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    ^ to clarify, the (edited) was to add the extra n's (very important)
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    Goins (Goat Control) 2-1 N3sh. (Gravekeeper Chaos Control) N3sh. (Gravekeeper Chaos Control) 2-0-1 Goins (Goat Control) N3sh. (Gravekeeper Chaos Control) 2-0 Goins (Goat Control) Ggs
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    people realized the format didn't exist and started playing the actual format again
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    I wonder what goes through Konami's mind when they release a card such as Magic Reflector to begin with
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    decided to start playing today, plat 1 now, root for me guys! and good luck to everyone else who's still playing as well!
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    today i was over at my moms house and she was getting mad at me for vaping and i was just really not having it. i wasn't having any of that oppressive bullshit that white fascist bitch was trying to feed me. she was trying to tell me that vaping is gay. can you fucking beleive it? out of all the things my mother has done to me, this has just been the worst. she has gone too far. i just want to vape in peace ok? i want to fill up my vape with nazi tears and inhale it, then, i want to annoy people by exhaling it, so they get to smell all the nazi smells that were just inside my dirty mouth. jesus fucking christ if some fascist wants me to not vape here again i might just move to canada and drink milk out of bags, and no im not fucking done there. im gonna go on my favorite yugioh board and express all my deepest sexual feelings with joseph stalin but also 16 year old girls on the intere-.... WAIT A SECOND, i WOULD if it weren't for that fuckinng tankie allen pennington removing politics from discord. how am i supposed to post homoerotic communism memes now? what else is a duelist/tumblr poster/mafia player supposed to do other than suck a bunch of dicks after getting mad and moving to canada? *inhales from vape* seriously? do i just post about how spirit of the game doesn't matter at fucking all in a game about bluffing? i'm done. time for me to leave my basement and get a tattoo that looks like a beyblade.
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    While people on youtube are busy parading around their meme-tastic Zoodiac combos involving all sort of nonsense like brilliant fusion and predaplants, I've been trying to figure out more realistic and standard Zoodiac combos on my own that aren't stopped by literally every hand trap and actual trap in the format that have the potential to quickly swing a game. I will admit that probably a lot of people have "already figured all of this out" and will comment "haha you're an idiot if you didn't already know this", but in the absence of any reliable resources whatsoever dedicated towards the competitive playerbase, I thought I'd lay this all out so that as a full community we can remain on the cutting-edge of competitive, current play. Standard Ratpier Combo Any Ratpier (and hence Tenki) can lead to some pretty strong boards. Although we're not going to drawing 10+ cards turn1 anymore, we can still put ourselves significantly far ahead on t1, to the point that I highly suspect that people will still be complaining about the die roll has having too much influence on the outcome of a match. Hand: Raptier 1. Normal summon Ratpier, send Ramram to the grave. 2. Overlay Ratpier for Boarbow, detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from hand or deck. 3. Overlay Boarbow for Broadbull, detatch Boarbow, search any Zoodiac monster of your choice (usually Whiptail). 4. Overlay Broadbull for Chakanine, detatch Broadbull, special summon Ramram from the grave. 5. Overlay Chakanine into Hammerkong, Tigermortor, and then Drident (3 materials). 6. Detatch a material from Drident, kill your Ramram, special summon Ratpier from the grave. 7. Overlay the two Ratpiers for the rank 4 of your choice, usually Daigusto Emerald or Tornado Dragon (note that before detatching for Daigusto Emerald, we will have exactly 3 monsters in the graveyard). The end result is that by expending one card in hand as our normal summon for the turn we end with a Whiptail in hand, a Drident in play with 2 materials going into the opponent's turn, and a rank 4 of our choice in play. Although card advantage bears little relevance in modern-day Yugioh, this is a +2. It's worthy of note that Ash Blossom will not fully interrupt our combo, although it will stop us from making the rank 4 at the end. No big deal. Ghost Ogre, however, if used correctly (on our Ratpier's effect to send Ramram) will fully interrupt our combo. Other Pure Combos What if we don't have Ratpier? It depends, but usually we can set up some pretty similar combos depending on the rest of our hand. It's still very difficult to completely brick if your deck is well-constructed. Hand: Zoodiac Barrage (no other Zoodiac cards in hand) 1. Activate Barrage, kill itself, special summon Ramram from the deck. 2. Overlay Ramram for Broadbull, detatch Ramram to add Ratpier to your hand. 3. Normal summon Ratpier, use effect to send whatever you'd like (Zoodiac Combo or Whiptail usually) 4. Overlay Ratpier for Boarbow, detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from the deck. 5. Overlay Boarbow for Chakanine, detatch Boarbow, special summon Ramram from the grave. 