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    Player: "Hey coach malcolm, what do I do in this situation?" Malcolm: "I am looking through and will let you know in the next hour!!!!!!!!!!" ... Player: "Malcolm it has been more than 4 weeks since I asked the game has ended why didn't you help me?" Malcolm: "Because I am S tier"
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    man oh man whoever wants me to ghost them is in for a huge rankings boost! the other players are going to HATE how quickly you increase your scum killing power!
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    Bow before your one true king
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    Crazy Man Catches Scum With This One Simple Trick! Other Players HATE Him!
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    Hey guys, during the last game I went back and decided to compile some statistics. First off, I have compiled some statistics from our games since Multi Mafia, which I am roughly marking as the start of the current revival/era of DGz Mafia. I'm going to post most of the relevant info below, but here is a spreadsheet if you prefer it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSUeiSn5KoAB4k7io-BeytpvsujT-W0PtGFjqeRAUO7WPmxb727QrTk--9NuY9tinJNCunJCfIYUuGo/pubhtml Below are a few rankings of the stats. Keep in mind that the following games are not counted: D&D Mafia (Mod Error - Role imbalance) Antag's Witch Hunt Mafia (Mod Error - Counted votes past the deadline resulting in a tie -> mark lynch) Wonderland Mafia (Mod Error - Jabberwocky Imbalance; Game was also a """draw""") Family Mafia (Mod Error - Incorrectly revealing setup information) These values are totally arbitrary and please feel free to make jokes about me creating rankings that just put me near the top or how rei and Malcolm are D-Tier players. Arbitrary Rankings One Arbitrary Rankings 2 This is just a personal project I decided to do out of interest. I think that since mafia is a social game, the raw stats will always lie (e.g. malcolm's low placement). Slickz' "arbitrary rankings" are probably a much better approximation than this thread. I would be interested in finding ways to improve this and am open for feedback.
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    Not any threats going on here, but legend has it, whoever includes us in the same sentence without specifically saying I am better than him in some way dies that night in a pool of their own blood and organs. Wouldn't want that to happen to you Wunter so I'd try not to say those types of things.
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    Hey, I'm starting up a team for all the lost and lonely free agents wandering around. If you're having trouble getting a team to pick you up, pm-ing me is a good idea to hit the ground running in warring. As this will be a place for stragglers to gather and call home, we will call the team The Wanderer's Palace. Joining and leaving will always be left open, and you will always be accepted if you apply. PM me at Sage#7486 on discord if you'd like to join.
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    Yeah more like rating decrease if your help thread is any indication
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    If I break a rule because malcolm told me to, do he and Faint get a warning too?
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    cue scum NKing floaters N1 every game because they assume malcolm is coaching them
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    If we hit 13 without you then you could coach me if you wanted. Save me from my day 1. (Or if I roll scum, just save me in general.)
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    just a heads up, I lose a lot of games to acp
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    btw i know i have slight errors, like wunter has 12 games marked but 13 kills/survivals tallied. nothing should be egregious though. i'll probably make a 2.0 rankings and updated stats some time in the future after getting feedback i want to bring attention to something else, though (and if i miscounted a bit here, let me know): Family Mafia - Town* Wins D&D Mafia 2.0 - Town Wins DGz Mafia Mafia - Scum Wins Pick Your Poison - Town Wins (Ends August 19th) WWE - Scum Wins Wonderland - Scum* Wins Psych Ward - Scum Wins Stranger Things - Scum Wins Matrix6 (Solstice) - Scum Wins Matrix6 (Tyranno) - Scum Wins Ice Cream Mafia - Scum Wins Nazi Mafia - Scum Wins St. Louis Mafia - Scum Wins Drunk Mafia - Town Wins (Ends April 17th) Matrix6 (Mark) - Town Wins Return from the Different Dimension - Town Wins Game of Thrones - ScumB Wins Who Pooped The Bed - Scum Wins SSB64 - Scum Wins Matrix6 (Sophocles) - Town Wins Fuck You Mafia 3.0 - Scum Wins Goat Mafia - Town Wins Witch Hunt (Antagonist) - Scum* Wins D&D Mafia - Town* Wins Multi Mafia - Town Wins Town Winrate: 40% Town did not win a single game during the summer season. People criticize me for creating town-favoured games and this is the reason why. If you go back to 2015, you will see I made a similar post showing that town was also consistently losing. When a community is scum-favoured for several years, it is important to not lose track of that. Games like D&D Mafia are not the solution, but I think 'optimal balance' will favour scum here. I think the problem can be traced back to a lack of players that will post enough to project town and a failure of other players to be able to read them. As an extreme example, Wunterslaus has been lynched in approximately 60% of his games and left alive until the end in approximately 30% of his games. This is because he is, without fail, scum read or seen as a non-threat to the scum. And this is a player that has clearly shown the ability to identify scum. The failure comes entirely in lack of communication. In a social deduction game, you simply cannot get away with not being social. Players like iSlickz and Faint get nightkilled more often than Malcolm and rei do. This is because they (usually) talk. rei and Malcolm know how to play mafia, I'm sure of it, but they get lynched because it is irresponsible to expect a community to be able to read you when you are not communicating. Malcolm being a pro scum sniper does not matter when he is killed before being able to communicate it with the town and translate this into a win.
