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    @PSK @The Antagonist http://vocaroo.com/i/s0wtB60uSqoE
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    Day over. TheGoldenTyranno has been lynched. He was: Night phase starts now and lasts 24 hours or until beast has received all actions.
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    St Anger was the first album I bought with my own money, but Meteora was the first album I bought with my own money that I actually liked I wore the fucking grooves out of that CD.
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    Meteora and Hybrid Theory were two of my all time favorite albums. R-I-fucking-P =(
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    Final vote count TheGoldenTyranno (4): Nelrick, iSlickz, Brokeback Brilliance, Winter Multi
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    that time again https://imgur.com/a/hFMaA
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    Made Legend 1 last night. Total wins is 65 thus far. Been using Venus since Gold and it's been pretty sweet. The deck is very fast and can punish brick hands or 1 monster draws. Order to Charge really slows decks down. Restart 3x Agent of Venus 3x Mystic Shine Ball 3x Dunames Dark Witch 1x Knight of the Red Lotus 1x Mudora 3x Order to Charge 2x Enemy Controller 2x White Elephant's Gift 2x Mirror Wall 1x Order to Smash I haven't opened Super Rush, Blazing Impachi or Heavy Knight and I only have 1 Red Lotus. Those are the only cards I'd really consider swapping in. I had previously dropped the 2nd Order to Smash for the 2nd White Elephant's Gift. I could see myself scaling back on a gift. Maybe put in a Tribute to the Doomed instead. Also I'm still not really sure how the rank up system works but it can't be all winstreaks. If I lose a level up game and win my next game, the game after that is also a level up game. So it can't be entirely just winstreak based.
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    I will use this thread to keep track of all updates that have been made to LackeyDGZ (either the program itself or the plugin). See the posts below.
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    Just checking in. Haven't been here in years. Some of you might remember me, most might not've been around then, lol. I still play Goats and a few other old formats if anyone's interested. Ragnarok
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    Hello All, Just letting you know that I am happy to be a new member! I am ready to check out all aspects of the forum and try to be as productive as possible. I don't know what the situation with warring is (I saw a lot of stuff about canceling it, so I'm confused), but would like to try and boost my rating! Thanks, MaterialMacer
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    Since they stopped supporting dueling network and I have a random urge to play some goat format yugioh, where is another website that I can find other goat players? Would like to avoid downloading software if possible.
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    Lackey now has Link Strike+images. Please update. Going to release another update soon with a new field that supports link zones.
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    New ratings Current rating, wins, losses, player name 56.1439 10 3 Oh_The_Irony 37.7376 7 3 Wiz Khalifta 31.0073 16 8 Tr!stan 30.898 9 5 A Loli 26.4959 5 1 Mascis 24.6214 5 1 Turceal 19.1141 14 11 The_Be(a)sT 18.2033 2 0 iFocus 13.0002 6 4 Friendly 12.5446 3 0 SQUIDS~ 12.4847 2 1 Mistilteinn 12.13 3 1 John Snow Knows All 12.0654 6 3 wrinklywinkie 10.3571 3 2 Looped 9.941 3 2 Satchmo 9.2738 3 2 hardtospellwrong 8.464 1 0 noah1462 8.1257 7 7 dinobones12 8.0828 1 0 Braydenite 8.0274 1 0 Pryda 6.2452 2 1 Digbick 5.913 5 4 itswhatever 1.2202 2 2 N3sh 0.7942 1 1 