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    good morning salty princess
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    THe meta game is real
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    @Sophocles was night killed. He was Vanilla Town. Day has started and will end at 6 pm cat on 1/12/17. This will be approximately 48 hrs in the phase.
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    Well shit I lost track of time. HAHAA
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    This weekend we have the first DuelistGroundz Championship Series in almost three years, just as competition is beginning to heat up in the Winter 2018 War League season. DCS Juneau will be a Goat Format event, and will be classified as a Regional by GoatStats. In addition to the prize pot, the winner at Juneau will earn a seat in the Goat Format Winter Seasonal Playoffs, and there are many dark horses capable of taking the trophy and shaking up the rest of the season. Since the conclusion of the Autumn playoffs, the DGz metagame appears to have developed in three major directions, broadly speaking: optimizing Chaos Control, optimizing Goat Control, and optimizing alt-win/combo. Even though Shining Angel ultimately won the event over Thunder Dragon, both variants of Chaos Control continue to see play, with the aggressive Morphing Jar-style Chaos Recruiter decks making a bit of a resurgence as well. Gojira's 2nd place finish at the Alpha Omega Memorial with an innovative Last Turn build also seems to have inspired a new wave of combo decks in the DGz metagame, with Noxjja slowly but surely improving his performances with Reasoning/Gate and MMF dabbling more and more in Empty Jar. Following the events of the first few weeks of the season, the Seraphim and Damage Step are likely to continue vying for dominance at Juneau. The ongoing rivalry between WorldGoneMaad and the Based Loli is sure to continue, with both duelists currently registered for the event and looking to score their first GoatRank points for the year. G-sop will also be looking to make a splash at this event, hot off his clean sweep at DGz Live 211 just yesterday and eager to prove his consistency across multiple major Goat communities. Another hot narrative right now is Chevalier de Fromage's return to Goat Format, achieving Master Duelist rank for some period of time this season and continuing to show that he's a force to be reckoned with. Lastly, EVIL and Workshop for Metalworker have also been proving themselves as dark horse candidates, and both teams have multiple players capable of taking the entire event. If the top 4 of DGz Live 211, which contained representatives of four different teams, are any indication, the DCS this weekend is anyone's game. Remember to keep checking in on the event's Facebook page, our Twitch channel, the Challonge bracket, and the forum thread here for live coverage of the upcoming action-packed weekend, as DCS Juneau is slated to be a show of high-octane dueling action you won't want to miss!
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    Btw @Solstice the odds of you rolling scum this game are the same as all of ours (2/9).
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    Jazz could be trying to just solo after nick drooled all over himself but I highly doubt this is happening
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    i mean i'm cool with solstice as well unvote vote solstice
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    Yea it's probably Faint. Combination of poe and the votes yesterday.
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    vote solstice walia was first to jump on voting nick - he wouldnt do that as scum buddies especially when you consider walias play in general
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    Agree qith this 100% fwiw, sorry for the tunnell walia i will try to be more open minded today
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    tbh solstice's posts are tldr for me sometimes, i need to sit down and actually read them again to make a determination gonna have to wait till tomorrow morning feel p good about the rest of my town reads and scum faint read though
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    THIS IS A MESS me wunter gt jazz faint walia solstice
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    Nighty night guys I'm heading to bed shortly after a shower. One note though before I go I'm honestly going to consider going forward that there could be a very reasonable world, where my initial meta read on Solstice, was wrong especially considering as I recall it seems like Solstice has more of a tendency towards getting overly frustrated as scum especially when faced with the concept of having to solo in a dire situation. Tbh though at this point, I'm still confident enough to carry through with the Faint lynch first but I refuse to blindly meta read Sol as town going forward
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    Yeah idk what to think other than I hate Faint this game Getting mixed signals on both Tyranno and solstice. There's things I like and things I don't like about them currently. Gonna have to sit down and think it through Kinda expected to be the NK but I guess nick thought I was vanilla
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    Vote solstice but harder
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    Soph called out Wunter near the end of D1.
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    Time to reread Soph's posts to figure out why he was judged as a threat
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    i just finished blend-s anime is trash and so am i
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    Yes, if no one had ever done what the Jonas brothers had done before ever and created a new business model for it, then evolved their sound and concepts to more complex content, developed previously-never used recording techniques, changed the way bands market themselves and sell content, and fundamentally altered how music is developed, produced, and sold. but yeah they weren't the best pianists in the world whoopdifuck.