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    I find great comfort in the fact that dgz account registration doesn't count as a form of voter registration.
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    Like Jazz said previously, people have been trying to reclaim 'nigger', and the same thing is happening to words like 'bitch' and 'slut'. I don't really understand why anybody would do it intentionally, but I realize that once a word stays reclaimed, it stops having power as an insult. 'Yankee' doesn't really carry any weight today, and we today only realize it's an insult because of history books. The Yankees are even a sports team, and while I'm pretty sure that we're not ever going to see a major league football team called The Niggers, it's clear that 'faggot' hasn't reached that stage at all, and probably won't for at least another few years. While I'm not soooooper offended if someone were to call me a faggot, we're still at a point where you're not a racist old dinosaur if you unironically call someone a cocksucker like if you were to call someone a gook or an injun or something. I wouldn't want to be called a cocksucker. Even with the reclamation of 'nigger' example, that's still people in the group using it in a way that differs from the original meaning. It's still offensive when an outsider uses the term (are you willing to go into a black community and call them niggers?), and I'm wagering that the stereotypical expectations of the gay community is that you likely aren't going to be shot if you call them faggots, which is why shit hats still do it.
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    I can't win, I either have a 15 year olds vocabulary or my posts are so wordy that people complain about needing dictionaries and thesauruses while reading them.
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    You tested for 40 minutes and you changed your opinion on a card?
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    I went 6:3:1 at german nats, unfortunatly lost against Qli Demise, he had 4 Floodgates and then I drew my first spell/trap removal I had 3 Twin, 2 Desaster and 1 Full House in the deck^^ 2nd loose against domain monarch, I bricked g1 turn1, 2nd turn I could unbrick my hand but sf ehther with a face up return was too much (shouldve scooped right away, because there was no real chance to come back), game 2 I also bricked (not because of BF^^). Draw was against PK BA, I had the nuts but my opponent didnt know that we play with draws so he doesnt scoop, could be the 4th loose or the 7th win. 3rd loose was because I didnt know that you can change also you spell effects with durendal to out a mask and I also forget the shuffle eff, wich was pretty stupid in this situation -.-, but people learn from mistakes and I will never do that mistake a 2nd time. I played with BF following the same reasons like MR Cook pointed out. BF only with garnet is win more imo, but BF with lazuli lets you get to your win con with only 2 cards, wich is pretty good imo. That was the reason why I decided to play it. Also there where hands where I drew lazuli but I could get my engine rolling also with only 4 cards and the 1 dead card doesnt mattered. And they where also hands where BF was really good and I could unbrick my hand due to card. So going forward I will test also without it, but imo its worth to play the card. To the Speedroid discussion: I can see your points Mike and also agree on them, but on some I also disagree, because if we compare Edea vs, Terrortop going 2nd against a eff negation, with Edea you summon Edea and he gets negated, your turn ended here and if you dont have a sf and an ehther you are in a really bad situation. With terrortop your oppionent will negate the monarch and your turn also ended here unless you have a face up return, wich is also the only situation where cards like terrortop, red or blue layer are better then Edea/Eidos, because if your opponent veilers the monarch you have only a 2800 beater on the field and I dont know if that is so much better then an Edea, sure its protection but other then that and the return point I dont see the advantages of that, but maybe Im missing something? Also if your started your turn 1 with speedroids and your opponent is able to clear your field, then you dont have any tribute fodder left so you need 2 primes in grave, a prime with a domain or you need to draw new fodder. And also in the 2 other scenarios you cant xyz with your primes then. Also if you play Edea youre not always forced to summon him if you go 2nd, you can also summon your monarchs with sf and domain/prime and by that way its the same like with special summoning fodder. And thats also why I would only consider mithra as a better card then Edea/Eidos because even if Mithra gets veilered/Fog bladed you can just summon a monarch over the negated one.