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    I think the roles being new amd equally crazy is what makes those games so good though Along with the flavour
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    [10:40 PM] Digbick: @YuuchyHongroy u gril? [10:43 PM] BOTWarBot: When YuuchyHongroy is on his deathbed, he will say that his biggest regret in life was leaving the DGZ discord server
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    The autism jokes got old a long LONG time ago come up with something original why don't yah
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      Can't handle your feelings getting hurt? Go back to pojo.
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      And this is pretty much the reason why rep was removed.
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      Thank you for your example on how not to revive the forums.
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      You out towers with two tsujik. Summon one to boost something on field and use the other one like a kalut.
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    Mained decree is a meta call, and not something I would recommend when you're expecting lots of nekroz. Partly because it's completely dead against them, but even more because you're ending up with a build that can't really stop a nekroz of trishula from resolving. You could take a decree build to locals and it might be the most successful build you ever used, or you could take it to a YCS and scrub out.   As for making a concrete decree build, you're removing defense by removing traps. The defense is still needed, and I'm saying run swift scarecrows. Taking damage is a problem because you lose when your life points hit zero and too often you're not going to be fast enough in your pushes to win the race even with an offensive build. OTK's are still a thing and you won't always have decree for when the opponent trades their effect negation for your turn, buying themselves more time in the race. And if you're looking at it in terms of "swift screcrow is a -1, so it's bad", that's just wrong. Buying yourself an extra turn with a 4 yosenju hand is worth more than just one card, not only in how much it can remove from your opponent but also the fact that the extra turn is often the difference between winning or losing when you got this type of pressure.
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      Considering that Europe streams all their YCS's and NA does not, maybe Europe just cares more and puts in the extra effort?
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    It came in one of those advanced edition things as a promo a few days ago.
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      But was the reusability such a big improvement over something like, say exiled force, make it "way too good to come back"?   Edit: nevermind, bad example. I forgot they used to run forbidden dress back then.
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    The only combo some quick and lazy googling finds is getting dark crusader to arbitrarily high attack, but I'm not at all doubting that even more degenerate card interactions with multiple night assailant exist.
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      Yes, that'd be nice.
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    Because making one for yourself is too mainstream.
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    full top 64: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/?p=20965
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      i heard it pays more to work. This is yugioh. We don't have the time to list all the things that pay better than actually playing.     If it pays, it pays better than actually paying. Not that hard to list implicitly (or all that time consuming).
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        That is my point. The transitive property always applies to the relation "is equal to", which is why writing terrible=trap stun is incorrect. Look at the context I'm writing this in. Because "=" has the transitive properly, I'm not using it in the way I've seen other people do as that leads to silly results.  
