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    So as some of you might have heard, one of the original legends of Duelistgroundz has passed away. In his honor, we would like to remember him in the best way we know how, and how we knew him, through a Goat Format tournament. If you would like to sign up for the Goat Format tournament, you will need to paypal $5 to paypal@masonoliver.com. All proceeds from this tournament will be given to the funeral proceedings with a small cash prize of $50 to first place. Please include your DG name in the note. We would like to have at least 16 people for this tournament, money will be refunded if we cannot get enough. Please also post below if you signed up so I can check. It will be Best of 3s with siding, same rules as Goat Warring, and will be run over a few weeks (tournament begins on 10/23) similar to how we have run DGCS's in the past. The current list of registered participants can be found at the Challonge bracket here. People with (unpaid) next to their name still need to paypal the money; don't forget! Current list of registered duelists: 1 Audioslayne 2 TS Fearless (unpaid) 3 MZAAZM 4 Mascis 5 Jared 6 Projector (unpaid) 7 rei (unpaid) 8 Soul (unpaid) 9 2k17 10 BuildTheWalia 11 Gospel 12 Tristan 13 Sophocles
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    Never forget http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh0347.html?tabid=61&EventId=74 He topped at 2007 nationals too. One of his features: http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugiohddf0.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=8613 Finished 17th here, one spot from top cut. I remember netting his deck list http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh3e3f.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=8225
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    may these words always ring true
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    I just made the poll public. You can now see who voted for each choice. It's definitely not rigged.
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    If anyone wants to be friends on here I would like to add some so I can send things (Vagabond duels)
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    I maintain this poll is a rigged conspiracy because the no categories were winning in the loyalist forum so the deep state decided to make a public poll so they can keep their categories to defraud the proletariat of their clean simple UI Vote no categories so we can go back to Discord channels the way they were meant to be
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    Always remember the time he came back in like 2013 and told people not to netdeck his 2005 nats deck because swords of revealing light and stuff wasn't that good it was just a meta call, and like two years later I was better at Yugioh and went "hey that guy was right" RIP the champ
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    One of the most notable and accomplished DGZ players of all time. RIP.
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    30k may not be possible, but 10-20k while resetting after hitting the good UR is even if you have 2 of the UR that's still better than 1, but I'm free to play and I got: - 1 Sonic Bird - 3 Senju - 3 Mirror Wall - 3 Soul Exchange 2 Treeborn Frog (bad investment in hindsight) I even stopped playing for 1-2 months but if your approach is smart you can do it. some of these may be obvious but listing them anyway in case people who don't know check in: - save gems, don't waste any on garbage sets - auto-duel NPC's daily (so you have more time to PvP) - add friends and send 1 hand vagabond challenges - click the spots daily for gems, get the daily log-in bonuses or when a set gets released etc. - get gems from events, farm legendary duelists (preferably for 8k) for gems or duplicate skills (will turn into gems) - also use the keys you get to farm legendary duelists at the gates for 8k for gems / duplicate skills - do the weekly challeges, do PvP and get 100 consecutive wins / try to get kog - do the duel quizes - level up all characters and stage-up (once you run out of NPC's to play, go to PvP which also gives keys and gems and is unlimited) I may have forgotten some, but these are the most important ones if you keep doing this you'll be getting 20k of gems easily maybe even 30k. A month is a long time, and there are a lot of characters to level up and a lot of events etc. that give additional gems as well, all those bits truly do stack up
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    Oh good lord, how do you stockpile 30,000 gems? 500 gems are hard to come by haha
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    You were probably farming during the bonus duel assessment event that gave +1000 points. And yes it's difficult to get 8k with cerberus unless you get to 100 lps or use union + vassal (you can also just use a bunch of glossies but that can increase the farm time.) Elements Unite is generally a much faster farm though so if you have it I would use it.
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    fuck me I remember playing his clock control deck. and last week my friend wanted to play chaos return format, and I went on metagame to netdeck the clock deck again
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    what the fuck kind of RNG
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    25 packs left I have all the urs but senju For fuck sake
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    Didn't consider Mirror Chaos Necromancer is absolute garbage anyway.
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    I should prob update this OP with the some current meta decks
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    So, still running mill, because I think it's a TON of fun. Also, I've been doing a lot of improving since I got my 2nd Warm Worm, and GX has actually made the deck just a bit stronger. How, you ask? Winged Kuriboh, that's how. It gets destroyed, you take no damage for the rest of the turn. It combos SO good with Assault on GHQ! Sphere Kuriboh is a great card for most decks that have the space for it, but it has become obsolete in any mill deck that uses GHQ.
