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    > jazz hosts > no negs rule > slickz signs up Ultimate troll mode activate, good job slickz
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    Ah yes, it seems your rehabilition seems to be working as I have heard that necro bumping two year old threads is the way one becomes a better person
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    Jazz doesn't want us to hone our dark triad traits smh Winter was right, he's a c u c k
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    It's not until the next time he tries to offend someone that he can't host. We're still good.
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    his point is that if its on page one its not an obvious necropost; he's not wrong.
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    Won vs biki 2-1 Demise Draco (me) vs Zoodiac (biki), ggs
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    I just assume that threads on page 1-2 are no more than a month old. If the subforum is that slow, it should either be merged into general discussion or it should welcome activity. I think this topic is even more relevant in 2017 than ever, but do correct if I'm wrong.
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    Sorry no punk ass bitches allowed
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    i guess sign me up. probably gonna regret it but :/
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    I also think 2 Breaker is extremely good and I can't believe no one tried this before @banefulscolumn which one of these is your standard list for pre-exarion goat that we can all netdeck?
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    Jazz youi just asked me to remove myself from mafia spectators 1: I can't, it doesnt work any more 2: I cant get discord to open either it just stays in my system tray minimized and i get push notifications so its not the "end of the world" but another admin on discord will have to kick me
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    To be fair I took that rule out
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    Awesome glad you're back
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    Field Commander Rahz from the new set can help search out Kaibaman, which for me is pretty cool since I'm still working on getting my third.
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    New card trader stuff is dope. There's a 1700 anti burn card and butterfly + supervise seems really good. Im having a hard time trying to think of a decent list tho. It feels like theres just not enough room.
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    2-0 over truceal true draco mirror
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    me ovr artnhammer (2-1) he play goat control i play warrior den we run dat shit bak me ovr artnhammer (2-1) he play dimension fusion recruiter i play warrior
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    i mean the real issue is this thread isnt actually about the red pill, it was about shitting on "alpha" for being a predictable sad little turd and THAT purpose is now useless cuz hes banned
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    N3sh (Recruiter) won 2-1 vs itswhatever (Burn)
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    I'm sorry for that rude post. I was celebrating my dumb luck and I should've made that clear. Of course I don't think that I'm better than Kris just because I won twice (and he won more times than that). I had a rogue-ish Goat build and he probably bricked. In 50 games, he would beat me in at least 35. I learned a lot about Goats from his posts and appreciate what hes contributed for the success of this revived format.
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    Hello! I was called in to play! Sorry I haven't been around, IRL happened.
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    Ah, the good ol' catch-22 of playing Goats. (I noticed you didn't post when I beat you before nor did you post the graveyards here.) You're the reason I have to ignore people who beg me to play them.
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    Most of the top finishers in this event played the Balance handless deck, so you could literally play any character who has the Balance skill obtained. Given that I had work Friday and a day-long event Sunday I didn't even try. The format was just not suitable for someone like myself. I just played 3 games/day to get my 50 gems.
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    Yeah im now 11-2 on harpues at kog, both losses to fucking t1 tea burn But my god the people ive beaten are not good. I played a mako. A mako at kog level. I mean fucking hell.
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    This is not the first time: Silver has been calling me poor, bad, etc. for months now. I've made it clear I was going to chill, which I did, but he kept going and kept ignoring advice from multiple staff members. Don't insult me for no reason, especially when I'm making this thread and posts to help people out, and while you hate to admit it I've helped you out countless of times as well. This vendetta against me ends now. At this point I'm just going to warn you every time I see you break this rule until you stop doing it.
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    Poor taste. Poor timing. Bad joke.