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    kind of an intellectual cop-out. Homosexuals have been persecuted for large parts of (relatively) recent history, they've been sentenced to death for it, received life sentences for it, been chemically castrated for it for several centuries, and they stil are persecuted in parts of the world today. The enslavement and deaths of millions of Africans is undoubtedly a blacker page of our history but then, how bad does it have to get before a word turns bad? Are Antisemitic slurs okay or not? I'm not a native speaker and not American so I don't fully understand the cultural and social stigma surrounding the word, or the idea that minorities can reclaim slurs. If you truly believe that offensive is only taken and not given, and that it's ok to use all these other slurs, isn't the taboo surrounding 'nigger' just dogmaic, since the only reason for it is "we fucked these people over way harder than these people"?
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    Personally, I know and love some gay people and I associate the term faggot with hate and violence toward gay people. Hate and violence toward any innocent people trying to live their lives is what makes me uncomfortable. It's not because of PC Police or Triggers or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. Yes, it's entirely based on emotions and granting overdue respect to those who have been marginalized throughout human history because we have been ignorant animals with hateful and exclusive biological instincts. It's not that difficult. You won't be physically harmed if you are reminded of the history of violence and hate as we heal and become a more respectful, humanist society. You won't be physically harmed if other people judge you for being an insensitive jackass.
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    There seems to be a disconnect here. Nobody is arguing that people should be legally barred from saying anything. It's about arguing what should and shouldn't be socially acceptable, not legally acceptable. This is an oft-knocked down strawman of "we're not saying you can't say x we're just saying you're not free from social consequences of it." End of argument, end of point, is where they put that. But yes, we get it, and that's not even the argument. We're saying that people have poor, defunct, and unprincipled reasons why they shouldn't be socially acceptable in the first place. We're saying the "judge you for it" part of Jazz's post, that these things are shitty things to judge based on. Now, what we tried to do in the last page was go down the rabbit hole of social usage and divide the violence from the word to see which variable really mattered, and I was, as I said, stonewalled by Ammit's "feelings." That is where we are currently at. Have no delusions.
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    Nah Grant did PlentyofFish adventures That thread was legitimately the best thread on the website ever
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    If a group rejects a term used by others to describe them as derogatory and offensive, they are allowed to publicize their opinion about it and campaign against the use of said term. I haven't exactly kept up with the faggot debate, but I'm pretty sure gay people prefer straight people to use other terms when describing them. I don't think it is too much to ask to change the way we describe a group of people when the request comes from the group itself. That's an important distinction. Now if you want to be an asshole and ignore this reality, the First Ammendment says go right ahead. But bear in mind the rest of us have the freedom to judge you for it. Disclaimer being that faggot can also fall under hate speech at times. But I don't even think that's necessary to conclude it's not an appropriate word to use in this day and age.
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    never thought id see the day where it became a problem to say faggot on dgz @ammit bunch of semantic but noteworthy rambling:
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    Tournament Report for Asia Championship Qualifier – Hong Kong So I entered this tournament knowing that even if I do get in to top 4 I would not receive an invite to the Asia Championships because I am not a Hong Kong resident. That’s whatever. Just going to sell some stuff and see if I can top 32. I played pretty standard blue eyes, except I was maining 1 lightning vortex and did not play pot of cupidity. I will discuss my decklist later…. So I get to Hong Kong on like Tuesday and check into my hotel. I basically just hang out and eat food and do vacation stuff. Friday comes I finally go to Smiling Plaza to play some Yugioh. I run into a guy I met last year at CNC and we basically hang out all weekend. I play a few games at his store. Pick up some sleeves and stuff. The tournament is on Sunday so I decide Saturday I’ll go to Smiling Plaza earlier to get some