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    Player: "Hey coach malcolm, what do I do in this situation?" Malcolm: "I am looking through and will let you know in the next hour!!!!!!!!!!" ... Player: "Malcolm it has been more than 4 weeks since I asked the game has ended why didn't you help me?" Malcolm: "Because I am S tier"
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    man oh man whoever wants me to ghost them is in for a huge rankings boost! the other players are going to HATE how quickly you increase your scum killing power!
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    Bow before your one true king
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    Crazy Man Catches Scum With This One Simple Trick! Other Players HATE Him!
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    Hey guys, during the last game I went back and decided to compile some statistics. First off, I have compiled some statistics from our games since Multi Mafia, which I am roughly marking as the start of the current revival/era of DGz Mafia. I'm going to post most of the relevant info below, but here is a spreadsheet if you prefer it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSUeiSn5KoAB4k7io-BeytpvsujT-W0PtGFjqeRAUO7WPmxb727QrTk--9NuY9tinJNCunJCfIYUuGo/pubhtml Below are a few rankings of the stats. Keep in mind that the following games are not counted: D&D Mafia (Mod Error - Role imbalance) Antag's Witch Hunt Mafia (Mod Error - Counted votes past the deadline resulting in a tie -> mark lynch) Wonderland Mafia (Mod Error - Jabberwocky Imbalance; Game was also a """draw""") Family Mafia (Mod Error - Incorrectly revealing setup information) These values are totally arbitrary and please feel free to make jokes about me creating rankings that just put me near the top or how rei and Malcolm are D-Tier players. Arbitrary Rankings One Arbitrary Rankings 2 This is just a personal project I decided to do out of interest. I think that since mafia is a social game, the raw stats will always lie (e.g. malcolm's low placement). Slickz' "arbitrary rankings" are probably a much better approximation than this thread. I would be interested in finding ways to improve this and am open for feedback.
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    Not any threats going on here, but legend has it, whoever includes us in the same sentence without specifically saying I am better than him in some way dies that night in a pool of their own blood and organs. Wouldn't want that to happen to you Wunter so I'd try not to say those types of things.
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    Yeah more like rating decrease if your help thread is any indication
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    If I break a rule because malcolm told me to, do he and Faint get a warning too?
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    cue scum NKing floaters N1 every game because they assume malcolm is coaching them
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    If we hit 13 without you then you could coach me if you wanted. Save me from my day 1. (Or if I roll scum, just save me in general.)
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    Hey, I'm starting up a team for all the lost and lonely free agents wandering around. If you're having trouble getting a team to pick you up, pm-ing me is a good idea to hit the ground running in warring. As this will be a place for stragglers to gather and call home, we will call the team The Wanderer's Palace. Joining and leaving will always be left open, and you will always be accepted if you apply. PM me at Sage#7486 on discord if you'd like to join.
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    ill be a last resort sub if needed
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    real talk i wanna play but test this week so gotta stay focused
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    just a heads up, I lose a lot of games to acp
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    btw the mafioso tyrants are instituting a new rule: Faint gets 1 warning point for every game of melee I lose to acp for sabatoging my controller.