6. Overlay Boarbow for Tigermortor, swap Boarbow for Whiptail (if you sent Whiptail in step #3), then overlay for Hammerkong and Drident (3 materials). 7. Detatch a material from Drident, kill Ramra, special Ratpier from the grave. 8. Overlay the two Ratpiers for the rank 4 of your choice. Here, we see a pretty similar result, except instead of netting a Broadbull search (we had to normal summon it), we end with a extra Xyz monster in play (the Broadbull). Not bad. Hand: Any Zoodiac monster (not Ratpier) + Barrage 1. Normal summon Zoodiac monster (henceforth referred to as ZM), overlay for Broadbull, detatch ZM, search Raptier. 2. Overlay Broadbull for Chakanine, detatch Broadbull, special summon ZM from the grave. 3. Activate Barrage, kill ZM, special summon Thoroughblade from the deck. 4. Use Thoroughblade's effect, discard Ratpier, draw 1. 5. Overlay Chakanine for Tigermortor, swap Chakanine for Ratpier. 6. Detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from the deck. 7. Overlay Ratpier+Thoroughblade for a rank 4 of your choice. 8. Overlay Tigermortor into Hammerkong into Drident (2 materials). This is a strong opening, as we have converted 2 cards and a normal summon into a Drident, rank 4 of our choice, plus an Barrage on board which our opponent has to deal with before our next turn, and a draw from Thoroughblade. This is, again, roughly a +2. In the event that you open Ratpier+Barrage (with no other combo pieces) usually you're just going to want to go for the standard Ratpier combo, which Barrage providing added insurance in the event that your Ratpier gets hit by Ghost Ogre. There's no way convert the Barrage into an extra rank 4. Multiple diagustos t1? In my format? It's more likely than you think There was substantial debate about whether or not Zoodiac decks were better with or without the Draco engine in them. Now, I think there will be very little debate regarding this matter. The Draco engine is the best way to extend our standard Ratpier or Barrage combos into an ending boards that are nearly unbeatable. Diagram in particular is insane because it can destroy Ramrams in our hand and trigger them. Hand: Ratpier+Diagram+Master Peace or Draco Spell 1. Normal summon Ratpier, send Ramram to the grave (sending Ramram here is just in case we get our Diagram Ash Blossom'd later in the combo). 2. Overlay Ratpier for Boarbow, detatch Raptier to special summon Ratpier from the deck. 3. Overlay Boarbow for Broadbull, detatch Boarbow, add a 2nd copy of Ramram to hand. 4. Activate Diagram, kill your in-hand Ramram, search Master Peace/Draco Spell (whichever piece you're missing) 5. Ramram's effect is triggered and special summons Ratpier from the grave. 5. Overlay Broadbull from Chakanine, detatch Broadbull to special summon Ramram from the grave. 6. Overlay Ratpier x2 for Daigusto Emeral, detatch Ratpier, and shuffle back Ratpier, Boarbow, and Broadbull to draw a card 7. Activate Draco Spell, use effect to tribute Draco Spell and Daigusto Emeral for Master Peace. 8. Overlay Chakanine for Tigermortor, swap Chakanine for Ratpier. 9. Detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from the deck. 10. Overlay Tigermortor for Hammerkong then Drident (2 materials). 11. Use Master Peace or Drident (your choice) to kill Ramram, special summoning Ratpier from the grave. 12. Overlay Ratpier x2 for Daigusto Emeral (or a different rank 4 if you prefer). Our end result is that we turned 3 cards in hand into Master Peace, Drident, and rank 4 of our choice, and 1 draw. Given how much redundancy the deck can play (5 Ratpiers, 6 Diagrams, 6 Draco Spells, 3 Master Peace) you are actually quite likely to open this combo. Many times, you might not have the full combo, but draw into the other pieces as you are comboing off. It's more likely than you think. In addition, Barrage typically works here in place of Ratpier as well, although the lines play out slightly differently. In some cases, I have even made 3 Daigusto Emerals t1 with Ratpier in hand+Barrage+multiple diagrams. The most nutted hands in this deck actually resemble the Fusion Substitute combos of old pretty well. Of course, one of the other advantages of running the Draco engine is that we can replace our Terrortops with Baobaboons, giving us access to M-X-Saber Invoker, which is still pretty insane. Sample Hands I won't give out the entire decklist yet, but most of it is pretty straightforward. The deck builds itself for the most part. Next, I'll provide with 3 randomly-generated sample hands, and how I'd play them going 1st vs an unknown deck. Hand #1: True Draco Heritage, Master Peace the True Dracoslaying King, Zoodiac Barrage, True Draco Apocalypse. Pre-Combo comments: The interesting thing about this hand is how Draco pieces that we've opened. We can actually end up using Diagram to search a 2nd Master Peace and play them both, one immune to monsters/spells and the other immune to monsters/traps. This is incredibly difficult to beat. 1. Activate Barrage, use effect to kill itself, search Ratpier. 