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      terrible=|Trap Stun|>|Anti Magic Arrows|   With |x| indicating the average usefulness of the card x, because putting terrible=trap stun and terrible=kuriboh implies that kuriboh and trap stun are the same cards.     No, it implies that both of them are terrible      = is a symmetric relationship. If kuriboh is equal to terrible, then terrible is equal to kuriboh and vice versa (similarly, terrible is equal to trap stun). Then, because of the transitive quality of =, it follows that trap stun is equal to kuriboh. terrible=trap stun and terrible=kuriboh <=> trap stun=terrible and terrible=kuriboh => trap stun=kuriboh
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    Chey, why aren't you replying to questions itt?
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      "my opponent didn't call a judge when someone bribed him" "who bribed him" "..." INVESTIGATION   Obviously you'd be going for a double dq in this case and I think that's the context the question was asked in.
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      eeew, hell no
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      Well it's mason and forlin we're talking about here...   im cute yo     I want to photoshop kawaii eyes on one of your pictures so badly right now, but I don't have photoshop on this computer.   http://pixlr.com/editor/
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      I just want to know who this "tower of a man" is. A duelist would be my first guess because this is mainly a yu-gi-oh forum. It's not meant to be funny. aww that's cute In future a quick google check saves you making a fool of yourself     With the expectation of it being a yu-gi-oh duelist, my expectation of a google search wasn't high to be honest. But thank you for making an actual reply, instead of making ignorant assumptions based on knowledge=intelligence (which is not a true equality).
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    Two ideas:   1. Side/main 1 nimble angler and 1 nimble sunfish in mathematician builds, making your water count 6 with core, for the water fusion and without going overkill on dead drawing bad waters. Probably better in games 2/3 because eclipse should be sided out, but raigeki/dark hole are still problems. Hands can be played around by summoning in def position. In case your unfamiliar with said cards, all you need to know is that mathematician sending nimble angler will summon the water attribute nimble sunfish to your field; which is faster than treeborn or sinister serpent. Exactly how practical this is, I have no idea and I leave it up to you that actually play the deck to test it if it sounds good enough.   2. Not really my idea or anything new, but I've seen people run hand destruction, upstart and allure to turbo into secret village and mistake. The idea is that even when your hand destruction also helps your opponent, you make it irrelevant by setting up a lock. Dragon is relevant here for being 1900 spellcaster for the secret village lock which means you don't have have contradiction of not wanting to draw him against nekroz but wanting multiples of him against qliphort. iirc, the person that introduced this idea to me was only maining 4 fusion spells (3 el, 1 regular, 2 regular sided) and playing multiple cores. I could definitely see this build backfiring though, and I guess it hasn't worked out well in practice as I've seen no tops with the build, but I also haven't seen any discussion about it. Maybe it just went unnoticed with basically no representation, maybe it just sucks. But if the current situation is that shaddoll can't keep up by being fair, then a build that's all about abusing the unfair cards sounds worth discussing. Your floodgates hurt both qliphort and shaddoll, while ba in general is an easy matchup that you should be able to deal with by siding into "normal" shaddoll.
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    To actually answer the question: no, it's not a hate crime or racism.
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      Because I want to eat all of the pizza and I want to do it now.
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    I don't mind the answer being short, but the word "it" in it wasn't 100% clear and I don't like disambiguity when it can be avoided. And I wasn't pretending that frightfur sheep would be anything special, but rather using it as an example of a card getting an effect placed on it in the graveyard as I wasn't completely sure if skill drain would interact the same way here, because of it originally being a graveyard effect.   Thank you regardless.
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    Reason for not siding a scythe?
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    If you think a card being auto-win when it works is reason enough to play it, why isn't your deck filled with exodia and obelisk? Not to mention the classic magic cylinder.
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      Maybe people prepared more for them with all this hype? Just throwing a guess out there.
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      The features needs more of this and less lightsworn.