Squiddy -0.7188 1 1 PennyRoyalTea -1.2568 1 1 LukeRandi -1.8737 2 3 Vitamin-C -2.1007 0 1 Soul -2.116 0 1 Synergy_DabKing -3.1608 4 5 Ronsas -3.2737 7 6 MMF -4.2599 0 2 TheGoldenTyranno -4.4919 0 2 MaterialMacer -6.0991 1 1 koku -6.4377 1 1 Silver -7.874 0 1 !christianmeyer -8.2139 0 1 Mr Dragon -8.3769 3 4 Kyou -8.464 0 1 rjose2002 -9.4672 0 1 biki -9.7575 2 3 Carter Wix -10.1351 0 1 Me. -10.2587 2 4 JC. -11.0886 8 7 ACP -14.1889 7 12 mark -15.2245 1 3 Sharpman -16.4575 0 2 Jujuuu. -17.1523 0 2 Kiritosinon -27.2898 4 5 SageRhapsody -28.9731 1 9 LunarDarkGaia -29.2556 4 8 Laza -30.8508 4 10 muh 100 godzillion -39.9539 2 6 Gojira -44.1188 4 10 Berdversary Goats rating, wins, losses, player name 85.6308 21 10 Mustang 84.7427 13 3 OD Superman 72.6112 22 6 ACP 49.5194 6 0 Skully 38.4856 13 5 N3sh 36.054 8 4 Shining Blue Eyes 34.3669 5 1 Ynusgridorh 23.6049 6 1 Brandis72 17.0665 5 3 !CCK 16.563 2 0 Jazz 14.7066 13 7 A Loli 12.7732 7 5 Francis J Underwood 10.5453 8 5 Gojira 10.0422 3 2 Sqirmywurmy 8.2205 1 0 Malcolm 3.2296 14 10 Soul 3.1526 11 8 Mascis 2.0503 1 0 Tr!stan 0.3526 2 2 JC. 0.228 1 1 petersylie -0.4748 8 8 Dick Van Dyke -2.0857 0 1 SageRhapsody -2.1281 1 2 thugalicious -2.271 0 1 Me. -2.2882 0 1 BuildTheWhalia -2.336 3 4 mark -2.6184 0 1 Mickey Maples -3.5121 1 3 Jvizzle87 -3.5263 6 8 DGZ9000 -4.5087 9 9 Goins -5.4032 1 1 wrinklywinkie -6.1871 1 1 Santy Klaus -7.7916 0 1 stupid name -7.9423 0 1 Kiritosinon -8.2061 2 3 rjose2002 -8.464 0 1 G__ -8.4761 0 1 hardtospellwrong -8.4769 1 2 Looped -8.701 0 1 Berdversary -9.7714 0 1 xbambiraptorx -10.3572 7 7 2k17! -11.4656 1 3 BuildTheWalia -14.4714 0 3 andesmountain -14.9858 0 2 Ant_88_tnA -15.4842 2 4 itswhatever -16.3761 2 4 Haruki -16.4154 0 2 LunarDarkGaia -16.4413 0 2 Kingtango823 -17.5201 2 4 Digbick -17.8235 2 4 Art and Hammer -22.3165 2 5 Human Tetherball -23.2148 12 23 Silver -24.5357 0 3 KXVIGames -24.666 0 3 Gosick -25.9972 0 3 SunnySSBM -26.4747 26 35 MMF -29.0024 0 6 Markus -35.7554 0 6 Satchmo -38.7889 0 6 TheGoldenTyranno
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    These wars end on 7/30 Note that, for current format, Starter Deck: Link Strike and the corresponding "Link Mechanic" is now legal.
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    I think 5 tribute monsters will clogg unless if you max on Soul Exchange / gozuki, which may be the way to go. Seems good
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    3 bud 2 gob zob 2 gozuki 2 vampire lord 3 heavy knight 3 vise counter to meta imo
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    I haven't figured an ideal build yet but I think something like this will be staple: 2 Il Blud (searchable so don't need more really) 2 Goblin Zombie (kind of worried that it isn't at 3 yet, if there's a way to search it play it, if not, I think Restart is a good skill for this deck) 3 Heavy Knight of the Flame (I mean it makes Supervise live, 1800 is ok, and it's a normal in grave, what to hate about it?) 1 Vampire Dragon: not sure how many tribute monsters you want total, but since Goblin Zombie is only at 2, I assume this card is good 3 Supervise (the nuts, and I wouldn't play this deck without it) 3 Soul Exchange maybe Soul Resurection, undecided, but it's worse than Supevise. Magical Merchant could be a good filler as well if you lack enough good monsters. I still think E-Con is powercreeped by the new pack, but in this build it serves some purpose so it's playable. Il Blud/Goblin Zombie/Supervise/tribute monsters provide a lot of synergy, so E-Con is good (at 1-2?) Then I'd fill it up with stuff like Mirror Wall, Headlong, Eliminating etc. Both to OTK and because the zombies don't do much to disrupt shit in the opp's turn outside of Supervise really. Don't think Tribute to the Doomed is necessary, it's not bad, but Soul Exchange already serves that purpose: it's still a good filler though.
