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    ESPN has signed with Andesmountain and Sqirmywurmy for 1-season contracts. We appreciate any comments and/or concerns our stakeholders have regarding this matter.
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    - no versatile card removal, which means aids decks (wonder balloons/pumprincess stall until opp decks out) exist - cup of ace, restruct revolution, and tea standbye draw, are pure aids - no side decking - people timestalling or cheating hm did I forget anything
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    Lebron got what he deserved. He formed the Heat to beat the Celtics and 7 years later, he is now the Celtics. #badkarma League has a lot of work to do to address the parity issue.
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    i was away when this all happened but i just wanna say warring so far has been fun and it helped me top Nats so uno, keep it goin it's cool.
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    yeah im pretty sure if I played like 16 hours a day like some of these guys did i could have made a serious run but like my brain cannot let me use my weekend to just play yugioh all day :D
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    Well, not regretting my purchase anymore. Thanks e3.
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    Well, not regretting my purchase anymore. Thanks e3.
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    You shoudve got at least 2 from the world champ qualifiers surely?!
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    Nah it's just nobody wants to play when they can't flame also you're a cunt
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    counter traps were really good. Fissure was "meh"
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    @ACP You mentioned that the approval or whatever of warring hasn't been high and feedback has been poor. Can I be the first to say that I love DGz warring with all my heart, and I'm sure everyone will be sad to see it go so soon. Warring on DGz is easily the best yugioh i've ever experienced in my decade plus playing it, and more than half that playing it competitively. I'm also sure I speak for everyone on my team at least that this experience has been wonderful, and I feel like it's been handled and run very well. The stats, all the data gathering, and all that is amazing. Don't get discouraged there's so many people that appreciate all the hard work you do, even though they're not the most vocal ones. <3 I hope you change your decision to pause warring, or at least feel better about having done it; because it's been great so far.
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    1-2 vs Sage Lost to his True Draco Zoo while I used True Draco Zoo
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    yea play 20 because after the initial 4, you want to reduce odds of drawing multiples and my problem when I did this, was monster clogging so I decided to play 8 "beaters" and 1 magical merchant 1 crystal seer at least they turn themselves into s/t's, and do something in scenario's where you already have a beater but are facing something you can't deal with (a stronger monster, or something that requires S/T's to deal with, since all beatsticks do the same thing). I think 50% beatsticks is too much, consider twin barrel / 4-starred/ yomi ship (vs relinq / three star ) cards that have some potential to do something else, imo crystal seer is the nuts but I only have 1, anyway, merchant is a whistle target so it's all good I'd maybe go 3 order 2 storm 3 apophis 2 wild, within your deck, but I'd rather play mirror walls to beat three star (mirror wall still works with storm) personally
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    baneful vs human tetherball for KotF finals, make it happen
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    I think that makes you the new best goat player. All hail painfulscrotum.
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    can we not do dark blue text on black background please?
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    How about this shit: day start - 5am pst - 8am est - 12:00 gmt - 15:00 athens - 21:00 kahu 32 hour day period day end - 1pm pst - 4pm est - 20:00 gmt - 23:00 athens - 05:00 kahu 16 hour night period sound good?
