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    (ATO) ALL the OUTS - ❤❤❤❤❤❤ mark G-sop Personofsecrets MattK N3sh Brandis72 VS (SOS) Shoot on Sight - ❤❤❤❤❤❤ WGM Hyperbeam Jser12 Kewl'Kat BuildtheWalia Death Sentence War Story: 3-3 Mark Vs Death Sentence: Mark Wins 2-1 WGM Vs PersonofSecrets: WGM wins 2-0 WGM Vs Brandis72: Brandis72 Wins Hyperbeam Vs Brandis72: Hyperbeam Wins Hyperbeam Vs Brandis72: Hyperbeam Wins N3sh vs Kewl Kat: N3sh Wins 2-1 WGM Vs G-sop: WGM wins 2-1
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    Let's get this party started. The setup is the fairly straightforward and well-known Matrix6: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Matrix6 Ties at EoD will end a rng result between the tied votes. It looks like 48/24 phases are what we're going with(edited) Standard rules, as well as sitewide, apply. Please remember those ever important role PMs rules like actually read them and don't screenshot your role pm Players: 1. Death Sentence 2. Wunterslaus 3. Silver 4. Sophocles 5. Confuse Ray 6. BuildTheWalia 7. Solstice 8. rei 9. Broken Brillance Subs: 1. As always subs are welcome and desireable.
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    Finally, phase lengths I can actually work with. IN.
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    You guys are missing a trick, your grandfathers decks are full of pathetic cards EXODIA IS META
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    OP looks nice and easy to understand nice work.
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    Saw the film. It's like a 4/10 that could have been a 6-7/10 if they hadn't massacred it in the editing room. The film sort of operates on leaps of logic and it's just rushed, obviously because Warner Bros. mandated that it had to be cut down by an hour. You can tell two people had their hands on this film as well because Joss Whedon is just a much more competent filmmaker than Zack Snyder is, so even when he's trying to imitate Snyder's cinematography it's pretty blatantly Whedon doing it. There's also large swathes of character stuff obviously missing, awkward scene transitions, scenes that visually look like they're from one of 40 different films and moments where you can tell lines of dialogue were originally meant to be but aren't. The visual stuff of this film is also sort of ugly. Ezra Miller is extremely good as this version of Barry Allen though (Flashpoint actually looks like a pretty good film), and Jason Momoa saves this version of Aquaman from being annoying as fuck. The Superman stuff is actually entertaining as well. Everything else about the film is basically functional, but nothing special. This is basically The Amazing Spider-Man 2 all over again, a mediocre film that could have actually been good had the studio not fucked it up, outside of the obvious fact that Marc Webb is a better filmmaker than Snyder. I guess if this gets a directors cut it'll probably be worth watching on Blu-ray but if you're hesitant about watching it don't go to see it.
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    The people that vote "no" don't have friends.