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    Health...what is that? How can I be healthier other than through the usage of electronics in 2018? One way is to actually workout and become like our other simian relatives! The best way to do so is lifting as it coordinates our muscles and turns those not so athletic people into athletes! (Disclaimer: this may not work for everyone) So go out to the gym and punch those elementary school bullies in the face when you have MUSCLES OF STEEL. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL DAY ONE VOTE COUNT Solstice (L-4) (Mascis) Jap Nick (L-1) (Walia, Sophocles, Tyranno, Jazz) Walia (L-3) (Faint, Wunter) NV: Solstice, Jap Nick Jap Nick has been lynched. Jap Nick was a Mafia Goon! Day is officially over and might start at 5 PM CST on 1/10/17 (11 PM GMT)
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    It is you who is the fool
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    I'm active and looking to get into competitive yugioh again! used to war a lot back in 2010-2012 with fourshot + starless
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    So my friend shipped me a list last minute: a variation of 4 color energy that the group had been working on for quite some time. I changed my sideboard a bit around 11:30 am, left my house at 11:50 am, walked in at 11:58, paid entry, and had a very, very illegible decklist written out by noon when rd 1 started. Here is the list I played: (37 spells, 23 lands) 4 Attune with Aether 4 Harnessed Lightning 2 Fatal push 1 Vraska's Contempt 2 Abrade 2 Essence Scatter 2 Vraska, Relic seeker 4 Longtusk cub 4 Glint sleeve siphoner 4 rogue refiner 3 whirler virtuoso 2 Bristling hydra 1 Gonti, Lord of luxury 2 The Scarab God 4 Blooming Marsh 4 Botanical Sanctum 1 Spirebluff Canal 4 Aether Hub 2 Canyon Slough 2 Dragonskull Summit 2 Swamp 2 Forest 1 Mountain 1 Island SB 1 Nicol Bolas, God Pharoah 3 Negate 2 Duress 1 Cartouche of Ambition 1 Jace's Defeat 1 Chandra's defeat 1 Search for azcanta 2 Deathgorge Scavenger 1 Confiscation Coup 1 Appetite for the unnatural 1 Vraska's Contempt ------------------------- Every time we drew Servant of the conduit in testing, we kept wishing it were something else. Sure, servant allows you to ramp into your bigger spells early, but it is not a great topdeck mid to late game, and is rarely used for attacking due to its 2/2 body. Glint-sleeve can be used offensively due to menace, and proactively increases our energy count by attacking. If left unchecked, Glint-sleeve can run away with card advantage over time. After swapping servant for the Glint-sleeve siphoners, we modified the mana base to be focused more on black. This also allowed us to fit in spells like Fatal push and vraska's contempt mainboard. We want to be able to land longtusk cub or glint sleeve early. The red splash is really just for the removal and whirler virtuoso. Bristling hydra is a necessary evil. outside of being an evasive threat at times, it does not really do a whole lot. When there are tokens on the opposing board, it is at its weakest because it can be chumped for days. 2 copies is plenty, I cut the third we were playing for Gonti, lord of luxury. (Gonti turned out to be MVP of the main deck) Abrade was boarded out often, it isn't great in energy mirrors. I wound up undefeated with 2 draws (1 unintentional, other ID'd me into the top 8). Was 5th overall seed in T8. My matches below. Round 1: Mono white vampires (win) g1: He wins the die roll, and opens up with a plains and the legendary enchantment that makes a 1/1. Our list isn't very good against the BW tokens deck, so I get a little nervous. On his second turn, he plays the white desert and some two drop vampire. That clued me in that he is probably not on tokens, and my removal spells will be pointed at real cards. He gets me down to 5 life, but I am able to cast The Scarab God, Whirler virtuoso, and Vraska relic seeker to take over the game. Not much he can do from there. g2: He lands Oketra's monument on curve, planning to go wide. I have the abrade, so he does not produce many tokens. Appetite for the unnatural dealt with his cast out, so my Longtusk cub was able to stick. Game kind of swept away from him due to the power level of the cards I was playing compared to his. He played well, but 2/3 bodies with lifelink don't match up to raw card advantage. round 2: Jeskai approach (win) g1: I get roflstomped. I didn't really get to play magic at all. After my fourth land drop, never drew another land or attune. His counterspells were great against my hand. I also drew a lot of removal. g2: Removal out, counterspells and duresses in. I'm able to stick 2 copies of glint sleeves and protect them. Drew 3 cards a turn for many turns in a row. He was finally able to stick an approach and begin digging