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    Divinity 2 is amazing and the best thing since sliced bread and you should all play this game.
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    can i use my yearly name change to change markus' name to "elitedarklord"?
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    This is my current build for Cyber Angels Skill: Restart Monsters:13 2x CA Benten 3x CA Dakini 1x CA Idaten 2x Cyber Petit Angel 2x Senju (currently lack a 3rd one) 3x Sonic Bird Spells:7 2x E-Con 2x Machine Angel Absolute 3x Machine Angel Ritual Another tech card you could use that gets around Machine Angel Ritual's protection effect is D.D. Warrior.
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    might be because the system is expecting you to pitch a ritual monster to negate the effects of another ritual monster? idk
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    Not sure if it's just this one card interaction that's not working or if there are others. Every time I use Ultimate Providence to negate a Cyber Angel monster effect, it doesn't negate it or destroy it. I'm aware of the Ritual Spell protection effect, but it doesn't stop negations and it doesn't even get banished anyways so there's some fuckery going on
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    I mean i have marik but i still think weevil is overall better for burn tbh
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    The best F2P deck without question is sleight of hand control. I absolutely think fusions will soon be the best deck btw, the ability to ftk is unreal when you add anti magic arrows amd jadens skill
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    Evolution is a level up skill. DeEvolution is a drop skill.
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    Is this a dropped skill?
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    Shot solemn scolding now a reward card
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    This turned out to be a very thoughtful discussion lol One thing I wanted to point out though about phoenix decks, you actually can very easy play around fire king island's nuke, for example 2 in hand (which might seem like a brick), can mean destroying the island before phoenix comes back, in which case you rely on backrow or sphere kuriboh to keep you alive (can be risk cause of red-eyes though), although another play go along with is setting yaksha as there's a good chance they will attack it, in which case just pop your field spell. Good players though can read this play and not attack, but if your opponent doesn't read it, you are in a pretty good spot. Something I've been testing with pretty decent results in phoenix is vortex trooper, its a +1 when popped by island and helps you thin faster, and with the above play, if your opponent doesn't attack thinking its yaksha you can set it as a bluff, and still save your 1800 attacker in hand while drawing 1 when fire island nukes. You could also use storm for extra s/t removal, it may seem excessive in phoenix, but it's another way to make good use of the island that would be destroyed, not to mention another option to trigger wild tornado as well. Oh and hey, another generally easy to f2p deck I forgot about is ninja's, they're a very controlling deck with you're usually backrow protection, and with white ninja and ninja grandmaster sasuke, get free monster removal in, and can deal with backrow/ phoenix wing blast them with red-dragon's effect. 3SD and beatdown are usually the best strategies to use it with.
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    I'm still on the belief that Phoenix is the best F2P deck, just consistent backrow removal is so valuable against cancer decks like mill and burn, not to mention wild tornado is decent monster removal and doesn't cost you a discard like tribute to doom, though super rush is probably better in that regard, but is easier to play around rush and tornado is more versatile. With 3000 gems from fx download you can probably pick up a phoenix easy, maybe 2 if you're lucky, not to mention more heavy knights who is a decent monster. You alternative though could use the gems to pick up a wyvern, red eyes is still very good and if you pick up another vigilance or 2 you are pretty set. Monster removal might be better for you as well to deal with buster bladed decks, and also for against toon barrel dragon and 3SD. You also might be good with storm or Providence to deal with backrow alongside vigilance
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    HOOOOLY SHIT I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THIS jazz is now banned from making fun of war council
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    A idea I have for a Plant deck since Rose Lover and Marina came out. Thoughts or changes? Skill:Restart Monsters:12-14 2x Botanical Girl 2x Dust Knight 1x Lord Poison 3x Rose Lover 2-3x Mariña 2-3x Talalya Spells:3 3x Tribute To The Doomed Traps:4 2x Plant Food Chain 2x Ultimate Providence Other cards I am considering Enemy Controller (Considering using this or Tribute To quickly send Rose Lover to the grave) Fragrance Storm (Has chemistry with Mariña and sends Rose Lover to the grave) Premature Return (To recycle Rose Lover) Strategy:You want Rose Lover and Mariña/Talaya in the hand as soon as possible to dump Rose Lover Then to dump Rose Lover to swarm the field with Mariña/Talaya. Note I have not tested the deck since I lack a 3rd Rose Lover, Only have Talalya, and have 0 Dust Knights/Plant Food Chain. The main thing I would worry about is bricking.