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    we are going to have to give you a warning point for questioning our unrelenting tyranny over the section we are also giving one point to faint for being complicit in this and not convincing you to hold your tounge
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    I love it that mark and markus have the same winrate
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    btw i know i have slight errors, like wunter has 12 games marked but 13 kills/survivals tallied. nothing should be egregious though. i'll probably make a 2.0 rankings and updated stats some time in the future after getting feedback i want to bring attention to something else, though (and if i miscounted a bit here, let me know): Family Mafia - Town* Wins D&D Mafia 2.0 - Town Wins DGz Mafia Mafia - Scum Wins Pick Your Poison - Town Wins (Ends August 19th) WWE - Scum Wins Wonderland - Scum* Wins Psych Ward - Scum Wins Stranger Things - Scum Wins Matrix6 (Solstice) - Scum Wins Matrix6 (Tyranno) - Scum Wins Ice Cream Mafia - Scum Wins Nazi Mafia - Scum Wins St. Louis Mafia - Scum Wins Drunk Mafia - Town Wins (Ends April 17th) Matrix6 (Mark) - Town Wins Return from the Different Dimension - Town Wins Game of Thrones - ScumB Wins Who Pooped The Bed - Scum Wins SSB64 - Scum Wins Matrix6 (Sophocles) - Town Wins Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - Scum Wins Goat Mafia - Town Wins Witch Hunt (Antagonist) - Scum* Wins D&D Mafia - Town* Wins Multi Mafia - Town Wins Town Winrate: 40% Town did not win a single game during the summer season. People criticize me for creating town-favoured games and this is the reason why. If you go back to 2015, you will see I made a similar post showing that town was also consistently losing. When a community is scum-favoured for several years, it is important to not lose track of that. Games like D&D Mafia are not the solution, but I think 'optimal balance' will favour scum here. I think the problem can be traced back to a lack of players that will post enough to project town and a failure of other players to be able to read them. As an extreme example, Wunterslaus has been lynched in approximately 60% of his games and left alive until the end in approximately 30% of his games. This is because he is, without fail, scum read or seen as a non-threat to the scum. And this is a player that has clearly shown the ability to identify scum. The failure comes entirely in lack of communication. In a social deduction game, you simply cannot get away with not being social. Players like iSlickz and Faint get nightkilled more often than Malcolm and rei do. This is because they (usually) talk. rei and Malcolm know how to play mafia, I'm sure of it, but they get lynched because it is irresponsible to expect a community to be able to read you when you are not communicating. Malcolm being a pro scum sniper does not matter when he is killed before being able to communicate it with the town and translate this into a win.
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    courtesy of Me. who is currently serving out a ban for being a very bad boy >:(
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    you have to vig me n1 to be a god.
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    Gave it some thought and I rather host a matrix 9 soon. Can I host one right after catmafia? With the help of a mafioso-cohost of course.
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    More than 13? If so maybe don't send it to me you might have trouble filling it Faint I can look at yours too I hear it's only 14
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    I think the roles being new amd equally crazy is what makes those games so good though Along with the flavour
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    I really like the new england and saints chalk this week
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    I think you had a rough start day one but you recovered well and drew some key town reads. Then you got caught by an ability. Don't worry about it man. You also didn't give away your partner at all after you were dead which I've been able to get by your scum posts in the past (drunk mafia). Big improvement from your previous scum games. I would bump you up a tier
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    Btw malcolm i really enjoyed the new playstyle of doing the exact same thing
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    [8:34 PM] N3sh.: 1.80 for 50 kg [8:34 PM] MMF: LOL [8:34 PM] N3sh.: really good exemplare [8:34 PM] Mickey: 1.8 what though [8:34 PM] N3sh.: high
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    [10:40 PM] Digbick: @YuuchyHongroy u gril? [10:43 PM] BOTWarBot: When YuuchyHongroy is on his deathbed, he will say that his biggest regret in life was leaving the DGZ discord server
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    I don't feel confident walking outside at some places without a knife. It's just a little thing that tells me if something bad happens I have more of a fighting chance. A gun will do the same. Do what you need to do. Don't be a pussy and be afraid to kill someone because you might die instead, and you're a good person and they are not. You're infinitely more valuable. Think as people who want to rob innocent people as garbage and the authorities should take care of them if you don't have to.
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    I get your excitement but trailers are borderline pornographic in the amount of plot and gags showed and that's why I make an active effort to avoid them altogether (going as far as looking away when I'm at the theater). You should consider doing the same. You'll enjoy the movie a lot more. Can you imagine what must have been like going to Civil War not knowing that Spider-Man was in the movie? Just some food for thought.
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    The autism jokes got old a long LONG time ago come up with something original why don't yah
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    i don't know whats going on but this is honestly, absolutely, actually, literally, logically, undoubtedly, surely, assuredly, incontestably, truthfully, incontrovertibly, unmistakably, unquestionably incorrect.