for it. On my following turn, I cast Gonti and found his approach to exile it. Duress the settle the wreckage in his hand, and stuck a bristling hydra. He couldn't do much from there. g3: We go into turns after a very long, drawn out game. I negate his fumigate, and have duress for his settle the wreckage. I wound up winning on my following turn. Round 3: Temur (unintentional draw) g1: I deal a lot of damage to myself with glint sleeves. I was ahead on cards, and board presence, but I was low on life. He drew for turn, cast chandra uptick, deal two damage to me. Cast lightning strike, target me. Cast a second lightning strike, target me. I died. g2: All hail the mighty nicol bolas, god pharoah. Chandra's defeat dealt with his glorybringer. Gonti gave me a glorybringer, and nicol bolas gave me a second glorybringer. Not much he could do from there. g3: He takes his time to think through things, and we wind up going into turns. I have a line where I can kill him on my final turn, but didn't see it. I thought I had one more additional turn, so I took the safe route. That was my fault, I should have gotten aggressive with my scarab god one turn earlier to leave him at exactly 7 damage, where nicol bolas could downtick for lethal. It happens, brushed it off for next round. Round 4: Temur (win) g1: opponent is undefeated and asks for a draw. I decline because I was paired up and there was one round remaining. I beat him in game 1 once I'm able to stick vraska, relic seeker and scarab god side by side. g2: I mulligan but draw multiple glint sleeves. He stumbles on mana turn 3, missing his land drop. I'm able to pull ahead and win from there. round 5: 4 Color energy (Intentional draw) Was paired up against a friend of mine. ID guaranteed us both in, whereas a loss would put one of us in probably 9th place. There were a lot of players who were live to make it in. We intentionally draw and watch the remainder of the games played. My friend Brad won his match, so all 3 of us made it in to top 8. top 8 prize payout: 1st: RPTQ invite, 200 dollars 2nd: 100 dollars 3/4: 50 dollars 5/8: 25 dollars top 8: Temur energy (win) - This is the guy I unintentionally drew with in round 3 g1: He crushes me with multiple glorybringers g2: I got there with nicol bolas, scarab god, and vraska relic seeker. Nothing super interesting. g3: I'm at 3 life, he is at 7. He activates search for azcanta trying to find lightning strike for game. He wiffs, so I win and move to t4. We decide to split cash in top 4, giving each player 100 dollars each. top 4: UG pummeler (loss) g1: he has the stones and I can't stop it. he makes pummeler a flyer, and gives it a lot of power. g2: I am able to take care of most of his threats and stick a scarab god while I am at a low life total. Scarab god animates a longtusk cub to chump block and pump up to be large enough to take down his 9/8 bristling hydra. we move on to game 3 g3: I have victory again, but don't see it because it is 3 turns away. I should have swung all out forcing him to make blocks that he didn't want to make, forcing him to burn all his energy to survive. I knew his hand was 2 aether hubs due to duress a few turns earlier. He top decks a cartouche of knowledge to give his guy flying, activates a rhonas that is in play to make his pummeler 4 power, and is able to make his guys 64 power from there with trample due to the rhonas. I lose. Overall was fun, and decided to go to this thing very, very last minute. Thought our build was interesting and a bit different, so I wanted to share this variation of 4 color energy with you guys. Sorry if this is formatted improperly, don't have much time right now and trying to rush typing this. I'll answer any questions if anyone has any. Overall I learned that I struggle seeing game through complicated boardstates, and that is something I definitely need to continue working on. Thanks!
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    GAME ANNOUNCEMENTS: - I'm going to be away from my computer tomorrow but still have access to DGZ through my phone. Game should start around 5 PM my time, though. - I know I said day phases are lowered by 24 hrs per scum lynch, but I may keep it at 48 because of my own preferences seeing as this week and the upcoming week are going to be a little hectic for me. I will officially announce how long day will be tomorrow and will keep that consistent the rest of the game.
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    I find it quite unlikely that the team could be Nick and Walia given the voting pattern, but that's a discussion for another day phase
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    it was a rhetorical question btw, the answer is 'very rarely' we're 2 hours away from EoD so I don't think scum self-hammering is really all that harmful at this stage.
