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    Very seriously considering taking this deck to YCS Liverpool at the end of October. Would anyone like to discuss what the deck should look like for that event? Assuming the meta will mostly be the following: ABC Blue-Eyes Metalfoes Assuming these are the absolute staples: 3 A-Assault Core 3 B-Buster Drake 3 C-Crush Wyvern The standard lineup. I think people can get cute and try to play 2 copies of certain ones, and 3 of the others but that's probably not wise. I think you want to maximize your chances of opening ABC Dragon Buster since it puts you so far ahead so running 3 is safe. Additionally you ideally don't want to banish multiples of any of these because then you must get the one copy of one of them back with ABC Dragon Buster. That essentially stops you leaving it on the field to stun the opponent because one Kaiju basically finishes off your engine in games 2-3. Maxing out on the Unions is probably the way to go. 3 Union Hangar 3 Terraforming 3 Pot of Desires 1 Upstart Goblin I think you want to max out on the field spell engine (Union Hangar and Terrafomring) because Union Hangar really gets your engine going in terms of assembling the 3 Union pieces together to drop your boss monster. Additionally by getting out ABC Dragon Buster sooner, you get quicker access to your rank 4's by tagging him out for the 3 Union's which you then Xyz into various rank 4's of your choice. Pot of Desires functions well in this deck because most of the cards you run are 3-ofs, with the other choices not being 100% necessary to win. Resolving Desires puts you far enough ahead that I'd max out and accept opening multiple which might be dead from time to time. Upstart Goblin increases consistency by about 1% and doesn't really have any drawback aside from taking up 1 card slot in your main deck, so it's probably worthwhile using. 3 Solemn Strike 1 Solemn Warning 1 Vanity's Emptiness I think these are the most powerful traps in the game right now. Traps seem necessary at some level so you can set them before using Bujintei Tsukuyomi to discard your hand, and these traps will put in work against every deck you'd expect to face. So that's a 24 card lineup which I think are probably mandatory in most builds. I'd imagine you'd cut down on the traps if you were using the Karakuri build but I think the rank 4 based version is probably the safest choice. It has the tools to break down boards in lots of different situations. So what else is needed? Firstly, a way to open with ABC Dragon Buster and Bujintei Tsukuyomi since it seems like the most standard, consistent field to make. I think the main candidates for this are the following: Photon Thrasher The standard 3-of in most OCG lists. Photon Thrasher has several unique benefits: Inherent summon, meaning the opponent must pre-emptively use Maxx "C" to get a draw off it. 2100 attack, meaning you can bait Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin by attacking with it, then summoning again in main phase 2 to continue your turn. Doesn't require the activation of any effect, meaning you can use Photon Thrasher and any level 4 monster to make Number S39: Utopia the Lightning t o attack over Cyber Dragon Infinity (which you would expect lists using Galaxy Soldier to summon). Searchable by Reinforcement of the Army should you choose to run it. The alternative are the Gold and Silver Gadgets: Gold Gadget Silver Gadget This Gadget pair have some benefits that Photon Thrasher does not provide: Are Machine-type, meaning you can summon Gear Gigant X with them. Can be summoned when you control a monster. Float on the off-chance they are destroyed while on the field. The standard Japanese lineup for these seems to be the following: 3 Photon Thrasher 2 Gold Gadget 2 Silver Gadget *With some lists using 1 Reinforcement of the Army as well. This is also the lineup I think is correct. The problem with maximizing the Gadgets is that you become slightly more susceptible to Maxx "C", and the benefits of Photon Thrasher stretch across multiple matches by beating Cyber Dragon Infinity and Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin. The other big tech choice in the monster lineup appears to be Galaxy Soldier. Galaxy Soldier's main benefits seem to be: Giving the player access to Cyber Dragon Infinity and Constellar Pleiades. Combos well with Instant Fusion and Panzer Dragon. Provides an alternative route to putting the Union monsters into the graveyard to banish for the summon of ABC Dragon Buster. Overall, while I do see the merit in Galaxy Soldier I do not believe it is worth dedicating main and extra deck slots for the following reasons: It is summoned via an ignition effect, making it vulnerable to Maxx "C". The searching effect is once per turn, meaning the second copy is a -1. If it gets disrupted the player is in serious trouble if they do not currently have access to ABC Dragon Buster. The other main monster choices seem to be: Maxx "C" The standard hand trap for the format. It is probably best to run 2 copies to decrease the probability of auto-losses, and I don't think many people out there would disagree right now. Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit One of the better hand trap choices for the approaching format. This hand trap hits 2 main cards that would otherwise be a serious threat: Union Hangar Metalfoes pendulum monsters The card isn't quite as good vs Blue-Eyes however. It's possible to catch a Dragon Ravine if the Blue-Eyes build pays it, but for the most part you'll be using this card against those 2. Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju Kaiju monsters is general seem to be a threat looking at the meta. While not as effective against Metalfoes for YCS Liverpool (due th their monsters being pendulums that can be re-summoned), dropping a Kaiju over a Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon or ABC Dragon Buster can be enough to secure a win, providing the opponent does not have a way to quickly gather back their resources. It is conceivable that the following, 18 card monster lineup is correct: 3 A-Assault Core 3 B-Buster Drake 3 C-Crush Wyvern 3 Photon Thrasher 2 Gold Gadget 2 Silver Gadget The other choices for spells include: Twin Twisters ABC's have lots of normal summons, and disruption to the deck can essentially turn you into a "Machine beatdown" deck for several turns as you try to assemble the necessary combo pieces to apply more pressure over the next few turns. Twin Twisters will destroy set spell/trap cards that might otherwise whittle down yoru resources, slowing you down immensely. However it doesn't solve the threat of hand traps. Instant Fusion Instant Fusion is the standard 1-card rank 4, by summoning Elder Entity Norden and making whatever you need. Fortunately the rank 4 pool has enough powerful cards to assist in virtually any conceivable situation you might face in a competitive tournament. I think it is probably worth running 1 or 2 of this card in the deck. Soul Charge One of the best cards ever printed. The deck can fill the graveyard with the Union monsters quickly thanks to Union Hangar, which can be summoned to make all sorts of good rank 4's. I think the card is worth playing. Book of Eclipse Book of Eclipse has started seeing some play in the OCG as a permanent solution to Majespcter Unicorn - Kirin, but usually only in an otherwise good hand. Simply flip Kirin face down with this, then banish it with ABC Dragon Buster. The card can backfire easily however. Swords of Concealing Light may be the better alternative, despite not being usable during the opponents turn. I think it is possible that the following 14 card spell/trap lineup could be correct: 3 Union Hangar 3 Terraforming 3 Pot of Desires 2 Instant Fusion 1 Reinforcement of the Army 1 Soul Charge 1 Upstart Goblin I think Photon Thrasher is better than the Gadget pair, so I choose to max out on 3 Photon Thrasher + 1 Reinforcement of the Army before adding in Gadgets. This leaves the deck with 8 card slots left, 5 of which are taken up by the staple traps. That leaves 3 more card choices. The paradox I've mentioned with this deck is that Bujintei Tsukuyomi discards your hand traps, but you need them in the deck to avoid auto-losses. Some more choices for those last 3 cards include: Anti-Spell Fragrance An auto-win choice against Metalfoes, while also be effective at slowing down both Blue-Eyes (via stopping them immediately activating their draw spells) and the ABC mirror (by stopping them immediately activating Union Hangar, and the delays completely ruining Terraforming). In this respect, the card is effective in most matchups. Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries Very effective in the mirror match for banishing all of your opponents' ABC Dragon Buster. If player has access to none of them the matchup becomes significantly more difficult to win. The list I think may be correct at YCS Liverpool therefore looks like the following: I am considering making my last 3 choices a combination of Twin Twisters and Gameciel. I haven't decided on the correct ratios however. I do think, as a rule of thumb, it is a gamble not to run any spell/trap removal in your deck. Especially when, in 2016, we have powerful traps like Solemn Strike and Vanity's Emptiness at our disposal. Thoughts on my explanation and theory on different cards is greatly appreciated.
