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    lifetime mafia ban
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    Scum team was double goon Slickz and Silverdude Malcolm was healer, Jazz was tracker All around good play, everyone had solid reads and I can't comment much too much on stuff since I'm not good enough to be able to dissect anything Town MVP - Goes to Malcolm. He played that flawlessly, and as he said, styled over scum this game. naisu Town HM - Goes to Jazz. Couple nitpicks here and there but he read the game pretty well. No Town LVP because game was very short and really anyone not named Mark Malcolm and Jazz would probably get it Scum LVP - I dunno. Probably both? Silver got caught way too early and easily, and Slickz sorta gave up. If he NK'd malcolm and played perfectly during the day he might have been able to do something. Can I say this was probably the most exciting Day 1 DGz has ever had? I want to make it a rule to have Jazz and Mark in every game. Not too sure if my quota thing really affected much thank to the jazz, mark thing but overall i like the pace the game went at. Thanks to everyone for playing!
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    silverdude was definitely worse than islickz imo tbh imo gg everyone
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    I would absolutely love to host games!
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    Drunk mafia approved fuck yeah
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    Day 1 has ended Final Vote Count Tyranno (2) - Silverdude, iSlickz iSlickz (2) - Beast, TheGoldenTyranno Wunterslaus (1) - rei Silverdude (3) - SageRhapsody, Winter Multi, Wunterslaus Faint (1) - Malcolm Silverdude got stabbed, he died. He was: Vanilla Town The members of DGz knew that they were on to something here. Ace detective SageRhapsody laid it out: "My dudes, it is quite clear that Silverdude is one of the White Knights. Think about it. Silver? What is silver sorta kinda like? White! A natural connection!" "But what about Faint?" inquired Silverdude. "Winter Multi = Winter = Snow = Snow White = White = White Knight. I think we have a much clearer case." "Whoa, no way!" Faint interjected, "Think about it. I'm wayyyy to drunk right now to show respect to women. Silverdude is the way to go." Wunterlsaus agreed, "Cheerio. A silverdude lynch would be most excellent, my friends. btw im definitely not mark's multi playing in the game." Silverdude has been ip banned. He was, unfortunately, a regular member of the DGz town. During this time, the White Knights have been doing some research of their own. They will now attempt to ddos members of the site, preventing them from getting on. With this, they will be one step closer to making the site Proper and Pure for all of the beautiful m'ladies. However, the site still runs rampant with those that would try to harm our damsels. The welcome thread contains one new post: "feet pics sweetie" - Mascis | 957 pos rep, 2 negs Night 1 starts now and ends April 6 GMT 19:00, or when I've received all night actions
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    Ash "Quicktopic Administrator" Slaughter never misreads!
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    idk antag, i didn't understand what malcolm or jazz did so i think they should be the mvp/hm. tbf jazz did some pretty neat stuff. i figure this isn't his usual approach to the game, so intuitively catching on a town fake claim and putting scum through a game like that by assisting malcolm was pretty cute. i think the game was mostly done by them, so they kind of deserve it. not that tyranno didn't do well, he had a stronger town presence than some of us i guess (or at least that's what some people think?). i completely agree that being transparent town is of assistance, and if it were another game, and it weren't so auto, maybe it would be more respectable like you said, however, that is not the case, and it did not have much of an effect this game. jazz is the HM of this game, tyranno may get it in some other game. the players that did the most were obviously jazz and malcolm. also being a transparent townie isn't what wins games. it's killing scum that does that.
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    That feel when you're dueling LV40 Kaiba for a Stage level up challenge and the game just throws you a free blue-eyes lel can't complain
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    Yeah because its much more plausible that you made a mistake and read their role pm wrong
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    i honestly thought i was going to be able to snipe a role malcolm nor jazz nor tyranno had and i would be scot free.
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    honestly, no flip is fucking awful and i despise playing it
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    So it seems like we are at a bit of a rut when it comes to people being motivated to make creative games. Wanted to talk about this some more. 1.) I'd love to see more people hosting games. How many of you are motivated to make games? If you are motivated, what's stopping you from doing so? If you aren't motivated to design a game, are you interested in running a game if someone else designs it? People that are playing frequently, what kind of games are you interested in? Flip? No Flip? Big or little? Role heavy versus minimal roles? Relatively weak roles versus relatively strong roles? 2.) What kind of games do people want to see being ran? 2-3 years ago, people appreciated flavor heavy games with roles being flipped with a relatively high amount of roles, 16-18 players, and the abilities being relatively powerful. It seems nowadays, people are more interested in 10-16 player games with more conservative abilities, and a split opinion on role reveals. Is this a fair assumption to make? 3.) Are there any rules that need to be addressed? I've been working with the mafia team to come up with a comprehensive rule set for both flip and non-flip games, with the thought that people can easily copy paste rules that make it clear when an action demands repercussions. What issues would you like to see addressed more clearly? Also, because I recently realized this wasn't obvious to everyone. I am still relatively active within the mafia community and frequently keep tabs on where games are at and work with those impacted when conflicts occur. If you ever have any questions, want feedback on something, or just want to BS about Mafia theory, I'm happy to entertain conversations on FB, Discord, or here. Most of my conversation this year has been through PM or other platforms; just want to reaffirm everyone to hit me up if they ever have concerns.