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    Yeah I don't like the time limit on editing either though I'm immune to it LED uses less power is the main difference - If you aren't speedrunning higher refresh rate will make things look better and are worth a 2ms response rate (back before LCDs/LEDs started getting so good the rule was first "get 7ms or less" then "get 5ms or less" - suffice to say you'll be fine with 2) you're really not going wrong with any of these options though they're all 1080p and will all look decent for a decent price. Zowie sponsered a bunch of starcraft stuff in the last few years so I've got a soft spot for them and if you tweet at them that you bought it because esports hype theyll prob give you a shout out or maybe evne send you some mild swag like a sticker. Plus it shows that investing in esports is building customers - but this is me being political i mean theyre all good options lol The PC looks solid and capable, it'll def do what you need and doesnt look like a bad price - my concern is it might have a shitty power supply but if thats the case its an easy replace down the road.
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    I have 2 Il Blud as well so considering making a zombie variant
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    Maybe the new system is simply about accumulating a certain number of wins, and losses simply take away from that number? Or maybe some kind of hybrid system of that and win streaks?
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    This Arkana Event fucking sucks. The only noteworthy cards are Anti-Magic and I think everything else good can be got from Yami at the gate. On a more positive note, the game suddenly started popping the SR's at me last night and ended up getting my first (third with PVP) E-Con, 2nd Rush Headlong, 2 Tribute to the Doomed. Among others.
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    this is the town I aspired to be in. The one where neutrals drive the wagons I really need a vote count
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    Monster removal is just strong cause it empties your hand, gets rid of any threat, makes fast kills possible, protects your monsters, plays around mirror wall. Just the strongest cards in the game right now so if you have them there's no reason not to play them at all
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    If there aren't pics it never happened
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    Assuming people are going to do it anyway and I can't stop them, might as well offer information to aid in making that safer for people. Look up stuff on erowid. most (if not all, iirc) hallucinogens are serotonin analogs and will be fed through that system. do not mix with SSRIs, SNRIs or MAOIs, as serotonin syndrome is not fun and you could die. If you have a predisposition towards certain mental illnesses, like schizophrenia for example, the altered state could trigger its first occurrence (symptoms manifest in young adulthood, people experiment with drugs around this time, one thing can hasten the other). Hallucinogens can be useful against treatment resistant depression and complex PTSD, but are probably most useful in that capacity in non-consciousness altering microdoses (they alter consciousness but not trippily). I recommend [not doing drugs] using standard blotter doses and synthetics, like LSD, or mescaline (the active ingredient in peyote, which can also be obtained by brewing a certain cactus as tea). A single square of blotter paper can only hold roughly 200ng of water (the vehicle for LSD, and yes it is THAT potent) and the only chemicals on Earth that are dangerous at that dosage are shit like VX gas--even if its 200ng of lead you'd be fine. Know the LD50s of the stuff you use, don't use stuff that is easily tainted: yellow mold is a common source of illness amongst mushroom users due to poor sterilization protocol and quality control by growers. Psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms, can also be produced synthetically and used in more controlled doses. Better living through chemistry. I recommend being in both a good place psychologically and also physically (a chill room with a few friends and some acid rock, or a walk in the forest [bring water, you will forget to drink]). Repeat to yourself, if your trip goes bad, that things will go back to normal in a few hours and that you will be okay; remember, for the average joe this effect is temporary. Do know your family mental illness history. Do not do deleriants like Datura (for the love of god), or high doses of phenylephrine (or whatever is in Benadryl these days, think it's that. operates in roundabout way through histamine system). Do not use dextromorphan, as the doses needed to have effect are fairly harsh on your liver. Do not do salvia or DMT as your first experiences because their effect is brief, but extremely extremely intense. It's okay to start small. Due to how quickly your body adapts to the serotonin boost, you need at least 72 hours between trips, otherwise you're wasting your time and money. Don't make it a habit to use altered states, they can be useful for breakthroughs. Tripping isn't something you do just because it's [usually] fun. You're knocking out your perceptual filter by glitching your serotonin receptors, thus your schemas, and the rearranging you do on the way back will have a lasting effect. Zen Bhuddism is not viable for everyone, as chemical stimulation differs from Kool Aid consumption, but is certainly safer (if done right, though meditation can fuck you up too). Research and supervision are useful for that as well. I've seen a few hallucinogen users lose their shit and take a year to recover. Heavy, frequent use was involved though.