2. Overlay Ratpier for Boarbow, detatch Ratpier to special summon Ratpier from the deck. 3. Overlay Boarbow for Broadbull, detatch Boarbow to search Ramram 4. Activate Dragonic Diagram, kill Ramram in hand to search Master Peace. 5. Ramram is triggered and special summons Ratpier from the grave. 6. Overlay Broadbull for Chakanine, detatch Broadbull to special summon Ramram. 7. Set True Draco Apocalypse. Normal summon Master Peace by tributing the set trap and Ramram. 8. Overlay both Ratpiers for Daigusto Emeral, detatch Ratpier, shuffle back Ratpier, Boarbow, and Broadbull to draw a card (it's Ratpier). 9. Activate True Draco Heritage, draw a card (it's Baobaboon). 10. Use True Draco Heritage's effect for an additional tribute summon. Tribute Daigusto Emeral and Heritage for a 2nd Master Peace. 11. Overlay Chakanine for Tigermortor, swap Chakanine for Ramram. 12. Overlay Tigermortor for Hammerkong and then Drident (3 materials). End result: Master Peace in play (monster/spell immune), Master Peace in play (monster/trap immune), Drident in play (with 3 materials, 2000 defense, and targetting trap immune), 3 continuous spells/traps in our graveyard, Diagram in play, Ratpier+Baobaboon in hand (pretty bad draws to be completely honest). Hand #2: True King's Return, True Draco Heritage, Zoodiac Whiptail, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, Terraforming Pre-Combo Comments: This is another interesting hand, because it might seem like we have no Ratpier access. In this case, we won't need it at all to end with a strong board. 1. Terraforming for Dragonic Diagram. 2. Normal summon Whiptail, overlay for Broadbull, detatch Whiptail to search Ramram. 3. Activate Diagram, kill Ramram, search Master Peace. 4. Ramram is triggered and special summons Whiptail from the grave. 5. Overlay Broadbull for Chakanine, detatch Broadbull to special summon Ramram. 6. Activate True Draco Heritage, use the effect to tribute summon Master Peace by tributing Ramram and True Draco Heritage. 7. Overlay Chakanine for Tigermortor, swap Chakanine for Ramram 8. Overlay for Hammerkong, then Drident (3 materials). End result: Master Peace in play (monster/spell immune), Drident in play (with 3 materials, 2000 defense, and targetting trap immune), Whiptail in play (which can attach itself to Drident if we desire), Diagram in play, True-King's Return set, 1 continuous spell/trap in grave, Ghost Ogre in hand). Hand #2.5: (Virtually the same as hand #2, so I just shuffled in and drew again) Hand #3: True King's Return, Zoodiac Barrage, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, True Draco Heritage, Baobaboon 1. Normal summon Baobaboon, use effect to draw into Disciples of the True Draco Phoenix. I decide to bottom True King's Return 2. Activate Zoodiac Barrage, kill Baobaboon, and get Ratpier. 3. Special summon 2 Baobaboons trigger both, draw into True Draco Apocalypse (we bottom it), and Dragonic Diagram, (bottom Ghost Ogre). 4. Overlay Ratpier for Boarbow, detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from deck. 5. Boarbow for Broadbull, detatch Boarbow, search for Ramram. 6. Activate Diagram, kill Ramram, search Master Peace. 7. Ramram is triggered and special summons Ratpier from the grave. 8. Overlay Baobaboon x2 for M-X-Saber Invoker. 19. Overlay Ratpier x2 for Diagusto Emeral, detatch Raptier, shuffle back Ratpier, Boarbow, Baobaboon to draw 1 (it's another True Draco Heritage). 11. Activate Heritage, use effect for an extra tribute summon, tribute Heritage and Daigusto Emeral for Master Peace. 12. Overlay Broadbull for Tigermortor, swap Chakanine with Ratpier. 13. Detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from the deck. 14. Activate M-X-Saber Invoker, detatch Baobaboon, special summon Whiptail from the deck. 15. Overlay Ratpier and Whiptail for Daigusto Emeral, detatch Ratpier, shuffle back Ratpier x2, Emeral to draw 1, (it's another Diagram). 16. Activate the 2nd copy of True Draco Heritage from our hand, draw 1 card (it's Whiptail) 17. Play the 2nd Diagram, kill M-X-Saber Invoker to search Master Peace. 18. Overlay Tigermortor for Chakanine, detatch Tigermortor to special summon Ramram from grave. 19. Activate Disciples of the True Draco Phoenix, use effect to tribute Ramram and True Draco Heritage for Master Peace #2. 20. Chakanine for Hammerkong and then Drident End Result: 2x Master Peace (both immune to monsters/spells), Drident with 2 materials, Emeral, Diagram, Barrage, 2 continuous spell/traps in grave, with Whiptail+Ghost Ogre in hand.
