trying to move on. But if she contacts me, what do I do? Like she rejected me, and I don't want to be just her friend if I still have feelings for her.
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    Yeah I am done with her, and I have already taken the necessary steps, even getting 2 numbers and already talking to new people. edit: I still like her, but I am mostly moving on. 90-10 tbh. My only thing is that I kinda feel obligated to answer her, because ever since I told her my feelings, it looks like she not been doing well in the class I am in with her. People also that go to the tutoring program also have been telling me that she has been struggling, mainly not finishing assignments. and now she is asking for help (when before I offered my help but she rejected it, citing that she can ask other people), and I feel bad about not helping. But to me, it just looks like she is trying to get my attention without having to dedicate talking to me one on one, through the group chat, which at this point, the other person cant really help since she has been missing a few classes lol
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    also am i supposed to take a video seriously thats tagged cucks lmfao