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    So as some of you might have heard, one of the original legends of Duelistgroundz has passed away. In his honor, we would like to remember him in the best way we know how, and how we knew him, through a Goat Format tournament. If you would like to sign up for the Goat Format tournament, you will need to paypal $5 to paypal@masonoliver.com. All proceeds from this tournament will be given to the funeral proceedings with a small cash prize of $50 to first place. Please include your DG name in the note. We would like to have at least 16 people for this tournament, money will be refunded if we cannot get enough. Please also post below if you signed up so I can check. It will be Best of 3s with siding, same rules as Goat Warring, and will be run over a few weeks (tournament begins on 10/23) similar to how we have run DGCS's in the past. The current list of registered participants can be found at the Challonge bracket here. People with (unpaid) next to their name still need to paypal the money; don't forget! Also, to all participants, PLEASE join the Duelistgroundz Discord channel to assist in finding games with your opponents. Your matches will count towards warring ratings and rankings, so we need you to be in the Discord in order for your matches to count. Remember to report your losses to the WarBot by typing the following command in Discord: !goatlossvs <tag your opponent here> WR1+WR2: 10/24/2017 - 10/31/2017 WQF+LR1: 11/1/2017 - 11/6/2017 WSF+LR2: 11/7/2017 - 11/12/2017 WF+LR3: 11/13/2017 - 11/18/2017 LR4: 11/19/2017 - 11/22/2017 LQF: 11/22/2017 - 11/27/2017 LSF: 11/28/2017 - 11/30-2017 LF: 11/30-2017 - TBD GF: TBD
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    Never forget http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh0347.html?tabid=61&EventId=74 He topped at 2007 nationals too. One of his features: http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugiohddf0.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=8613 Finished 17th here, one spot from top cut. I remember netting his deck list http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh3e3f.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=8225
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    may these words always ring true
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    I just made the poll public. You can now see who voted for each choice. It's definitely not rigged.
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    I maintain this poll is a rigged conspiracy because the no categories were winning in the loyalist forum so the deep state decided to make a public poll so they can keep their categories to defraud the proletariat of their clean simple UI Vote no categories so we can go back to Discord channels the way they were meant to be
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    Always remember the time he came back in like 2013 and told people not to netdeck his 2005 nats deck because swords of revealing light and stuff wasn't that good it was just a meta call, and like two years later I was better at Yugioh and went "hey that guy was right" RIP the champ
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    One of the most notable and accomplished DGZ players of all time. RIP.
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    https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2017/10/06/rip-aim-aol-instant-messenger-dies-december/739076001/ Get fucked
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    Most, when reading the title of this thread, likely immedately thought of the classic "Play to Win" series by David Sirlin. Although the term scrub has been used since virtually the dawn of gaming, Sirlin was one of the first to explicitly describe the nature of the scrub. "In Street Fighter, the scrub labels a wide variety of tactics and situations “cheap.” This “cheapness” is truly the mantra of the scrub. Performing a throw on someone is often called cheap. A throw is a special kind of move that grabs an opponent and damages him, even when the opponent is defending against all other kinds of attacks. The entire purpose of the throw is to be able to damage an opponent who sits and blocks and doesn’t attack. As far as the game is concerned, throwing is an integral part of the design—it’s meant to be there—yet the scrub has constructed his own set of principles in his mind that state he should be totally impervious to all attacks while blocking. The scrub thinks of blocking as a kind of magic shield that will protect him indefinitely. Why? Exploring the reasoning is futile since the notion is ridiculous from the start." So what is a scrub? Stating simply, it's someone who lets their own subjective interpretation of "fun" get in the way of winning, pretty simple. So what do I have to say that David Sirlin didn't? Am I just trying to reinvent the wheel? Not exactly. Yugioh is a very unique game, and it has one of the most unique competitive communities in particular. I am not writing today to talk about the people who unironically say