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    ohh i heard that the flavor for my post is really mean! i guess i'll delete it! apologies for not being posi vibe i'm not rly in the posi vibe poster mood atm!
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    Just came here to read some nonsense, but I am honor bound to post.
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    Also this is why I am pissed the weenies no lynched. You wasted my extra kill!
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    I mean, I hate to say this, but your annoyance is a little misplaced. You have not been around for most of the discussion and you weren't there to ask the questions when they were actually relevant. I get it this can be frustrating, but it is what it is. At this point you missed the boat on most of the interaction things and this can't be the only thing you make your reads on. Like, evaluate some individual posts or actions. You can't ask posting restriction mark why he didn't give a read on floating greek boy crei and expect us to take you seriously.
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    The UEFA Champions League draw for 2017/18 season takes place today at 17:00 BST at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. The managers of each of the 5 english sides in the competition have now completed a minimum of one season at their respective club, meaning that managers like José Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Jürgen Klopp and Antonio Conte will no longer have any excuse for a poor showing after having had a chance to build their team with two summer transfer windows. With the astronomical amounts of money now in the English game, English clubs are expected to perform better in the competition now moreso than in the last 5 years or so. Below are the seedings for each pot and the country the club represents. Pot 1 contains the title holders and the champions of the top seven associations based on their 2016 UEFA country coefficients. As the title holders, Real Madrid, are one of the champions of the top seven associations, the champions of the association ranked eighth are also seeded into Pot 1 (regulations Article 13.05). Pots 2, 3 and 4 contain the remaining teams, seeded based on their 2017 UEFA club coefficients. In each group, teams play against each other home-and-away in a round-robin format. The group winners and runners-up advance to the round of 16, while the third-placed teams enter the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League round of 32. The matchdays are 12–13 September, 26–27 September, 17–18 October, 31 October – 1 November, 21–22 November, and 5–6 December 2017. A total of 32 teams play in the group stage: 22 teams which enter in this stage, and the 10 winners of the play-off round (5 from Champions Route, 5 from League Route). Qarabağ and RB Leipzig will make their debut appearances in the group stage. Pot One: Real Madrid (ESP) FC Bayern München (GER) Juventus (ITA) Chelsea (ENG) Benfica (POR) Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR) AS Monaco (FRA) Spartak Moscow (RUS) Pot Two: Barcelona (ESP) Atlético Madrid (ESP) Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) Borussia Dortmund (GER) Sevilla (ESP) Manchester City (ENG) Porto (POR) Manchester United (ENG) Pot Three: Napoli (ITA) Tottenham Hotspur (ENG) Basel (SWI) Olympiacos (GRE) Anderlecht (BEL) Liverpool (ENG) Roma (ITA) Beşiktaş (TUR) Pot Four: Celtic (SCO) CSKA Moscow (RUS) Sporting CP (POR) APOEL (CYP) Feyenoord (NED) Maribor (SLO) Qarabağ (AZE) RB Leipzig (GER) Arguably it is preferable to be in Pot Two rather than Pot One this year. Who do you support, and what would be your ideal group stage draw?
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    There's currently a database error that's preventing new accounts from being created. Hopefully we can fix it soon (I will probably require assistance from rei). Just wanted to let everyone know. I hope that it will get fixed within the next couple of days.
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    40 Minutes left in day Silver (3) - Broken Brilliance, Tyranno,, Gemstone Mine OD Superman, (3) - JC., Mark, Jazz Tyranno (1) - Silver Broken Brilliance (1) OD Superman
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    the fuck is gem's fantastic post in pg 15 the one where he talks about allen's middle name or the one where he speculates on abilities and goes 'any one of the 3 could be scum but they could also be town!'
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    Walia what is your experience with mafia since i dont know you
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    I like silver for town enough that he shouldnt be the kill for today. He has shown legitimate frustration and tried to help himself. If we are going by how quality your posts are half the town should never start the game. If it was any other newbie plauer id dismiss superman as newbie town instantly, but players with high opinion of themselves do tend to go overboard. Even so, he shouldnt be the kill today. People say they like gemstone and i have yet to see why some of his posts are flat null and some read as not paying attention. Im still very ok with winter multi/mark
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    @OD Superman I didn't read your entire post, but saw you were concerned about my n0 play, this explains it good night, I will read your content in the morning with an open mind
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    FYI, I have two abilities. I am going to claim one now, might as well. I see no reason to hide it: I sent the bottom four players in n0 arbitrary rankings to the weenie mafia game. This is why I cared about rankings so much and why I tried to give points to town. Sorry if I ruined the shitposting but I thought the ability was cool and I wanted to get the most out of it. My other ability, I'm not claiming for the time being, but when I die you can go back and piece together what I'm doing.
