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    Team Captain: TheGoldenTyranno Members: Audioslayne rei MacDude/Koala goats4dayz/Loganj111/thgink egarim BuildtheWalia SparkyFlary/spankthemonkey NB96/Nick Former Members: Silver Gojira Inky Hendo PSK Reggie/Haruki Anathema Morpp Paraliel Regular War Record: 1-4 Lost 0-3 vs The Seraphin Lost 1-2 vs E.V.I.L Lost 1-2 vs Fuze Gang Won 3-0 vs Reveal Exodia, k? Lost 0-2 vs Damage Step
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    Just saw this, wow it was awful an somebody tell me why Han and the Leia went on that whole journey again? The whole thing could have been avoided if they just scanned for astroid worms, or fixed the stupid hyperdrive. Not to mention their journey was totally pointless and ended in Han frozen in a block.
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    I can be whatever you want me to be, handsome
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    how are we supposed to play the bp + tracker format if you take away bp b& for 3000 years
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    GoatStats I guess I should go ahead and put a thread up for this. I'm working on compiling a database of Goat Format tournament statistics, in the vein of Tafostats. I ended up splitting the project into three separate Google docs, which I'll link separately here: Goat-List: This is a list of the top cut and final results for every major Goat Format tournament since April 2005. GoatTopDecks: This is a database of top decks from Goat Format tournaments, including links to every premier event top cut decklist from April to August of 2005. GoatRank: This is my attempt to port the ChampRank system over to Goat Format. Every player with a top cut finish at a major Goat Format tournament is "ranked" with a point system. I split the data up into three distinct eras: the Historic era, e.g. 2005, the Exarion era, e.g. 2012-2014, and the Modern era, e.g. 2015-present. As is the case with our DGz WarBot Elo ratings, none of this is intended to be a perfect or objective ranking of skill, especially not all-time skill, in Goat Format. The GR rankings are intended more as year-to-year "Power Rankings" that focus on results. Most of the decks in GTD are not what I'd call good, as the vast majority (right now) are included for historical purposes. Nonetheless, I expect this data to be helpful in at least some way to Goat Format duelists at all levels of play. Right now I'm working on the H2H tab of GR. Right now, only the Modern era is completed; I'm working on the Exarion era ones right now, and will do the Historic ones after that. Remember that all 4 Seasonal Playoff events in 2018 will count as Majors and all 4 Goat format DCSes will count as Regionals!
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    somebody tag nick oh wait you can't because his name isn't alphanumeric
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    Hey fuck you too zp in
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    Thank god 2017 is gone, some of y'all be the dumbest nigga I ever seen in the history of mafia. Now, we can turn over a new leaf in 2018 and become smart enlightened nigga instead. Speaking of a New Year, we will get over our Matrix 6 addiction and player Backup 6 instead. This set up is almost like Matrix 6 - it uses the same matrix but replaces the Town Bulletproof with a Town Universal Back-Up. For reference: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Backup6 Standard dgz mafia rules apply. I will modkill at my own discretion. Watch yourselves. Have fun.
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    You enjoyed BvS, but hate this? I mean jesus fucking christ You are very wrong and kylo is going to be amazing.
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    for wars that are not part of the regular season 3v3 round robin, please remember to put "Exhibition" in the title as i have
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    Thanks to this I can login on mobile. In
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    Backup 6 instead. How exciting!
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    ugh fine i'll take some goddamn initiative with matrix 6
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    finished wolfenstein 2: new colossus. Fantastic game all around. It fixed almost all the problems from the first game, and made it a lot better. My only 2 problems were that it's too short, and that the enemy ai is atrociously bad. I'm 90% sure they just c/ped the ai from doom 2016, and while it works most of the time, there are a lot of parts where it's really, really bad.
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    mmm 1. Paramore - Fake Happy 2. Selena Gomez - Fetish 3. Dua Lipa - New Rules 4. Ariana Grande - Thinking Bout You 5. Lorde - Green Light
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    Francis and PSK are no's, I asked them on FB
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    Just saw this. Wow, it was awful.