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    Yes, I stole this title from an old pojo thread. It's just too perfect.   This has been an attempt at making a boxer deck able to top an event, but recent losing streaks has made me realize I'm fucking terrible at yu-gi-oh and I have no chance of accomplishing this by myself. So I'm going to leave my decklist, reasonings and meta matchup breakdowns here in hope that somebody will find some possible improvement.   Decklist:   Written: [spoiler]Monsters: 2 glassjaw 3 switchitter 3 sparrer 3 headgeared 2 monk 1 rai-oh 3 veiler   Spells: 3 rota 3 upstart 3 chalice 1 raigeki 1 book of moon   Traps: 3 mistake 3 bts 3 mind crush 2 mirror force 1 emptiness   extra: 3 lead yoke 3 nova kaiser 1 dweller 1 #101 1 castel 1 exciton knight 1 dark rebellion xyz dragon 1 cowboy 1 ragnazero 1 steelswarm roach 1 lavalval chain   side: 3 mst 3 dust tornado 3 xing zhen hu 3 sim 3 IIW[/spoiler]   Before going into why specific card choices are made and matchup breakdowns, I want to quickly explain how the deck plays. Switchitter summons glassjaw and glassjaw floats into a switchitter in grave - this is the basic premise of the deck and what you want to try and abuse. Ideally, your switchitter play floats into another. This can be done by lead yoke triggering glasjaw when glasjaw is detached instead of destroying a boxer you control, or by summoning nova kaiser and just have kaiser float, or simply by leaving the glassjaw on the field with another switchitter in grave. So, in short, it's a floater deck. The goal to accomplish turn 1 is to set up the switchitter play, getting a glassjaw in grave and a switchitter in hand. Usually, this means summoning switch/headgeared(head send switch), summon sparrer, xyz for lavalval chain and use lavalval to detach switch and send glasjaw. Glasjaw adds back switchitter. you can also make the lavalval chain with monk and switch and that's why I run monk, because the deck needs this extra consistency for its setup.   And now I'm ready to explain the 9 effect negation. You float from destruction, and monster effects will just ruin your day. Chances are that without an effect negation, you'll lose your field presence without floating into a new field and just lose (trishula, brionac, castel, #101, DDWL, shaddoll dragon, etc.). Of course there are other ways than effect negation to stop some of these monsters, but the existence of trishula and the altair-deneb loop makes answers like bottomless trap hole and torrential tribute inferior. I'm not sure if 9 is too many, but any game you don't open one is a difficult one to win. It's also worth noting that the one other thing to look out for that ruins your day is backrow, and that backrow is hardly present in today's meta.   And, before going into other choices, I think I need to first break down the meta matchups because these are what I'm playing against and what dictates what cards are good.   Nekroz: Honestly, this matchup has been a lot worse than anticipated. With the recent addition of nova kaiser, unicore is no longer a problem and this has been huge although not enough. The interaction here is that unicore negates nova kaiser so that both monsters are at 2300 attack, which means you can crash them. This crash will trigger kaiser and let you float into the materials to just make a new xyz in m2 after possiblly hitting for some more damage.Nova kaiser is just in general going to be the xyz monster you summon in this matchup because unicore makes lead yoke suck and you burn through these incredibly fast and that's why 3 are needed. However, nova kaiser suffers from one big flaw that lead yoke doesn't and that's an attack limitation. Lead yoke has the potential to beat over anything relevant, while nova kaiser can just stall against a trish or valkyrus. And this is one of the biggest problems in the matchup. If I can't floodgate them with mistake or rai-oh, my chances of winning has been too low. I dunno how much mind crush actually does for my chances, because I've never actually drawn it in the matchup. In fact, the nekroz matchup is the matchup where I've drawn the highest percentage of all-monster hand bricks. I also want to point out that I can search rai-oh with monk, although I'd rarely do this one game 1. Both because game 1 is likely blind and because the nekroz player will be having cards like dark hole, raigeki and book of eclipse in their deck. I expect these cards to be sided out in game 2 and 3 so the monk for rai-oh play is safer there.   