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    I played a goattournament (pre-exarion) a couple of weeks ago, and I'd like to discuss some of my choices and see what you guys think. I went 4-0, and my buddy who played the same build went 3-1, losing only to me. Without further ado, here's my list: Monsters: (17) 2 Tsukuyomi 2 Airknight Parshath 2 Magical Merchant 2 Magician of Faith 1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 1 Sangan 1 Morphing Jar 1 Sinister Serpent 1 Asura Priest 1 D.D. Warrior Lady 1 Spirit Reaper 1 Breaker the Magical Warrior 1 Tribe-Infecting Virus Spells: (16) 3 Metamorphosis 2 Book of Moon 2 Nobleman of Crossout 2 Scapegoat 1 Pot of Greed 1 Delinquent Duo 1 Graceful Charity 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Heavy Storm 1 Snatch Steal 1 Premature Burial Traps: (7) 2 Trap Dustshoot 1 Dust Tornado 1 Ring of Destruction 1 Call of the Haunted 1 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute Side: 2 Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast 2 Gravekeeper's Spy 1 Jinzo 2 Creature Swap 2 Necrovalley 1 Scapegoat 3 Solemn Judgement 2 Royal Decree So, obviously it's inspired by Perovics exarion build, with tweaks to fit the pre-exarion meta. The most obvious difficulty was to replace the pressure and presence of exarion, and I considered many options. In the end I settled for these three: Asura Priest One of the more obvious cards, since it punish goats in a way few other cards can. It's also light, and has few good answers. Spirit Reaper While it doesn't handle goats, it applies pressure and demands an immediate answer. It is also a lot better pre-exarion since with no exarions there are also fewer Sakus. I consider reaper to be an extremely attacking card, because I almost always wait with it until I can charge it into a couple of backrows, hopefully making my opponent waste TT, Mirror or even Ring to knock him down. Their decision will provide me with knowledge, such as if their backrow is good or their hand is bad. D.D. Warrior Lady The last addition, and I added her to have some disposable power. She's also a good out to sangan and recruiters. I considered Chaos Sorcerer or Kycoo, but sorcerer can clogg, and kycoo dies to tsuk. These are fairly obvious choices and I think they achieved the desired effect. No card can replace Exarion properly, but these three let me have good options both defensively and offensively. I did consider a second Asura instead of D.D., but they fill different roles, and I wanted the flexibility. The last change I made was cutting sakus for Dustshoots, and it was amazing. I know that many here consider it to be meh in goat, and I thought so too until I changed my approach to it. Instead of using asap, I try waiting until I either can plus 1 with it or I need perfect knowledge to do a high risk play. The only times I play it first turn are when I draw multiples or can follow up with a Delinquent Duo. If my opponent manages to read my dustshoot it doesn't bother me too much since setting too many cards will leave him wide open to a profitable heavy, and in goat there is a fairly good chance that they will fill up their hand again eventually. My favorite Dustshoots are when I can chain it to powercards, such as breaker or heavy storm. If I can pull the latter of in late game, it will probably win me the game, since they will use the heavy to prepare for some kind of major play, presumably with BLS. I can then take control of the game with perfect knowledge, no opposing heavy and probably some powercards of my own. A final note considering my sideboard, since I know there have been quite heated discussions of what is a good side in goat. I like cards that win me games outright, and I wanted to curbstomp alt win decks asap. Hence, Fusilier went in along with triple solemn, since few things says "eff you" like Last Warrior from Another Planet backed with protection. Necrovalley locks Chaos out of the game until they draw an out, likewise with the different kinds of Dimension fusion turbos out there. I honestly doesn't know how powerful Beast down is without triple exarion, but it's not a deck I'm very afraid of, so I considered Spy, swap and jinzo to be enough.
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    real talk you take neg rep way too seriously, it's not toxic to neg a post you disagree with you guys are also being assholes bitching about his no-neg rule. He's host, he can make w/e the fuck rules he wants within section rules. Either put up or shut up, don't join or deal with it.
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    Idk if its impossible to regulate so much as we just need to set a tolerable amount. Idt anyone wants to play you or perovic in goats and will generally try to dodge you guys. I think that to an extent is tolerable so long as they are trying to play other people. Likewise, targeting weaker players would be tolerable in a system where it isn't going to fuck the team over. Going down 0-2 because you targeted someone that generally doesn't play current sucks for the that team. By reducing it to every player getting one heart, the targeting becomes more acceptable because it can't be abused. In response to the inactivity and wars not finishing concern, that resolves itself as far as I'm concerned. We aren't resolving wars through the active ppl as it is like you pointed out. If a team loses due to inactivity, they will respond by replacing those players. Further, this can be addressed by reducing the number of teams and increasing roster sizes to ensure a greater pool of active players. The one heart system addresses the dodging problem for the most part because it prevents abusive targeting which is why ppl dodge in the first place. While this can happen with bigger rosters, the increase in activity will result in wars finishing. There will always be weaker players and those players will always be targeted. The best we can do is prevent abusive targeting so that we reduce the incentive to dodge. At the end of the day, its a question of how much of this we will tolerate and I think that to a certain extent reducing the number of teams and changing it to a 1 player 1 heart format solves a lot of issues. And if you really want to ensure wars finish, all you have to do is implement a heart sub system where a fallen player can take the place of another one if they have been shown to be inactive. You can limit it to one time per war to make sure it isn't abused to dodge.