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    I’ve been in a very tough spot for the last 24 hours or so. Let me get everyone up to speed. As most of you know, when I set out to revitalize warring, I made a lot of big changes, but I also kept many things the same. The changes that I made were intended to resolve some issues that I had noticed in the past, but not all of these issues were fully resolved, and some new ones came up. It is of course impossible to create a perfect system, but I tried my best to anyways. Angle-shooting in warring has been far more prevalent than I would like, which is really disappointing to me. My hope was that our team leaders (particularly those that are ancient mods) would prioritize the success of warring overall than the success of their own team. I generally consider myself to be a pessimistic, but in this particular case, I was overly optimistic. One such issue had to do with the format of wars themselves. 6 hearts, a popular format throughout the history of DGZ warring, has an issue in that having your worst members “dodge” matches with the other team could be used to achieve a massive advantage. I made it very clear to the team leaders that I expected them to not actively encourage this as a strategy. Telling the worst members not to play is antithetical to the purpose of warring, to give people as means to improve at competitive Yugioh. Recently, I was made aware of the fact that, going directly against what I told him, muh 100 godzillion told Markus (who he perceived as a weaker player on his team) to make up an excuse to avoid playing in the upcoming war vs Detox. See the screenshot below as evidence: Word of this plan to dodge escaped Sigimuri’s discord shortly and greatly upset the other team leaders. I am now forced to take action to remedy this situation. I directly asked muh 100 godzillion if he told Markus to dodge to see whether or not he would be honest with me about it. He denied it and said to the contrary that, “I specifically told my members not to dodge.” As a result of violating my trust, muh 100 godzillion has been removed from staff and war council, effective immediately. In regards to warring itself, I think the only fair thing to do, given that Sigimuri no longer has a team leader, is to dissolve the team, allowing for its members to rejoin warring and be placed on another team if they want to. There will be 9 teams, and any team that would have played Sigimuri in the future schedule will be instead given a win. To make it fair, The Gentleman’s Club will also be retroactively given a win over Sigimuri in round 1. I want everyone to know that I do not make these kinds of decisions lightly, and I’ve been painfully deliberating the whole day about how to best resolve this. Prior to this, muh 100 godzillion was a good staff member who helped bring new people to the site, so I am very disappointed that this is entire fiasco came up. In addition, the timing of this “scandal” is exceptionally poor, as I was planning to shortly announce an online DuelistGroundz cash tournament series, and I now fear about what this says about our ability to run a fair online tournament that the community has confidence in. I still plan to do said cash tournament series, but I will be much more careful about how exactly we do everything to make sure that we avoid another disaster, as the stakes will be significantly higher then. In addition, although warring has been successful on some metrics, it has been nowhere near as successful as I would have liked. The rules were too complicated and confusing, the double-format setup was weird, there was too much angle-shooting, it’s taken way more effort on my part than I would have liked, and the overall satisfaction with the program hasn’t been particularly high from the participants. I originally had planned to do warring and cash tournaments concurrently, but instead I now plan to pivot to cash tournaments completely. This warring season will finish as planned, but it will be the last one for now, and I may change some rules mid-season as needed to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The prizes will still be the same, and if you weren’t on team Sigimuri, not much has really changed. I hope that everyone is understanding as to the difficult situation that I was placed in and respects my decision. Let me know if there are any questions.