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    Alright I'm home now. Okay for starters, pages 1-9 were complete trash. Mostly shitposting after being directed not to solve the game and assign arbitrary points to everyone. Starting the game off this way sucked for town because it didn't give anyone actionable evidence of anyone's roles so between that and not knowing if I was missing something re: roles, who has them, etc. I was really disinterested in trying to piece anything together right away. So I basically thought, "Okay, if this is how I'm feeling, I expect other towners to feel this way," and suspected anyone who was taking things seriously before the first real vote was either a shitty town player, had a super useful night ability, or was probably scum fetching for info re: who the biggest threats were. I also didn't take points seriously nor would I punish anyone for not taking them seriously because I know I felt a little lost in the beginning but even me, someone completely new to this, I knew I wasn't going to earn points from others thinking I was a great mafia player, so I made myself a focal point by asking everyone not to give me points and consequently manipulated Malcolm to give me enough for second place. This proved to me that the points were all a joke (and that others, particularly reputable players also thought they were a joke) since he wouldn't have done that if he thought there was a practical consequence to giving me all his points. Anyway, on page 9 Jazz posted this gem: Harima was going to die anyway so Tyranno's allocation was irrelevant, but this just read to me like Jazz was trying to give himself (and others, "to help us solve the game!") towncred despite the fact that points were obviously arbitrary. So I began to suspect Jazz. Literally the least reasonable takeaway from his previous post. On page 10, Walia interacted with Jazz asking for an explanation of why he gave Walia points, and Jazz's answer was, "I thought you were town," with no explanation. Jazz counter-asked to keep the conversation going, "Why'd you give me points?" and Walia's answer was at least defensible: "You seemed to be the most active," which is totally valid. I don't think you'd want to lose an active player, mafia or not, if he's likely to keep feeding you more information as the days progress compared to others. Either way, this interaction led me to become suspicious of Walia. Broken then injected himself into the conversation and voted for Tyranno, which Jazz noted was illegal, which made me think that Broken wasn't paying attention very much, a very un-scum characteristic. Then Nelrick came in and issued the first vote for Broken. On page 11, Broken activated his ability to force a vote between himself and Nelrick. At the time, I didn't understand what was going on. I didn't know it was his ability, I didn't know if or why he chose himself, I didn't know if towns were the only ones with abilities, etc. and when I tried to get an answer, my post was deleted. Now if I understand his power, Broken (at least once, but possibly twice as he claims) has the ability to force a vote between two people. In that case, I don't understand why he would pick himself unless he's THAT confident that revealing himself makes him automatically town, in which case then okay, I guess he's town. That was my initial impression. Also, others seemed confident that Nelrick was the right play and I just voted with whoever got to 5 votes first. But as I later found out, mafia can also have abilities. I also don't like that Broken didn't wait until more daytime had passed so we could collect more information. Both of these things now give me reason to think that Broken was bussing Nelrick, especially in light of Nelrick's post that "Im fucking immortal. I aint scared of no role or scum or neutral or underwood or a combination of any of those." Like how the fuck did he know Broken's character was Underwood unless they're both scum, a fact I assumed only since Zapp's post said "Underwood advocated for a policy lynch!" I seriously want someone to tell me if I'm missing a post somewhere but there's nowhere I could find that outlines our characters. ALSO, when I think about what role is best suited to have this ability from a game design perspective, I kind of think it's more fitting that it belongs to a mafia person, which is just to say, short version, I'm now suspicious of Broken. Page 12 started with Wunterslaus making some great points, asking the right questions, and coming up with solid counter-arguments against Jazz, who just seemed too active, more fishy than fisherman, even though