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    I had a big thread explaining each card but it got deleted, so here is the half-assed version just for the sake of having a thread. I'm going to work on re-writing this, but I lost two hours of work today and I don't want to not have a thread up since this deck is going to be pretty important very soon. Thanks for understanding! S P Y R A L SPYRAL was a previous TCG exclusive theme based off of James Bond lore. The Deck revolves around spying on the top cards of your opponent's deck to generate advantage by searching for cards and summoning monsters. Like all modern decks, you are attempting to build a board in which your opponent can't break. If they don break it, you can simply go off again since you gained so much card advantage. DECK B R E A K D O W N Your goal turn one to summon SPYRAL Quick-Fix to search SPYRAL GEAR-Drone, then summon Drone and look at the top three cards of your opponent's deck. From there you can go into Spyral Double Helix ---> Double Helix allows you to get SPYRAL Master Plan from your deck ---> Master Plan leads to Resort ---> Which leads you to the boss monster, Sleeper ---> Your goal is to end with Sleeper equipped with Last Resort. Last Resort not only protects Sleeper, buy allows you target Sleeper for his own effect and not have Sleeper be destroyed due to Last Resort and destroying up to two cards your opponent controls at a quick effect. The deck is effective in summoning tons of Links and has a great chunk of support options that you can play around with. Here is an in-depth guide created by The Organization that explains the Double Helix combos better than i can via text: S A M P L E DECKLIST MONSTER CARDS (19): 3 SPYRAL GEAR – Drone 3 SPYRAL Quik-Fix 1 Maxx “C” 1 SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort 3 SPYRAL Super Agent 1 SPYRAL Master Plan 1 SPYRAL Sleeper 3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 3 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 1 Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson SPELL CARDS (21): 1 Foolish Burial 3 Machine Duplication 1 Reinforcement of the Army 1 Soul Charge 3 Terraforming 1 One for One 3 Set Rotation 3 SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red 3 SPYRAL Resort 1 Oracle of Zefra 1 Dragon Ravine TRAP CARDS (2): 1 SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire 1 SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue EXTRA DECK (15): 1 Ancient Fairy Dragon 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Decode Talker 3 SPYRAL Double Helix 3 Proxy Dragon 1 Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior 2 Decode Talker 1 Borreload Dragon 2 Firewall Dragon
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    The Kolkata Street Pajeets have today launched a devastating assault on the pride of ESPN as horrified onlookers watched helplessly as NB96 triumphed over MMF 2-1 in match #1, before completing the runback with a thrilling victory, coming back from behind to once again to win 2-1! MMF beat NB96 later...
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    War format = HEART POINTS, NO DOUBLE ELIM, as in INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS ARE NOT ELIMINATED AFTER LOSING TWICE Round 2 lets go Kolkata Street Pajeets Digbick/Digbic Wrinkelywinkie/ My mom wont let me play ygo NB96/ Nick Shining Blue-eyes/ Shining Blue-eyes themadgician/ themadgician ESPN ❤ MMF/ frog emoji Soul/ Soul Haruki/ Haruki Andesmountain/ Andesmountain Matt Bishop/ Gordie Geck0 Tristan/ TristanP 2k17 / 2k17 War Story:
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    I have a very cursory understanding of Spyrals, but it seems like the graveyard is important to them. What if you took this deck in a slightly different direction and used your dark monsters to summon Dark Law with Mask Change 2?
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    Final Vote Count: Bass.EXE(1) - black angus Black Angus(2) - T.C. Soph(2) - Confuse Ray, Faint, JC, Wunter Soph was: You're Dice"Get Bussed by Tyranno"tosser. Whose dying now sucka? Mafia 1-Shot Strongman You are a Mafia 1-Shot Strongman. One Night of your choice if you take the factional kill, it can not be prevented by any kind of protection or jailing. You are to announce the using of your Strongman ability alongside with the kill in the scum chat. The night starts now and ends in about 24 hrs. Please get your night actions to me in a reasonable time frame.