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    ##Pokémon - 16 * 1 Jolteon-EX GEN 28 * 3 Magnemite BKT 51 * 1 Magneton BKT 53 * 3 Magnezone BKT 54 * 4 Raikou BKT 55 * 2 Remoraid BKT 32 * 2 Octillery BKT 33 ##Trainer Cards - 34 * 2 Rough Seas PRC 137 * 3 Trainers' Mail ROS 92 * 1 Lysandre AOR 78 * 4 N PR-BLW BW100 * 1 Professor's Letter XY 123 * 2 Ultra Ball DEX 102 * 1 Pokémon Ranger STS 113 * 1 Super Rod BKT 149 * 4 Professor Sycamore BKP 107 * 1 Fisherman BKT 136 * 1 Escape Rope PRC 127 * 1 Fighting Fury Belt BKP 99 * 2 Level Ball AOR 76 * 1 Switch ROS 91 * 2 Float Stone BKT 137 * 3 Rare Candy PRC 135 * 4 VS Seeker PHF 109 ##Energy - 10 * 10 Lightning Energy XYEnergy 6 Total Cards - 60 Originally took this deck idea from a post-rotation video I watched but I tweaked it to try and adjust to current meta. Obviously, the deck does extremely well vs Yveltal and does fairly well vs Mega Ray, just because of the SE advantage it has. It's definitely a struggle playing against Garbodor (practically an auto-loss if you don't set-up quick enough), and even more difficult to play against Mega Mewtwo with or without Garbodor. Volcanion is extremely hard to play against as well, they just set-up too fast & can dish out 140 damage really easily. I only play 1 copy of Jolteon-EX because his damage output is really low, combined with the fact that he uses 3/10 of the Lightning Energy that I play when he is on the field. Considering that he has free retreat & I play Rough Seas, sometimes he sticks around for too long whereas 2 Jolteon would be way too much to commit to. His use is fairly limited too, only really helping with the Volcanion match-up & Glaceon/Regice sorta. No Shaymins just because I don't have them. I've been back and forth on how many Float Stone/Fury Belts I want to play. 2 Float Stones seems pretty good but I always feel like I need more Fury Belts because Raikou's 120HP (psuedo 140) is extremely low and easy to 1HKO in most scenarios. I was originally considering playing 2 Fisherman but if I manage my VS Seekers right, it seems unnecessary at times. Often, the game doesn't go on long enough to resolve more than 2 Fisherman anyways. I started playing this because a lot of the ladder was playing Yveltal and this is somewhat of a hard counter. Otherwise, the deck feels like it loses to every other top tier deck besides Mega Ray. It's a fun deck when it works, but a lot of the games I play with this feel entirely uphill. Has anybody tried anything similar to this? Anything I can do better in this deck build to try and combat the top tier decks?
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    I was thinking of some pendulum variant tbh. 5 monsters, 2 scales, 1 field spell is already 8 cards. just gotta find 2 more s/t. I suppose a used Brilliant Fusion could be 9th and perhaps like supply squad as 10th
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    not only do you need more fighting fury belts, you also really need more rough seas this deck sits there with riakou and absorbs damage glad it's working out because you seem to be running the gauntlet againts yvetal but lord is this deck just outclassed by Volcanion imo
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    ojamas sprang to my mind as a deck that can pull this off decently t1, between Obedience Schooled, Ponpoko/TanTan, Country and Magic, it's not hard to meet the requirements. Shame the deck is t r a a h :[
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    This might have merit in one of these libriarian synchro / hand loop decks, once you get your combo going and keep drawing you'll eventually draw this copy and it's an out to maxx c (although they'll draw the one card, you'll still have your banished omega's that return), basically a way to clear the field when going 2nd, and for when you can synchro spam but can't make enough omega/trish to empty your opponent's hand completely.