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    Technically I made this account ages ago, but I believe I have a total of like four posts. I figured I'd make an intro just to briefly say what my deal is. I'm 17, just graduated high school, and I have barely played since the WCQ after my freshman year, but I have gone to regionals probably like one or two tines a year since then, borrowing entire decks. I've topped a couple, generally always get my invite, and then went on with my life as someone who is kind of ok at but doesn't really play yugioh. However, this year I decided to actually go to nats since I only live around 6 hours from Chicago. The one thing holding me back is that I don't know what a lot of the cards do, which is why I came here. I made an account on the Discord, NJK21, in order to hopefully join a war team that will help break down the current format as a mid season addition. I'm probably going to be fairly active at least until the WCQ (although I work a lot, and I'm actually headed up to Chicago this weekend with one of my high school activities), and after the WCQ I am thinking about picking up the game again in college. A large part of the reason I quit is that my local community isn't good enough to help an okay player get better (I'm the only one in my town who has even got their invite this year, and many of them went to multiple regionals) and a lack of premier events, and I'm moving to NYC for college so those problems won't really be an issue. Oh and I might pick up mafia if I find the time. Edit: Somehow managed to double post this, shout out to mobile. If any mod wants to delete one that would be cool, I don't know if I can.
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    Since the war isn't over yet and at least 8 matches have been played, you guys will qualify for the 3-day extension. Keep dueling, guys.
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    I don't think either deck is broken HHG - Twister and their deck becomes 3 bricks and their Birdface/Sonic Ducks become bad, Gravity Behemoth is literally a monarch that doesn't lose to E-Con (comparable to how Monarchs lost to BoM/Tsukuyomi IRL) and people are behind, and Soul Exchange still exists. Wild Tornado, Security Olb, etc. all exist as well. Deck is pretty fair tbh. Harpie Lady 1 is pretty good and Order to Charge as well, but those cards aren't HHG, and also aren't broken. Three Star Demotion - Paying 2000 LP makes you vulnerable to E-Con OTK shots (literally summon monster take their beatstick attack is game so now they're forced to always have some kind of Vigilance / E-Con etc.), a good burn deck should insta-win vs them as well, after the first summon their entire deck is full of bricks unless if they open the combo cards (like the LP gain, of which they often only play 2) , deck loses to Mirror Wall / any destruction card. Also Relinquished just shits on this deck. It's a good aggressive deck and tier 1, but it's not "broken". Relinquished isn't broken either. My real issue is you can't build to beat the field because: 1. versatile cards don't exist (Saku / MST / etc.) 2. no side-decking And it's not like dgz warring where you can predict what your opp will play either. There's literally no way to build to beat Tea burn, outside of playing the 1000 LP skill. A beatdown deck with outs to sets / backrow / burning land will still lose. HHG also isn't even a good out to burn because Burning Land is nuts. If I had to name a broken deck in the sense that it's overpowered, it would probably be GK (Chief, Recruiter, Soul Exchange, E-Con, build to stall early game and outgrind people with those 4 cards + Oracle), or burn with Big Shield Gardna (either Tea or Weevil burn). Maybe the stall deckout deck if build right. These decks are legit retarded and impossible to beat consistently without a side deck, and if you main to beat them, you'll lose vs other decks. I think those decks are all by far more problematic that HHG, TSD, Relinquished ever will be. But I realize this is just personal taste at this point.
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    I mean i dont see how people can complain about hhg being broken when 3 star demotion is a thing
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    sorry you don't like zoo but the vast majority disagrees, maybe you just have a mental block with decks that make you learn playbooks of combos or something but for most of us pure zoo mirrors are actually the most fun we've had in current format for quite a while
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    is it weird if i would actually prefer to have a tensu in hand instead of cattle call 9 times out of 10? it is neat that you can chain cattle call to ghost ogre on your rat though. think people are locking themselves in the mindset of "you need nonzoodiac beast warriors for cattle call to be worth" and they aren't realizing that you can chain the card to mbaas/chalice/ogre, which is a far better use of the card imo
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    don't indulge people, the format lasted 0 weeks because it never existed
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    Exarion didn't get banned Exarion is in between pre-CRV and post-CRV, but it is now decided that it's not included in pre-CRV anymore (since the format where Exarion was legal but CRV wasn't was between 0 and 2 weeks and didn't have any significant tournaments, so the format barely existed if at all).
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    Why talk specifically about optimal scenarios... I mean, sure, it'll cause no problem every now and then, but sometimes it'll also just completely flop just like Jazz said it can. Besides, why would you use a deck that has both reaper and dustshoot in it??? Dustshoot is good in aggressive decks, and reaper is a defensive/controlly card. The real question is: do you want to play Zoo, or do you want to play Goat, because going in the middle leads to pretty mediocre decks that lose in both matchups.
