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    So this deck has just shot up incredibly in power level, because of the release of the Timelords. You could argue that it's par with the top tier right now. In case you guys don't get it, the deck just got its in-theme Kaiju engine, which is really revolutionary if you think about it. You have much greater synergy and in theme offensive and defensive options. So one card => 2 Timelords Now the deck has a better Summon, that you can Foolish Burial and One for One, that is a 100x better than Ukoback. You have non-targeting removal, that gets around Quick Effect destruction. (It also coincidentally works under Magical Mid-Breaker Field, and Timelords can be Pendulum Summoned via Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm and Supreme King Gate Infinity) But beyond that, you can draw 3 cards out of the blue: And that's just the tip of the iceberg, So you can drop Timelords that don't die and wall for you, and you have in-theme LV 10 to Rank 10 with Not to mention, you can revive Timelords with Superbia! And the most notable thing of all, is none of this is affected by Link format...
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    I promise I will not scumread the entire player list and tl;dr spam the entire thread just because people disagree with me in
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    I need to get at least 16 players. GENERAL RULES Closed setup Full claiming allowed (players can say whatever they want, they can't quote/screenshot or copy paste any of our personal conversations). Days will be 48 hours long. If players feel everything important has been said, they can end the day with majority. I might consider shortening that in the later stages of the game as I see fit. There will be no vote counts from me except when the day ends. Roles will be revealed upon death. Game ends when only 1 faction can win. I will NOT be announcing MYLO/LYLO. "It is for this reason that the two Alices are not books for children; they are the only books in which we become children. President Wilson, Queen Victoria, The Times leader writer, the late Lord Salisbury—it does not matter how old, how important, or how insignificant you are, you become a child again. To become a child is to be very literal; to find everything so strange that nothing is surprising; to be heartless, to be ruthless, yet to be so passionate that a snub or a shadow drapes the world in gloom. It is to be Alice in Wonderland." -Virginia Woolf
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    this is what I envision for the system: game ends, we take a day or two break, gives people time to add/drop. We (mafioso) then decided which game is going next based on how many people are in the queue (assuming we have enough to fire a game). We announce the game that's going next, and host puts up their rules and a tentitive start time. We then give another day or so for the host to get his shit together and for people to add/drop based on the new game, then fire it (assuming the host doesn't need more time or want to start immediantly). that would cover your concerns because it would give people time to drop in/out based on if they like the rules or not. The current system isn't broken, but it is certainly way clunkier than we would like. There's no reason not to try a new system, this is a trial, worst case we can just revert to the current system.
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    if Markus signs up too then take me out
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    Just to clarify a few things from the above you need Draw Sense LIGHT for cerberus and I've been hearing ever since the 1.71 update the AI won't activate jam breeding machine if you gift exchange or surprise present it (this was from a bunch of people complaining about bakura but one did mention ishizu doesn't so might extend to all LDs). Also since kaiba was brought up you'll need not only riryoku field to deal with e-con but also something like wicked breaking flamberge - baou to negate his dimensional warrior, sure he won't ram it if you make cerberus big enough before he draws into it but the added insurance is nice since you won't get cerberus to 5200 within the first few turns consistently. All the same I wouldn't advocate cerberus for kaiba but it is great against some of the other LDs. I wouldn't worry about it till you hit 30 like was mentioned before but some cards to pick up along the way are definitely rai mei and the unhappy girl (both from valkyrie's rage) they're just great for stalling to collect your pieces with or without using tea's holy guard skill. If you can grab blue-eyes ultimate or master of oz from a pack definitely level odion (when you unlock him) for temple of the kings and mystical beast serket those paired with gift of the martyr (chaotic compliance) and piranha army (age of discovery) are an easy way to hit the over 9999 mark and it's splashable in most any farming deck you'll want to make.
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    Oh shit, I completely forgot to post. Yesterday, I got gosick for the rest of the war. Good war, guys.
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    next time we'll play duel links I'll flash assailant thunder dragon polymerization tribute to the doomed to FTK you - never disrespect flash thunder!
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    I mean im getting a bit bored of duel links now Just irritates me to death not getting my dark paladin i just got soul ressurection though which makes harpies so unbelievably broken Evaluating the possibility of white elephant gift in harpies. Kill a backrow, draw 2 carxs, soul res to kill another backrow
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    So god damn true I made an epic ygo duel links burn on jazz on d1 when i was totally smashed
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    I'll take analysis. Apparently I'm the worst mafia player in the site
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    Me > BuildTheWalia 2-1 (goat control mirror)
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    No excuses. Real men play mafia wasted as fuck right @Winter Multi
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    shout outs to @Winter Multi for making duel links references that probably only silver and I get
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    Gonna let Malcolm run this since its his show, but this guide should probably be sticky'd in the forum http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/mafia/301748-a-general-guide-to-mafia
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    What's wrong with the current system? What problem does this solve? I think every time we've had multiple games going at the same time, people have disliked it.
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    Don't forget Tribute to the Doomed which is really nice
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    New Mini Box has been revealed It has some pretty nifty cards Il Bud Nephtys + Hand of Neph Skull Commander (2000 atk zombie lv4) Des Wombat Fire King Yashka (I think that's the name) Red Dragon Ninja
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    Best deck I've come up with is a surprise present deck with gift exchanges, jam breeding, eye of truth that gives me a 6-7k score when it goes off. It's about 70% to win if I had to guess, which doesn't really matter to me since I only need 2 more trance archfiend and like 800k more points to finish the event rewards. What are you using that lets you kill 10 monsters? My impression was that the temple decks you only summon on the final turn. Probably needs some work, Nuit is really good tho and you may be onto something with making use out of the dragons he brings out. I was thinking Advance draw might be cool When I see LD in duel world I usually just duel them with whatever character I'm leveling up unless it's someone like a lvl 40 Odion, Ishizu etc where I'm wanting specific cards. Saw lvl 40 Bakura and I was using Joey
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    Markus talking about linkin park feelings is the most teenager post in the last decade on this site
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    lack of hannibal buress in this thread is painful
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    I am sending role PMs now. When ten people confirm, I will begin day 1. No Nightkills occur night 0. Night 0 will be the only night where topic remains unlocked and open for idle banter. Any kind of claiming... is totally fine Discussion outside of the game thread... is allowed. Ron Paul 2012. You may not distribute any kind of screenshot however. You cannot misattribute a quote to me either Day phases last 48 hours or until majority is reached. Ties unilaterally result in a NO LYNCH Players must post 3 times per 24 hours during day phases or they will be prodded once, then modkilled Do not edit your posts All votes and unvotes should be bolded because I am a blind old stweard of this board. If you would like clarification on rules, ask in the thread first unless you believe it compromises your identity, in that case PM me. Please check in in this thread when you have recieved your role pm
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    If there's still a spot then I'm in
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    Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
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    As usual, fighting fire with fire. At this rate the hostility may well persist for the whole season.