games in. I get there too early and it seems nobody cares at all that there is a big tournament the next day cause it was super empty and nothing opened until after 2pm……So I left and ate some 叉烧 (Catonese BBQ) My friend messages me and said his store is open so I go there and basically stay there all night playing YGO. I wake up take the subway and then walk super far to the convention center. I packed like tuna in my bag cause I’ve been to enough tournies in America where eating was not an easy task. Not a problem here. They had subway, mcdonalds, a grocery store…..all kinds of stuff inside this convention center…..Soooo im there waiting for my mainland china friends to arrive so I can finish my deck and get my pre-registration slip so I can go inside the conference rooms……they arrive quite late and had me feeling extra stressed out waiting for them last minute to arrive……ANWAY enough story… Player meeting completely in Cantonese with random English words here and there and I totally didn’t understand it all…..My friend tries to translate everything said about all the rules that will result in a game loss, but there were too many and he forgot some after explaining others. I think the most important ruling here was this Obedient Lullaby --- You were not allowed to check your opponents deck if they said the card was no longer in their deck. If you suspected them of lying you MUST call a judge and the judge verifies for you whether or not there is a copy of the targeted card in the deck. Round 1 vs Zombie Synchro Turbo stuff… Game 1 Me 8000 Him 8000-0 He starts us off with a pot of cupidity. He checks his ten cards and then does a lot of unizombie shurunai combo stuff…I don’t know really. He ended up passing with psy-framelord Omega on the field. I play Melody of Awakening dragon pitching my in hand Blue Eyes. He chains Omega to the melody. He hits my in hand harpies feather duster. He uses maxx C. I think for a second. Assume he doesn’t have any real hand traps that could be a threat and just drop 8000 exactly on the board and win using alternate, spirit, spirit(synchro)….. Game 2 Me 8000 Him 8000-6300-5300-0 He starts off better this time and passes his turn with Omega and a Black Rose Moonlight. I use lightning vortex. He lets both die and basically just scooped…..I didn’t even have that strong of a hand but he lost all motivation to play after I lightning vortex’d his field after he thought he had such an amazing set up first turn to stop me from playing anything….. 1-0 Round 2 Nekros (friend of my friend, literally ate breakfast with the guy that morning, thought he was playing blue eyes….) Me 8000 Him 8000-5000-0 I open horrible hand. Set stone pass. He draws laughs and sets one and passes. I assumed he was playing blue eyes by the conversation we had that morning…..I flip my stone Summon another stone and make princesspirte, use her effect and hit a dragon shrine. I dragon shrine a blue eyes and just atk his f/d and poke for 3k. His face down was glow up bulb. I still thought he was playing blue eyes….He scoops Game 2 8000 Him 8000-0 He goes first. Draws five and just puts his head down…..He passes with no play….I open very strong with dragon shrine and double Gospel of Revival and melody for alternate…..I just go all out and attack for 8000 on my turn…..Thats when he drops his hand on the table and shows me he was playing Nekros and opened just doodoo…. 2-0 Round 3 My friend Vincent from Shenzhen Blue Eyes mirror (he ran cupidity) Game 1 Me 8000-7900-2400-0 Him 8000-2000-500 So I started off pretty strong with the set up but he was able to slowly pick it apart thanks to phoenix wing wind blast and solemn strike. I think I had a board of dark matter dragon and galaxy eye ciphon dragon during my MP2 that he popped with both to shut me out and basically I had no way to come back….. Game 2 8000-7000-0 Him 8000 This game was horrible for me. I opened up with three copies of Ancient Stone in hand. I set one pass. He set two backrow and passed. I flipped Ancient Stone and summoned another one. I decided to just go for a quick 1200 poke before going into princess in case he has PWWB or Solemn Strike again….He flipped fucking Drowning Mirror Force shuffling back in my stones…..He drops a spirit dragon…..I draw an ancient stone…..and then an ancient stone….So in this game out of the 9 cards I drew 5 of them were ancient stone……and thanks to his double spirit dragon I didn’t get to use any…. 