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    It's wholesome threads like this that almost make me want to play mafia again.
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    Tyranno is town sage im undecided on Dont like Wunter's game much, sorta "i could be wrong so im gonna deviate a bit" kind of stuff that comes from perfect info but it's early days
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    that pot belly is fat and while your diet is helping, regular exercise should help reduce excess fat. 'putting on mass' isn't a thing. it's called putting on weight, and undoing all of your hard work if you try doing it by diet alone. if you want to get bigger and stronger, you need to start resistance training in some form or another, and fueling your body with the correct nutrition as you do it. bodybuilding or strength training or anything is a start, and find out what you enjoy.
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    Never mind ignore me, i was looking for "faint" instead of winter lol! unvote
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    hey where are my jazz and roman reigns votes smh
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    Vote Count: Tyranno (4) - Silverdude, Winter, iSlickz, SageRhapsody Winter (1)- Malcolm Wunterslaus (1) - rei iSlickz (1) - Beast Silverdude (1) - Tyranno Majority is five. The JC bot has been upgraded! Please take a look at this game's vote history:
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    kahu claimed when he was about to get lynched by you morons and you know it's crossing a line when people's gut reactions are to immediately unvote him for it markus the mod isn't supposed to be your friend, they are supposed to do their best to ensure integrity of the game and that means modkilling people at their discretion.
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    dennis sat back in his chair and breathed a deep sigh. He had just beaten some scrub in Smash by wobbling the shit out of them. Everyone knows you're not supposed to L-dash cancel-weave crouch tilt into ice climbers. Didn't he read the xxxyyxxyyxy google doc? "Guess I should go check my tumblr dash..." He thought to himself happily. As he lovingly stroked his framed photo of The Geto Boys, he felt something sharp hit the side of his head, and the sound of something heavy falling beside him. Extremely calm, he put his hand to his head, and felt a warm wetness. Looking at his hand he found a river of crimson red flowing down his arm, and dripping onto the floor, beginning to pool next to a large rock with a paper tied to it. "Where... did that come from?" He stammered faintly, as he bent to pick up the page. Blood flowed down the side of his face, and covered half his sight in red. With his one able eye, dennis managed to read "Synchros are the symbols of human evolution..." before his sight gave out, and he began to tip over his chair. "Oh..." Was the last words out of his mouth, as he finally went out with a soft crash onto the floor. Later, it is known Markus found him unresponsive in a pool of his own blood, took his smash rig, and was never found again. Slickz has been lynched! He was: Grats to town for a game well played, and thank you for playing, scum. Hope everyone had fun. After game thread up soon.
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    just read my role pm still vanilla
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    Or be wrong a single time. that'll do you in sometimes #justreiproblems
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    https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Matrix6 Standard rules. (Full claiming. Flip upon death. 1 player carries out NK's. Roles can target the same player every night if they want to.). No quota required. around 24h dayphases. nightphase 24h "or when all night actions are received". Spirit of the game (not strictly a rule though): don't hammer if half the people haven't posted / seen the day yet. Mark got shot while fighting off 14 people with guns at once. He was: Player list: 1. Wunterslaus (Lynched day 2: Mafia Goon) 2. Silverdude (Lynched day 1: Vanilla Town) 3. Malcolm 4. SageRhapsody (Killed night 1: Doctor Town) 5. Beast 6. rei 7. Winter (Killed night 2: Vanilla Town) 8. Tyranno 9. iSlickz Day 3 starts now and ends: April 8, 17:00 GMT.
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    Also hi guys I've been absent lately but I passed half of the cpa exam and I'm taking the last two parts in May and July so the end is hopefully in sight Sucks that I'm gonna be in the guinea pig class for the new exam so scores won't be released until August/October respectively but hoping to get both of them passed on the first try and be done with it
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    hey guys what did i miss i will carch up this eve
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    *tyranno being active does not indicate him being scum or town because anyone with a train on them wants to live*
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    Yeah, who do you think rei is? Jazz?
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    nah i thought it was cute though at some point you're just confusing the town without adding anything, though, so be careful with your fake claims as town i kinda wish one of the vanilla town had the guts to cc the Silverdude tracker claim since he was obv scum, but alas.
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    I actually liked the quota aspect. I was actually thinking of maybe doing the game of 4 posts per phase and 20 posts by end of d3 as a good quota system flavor was good, would be good to see a bigger gaem from sage 9/10
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    Vote count: Tyranno (3) - Silverdude, Winter, iSlickz Winter (2)- Tyranno, Malcolm Wunterslaus (1) - rei iSlickz (1) - Beast Majority is 5
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    Too far. He said degrading, not suicide-inducing.
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    Also read your role pm, this should be fucking obvious
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    lil homie gay ass
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    based on his mafia play if jazz tried to shoot back he'd prob hit a bunch of magic players
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    yeah. too bad beats are a shit product eh
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    Nah I think if someone is going to try to make an assertion and the best they have to back it up is HuffPo/Fox News that should speak for itself