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    what fucks me up is that the "Yeah because you would be in jail" comment is why a lot of people view trump as the winner of the debate. scary
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    "I know more about ISIS than the generals." "If I were President, Hillary Clinton would be in jail." Yeah, he doesn't have any of the tendencies of a dictator. We're the crazies.
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    Actually, I was describing the pro-Choice position. Please don't call it pro-Abortion, because that is inaccurate. Pro-Choice acknowledges that the ethical quandaries conjured up by abortion are quite murky indeed. You can be both pro-Choice and anti-Abortion. Pro-Choice leaves the question to be answered by the individuals involved: the doctors, mothers, and fathers who are directly affected. It's a rather practical position to take. Pro-Life, on the other hand, sees the issue as black and white. In reality it is gray. Reasonable people can disagree on the answer. As to where to draw the line on personhood, that is completely up to the Law of the State, and it should be a decision made based on scientific facts, not religious beliefs or personal feelings.
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    Yep. Preemptive killing of families because maybe revenge sounds great and isn't a war crime. You're right.
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    I prefer to uphold international law.
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    Or that more countries should have nukes. Not really a fan of the "waterboard people even if it doesn't work" stance either. Nor ignoring Geneva conventions nor going after families of terrorists. Basically I don't want the president to be an aspiring war criminal.
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    I'm not going to lie: after seeing the second episode, I'm a fan of the direction that the show is going in for season three. Maybe it's just because I'm super excited to see Tom Felton on the show. idk but I am liking the show now a lot more than I did after the first episode.
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    Just Questing Adventurer things
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    Jesus, after reading Winter's long response it makes me wonder why do you take things at face value? For example, your solution to "stop terrorists" is to bomb and kill the "ISIS Cub program." Are you really advocating to kill little kids? To begin with, thats not how you stop terrorism, but that is actually a really good way however to breed more hate and gain more enemies. I never felt like Joe's quote in his sig can come more handy.
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    Basically. All they care about is zingers and such that they can remember fondly after the debate is over. Same supporters see nothing wrong with their candidate who claims to have "great respect for women" weaponizing Bill's accusers to try and rattle Hillary, knowing full well he'll never speak to them again after their purpose has been fulfilled.
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    If the American experiment were to fail - it would be the result of a mass movement to abandon the ideals that the country was founded on. Now - I am not disillusioned about the "founding principles" - but what are at least presented and taught as the founding principles. Regardless of the inner workings of the founders - liberty, equality, freedom and other Enlightenment era ideals have been taught as the backbone of the American way. We've fought through eras that clearly contradicted the American ideals (slavery, Civil Rights, fight for gender equality/suffrage, marriage equality) - but we've eventually won. This is a distressing circumstance because Trump has mobilized large portions of the population behind ideals that are directly contradictory to what is taught as the American ideal. And these people are furious and passionate. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/10/mike-pence-revolution-229633#ixzz4MpfhlbeN "Our lives depend on this election. Our kids’ futures depend on this election,” she continued. “For me personally, if Hillary Clinton gets in, I myself am ready for a revolution." This is not okay. Add in the fact that Trump is peddling this nonsense that the election is going to be rigged - and there are MILLIONS of Trump supporters who legitimately think that when Trump loses - it is a result of a mass liberal conspiracy. What happens if Trump does NOT concede? Because I truly, think he will stand firm and NOT concede the election. That is going to be a crisis. I think there is a real possibility that people lose their lives in the aftermath of this election. This could be a bloody election. He has attacked the judicial branch. Today he stated Paul Ryan would "have a different position" - as if the POTUS has a role in determining the Speaker of the House (the POTUS doesn't) Jailing political opponents, peddling rigged elections, these attacks against the branches of government - this is third world dictator stuff. This is not a joke anymore. Professor Chen from U. of Louisville stated it well earlier today, "Until now. The big lie, "Make America Great Again," spurns American civic religion for an atavistic, nativistic cult of whiteness. I was not born in America. I can't change that. I do not have to die in America. Each passing day, I believe more strongly that I won't. If at least half, perhaps even a majority, of my fellow citizens do not want me here, that is tantamount to civic excommunication. My birthplace and heritage are Taiwanese. My citizenship and life experiences are thoroughly American. Above all, however, I am human. As one religious tradition known in America teaches, unredeemed humanity walks on earth as fugitives and vagabonds. Call me Citizen Cain. We now face a great test of America's civic religion. Will we vindicate the promise made to all Americans, by birth or by choice? Or will we instead succumb to the rage that has made so many Americans despise their fellow citizens on the basis of race or religion? Our national redemption hangs in the balance. I prefer to stay and fight. But I cannot rule out the prospect that America will fail. If America fails, neither the land of my birth (which I have renounced) nor the land I love (which will have renounced me) will be home. In that sad event, I will invoke my final source of identity, simple humanity. Citizen Cain, a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth. Sooner diaspora than denaturalization: I would rather live as a stranger in a strange land than as a citizen unwanted by my own country. I choose America. At some level, however, America must also choose to love all its children, regardless of their origins or birthplaces. We Americans must love one another or else forfeit our claim to nationhood and condemn each of us to set out on our solitary way. Our nation is a covenant running across generations. As long as we honor our promise of equal justice and citizenship, we shall endure."