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    Confidence Confidence Confidence   Girls out here want guys who are winners if you can get girls you will be confident if you dont get girls you arent putting in enough work and talking to enough of them these girls have inherent value in pussy they will find dick in the dark if they feel like it on a tuesday afternoon.   Onus is on you to create value in yourself as you guys are realizing as a young guy it wont be crazy to not get alot of action as you have nothing to really offer i like the phrase an old player told me: "Stop chasing butterflies and tend to your garden then they will come"   This does contradict my first paragraph but attracting women is done through experience and the more you try and the sharper you are at reading people the more pussy (and guy friends too) you can get. If you can increase your value while simultaneously playing the field you will slay once you hit your stride.   Rejection is absolutely normal infact rejection is good it means you have work to do. At the same time rejection is meaningless like really guys you think these hoes are good judges of character? So please dont take it personal  :DD  A womans power is choosing options laid out in front of her but as im sure you guys have noticed they suck at that. As a guy your power is walking away if you are not happy with the situation kick a bitch to the curb too many niggas are eating dirt because they think pussy is made out of gold its not.  Your time is your most valuable asset and should be used wisely look at someone like Atem hes put time into educating himself and stands ahead of us in terms of intellect if you and him were to talk to a girl who could generate or keep her interested for longer? I think it answers itself.   So i guess ive spoken more in theory i havent given any actionable advice apart from a lot to think about but basic takeaway is this for the slower people:   1.get in shape, if u fat got a belly etc etc health problems you arent helping yourself she wants to see you at your best and expects it to be like that all the time or she will check out her other options   2.Get hobbies getting tail is rather time consuming moreso than difficult and it will control your mind if you are blueballed get hobbies/past times (YGO hint hint) anything that helps fufill yourself hiking blah blah you design yourself and do what you enjoy (no getting fat does not work here)   3.PRACTICE- you guys all decktested back in the day? well do the same with these girls be bold and never fear opportunity you are better than her   4.ATTITUDE you will emanate aura and she will judge you based on that if you are a faggot she will smell faggot when you have mastered not giving a fuck and are confident and comfortable with yourself you will emanate mystery and she will want you   5. ATTITUDE this i guess is more mentality you need to realise bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks lead the way and she will follow remember your power is walking away if shes talking to you shes halfway towards picking you, ball is in your court. Set rules for yourself/boundaries eg myself if i see a girl first time and i have no inkling to fuck her i shall make sure i do not send her thirsty messages when i need to bust a nut CONTROL YOUR THIRST  :P. Remember this if anything theres always a new one around the corner if she wanted to be treated like a princess she would have gone to her facebook msg inbox she wants to be treated like shes normal dont pedestalize pussy and she will give it to you for free. As a guy you may not have pussy in numbers sure thats fine but you will always have opportunity to find new one! Dont take shit and make use of your feet :)   6.??? PROFIT     I havent posted on dgz in a couple years now properly may aswell drop some knowledge here as once i learnt from you guys too when i was a young teen <3  :wub:  my points should get discussion going a bit!
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    My tips: Have a high self-confidence, take care of yourself, treat women like anyone else.
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    i read neil strauss' the game and felt really sad for everyone, when i was 16.   op missed the point of PUA fam   fuck depressing   wish there was a way to take some IQ and transfer it over to EQ   : ( y is everyone like OP   i feel alone
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    And people think I'm autistic.
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    Can we turn this into a thread on how to actually pick up some ass without becoming an edgelord (pronounced gigantic faggot)?   Also Satchmo's post gave me ptsd from 2010. Jesus Christ the cringe is too real.
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    Quick field report on the first awkward tinder date I've had since getting back on tinder. Had a tinder date in a small town while visiting that didn't go as hoped. Ejected from the date and moved on to other plans. Body: Matched with a HB7 who was an exchange student from Europe. Hit it off and quickly got her number. She was in town visiting her roommate's family, and was looking forward to meeting up. The date was planed and I shot a text an hour before to follow up. This is where things went south. The plan was to have her meet me at a local bar where I would be with friends. Then from there share a few beers, games of pool and darts, escalate, take her too a nice romantic spot in the wilderness and escalate before heading home. Here's what actually happened. I agreed to meet her and her friends at the bar they were at instead of her coming to me. I stepped into her frame. There was a group of people that I awkwardly knew from my adolescents with her. They were the friends she was talking about. I wasn't able to adapt and was thrown off my game since half of them were shitfaced. The few sober ones were babysitting and it made the group dynamic just feel awkward to me. The place was too loud which made conversation tough, but it felt more like an interview. I kept asking her open ended questions trying to find things to start a light and fun conversation, but nothing caught. It was obvious there wasn't an instant spark. Too many IODs from her, including: minimal eye contact, wandering eyes, turning her body away from mine, fidgeting and playing with her drink. Very little kino and I couldn't isolate to try and move to a quieter place to hopefully shift the dynamic. The few attempts made felt kind of awkward even though she was compliant. The music was too loud making it difficult to talk. So feeling awkward after about 30 minutes, I took the opportunity to leave when she walked away with her friend. What seemed like a solid night, quickly turned upside down. So as I walked to my car to go meet with my friends, I couldn't help but laugh at the awkwardness I had felt. Been a long time since I've been out of my comfort zone like that. She shot me a text after I left that said, "Well, nice to meet you anyway." Haven't replied and don't think I will. Lessons Learned: Back to the gym to hit it harder. If there isnt an instant spark, it's probably because she's not attracted to you. If you don't have abs, time to drop the cake and get some. Always maintain frame. Compromise if you have to, but always meet on your terms. Always have a back up plan. Murphy's Law states that no plan survives first contact. Don't be afraid to walk away. Shit happens. Just laugh and move on.
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    so im in the strip club right I got 2 titties in 1 hand, 2 titties in the other 2 hands with titties thats bigger than 2 scoops of raisins N i got the google glass on watchin braveheart at the same time Whats not to like about that
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    every single time you post you disappoint me further.   looking forward(?) to your posts in 2016 where you start skinning cats and pissing in public in defiance of FEMINAZI SUPREMACY MYTHS