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    This explains so much
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    Another update, this time with Pendulum Evolution. I still to work on getting the images added, but it should be done soon.
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    What's good DGZ? Just a stranger passing through. What have you all been up to lately?
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    Hello friends :3 my name is Skye. I'm sweet and always ready to make friends. I may not be the best at yugioh but I'm not the worst, and if anyone ever needs help ask me and I'll try my best!
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    Sorry for not being entirely on the ball with this, but Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians (8 cards in total) has been added. Please update your plugin using the usual URL: http://www.duelistgroundz.com/lackey/updatelist.txt
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    We're up to version 1.4! The new version allows you to draft the custom yugioh set called "DuelistGroundz Draft 1". See this thread for more details: Please update your plugin!
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    Fixed some typos in card text and missing images. Please update. If you ever spot these kind of errors, always make sure that you let me know.
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    Added missing images "Mask Change II" and "Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn." No update is required to get these new images (they should start displaying automatically).
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    Predaplant Chimerafflesia and Retaliating "C" were missing images, which has now been fixed. Please update your plugin.
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    MACR has been added, so please update. http://duelistgroundz.com/lackey/updatelist.txt
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    Added the recent structure decks, fixed some images. Update using the same URL as usual.
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    New sets have been added, cards have been erratad, and the ban list has been updated. Update using the usual URL: http://duelistgroundz.com/lackey/updatelist.tx Remember, if you spot any card texts or images that look out of date, let me know here:
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    FUEN card texts have been added, images coming soon. Edit: Added images
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    Version 1.2 - In this update: - All RATE cards and images have been added. Some of them aren't too clean, but great images just aren't available on week 1 after the sneak peek. - The sizes of buttons and tabs have been increased. This was something that was requested by several players. It's a small step to improve user-friendliness. - A couple of minor card errors like Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit were fixed. Update using the same AutoUpdateURL as usual: http://duelistgroundz.com/lackey/updatelist.txt
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    We are officially at version 1.1! Big changes! - You can now sort your deck by monster/spell/trap. This is done by using the "class" column. Let me know if you have any questions on getting this to work @Jazz - In addition, some minor formatting errors were also corrected. Update using the same AutoUpdateURL as usual: http://duelistgroundz.com/lackey/updatelist.txt
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    Added missing cards and images from the sets: LC04 LC05 OP01 OP02 OP03 Update using the same AutoUpdateURL as usual: http://duelistgroundz.com/lackey/updatelist.txt
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    I made some pretty major changes in an update today. To get the update, as usual, use the AutoUpdateURL: http://duelistgroundz.com/lackey/updatelist.txt - Discovered some missing cards from legendary collections 4 and 5. The text for these cards as has been added, images will come later. - Fixed some minor formatting inconsistencies. - Added a forbidden/limited list.
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    At approximately 2:50 PM EST, 1/28/17, it was discovered that Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries had an issue that was preventing its image from displaying in the card database. It was then fixed. If you notice Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries' image missing from your card database, you need update your plugin from the plugins menu by using the AutoUpdateURL: http://duelistgroundz.com/lackey/updatelist.txt
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    At approximately 6:00 PM EST, 1/27/17, it was discovered that the set Dimension of Chaos was missing from the card database. It was then added. If you notice Dimension of Chaos missing from your card database, you need update your plugin from the plugins menu by using the AutoUpdateURL: http://duelistgroundz.com/lackey/updatelist.txt