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    @Faint @Wunterslaus 11 minutes until eod dont ruin my dreers pls
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    alright i agree with this in principle but: slickz claims to have a special version of the scan that goes through any other roles angus made a super godfathery post by going 'scanning me is actually a great idea' and now bass claims miller like it's almost dumb enough to A L L C O M E S T O G E T H E R
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    A couple things I've been wondering from testing; Gofu. Is it worth playing Gofu making it easy to setup the extra link board even though there's no Linkuriboh to make going straight into Firewall Dragon then triggering its summon from hand effect to go in. I haven't had too much time to test so as such haven't had an opportunity to practice playing out hands and different end boards ect and that makes it hard to know whether the card makes that big a difference. It's only really good when you brick with it cause you can go straight into Firewall with Gofu + any normal summon. The second thing thats come up a lot for me is the correct amount of Missions & Gears to play. The more SPYRAL MISSION - Rescue you play the more times you can summon Master Allan back for free and grab another Rescue to pitch for Quick Fix and keep going like that. The issue with so many engine cards plus so many other combo cards added in Set Rotation, Ravine + Destrudo, Gofu as well as hand traps the deck space becomes very tight and to accomodate everything comfortably pushes the main deck over 40 cards. You don't want to draw your Missions or Gears except Drone so going over 40 might not be the worst thing with all the search power. The third thing that I notice for the deck is board wipes + hand traps are very powerful vs this deck. Ghost Reaper on Double Helix can end the game right there as well 3 Evenly Matched being a thing means that dropping your whole deck on the board turn 1 can be a dangerous play unless we can consistently counter it. Things like Debunk are too slow to counter things turn 1. The last thing I wanna touch on is going second. Finding the correct lines of play to break their boards and deciding on things like hand traps + board wipes to break their board and establish your own board or just establish and outright kill them. Practice and time will tell but will be interesting to see YCS and Regional results from here. The deck pluses that hardout when it goes off to max (consistent) potential that it can be more than double the Luna Light Zoo combo in raw advantage. That being said it may be enough to make it the single best deck in TCG like it is in the OCG but only time can tell.
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    collaborate and listen btw hi everybody!
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    a friend showed me the site and i decided to hop in!
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    Currently long AMD, ALKS, AMZN, AAPL, NKE and ROST in the account that I fuck with. My more meaningful account is invested 65-35 equity/income, fees tax deductible so I end up around ~1.4% actively mgd. Fees are high, performance good, and prefer to have downside protection with that account.
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    3 Ash 2 Ogre 2 Droll 1 Reitaliating 1 Maxx 3 Witch 3 Squa 3 Aleister 2 Hedgehog 1 Dragon 3 Ties of The Brethren 3 Instant Fusion 3 Knowledge 2 Secrets 2 Wonder Wand 2 Desires 2 Invocation 2 El Shaddoll Side Deck I have no idea at the moment Extra Deck 1 Brethren Target 1 Thousand Eyes 3 Winda 1 Shek 1 Akashic 1 Proxy 1 Talker 2 Mechaba 2 Raidjin 1 Purg 1 Coytus I was just trying to mess around to see if I could make a deck that can main a shit ton of hand traps, still function properly, and have a good spyral matchup while not completely sucking dick against the other decks of the format. Basically if you open brethren + spellcaster you bring out doll/ witch or whatever piece you are missing, draw a lot of cards, search droll/ maxx/ retaliating set el shaddoll, have winda backed up by a bunch of hand traps. If you don't open brethren you just try to draw through your deck, and play handtrap.invoked deck. Main issue thus far I have ran into with brief testing is drone attack gain is such a minus as you have to discard an aleister in order to keep your winda up so you just don't lose, and that sucks dick, True Draco would probably be the worst matchup as most of your hand traps do nothing there and they give no fucks about winda. Some ideas, side ideas would be appreciated. Kinda want to play allure here so that using invocation as a standard poly is a viable play with the dolls.
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