2-1 Round 4 Blue Eyes mirror Note- This guy was a big rulesharking asshole that literally made me rage while playing him……I don’t even want to explain how many times he called the judge and tried to get me a gameloss He was being a dick about life points too Like I had paper, he didn’t. He asked if I’d put it in the middle so I did so he could see too. Then when he attacked me for 3000 he was like no no no don’t write it there write it here(this game was all in Chinese he didn’t speak English like my last 3 opponents)….And after he already sharked me on 3 fucking rulings(like miniscule things that none went in his favor) that shit pissed me off so I snatched my paper told him this is my fucking paper if you want to keep lifepoints get your own paper…. Game 1 Me 8000-5000-4900 Him 8000-0 OMG I don’t even want to talk about this fucking guy…..He made it so I could no longer look at card translations on my phone for the entirety of the tournament. Including my own cards. I pre-translated all the top decks and famous cards and stuff just to make the tournament you know…some what fucking playable for myself and had gotten an ok about it from one judge, but in the end the head judge said I couldn’t do it. Even though I was only looking at 1 individual card and not entire cards in the deck trying to gain unfair advantage by reading what things do or whatever to figure out combos….idk….in the end I had to start calling the judge for translations anytime I wanted to know the specifics of a card text….This guy was a douchebag the entire game and told me to hurry up with my plays when my turn literally just started after he slow played…. Game 2 Me 8000 Him 8000-2500-Game loss Sooooo I’m just shitting all over this man with Double Spirit plays and stuff. He manages to clear my board after he used both of his pot of cupidity and well he basically had no cards left in his deck except spells (I got to check his deck with dark matter, he only had like trade ins and melodies and a few gospel left) So what I remember is this. Time was called as soon as I drew a card for my turn when I only had a Azure eyes on board. I use azure eyes and he chains maxx C. Draws a card, shuffles it into his hand. I ask how man are in his hand, and he responds 7….I quickly realize this man just ended his turn with 7 cards in hand without discarding. Since he was being an ass the whole time I immediately just call for a judge. I tell the judge what happened. They verify with him if what I said was true about all he did was activate maxx C and then draw one. He says yes. They then explain to him how he broke the rules and made an unrepairable game state since he shuffled in the draw and ended his turn with an illegal hand size limit. I wouldn’t have even did this to him if he wasn’t such a fucking ass hole the ENTIRE GAME…I sign the paper…He looks at me. I say sorry, shrug and walk away…. 3-1 Round 5 me 8000-1600-0 him 8000-6900 This guy was literally sleeping n the floor in the hallway the entire event….. Nekroz Game 1 I get in one poke before he drops a Trishula with Djinn…I attempt to PWWB and he had another trishula to stop it…..Nothing I could do….. Game 2 8000-5300-0 Him 8000 I open up with spirit and white spirit. He opens terror top into PK breaksword, forces me to go into azure eyes. He makes trishula with Djinn….first turn…..a few turns go by, I don’t see any of my side decked cards and I just can’t play yugioh at all…..he wins 3-2 At this point I assumed I was out of the tournament and was only going to stay in it to try and give my friend better tiebreaks. He was sitting next to me this round. He lost too in time vs a guy that played for time and side decked in things to make sure he would win….double scarecrow and stuff…..it worked out for him…. Round 6 vs BA SR PK whatever you want to call it Rank 3 shit…This is was my friend’s Girlfriend..she looked super nervous and just assumed I was amazing at the game. Ironically it didn’t affect her play though Game 1 8000-6500-4000-2100 Her 8000-6500-5000-3900-900 So this game was a long back and forth battle. The game basically started with her making a dante getting a scarm and setting two backrow…both of which were solemn strike…… Between her farfa plays and my big dragons trying to get pokes in. It was not until I had Ciphon dragon to snatch away the dante she brought back with Cir that I was able to win the game. This was a very very long game. She made quite a few impressive plays but she milled all of her Anti Spell Fragrance off the first dante she made which helped me stay in it since she didn’t get any effects off the mill. Game 2 8000-6500-1500 Her 8000-6800-3800-0 This game started off with my dragon shrining for a spirit and bringing it back. She chained her facedown PK sword to try and negate spirit dragon but I just chained spirit to drop a blue eyes so I could banish the PK trap (had to explain this one to her about it getting banished because it was no longer on f the field anymore to be negated) She had some terrortop shenanigans with the PKs and made a lot of rank 3s I had to solemn strike one. She was in control of this game for a while thanks to Beatrice and farfa plays. I Finally drew santa claws and tributed away the Beatrice so I could go off without stupid farfa banishing my cards. This was another game that consisted of me using Ciphon to take away her single dante and just play keep away with it until I could make a push for game. We were in time when I made a push she couldn’t stop as she depleted all of her resources and I finally had a spirit dragon to negate the BA gy effects from happening…. 