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    Game Announcement - End of Day is in exactly 1 hour and 59 minutes!
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    Okay, I may or may not have Motivation. What can I do to focus on being motivated? A good question. A GOOD QUESTION INDEED. I'd say you should write down a list of what you're planning on doing for the upcoming day. Set an agenda. A scattered mind has already been spilled. A focused mind, however, has already been straightened out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VOTE COUNT 1.02 Solstice (L-4) (Mascis) Tyranno (L-4) (Faint) Faint (L-3) (Jazz, Tyranno) Jap Nick (L-4) (Walia) NV: Sophocles, Solstice, Jap Nick, Wunter With 9 players alive it takes 5 votes for majority. QUOTA COUNT alright all you nigga got quota sheesh calm down already Day ends in 17 hours and about 3 minutes from this post.
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    Scoop now scum or I will reveal your deck to the entire thread
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    Walia please try harder mascis get good solstice is town
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    @Haruki how many dang plays boi
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    He’s probably town, but like dam
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    Jap nick is just like the worst poster in terms of like, formatting, in the mafia section? Right? RIGHT?
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    Once again i'm online when no one's on and it's 7PM Well alright, time to go back to grinding Hearthstone. #DragonPriest
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    I like Jazz and Solstice for town. Both called me out on floating that I will periodically be doing this game. Also like Jazz's trust list, good points on both the lean town and lean scum end. Tyranno would be bad except his response to my "why" question was pretty good. If Mr. Untaggable could show up that'd be great for everyone.
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    Because it's a new year, let's keep up with a few New Year's thoughts, shall we? How can we possibly keep up with our New Years Resolutions, like working out, instead of dropping it within 3 weeks? Well, motivation is so hard to come by these days. Go easy instead of going hard in the beginning. You're not going to make a meal with a snap of your fingers, it takes time and preparation. Enjoy the ride. Progress is beauty, not punishment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VOTE COUNT 1.01 Solstice (L-4) (Mascis) Mascis (L-4) (Tyranno) Tyranno (L-4) (Faint) Faint (L-4) (Jazz) NV: Walia, Sophocles, Solstice, Jap Nick, Wunter With 9 players alive it takes 5 votes for majority.
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    Yes, if no one had ever done what the Jonas brothers had done before ever and created a new business model for it, then evolved their sound and concepts to more complex content, developed previously-never used recording techniques, changed the way bands market themselves and sell content, and fundamentally altered how music is developed, produced, and sold. but yeah they weren't the best pianists in the world whoopdifuck.
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    ^in response to jay dodging
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    Wunter has joined the trusted circle of town; Tyranno depends on me being correct on faint more than I'd like to admit TCoT: mascis tyranno solstice wunter sophocles
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    Tyranno can’t even spell distance btw
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    Currently in gorrilla mindset not town mindset
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    Jazz asking us to lynch faint d1 hmm, it must not be opposite day
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    don't do sophocles's request.
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    idk soul i guess im a moron for not liking a fucking boy band that said they were better than god.
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    the movie was fucking bad give me a break
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    The most common times I've seen that type of behavior is either from new players / terrible scum that aren't working with their team, or if they've been intentionally told to "slip up" usually to switch the train off of a more valuable partner and give them towncred. I think faint was in the lead for most likely to be lynched before nick dropped that shitpost, so if faint is a roleblocker it would make sense for goon nick to take the fall instead. My major problem with this theory is that if that is the team then faint should be pushing nick to death here, not continuing to focus on jazz and walia. It could be they planned it like that to next level us, but I kind of doubt it. I'd vote for nick but that would put him 1 away from a hammer, and since it says in the OP that players can self vote he could just hammer himself and end the day early if he's scum. If I'm right on nick I think the second scum is likely walia due to how differently he placed him and wunter for doing the exact same thing. On the off chance nick is town faint is almost certainly scum.
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    Lmao what "Guys you could easily be wrong on nick lynch" "FAINT IS NOT CONFORMING IF HE IS RIGHT HE MUST BE SCUM" fuck off
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    they are fucking garbage. a lot of people have ridden my ass for not liking the beatles. holy shit. never have i seen a more cock sucked mediocre band in my god damn life. no one will ever stop dick riding the beatles. the shit has gotten so annoying. not only that but they are terrible terrible people. they are not worth remembering. they're garbage. there were better bands back then. sick of this.