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    TLDR this probably means that Tits or GTFO is coming back.
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    If you're one of the three people with sigs still on, you know this already, but RiWork Consulting is my own firm, thus I have re-assumed ownership of DuelistGroundz. I am... very happy. But I also am not going to be the owner I was from 2013-2016. I like this place and want it to thrive. I don't agree with every one of allen's decisions but he did a lot of good for the site and its activity - much of the processes he's put in place will stay - changes are coming in some areas though and I can't wait to share them
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    RiWork Consulting is a database and security consulting firm that has assumed ownership and management of DuelistGroundz. More info coming shortly.
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    Advertising has been changed to Google Adsense. Please let us know if you encounter any issues
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    i scanned duckstar to prevent that exact scenario from happening and it happened anyway
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    Also shoutout to Tyranno for continually finding subs, nice piece of work hosting.
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    The seto hacking theme gets played a surprising amount when my roommate and i do programming assignments
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    Shoutout to ACP, putting nasty ads on the site broke town's spirit
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    Congratulations @T.C. you followed my path better than I did and surpassed me to win it all. You're scum MVP for perfectly preying on the collective stupidity of the remaining town. Scum HM: Nobody deserves it Scum LVP: Cunning Mastermind for getting trapped in and not renouncing her predecessor's boneheaded claim with Markus. Town MVP: rei/JC. are tied respectively for picking out who the scum team was and pushing for their lynch and not just using Innocent Child as a crutch to not play like some people would and in JC.'s case being the most competent player at projecting and leading town after rei was nk'd as well as that stellar doc claim that drew the nk. Town HM: Wunter for comboing off of JC's claim to protect him from the nk and for completely avoiding being detected as the Doc by scum for most of the game. Town LVP: We had a lot of subs this game but the biggest liability that was still in the final lineup was Black Angus who was easily mislynched without scum even having to place a vote. Something to note as far as host errors go I did fuck up a night action with Confuse Ray because I initially believed Malcolm was roleblocking him. Subbing Bass.EXE in was probably a bad decision in the end as well but I was desperate to avoid nk's. The popup ad fiasco most certainly disrupted the game as well and I'm as disappointed as all of you likely are because it put a damper on the final phases. Setup: 1-shot strongman roleblocker godfather lucky day N0 cop(So how this works is first gets the N0 check on a townie aka Bass and then on N3 he can see through Miller or Godfather if that is his check) doctor miller innocent child 6 vanilla Thanks to all the subs. Hope each and every one of you had a great time! We would love it if you would come back and play again with us sometime. Scum QT: https://discord.gg/sv7pabs
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    im so good wtf and tyranno it wasnt a bad claim since it saved me and got a mislynch im just on another level
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    just as long as it isnt that fukkin duel madness shit
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    :eyeroll: I would like to give a shoutout to wunter for not counterclaiming
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    3 Ash 2 Ogre 2 Droll 1 Reitaliating 1 Maxx 3 Witch 3 Squa 3 Aleister 2 Hedgehog 1 Dragon 3 Ties of The Brethren 3 Instant Fusion 3 Knowledge 2 Secrets 2 Wonder Wand 2 Desires 2 Invocation 2 El Shaddoll Side Deck I have no idea at the moment Extra Deck 1 Brethren Target 1 Thousand Eyes 3 Winda 1 Shek 1 Akashic 1 Proxy 1 Talker 2 Mechaba 2 Raidjin 1 Purg 1 Coytus I was just trying to mess around to see if I could make a deck that can main a shit ton of hand traps, still function properly, and have a good spyral matchup while not completely sucking dick against the other decks of the format. Basically if you open brethren + spellcaster you bring out doll/ witch or whatever piece you are missing, draw a lot of cards, search droll/ maxx/ retaliating set el shaddoll, have winda backed up by a bunch of hand traps. If you don't open brethren you just try to draw through your deck, and play handtrap.invoked deck. Main issue thus far I have ran into with brief testing is drone attack gain is such a minus as you have to discard an aleister in order to keep your winda up so you just don't lose, and that sucks dick, True Draco would probably be the worst matchup as most of your hand traps do nothing there and they give no fucks about winda. Some ideas, side ideas would be appreciated. Kinda want to play allure here so that using invocation as a standard poly is a viable play with the dolls.