4-2 At this point I just didn’t care anymore….I was already x-2 and assumed I was out of the tournament. I sold my ghostrick mat and just waited for the last round to start Round 7 vs Blues Eyes w/ Chaos Max Game 1 8000-7000 8000-5000-1000-0 I go first and have an okay hand with glow up bulb and stuff in it but I don’t really know what he was playing…..So I keep it simple and just dragon shrine for a white spirit dragon and stone, bring out a spirit dragon and pass….he uses advanced ritual art for Chaos Max and I just say OH he then uses melody discarding a blue eyes to grab chaos max and alternate….he attempts to use alternate on my spirit and I chain to drop blue eyes and that’s how he got the 1000 damage in He passes turn after using trade in on his in hand blue eyes and sets 2 backrow and I look at my hand of glow up bulb, silvers cry and gospel…..I bring back spirit, I hit a Gospel of Revival, so I just say OH and assume the other one is fake too cause who the fuck sets two back row with twin twister going around, I wrote him off as a bad player after seeing that unnecessarily set gospel (which he could have used to make No 38 and didn’t) I drop glow up bulb and make spirit, tribute spirit for moonlight dragon, I check his gy with no ancient stones and two blue eyes in it already, bounce back his alternate, and then bring back glow up bulb to make crystal wing synchro dragon and smash over the Chaos Max. I know I left out some detail but after he draws I tell him every card in his hand which was 2 chaos max and 2 alternate dragon plus whatever the new one was (this amazed him somehow….i guess he never met someone that pays attention to what the fuck the opponent is doing and searching for) Game 2 8000 him 8000-2000-0 He opened up with a strong play of xyz but not synchros (or no38) and I just lightning vortex’d his board and killed him. He complained of having a bad hand…..Naw not a bad hand, he just summoned bad monsters…. 5-2 So the tournament is supposed to be over for me at this point and I gave back all the cards I borrowed to my friends which was most of my side deck and a blackrose moonlight dragon. We wait like 40 min after time is called for 1 fuckign match to end so we can see who made it in and who didn’t I seriously want to get this out of the way now. OCG rounds are 35 min and it goes to time literally every round. People play for time and side for time. Slow playing is a HUGE problem and the judges don’t do anything about it. They post up the paper and I check it just to see how far away I was from top 32. I look at it . Double check it like 4 times just to make sure and somehow I squeezed in at the very last spot at number 32. UNFORTUNATELY….it was top 25…….7 players did not have to play in the tournament because of their ranking from the ranking league or whatever and I didn’t know that until I told my friend hey I need my side deck back I made it into top 32….my hopes and dreams were all crushed when he explained it and I went on to sell half my trade binder. So the tournament was top25. I was 32nd My friend I stayed in for was the number 1 loser at 26th and at the end of the day I made way more money than what I paid for a week of hotel in Hong Kong….so not bad I suppose…I’m still counting this as top 32 lol My deck list Monsters 6 Blue eyes (alternate) 2 White Spirit Dragon 3 Sage Knight 3 Ancient Stone 2 Maxx C 1 White stone of Legend 1 glow up bulb 1 effect veiler Spells 3 Melody 3 Gospel 3 Trade In 2 Silvers Cry 2 dragon shrine 1 foolish burial (I liked being able to grab glow up if I need it) 1 lightning vortex 1 harpies feather duster 1 twin twister 1 soul charge 1 monster reborn Traps 2 PWWB 1 Vanity’s 1 Solemn Strike EXTRA DECK 100% standard nothing special Side deck 3 Graydle Eagle 2 shadow imprisoning mirror 2 drowning mirror force 2 anti spell fragrance 2 royal decree 1 maxx c 1 twin twister 2 santa claws The only card in my entire main deck that was different from everyone else besides that fact that I just hated pot of cupidity was Lightning Vortex. I really liked this card in my testing vs Metalphoe and DDD as it allows me to pitch a card that I want to get rid of and clear their board. Most of the set ups now in the OCG don’t actually have any protection from S/T (except boards that include No38) Metalphoes main play is to try and make a ultimaya and crystal wing and sit on it with their solemn strikes, but all of their cards are just monster negaters, same with D/D/D. Lightning was only really not that great in the mirror match because of the easy access to No 38, spirit into azure or spirit into stardust spark So I would usually side it out in the mirror. Graydle eagle is just and amazing out vs blue eyes and nekroz. Smash it into something your opponent used Djinn on and now you have Djinn Lock on them and people usually side out spell/trap hate vs blue eyes because of the low trap count. Unfortunately I did not see it through out the