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    was that before or after you made the deal about soulreading eachother last game?
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    riged wow i solvd dis gam btw i cant belive i wus ONE UNDR fuk u islick n ur gay ass tearlost
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    I'd feel suuuuuuper scummy not hiring the dude idk what happened to everyone's moral compass. It's cell phones there's literally no reason to hire the hot chick when there's a better candidate.
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    ALL THE OUTS mark Chevalier de Fromage/ P(∃Rock Above Me.)=1❤❤❤ Brandis72/ LACKEY=CONSISTENCY+POWER ❤❤❤ TheAntiAntimetaAzn/ G-sop ❤❤❤ Personofsecrets ❤❤❤ MattKolenda / MattK ❤❤ N3sh ❤ VS Sexually Oppressed Slaves ❤ Zepharos / Death Sentence#4646 ❤❤❤ BuildTheWalia / BuildTheWalia#3572 ❤❤ Gracco / Gracco#9578 ❤❤❤ WorldGoneMaad /Mozzy / Mozzy#2403 Johnnyphoenix/ JohnnyPhoenix#9123 ❤❤❤ Kewl`Kat / Kewl`Kat ❤❤
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    ftr i dont think it's necessarily scummy for markus to defend malcolm here but he's definitely wrong lol
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    2 sonic 2 senju may be better post ban (or 1 Sonic 2 senju should be fine) but I happen to have 1 Sonic 3 senju, so that’s what I use. Senju is definitely still better than Sonic Bird though
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    I think this deck is a good way to learn how to play around backrows, and I think it may be pretty good post-banlist as well. Sure mind scan and extermination and anti-magic arrows are good vs all the backrow decks, but they also teach you bad habbits. You can play around e-con by leaving monsters in defense and not using the effect unless you have a 2nd dakini that turn, or already on the field. You can play around wall of disruption by leaving 1 dakini in defense and attacking with the other. You can play around mirror wall by not attacking. This may seem weird, but you will +1 off Dakini in the EP every turn, and the moment you get acces to your 2nd, you can start using the effect to clear monsters. Then you’ll get 2 EP dakini effects per turn, and once you cleared all monsters you can attack and play around disruption by leaving one in defense. The idea is that you always need 1 dakini to not die and to generate advantage, but any additional copies can be used to trade for their backrows. You can keep looping them anyway because you can keep adding stuff back in the end phase. E-con is there to make you not die because you’re going to play less aggressively and be more vulnerable to their e-con take OTK shots, to make you own e-con take OTK shots, and to just have an edge in the mirror, while the standbye skill makes sure you have more plays per turn, and while it’s meaningless in the mirror, if you play correctly vs backrow deck, both players having more cards should favor you since your engine is better. Need to test it more to see if I actually think it’s “enough” and if mind scan / extermination or even anti-magic arrows aren’t needed anyway, but bricking with mind scan is really bad and probably not worth it vs most of the field.
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    How is it 50/50? Fortress trades with everything and Gearframe trades for free essentially. All a QD player needs to do is pop your field 1-by-1. I feel like people forget things like Hamster, Ryko and BoM are @ 3. Unless you open BWW early, there is no way you keep up early game barring Skill Drain (even then). Again idk what you are talking about. No BW is really free, and Icarus Attack is easily played around. Again, only cards you have at your disposal are Drain and Oppression, both of which probably result in a fairly inconsistent deck overall/all current meta considered. Frog Monarch is not the best game 1 deck even, but if you think so go, sure. The deck can draw worse than many others and you can simply be locked out of games. Play against a competent player who will lock you out of Soul Exchange/E-Con plays early on and you are fucked. Quickdraw Frogs would not lose to GB more than standard QD for sure, since QD plays more 1-for-1 removal, but more than Frog Monarch is ridiculous. You can literally play around Chariot if you have QD, not to mention you play the best of both decks in E-Con, etc.
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    walia > mark chaos mirrors are my favorite of all time
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    BW actually just sucks. Your only good matchup is basically GB. Unless you are straight up OTKing your Quickdraw or Gadget opp, or drawing RO/Drain (playing both is pretty awful imo since Drain, given the prevalence of Book is just not good out of a few matchups), those matches will always be an uphill battle since they will trade all their cards for free. Your matchup against Frognarch is absolutely terrible barring few situations. As far as Frognarch being the best deck, I'm far from convinced. Summoning double Dupe and dumping Frog is not that good. Winning post sideboard is extremely hard as well since you are limited to 1 summon per turn. I guess most people don't realize you can actually just summon 1 monster at a time against pure Frognarch and actually get there, especially if you go 1st. Quickdraw Frog built correctly (not saying I've built it correctly either) seems like it might be a tier 0 contender since you can play minimal tribs, anti-meta cards and have at least 2 plays a turn.
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    I understand the argument for a modicum of gender diversity/looks generating sales, but experience is generally better. Additionally, someone with little sales experience is unlikely to be able to use their looks to directly increase sales. There's a factor you didn't mention though. How little can you get away with paying the girl with no experience? I assume you would give her a lower offer based on that.
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    i like rollercoaster tycoon at this point
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    if anyone gives you shit tell them they probably liked rollercoaster tycoon at one point
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    no girls in the store isnt a problem if you start giving and receiving bro jobs. think about it
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    hire the person who already knows the product
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    You may have bitten off more than you can chew. Stay vigilant.
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    AMA is a good replacement for nobleman also (esp with restart) and it’s a ranked ticket reward card
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    Makes me sad man. He was my favorite actor.
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    @A Loli is 1 post under quota and has been modkilled. I did warn you all. His role was:
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    Redacted (even though you all prolly saw this by now)