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    Maxx "C" is just going to be straightup awful the upcoming format because drawing 2-4 random cards is very unlikely to help you win against a buster in the mirror match, or a vanity's fiend against ddd/darklord, or a darklaw+treatoad field, etc.. And drawing 1-2 random cards surely isn't going to help you break a metalfoe or blue-eyes field. But on the other hand, that maxx "C" could have been a kaiju, or a book of eclipse, or a ghost ogre, or really just anything that itself directly does something against the field and you're in a much better position to win the duel. And I think a similar argument could be made to replace instant fusion as well since instant fusion doesn't really help establish turn 1 boards, nor is necessary to win on turn 3 if you opened buster combo turn 1. Meaning that instant fusion mainly be a going 2nd answer, and directly compares to kaijus and twin twisters etc. for taking up deck space strictly with the intent on not auto-losing to the dice roll.
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    Actually just noticed this, why no Luster Pendulum?
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    probably close to 150-200, thats wat the last one sold for a while back and since wing blast is still arnd 300-350
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    not saying the time limit should be the same across all games, just that playing to a certain standard of speed should always be the goal, regardless of if its in the rules or not. think about the fucking tournament staff. you can literally set the devpro time limit to 99999 seconds is that not enough for u?
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    I just realized that I/others have been going about Dinomist incorrectly from a theory-oh standpoint. It's is more unfair when you think of Dinomist as being like "Karakuri Rulers". Here's what I mean: For those who don't know/remember Karakuri: http://blog.coretcg.com/how-did-teleport-karakuri-win-ycs-sydney/, http://blog.coretcg.com/deck-profile-desmond-johnsons-karakuri-combo/, http://blog.coretcg.com/desmond-johnsons-top-8-iron-call-karakuris/ I mean thinking back to Dragon Ruler days, the thing that differentiated Dragon Rulers from Karakuri was while both could create ridiculous boards, the latter with Burei/do into Rank 7/8, Dragons essentially were a paradigm shift from "past field spam decks of yore" (like Hieratics, Karakuri, Chaos Dragons, Lavals, Agents, Mermails, etc.) because for them, the graveyard was a second hand. If you wiped a Karakuri/Hieratic/X board in the past, they couldn't recover because they didn't have a follow-up, but Dragons always did, because you could follow your broken up Hieratic or Dragunity Ruler board with Rank 7 play, etc. That's why you need to build Dinomist more as a Machine Synchro deck around Saizan, Nish, Birdman, and Deskbot 001 as your Tuners (I'd go so far as to play Foolish Burial for Deskbot, and Zeph to bounce Tenki Charge, Dewloren also can). You can play Iron Calls as well. The key "unfair" play is being able to make a double Bureido offensive board (with draws) into Hope Harbinger (or possibly Moonlight) defensive board (and because you used Synchros as XYZ material), your Pendulums went to Extra Deck (as your second hand). Then your "second wind" if you will is to make a Pend board and end in Cyber Dragon Infinity or Treetoad, Ragnazero, for the win. The key is to never XYZ until you've burned them / their resources with your Synchros like Ignister, Trish, Horus, etc. first. ---------- That leads to the second point, you need to play smartly like realize Chanbara/Catastor is a Machine so Syncho climb that into CDI, making a Dinomist go to Extra, instead of wasting 2 Pends, same principle with Bureido Synchro climb. You have a Karakuri deck with an infinite grave resource, need to play it like that. ----- The other unique interactions you kind of benefit from are being able to make Nirvana High Paladin, but I'm not sure how "unfair" that card actually is. I also saw Stardust Charge Warrior as a draw 1 Synchro to send things to Extra, who can take advantage of Plesios but that's more cute than unfair.