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    what's terrifying to me is all the terrorists created by these extreme examples being used to justify terrorism. shelling people because of the actions of their families does nothing but perpetuate mistrust and hatred, and not just from the middle east
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    Or how about bombing families because fuck em?
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    Or that he said during a debate that we should be able to secretly bomb these places without realizing how that situation would play out in a logical world?
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    Maybe his statement during a briefing that he doesn't know why nuclear weapons aren't used?
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    I hope they rename Frog the Jam "Toadally Jammin'"
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    This card is actually pretty unreal in metalfoes. Lets say you have gofu+goldriver/decision/rescuerabbit+another metalfoe, Summon gofu+tokens, normal summon goldriver sync for this dude. Use other metalfoe to pop token and set a combination. Use this dude to banish gofu and pop combination then search a missing metalfoe scale. Set scale, use new scale to pop other token and set counter. Pend summon back goldriver. So for 3 card you generate this dude, a goldriver, set counter and completed scales. Also a cool thing to note will be its ability to help get back tuners like GOSR and Veiler.
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    sorry i wanted to be snarky, im not highlighting a logical inconsistancy so much as pointing out the US spends so fucking much on military that wouldn't that be way better served on public initiatives? I'm not saying abolish the military but the way wars are fought has changed so much the way a military works needs to change
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    That's actually a correct comparison though. I'm not arguing its relevance, but fetuses are the definition of a parasite. "A organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense."
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    If Trump undermines the integrity of the election results - people will lose their life. There is very little doubt in my mind he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. When he loses - he is going to go nuts. Look at him on Twitter this morning! Attacking the whole GOP.
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    "Do you know, it was just announced that murder, is the highest its been in our country in 45 years?" Stuff like that too. We are in the midst of a 50 year LOW and have seen those numbers DECREASE by nearly 50% in the past two decades! His supporters BELIEVE THAT.
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    This card name alone is almost enough to make me want to play again. God tier.
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    He does not possess the prerequisite amount of knowledge to handle foreign affairs. It is the equivalent of someone completing high school geometry and enrolling in graduate level High-Dimensional Statistics. If you are truly voting based on fear of terrorism - voting for Trump is illogical. Not to mention - based on his rhetoric - what he seems to support has historically failed, and in many ways, contributed to the proliferation of radical tendencies.
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    btw congrats to rei and his toronto blue jays for advancing to the next round of the playoffs my dad is a huge mets fan and i'm suprised the mets even made the playoffs with their injuries but they lost the wild card game
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    so you are a normal heterosexual male that is honest with himself, got it
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    Okay so coming out day Um I kinda like guys a little bit. C:
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    never thought i'd say this but reg let me know if you ever want to talk buddhism some time
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    It's also just a solid tempo play with Prep in the early game. Questing/Prep/Shadow Strike is often a clear + 4/4 growing threat. One of Rogue's biggest strengths is getting to cheat mana in the early game with Prep/Backstab and this guy rewards you for doing so.