Jazz fairly berated Broken for using his ability. Mark also starting chiming in with this dumb posts, and since I don't think Mark is creative enough to come up with such a weird ability (and since I think Zapp wouldn't have minded shutting Mark up after the last game), I put him on town. This read to me like Mark's ability is either somehow tied to one or both of these guys, or Mark reads them as solid players, and maybe that's important because Mark can only shitpost until 2 Mafia are eliminated? Or he can private chat one person each night and that's it? On page 13, Wunterslaus confirmed that he and Mark talked in a private chat and confirmed this was ability-related, a fact he shared, which puts them both on town for me, though I'm not clear how Walia was later able to talk to Mark too, nor do I think Mark necessarily made the best choice by confiding in Walia. Then Gemstone came back after missing most of the action, a fact I don't think he would've done if he were scum, but I don't have any reason to lean either way over. Then Jazz started flooding the chat with things like: ... which of course doesn't help anyone solve the game and just makes himself look defensive. So if I'm leaning towards Jazz being scum, this counter-attack makes me think Slick is town. On page 14, JC. joined the game and Slick got subbed out for Faint. J.C. immediately (in his first post) said Jazz was the towniest town that ever towned and tried to get everyone off the idea, but I don't think this was malicious because if he was scum, I think he would've been paying attention sooner. Plus why would Zapp add a mafia to the game midway through after Jazz noted that this format benefits scum? Anyway I think he just genuinely reads Jazz as town, and he's very likely town himself. On page 15, Gemstone caught up and identified the Mark -> Wunter -> Walia triangle as interesting. Asked if he had to read the second thread, which I read as lazy. Identified my "newbie" playing style as scum cover, which is fair, and I don't judge him for. On page 16, things started to look bad for me as J.C. followed Jazz's critique of me, but again I think that's because he genuinely reads Jazz as town + Gemstone's follow-up. Broken then followed suite which I thought was weird if not for the fact that if I were him in that spot that I might've done the same thing just to force me to defend myself, reveal my ability, or otherwise give up information. Walia also relayed Mark's reads of Jazz, BB, and Wunter as town and me, Gemstone, and Silver as scum. This made me even more suspicious of Jazz and BB since Mark's reads always suck. J.C. then unvotes to not hit majority (which reads to me like he didn't really suspect me because why unvote someone you're suspicious of?, but was instead just fishing). rei also dropped in with some confusing logic painting Jazz as town and the no lynch in the weenie chat as a scum move (when, to my amateur eyes, it seems like the anti-scum move). Then on page 17: This seemed sort of genuine, albeit stupid. Reminded me of when Broken asked me "Who else is on your team?" in the last game where I immediately (and correctly) put him on scum because he's not trying hard enough to be liked here. Very confusing dynamic between him and Jazz. But importantly, he also posted: ... which is true, and proves he was both capable and willing of bussing Nelrick this game to establish towncred. FAST FORWARDING I have to go now so I can't keep going through all the pages and giving my impressions, but I'm up to page 27 now and here's where I stand: - I think the probability that Jazz is scum is higher than most people realize, and they're mistaking his activity for town concern. But I also think it's unlikely to swing a vote to him right now, and I think he's the most likely to keep giving everyone information one way or another, so I'm not immediately inclined to vote for him. - I think, like the last game, Silver is most likely a victim of circumstance and being hated on for playing terribly, and is not actually scum. - mark, confuse rei, Wunter, Gemstone, Silver, and J.C. are my town reads for reasons already explained. - Not sure about Tyranno but I lean town because I think he would be trying harder to project town if he was actual scum. Also not sure on Faint but I lean town since Jazz attacked him for being suspicious of Jazz (even though Jazz regularly complains about that). - Potential scum are Broken, Walia, or Jazz. I'm going to vote Broken because I think he bussed nelrick to give the survivor towncred. Afterwards, in case I die tonight, I intend to push for Jazz, trusting Mark's faith in Walia.