day…. Shadow mirror- ba and ddd, no explanation Drowning mirror – its good in the mirror match and against DDD as well and BA since it doesn’t target and sends all back Anti Spell Fragrance,this one I didn’t get to test too much but the theory behind it is in the mirror match after you make your big play just set up an anti-spell fragrance and your opponent is now one turn behind you pretty much the entire game, unfortunately it was never relevant and didn’t matter Royal decree I played because I didn’t have book of eclipse or swords of concealing so I just threw in something in case I played against some random trap heavy junk (stella knight, qli, whatever) 3rd maxx C was to side in when going second game 2 against DDD (which I did not play against) Twin twister is obvious Santa Claws, we do not have Kaiju and it outs a lot of things. Its good in the mirror to tribute away a spirit dragon, its good against BA to tribute a Beatrice or a Dante fusion, it just breaks apart a lot of fields….not good vs nekroz though because you can’t SS lol So that’s basically it. This is like 8 pages in Word right now so I’m going to just end it here with pros and cons Pros Getting top 32 Blue Eyes being fun to play Friends and money Cons The tournament being top 25 Diarrhea here is an image dump of every picture i took while in hong kong (not my first time here) https://www.facebook.com/AngryGingerYGO/photos/?tab=album&album_id=880664368710900
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    How much time do you spend on this per day?
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    some of you should follow the advice of that recent hilary tweet and delete your accounts
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    you also kind of responded to the least essential part of my post but w/e i'll let you self-examine in private
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    Tye having to job in his hometown put some heat on Almas, Almas was fine, he was blotchy but not the worst debut. Asuka winning clean was good, she looked strong whole time and kicked the fuck out of Nia who actually looked great and has a high ceiling for her character. The Revival are still my favorite tag team and they really use shit you don't see anymore like cutting off the ring and working a body part and using heel tactics. Shinsuke and Aries worked a fun match and Shinsuke's finisher looked really good on Aries since he obviously decided it was ok to just let Shinsuke do it and sell the knee very well. The taped up ribs were weird but I guess they thought it would make him more of a heel even though he didn't work a heel. I thought Balor's entrance was better than the match he was in. The finish was obvious and they wanted Joe to be the monster and finally beat the demon because no one ever has before. I expected a run in and Hideo/Balor feud next once they reveal Balor attacked Hideo. The somoan guys with Paul Ellering were the worst part of the show, they botched the only 2 moves they had to use.
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    Ok i am offically up and playing on PS4 Clickity_Clank9
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    I don't think people are offended by facts, ie if you say that unemployment among african americans is higher than average for the US (is that true? Idk, I'm assuming it is), but by the conclusions you draw from them, ie that's because they're lazy/unwilling to work/victimizing themselves.
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    Learn to google, moron. https://www.google.com/search?q=countries+where+it+is+illegal+to+be+gay&oq=countries+where+it+is+illegal+to+be+gay&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l4.5475j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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    Are people seriously trying to argue that the word "faggot" is as offensive as "nigger"? I remember in the "redskins" thread people tried to say the same thing. Pro tip: The only word that's as offensive as "nigger" is "nigger." "That word is basically like the n-word" - Is such a poor comparison 99% of the time. It's basically our new Godwin's Law.
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    Yo this format is crazy Things I've noticed so far: You can probably build Makyura ftk in the og format, since every spell and trap is legal (correct me if I'm wrong), bar SDB, one day, and jackpot 7. OG format has 3 Dimension Fusion with Dmoc which is kinda cool. Also all of the random spells and traps banned for specific decks (Spellbook of Judgment) are open. GX era has Stratos AND Disk Commander at three, along with all of the modern revival cards, along with super poly. 5D's era has 3 Rescue Cat. 3 fucking Rescue Cat. Also 3 Lonefire 2 Dandylion 3 Debris 3 One for One. Also 3 Rekindling. Zexal era has 3 Rabbit, 3 Tour Guide, Exciton, Chain, Shock Master, 2 Zenmaity (1 Maigician). All three of these also have 3 Rota, for some reason.