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    Generalizations are never important, they're never useful, they're only harmful. >Important for a cynical post decrying that policy discussion is worthless. I'm curious how much you've actually spoken to anyone who is on the right at all this election, aside from whatever racist inbred trash 'white supremacists' you know in Oklahoma. And you may very well know a ton of neo nazis and white supremacists, I can't know for sure and honestly it's irrelevant. You trying to make a point, with a broad sweeping generalization of supporters to a certain candidate, and to go so far as to call us 'ignorant', is laughable, and any intellectual discussion where you brought that opinion to and said would leave you looking ignorant yourself. This is the internet so I can't see your body language or hear the tone of your point, but you come off condescending and arrogant, dismissive, and very much so bias. You do yourself a disservice by being this way, and this kind of 'rhetoric' is incendiary in its own way, and has been a very important factor in what Trump's 'movement' actually is.
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    Problem is that is doesn't matter whether they were retroactively classified or not. You're still liable for handling unmarked classified material carelessly. Which is why personal and government email doesn't mix. Even when I work, you need to put in an official request even to have your government email forwarded. Hell, you even need a request to forward government email to another department government email address if you have two.
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    i would be extremely surprised if the majority of people that think she's guilty (ftr i think she is) have actually read any documents or have any basis for wanting her imprisoned beyond clickbait articles and their FB feed
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    im not from america (and tbh am quite pleased about this right now) and want to take as objective a stance on this as possible did people really take trump's "you'd be in jail" quip as equivalent to "i'd throw any of my political opponents in jail" i'm aware he's expressed admiration for dictatorships in the past but in regards to that particular quote, all it came across as to me was an allusion to clinton being accused of having people killed etc., and that she in particular was corrupt (and thus should be in jail etc. etc.) this article in particular implies that he would have anybody running against him jailed, which, to me at least, was not evident in the quote at all http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/cp/opinion/clinton-trump-second-debate-election-2016/because-youd-be-in-jail i don't want to be labelled as defending everything trump has said because he's certainly said some abhorrent things, but this in particular feels like the media (and some of you guys) twisting his words and intentions entirely to meet with a preconceived notion of what you expect at this point
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    Science can't answer questions of ethics. There are no experiments, data, or laws that can be applied.
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    you know...if they really wanted to pun it up while staying true with the jpn punplay, they should've called it Toadally Sweet
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    I hope you're right. But, I really think you're wrong. Before the grab pussies tape I was so confident, and now Im leaning towards a loss. call me a cuck or whatever but im very concerned. best case scenario its very close, worst case i start writing up my "Ryan/Rubio 2020" signs 4 years early.
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    That abortion debate was one of the worst I have ever seen. Never have I ever seen a fetus compared to a parasite before.
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    Trump on what winning election will do to news media: "We have to take it away from these dishonest characters" Want to know who agree? Dictators.
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    I'm sure most of the board is very open minded so you're fine. I myself have found some men attractive in their own right but the thought of any penis disgusts me solely because I think it's the ugliest grossest body part.
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    "There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world. There is only the inevitable."
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    imagine if genjutsu was real maybe they're actually real
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    The morality of abortion is somewhat separate from the ethical question of whether we should let every woman decide for herself. You can personally think abortion is wrong, but you can also think women have the right to make their own choices regarding their pregnancies. The problem comes when we try to force our personal morals onto others.
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    Don't make assumptions about his voter base that generally. It shows a lack of insight and hypocrisy. I can say that the only people voting for hillary are screaming liberals, feminists, poor minorities and white men with immense white guilt, but I don't, because that's not true. ( not entirely, just like what you posted was not entirely untrue) You left out people who just vote party, which I would imagine makes up a significant part of the vote. Just a thought, you know? I've also yet to meet a white supremacist IRL, or come across one who isn't a troll on the internet who is voting for Trump. I'm aware they exist, but I've also never come across a black supremacist who is voting for Hillary. Both exist, and both are going to vote one way or the other, and generalizations of a voter block like this are just not a constructive way to engage dialogue.
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    That's the "disenfranchised" part of my statement, i.e. people who feel marginalized by the current government. Of course the racism is not all-inclusive.
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