Shaddoll: Shaddoll struggles getting past lead yoke because lead yoke trumps construct. In this matchup, you're not going to get at the life points of your opponent because shaddoll floats too well for this and the boxer deck is too limited in how hard it can push in one turn. Instead, the strategy is to burn the shaddoll player out of resources (not just main deck resources, 3 construct is far from enough). Let them shaddoll fusion from deck and try to outfloat them because lead yoke is a big problem and you are going to get to loop your switchitter by detaching glasjaw. However, there are of course complications. Shaddoll dragon can be difficult to play around because the shaddoll player can chain el shaddoll to my effect negation to force through the flip effect and I have not found a good answer to this yet. Shekinaka can negate lead yoke's effect to gain attack, which will make construct trump my lead yoke and result in my loss, although the combination of excessive effect negation and timing manipulation by detaching glasjaw makes this problem overcomeable. The shaddoll player could summon winda before I get going and then I need chalice/bts/book. Veiler on my switchitter hurts a lot and I've seen shaddoll start running bts and that just kills me with it both stopping switchitter and then being relevant in grave. If I lose a game to shaddoll it's either due to a well timed effect negation, or my opponent being able to push through a lead yoke and I just take too much damage.   Tellarknight: Tellar is a better deck than mine and my engine can't stand up to their engine. Both our decks run a similar amount of backrow and I need to get more value out of my backrow than my opponent gets out if his, which could happen but is very dependent on drawing the right cards. 9 effect negation puts in a lot of work here, but doesn't help if my opponent stops my plays as hard and beat over negated switchitters with negated altairs. It feels very 50/50. Even with being able to side in 9 S/T hate cards, only so much can fit into an opening 5/6 card hand to go against my opponent's opening 5/6 card hand.   Qliphort: I have very limited experience playing against this deck and none of it is post-lose 1 turn. In theory, the matchup looks awful with carrier bounces and dead veilers. In practice, I'm the beatdown and got a decent chance at winning the race. It's a matchup where I rarely go into lead yoke/nova kaiser. Instead, I either just beat down with swich+glas for more damage or just go huge plus off an exciton or ragnazero. If I lose, it's because the qliphort player got to do qliphort stuff.     So these problems as well as rogue is what I need to solve between main deck and side deck. And now I think I can go into more detail on specific choices.   -mind crush and mistake Mistake should be obvious in only really being dead against shaddoll, but doesn't mind crush conflict? It does, but at least against nekroz mistake is such a huge auto-win that having a dead mind crush here just doesn't matter. On the other hand, mind crush helps a lot when I don't have an auto-win card. It's also huge in the shaddoll matchup by discarding shaddoll fusion and allowing me the option to play a completely different game from the resource one.   -mirror force This is a card I recently added and haven't tested enough yet, I have no idea if it's actually correct. Against shaddoll, it's a protective card that allows me to live when they can push through my defense and at the same time burning through their resources. It sucks if shaddoll does the slow winda contol game, but that's not my main concern. Against nekroz, it's an answer to monsters nova kaiser can't be over, although I don't think it's a great out because nekroz can just resummon a beater. An engine out would be much better, and that's why I'm running dark rebellion xyz dragon, but it's a strong deck and I dunno if there really is a great solution. My deck is a deck that needs the normal summon to play and takes a lot of damage when something doesn't go through. Mirror force is a tempo card to alleviate this problem.   -veiler, chalice, bts, why these 3? and why not fiendish chain? Chalice is necessary for the spell count for monk, and also has cute interactions with chaining to glassjaw's selfdestruct effect and acting as a battle trap. This glassjaw interaction is a tempo and pressure thing that's mostly just good when you're the beatdown and need to deal a lot of damage quick. Otherwise, negating an effect will probably be more useful than acting as a battle trap. Bts is necessary at 3 because of shaddoll. Shaddoll is a very popular deck right now and I can't justify dropping bts for something less ideal in that matchup. Stopping winda/shek with the grave eff lets me push through my plays. Veiler is the last choice because of denko and decree. This one is the one of least necessity, but it wins out over alternatives like fiendish chain because I want to take as little damage as possible from floodgates.   -mst, dust tornado, xing zhen hu Backrow kills this deck and I need to side answers. Mst should be obvious, but why dust tornado and xing zhen hu over the alternatives? Well, the anternatives are twister, lance and wiretap. Twister may be great against floodgates and pendulum scales, but it does nothing against "normal" backrow and that's why it's inferior to every other alternative. If my opponent is playing a deck like volcanics or ritual beast, I want to be able to side in all 9 cards to deal with non-floodgating backrow. However, lance, wiretap and xing zhen hu does nothing to floodgates and pendulum scales and these need more answers than just mst, thus I need dust tornado. Xing zhen hu is then choosed over wiretap and lance because I get more value out of the card. I'm playing on an inferior engine and I need as much value as I can get out of every card and xing zhen hu does just that in being a 1-for-2.   -steelswarm roach A poor attempt at finding a solution for the terrible matchup that is infernoid. If they mill breakthough skill, this card is dead. If they don't, this card is the best attempt at stalling for a bit while I try to kill them before they get going. It also has uses against ritual beast.   And just as important as what's in the deck is what's not in the deck.   -no dark holes I found these conflicting too much with wanting to summon nova kaiser against nekroz, he doesn't float from my own destruction effects. No torrential tribute for the same reason.   -no warning/chaos trap hole 2000 life points is a lot, I just can't afford that. And these cards are strictly just anti-denko. Hands are starting to see a lot of play over denko, which makes chaos trap hole harder to use properly and while warning isn't useless, the card isn't worth running if it's not to counter denko. Drawing chaos trap hole only when my opponent got denko won't happen, and chaos trap hole is one less card to either progress my own game or keeping the opponent's engine back. I run veilers to either stop denko or stop a trish/brio when denko is summoned, this is to me a better solution and then I can just hope it's enough and that valk stalling won't keep that denko on the field for too long.   -djinn lock outs I go first blind, nekroz goes 2nd blind. I'm not getting djinn locked turn 1 game 1 and after turn 1 comes all the complications of interacting with your opponent and her backrow. Games 2,3 I have the 3 veiler to prevent a lock if my opponent goes first and raigeki+book to kill the lock if it's set up. It's like the coinflip chances in the nekroz mirror match, except I can't punish it in the same way. The djinn lock can be a problem, but it just isn't big enough to justify running cards that may not be terrible but are still inferior to what I could be running instead.   -no rhapsody I can't push hard enough to make use of stopping valk, and the games where there is a chance goes on long enough that 2 banish isn't enough. So rhapsody would strictly be to banish ritual spells and every non-boxer rank 4 summon is a big investment. Although, writing it out now I realize that this may still be worth it despite that because banishing the mirrors can be huge and it's a way to boost up my boxer xyz monsters to not fear the beaters. If it was strictly for stopping valk, I would run masquerade before this.   And as a last note I want to mention grave of the super ancient organism. It's a card I've been considering, but have no idea where to put. It floodgates nekroz greatly in this deck, it can really punish shaddoll for only running one dragon and just straightup win the game if you play it correctly. It stops ritual beast and is very annoying for infernoid. But it would be a huge liability against tellars and qliphort so I don't like it mained. My deck is kind of ruined already against qli game 1, so the damage isn't huge there but I think it could make a significant impact against tellars and that matchup is still common enough that I don't want to take this (someone convince me otherwise?). And, sided, I think it's just outclassed by imperial iron wall. So there is no space for it.
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      I was playing soul charge until yesterday, but took it out because it was too dead. Paying life points hurt, and giving up the battle phase hurts even more. Too often, it would just sit dead in my hand for several turns because I couldn't afford to give up the battle phase to play the card. The theory here would go something like just summoning a lead yoke/kaiser off soul charge without attacking anything will give my opponent a much greater chance at both pushing through my field and getting to my now lower life points, while having enough resources in the graveyard and being able to afford losing 4000 life points to make a greater field than this off the soul charge is too situational. Book of moon has been doing its job better in allowing me to dodge effect negation instead of rebuilding a field after the negation resolves, or flipping down an attacker instead of paying 2000 to wall with an xyz. And, reading this, I'm having a hard time convincing myself with this reasoning. I trust my testing on dropping the card, but I'm not sure I have properly understood why it's testing bad. Or I'm just underestimating how huge a loss in tempo is.   Rhongomnivad is a card I put in when it was released, but then took out when I realized that summoning it is never the right play. I don't have any solid theory to back this up, it's just how every game has played out. I could give it a try again though. I like how it triggers glassjaw on the detach.