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    PICTURED: rei and his coworker hacking into Konami's database, searching for the ban list
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    I was completely awful yes gg everyone thanks mod
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    Do note, i havnt played mafia in almost what, 7 years? Had fun, just damn lol, this marning made my heard hurt. Thanks faint. XD
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    rei 100% reads the PMs but he own DGZ again so what are you gonna do about it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Despite what some FAKE NEWS sources would have you believe, rei is a very successful hackerman who has his own consulting firm.
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    Vote Count: No Lynch(3) - Duk, Faint, T.C. That was majority day ends in a No Lynch
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    I'm not mad DGz, I'm just disappointed.
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    No one cc'd me. I'm basically confirmed town. Most logic thing is to heal myself tonight so that's what I'm gonna do. Fine with no lynch now
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    Ok, so let me explain to you guys something about ad economics. There are 3 ways that a sponsor makes money with ads. 1. By visitations to your website leading to a purchase from a sponsor. 2. By visitations to your website leading to visitations to a sponsor's website. 3. By visitations to your website leading to exposure to a sponsor's website/product. #1 pays more than #2 which pays more than #3. #3 actually pays pretty poorly, particularly because the conversion rate from #3 into #1 is so low. To put in into context, I run a youtube channel which was received hundreds of thousands of views. Do you know how much I've made off of AdSense in my lifetime? $20.30. The minimum payout is $100, so I've actually made nothing so far. On the other hand, by running pop-under ads on DGZ, this is a instance of #2, as you're being forced to actually visit the sponsor's website. How much have I made off that so far? In 15 hours, I've made $0.93. This converts into about $45 a month, nearly half of our server costs! It is expected to actually increase soon, as PropellerAds' algorithm needs a couple of days to crawl the site and figure out which ads are more relevant to our users hopefully leading to more time spent on the sponsor's sites and actual product purchases. The current ads that you're seeing are the "default" ones essentially. That being said, I did remove one of the ads on mobile, as I mistakenly had it set up in such a way that mobile users are seeing twice as many ads as I had anticipated. Hopefully this will make the mobile experience better without totally screwing over our revenue streams. I get that you guys would rather not see ads, but the alternative is not seeing a site called duelistgroundz.com. It's not fair that you guys have to see an ad just to contribute to the site (well, you actually don't, as you can just use adblock if you want), but it's also not fair that someone has to pay for DGZ's server without seeing any return on investment. Frankly, if you guys had bought a shitton of loyalist subscriptions and DGZ shirts, we never would've gotten into this situation. But selling 3 shirts a year doesn't pay for our server, and this is the unfortunate alternative.
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    I'm not usually this harsh, but this is such a garbage analogy, bordering on false equivalency. Here's why: For TV, (JK)Drama, movie, anime streaming sites, you go to get content that is either region-locked or paywall-locked, you can binge the entire season, or because those sites don't have minute-long ads every 10 minutes. There's value you don't get elsewhere (I mean people would watch on Fox/NBC/CBS OnDemand or equivalent site, if the content was there). See Netflix. In our site's case, as a forum, we are being asked to be on this site to generate content or value ourselves - there's not (no longer) any inherent benefit or value add in coming here (since people aren't even posting about modern Link Format Yugioh much here). As such, to endure unrelated spammy ads to use the site, just to make it live again, strikes me as a bit rich. I mean if you had a paid forum or paywall articles when Hoban was active (see ARG trying to monetize Twitch streams), Jeff Jones was willing to do exclusive content, etc. , then you might have a case for pay to play. The old timers might persist (and many want it to persist), but good luck with anybody new.
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    I’m at this or Restart I think 2 Sonic Bird is optimal post ban but only have 1 and not going to dig for it now either CA being tier 1 but not tier 0 means you can afford to play less vs the mirror and more vs REZ / backrow decks (econ disruption floodgate) / d draw burn nobleman extermination is key here (with mind scan you know what to snipe - without it you need to play more careful vs multiple backrows, have to test it)
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    wow @BuildTheWalia when someone else does it i totally understand why you wanted to lynch me
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    Gotta pay the bills. Please consider disabling your AdBlock for duelistgroundz.com. Yes, you will see the kinds of annoying ads that you'd see on a raunchy porn site, but hey, it pays for our server at least, not a raunchy porn site's server.
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    great because i have a lot of porn and not a lot of places to post it.
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    yeah this show is going on, bitches
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    i thought it was just me and you left for some weird reason wunter lmfao oops
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    its a meme basically rei is fucking unbelievably good at finding scum - widely considered the best mafia player on this site (hat tip to malcolm and crei as well) in fact, whenever he calls something and is wrong, or survives too long, the town lynch him because rei wrong = scum and rei not nkd = scum