phrases like "meta noob" and criticize people for not being original enough. There are new scrubs in Yugioh that people are not talking about. Some of them are very good. A few even have YCS tops. Some can talk about the game at great length while sounding somewhat intelligent. They likely conduct a lot of playtesting, travel to far away events, and check out winning decklists regularly. Doesn't sound like a scrub? I don't blame you for thinking that. Unfortunately, being a scrub has nothing to do with the amount of effort put into winning. It has to do with putting artificial barriers on your growth as a player due to refusing to adopt certain strategies or tactics that increase your ability to win. In The Signal and the Noise, world-renowned statistician Nate Silver says, "We focus on those signals that tell a story about the world as we would like it to be, not how it really is." I believe that this mentality is the #1 thing holding back the competitive Yugioh player of the modern era. I've seen it happen time and time again. What do all of these decks have in common? - Stein in 2006 - Explosion in 2008 - Lightsworn in 2009 - Frog FTK in 2010 - Gravekeeper's in 2010 - Dark World in 2011 - Dino Rabbit in 2012 - Gishkill in 2013 - Domain Monarch in 2016 - Most recently, Drazo Zoodiac in 2017 These were all viable decks that were largely written off by the "Fun Police", people who masquerade as competitive players but are largely focused on convincing people to not play decks that are unfun to play against. This is the modern-day scrub. They try their hardest to convince the rest of the community that these decks aren't viable solely because they would hate to live in a universe where these decks are viable. The more unfun the deck is, the more vehement they are in their insistence that it's totally unplayable. Wouldn't the game be boring if the optimal strategy for 2016 nats was to activate Domain and lock up the game? Yes. Wouldn't it be boring if the optimal strategy for 2017 nats was to use the Zoodiac engine to pump out a bunch of Draco nonsense on t1 and lock up the game? Yes. But that doesn't affect the truth of whether those strategies are in fact optimal. Not only will The Fun Police try to convince you that these strategies aren't optimal, they'll tell you that they are completely unviable and that you're a bad player for even considering them. One of the players that I was talking to before 2017 nats explained to me how I could be right, that Draco Zoo was in fact a good meta call for that event, but that winning all of his matches by jamming a bunch of Draco cards would not "showcase his skill as well as winning Pure Zoo mirrors would." He of course scrubbed the tournament. This the consequence of a world populated by Fun Police. People are more interested in winning the approval of their peers than winning actual Yugioh tournaments. Thoughts on how to prevent this herd mentality from perpetuating in the future? Or do you guys just think I'm just full of shit? Discuss. I was thinking of fleshing this out into a full article, but I'd rather just let you guys contribute your opinions and continue to develop my cynical perspective on Yugioh history.
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    We're back, albeit on short notice. NB96 wasn't gonna be able to do one this weekend, but I'm going to step up and run this one solo so as to keep with the original plan of one every two weeks. This tournament will begin at 4:00PM EASTERN TIME on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2017. Please join the Duelistgroundz Discord server if you haven't already, as this will be your primary means of contacting your opponents. This is a DOUBLE-ELIMINATION bracket, meaning that you have to lose twice to be eliminated. All matches are played in best-of-3s, and the player coming out of loser's bracket will need to win two full matches in Grand Finals in order to win the tournament. All matches will count towards your Goat Format ranking for Season 2 of the DGz War League. The format is, once again, April 2005 Goat Format. Cybernetic Revolution and Exarion Universe are not legal. In the event of a ruling dispute, please contact a member of the DGz War Council on Duelistgroundz.com, or on our Discord server, via the @War Council tag. The default choice for all duels should be Lackey, but players are allowed to play on Duelingbook if they both agree to it or if one player cannot download or install Lackey (e.g. they are on a Mac and do not want to use Wine/dualboots). Grand Finals will be streamed on the DGz Facebook page, and the VOD will be posted afterwards on our YouTube channel. For a list of all registered players and bracket updates, check the event's Challonge page. This will be how you figure out who you are playing against in each round. Decklists are locked for this tournament; be sure to PM your decklist to MMF on Discord before the tournament starts. In addition, if you don't want your decklist to be featured during coverage or after the tournament, please let me know so that I don't talk about your list on stream or post it in the thread after the tournament is over. To register, all you need to do is post here with your usernames on Duelistgroundz and Discord like so: My DGz username / My Discord username