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    Think you left out a key part of the game and F2P aspect, I went ahead and drafted this, pick apart at it as you will; Auto Duels The main way F2P players earn their cards, and all players for that matter, is through grinding up the characters levels and earning cards/gems/gold. This means constantly dueling standard duelists as a means to earn exp. This is the mobile aspect of the game shining through, and at the later levels it will take days to level up characters. Thus the "Auto-Duel" function was added, as a means to duel standard and event duelists quickly, using a AI to calculate duels and play has increased speed in gameplay, significantly downgrading the time it takes to beat opponents, by means of a simple click of a button. Since the deck is played with a AI which uses algorithms to decided moves, the AI doesn't take into account game state or card advantage. If it sees it can make a move, it will make that move, despite the fact keeping cards means they can attack for game that turn. Because of this nature, a good auto duel deck is a deck that runs lots of lower level powerful monsters, and cards that keep those monsters alive or boost their attack power, and doesn't rely too heavily on discarding/tributing for costs. Another thing to note is abilities. The AI is incapable of using manual activating abilities, such as kaiba's beatdown or yugi's destiny draw. Because of this, abilities that are automatically in play such as peak performance or LP Boost are more beneficial to run. You can be fine not running any abilities, but any advantage can help win more duels. Attribute Beatdown These decks are made possibly via Echoes of Silence, Electric Overload, Crimson Kingdom and Dawn of the Destiny, which introduced field spells that boost attributes atk by 500 and decrease their def by 400. These 4 sets have power creeped the game into introducing 1800 atk lv4 monsters as well, with significant easy pull rates, some of them being rares, meaning a great benefit for F2P players. These sets also funny enough, introduce more monsters for a particular attribute in the next set, a pain for sure to switch sets, but if you're running low on high atk monsters then you know where to find them. Examples of these kind of decks (note; some cards are not from the aforementioned sets, any missing spell/ traps that are not the field spells can be replace with anything decent, the same can be said about the monsters, however the higher atk or effects that boost atk are more valuable then most other effects). Light: 1 Chaos Command Magician 1 Thunder Nyan Nyan 2 Ninja Grand Master Sasuke 3 X - Head Cannon 2 Herald of Creation 1 Hoshiningen 2 Luminous Spark 2 Super Rush Headlong 2 Lucky Battle Axe 2 Security Orb 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis Dark: 1 Angmarl, the Fiendish Monarch 1 Twin Barrel Dragon 2 Genex Ally Powercell 3 Maiden of Macabre 3 Dark Blade 2 Mystic Plasma Zone 2 Super Rush Headlong 2 Lucky Battle Axe 2 Security Orb 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis Fire: 1 Knight of the Red Lotus 1 Goka, Pyre of Malice 1 Charcoal impatchi 1 Heavy Knight of The Flame 3 Fire King Yaksha 3 Great Angus 2 Molten Destruction 2 Super Rush Headlong 2 Order to Charge 1 Beast Rising 1 Mirror Wall 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis Water: 3 Gemini Lancer 3 Gagagigo 3 Uminotaurus 1 Star Boy 2 Umiiruka 2 Order to Charge 2 Super Rush Headlong 1 Mirror Wall 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis 1 Security Orb Wind: 1 Luster Dragon #2 1 Spear Dragon 1 Cave Dragon 1 Red-Eyes Wyvern 1 Harpy Lady 1 1 Harpy Lady 2 1 Harpy Lady 3 2 Birdface 2 Sonic Duck 2 Rising Air Current 2 Super Rush Headlong 1 Elegant Egotist 1 MetalMorph 1 Mirror Wall 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis General Beatdown As seen as above, auto decks generally use high attack monsters to attack for game. If you are new and are missing many cards to make said decks, or have splurged on packs not realizing which ones you should have been buying, it is perfectly fine to put all your highest attacking monsters into 1 deck and support it like you would with the attribute decks. Example; 2 Gemini Lancer 2 Gagagio 2 X-Head Cannon 2 Dark Blade 2 Great Angus 2 Super Rush Headlong 2 Lucky Battle Axe 1 Ririyoku 1 Metalmorph 1 Inspiration 1 Enchanted javelin 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis Themes Ever hear people say " this theme takes such skill to play", meaning the complete opposite? Some decks are like this, which is good in the AI's sense, as just by doing its job it can bring powerful monsters to the field. In Echoes of Silence, the LV monsters are such a theme, or The Creator and it's incarnate in Electric Overload. With Mako Tsunami, A legendary Ocean decks with hammer shark are not only decent PVP decks, but can be used quite