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    Anyone who has a legitimate problem with someone using the word "faggot" is a faggot. There is no such thing as the right to not be offended.
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    But offense is taken, not given. no words are intrinsically harmful, or racist, xenophobic, etc. don't think im defending this guy btw, im just saying the important variable isnt his choice of words its his threats of possible violence
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    There it is. I guess there's no point in this conversation continuing then.
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    Our waterways constantly have to meet Americas bullshit regulations ever since 9/11. You have never visited Fort Erie! Its a magical city on the border of Buffalo that has more immigrants living in it than natural born citizens. This is where many intelligent and hard working latinos come because they werent allowed in the USA. This central point of immigration has allowed an interesting boom in mech eng development in southern Ontario through Parsons, ASI group and Eurocopter. My best prof in Uni was from veracruz, he came here to develop a system to use intelligently designed nanotubes to allow chemo drug distribution with ease. Many immigrants we take in use our education system because it builds a robust country. Almost all of the latino immigrant kids (anchor babies) I grew up around wanted to take jobs in fields where the country needed them not just "herp, I like talking to people so I should get a degree in psych". You really shouldnt worry about who you are educating, only how you are educating. He has has a wife, is over 40 years old and many are proud to have a leader who brings people together instead of separating them with fear. God damn, if youre going to insult some ones leader, at least use some facts/constructive criticisms.
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    Unemployed Americans could be paying those taxes if they had a job. Should we import 11 million more immigrants since it's so good for our economy? Why don't we just do away with immigration laws completely? Sounds like they're just hurting our economy. They come here and give birth and use their anchor babies to access social services.
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    Did I mention mei is my favorite character?
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    oh this place exists still.. hello.
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    Come on myth whats up? Here's all of The Donalds positions on his campaign site First one: Making mexico pay for THIS WALL ($25 bn according to a few sources, top one on google is http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2016/04/trump-wall-mexico-foreign-policy/475581/ ) - His numers about money going to mexico from mexican nationals is dubious, removing visas is more likely to hurt the US economy than the mexican one (lol retained workforce), not to mention his "redefine financial institutions" law isn't something easily done, and arguing that "adding more fees to the one million visas" is going to make 25bn appear is hilarious Second: "Free Market Health Care Reforms" You mean continue what makes the US lag behind the rest of the westernized world in health care? Continuing to perpetuate a profit-based model and furthering limitations on lower financial bracket accessability seems like a great plan! wait no it's the opposite of that http://www.forbes.com/sites/danmunro/2014/06/16/u-s-healthcare-ranked-dead-last-compared-to-10-other-countries/#2522011b96f2 Third: Stop catering to China Sure, enjoy how that effects the prices of goods and services. Declare them whatever you want, but the net result is going to be more expensive influx of products. If you want to stop a trade deficit that means you'll need to import substantially less, so, uh, good luck. Bonus round is extra military spending to hang out near China. Your tax dollars at work. Next: Veteren's reforms: Actually looks pretty reasonable, though there's hyperbole who doesn't have that Tax reforms: I need to research more but the super low tax rate for corporations is hilarious. You get the legal rights of individuals you pay into the system like an individual. Second Amendment: LOL. (realistically there's no feasible way to overturn the second amendment but reducing restrictions is asinine) - but buried here is a "lock up offenders for longer for first offence regardless of situation, mandatory minimums are a go!" ~ Mandatory minimums are fucking retarded - they do not deter crime, they do not rehabilitate criminals, and they do not save the system money. - http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/everyday_economics/1999/12/does_crime_pay.html http://www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB6003.html - I'll come back with more sources here later the links I was using to court cases have died) Immigration reform: Spend more money on policing than necessary, blackmail cities you don't like, and enforce laws already on the books. Seems to be a lot of bluster without a lot of depth THis is literally his entire policy. The fuck is that gonna accomplish? That's literally his entire published plat
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    chin disappearance is garbage guys ffs its gonna be decent for only game 2s of the first 6 damn rounds then everybuddy is going to know you are playing it and they are gonna cl2 their primes. hitting edea does absolutely nothing besides being a huge minus on ur end
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    Nice quote. It's still a desperation play particularly when you combine it with Call/Prema. If you do it from your hand it's not as big of a (-).