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    silver had a vote on mascis during a period after mascis claims cop and before francis had unvoted then asks for the hardclaim. silver does not ask who mascis scanned at the time but tyranno did, although mascis was not up front about this. nel/faint/me were not here at this time silver was not here during a period where francis asks mascis to hardclaim who they scanned and where nelrick posts. faint/me were not here at this time either so we miss our chance to have a vote on mascis, same with nelrick. the opportunity to off mascis is over silver ends day by hammering tyranno if anything silver should've asked who masc scanned for clarification sake. hammering is a good look since they would know mascis is lying and the redscan should end the day, but you don't know how faint or i would respond. the former of the above is more of an implication for not attempting to clarify the situation. latter not as much due to how day was auto at that point. previous votes on tyranno are irrelevant in this specific situation as i read. this makes me think nelrick's scenario he came out with today would only be relevant had everyone been around when mascis claims cop.
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    i see the sheeping as scummy despite what haruki posted i don't think that means anything in relation to silver fwiw
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    burning land, mask of accursed are also bad for the game
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    Because you will always draw Reaper before Dustshoot every game right. 1) how many dustshoots/reapers each do you think these decks are playing? 2) drawing dustshoot late is going to suck regardless of if you're playing reaper or not, cutting reaper doesn't get you anywhere in that regard
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    Goins (Goat Control) 2 - 1 Silver (Goat Control) Ggs
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    gotta put my former sensei on blast here for a minute but this hasn't been true for a while now, it seems dead to you because you havent been making any attempts to involve yourself with the new channels for activity ie warring and discord yet (no offense) it's way easier to figure out what you should be trying to do in current format when you're looking at hard results-based data instead of basically just crapshooting between a bunch of different historical precedents. while you've been preoccupied with trying to make the coveted v-hero lightning strike twice with a 1-off card interaction, finding some gold here and some dirt there, in discord we've been watching the warring metagames unfold from a top-down perspective; as a result i feel confident exploiting the statistically worst matchups of literally every single deck in either current or goat format right now, in a much more comprehensive way than just looking for a unique card that my opponents might not be able to read as consistently also dgzcord solved pre-banlist zoodiac mirrors, get on our level
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    bump http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-587278419
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    Im going to ramble a bit. Anyone bar a few people calling you and jazz cancer are hypocrites, id just call them out on their bullshit. We have all been in that position (bar a few). I actually would not care if slick or insert person here with anger issues did. But a lot of people doing that is a different issue since i can only say that in your position i would leave. But what even is cancer in a community? I can only imagine my DNF days of people intentionally being awful or annoying. But neither you or jazz are there. Markus can be that but he is also young and i was awful young too so ill buckle up and get my karma. Then i imagine is being toxic? Frankly im so used to it that i couldnt care less what you call me. I imagine there will be some situations where ill insult you right back but as long as we know its just a game and stay gucci afterwards i dont mind. I do think there is a line (remember when ACP said there was no line? fuck him) like using anything outside here as a way to get each other (as much as what crei did to klevis was funny it indeed crossed a line). But callin me any names i couldnt care less. but im aware thats just me, and others would be put off from being repeatedly being called idiot. We also have to realize its impossible to completely eliminate. At some point an "you fucking idiot sigh" will slip back. As long as its not constant id say it should be fine. I honestly dont have a solution on being less toxic because i believe that people dont change innerly, we do it externally for outside reasons but we are still the same assholes inside, we just dont flip out in a supermarket because we dislike being raped in jail. But in a forum like this with barely any rules we act our worst. Thats just the internet to be honest. And here of all sites its hard to change that tradition. On the contrary turning some random mafia site into a cock fighting ring would be just as hard. Tradition is really hard to change even if we realize how awful it is because deep down we came to accept it, so when someone asks for a change, we may say "yeah sure" but really we dont care. You would have to give slick some shock therapy for it to change his events with scumwood. So i dont think you guys are cancer, anyone calling you is a hypocrite. Feel free to play here. I dont remember anything you 2 have done to be bad. I do remember mark callin me out for having a vendetta against him but i think i told him no, hopefully we cool.
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    say hi to dnf for me
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    Not going to make this some long drawn out thing but this site definitely shaped my young adult life and broke me out of the world's biggest naive bubble so after ten years I'd just like to say thank you dg.
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    Especially if you're under 18.
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    stay away from winter and buckwheatloaf
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    actually going by the definition of meme most things we would encounter, especially during online communication, would qualify as a meme. maybe youd understand that if you enjoyed normal human things like music.