successfully with the auto duel AI as well. Naturia can most times be ran efficiently by the AI too, as well as using a blue-eyes beatdown deck . In general, if the theme centers around special summoning monsters from the hand/ deck without too much resources wasted, the deck has potential to be a auto duel deck. Grinding Skills If you are after certain abilities for duelists and want to maximize your time and efforts, auto duel decks can be made to try and maximize your point values at the end of the duel. Such auto duel decks center around Ritual/ Fusion summons for the bonus, and run any prismatics and glossy cards to rack as much value as possible for up to 2000-3000k. However as mentioned before the AI doesn't take into account game state or card advantage. This can lead to some questionable moves such as skipping turns or setting fusion/ ritual requirements in def mode when not needed. Ritual decks also have to be wary of the AI ritual summoning a second time with a already ritual summoned monster, for no reason. These decks can do fine in the long run, but compared to the above methods, it has the least consistent win-rate. Final Notes As explained over again, the AI is by no means perfect. It is a program with its faults, and even with a perfectly made auto duel deck, there will be times it makes mistakes, makes unnecessary plays, and extend duels that don't need to. The good part about this? Most standard duelist duels can let you afford 1-2 mistakes, which makes the mistakes null and void often, and can sometimes lead to increases in after duel point assessments. With all this said, Happy Grinding.
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    I also ran train on Plat with the Hammershark deck. That being said Plat is like the new silver. After day 1 the best players aren't there anymore. My build plays 3 motherfuckin' Starboy. It's a great Hammer target, bumps Hammer up to 2400 so it can compete with the tribute monsters played in the game right now, reduces FIRE monsters of which there are plenty in the game right now as well. 3 Hammer Shark 2 Yomi Ship 1 Beautunaful Princess 1 Deep Sweeper 1 Lost Blue Breaker 3 Starboy 2 Super Rush Headlong 3 Enemy Controller 1 Fish Depth Charge 2 Mirror Wall 1 Metalmorph I found myself not really liking to use the Blue Breaker's effect for most matchups and having 1800 vs 1600 to be relevant. Deep Sweeper can also use it's effect without another monster present which can be relevant.
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    My updated Hammershark deck that made it to Legend 1 a few days ago and surpassingly didn't face many Red Eyes Builds which is the decks worse match up if I don't draw into backrow plus Yomi Ship sucks against Wyvern and Vanguard. Skill:Mystic Depths Monsters:11 1x Beautunaful Princess 3x Hammerhead Shark 3x Lost Blue Breaker (Considering only running 2 of it, I only run 3 for Toon Kingdom, The Mirror match, and backrow heavy decks) 1x Needle Sunfish (Considering taking out and replacing for Oyster Meister and only used it since its effect comes in hand during the mirror or against other beatdown decks.) 1x Uminotaurus (Only ran due to its attack and its piercing effect that applies to all the monsters in the deck) 2x Yomi Ship Spells:6 3x Enemy Controller 3x Super Rush Headlong Traps:3 1x Fish Depth Charge (I really wish you could get a 2nd copy) 1x Metalmorph 1x Mirror Wall
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    anyone have some ideas for handless now that we have access to a 2nd swift Gaia? I think the deck has some promise again and have been messing with it tonight. Curious to see if others have been as well
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    I prefer focusing solely on destroying Phoenix with island, but I do like your idea with hand/soul exchange. My fear would be that Phoenix is still just weak and you're simple summoning him without using his effect first so he's going to be prone to backrow and bigger monsters. That being said my build gets beat because my opponent doesn't set for 2 turns after I use island on Phoenix, and if my hand isn't equipped well enough I can lose quickly, but the fact that the opponent can't set for 2 turns (or if they do it's like Red Eyes Spirit or they suck) works in your advantage in the way of filling the rest of your deck with the cards that help in those situations Beatdown 3 sacred phoenix 3 yaksha 3 sphere 2 planet pathfinder 2 goka pyre 3 island 2 card of soul 2 wild tornado it could use some more work but it's been pretty successful. I figured beatdown was the better skill for me if I'm focusing on consistency with more islands/phoenix. If I was to run more cards outside of that specific combo I'd use restart or balance instead. The deck is trying to make atm tho is a Shadow Game mill deck. Working on getting the 3rd warm worm but could use some ideas for when I do get it.