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    Yeah the more I think about it, changing it to one and done probably solves a lot of problems
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    Yeah but again when you choose to do cross format, this is almost always going to happen to some extent. Its the tradeoff you make. If the priority was to ensure and encourage everyone to play above all else, endurance format guarantees that. The problem is that it will just take much longer. I mean we are blaming the above for dodging, but Markus implies that he felt like he was being targeted when two different members msgd him to war. I am not saying thats what happened but in general it does happen. The difference between targeting and dodging is that targeting is harder to prove. Further, we have a built in safeguard for dealing with it I believe where if you lose 2x, you're done. Maybe the thing to do is just to alter it to one and done. While that creates issues of resolving wars by activity issues, it takes care of the targeting and dodging problem for the most part as continued dodging would just result in that team losing the war by way of time. Idk I agree with ACP punishing them for intentionally trying to skirt the rules, but to me it isn't that big of a deal as it hard to regulate and will happen on some level regardless.
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    I can lose some aggro in my Goat deck but Wanghu has been an absolute blessing. The 3 operative cards of Goat Format are Tsukuyomi, Thousand-Eyes Restrict and Scapegoat; Wanghu handles them all. Best of all, it forces usage of removal and power cards. Countless times Wanghu has drawn out Snatch Steal and Sakuretsu Armor so they couldn't be used against my Airknight.
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    don't indulge people, the format lasted 0 weeks because it never existed
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    http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Performapal_Odd-Eyes_Synchron this is legal in zefs for wcq wth Monster EffectIf this card, Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, is used as material for a Synchro Summon, banish it. When this card is Normal Summoned: You can target 1 Level 3 or lower "Performapal" or "Odd-Eyes" monster in your GY; Special Summon it, but it has its effects negated. Once per turn: You can target 1 card in your Pendulum Zone; Special Summon it, but it has its effects negated (if any), and if you do, immediately after this effect resolves, Synchro Summon 1 Synchro Monster using only that monster and this card.
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    I appreciate the Honesty and that's what I need to here. I'm at about 150 right now and still have a bit of a pot belly, but not what I had before. I still want to lose weight and I've been adding light exercise, but I need to actually bust my ass in the gym. I have a bad habit of going to the gym, but still half assing my sessions. I'm not too sure why.. I'm hoping once I'm in better shape it'll naturally get easier. That, or I'm just being lazy and it doesn't get easier and I need to quit being lazy. Probably that one. I've upped my calories a little bit, but I'm nervous about adding too much and not working out hard enough, but that's just me being lazy again I'm sure. Right now I'm around 1900. Breakfast: 5 Eggs 4 Slices of Turkey Bacon 1 Cup of Mushrooms 1 Cup of Cheese Calories - 600 Lunch: 2 Ground Beef Patty 2 Servings of Brocali 1 Cup of Mushrooms 1 Cup of Cheese Calories - 600 Dinner: 1 Salmon Patty 2 Servings of Brocali 1 Cup of Cheese 1 Cup of Mushrooms Calories - 300 Should I add more carbs into my diet? I've seen a lot of carb hate clutter going around so I've been trying to cut them as much as I can. Snacks: I don't have specific snacks that I eat, but It's generally the same things that I choose between. Things like Peanut Butter, Almonds or additional pierces of Turkey Bacon that I have in the fridge. I usually end the day with around 1800/2000. Sometimes a little less. It's been tough adding additional calories after eating 1200 for a few months. I'm sure once my workouts become what they should be then things will fall into place. The diet part is easy for me. I just wish the busting my ass in the gym part came that way too.
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    1. Almost never. More often if I go first. More often if my hand is bad. I prefer to wait until my opponent has 4 cards or fewer in hand. 3 cards is ideal. I sometimes prefer to set Faith before I activate Duo to "mask" Faith. 2. Any time I can't make a "good" play and my hand is putting me at a significant disadvantage in the current game state, I fire off graceful. I do this a lot more often than most players, but I only do it when I need to. Basically you have to be really good at evaluating the game state and what your current hand can do for you, and whether the odds of what you need to draw off those next 3 cards are high. For example, in some game states, I really want a flip effect monster to set, but I don't have one--I will fire off Graceful because I have a good chance to draw one and it will put me at a great spot in the game. 3. If I have a monster I want to summon to attack with, and if I read the facedown monster across from me as mostly harmless, I feel ok holding noc. I feel even better holding noc if I have tsuku. Usually though, I fire off noc right away or very early. I would always prefer to fire off noc if I am going to set a monster myself. 4. It's pretty useless but there aren't many better cards in the format. It's a good card to set. It's an okay card to attack directly with in a simplified game state. It's an okay card to occassionally snipe sinister. It's a solid body to fill your grave with an extra target for call/prema. It's a solid card to summon without any backrow behind it. 5. Only if I really really want to bait noc for some reason, but there are usually better baits. That, or if I am desperate to tribute summon airknight. On some occasions, to block Sangan attacks.