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    sorry guys the internet left me again but its back now i think im the one who asked for a sub it looks like i can post now 6 pages of content in like almost 40 hours, im halfway through and so far I want to kill everyone that has posted Literally everyone goes 'i disagree with x with no reasoning, i think y is scum with no reasoning', the only person so far that has posted reasoning is tyranno and somewhat malcolm, and tyranno is on the chopping block. I am very discouraged to keep reading. Calling them as i see them, Soph, you should die for being a fuckign idiot. You posted absolutes with no reasoning, you are asked for a reason and you flat out deny. I am forced to decide if you're dumb or scum now. Beast, same goes for you. You say you like some people and you dislike some people. WHY? You say you disagree with me. WHY? Why the fuck would i care about one liners that make no sense because they have 0 context. How the fuck would I be able to figure out if you are town or scum from that? Why are you making my life so difficult? Lets read deeper into this shitshow
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    I am fucking serious about digbic and that'd be true whether I was town, scum, werewolf, or serial killer. This is a yugioh forum right? How would you like it if people went into yugioh threads and posted nothing but crap about pokemon or my little pony, or anything but what the topic was about? If in a deck garage thread some just kept talking about how MTG was such a better card game and not giving any advice? If you were trying to play shrades but someone just kept talking when it was their turn to act the word out? All those examples are not using threads for their intended purpose or not playing the game the way it's supposed to be played, and that's exactly what digbick did. They had ZERO game relevant post right up until the time they died. They gave us no reads to go off. They placed no votes. They made no effort to live and defend their VERY IMPORTANT role. They are not playing mafia. And if you are posting in a mafia game thread but not playing, then that is not cool. This wouldn't be allowed in other sections, why the fuck is this allowed here? And it's not like this was just a bad game or we bum rushed him to death, he does this ALL THE TIME. And makes zero effort to change this fact. As do certain other people, at least from what I've seen. I do not want to play with these types of people, I do not want these types of people in games I host, and I feel sorry for whoever gets them on their team even when I'm just spectating. They make the game unfun and hard to balance, you can't tell me anyone else with the role wouldn't have put up a fight before they went down. Town is already disadvantaged by getting a player like that, they got super disadvantaged by having that player get a power role, and the disadvantage goes off the charts when that player lets themselves die with the role, without giving reads, or attempting to play at all. This should be a punishable offense, and the rules should be updated to reflect this. Getting rid of players like this who make no effort to change their ways benefits the mafia section as a whole, personal feelings and attachments to those players aside.
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    Anyway to sum up If town doesnt care i cant care. I still think Malcolm is scum. His posts since my call out are the bickering with faint about the vig where he is obviously right but game solving wise that discussion is completely null they are basically discussing game theory which is the easiest way a scum can go by Faint's posts are all over the place logic wise but if malcolm is scum, Faint is never scum because Faint is the first person to call out Malcolm. Even if I disregard my read on malcolm, from a scum POV i cant see Faint deciding to take the initiative and poke the malcolm bear, he would obviously get annoyed and respond and all faint would do is bring attention to himself. That said i do find it weird that he chose to ignore malcolm's question on me/the vig. Wunter kept saying he would post a list and kept postponing it, then when he posted insight it was just a soft push on one person, who responded, and Wunter backed down immidiately. The same wunter that last game as town conveyed problem solving day 1 and found scum, and proceeded to tunnel on him all game long. It seems very off to me to go from that to: -okay maybe this guy is scum -okay, here is a bullshit post providing 0 insight or strong opinions on anything ever in life!. -Good post, I will back down for now! like what is this life you're living All that while Soph's posts are depressingly stupid. 'I dont think you're scum but you're the best lynch because info!' Please. I need my eyeballs to experience art and watch porn stop making me want to pluck them out with a pitchfork
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    GAME ANNOUNCEMENTS/REMINDERS: - Self Voting is allowed - had discussed this w/ PSK in pms but this is to clear it up. I had it this way initially. - Remember not to attack players, but the ideas instead; calm yourselves down before mashing the keyboard buttons, etc. - Flavor is purely flavor and zero game relevant information will be included in flavor, barring death scenes if you consider that, but the role flips will be separated, of course. The flavor relevancy was mentioned in the Host Notes in the OP but may have been a little unclear, but the formatting from my posts so far have been flavor and then vote counts or game relevant info. I format flavoring as I have done it now, and is generally the only time I format posts like that. If you want to skip the flavor, that's fine, the game relevant stuff is at the end of my post and is clearly separated. Otherwise, enjoy the flavor - it's done differently. I think that's it for now. Enjoy playing the game, guys!