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    After getting my hands on 3 Anti Magic Arrows I decided to experiment and build a more aggressive Naturia Skill:Beatdown Monsters:11 3x Hydrangeas 2x Marron 3x Pumpkin 3x Stag Beetle Spells:9 3x Anti-Magic Arrows 3x Enemy Controller (To steal a face up monster before the bp so you can OTK or incase your attack is stopped by a Sphere Kuriboh) 3x Magical Mallet Strategy: Going first you want to open up with a Marron to dump a Stag Beetle in the grave due to the fact you can revive it with another Stag Beetle incase the op activates a monster effect and to tin the deck in the process. Going second the best opening hand (assuming the op summons a monster) is Pumpkin with a Stag Beetle and atleast a Hydrangea with Anti Magic Arrows. If the op does not summon a monster you want to open up Marron with 2x Hydrangeas and Anti Magic Arrow. The only thing that can stop this OTK is Sphere Kuriboh, Yomi Ship,Toon Kingdom, etc OTK Damage Calculations 1x Stag Beetle (2800)+Hydrangeas(2500)=5300 2x Hydrangeas (2500+2500)+Marron (1800)=6800 The Major weakness of this deck is you really heavily on having specific cards in hand which Magical Mallet helps with and it loses very easily to Toon Kingdom and Mill unless you get really lucky. Going first sucks outside of thining the deck with Marron and setting up a Stag Beetle play also if these short of decks catches on the op can just remember to set their toggle on to activate Super Rush,Econ,OTC or something else before the bp to prevent you from otking.
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    I have a new idea for the Handless Balance deck. In theory, it should work. What do you guys think of this? Deck: 20 Skill: Balance Monsters: 5 1x Swift Gaia the First Knight 3x Flash Assailant 1x [Monster] (I recommend Heavy Knight of the Flame) Spells: 10 (EXACTLY) 3x Double Summon 3x Card of the Soul 2-3x Gateway to Chaos 1-2x [Spell Card] (Depends on how many Gateways you own/run) Traps: 5 (EXACTLY) 2-3x Dimension Gate 1-2x Wild Tornado 0-1x [Trap Card] With this formula, you open with 1x monster, 2x Spells, 1x Trap. You're guaranteed a monster on the first turn, you have a good chance of getting out a second on Turn 1 or 2, and there's a good chance of going full power by your second turn.
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    Yeah I plan to get another Super Rush and reset the box once I pull a Tribute To The Doomed and Heavy Knight.
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    What does that accomplish? Won't the second island still get it's effect?
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    Just get some more super headrush. The card is so versatile, combining it with econ is the perfect defensive lineup for any deck. Adding battle traps like mirror walls will solve your problems
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    Phoenix with fire kings is still a pretty good deck tho because you force your opponent to not commit back row which can open up easy wins for you by playing aggressively. A play I've seen a lot is people setting island over the top of another island after you destroy Phoenix
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    My attempt at a Naturia deck which I believe has a bit of potential due to the Pumpkin, Marron, Hydrangeas, and Stag Beetle. Skill:Beatdown (So Stag Beetle and Hydrangeas can get over bigger monsters) Monsters: 12 3x Hydrangeas (If you activate the effect of a Naturia monster this turn and its in your hand you can special summon it) 3x Marron (A foolish burial for Naturia monsters that recycle two Naturia monsters back into the deck and you draw 1 card once per turn) 3x Pumpkin (When you normal summon it while your opponent controls a monster you can special summon a Naturia from the hand) 3x Stag Beetle (If a card effect is activated during the battle step or damage step of this card's attack, you can special summon a Naturia from your GY) Spells:6 3x Enemy Controller 1x Super Rush Headlong 2x Soul Exchange (Is useful incase you don't open with Pumpkin or Marron) Traps:2 1x Exterio's Fang (Testing out) 1x Mirror Wall Basically the strategy of this deck is you want to open up with Pumpkin with Stag Beetle/Hydrangeas or Marron with Hydrangeas. I might consider restart though the only thing I worry about then is facing 2300+ beater decks which is why I use the Beatdown skill. Other cards I considered running Embodiment of Aphosis (Another form of tribute fodder) Naturia Dragonfly (Is basically a Spirit Reaper for decks that run 2000 attack monsters)
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    I mean yeah it improved but its nowhere near t1 still Dark Paladin deck is the one to beat
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    Its defiantly better then what most people give it credit for from what I seen and faced a few times.
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    Not really dead in the mirror since you can snipe the hunting grounds if you want. Just make sure to have each field spell kill itself.