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    If anyone wants to be friends on here I would like to add some so I can send things (Vagabond duels)
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    30k may not be possible, but 10-20k while resetting after hitting the good UR is even if you have 2 of the UR that's still better than 1, but I'm free to play and I got: - 1 Sonic Bird - 3 Senju - 3 Mirror Wall - 3 Soul Exchange 2 Treeborn Frog (bad investment in hindsight) I even stopped playing for 1-2 months but if your approach is smart you can do it. some of these may be obvious but listing them anyway in case people who don't know check in: - save gems, don't waste any on garbage sets - auto-duel NPC's daily (so you have more time to PvP) - add friends and send 1 hand vagabond challenges - click the spots daily for gems, get the daily log-in bonuses or when a set gets released etc. - get gems from events, farm legendary duelists (preferably for 8k) for gems or duplicate skills (will turn into gems) - also use the keys you get to farm legendary duelists at the gates for 8k for gems / duplicate skills - do the weekly challeges, do PvP and get 100 consecutive wins / try to get kog - do the duel quizes - level up all characters and stage-up (once you run out of NPC's to play, go to PvP which also gives keys and gems and is unlimited) I may have forgotten some, but these are the most important ones if you keep doing this you'll be getting 20k of gems easily maybe even 30k. A month is a long time, and there are a lot of characters to level up and a lot of events etc. that give additional gems as well, all those bits truly do stack up
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    fuck me I remember playing his clock control deck. and last week my friend wanted to play chaos return format, and I went on metagame to netdeck the clock deck again
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    honestly dont understand why this is funny
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    LOL > didnt use dakini eff > opp doesn't realize and still econ takes profit
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    I should prob update this OP with the some current meta decks
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    Divinity 2 is amazing and the best thing since sliced bread and you should all play this game.
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    can i use my yearly name change to change markus' name to "elitedarklord"?
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    HOOOOLY SHIT I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THIS jazz is now banned from making fun of war council
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    The thread was more about current format more so than past formats. With past formats, the people who are playing already find the metagame to be pretty fun, or they wouldn't be playing. You might think that the same applies to current as well, but most Yugioh players are pussies so they'll just continue to play current Yugioh no matter how unfun it gets. They'll just do whatever they can to salvage their remaining scraps of fun left by trying to convince everyone to buy into the "skillful mirror" delusion.
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    I was really reluctant to kiss you because you told me you sucked dick before.
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    http://www.wlky.com/article/louisville-man-dies-in-fall-at-red-river-gorge/12819047 confirmed on his FB. Was nats champ in the US in 2005. Huge in online YGO in the good ol days, chief force in AO back then Fuck this blows.
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    if categories stay I'll win duel links KC cup
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    Categories did nothing wrong Talking about rigged I legit don't know who half the no categories voters even are
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    Wow Rip Max. The older I get its so weird to see so many people you knew or only meet a few times irl or even if online mostly pass on. I'm not even 30 yet and it seems like every year someone's gone.
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    reggie was literally trying to get him to war with us like less than 10 weeks ago
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    whoop whoop uh oh, it's the angery police SOMEBODY'S ANGRY on this mafia board and that is against the rules, just absolutely illegal here in this here mafia section cease all angeryies in this section at once and join the mafia game or else be thrown in forum jail and nobody wants that ! so you better stop it! no more angeryies in this section ! i'm fucking god damn ass fucking serious, fucker! now have a rootin' tootin' day ! send this post to anybody having an angery day in a forum mafia section and get a free cookie!