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    I am disappointed because you keep thinking that I am legit trying to vote you quickly. Although Id like why you would claim vanilla town so early in the game. I think good town Jazz would try to avoid narrowing down players and would have kept that early
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    unvote Reading all this I guess I can see both Jazz and Francis trying to get some reads on who is not town and fake town. Jazz being more sporadic and Francis questioning him I don't really agree with any of you as far as reads.
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    Your asking a lot of case by case questions haha but i'll try my best to help some, 1. Yes you only increase the chances of them having serpent or whatever if u wait. There are times where u can try to set up a "pro faith" where u open duo + faith but set faith (presumably with a book or saku or something to protect it from an attack) and then on your t2 u play duo and faith the duo getting probably their whole hand. This can go very badly for a multitude of reasons though so i wouldn't recommend this be your default play, just something to keep in mind. 2. I'd say this is one of the harder questions you ask because game states vary so much from game to game but generally i'd say if you feel your play for that turn is bad enough to the point where making it is almost assuredly losing then you should probably charity to give yourself new better and possibly winning options. also u can always draw serpent or chaos food off charity haha not some rule u can't :P. Another case i find is that if you are being tsuk + flip effect monster locked to the point where u absolutely must draw nobleman or meta or bls or what have you then firing off charity is usually just what u have to do. 3. I'm still unsure of this myself, i tend to default to using it more often right away but this could definitely be wrong. 4. Baiting noc, removing sangan or a threat like jinzo, bls etc. 5. When the board state has gotten very stale and it is clear that my opponent is either unwilling or unable to pressure my sets or if my hand just sucks dick and i need them to noc it to have a chance in hell.
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    ESPN has signed with @thugalicious for a 1-season contract. We appreciate any comments and/or concerns our stakeholders have regarding this matter.
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    Glad to be on board. I'm going to practice my Goat Format game with Reggie and a few other good goat players I know until I'm a lean mean dueling machine!
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    For those advocating on behalf of the power/consistency side, is power/consistency ever useful as something other than a means of estimating win rate? If consistency is the probability of of play occurring/a deck "working" and power is the probability that a play wins when it occurs, then the product of power and consistency is just the win rate, right? And if power and consistency can only be used to estimate win rate, how can they ever be defined other than for a particular play/sequence of plays, for a particular match-up? That is, if you are trying to calculate the power/consistency of a deck, that calculation must change depending on the match-up, as certain plays will occur more frequently and win more often against different match-ups. Furthermore, like mmf was touching on before, power here is just a measure of the opponent's consistency. Given that a play occurred, the probability that the play wins the game is exactly equal to the probability the opponent does not draw the combination of cards needed to stop the play. So from my viewpoint, not only is power/probability only useful for finding win rates, but it can only be defined in the context of match-ups, and power is nothing more than a measure of the opponent's consistency. At this point, all you have is a heuristic for estimating win rates, which I do think is useful in and of itself (and is also what mmf described in an earlier post). From the posts I read, Allen never touched on the idea of estimating win rates this way, (i.e. estimating win rate by taking the most common plays in any match-up, then for each of plays plays calculating a probability which is equal to the probability you draw the cards needed for the play * the probability the opponent doesn't draw the cards to stop the play, and summing those probabilities). Here, the consistency of a play would be equal to the probability you draw the cards needed for the play, and the power of the play would be equal to the probability the opponent doesn't draw the cards to stop the play, and the win rate of the deck in that match-up would be equal to the sum of power * consistency for each play. To me, those seem like clear definitions, even if calculating some of the probabilities could get complicated. Basically, at its only useful/much simplified level, power/consistency can estimate the win rates in match-up theory, and is an alternative method to using empirical data from either past tournament results/testing sessions (which I believe is what Allen generally recommends to estimating win rates). Using empirical data, especially from testing sessions using proper testing methods, is almost certainly a better method overall, but perhaps not as useful if you have limited time.
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      did you just miss the entire point of the thread? nobody cares