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    i will have a game ready next week
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    Let’s use this to discuss anything that’s relevant to the KC cup, discuss strategies, ask for advice and help each other out etc. Let’s all get top 500 to qualify for worlds! If you were KoG last season, you will skip to stage 2. Stage 2 prizes:
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    So, I was doing some trading with a friend of mine and he gave me a Blue Eyes White Dragon but the thing is that it looks exactly like the card in the anime but none that I have seen in real life. I would like some more information of if it is rare or valuable in any way
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    DGz is now transitioning from a mafia forum to a duel links forum. No further comments required from the administration at this time.
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    I'll play in goat side event if someone can provide me with a deck. Also, anyone need somewhere to stay? Still looking for a couple people for my hotel. Requirement: do not be an axe-murderer and pay me money for hotel.
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    ^I'm a successful sales manager for a high priced non tangiable product selling to c level executives across a number of different sectors and this would be a tough choice for me. Hot girls (in general...) sell more because selling is rarely about product knowledge or what you say, it is about how you present and how you communicate, which newbies can often do better than people with the "experience" but with the wrong application, which is what it comes down to. Also fuck off with your judgemental 2nd paragraph you nerdy speckled cunt
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    I would say you have a great deck but, i just have a question. When did you first come up with this deck? My friend has had this exact deck for a while and took it to YCS dallas.  He beat Jarel Pro Winston in the first round using this exact deck. Either way i do agree with it being the fastest version of burning abyss basically going for the OTK.  I talked to my friend that the major problem with the deck was that he could just get otk'd just as much without the trap protection. Basically you would lose to every deck which is able to otk by summoning Abyss Dweller and beating over all your monsters.  I would say your worst matchup is clown dolls. You should really consider running Horn of heaven in your side deck.  Usually people side in Flying "c" Against you in the second round so you could use that to your advantage by tributing their Flying C to negate their summons.
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    Decided to meme a bit at KoG and won my first and only game. Tier 0 confirmed. Bonus points for winning with 9 cards left in deck for the additional tilt factor. I know what I’m playing for KC Cup.
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    Not that it matters in the slightest, but Trapless Burning Abyss, to give a brief history lesson, has been talked about since YCS Charleston in February of this year. I applied the concept involving Secret Village of the Spellcasters to an ARG earlier this year, and I am applying the concept to the game as it is currently. My thoughts in this game are almost all organic in that they reject most thought pools in this game as fallible or shitty and therefore become me just independently playing against myself on DN and working on my own theory, then posting that to DuelistGroundz.com which is the website I feel I owe my growth as a duelist to and that I am thereby "paying it forward" by adding my thoughts to our collective's consiousness. I have no idea about your friend and even though I am acquainted with Jarel, am not that interested in his matches. Also just a word of advice, I wouldn't unironically use the whole "pro" middle name thing in 2015, last year it faded into "YPFL," and now the general mindset has pushed passed it socially, not that it really matters. Also understand that what isn't going to happen is me reading someone going "but Abyss Dweller and Clown Dolls exist" and me going "oh right" and dropping the deck. Judging by when I posted this and, by the Burning Abyss discussion thread, every irrational fear that I've already responded too, including if you read into it that of Shaddoll, you'll see the answers to which are very real. The issue with Dweller, as most of these things people love to point out fail to logistically in that deck specifically, is that without fusing from deck, in which case you're going to lose anyway but it isn't a high percentage of the time, it's very hard to get over multiple Dante while also making Dweller, and if they don't kill you the turn they Dweller, attacking over it the next turn then having a strategy of floating until you kill them very easily takes the game. 
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    Got second, will get back to Jesse and do a quick report in a bit. tl;dr is lost r1 then won 7 in a row and got second, and i would have won r1 vs qli guy if i wasn't retarded. beat 4 nekroz, 1 shaddoll mage, 1 hero, 1 qli, and lost to the other qli