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    cool story but you still haven't given any reads this entire game aside from (1) mascis in weenie thread and (2) silver just now you need to give us something more, if not for now, for the future to show where you stood earlier in the game
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    If you read what I said above you would not come to conclusion that escalating a situation to lethal force is a thing I advocate. I'm 28, started shooting when I was ten. Not saying you have lack of experience with firearms. I was saying you lacked experience with living in fucked up places dealing with fucked up people, fearing for your life, for about 22 of those years. Domestic violence, drug dealing, break-ins, actual fights in our driveway, my sister running a methhead out of our trailer with a knife, to give you an example. That was my life. Mental health issues made me graduate a year later than I wanted, but my timing for withdrawal was great because my stepmom was about to go to jail and I could take care if the house. Most of my immediate family: repeat offender felons. "Just move out of there" is classism. You think if I had the scratch to pay deposits on everything and travel for job interviews I'd still be here? "But you spent 300 on a gun". Yeah, well my appendix exploded in April and my car broke down in May so I'm in debt up to my eyeballs because my insurance wouldn't cover my CT scan. Louisville is the economic center of KY. I'm working on my shit, its just hard to get ahead when you're behind. I just don't get why your response to a person who is clearly scared shitless and doing the things that make sense to them no matter how irrational they are is to be a dick. Everything I said above says that violence is a last resort option. I am worried because 10 or 20 ft. Is not a wide margin for error and should that error have been made I probably would have gotten fucked up. Show some fucking compassion. You're flaunting your socioeconomic status, is what I'm saying, and that's fucked up.
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    VOTE COUNT Silver (4) - Broken Brilliance, Tyranno, Walia, Gemstone Mine OD Superman, (3) - JC., Mark, Jazz Tyranno (1) - Silver
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    i've got this as the vote count OD Superman - JC., Mark Silver - Broken Brilliance, TheGoldenTyranno, BuildTheWalia Faint - Jazz
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    actually give inciteful posts and not just float through the day pointing fingers at others without a strong defense for yourself
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    i'm going to go ahead and put the vote back on vote od superman basically this should be a slam dunk whereas silver is more of a free throw
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    what question? also that's not gonna help anyone read you properly so I wouldn't bother
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    what reads did you have again? silver = town walia = scum reading = a waste of time ???
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    when you lynch on instincts, JAZZ WYD
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    I want a vote count also I wanna know if crei has voted yet bc he locked onto Slick/Faint pretty exclusively
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    @JazzI'm liking a silver lynch
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    I'll be honest that portrayal is fair
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    tyranno post history: 1. I'm going to read the thread guys! 2. imma hot memer 3. b-b-b-b-b-bandwagon
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    Yeah his whole post was just a rant about you and agreeing with me after. Have not liked the effort of some people tbh
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    OD played more aggressive last time as well, where is that at?
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    Top 3 lynches today, OD Silver Faint
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    this is the best day ever i even have ice cream brb im gonna read the last few pages hey wunter id love to hear some of your own opinions and not just those of mark @Wunterslaus
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    @markshitpost on jazz if you are town
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    from my first two runthroughs of the thread, here are the basic notes i had: - jazz town - did not like buildthewalia's post "joke-linking" malcolm with bb. - faint town (but already flipped ig) - interesting conversation: jazz: "mark are you carefree town or memey scum" mark: "i am acolyte" i don't like this because it's a memey answer to the question. reminds me of the "i am scum" post he made during the game where he was scum. however, posting restrictioins are generally town and this 'speak to a guy for 1 day' role is a copy-paste of Sabrina (Town) from an old pokemon game. - confuse rei had a post about giving his points to whoever made him laugh. i didn't like that because he, in the same post, identifies that he would want to give the points to a strong player that he has a town read on. - i was 1000% sure BB was scum shotgunning an ability that does not work when you don't have town credit and i did not see the reasoning for nelrick, but it did result in dead scum. - buildthewalia gets town points for actually looking back at a vote count and pointing out the extraneous vote by silver - i did not get much from the weenie hut thread. no lynch is the correct option, and nobody tried to snipe a lynch - i don't like od superman's lost townie approach. i realise that my suspicions list is fairly large right now, so i'm still working out the 2-3 priority targets i have for the day.
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    Your bitchy smug comments coming from a place of total lack of experience are helpful, constructive, and add to the conversation. You're flaunting ignorance and a bad attitude. Take pride in that if you must.