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    this is actually a little naive, gender does not make one good or bad for feminism like, gloria steinem for example is at times bad for feminism, and she used to be an icon of sorts for it It is entirely plausible that the old-style just-fine-with-neoliberalism strain of feminism is bad for feminism as a whole, and that hillary would overall be bad for feminism in spite of being someone who claims to try to be good for it. second-wave feminism in some respects did a great job of marginalizing poor womens' perspectives, those of women of color, non-straight women, et al. Glass ceilings are out, intersectionality is in, and trying to fuel the dreamy ambitions of young girls does less to help those girls than recognizing the myriad ways some rich woman in government might enforce a shitty law that fucks up the dreams of those young girls. feminism is at a point now where what you're dealing with depends on what sort of thinker you're talking to, and there are a lot of people who profess appreciation for women choosing their own destinies without realizing that their own perceptions stand in the way of marginalized women doing exactly the same thing.
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    I agree, but regardless of anything about her just having a woman as president is good for feminism
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    Unfortunate indeed. Bernie wasn't perfect, but he was the best option. At least hills is good for feminism
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    no its just straight up wank, the game fudges you over so often its not even funny. There should be some sort of pause or rewind thing, or better confirmation button, or something to stop it crashing whenever you try to make a move, its just awful
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    And the fact that Cruz wasn't actually born in the US lol
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    Claims father assassinated a POTUS Insults family/wife Decides to endorse the fascist party invader based on party name and not principles. Throw Cruz back into the collection of Vichy Republicans who have no credibility if the Republic survives.
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    Still: No shit Jowgen is a staple. This was discussed in the recent past 2-3 pages ago. No one cares if you got a playset of Jowgen.
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    What was the actual point of this post? Who cares???
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    Months later... Still dont care about it
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    Edgy? The fuck are you doing right now? LOL. Yes, me who is out there working 60+ hrs a week is out of touch with reality. I have no idea what is going on. Clearly. I don't say shit like this lightly but fuck you. You don't know me from Tom and furthremore your presumptions will do nothing of value in your favor. Let me keep making a joke of you, Jazz, bc thats what you are.
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    an iPhone covers all the basic needs of the phone and doesn't have any 'frustratingly slow' issues
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    1) There was actually a pretty fascinating book I had to read for one of my law courses that explained how SCOTUS largely seems to just follow the public opinion on matters. Like homosexuality is a great example of that. If anything, SCOTUS under Trump would overturn some of the libel laws and maybe unrestricted abortion given the negative opinion in public towards the current state of press. 2) Well the easiest policy to replace Obamacare is capitalism. Oligarchies >Monopolies. By letting firms compete over state-lines we can force them to lower the price and not rob people blind just because they live in one state over the other. OC is hemorrhaging atm. Blue Cross in Nebraska just pulled out today 3) Well Trump has talked about Emissions being a problem, but just stopping CO2 production won't fix the problem. We need to invest in ways to remove CO2. All if which are too expensive atm, luckily we have 5 Trillion in untapped energy. Think if it as going one step "backwards" to move 3 steps forward. As for the jobs, it's not really the perma jobs that are needed. Our gen (assuming you're a millennial) is pretty well educated and won't really need coal mining jobs or the such. It's just a way to keep the older generation employed and give them a cash influx 4) Deporting 11 Million is hard to do on our own. Use E-verify and biometrics for visas to not let them have any jobs or revenue source. It is feasible to deport the 1.5 million violent criminals illegal immigrants The wall isn't impossible at all http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/article/2602588/ Ex-Mex diplomat: Trump can get Mexico to pay for wall, deport 4M illegals That's the plan...nobody wants to deport the doctor mother and father with 4 kids in college because they came illegally 30 years ago. But the left always tries to make it seem like that's the norm, it's not. Those people should be commended for their contribution, but they're a clear exception to what most illegals are like 6) Still seems like a problem to me, I'm not comfortable with Saudis control any form of our information. Cruz for all his faults, did lay out how to do that in his speech infront of congress.
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    here's hoping killary has a fatal disease
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    We'll see about that. Actually I won't because this game has been gay as fuck for a couple months now