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    Alright, so Ferguson was a mistake. I guess I'm going to go The Hill, instead. Maybe I can enjoy the Italian Culture once again, as if I don't see it enough down here... ...which I actually don't, surprisingly, besides the food... ...ANYWAY... ...The Hill! Now, what all is at the Hill, you ask? Well, we've got... Having had enough of The Hill (and from being creeped out by the ghost of Yogi Berra), I decide to drive nearby to Forest Park and see if things can get better from there... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vote Count 1.02 Jazz (L-4) Mascis, Malcolm, Sophocles Malcolm (L-5) confuse rei, TheGoldenTyranno, Wunterslaus (L-6) Jazz Not voting: Solstice, Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Digbick, Wunterslaus, Winter Multi, iSlickz Majority is 7. I will be posting some game announcements/reminders shortly, getting some ducks in a row.
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    kay i couldnt sleep so i read somewhat and i regret it islickz and jazz you are both being babies. Jazz is a little bit more. apparently day ends in like 24h from now? lol Yeah i dont care what you guys do ill be back Also before I forget, please, i ask this as a personal flavor for the future if you host a game please make sure there is very clear distinction between relevant information and flavor and dont make it a book I keep going back to reread it because ive missed info and its a fucking vanilla game. Jazz your post says you disagree on me on my read on sage. I have not said sage was scummy i just said his posts were horrible. Unfortunately horrible =/= scum. On malcolm, you say that he has pressured and asked questions. That is as far from the truth as it gets. The fact that he says he did doesnt make it the truth lmao islickz, ive told you 100 times. Posting a trust list day 1. Isnt. a. fucking. scum. tell. That worked once, 4 years ago. This is the last warning. The next time I see you mention this in a thread, I will be policy lynching you. Its fucking annoying reading the same fucking idiotic nonsense line over and over and over again, telling you its nonsense, you ignoring it then doing it again. And for the record ive posted a list as well today. I also posted one last game day 1 when I was town. Not only are you not using your brain, you are not using your eyes as well. Mascis, I am talking to you beyond your and my allignment. What you do is annoying and doesnt help the game. This goes beyond me getting a read or you being an amazing super duper player. In my opinion it goes against the spirit of the game to constantly post 1 liners that have 0 game relevance. It 'ruins' the game and it ruins my opinion of you as a person. Same goes for other people who do the exact same thing but you have gone out of your way this game to do such. Imagine if everyone posted like that. The community would be dead within 2-3 games. I post A LOT of bullshit that have no place in serious discussion. But in between, i try to be relevant. Why cant you be a good person? Why cant you be cool like me? I dont expect you to post 20 essays of utmost relevance. But I do expect you to make an effort, which is what I expect from everyone wanting to play this game.
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    You think i will make it to 45? You have higher expectations of me than i do
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    In the morning i will be sober amd jazz will still be jazz Check mate
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    Alright, so I pondered a bit on where to go to start my morning. I could have chosen downtown, University City, or the fucking airport out of all places. But no, I instead chose to go to the wonderful, playful, historic... A little jumpstart to my day would never hurt, right? What is there in Ferguson? Well, there is... ...But wait, what is on the side of that building? Is it...HOLY SHIT! MOTHERFUCKING HARAMBE! "Waddup, Harambe?" ... "Hello?..." ... "...Oh, he must be sleeping. Let me just rub him on the head..." "HEY, WHITE BOI!" I turned around to see some protesters everywhere. Uh oh, is it a riot? "THIS IS A RIOT, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, MAN!" Oh shit, it is! I hurry back to my car as they start throwing beer bottles and other random shit at me; the funniest thing being Harambe's dislodged head. May you rest in peace, oh wonderful gorilla. Some racial tension still lingers in this area, so it's probably for the best I leave while I still can. I decide to turn around and head somewhere else. Maybe the zoo? The Hill? I'm hungry for some Italian cuisine anyway... Vote Count 1.01: Jazz (L-4) Mascis, Winter Multi, Malcolm Tyranno (L-6) iSlickz Malcolm (L-4) confuse rei, TheGoldenTyranno, Jazz Wunterslaus (L-6) Sophocles Not voting: Solstice, Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Digbick, Wunterslaus Majority is 7.
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    or maybe i just wanna buy him something :3. like satchmo said you guys seem very disenfranchised. im not sure what that means but i think it really describes everything.
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    Yeah, CRV is totally different, which is why I specified if Drillroid were legal in goats, rather than if we were playing with CRV legal. Probably could've been more clear though.