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    hope youre ok @iSlickz IM BACK MOTHERFUCKERS POSI VIBES NEVER DIE also dont vote me i need to catch up im town you asshats
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    has od superman played a game of mafia before
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    OFFICIAL CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GROUPS: Group A: Benfica (POR) Manchester United (ENG) Basel (SWI) CSKA Moscow (RUS) Group B FC Bayern München (GER) Paris St. Germain (FRA) Anderlecht (BEL) Celtic (SCO) Group C Chelsea (ENG) Atlético Madrid (ESP) AS Roma (ITA) Qarabağ (AZE) Group D Juventus (ITA) FC Barcelona (ESP) Olympiakos (GRE) Sporting CP (POR) Group E Spartak Moscow (RUS) Sevilla (ESP) Liverpool (ENG) NK Maribor (SLO) Group F Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR) Manchester City (ENG) Napoli (ITA) Feyenoord (NED) Group G AS Monaco (FRA) FC Porto (POR) Beşiktaş (TUR) RB Leipzig (GER) Group H Real Madrid (ESP) Borussia Dortmund (GER) Tottenham Hotspur (ENG) APOEL Nicosia (CYP) Disaster for Spurs, not so much for the rest of the PL teams. Liverpool could find it tough in Group E though. Good result for Manchester United, drawing CSKA Moscow at the end was disappointing just for the distance to travel but we should be able to beat these teams comfortably. I feel sorry for Spurs. Napoli play a brilliant short passing game and could be a threat for Manchester City. I saw highlights of their games against Real Madrid last season in the round of 16 and at times they were playing real Madrid off the park, despite what the scoreline suggests. Ironic that Chelsea would draw Atlético Madrid given the Diego Costa situation. I'm looking forward to Bayern vs PSG as well, the best of France against the best of Germany. With he acquisition of Neymar PSG could be a real threat this year. I've no idea why a team from Azerbaijan is in the Champions League though. I didn't think the country was in Europe but perhaps I'm mistaken. Celtic have been drawn into another tough group; last year they had FC Barcelona, Manchester City and Bayer Monchengladbach and this year is no easier. Easy to go undefeated for a whole season against cannon fodder in the SPL but not so much in Europe.
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    He had to choose a target N0 who he wanted to talk to on D1. So I don't think Mark was targeted with a restriction ability
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    There once lived a hero. A protagonist of sorts. A mechanical robotic man. An autist. A posi vibes poster and a huge pokemon fan. Once. Very heavily emphasizing the word once here. What I'm trying to say is that James C Hurley is no more. He died. Some people say it was because he was too positive, things needed to be put to a stop. Others say it was because he wasn't funny. Those are the type of people I neg because I hate what people think is and isn't funny on here. Other people blame it on posting too much, which I could agree with but with but this was...certainly...more...sinister... @Mascis has died! He was! And speaking of Smash, last night, at around 4:30 AM, MMF was practicing his tech skill while listening to his favorite show, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", quoting it perfectly along the way and hot boxing up his living room with his vape. He was posting one of his stupid fucking charts on reddit about stupid fucking Ice Climbers and stupid fucking bullshit like that and laughing at stupid fucking bullshit posts stupid fucking bullshit posters posted on stupid fucking bullshit boards. Then suddenly... his front door opened, and it wasn't because his door was really shitty this time. Like that shit flies the fuck open on the oddest times and he doesn't lock it. If you're going to break into Dennis Frogman's house all you need is a fucking electric fan. That shit swings the fuck open, but anyway, that shit came flying open, and a tall, dark figure was standing above him, only because he was sitting down playing Melee cuz Matty boy is over 6 feet tall, but none the less, he was getting night killed, and in that moment he said: "Mafia sucks." @Malcolm @Malcolm's Multi died! He was! The day ends in 24 hours or whenever a Majority of 7 is reached. The day starts now and ends at 9am EST.
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    To answer a good question that I was asked You are allowed to talk about the other game in this thread and vice versa, just the players aren't allowed to post in the game they are not in.
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    I've been struggling with, well, not being a shitty human being for a while now. As part of my efforts to rectify problems with my personality, I am taking a firm sabbatical from nearly all forms of social media and message boards. I don't want to but know it's ultimately something I have to do I expect to come back to the internet as hopefully a better person in a year. I love you all.
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    I am nominating D.D. Warrior Lady
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